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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3218

Chapter 3218 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Muratovic, S., 1998:
Nutritive value of green mass and hay from natural Kupres pastures in sheep nutrition

Ostrowski, R.; Borowiecki, J., 1997:
Nutritive value of hay and silage from lucerne and Festulolium, lucerne and meadow fescue, and lucerne for sheep

Satpute, M.R.; Gupta, D.N.; Chavan, A.S., 1996:
Nutritive value of horsegram mutants

Odunsi, A.A.; Longe, O.G., 1998:
Nutritive value of hot water- or cocoa-pod ash solution-treated cocoa bean cake for broiler chicks

Borges, A.L.C.C.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Goncalves, L.C.; Pizarro, E.A., 1998:
Nutritive value of maize silage with urea and calcium carbonate, and dried whole maize plant. II. Energy intake and digestibility

Oliveira, J.I.; Silva, H.M.; Goncalves, L.C., 1998:
Nutritive value of mature Jaragua grass hay treated with sodium hydroxide or ammonia. I. Intake and digestibility of non-fiber nutrients and water consumption by goats

Manso, T.; Castro, T.; Gonzalez, J.S.; Mantecon, A.R., 1995:
Nutritive value of mountainous pastures (Nardus stricta and Bromus erectus) grazing by sheep

Bamualim, A., 1996:
Nutritive value of native grasses in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Verma, D.N.; Verma, A.K.; Prakash, O.M., 1997:
Nutritive value of nut grass (Cyperus rotundus) for goat

Narayan Dutta; Sharma, K.; Hasan, Q.Z.; Pathak, N.N., 1998:
Nutritive value of oat (Avena sativa) hay leftovers

Pettersson, A.; Lindberg, J.E.ik; Thomke, S., 1997:
Nutritive value of oats of different composition evaluated by intact and fistulated pigs

Chavan, S.S.; Chinnaswamy, K.P., 1997:
Nutritive value of oiled and deoiled Bombyx mori L. pupal powder

Burns, J.C.; Heagle, A.S.; Fisher, D.S., 1997:
Nutritive value of ozone sensitive and resistant Ladino white clover clones after chronic ozone and carbon dioxide exposure

Bangar, V.D.; Gupta, D.N.; Chavan, A.S., 1997:
Nutritive value of promising cultures of groundnut in Konkan region

Podkowka, W.; Podkowka, Z.; Dorszewski, P., 1994:
Nutritive value of rapeseed cake obtained by using the extractor 02 PVO

Ramos, G.; Frutos, P.; Fernandez, M.; Lavin, P.; Mantecon, A.R., 1999:
Nutritive value of shrub species of mountain pastures: effect of the condensed tannin content

Borowiec, F.; Furgal, K.; Kaminski, J.; Zajac, T., 1998:
Nutritive value of silage made of whole barley crop harvested at various stages of maturity

Komprda, T.; Dolezal, P., 1996:
Nutritive value of silages of three grass hybrids

Awasthi, A.; Joshi, S.P., 1998:
Nutritive value of some plant species of Doon valley in different phenological stages

Deotale, R.D.; Kene, D.R.; Bakale, V.L.; Patil, B.N., 1996:
Nutritive value of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala Lam.) foliage as influenced by fertilizer and hormone application

E.D.n, A.S.; E.K.dy, H.F.; Shaltout, K.H.; Madi, M.I., 1998:
Nutritive value of the raudhas plants in central Saudi Arabia

Daccord, R.; Arrigo, Y., 1998:
Nutritive value of triticale grain for ruminants

Nigul, L., 1996:
Nutritive value of triticale, Biotrin and hydrolysed yeast as feed for pigs

Martin, P.C., 1998:
Nutritive value of tropical grasses

Rodriguez R.J.C., 1997:
Nutritive value of water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms in relation to utilization as forage

Malinowski, E., 1999:
Nutritive value of wet barley grain silage

Alvarez Pineiro, M.E.; Lage Yusty, M.A.; Lijo Davila, R.; Lopez Lopez Leiton, T.J., 1999:
Nutritive values of breakfasts consumed by students from primary schools

Winugroho, M., 1999:
Nutritive values of major feed ingredient in tropics

Fraser, H.W.; Oakes, D., 1999:
Nuts and bolts of dwarf fruit tree support systems

Spiller, G.A.; Jenkins, D.A.; Bosello, O.; Gates, J.E.; Cragen, L.N.; Bruce, B., 1998:
Nuts and plasma lipids: an almond-based diet lowers LDL-C while preserving HDL-C

Kris-Etherton, P.M.; Yu-Poth, S.; Sabaté, J.; Ratcliffe, H.E.; Zhao, G.; Etherton, T.D., 1999:
Nuts and their bioactive constituents: effects on serum lipids and other factors that affect disease risk

Grichar, W.J.; Nester, P.R., 1997:
Nutsedge (Cyperus spp.) control in peanut (Arachis hypogaea) with AC 263,222 and imazethapyr

McCloskey, W.B., 1997:
Nutsedge (Cyperus spp.) management in Arizona using Roundup-Ultra in Roundup Ready cotton

Ani, S.; Barnett, J.R., 1999:
Nyatoh - its sustainability as furniture timber

Polkanov, A.Y.; Medvedev, S.G., 1997:
Nycteribiid (Diptera: Nycteribiidae) in Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Fischer, V.; Deswysen, A.G.rard; Despres, L.; Dutilleul, P.; Fernando, J.; Lobato, P., 1998:
Nycterohemeral patterns of ingestive behavior of sheep

Loof, P.A.A.; Heyns, J., 1997:
Nygolaimus Cobb, 1913 (Nematoda): Dorylaimus brachyuris de Man, 1880 designated as the type species

Malaguido, A.B.; Panizzi, A.R., 1999:
Nymph and adult biology of Euschistus heros (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and its abundance related to planting date and phenological stages of sunflower

Perng JenJiun; Shih ShiJiang; Wang JiangPing, 1999:
Nymph distribution and its density fluctuation of Cloeon marginale (Hagen) (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) in Gufu wetland at Nanjenshan area

Saavedra, J.L.D.; Zanuncio, J.C.; Zanuncio, T.V.; Santos, G.P., 1996:
Nymphal development of Podisus nigrispinus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) on a mixed diet of artificial diet and larvae of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae)

Matos Neto, F.C.; Zanuncio, J.C.; Freitas, L.C.; Gomes, B.M.R., 1998:
Nymphal development of the predator Podisus rostralis (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) fed with three alternative prey

Tanaka, S.; Arai, T.; Tanaka, K., 1999:
Nymphal development, diapause and cold-hardiness in a nymph-overwintering cricket

Simmons, A.M., 1999:
Nymphal survival and movement of crawlers of Bemisia argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on leaf surfaces of selected vegetables

Bhuiyan, M.S.; Ito, Y.; Nakamura, A.; Tanaka, N.; Fujita, K.; Fukui, H.; Takegawa, K., 1999:
Nystatin effects on vacuolar function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Thodis, E.; Vas, S.I.; Bargman, J.M.; Manoj Singhal; Chu, M.; Oreopoulos, D.G., 1998:
Nystatin prophylaxis: its inability to prevent fungal peritonitis in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Anonymous, 1997:
O'nyong-nyong (ONN) fever

Kesavan, Shila P., 1997:
O-hemoglobin and L-serine dehydratase in wild rhizobia

Rodriguez, R.O.; Castro, H.R., 1998:
O.H. x F. selections behavior as interstocks in pear/quince combinations in Rio Negro, Argentina

Anonymous, 1998:
O.I.E. Bulletin - May-June 1998.

Anonymous, 1997:
O.I.E. Bulletin - November-December 1997.

Anonymous, 1997:
O.I.E. Bulletin - September-October 1997.

Tanner, J.M.; Luzzi, B.M.; Gostovic, P.; Montminy, W.; Hume, D.J., 1998:
OAC Bayfield soybean

Tanner, J.W.; Luzzi, B.M.; Gostovic, P.; Montminy, W.; Hume, D.J., 1998:
OAC Brussels soybean

Falk, D.E.; Reinbergs, E.; Meatherall, G., 1997:
OAC Elmira winter barley

Falk, D.E.; Meatherall, F.; Reinbergs, E., 1997:
OAC Paisley oat

Tanner, J.W.; Luzzi, B.M.; Montminy, W.; Gostovic, P.; Hume, D.J., 1998:
OAC Salem soybean

Tanner, J.W.; Luzzi, B.M.; Montminy, W.; Gostovic, P.; Hume, D.J., 1998:
OAC Sparta soybean

Tanner, J.W.; Luzzi, B.M.; Montminy, W.; Gostovic, P.; Hume, D.J., 1998:
OAC Thames soybean

Michaels, T.E.; Smith, T.H., 1999:
OAC Thunder common bean

Patel, N.; Brinkman-Van der Linden, E.C.; Altmann, S.W.; Gish, K.; Balasubramanian, S.; Timans, J.C.; Peterson, D.; Bell, M.P.; Bazan, J.F.; Varki, A.; Kastelein, R.A., 1999:
OB-BP1/Siglec-6. a leptin- and sialic acid-binding protein of the immunoglobulin superfamily

Hribal, A., 1998:
OCM (Common Market Organization) milk - a false reform

Yeates, G.W., 1998:
OECD workshop on terrestrial flatworms

Sexton, K., 1997:
OH NO - Its the dance block!! An approach to teaching dance in schools for non-specialists Getting into dance from the children

Beaumont, P., 1997:
OP damage - judge agrees

Lawson, P.S.; Thomas, R.E.; Walker, E.S., 1996:
OPTIGRAMI V2 user's guide

Kirner, L.; Schneeberger, W., 1999:
OPUL - Participation of organic farms and of farms restricting use of farm inputs after the year 2000

van der Meer, Y.; van Tol, H.; Locker, J.K.; Snijder, E.J., 1998:
ORF1a-encoded replicase subunits are involved in the membrane association of the arterivirus replication complex

Lescure, J.P., 1996:
ORSTOM's cooperative researches in Brazilian Amazonia: a brief overview

Bachrach, E.E., 1999:
OTCS, switch, and the impact of dietary supplements

Seguin, B., 1997:
OVSYNCH: a method for breeding dairy cows without doing heat detection

Antonelli, F.; Bussotti, F.; Grifoni, D.; Grossoni, P.; Mori, B.; Tani, C.; Zipoli, G., 1998:
Oak (Quercus robur L.) seedlings responses to a realistic increase in UV-B radiation under open space conditions

Yemshanov, D., 1996:
Oak forests in steppe Ukraine: does the 'semi-arid' microsuccessional dynamics exist?

Burgi, M., 1997:
Oak high forests in Switzerland

Thiry, W.H., 1999:
Oak plantation after spruce in the forest area Ohringen

Roversi, P.F.; Boretti, R.; Merendi, G.A.; Bartolozzi, L.; Toccafondi, P., 1997:
Oak processionary caterpillar: damage and control criteria

Larsen, D.R.; Metzger, M.A.; Johnson, P.S., 1997:
Oak regeneration and overstory density in the Missouri Ozarks

Cook, J.E.; Sharik, T.L.; Smith, D.W., 1998:
Oak regeneration in the Southern Appalachians: potential, problems, and possible solutions

Anonymous, 1998:
Oak savannas and woodlands

Adams, T.E.J.; Sands, P.B.; Weitkamp, W.H., 1996:
Oak seedling recruitment through artificial regeneration on California rangelands

Ragazzi, A., 1998:
Oak species and the urban environment: advice for correct use and analysis of health problems

Selotchnik, N.N., 1998:
Oak tracheomycosis

Phua, S.H.; Stijn, T. van; Broom, M.F., 1997:
OarSHP1 and OarSHP2: two ovine microsatellite markers and their chromosomal assignments

Sa, R.M. de; Francisco, A. de; Soares, F.C.T., 1998:
Oat (Avena sativa L.) beta -glucan concentration in different processing stages

Bertol, I.; Ciprandi, O.; Kurtz, C.; Baptista, A.S.; Bertol, I.; Ciprandi, O.; Kurtz, C.; Baptista, A.S., 1998:
Oat and maize crop residue persistence on the soil surface in direct sowing

Johnson, T.J.; Kaspar, T.C.; Kohler, K.A.; Corak, S.J.; Logsdon, S.D., 1998:
Oat and rye overseeded into soybean as fall cover crops in the upper Midwest

Handel, C.L.; Rocha, A.B.; Federizzi, L.C.; Mundstock, C.M.; Milach, S.C.K., 1997:
Oat resistance to spot blotch caused by Helminthosporium sativum

Paci, G.; Folliero, M.; Ambrogi, C.; Bagliacca, M., 1999:
Oat straw as complementary feed for hares

Singh, J.P., 1999:
Oats - an excellent fodder-cum-seed crop

Arelovich, H.M.; Miranda, R.; Horn, G.W.; Meiller, C.; Torrea, M.B., 1996:
Oats varieties: forage production, nutritive value and grain yield

Boggini, G.; Notario, T.; Redaelli, R. (Coordinators), 1997:
Oats: choice of variety

Almeida, J.L. de, 1998:
Oats: the way out is to increase demand

Spurlock, M.E.; Frank, G.R.; Cornelius, S.G.; Ji, S.; Willis, G.M.; Bidwell, C.A., 1998:
Obese gene expression in porcine adipose tissue is reduced by food deprivation but not by maintenance or submaintenance intake

Marcus, M.D., 1999:
Obese patients with binge-eating disorder

Anate, M.; Olatinwo, A.W.O.; Omesina, A.P., 1998:
Obesity - an overview

Mason, P., 1997:
Obesity - new insights into a growing problem

Prentice, A.M., 1997:
Obesity - the inevitable penalty of civilisation?

al-Isa, A.N.; Moussa, M.A., 1998:
Obesity among Kuwaiti pre-school children aged 0-5 years: prevalence and comparison with the NCHS/CDC reference population

Rossner, S., 1997:
Obesity and carbohydrates

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Obesity and cardiovascular risk: experience in Sicily

Pettigrew, R.; Hamilton-Fairley, D., 1997:
Obesity and female reproductive function

Strain, G.W.; Zumoff, B., 1998:
Obesity and its effect on reproductive function

Tanphaichitr, V., 1998:
Obesity and respiratory function

Halle, M.; Berg, A.; Keul, J., 1999:
Obesity as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and the potential importance as a promoter for increased infection reactions

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Obesity during physiological aging

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Obesity in Canada: a descriptive analysis

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Obesity in France, analysis of the INSEE-CREDES Survey on Health and Medical Services

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Obesity in Latin American women and children

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Obesity in Tyrolean males: a representative survey

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Obesity in childhood: The muscatine study

Schweikhart, D.; Otten, A., 1998:
Obesity in children: intervention concepts and their assessment

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Obesity in inner-city African Americans

Gopalan, C., 1998:
Obesity in the Indian urban 'middle class'

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Obesity management by life-style strategies

Kopelman, P.G.; Albon, L., 1997:
Obesity, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and the metabolic syndrome

Bird, C.L.; Frankl, H.D.; Lee, E.R.; Haile, R.W., 1998:
Obesity, weight gain, large weight changes, and adenomatous polyps of the left colon and rectum

Aronoff, N.J., 1997:
Obesity-related eating patterns: binge eating disorder and the night-eating syndrome

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Obesity: a major global public health problem

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Obesity: a preventive approach

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Obesity: a public health problem in search of models of integrated medicine

Bremer, J., 1998:
Obesity: clinical perspectives for a dietitian

Anonymous, 1997:
Obesity: common symptom of diverse gene-based metabolic dysregulations

Halsted, C.H., 1999:
Obesity: effects on the liver and gastrointestinal system

Jebb, S.A., 1999:
Obesity: from molecules to man

Chisholm, D.J.; Samaras, K.; Markovic, T.; Carey, D.; Lapsys, N.; Campbell, L.V., 1998:
Obesity: genes, glands or gluttony?

Philipon, P., 1996:
Obesity: of mice and men

Suzuki, N., 1998:
Obihiro research center for international collaboration

Sabrosky, C.W., 1997:
Obituary. George C. Steyskal, 1909-1996

Pratt, H.D.; Scott, H.G., 1998:
Obituary: Chester James Stojanovich, 1919-1997

Chung, H.W.; Lee, J.J.; Choi, J.Y.; Kim, D.S.; Park, K.U., 1999:
Object-Oriented analysis and application for irrigation networks

Ward, N.; McNicholas, K., 1998:
Objective 5b of the structural funds and rural development in Britain

Aruna, K.; Devi, G.N.; Sarojini, G.; Kulakarni, N.; Nirmalamma, N., 1999:
Objective and cooking quality evaluation of the mutants of rice variety Samba Mahsuri

Keirle, I.; Walsh, S., 1999:
Objective assessment of countryside recreation by observation

Zeman, P., 1997:
Objective assessment of risk maps of tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis based on spatial patterns of located cases

Horkay, E.; Bocsa, I., 1996:
Objective basis for evaluation of differences in fibre quality between male, female and monoecious hemp

Silberzahn, U., 1996:
Objective colour determination. Quality assurance of ice cream

Seyfarth, R.; Militzer, K.E., 1999:
Objective evaluation of colour change by steaming of timber

Peinado, B.; Martinez, M.; Lopez, G.; Poto, A.; Porras, I., 1998:
Objective evaluation of meat and fat colour in Segurena lambs and a comparison with Merino lambs

Calmon, A.; Silvestre, F.; Gaset, A.; Bellon Maurel, V.; Feuilloley, P., 1997:
Objective evaluation of the biodegradability of agromaterials: laboratory instrumentation and in situ tests. Birth of the Comite francais pour la biodegradabilite (COBIO)

Baulain, U.; Henning, M.; Tholen, E.; Wittmann, W.; Peschke, W., 1998:
Objective methods for estimation of the lean meat content of pig belly. 2. Use of scans from magnetic resonance imaging

Tholen, V.E.; Peschke, W.; Baulain, U.; Schellander, K., 1998:
Objective methods for estimation of the lean meat content of pork belly. 1. Derivation of regression equations by using different carcass traits

Schaffer, B., 1997:
Objective methods for measurement of consistency properties of spreadable milk products

Grandin, T., 1998:
Objective scoring of animal handling and stunning practices at slaughter plants

Bertault, J.G.; Sist, P.; Nguyen The, N., 1999:
Objectives and methodology of the STREK project

Pank, F.; Heine, H., 1998:
Objectives and methods of medicinal and aromatic plant breeding and available varieties in Germany

Barbour, R.J.; Tesch, S.; McNeel, J.; Willits, S.A.; Fight, R.D.; Mason, A.; Skog, K., 1997:
Objectives and study design of the Colville study: silviculture, ecology, utilization, and economics of small-diameter stocked stands

Vaccari, S., 1997:
Objectives of cohesion policies and the role of Community structural measures in Italy. Estimates of spending on agriculture in the first five years of the 1990s

Frielinghaus, M.; Todt, K.; Wense, W.H. von der; Vocks, O.; Braasch, H.A.; Heim, S., 1997:
Objectives of development for an ecologically orientated planning demonstrated by the example of a landscape conservation area with incorporated nature reserves and of an adjacent protected natural area in east Brandenburg

Karppinen, H., 1998:
Objectives of non-industrial private forest owners: Differences and future trends in southern and northern Finland

Voblova, T.A., 1999:
Objectivity of evaluating the development of Cercospora disease

Duric, I., 1998:
Obligations - alternative possibility for financing agricultural and food processing enterprises in Slovakia

Tsaryk, I.I., 1996:
Obligatory associations of Pinus mugo Turra in the Chernogora range (Ukrainian Carpathians)

Gonczy, A., 1997:
Obligatory examination of foods

Balsari, P., 1999:
Obligatory inspection of spraying equipment, a service to be implemented as soon as possible

Huang YanSan; Chen ShinShin, 1998:
Oblique wood cutting with a rotating disc cutter

Ehler, L.E., 1997:
Obscure scale declines after parasitic wasp introduced

Govil, K.C.; Verma, A., 1998:
Observation and analysis - the sensing and processing of the research design

Liang Ji; Zhou ChanMing, 1998:
Observation and analysis of the flowering pattern of a 1.5-generation seed Chinese fir plantation

Jin MeiLin; Chen HuanChun; H.Q.Gai; W.M.iZhou; W.B.n; Chen WeiJiang; Xiang DaYu, 1999:
Observation and immunoreaction of propagation of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) in identical avian embryos

Huang GuangQuan; Zhang HuaXun; Y.P.nHong et al., 1998:
Observation of Anopheles anthropophagus density and malaria incidence in the areas of discontinuing impregnating bednets with deltamethrin

Ashokan, K.K.; Umashankar, P.R.; Lal, G.A.V.; Rathinam, K., 1997:
Observation of Proteus mirabilis in rabbit conjunctivitis and its relation to vitamin A deficiency

Gao ZhiHong; Zhang Zhen et al., 1996:
Observation of anatomical structure on rootstock and scion and their joint in sweet persimmon

Jin MeiSong; Huang CiWei; Feng BingCan, 1998:
Observation of bionomics of Mezira membranacea (Fabr.)

Miah, M.Y.; Chino, M., 1999:
Observation of element distribution in potassium deficient barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) leaf by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis

Ning Ying Zhi; Shen Yun Fen, 1998:
Observation of feeding habits of soil protozoa in Chinese six typical zones

Motozu, T.; Takatsu, Y., 1997:
Observation of floral development in Freesia at different temperatures by scanning electron microscopy

Shen GeZhi; Yang HongJuan; Zhang YongChun; Wang KeMin; Shen FuHua; Zhang FuDi; L.D.Min, 1999:
Observation of flower bud differentiation and evaluation of cut flowers of different lily (Lilium) cultivars

Tang HanYing; L.Q.nYing; Zhu ZhiYong, 1997:
Observation of immune persistence of inactivated HFRS vaccine cultured in Meriones unguiculatus kidney cells

Zhang ShuMing et al., 1996:
Observation of micro-morphology of pollen of several woody flowers

Pan ZengGuang; Zhu DeXing; Shu HuaiRui, 1997:
Observation of morphological differentiation of axillary flower bud on the autumn shoots of apple trees

You ZhongMing; Jiang JinShu, 1998:
Observation of morphology of immune organs in chickens infected with Cryptosporidium baileyi

Zhang ZhaoWang; Han XiangMin; Cui Xian; Zhang RongChang; X.C.angLin; Wang YuChang, 1997:
Observation of oestrus and parturition characteristics in Tianzhu white yak

Subikova, V., 1997:
Observation of pathogens involved in sugarbeet rhizomania disease

Zhang LongXian; Lin KunHua; Yin PeiYun et al., 1996:
Observation of pathologic changes and oocyst formation of Eimeria flavescens infection of domestic rabbit

Chorowicz, J.; Scanvic, J.Y.; Rouzeau, O.; Cuervo, G.V., 1998:
Observation of recent and active landslides from SAR ERS-1 and JERS-1 imagery using a stereo-simulation approach: example of the Chicamocha valley in Colombia

Wang Ying, 1999:
Observation of recurrent hepatic cystic echinococcosis in ultrasound image

Ren, H.; Liu, Y.S.eng; Sun, J.S.n, 1998:
Observation of rice embryo sac development with confocal laser scanning microscopy

Obidoska, G.; Sadowska, A.; Rumowska, M., 1998:
Observation of seed germination and the development of seedlings in yellow water-lily (Nuphar luteum Sibth. et SM.)

L.S.unLin; G.G.oDa, 1996:
Observation of surface structure of some silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) larvae organs with the scanning electron microscope

Uetake, Y.; Ogoshi, A.; Hayakawa, S., 1999:
Observation of teleomorphs of rhizoctonias (Thanatephorus orchidicola and Tulasnella deliquescens) isolated from orchids

Kalaycioglu, A.; Oner, C.; Erdem, G., 1997:
Observation of the antimutagenic potencies of plant extracts against pesticides in the Salmonella typhimurium strains TA98 and TA100

Wang QingPu; Wang DianLi; Jiao Ji, 1996:
Observation of the effect of oral administration of large doses of ND V4 vaccine for emergency protection against atypical Newcastle disease

Fang KaiHua; Lin SaiDuan, 1999:
Observation of the flower bud differentiation period of Japanese apricot and suggestions for cultivation

Wang ZonYi; Yang ZhiYun; L.T.eShuan; Gao YangLi; L.S.nXing, 1997:
Observation of the main biological characteristics of Haemaphysalis longicornis in Hebei

Gomes, A. de C.; Conceicao, M.B.E. da; Sallum, M.A.M.; Portes, M. da G.T.; Machado, J.P.; Silva, I.J. da, 1998:
Observation of the natural characteristics of oviposition of the Culex (Melanoconion) Pilosus Group (Diptera: Culicidae)

Delaunay, A.; Bouffin, J.; Gandoin, J.M.; Paolacci, V., 1999:
Observation of the root system of clementine trees on the eastern plain of Corsica

Ishii, T.; Matsumoto, I.; Shrestha, Y.H.ri; Wamocho, L.S.mita; Kadoya, K., 1998:
Observation of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal formation in the roots of some seasonal weeds proliferated in citrus orchards

Sameshima, R.; Tang LiSong, 1997:
Observation of water use in an irrigated cotton field in Xinjiang, China

Clark, C.J.; Richardson, C.A., 1999:
Observation of watercore dissipation in 'Braeburn' apple by magnetic resonance imaging

Khan, M.R.; Khan, E., 1996:
Observation on Tylenchorhynchus brevilineatus Williams, 1960 (=T. vulgaris Upadhyay et al., 1972) (Nematoda: Tylenchorhynchidae) with amended description

Selim, A.M.; E.S.aheedy, M.; Zaki, M.; E.A.rash, S.; Abaza, F., 1998:
Observation on an outbreak of respiratory distress in feed lot calves, epidemiological clinical and microbiological findings

Singh, H.P.; Mishra, J.P.; Mahaver, L.R., 1998:
Observation on certain physico-chemical characteristics of water in relation to pollution of river Ramganga

Adebambo, O.A., 1998:
Observation on congenital loco, a hereditary defect in three flocks of chicken at Ibadan

L.G.iPing; X.F.ngQuan; Sun YanChang; Sun ChuanHong, 1997:
Observation on detection of filarial larvae in mosquitoes by using monoclonal antibody

L.H.o; Zhang YongHong; Xue HaiChou; Qiu LiShu; Zhou HuiJuan; Chen ShengXia; Shuai LianYun; Jiang XueGan, 1998:
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Observation on hypocotyl hair formation in juvenile seedlings of Monochoria vaginalis, a test plant in the bioassay of allelopathy in rice

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Observation on survival of Trypanosoma evansi after death of the host

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Observation on the damage of citrus bud gall midge and its control in South Jiangxi

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Observation on the effect of gamma rays on spruce (Picea smithiana) seeds germination

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Observation on the effects of 2,4-D and trifluralin on the cell cycle and microtubule morphology of shallot root tip and Chinese hamster fibroblast cells

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Observation on the effects of praziquantel, albendazole and praziquantel plus albendazole in treating hymenolepiasis nana

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Observation on the efficacy of Saga WP against three public health insects

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Observation on the floral primordia formation on the Cucumis cotyledons cultured in vitro

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Observation on the fruit and seed germination of Xylocarpus granatum Koenig

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Observation on the location of T cell subsets in the liver and spleen of patients with advanced schistosomiasis japonica

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Observation on the male 10th abdominal segment in Deltocephalini, Paralimnini and their allied tribes (Homoptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae)

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Observation on the nervous system of Phyllodistomum pawloviskii by localization of acetylcholinesterase

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Observation on the seasonal variation of Hirschmanniella spp. in suburb of Xiamen

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Observation on the transmission status of Malayan filariasis in an area of basic elimination

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Observation on ultrastructural change of embryogenic suspension cells cryopreserved by vitrification in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Observation on ultrastructure Cysticercus cellulosae treated with Chinese materia medica in vitro

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Observation on ultrastructure of leaf epidermis of Puccinellia tenuiflora: salt-secretive or not?

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Observation report on the morphology and structure of nutria reproductive organs

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Observation with Entoloma clypeatum mycorrhizal fungus in Hungarian orchards

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Observational experiments on poplar bacterial canker disease in natural condition

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Observational methods for analyzing working postures in agriculture

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Observations concerning the licensing of refrigeration plants using ammonia

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Observations concerning the possible division of trophozoites in the genus Eimeria

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Observations of Polistes buyssoni (Brethes) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae), predator of Rachiplusia nu (Guenee) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae on field beans in the metropolitan region, Chile

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Observations of a Morbark model 1200 tub grinder processing log sortyard residues for composting

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Observations of an orphaned colony of Atta laevigata (Smith) (Hymenoptera: Attini)

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Observations of boll weevil response to the BWACT

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Observations of control effect of high effect cockroach bait on Blattella germanica in the semi-field and field

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Observations of foraging plants, and nest foundation of some domestic species of bumble bees (Hymenoptera, Bombus spp.) in artificial conditions

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Observations of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in leaf water confirm the craig-gordon model under wide-ranging environmental conditions

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Observations of pneumonia in slaughtered pigs according to season

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Observations of population increases and injury by spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) on ornamental plants treated with imidacloprid

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Observations of some uncommon dung beetles

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Observations of the Arkansas monitoring system-producer perspective

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Observations of the attractive effects of some materials to German cockroach

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Observations of the biological characteristics and control of Phloeosinus aubei Perris

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Observations of the distribution of Caliroa cerasi (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) in a cherry timber plantation in Tuscany

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Observations of the effect of albendazole on the ultrastructures of evaginated scolices of Cysticercus cellulosae culture in vitro. I

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Observations of the leaf epidermis and hairs of Begonia from Yunnan

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Observations of the photosynthetic physiology of tree species within the C3 monocotyledon genus Pandanus, and comparison with dicotyledon C3 tree species

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Observations of the relationship between the mucosal colour of oval cavity and blood carbon dioxide combining power and pH value in horses and mules

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Observations of the side-effects and immune response of a population against bivalent HFRS inactivated vaccine

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Observations of the sward of subalpine Nardus stricta grasslands after use of the flail mower

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Observations on Physarum hongkongense (Physarales, Myxomycetes) from Taiwan

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Observations on Pithya cupressina and Chloroscypha alutipes

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Observations on Sorbus in southwest Moravia (Czech Republic) and adjacent Austria II

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Observations on current dairy processing equipment designs and processing trends in dairy industry

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Observations on early performance of Paulownia fortunei in Arunachal Pradesh

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Observations on early pregnancy diagnosis and early embryonic loss in the mare

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Observations on five rarely collected genera of Macrochelidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) associated with insects

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Observations on genotype x environment interactions and stability in the international neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) provenance trials in Bangladesh and India

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Observations on germination capacity and breeding value of seedlings of some olive cultivars

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Observations on getting new building products into the NZ market

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Observations on hibernation aspects of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.)

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Observations on infection of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici in wheat roots

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Observations on insect use of Chinese tallow (Sapium sebiferum)

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Observations on insects associated with Acacia mangium in Peninsular Malaysia

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Observations on intraosseous pressure and core biopsy of the calf tibia in early stages of bacterial osteomyelitis

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Observations on livestock and feed resources of Rawal Experimental Watershed area, Pakistan

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Observations on ontogenetic shifts in the diet of 0+ carp, Cyprinus carpio, from the River Murray, Australia

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Observations on pathogenicity and life cycle of Rotylenchulus reniformis on soybean and reaction of some varieties

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Observations on phenology, development, and mortality of larvae of the hazelnut weevil (Curculio obtusus (Blanchard): Curculionidae) in nuts of beaked hazelnut (Corylus cornuta Marshall: Betulaceae) in thickets in Maine

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Observations on planted yellow birch

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Observations on ploidy of cells and on reproductive performance in parthenogenetic turkeys

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Observations on pollen morphology of 8 species and 1 variety in genus Camellia

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Observations on preferential flow and horizontal transport of nitrogen fertilizer in the unsaturated zone

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Observations on problems associated with microbial contamination of pelleted compound feeds in open and closed storage conditions

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Observations on rabies in racoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

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Observations on rearing Luffia spp. (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) under controlled environmental conditions with taxonomic notes

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Observations on recent forest economics research on risk and uncertainty

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Observations on reduced sensitivity in Uncinula necator to triadimefon in India

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Observations on reproduction rate of Varroa jacobsoni and the occurrence of mutilated mites in Apis mellifera carnica colonies

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Observations on reproduction techniques applicable to the European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.)

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Observations on residual plasmin and plasminogen activities in cheese

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Observations on runoff generation mechanisms in small alpine catchments

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Observations on segmental arteries and renal segments of the two-humped camel

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Observations on some aphids in south and north-west of the Central Africa Republic

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Observations on some patterns of the males' sexual behaviour of certain aphid species indicate the existence of male marking pheromones

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Observations on spear replacement in Xiphinema dentatum (Nematoda: Longidoridae)

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Observations on spore attachment of Pasteuria penetrans to Meloidogyne species populations from vineyards in Bulgaria

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Observations on target-diameter utilization

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Observations on the Malawi maize productivity task force

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Observations on the seasonal maturation of the nematode Rhabdochona zacconis in Japanese dace, Tribolodon hakonensis, of the Okitsu River, Japan

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Observations on the seasonal occurrence of two species of transversotrematid digenea parasitising the sparid fish Acanthopagrus australis in Moreton Bay, eastern Australia

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Observations on the structure of unthinned Norway spruce stands

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Obstacles and opportunities for acidic milk products

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Obstacles to condom use: the combination of other forms of birth control and short-term monogamy

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Obtaining an antiserum of Photorhabdus luminescens (Thomas & Poinar) Boemare, Akhurst & Mourant

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Obtaining asymmetric somatic hybrids between Brassica oleracea L. and Arabidopsis thaliana L

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Obtaining calcium lactate from whey

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Obtaining chlorophyll-deficient mutants of cabbage in vitro

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Obtaining concentrated essential oils of grapefruit and study of their composition

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Obtaining cultivars of snap bean (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp. subsp. sesquipedalis L.) with bush habit

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Obtaining ecologically pure milk products for children

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Obtaining genetically identical animals: cloning?

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Obtaining lactulose from whey

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Obtaining locally reliable information for GIS-based forest management

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Obtaining mass from fruit impact response

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Obtaining of hybrid of Brassica juncea x Brassica barrelieri and studies on homology of chromosomes between their parents

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Obtaining plants from seedless x seedless grape crosses using embryo culture

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Obtaining quantitative relationships for the estimation of stem volume in a seasonal semideciduous forest

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Obtaining soyabean lines resistant to SMV by introducing exogenous DNA

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Obtaining synthetic engine fuels from wood residues

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Obtaining the energy from stalks. The intended use determines the method of harvesting maize

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Obtaining transgenic cotton plants with cowpea trypsin inhibitor

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Obtainment of antiserum against bean southern mosaic virus through a simple methodology

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Obtainment of hybrids secreting monoclonal antibodies against Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis

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Obtainment of oleoresin of sweet pepper. II. Yield and characterization of the oleoresin

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Obtention of anti-Cryptococcus neoformans immunoglobulin G

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Obtention of haploid plants by ovaries and ovules culture in onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Obtention of rosemary antioxidant oleoresins by mechanical extraction with non volatile solvent and under pressure

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Obtention of virus-free plants of red garlic (Allium sativum L.)

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Occam's razor applied to hormonology. Are cytokinins produced by plants?

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Occipital dysplasia in dogs

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Occlusion of the internal carotid artery by means of microcoils for preventing epistaxis caused by guttural pouch mycosis in horses

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Occult HIV infection: diagnosis and treatment of older patients

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Occult osseous metastasis of a colonic adenocarcinoma visualized with technetium tc 99m hydroxymethylene diphosphate scintigraphy in a horse

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Occult rate of heartworm infected dogs in California appears to be significantly lower than that of infected dogs from Florida and Texas

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Occult vitamin D deficiency in postmenopausal US women with acute hip fracture

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Occupation and income of rural households as influenced by their land holdings

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Occupation pattern, interest, training needs and problems of Wayanad coffee growers

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Occupation types analysis of the Irai river's hydrographic basin

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Occupational HIV transmission by an internal fixation wire of the patella

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Occupational acquisition of HIV infection among health care workers in the United Kingdom: data to June 1997

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Occupational and environmental health risks in farm labor

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Occupational asthma due to blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon)

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Occupational diversification among rural groups: a case study of rural transformation in Tamil Nadu

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Occupational factors and reproductive outcomes among a cohort of female veterinarians

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Occupational groups of women and selected nutritional risk factors for osteoporosis

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Occupational otitis externa in chicken catchers

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Occupational risk of HIV infection among western health care professionals posted in AIDS endemic areas

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Occupational status and incidence of poverty: a case study

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Occurence and correction of S deficiencies in the Asian and Pacific region: a review and update

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Occurrence and acidity of tricalcium phosphate and rock phosphate solubilizing microorganisms in mechanical plant compost of Calcutta and an alluvial soil of West Bengal

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Occurrence and activity of Azospirillum in some soils of Iran

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Occurrence and antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens from dogs. I. Isolates from skin, urogenital tract and milk samples

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Occurrence and control of scallion anthracnose

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Occurrence and control of thrips in rose

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Occurrence and damage of root rot in spring broad bean in Linxia area

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Occurrence and distribution of the family Sapindaceae Jussieu in the states of Mato Grosso, Goias and Tocantins

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Occurrence and ecological factors of wood small-reed in the forests of Berlin

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Occurrence and effects of endophytic fungi of the genus Neotyphodium in grasses

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Occurrence and flux of selected pesticides in surface water of the upper Snake River Basin, Idaho and western Wyoming

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Occurrence and frequency of canine neoplasms in post mortem files

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Occurrence and harmfulness of pollen beetle (Meligethes sp.) on winter rape plants in the vicinity of Olsztyn

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Occurrence and identification of Uncinaria (Frohlish, 1789) (Nematoda: Ancylostomidae) parasites in stray cats (Felis catus) from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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Occurrence and identification of viruses affecting Brassica vegetable crops in Poland. II. Virus occurrence in cultivars of several surveyed Brassica oleracea varieties

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Occurrence and importance of yeasts in genital swabs of mares

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Occurrence and mass balance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Thessaloniki sewage treatment plant

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Occurrence and morphometry of the hypopharyngeal glands in Scaptotrigona postica Lat. (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae)

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Occurrence and origin of crystalline iron oxides in paddy soils derived from red earth

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Occurrence and origin of palygorskite and sepiolite in some red soils of the southern China

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Occurrence and pathogenicity of Pythium species isolated from leaf blight symptoms of turfgrasses at golf courses in Korea

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Occurrence and pathogenicity of: Pythium catenulatum, Pythium ultimum var. ultimum and Pythium violae in Egyptian soil

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Occurrence and population of colour forms in Aphis gossypii Glover (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Occurrence and prevalence of colour morphs of aphid on rapeseed-mustard (Brassica) crops

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Occurrence and prevention of the spotty symptoms on garlic cloves after harvest

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Occurrence and regulation of common bunt of wheat (Tilletia caries (DC) Tul) in biological farming in Austria

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Occurrence and seasonal population behaviour of phytonematodes in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)

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Occurrence and serological detection of cherry leaf roll nepovirus (CLRV) and apple mosaic ilarvirus (ApMV) in Betula spp

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Occurrence and significance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in some meat products

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Occurrence and significance of Salmonella in laboratory samples obtained after normal slaughter of pigs

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Occurrence and significance of chlamydia in sow herds

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Occurrence and sources of resistance of sterility mosaic of pigeonpea

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Occurrence and spread of rhizomania in the Czech Republic

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Occurrence and succession of mycorrhizas in Alnus incana

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Occurrence and survival of Botryodiplodia theobromae Pat. in cotton seeds (Gossypium hirsutum L.) produced in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Occurrence and symptoms of Jujube fruit shrink

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Occurrence and therapy of secondary acute myeloid leukaemia in two HIV-infected patients

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Occurrence and toxigenicity of Fusarium moniliforme from freshly harvested maize ears with special references to fumonisin production in Egypt

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Occurrence and treatment of the mange mite Notoedres muris in marsh rats from South America

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Occurrence and within-plant distribution of Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) and Encarsia formosa (Gahan) in greenhouse

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Occurrence characteristics of spruce needle cast

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Occurrence conditions of bacterial palea browning in rice in Gunma prefecture and damage analysis

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Occurrence dynamics of some pests and control of cabbage root fly (Delia radicum L) on horseradish

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Occurrence fungi diseases on winter oilseed rape in Czech Republic in 1995

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Occurrence of beta 2-adrenergic agonist residues in urine of animal meat producers in Portugal

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Occurrence of flower browning of cut Gypsophila paniculata L. and its prevention by harvesting at bud stage

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Occurrence of 2,4-dihydroxy-7-methoxy-1,4-benzoxazin-3-one (DIMBOA) and a beta -glucosidase specific for its glucoside in maize seedlings

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Occurrence of Acremonium fungal endophytes in tropical forage grasses

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Occurrence of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in central Slovakia

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Occurrence of Actinomyces suis in sows from farms with reproductive disorders in Santa Catarina highlands, Brazil

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Occurrence of Alternaria blight and powdery mildew on linseed genotypes in Orissa

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Occurrence of Amblyomma fuscum Neumann, 1899 and Amblyomma humerale Koch, 1844 (Acari: Ixodidae) on Bufo arenalis in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Occurrence of Amblyomma varium Koch, 1844 on sloth (Bradypus variegatus) in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil

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Occurrence of Anisakis physeteris Baylis, 1923 and Pseudoterranova sp. (Nematoda) in pygmy sperm whale Kogia breviceps (De Blainville, 1838) (Physeteridae) in northeastern coast of Brazil

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Occurrence of Aphanomyces root rot of sugar beet in Hokkaido and fungicide timing

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Occurrence of Armillaria and the disease process in the Norway spruce stand in the Kopciowa Division of the Experimental Forest in Krynica

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Occurrence of Artyfechinostomum malayanum (Leiper, 1911) Mendheim, 1943 (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) in a Philippine monkey (Macaca fascicularis)

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Occurrence of Ascaris lumbricoides infection in captive monkeys and zoo personnel

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Occurrence of Aspergillus flavus in dry fruits collected from different parts of Pakistan

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Occurrence of Aspergillus flavus strains and aflatoxins in corn from Santa Fe, Argentina

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Occurrence of Aspidogaster conchicola (Aspidogastrea: Aspidogastridae) in molluscs of the upper Volga basin

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Occurrence of Balanorchis anastrophus Fischoeder, 1901 in cattle in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Occurrence of Biomphalaria straminea (Pulmonata: Planorbidae) at the IBAMA aquacultural station in Uberlandia, MG

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Occurrence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato spirochaetes in Ixodes ricinus ticks from a museum collection evaluated by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods

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Occurrence of Buzura suppressaria on chrysanthemum in Assam

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Occurrence of Ca-oxalate crystals in nitrogen-fixing root nodules and other tissues of some tropical legumes

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Occurrence of Calamus nagabettai Fernandez & Dey in Kerala

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Occurrence of Cameraria ohridella in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

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Occurrence of Ceratobasidium (Rhizoctonia fragariae) root and fruit rot of strawberries in Khuzestan Province

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Occurrence of Clinteria sp as a pest of apple in Himachal Pradesh

Bhagat, R.M.; Kashyap, N.P., 1998:
Occurrence of Clinteria sp. on apple in Himachal Pradesh

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Occurrence of Colletotrichum acutatum, causal organism of strawberry anthracnose in southwestern Spain

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Occurrence of Colletotrichum acutatum, cause of strawberry anthracnose in Israel, and molecular differentiation among the Colletotrichum species complex

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Occurrence of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on pokeweed and sicklepod stems in Georgia and pathogenicity on black locust

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Occurrence of Condylorrhiza vestigialis (Guenee, 1854) (Lepidoptera, Crambidae) on Populus spp. in Brazil

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Occurrence of Cotesia rubecula (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Quebec, 30 years after its introduction in North America

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Occurrence of Cryptosporidium spp. in diarrhoeic dogs seen at the Veterinary Hospital of the State University of Londrina, Parana, Brazil

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Occurrence of Culex (Barraudius) inatomii Kamimura and Wada (Diptera: Culicidae) in a large marsh adjacent to the coast of Ulsan, Korea

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Occurrence of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens on bean in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Occurrence of D-amino acids in a typical semi-hard cheese

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Occurrence of Dactylaria higginsii on purple nutsedge in Florida

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Occurrence of Dolichos yellow mosaic virus disease in Assam

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Occurrence of Ehrlichia (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) in dogs at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Occurrence of Eimeria alces (Eucoccidiida) in Alces alces in the Bryansk region

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Occurrence of Erwinia nigrifluens on English walnut (Juglans regia) in the Veneto region (Northern Italy)

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Occurrence of Erysipelothrix spp. in broiler chickens at an abattoir

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Occurrence of Erysipelothrix spp. in chicken meat parts from a processing plant

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Occurrence of Escherichia coli F4 receptors in several pig breeds in Germany and their effects on reproductive and fattening traits

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Occurrence of Eucallipterus tiliae (L.) (Homoptera: Phyllaphididae) on linden in an urban area

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Occurrence of Exserohilum turcicum on sorghum, johnsongrass and sudan grass in Maracay, Venezuela

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Occurrence of Fusarium fungi on the medicinal plants and condiments

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Occurrence of Fusarium root rot of Welsh onion caused by F. oxysporum

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Occurrence of Fusarium sheath rot in West Bengal

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Occurrence of Fusarium spp. on winter wheat and deoxynivalenol production in 1997

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Occurrence of Fusarium wilt of netted melon caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis race 0 in Hokkaido

Tanaka, T.; Tamura, O., 1997:
Occurrence of Fusarium wilt of netted melon caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis race 1,2y in Hokkaido

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Occurrence of Fusarium wilt of wax gourd (Benincasa hispida) in Taiwan

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Occurrence of Fusarium wilt on lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. eustomae

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Occurrence of Gaeana atkinsoni Distant (Homoptera: Cicadidae) in the Silent Valley National Park, Kerala, India

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Occurrence of Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. intersterility groups in Moronka Forest Subdistrict, Wegierska Gorka Forest District

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Occurrence of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Copepoda: Caligidae) on sea trout (Salmo trutta) in the inner Oslo Fjord, south-eastern Norway

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Occurrence of Listeria species in raw milk in Mansoura, Egypt

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Occurrence of Lymnaea columella (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae), first intermediate host of Fasciola hepatica, in the state of Paraiba, Brazil

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Occurrence of Necrobia rufipes (De Geer) (Coleoptera: Cleridae) damaging cashew nut from India

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Occurrence of Nymphula fengnhanalis and its chemical control

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