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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3222

Chapter 3222 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saseendran, S.A.; Hubbard, K.G.; Singh, K.K.; Mendiratta, N.; Rathore, L.S.; Singh, S.V., 1998:
Optimum transplanting dates for rice in Kerala, India, determined using both CERES v3.0 and ClimProb

Liu Ping, 1997:
Optimum use of gibberellins for seed production in japonica hybrid rice

Muwalla, M.M.; Harb, M.Y.; Abdullah, A.Y., 1999:
Optimum use of straw based diets for suckled Awassi ewes

Lee SukSoon; Kim JaeHyeun; Hong SeungBeom; Kim MinKyeong; Park EuiHo, 1998:
Optimum water potential, temperature, and duration for priming of rice seeds

Chaudhry, A.K.aliq; Hafeez, S.M.hammad; Ghauri, M.J.hangir, 1995:
Optimum watering level for Eucalyptus camaldulensis plants in the nursery stage

Bond, W.; Burston, S.; Bevan, J.R.; Lennartsson, M.E.K., 1998:
Optimum weed removal timing in drilled salad onions and transplanted bulb onions grown in organic and conventional systems

Harris, S.L.; Clark, D.A.; Auldist, M.J.; Waugh, C.D.; Laboyrie, P.G., 1997:
Optimum white clover content for dairy pastures

L.H.iYan; Kong LingDa; L.H.aMin, 1996:
Optimum working conditions for detecting serum antibodies against paratyphoid in piglets by Dot-ELISA

Souza, E.-De; Santa-Catarina, A., 1999:
Optimum working curve for diesel engines

Winter Nelson, A.; Amegbeto, K., 1998:
Option values to conservation and agricultural price policy: application to terrace construction in Kenya

Coyle, W.; O.R.urke, A.D., 1997:
Options for U.S. agriculture in APEC

Sheehy, S.J., 1997:
Options for a dairy policy in the next round of business negotiations

Pettit, A.; Egan, T., 1996:
Options for cattle farmers

Jarvis, M.J.F., 1998:
Options for growth rates and slaughter ages

Calvo, C.M., 1998:
Options for managing and financing rural transport infrastructure

Leitmann, J., 1998:
Options for managing protected areas: lessons from international experience

Diekman, M., 1999:
Options for movement of cacao germplasm in relation to the risk of moving pests

Winnicki, T., 1997:
Options for power generation and emission control technologies

Thorpe, W., 1998:
Options for the development of dairy farming in tropical areas of America. Lessons from Africa

Kirschke, D.; Odening, M.; Hagedorn, K.; Witzke, H. von, 1997:
Options for the further development of the EU agricultural policy

Nisbet, A.F.; Woodman, R.F.M., 1999:
Options for the management of Chernobyl-restricted areas in England and Wales

Woodman, R.F.M.; Nisbet, A.F.; Penfold, J.S.S., 1997:
Options for the management of foodstuffs contaminated as a result of a nuclear accident

Vazquez, J.A., 1999:
Options for the management of mucosal candidiasis in patients with AIDS and HIV infection

Zhai YinLi; Liu CaiHua, 1997:
Options for the pattern of rural economic cooperative organizations in China

Spilling, E., 1999:
Options in dealing with geese problems - compensation, feeding, or control measures - a contribution to the discussion of pasture damage

Steinfeld; Blackburn, H., 1997:
Options to address livestock-environment interactions

Lan, Y.K.cher, M.; Smith, J., 1999:
Opto-electronic sensor system for laboratory measurement of planter seed spacing with small seeds

Kocher, M.; Lan, Y.C.en, C.S.ith, J., 1998:
Opto-electronic sensor system for rapid evaluation of planter seed spacing uniformity

Swatland, H.J.; Uttaro, B., 1998 :
Optoelectrical assessment of pork quality using parallel hypodermic needles

Wartenberg, G.; Schmidt, H., 1999:
Optoelectronic sensors - an alternative for weed detection

Gong ZhiLong; Zhang ZhuJun; Yang XiaoFeng, 1997:
Optosensor for cinchona alkaloids with C18 silica gel as a substrate

Scheinvar, L., 1999:
Opuntia albicarpa Scheinvar, a new species to science from Mexico state

Parfitt, B.D., 1997:
Opuntia pinkavae (Cactaceae), a new species from Arizona and Utah

Valdez, C.A.F.; Osorio, G.A., 1997:
Opuntia-based ruminant feeding systems in Mexico

Heatwole, C.D.; Zacharias, S.; Workman, S.R., 1998:
Opus: model description and evaluation

Péronnet, F.; Rhéaume, N.; Lavoie, C.; Hillaire-Marcel, C.; Massicotte, D., 1998:
Oral [13C]glucose oxidation during prolonged exercise after high- and low-carbohydrate diets

Ueno, T.; Hamanaka, Y.; Oka, M.; Suzuki, T., 1998:
Oral absorption tests: absorption site of each substrate

Spadari, F.; Tartaglia, G.M.; Spadari, E.; Fazio, N., 1998:
Oral actinomycosis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Hasegawa, T.; Ito, K.; Ueno, S.; Kumamoto, S.; Ando, Y.; Yamada, A.; Nomoto, K.; Yasunobu, Y., 1999:
Oral administration of hot water extracts of Chlorella vulgaris reduces IgE production against milk casein in mice

Kato, H.; Koya, Y.; Ohashi, T.; Hanabuchi, S.; Takemura, F.; Fujii, M.; Tsujimoto, H.; Hasegawa, A.; Kannagi, M., 1998:
Oral administration of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 induces immune unresponsiveness with persistent infection in adult rats

Iben, B., 1998:
Oral administration of iron to newborn piglets

Sepehri, H.; Roghani, M.; Houdebine, M.L., 1998:
Oral administration of pectin-rich plant extract enhances C3 and C4 complement concentration in woman colostrum

Hashizume, T.; Kawai, M.; Ohtsuki, K.; Ishii, A.; Numata, M., 1999:
Oral administration of peptidergic growth hormone (GH) secretagogue KP102 stimulates GH release in goats

Cruz, T.; Galvez, J.; Ocete, M.A.; Crespo, M.E.; L.H.F.S.nchez D.M.dina; Zarzuelo, A., 1998:
Oral administration of rutoside can ameliorate inflammatory bowel disease in rats

Rudzki, E.; Rapiejko, E.Z.P.; Rebandel, P.; Jaworski, E., 1999:
Oral allergy syndrome with contact urticaria from cosmetic creams

Hensel, A., 1996:
Oral and aerosol immunization of pigs against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Yabu, Y.; Minagawa, N.; Kita, K.; Nagai, K.; Honma, M.; Sakajo, S.; Koide, T.; Ohta, N.; Yoshimoto, A., 1998:
Oral and intraperitoneal treatment of Trypanosoma brucei brucei with a combination of ascofuranone and glycerol in mice

Franz, L.C.; Landon, J.C.; Lopes, L.A.; Marinho, L.A.; Sarma, C.; Bruemmer, J.; Squires, E.L., 1998:
Oral and intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in neonatal foals

Rice, R.L.; Blodgett, D.J.; Schurig, G.G.; Swecker, W.S.; Thatcher, C.D.; Eversole, D.E., 1998:
Oral and parenteral vaccination of mice with protein-ergotamine conjugates and evaluation of protection against fescue toxicosis

Damante, J.H.; Fleury, R.N., 1998:
Oral and rhinoorbital mucormycosis: case report

Antonio, M.A.; Souza Brito, A.R.M., 1998:
Oral anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic activities of a hydroalcoholic extract and partitioned fractions of Turnera ulmifolia (Turneraceae)

Gupta, A.K.; Scher, R.K., 1998:
Oral antifungal agents for onychomycosis

Detlofson, I.; Kroon, M.; Aman, J., 1999:
Oral bedtime cornstarch supplementation reduces the risk for nocturnal hypoglycaemia in young children with type 1 diabetes

Biber, A.; Fischer, H.; Römer, A.; Chatterjee, S.S., 1998:
Oral bioavailability of hyperforin from hypericum extracts in rats and human volunteers

Müller, M.; Anke, M.; Illing-Günther, H.; Thiel, C., 1998:
Oral cadmium exposure of adults in Germany. 2: Market basket calculations

Green, T.J.; Houghton, L.A.; Donovan, U.; Gibson, R.S.; O'Connor, D.L., 1998:
Oral contraceptives did not affect biochemical folate indexes and homocysteine concentrations in adolescent females

Lund, E.K.; Wharf, S.G.; Fairweather-Tait, S.J.; Johnson, I.T., 1999:
Oral ferrous sulfate supplements increase the free radical-generating capacity of feces from healthy volunteers

Potasman, I.; Castin, A.; Moskovitz, B.; Srugo, I.; Nativ, O., 1997:
Oral fluconazole for Candida urinary tract infection

Brooks, H.W., 1998:
Oral fluid therapy - supporting the gut mucosa

Takeuchi, T.; Kawana, T., 1998:
Oral glucose challenge effects on growth and sex steroid hormones in normal women and women with hypothalamic amenorrhea

Hankard, R.G.; Hammond, D.; Haymond, M.W.; Darmaun, D., 1998:
Oral glutamine slows down whole body protein breakdown in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Greene, V.A.; Chu, S.Y.; Diaz, T.; Schable, B., 1997:
Oral health problems and use of dental services among HIV-infected adults

Mead, G.E.; Wilks, D.; McLaren, K.; Fergusson, R.J., 1998:
Oral histoplasmosis: a case report

Canagaratna, M.C.P.; Sivagowry, A.V.M., 1998:
Oral hypoglycaemic activity of a commercially available herbal preparation

Biswas, T.K.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Mukherjee, B.; Mukherjee, B.; Sengupta, B.R., 1997:
Oral hypoglycemic effect of Caesalpinia bonducella

Ramakrishna, C.; Anita Desai; Shankar, S.K.; Chandramuki, A.; Ravi, V., 1999:
Oral immunisation of mice with live Japanese encephalitis virus induces a protective immune response

Chenut, G.; Saintilan, A.F.; Burger, C.; Rosenthal, F.; Cruciere, C.; Picard, M.; Bruyere, V.; Albina, E., 1999:
Oral immunisation of swine with a classical swine fever vaccine (Chinese strain) and transmission studies in rabbits and sheep

Joag, S.V.; Liu, Z.Q.; Stephens, E.B.; Smith, M.S.; Kumar, A.; Li, Z.; Wang, C.; Sheffer, D.; Jia, F.; Foresman, L.; Adany, I.; Lifson, J.; McClure, H.M.; Narayan, O., 1998:
Oral immunization of macaques with attenuated vaccine virus induces protection against vaginally transmitted AIDS

Osek, J., 1999:
Oral immunization of piglets with Escherichia coli vaccine. I. Serum antibodies

Osek, J., 1999:
Oral immunization of piglets with Escherichia coli vaccine. II. Intestinal antibodies

Ascón, M.A.; Hone, D.M.; Walters, N.; Pascual, D.W., 1998:
Oral immunization with a Salmonella typhimurium vaccine vector expressing recombinant enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli K99 fimbriae elicits elevated antibody titers for protective immunity

Ryan, E.T.; Butterton, J.R.; Zhang, T.; Baker, M.A.; Stanley, S.L.; Calderwood, S.B., 1997:
Oral immunization with attenuated vaccine strains of Vibrio cholerae expressing a dodecapeptide repeat of the serine-rich Entamoeba histolytica protein fused to the cholera toxin B subunit induces systemic and mucosal antiamebic and anti-V. cholerae antibody responses in mice

Will, R.G.; Ironside, J.W., 1999:
Oral infection by the bovine spongiform encephalopathy prion

McAllister, M.M.; Jolley, W.R.; Wills, R.A.; Lindsay, D.S.; McGuire, A.M.; Tranas, J.D., 1998:
Oral inoculation of cats with tissue cysts of Neospora caninum

Taffs, R.E.; Enterline, J.C.; Rusmil, K.; Muhilal; Suwardi, S.S.; Rustama, D.; Djatnika; Cobra, C.; Semba, R.D.; Cohen, N.; Asher, D.M., 1999:
Oral iodine supplementation does not reduce neutralizing antibody responses to oral poliovirus vaccine

Georgiou, S.; Monastirli, A.; Pasmatzi, E.; Zografakis, C.; Tsambaos, D., 1997:
Oral itraconazole therapy for pityriasis versicolor

Rheney, C.C.; Saddler, C.M., 1998:
Oral ketoconazole in cutaneous fungal infections

Cortes, P.; Cardenosa, N.; Romani, J.; Gallego, M.; Munoz, C.; Barrio, J.L.; Riera, C.; Portus, M., 1997:
Oral leishmaniasis in an HIV-positive patient caused by two different zymodemes of Leishmania infantum

Schuman, P.; Ohmit, S.E.; Sobel, J.D.; Mayer, K.H.; Greene, V.; Rompalo, A.; Klein, R.S., 1998:
Oral lesions among women living with or at risk for HIV infection

Fudge, M.; Anderson, J.G.; Aldrich, J.; Haskins, S.C., 1997:
Oral lesions associated with orotracheal administered mechanical ventilation in critically ill dogs

Rego, T.I.T.N.; Pinheiro, A.L.B., 1997:
Oral lesions in patients with HIV/AIDS

Shechter, M.; Merz, C.N.B.; Paul Labrador, M.; Meisel, S.R.; Rude, R.K.; Molloy, M.D.; Dwyer, J.H.; Shah, P.K.; Kaul, S., 1999:
Oral magnesium supplementation inhibits platelet-dependent thrombosis in patients with coronary artery disease

D.F.anceschi, L.; Bachir, D.; Galacteros, F.; Tchernia, G.; Cynober, T.; Alper, S.; Platt, O.; Beuzard, Y.; Brugnara, C., 1997:
Oral magnesium supplements reduce erythrocyte dehydration in patients with sickle cell disease

Chenier, S.; Dore, M., 1999:
Oral malignant melanoma with osteoid formation in a dog

Hennet, P.R.; Delille, B.; Davot, J.L., 1998:
Oral malodor measurements on a tooth surface of dogs with gingivitis

Lynch, D.P., 1997:
Oral manifestations of HIV disease: an update

Touger-Decker, R., 1998:
Oral manifestations of nutrient deficiencies

Chaudhry, Z.; Barrett, A.W.; Corbett, E.; French, P.D.; Zakrzewska, J.M., 1999:
Oral mucosal leishmaniasis as a presenting feature of HIV infection and its management

Ferri, R.S., 1998:
Oral mucosal transudate testing for HIV-1 antibodies: a clinical update

Tribonniere, X. de la; Valette, M.; Alfandari, S., 1999:
Oral nitazoxanide and paromomycin inhalation for systemic cryptosporidiosis in a patient with AIDS

Gerrior, J.L.; Bell, S.J.; Wanke, C.A., 1997:
Oral nutrition for the patient with HIV infection

Skypala, I.J.; Ashworth, F.A.; Hodson, M.E.; Leonard, C.H.; Knox, A.; Hiller, E.J.; Wolfe, S.P.; Littlewood, J.M.; Morton, A.; Conway, S.; Patchell, C.; Weller, P.; Mccarthy, H.; Redmond, A.; Dodge, J., 1998:
Oral nutritional supplements promote significant weight gain in cystic fibrosis patients

Yokoyama, H.; Umeda, K.; Peralta, R.C.; Hashi, T.; Icatlo, F.C.J.; Kuroki, M.; Ikemori, Y.; Kodama, Y., 1998:
Oral passive immunization against experimental salmonellosis in mice using chicken egg yolk antibodies specific for Salmonella enteritidis and S. typhimurium

Tojo, J.L.; Santamarina, M.T., 1998:
Oral pharmacological treatments for parasitic diseases of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. I: Hexamita salmonis

Tojo, J.L.; Santamarina, M.T., 1998:
Oral pharmacological treatments for parasitic diseases of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. II. Gyrodactylus sp

Tojo, J.L.; Santamarina, M.T., 1998:
Oral pharmacological treatments for parasitic diseases of rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss. III. Ichthyobodo necator

Hyland, K.; Nygaard, T.G.; Trugman, J.M.; Swoboda, K.J.; Arnold, L.A.; Sparagana, S.P., 1999:
Oral phenylalanine loading profiles in symptomatic and asymptomatic gene carriers with dopa-responsive dystonia due to dominantly inherited GTP cyclohydrolase deficiency

Rupprecht, C.E.; Shaddock, J.S.; Sanderlin, D.W.; Hanlon, C.A.; Niezgoda, M.; Schumacher, C.L., 1998:
Oral rabies vaccination of dogs

Linhart, SB.; King, R.; Zamir, S.; Naveh, U.; Davidson, M.; Perl, S., 1997:
Oral rabies vaccination of red foxes and golden jackals in Israel: preliminary bait evaluation

Olson, C.A.; Werner, P.A., 1999:
Oral rabies vaccine contact by raccoons and nontarget species in a field trial in Florida

Desjeux, J.F.; Briend, A.; Butzner, J.D., 1997:
Oral rehydration solution in the year 2000: pathophysiology, efficacy and effectiveness

Arias, M.M.; Alcaraz, G.M.; Bernal, C.; Gonzalez, G., 1997:
Oral rehydration with a plantain flour-based solution in children dehydrated by acute diarrhea: a clinical trial

Bik, D.; Kondracki, M.; Niemczuk, K., 1998:
Oral selenium supplementation and its effect on triiodothyronine and thyroxine concentrations in sheep

Edwards, S.; Carne, C., 1998:
Oral sex and the transmission of viral STIs

Ohrn, R.; Enzell, K.; Angmar Mansson, B., 1999:
Oral status of 81 subjects with eating disorders

Kajiwara, K.; Okuno, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Honma, N.; Maki, T.; Kato, M.; Ohnishi, H.; Muto, Y.; Moriwaki, H., 1998:
Oral supplementation with branched-chain amino acids improves survival rate of rats with carbon tetrachloride-induced liver cirrhosis

Tuomainen, T.P.; Nyyssonen, K.; Porkkala Sarataho, E.; Salonen, R.; Baumgartner, J.A.; Geisser, P.; Salonen, J.T., 1999:
Oral supplementation with ferrous sulfate but not with non-ionic iron polymaltose complex increases the susceptibility of plasma lipoproteins to oxidation

Kaneda, M.; Hojo, H.; Teramoto, S.; Maita, K., 1998:
Oral teratogenicity studies of methyl bromide in rats and rabbits

Torres Rodriguez, J.M.; Madrenys Brunet, N.; Urrea Arbelaez, A.; Lopez Jodra, O., 1998:
Oral terbinafine for the treatment of tinea unguium of the toenails. Efficacy between 12 and 24 weeks of treatment

Wilmer, A.; Wollina, U., 1998:
Oral terbinafine in the treatment of dermatophytoses in children

Wilmer, A.; Wollina, U., 1998:
Oral terbinafine in the treatment of griseofulvin-resistant Tinea capitis et faciei et corporis in a 10-month-old girl

Drake, L.A.; Shear, N.H.; Arlette, J.P.; Cloutier, R.; Danby, F.W.; Elewski, B.E.; Garnis Jones, S.; Giroux, J.M.; Gratton, D.; Gulliver, W.; Hull, P.; Jones, H.E.; Journet, M.; Krol, A.L.; Leyden, J.J.; Maddin, S.C.; Ross, J.B.; Savin, R.C.; Scher, R.K.; Sibbald, G.R.; Tawfik, N.H.; Zaias, N.; Tolpin, M.; Evans, S.; Marsolais, C.; Chin, T. et al., 1997:
Oral terbinafine in the treatment of toenail onychomycosis: North American multicenter trial

Lesher, J.L.Jr, 1999:
Oral therapy of common superficial fungal infections of the skin

Kaneko, T.; Terasawa, Y.; Senou, Y.; Nagata, M.; Kuwata, T., 1998:
Oral tolerance is not influenced by oral application of oil-emulsified proteins

Mackenzie, K.M.; Tisdel, P.J.; Hall, R.L.; Boysen, B.G.; Field, W.E.; Chappel, C.I., 1998:
Oral toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB) in the Fischer 344 rat and B6C3F1 mouse

Sigurdson, C.J.; Williams, E.S.; Miller, M.W.; Spraker, T.R.; O'Rourke, K.I.; Hoover, E.A., 1999:
Oral transmission and early lymphoid tropism of chronic wasting disease PrPres in mule deer fawns (Odocoileus hemionus)

Rothenberg, R.B.; Scarlett, M.; del Rio, C.; Reznik, D.; O'Daniels, C., 1998:
Oral transmission of HIV

Tzenow, I.; Wehmeier, M.; Melnik, B., 1997:
Oral treatment of scabies with ivermectin

Sundar, S.; Gupta, L.B.; Makharia, M.K.; Singh, M.K.; Voss, A.; Rosenkaimer, F.; Engel, J.; Murray, H.W., 1999:
Oral treatment of visceral leishmaniasis with miltefosine

Joseph, W.S., 1997:
Oral treatment options for onychomycosis

Rose, M.E.; Hesketh, P.; Wakelin, D., 1997:
Oral vaccination against coccidiosis: responses in strains of mice that differ in susceptibility to infection with Eimeria vermiformis

Joosten, P.H.M.; Tiemersma, E.; Threels, A.; Caumartin Dhieux, C.; Rombout, J.H.W.M., 1997:
Oral vaccination of fish against Vibrio anguillarum using alginate microparticles

Matouch, O.; Jaros, J.; Vrzal, V., 1998:
Oral vaccination of fox cubs against rabies in the vicinity of dens

Aubert, M.F.; Masson, E.; Artois, M.; Barrat, J., 1994:
Oral wildlife rabies vaccination field trials in Europe, with recent emphasis on France

Maassen, C.B.M.; Holten, J.C.A.M. van; Balk, F.; Bak Glashouwer, M.J.H. den; Leer, R.; Laman, J.D.; Boersma, W.J.A.; Claassen, E., 1998:
Orally administered Lactobacillus strains differentially affect the direction and efficacy of the immune response

Cui, X.; Sakaguchi, T.; Shirai, Y.; Hatakeyama, K., 1999:
Orally administered Panax ginseng extract decreases platelet adhesiveness in 66% hepatectomized rats

Cui, X.; Sakaguchi, T.; Ishizuka, D.; Tsukada, K.; Hatakeyama, K., 1998:
Orally administered ginseng extract reduces serum total cholesterol and triglycerides that induce fatty liver in 66% hepatectomized rats

Cui, Xing, 1997:
Orally administered ginseng extract stimulates liver regeneration in partially hepatectomized rats

Ohlsson, L.; Blom, M.; Bohlinder, K.; Carlsson, A.; Nilsson, A., 1998:
Orally fed digalactosyldiacylglycerol is degraded during absorption in intact and lymphatic duct cannulated rats

Lim HinFui, 1997:
Orang Asli, forest and development

Fidalski, J.; Pavan, M.A.; Auler, P.A.M.; Jacomino, A.P., 1999:
Orange cv. Pera fruit yield and nutrient levels of leaf and soil in a dark-red latosol in northwest Parana

Petry, M.; Goldammer, T., 1999:
Orange juice outlook for selected countries

Seidband, D.; Goldammer, T., 1998:
Orange juice outlook for selected countries

Whitney, J.D.; Hartmond, U.; Kender, W.J.; Burns, J.K.; Salyani, M., 1999:
Orange removal with trunk shakers and abscission chemicals

Ren XinJun; Chen WenFen, 1999:
Orange rootstock trials in a hot and wet region

Tan XingHe; Qin Dan; Liu GuanMin; Wang RenCai; Xia YanBin, 1998:
Orange storage in the solution cave

Verbeken, A.; Walleyn, R., 1998:
Orange-green milk cap fungi in Belgium

Huysmans, S.; E.G.azaly, G.; Smets, E., 1998:
Orbicules in angiosperms: morphology, function, distribution, and relation with tapetum types

Brakenridge, G.R.; Tracy, B.T.; Knox, J.C., 1998:
Orbital SAR remote sensing of a river flood wave

Hutnik, C.M.L.; Nicolle, D.A.; Munoz, D.G., 1997:
Orbital aspergillosis. A fatal masquerader

Sekhar, G.C.andra; Lemke, B.N., 1997:
Orbital cysticercosis

Strianese, D.; Martini, A.; Molfino, G.; Falabella, L.; Tranfa, F., 1998:
Orbital dirofilariasis

Groell, R.; Ranner, G.; Uggowitzer, M.M.; Braun, H., 1999:
Orbital dirofilariasis: MR findings

Ban, Y.; Howarth, P.J., 1998:
Orbital effects on ERS-1 SAR temporal backscatter profiles of agricultural crops

Gokcek, C.; Gokcek, A.; Akif Bayar, M.; Tanrikulu, S.; Buharali, Z., 1997:
Orbital hydatid cyst: CT and MRI

Chaabouni, M.; Ben Zina, Z.; Ben Ayez, H.; Tounsi, R.; Trigui, A.; Ben Mansour, H., 1999:
Orbital hydatid cyst: single intra-orbital location. A case report

Klapper, S.R.; Lee, A.G.; Patrinely, J.R.; Stewart, M.; Alford, E.L., 1997:
Orbital involvement in allergic fungal sinusitis

Ippoliti Ramilo, G.A.; Epiphanio, J.C.N.; Shimabukuro, Y.E.; Formaggio, A.R., 1999:
Orbital remote sensing as an aid in estimating crop forecasts

Heidegger, S.; Mattfeldt, T.; Rieber, A.; Wikstroem, M.; Kern, P.; Kern, W.; Schreiber, H., 1997:
Orbito-sphenoidal Aspergillus infection mimicking cluster headache: a case report

Jejcic, V., 1999:
Orchard and vineyard tractors

Webster, A.D.; Hollands, M., 1999:
Orchard comparisons of 'Cox's Orange Pippin' grown on selections of the apple rootstock M.9

Hull, L.A.; Biddinger, D.J., 1997:
Orchard ecology studies with insect growth regulators

Kosina, J., 1999:
Orchard evaluation of some dwarf apple rootstocks

Morgan, D., 1998:
Orchard exports

Tomala, K., 1999:
Orchard factors affecting fruit storage quality and prediction of harvest date of apples

Tomala, K., 1997:
Orchard factors affecting nutrient content and fruit quality

Soing, P.; Vaysse, P., 1999:
Orchard fertilization: environment and quality

Paltineanu, C.; Iancu, M., 1997:
Orchard groundcover management effects on nitrate leaching in an irrigated heavy-clay soil

Merwin, I.; Ray, J.; Curtis, P., 1999:
Orchard groundcover management systems affect meadow vole populations and damage to apple trees

Tetsumura, T.; Tao, R.; Yukinaga, H., 1999:
Orchard growth, flowering and fruiting of micropropagated Japanese persimmon trees

Xiloyannis, C.; Celano, G.; Dichio, B.; Nuzzo, V., 1999:
Orchard management

Brown, M.W.; Puterka, G.J., 1997:
Orchard management effects on the arthropod community on peach with comparison to apple

Barritt, B.H., 1998:
Orchard management systems for Fuji apples

Irla, E.; Gut, D.; Weibel, F., 1999:
Orchard news at the AGRAMA: mechanical weed control and soil cultivation in orchards

Neilsen, G.H.; Neilsen, D., 1997:
Orchard nutrition to maximize crop quality and minimize environmental degradation

Thwaite, W.G.; Penrose, L.J.; Slack, J.M., 1998:
Orchard plant protection guide for deciduous fruits in New South Wales 1998/99

Saaiman, W.C., 1997:
Orchard sanitation as a means of controlling postharvest diseases

Ingle, L.A.; Deotale, A.B.; Sutar, S.M.; Badar, R.N.; Deshmukh, B.M., 1997:
Orchard sustainability and socio-personal characteristics of mango and citrus growers

Day, K.R.; DeJong, T.M., 1999:
Orchard systems for nectarines, peaches and plums: tree training, density and rootstocks

Callesen, O., 1997:
Orchard systems for sour cherry

Kichina, V.V., 1997:
Orchards of columnar forms of apple

Shukla, B.K.; Singh, P.; Chauhan, A.S., 1998:
Orchid diversity in Sikkim and its conservation

Atzingen, N. von; Cardoso, A.L. de R.; Ilkiu Borges, A.L., 1996:
Orchid flora of Serra das Andorinhas, Sao Geraldo do Araguaia-PA

Christenson, E.A., 1998:
Orchid portrait: Epidendrum longicaule

Vidalie, H., 1999:
Orchid production in Thailand

Hegde, S.N., 1997:
Orchid wealth of India

Fan, X.; Robaire, B., 1998:
Orchidectomy induces a wave of apoptotic cell death in the epididymis

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Orchids of Borneo. Volume 3: Dendrobium, Dendrochilum and others

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Orchids of India

Padma, M.; Rajkumar, M., 1997:
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Organization of local systems of crossbreeding

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Organization of milk production and management in larger dairy herds

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Organization of monitoring of natural focal infections in the Vologda region

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Organization of research for the development of the Amazon region

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Organization of state-dependent maintenance

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Organization of the control of grape berry moth (Lobesia botrana) in the vineyards of Morceles using mating disruption

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Organization of the high-altitude rainfed rice seed sector

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Organization of work in storm-damaged forests

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Organization, purpose and functional bases of Feed Information Centres

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Organizational changes in hypermarket outlets: the example of the beef processing industry

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Organizational development

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Organizing games' afternoons

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Oriental fruit fly in Palau

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Orientation of the 'stretched' univalent X chromosome during the unequal first meiotic division in male aphids

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Orientation on the classification of Hymenoptera

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Oriented strand board (OSB) exports forecast to skyrocket as use gains wider acceptance

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Origanum vulgare ssp. vulgare cultivated in Mendoza

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Origin and the transmission of some types of family 1 wheat retrotransposons in the two related genera Triticum and Aegilops

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Origin as added value. EU quality standards and protected designations of origin as aids to consumers

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Origin of Asian cultivated rice and its ecotypic differentiation

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Origin of aliphatic compounds in a forest soil

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Origin of ancient alluvium on the Eastern Highland Rim in Tennessee

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Origin of free radicals produced from the syringyl end groups in lignins

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Origin of garlic explants govern their competence for plant regeneration

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Origin of newer Ilex forms from mutations

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Origin of plastids

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Origin of propolis

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Origin of some minor vegetatively propagated Allium crops studied with RAPD and GISH

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Origin of the A2 Mating Type of Phytophthora infestans Outside Mexico

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Origin of the floristic components of salajit

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Origin of the preovulatory follicle after induced luteolysis during the early luteal phase in ewes

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Origin, development and current position of the Black Cuban Criollo pig

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Origin, development and desired continuation of the Proteins programme

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Origin, diffusion and economic importance of the crop

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Origin-labelling agencies are ready to start work

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Orinoco foundation for the development of appropriate technology and professional education

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Orius maxidentex Bhauri as predator on sunflower thrips

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Orland Dairy School - new possibilities

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Ornamental plants. Annual reports and research reviews

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Ornamental resources of Tripura

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Ornithogalum gabrielianae (Hyacinthaceae), a new endemic species from Armenia

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Orobanche cernua Loefl. & O. cumana Wallr. in the Iberian Peninsula

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Orobanche hederae Duby. in East Donegal (H34)

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Ortho hydroxy-substituted molecules might be of importance for the prevention of bloodsucking by mosquitoes

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Orthogonal array design experiments for optimizing the separation of various pesticides by cyclodextrin-modified micellar electrokinetic chromatography

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