Nutritive evaluation of Pterocarpus for rabbits. 1. Nutritive value of Pterocarpus erinaceus leaves as a sole feed for rabbits

Ayoade, J.A.; Shoremi, O.I.A.; Aregbesola, O.M.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 68(7): 691-692


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 003216952

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P. erinaceus leaves were fed fresh to 5 New Zealand White x California rabbits, 1.62-2.0 kg, for 35 days. A digestion trial was conducted during the last 7 days of the study. Leaves contained 85.0% DM, 18.01% CP, 31.44% crude fibre, 2.65% ether extract, 8.47% ash and 57.08% N-free extract. Voluntary feed intake was 119.64 g daily. No adverse effects on health were observed and rabbits gained 2.06 g daily during the study. Apparent digestion coefficients of DM, CP, crude fibre, ether extract and N-free extract were 27.27, 44.32, 50.34, 62.28 and 56.36%, respectively.