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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3214

Chapter 3214 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural fields during winter and spring thaw as affected by management practices

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Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils of the Boreal and Parkland regions of Alberta

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Nitrous oxide emissions from an irrigated sandy-clay loam cropped to maize and wheat

Yamulki, S.; Jarvis, S.C.; Owen, P., 1998:
Nitrous oxide emissions from excreta applied in a simulated grazing pattern

Yamulki, S.; Jarvis, S.C., 1997:
Nitrous oxide emissions from excreta from a simulated grazing pattern and fertilizer application to grassland

Clayton, H.; McTaggart, I.P.; Parker, J.; Swan, L.; Smith, K.A., 1997:
Nitrous oxide emissions from fertilised grassland: a 2-year study of the effects of N fertiliser form and environmental conditions

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Nitrous oxide emissions from grassland and spring barley, following N fertiliser application with and without nitrification inhibitors

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Nitrous oxide emissions from grazed grassland

Petersen, So, 1999:
Nitrous oxide emissions from manure and inorganic fertilizers applied to spring barley

Baggs, E.; Rees, R.; Smith, K., 1996:
Nitrous oxide emissions from soil incorporation of crop residues

Hua, X.; Guangxi, Y.; Cai,; Tsuruta, H., 1997:
Nitrous oxide emissions from three rice paddy fields in China

Henault, C.D.vis,, S.J.stes,, R.G.rmon, J., 1998:
Nitrous oxide emissions under different soil and land management conditions

Germon, J.C.; Henault, C.; Page, S.; Lucas, J.L.; Reau, R., 1998:
Nitrous oxide emissions under rapeseed cultivation

Suratno, W.; Murdiyarso, D.; Suratmo, F.G.; Anas, I.; Saeni, M.S.; Rambe, A., 1998:
Nitrous oxide flux from irrigated rice fields in West Java

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Nitrous oxide fluxes from a fertilised maize crop using micrometeorological and chamber methods

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Nitrous oxide fluxes in agricultural soils as affected by soil texture, irrigation and fertilization

Glatzel, S.; Kleber, M.; Stahr, K., 1998:
Nitrous oxide fluxes in managed grasslands - first results from the research site Siggen/Neuweiher in subalpine Southern Germany

Augustin, J.; Merbach, W.; Steffens, L.; Snelinski, B., 1998:
Nitrous oxide fluxes of disturbed minerotrophic peatlands

Russow, R.; Koerschens, M., 1996:
Nitrous oxide formation in black earth soils depending on the soil water content

Muhlherr, I.; Hiscock, K., 1998:
Nitrous oxide production and consumption in British limestone aquifers

Ambus, P., 1998:
Nitrous oxide production by denitrification and nitrification in temperate forest, grassland and agricultural soils

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Nitrous oxide production from different forms of fertiliser nitrogen

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Nitrous oxide production in riparian zones and groundwater

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Nitrous oxide production in soils cropped to corn with varying N fertilization

Garcia Ruiz, R.; Pattinson, S.N.; Whitton, B.A., 1999:
Nitrous oxide production in the river Swale-Ouse, North-East England

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Nitrous oxide production in two forested watersheds exhibiting symptoms of nitrogen saturation

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Nitrous oxide release (aerobic denitrification) by Streptomyces nitrosporeus

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Nitrous oxide release from arable soil: importance of N-fertilization, crops and temporal variation

Khan, H.R.; Pfisterer, U.; Blume, H.P., 1998:
Nitrous oxide, nitrate and ammonium dynamics as influenced by selected environmental factors

Gusarova, V.A., 1997:
Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka

Menon, M.V.; Potty, N.N., 1997:
Njavara: a unique rice race of the humid tropics

Peschke, H.; Mollenhauer, S., 1998:
Nmin content in the soil, mineral N-fertilization and N uptake of winter wheat in the International Organic Nitrogen Long-term Fertilization Experiment (IOSDV) Berlin-Dahlem

Anonymous, 1999:
No bits of cheese left over after grating. Grated cheese: modest growth rates

Anonymous, 1999:
No compromise in the production of sugar-free sweets

Cohen, J., 1998:
No consensus on rules for AIDS vaccine trials

Gerster, H., 1997:
No contribution of ascorbic acid to renal calcium oxalate stones

Roh, S.G.; He, M.L.; Matsunaga, N.; Hidaka, S.; Hidari, H., 1997:
No desensitization of the growth hormone (GH) response between GH-releasing peptide-2 and GH-releasing factor in calves

Serwint, J.R.; Damokosh, A.I.; Berger, O.G.; Chisolm, J.J.J.; Gunter, E.W.; Jones, R.L.; Rhoads, G.G.; Rogan, W., 1999:
No difference in iron status between children with low and moderate lead exposure

Anonymous, 1999:
No dioxin contamination. Contents of polychlorinated biphenyls in Austrian raw milk from 1989 to 1999

Ewertsson, A.; Johnsson, H.; Linder, C.E., 1997:
No drug residues in imported meat

Anonymous, 1997:
No easing-up in 1996 of the financial situation of dairy factories in North Rhine-Westphalia

Long, S.J.; Sutton, J.A.; Amaee, W.B.; Giouvanoudi, A.; Spyrou, N.M.; Rogers, P.J.; Morgan, L.M., 1999:
No effect of glucagon-like peptide-1 on short-term satiety and energy intake in man

Overgaauw, P.A.M.; Knapen, F. van, 1996:
No effect of the educational campaign among general practitioners concerning Toxocara infections in humans

Shipka, M.P.; Ellis, L.C., 1998:
No effects of bull exposure on expression of estrous behavior in high-producing dairy cows

Kozlov, M.V.; Selikhovkin, A.V., 1997:
No effects of sulphur dioxide on larval performance of Epirrita autumnata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Sonntag, S., 1997:
No end to demands for improvements in milk quality?

Alonso Llamazares, J.; Persing, D.H.; Anda, P.; Gibson, L.E.; Rutledge, B.J.; Iglesias, L., 1997 :
No evidence for Borrelia burgdorferi infection in lesions of morphea and lichen sclerosus et atrophicus in Spain

Truyen, U.; Geissler, K.; Parrish, C.R.; Hermanns, W.; Siegl, G., 1998:
No evidence for a role of modified live virus vaccines in the emergence of canine parvovirus

Stelwagen, K.; McLaren, R.D.; Turner, S.A.; McFadden, H.A.; Prosser, C.G., 1998:
No evidence for basolateral secretion of milk protein in the mammary gland of lactating goats

Rylander, L.; Hagmar, L., 1999:
No evidence for congenital malformations or prenatal death in infants born to women with a high dietary intake of fish contaminated with persistent organochlorines

Ramsey, M., 1997:
No evidence for demographic costs of seed production in the pollen-limited perennial herb Blandfordia grandiflora (Liliaceae)

Gigord, L.; Lavigne, C.; Shykoff, J.A.; Atlan, A., 1998:
No evidence for local adaptation between cytoplasmic male sterility and nuclear restorer genes in the gynodioecious species Thymus vulgaris L

Gerber; Ullrich, 1999:
No evidence for olfactory blocking in honeybee classical conditioning

Tissot, O.; Viard, J.P.; Rabian, C.; Ngo, N.; Burgard, M.; Rouzioux, C.; Penit, C., 1998:
No evidence for proliferation in the blood CD4+ T-cell pool during HIV-1 infection and triple combination therapy

Materazzi, A.; Triolo, E.; Lucchi, A., 1998:
No evidence for the transmission of three grapevine viruses by Metcalfa pruinosa (Say) (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea)

Gardner, E.; Reichel, M.P., 1997:
No evidence of Brucella canis infection in New Zealand dogs

Mikola, J.; Setala, H., 1998:
No evidence of trophic cascades in an experimental microbial-based soil food web

Mow, T.; Pedersen, H.D., 1999:
No expression of angiotensin II receptors and angiotensin-converting enzyme in myxomatous canine mitral valve leaflets. An autoradiographic study

Pillsbury, R., 1998:
No foreign food: the American diet in time and place

Bussink, W., 1998:
No good grass growth without sulfur

Anonymous, 1997:
No great need for reform

Cox, C., 1997:
No guarantee of safety

Castro, A.J.; Perfectti, F.; Pardo, M.C.; Cabrero, J.; Lopez Leon, M.D.; Camacho, J.P.M., 1998:
No harmful effects of a selfish B chromosome on several morphological and physiological traits in Locusta migratoria (Orthoptera, Acrididae)

Ewertsson, A., 1998:
No hormone residues in imported meat

Song, J., 1998:
No impasse for China's development

Gerl, P. von der, 1998:
No impulse on the cereal market: a pleasing pick up for rape

Grein, T., 1998:
No incentive to meet increasing demands? Bumo considers temperature standards

Gibb, A.P.; Thorson, C.; van den Elzen, H., 1999:
No increase in frequency of antifungal resistance among yeasts isolated from normally sterile sites in patients at Foothills Hospital from 1993 to 1996

Kannisto, V.; Christensen, K.; Vaupel, J.W., 1997:
No increased mortality in later life for cohorts born during famine

Anonymous, 1999:
No indication of illegal cooperation

Zwetyenga, J.; Rogier, C.; Tall, A.; Fontenille, D.; Snounou, G.; Trape, J.F.; Mercereau-Puijalon, O., 1998:
No influence of age on infection complexity and allelic distribution in Plasmodium falciparum infections in Ndiop, a Senegalese village with seasonal, mesoendemic malaria

Luckner, D.; Lell, B.; Greve, B.; Lehman, L.G.; Schmidt Ott, R.J.; Matousek, P.; Herbich, K.; Schmid, D.; Mba, R.; Kremsner, P.G., 1998:
No influence of socioeconomic factors on severe malarial anaemia, hyperparasitaemia or reinfection

Ding, Z.; Rowe, J.B.; Godwin, I.R.; Xu, Y.; Ball, F.M.; Atkinson, S., 1998:
No lactic acid absorbed from the caecum and rumen of sheep

Anonymous, 1997:
No longer going down the road to nowhere?

Paul, C., 1998:
No longer will a crystal ball be needed for predicting milk production

Toft, S.; Jensen, A.P., 1998:
No negative sublethal effects of two insecticides on prey capture and development of a spider

Gustafsson, M.K.S.; Lindholm, A.M.; Mantyla, K.; Reuter, M.; Lundstrom, C.A.; Terenina, N., 1998:
No news on the flatworm front! Nitric oxide synthase in parasitic and free-living flatworms

Dijk, W. van, 1999:
No nitrogen for successive crop of maize for straw on clay soils

Anonymous, 1998:
No pesticides in our rivers!

Kuchenhoff, R.; Horugel, K., 1997:
No pushing at the feeder

Hossner, E.J., 1997:
No qualified new generation in sports science! Results of a survey

Dittmer, U.; Nisslein, T.; Meyerhans, A.; Hunsmann, G.; Stahl Hennig, C., 1997:
No reactivation of attenuated immunodeficiency viruses in rhesus macaques after vaccinia virus-induced immune activation

Liao, M.J.; Zhang, X.X.; Hill, R.; Gao, J.; Qumsiyeh, M.B.; Nichols, W.; Van Dyke, T., 1998:
No requirement for V(D)J recombination in p53-deficient thymic lymphoma

Gianoli, E.; Niemeyer, H.M., 1998:
No risk, no gain? Limited benefits of a non-costly herbivory-induced defense in wheat

Reichel, M.; Timbs, D., 1999:
No serological evidence of brucellosis, chlamydiosis, or Q fever in New Zealand farmed deer

Anonymous, 1997:
No sign of stagnation. The growth of Mozzarella continues

Palo, M., 1997:
No sustainable forestry without adequate privatisation

Coussement, P., 1998:
No sweetness - all light

Anonymous, 1998:
No take zones (NTZs): a realistic tool for fisheries management?

Pengue, W.A., 1997:
No tillage and biological control of plagues: the new technologies compatibility in a sustainable agricultural environment

Bayer, C.; Scheneider, N.G., 1999:
No tillage and increase on soil organic matter content in small farms of Teutonia county, southern Brazil

Abdallah, M.M.F., 1999:
No tillage sweet corn production following solarized faba bean and effect of Orobanche seeding depth

Saul, R., 2002:
No time to worship the serpent deities: women, economic change, and religion in north-western Nepal

Liengme, C., 1997:
No trade barriers for raw milk products

Melloy, P.G.; Ewart, J.L.; Cohen, M.F.; Desmond, M.E.; Kuehn, M.R.; Lo, C.W., 1998:
No turning, a mouse mutation causing left-right and axial patterning defects

Spahr, U., 1999:
No viruses found in the water used for cheese making

Cho, J.H.oung; Lee, S.W.o; Kim, Y.G.ang; Lee,; Choi, B.S.ll, 1997:
No-divergence, good quality and high yielding variety Ma 1

Fineschi, V.; Cateni, C.; Fanetti, P.L.; Turillazzi, E., 1998:
No-fault compensation for transfusion-associated hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and HIV infection: Italian law and Tuscan experience

Bullied, W.J.; Entz, M.H.; Smith, S.R.J., 1999:
No-till alfalfa stand termination strategies: alfalfa control and wheat and barley production

Mallarino, A.P.; Murrell, T.S., 1998:
No-till corn grain yield responses to band applications of potassium

Zimmer, R.; Milakovic, Z.; Milos, B.; Krzek, Z., 1999:
No-till corn production and residue deterioration

Papendick, R.I.; Parr, J.F., 1997:
No-till farming: The way of the future for a sustainable dryland agriculture

Campbell, C.A.; Lafond, G.P.; Zentner, R.P.; Roberts, T.L., 1998:
No-till management requires proper fertilization

Klerk, R.A.; Beaty, J.D.; Ashlock, L.O.; Brown, C.D.; Windham, T.E., 1998:
No-till production in the Arkansas Soybean Research Verification Program

Hoveland, C.S.; Bouton, J.H.; Durham, R.G., 1997:
No-till seeding of red clover into tall fescue as influenced by grass suppression, fungicide, and nutrients

Smart, J.R.; Bradford, J.M., 1999:
No-till, ridge-till, and conventional tillage cotton effects on soil organic matter and pH

Palma, R.M.; Arrigo, N.M.; Conti, M.E., 1997:
No-tillage and conventional tillage: carbon and nitrogen fraction response to long-term fertilization

Smart, J.R.; Bradford, J.M., 1998:
No-tillage cotton weed management in corn and sorghum stubble

Smart, J.R.; Bradford, J.M., 1998:
No-tillage cotton yields and economics for south Texas

Anonymous, 1998:
No-tillage cultivation of soybean and future research needs in South America, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 5-6 March 1998

Tashiro, T.; Sugawara, O.; Ota, T.; Naganoma, H.; Saigusa, M., 1998:
No-tillage direct sowing of rice without soil covering using a shaped sowing furrow in Hachirogata poorly-drained paddy soil

Wiese, A.F.; Marek, T.; Harman, W.L., 1998:
No-tillage increases profit in a limited irrigation-dryland system

Dick, W.A.; Durkalski, J.T., 1998:
No-tillage production agriculture and carbon sequestration in a typic Fragiudalf soil of Northeastern Ohio

Jiang ZhiBiao; X.Y.Xin; Jin ZhengFa; Shao XiaoPing; H.X.aoMing, 1999:
No-tillage seedling of Cunninghamia lanceolata

Gallaher, R.N.; McSorley, R., 1998:
No-tillage sweet corn hybrid response to carbofuran (Furadan 4F)

Bertol, O.J.; Fischer, I.I., 1997 :
No-tillage versus reduced tillage systems: effect on soil cover and soyabean yield

Egorova, M.I.; Tkachenko, A.N.; Kuznetsova, O.V., 1998:
No-waste beet sugar manufacture and criteria for assessing it

Evidente, A.A.ou-Donia, A.; Darwish, F.; Amer, M.; Kassem, F.; Hammoda, H.; Motta, A., 1999:
Nobilisitine A and B, two masanane-type alkaloids from Clivia nobilis

Castro, M.C.; Jambon, A.; Marsily, G. de; Schlosser, P., 1998:
Noble gases as natural tracers of water circulation in the Paris Basin: 1. Measurements and discussion of their origin and mechanisms of vertical transport in the basin

Castro, M.C.; Goblet, P.; Ledoux, E.; Violette, S.; Marsily, G. de, 1998:
Noble gases as natural tracers of water circulation in the Paris Basin: 2. Calibration of a groundwater flow model using noble gas isotope data

Clark, J.F.; Davisson, M.L.e; Hudson, G.B.yant; Macfarlane, P.A.len, 1998:
Noble gases, stable isotopes, and radiocarbon as tracers of flow in the Dakota aquifer, Colorado and Kansas

Gangl, H.; Tiefenbrunner, W., 1999:
Noble rot induction in the vineyard by application of Botrytis spores (Botrytis cinerea Pers.)

Salim, R.; Villagra de Trejo, C.; Runco de Laborda, R., 1997:
Nocardia asteroides in a pulmonary abscess considered to be of a tuberculous origin: fatal case

Dinulos, J.G.; Darmstadt, G.L.; Wilson, C.B.; Krengel, W.F.; Burns, J.L., 1999:
Nocardia asteroides septic arthritis in a healthy child

Kontoyiannis, D.P.; Ruoff, K.; Hooper, D.C., 1998:
Nocardia bacteremia. Report of 4 cases and review of the literature

Friedman, C.S.; Beaman, B.L.; Chun, J.; Goodfellow, M.; Gee, A.; Hedrick, R.P., 1998:
Nocardia crassostreae sp. nov., the causal agent of nocardiosis in Pacific oysters

Wenger, P.N.; Brown, J.M.; McNeil, M.M.; Jarvis, W.R., 1998:
Nocardia farcinica sternotomy site infections in patients following open heart surgery

Bacciarini, L.N.; Posthaus, H.; Pagan, O.; Miserez, R., 1999:
Nocardia nova causing pulmonary nocardiosis of black crakes (Limnocorax flavirostra)

Isik, K.; Chun, J.; Hah, Y.C.; Goodfellow, M., 1999:
Nocardia salmonicida nom. rev., a fish pathogen

Isik, K.; Chun, J.; Hah, Y.C.; Goodfellow, M., 1999:
Nocardia uniformis nom. rev

Midiri, M.; Finazzo, M.; Bartolotta, T.V.; Maria, M.D., 1998:
Nocardial adrenal abscess: CT and MR findings

Sabeel, A.; Alrabiah, F.; Alfurayh, O.; Hassounah, M., 1998:
Nocardial brain abscess in a renal transplant recipient successfully treated with triple antimicrobials

Magee, C.C.; Halligan, R.D.; Milford, E.L.; Sayegh, M.H., 1999:
Nocardial infection in a renal transplant recipient on tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil

Pérez-Santonja, J.J.; Sakla, H.F.; Abad, J.L.; Zorraquino, A.; Esteban, J.; Alió, J.L., 1997:
Nocardial keratitis after laser in situ keratomileusis

Miklic, S.; Vukadinovic, V.M., 1997 :

Helou, S.; Bianchi, M.; Robles, A.; Negroni, R.; Arechavala, A., 1998:
Nocardiosis in AIDS patients

Yniguez, R.; Garcia Onieva, E.; Sanchez, J.F.; Pascua, F.J.; Martin, C., 1998:
Nocardiosis in HIV-positive patients in Spain: 2 years later

Reddy, S.S.; Holley, J.L., 1998:
Nocardiosis in a recently transplanted renal patient

Burgert, S.J., 1999:
Nocardiosis: a clinical review

Salkovic, M.; Ferber, I.; Lackovic, Z., 1997:
Nociception and brain serotonin following elevated 1 week glucose intake in rats

Manoj Kumar; Mukhtar Ahmad, 1998:
Noctuid infestation to the introduced species of Paulownia

Sviridov, A.V.; Klepikov, M.A., 1997:
Noctuid moths (Lepidoptera) of the Yaroslavl Area

Kokot, A., 1999:
Noctuid moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) new to the fauna of Roztocze

Heinicke, W., 1997:
Noctuids of Thuringen - current status of the fauna survey

Williamson, R.C.; Potter, D.A., 1997:
Nocturnal activity and movement of black cutworms (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and response to cultural manipulations on golf course putting greens

Heidstra, R.; Nilsen, G.; Martinez-Abarca, F.; van Kammen, A.; Bisseling, T., 1997:
Nod factor-induced expression of leghemoglobin to study the mechanism of NH4NO3 inhibition on root hair deformation

Xie,; Mueller, J.; Wiemken, A.; Broughton, W.J.; Boller, T., 1998:
Nod factors and tri-iodobenzoic acid stimulate mycorrhizal colonization and affect carbohydrate partitioning in mycorrhizal roots of Lablab purpureus

Lorquin, J.; Lortet, G.; Ferro, M.; Mear, N.; Dreyfus, B.; Prome, J.C.; Boivin, C., 1997:
Nod factors from Sinorhizobium saheli and S. teranga bv. sesbaniae are both arabinosylated and fucosylated, a structural feature specific to Sesbania rostrata symbionts

Felle, H.; Kondorosi, E.K.ndorosi, A.S.hultze, M., 1999:
Nod factors modulate the concentration of cytosolic free calcium differently in growing and non-growing root hairs of Medicago sativa L

Mergaert, P.; Ferro, M.; D'Haeze, W.; van Montagu, M.; Holsters, M.; Promé, J.C., 1997:
Nod factors of Azorhizobium caulinodans strain ORS571 can be glycosylated with an arabinosyl group, a fucosyl group, or both

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