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Nitrous oxide emission from intensively managed grasslands

Velthof, G.L.; Beusichem, M.L. van; Oenema, O.

Meststoffen ( 1997/98): 5-12


Accession: 003213817

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The N2O emission from intensively managed grasslands in the Netherlands, and possible options to mitigate N2O emission, were studied. The study consisted of field studies in which the N2O emission from grassland under different managements was quantified. The N2O emission from unfertilized and mown grassland ranged from 0.8 to 1.1 kg nitrogen (N)/ha per year on mineral soils and from 2.0 to 8.6 kg N/ha per year on peat soils. The fertilizer-derived N2O emission from calcium ammonium nitrate was 1.0% on mineral soils and 3.0% on peat soils. In grazed grassland, N2O emission was 1.5 to 9.8% of the N excreted as urine and dung N. Calculations indicate that dairy farming systems account for 35% of the total N2O emission in the Netherlands.

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