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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3224

Chapter 3224 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Reichenauer, T.G.; Goodman, B.A.; Kostecki, P.; Soja, G., 1998:
Ozone sensitivity in Triticum durum and T. aestivum with respect to leaf injury, photosynthetic activity and free radical content

Riehl Koch J.S.herzer; Eshita; Davis, 1998:
Ozone sensitivity in hybrid poplar is correlated with a lack of defense-gene activation

Bungener, P.; Nussbaum, S.; Grub, A.; Geissmann, M.; Fuhrer, J., 1998:
Ozone sensitivity of grassland species

Bergmann, E.; Bender, J.; Weigel, H.J., 1998:
Ozone sensitivity of the native flora

Danielsson, H.G.lang, J.P.eijel, H., 1999:
Ozone sensitivity, growth and flower development in Phleum genotypes of different geographic origin in the Nordic countries

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Ozone stress modulates amine oxidase and lipoxygenase expression in lentil (Lens culinaris) seedlings

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Ozone stress, carbon dioxide enrichment, and nitrogen fertility interactions in cotton

Grimmig, B.; Schubert, R.; Fischer, R.; Hain, R.; Schreier, P.H.; Betz, C.; Langebartels, C.; Ernst, D.; Sandermann, H., J., 1997:
Ozone- and ethylene-induced regulation of a grapevine resveratrol synthase promoter in transgenic tobacco

Einig, W.; Lauxmann, U.; Hauch, B.; Hampp, R.; Landolt, W.; Maurer, S.; Matyssek, R., 1997:
Ozone-induced accumulation of carbohydrates changes enzyme activities of carbohydrate metabolism in birch leaves

Rao, M.V.; Davis, K.R., 1999:
Ozone-induced cell death occurs via two distinct mechanisms in Arabidopsis: the role of salicylic acid

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Ozone-induced oxidative burst in the ozone biomonitor plant, tobacco Bel W3

Tang, Y.; Chevone, B.I.; Hess, J.L., 1999:
Ozone-responsive proteins in a tolerant and sensitive clone of white clover (Trifolium repens)

Sandermann, H.J.; Ernst, D.; Heller, W.; Langebartels, C., 1998:
Ozone: an abiotic elicitor of plant defence reactions

Sandermann, H.Jr, 1998:
Ozone: an air pollutant acting as a plant-signaling molecule

Franzaring, J., 1997:
Ozone: biomonitoring of photooxidants with Bel W3 tobacco

Fedosov, L.V.; Navolokin, V.V.; Smol' yaninov, V.V.; Fursov, V.M.; Bugaenko, I.F., 1995:
Ozonizing of water

Turnbull, L.V.; Beal, P.R., 1998:
Ozothamnus and Cassinia species with potential for commercialisation

Barraclough, P.B.; Bollons, H.M.; Chambers, B.J., 1998:
P and K assessment and fertiliser use

Pagel, H.; Benkenstein, H.; Kruger, W.; Baumecker, M., 1996:
P and K status of the soil in P and K deficiency variants of the Thyrow static nutrient deficiency experiment after running for 55 years

Watanabe, N.; Miura, H., 1997:
P gene effects on the starch pasting properties of tetraploid and hexaploid wheat

Mattsson, L., 1998:
P in Swedish long-term soil fertility experiments

Denoth, F.; Egli, M.; Allgower, B., 1998:
P losses due to surface runoff - an evaluation model

Danicke, S.; Jeroch, H.; Kracht, W.; Potkanski, A.; Rutkowski, A., 1998:
P utilization from rape seed meal and rape expeller by laying hens and broilers and its improvement by phytase supplementation

Akiyama, T.; Shibuya, M.; Liu HongMin; Ebizuka, Y., 1999:
P-Coumaroyltriacetic acid synthase, a new homologue of chalcone synthase, from Hydrangea macrophylla var. thunbergii

Iwamoto, M.N.gashima, H.N.gamine, T.H.go, H.H.go, K., 1999:
P-SINE1-like intron of the CatA catalase homologs and phylogenetic relationships among AA-genome Oryza and related species

Mancebo, H.S.; Lee, G.; Flygare, J.; Tomassini, J.; Luu, P.; Zhu, Y.; Peng, J.; Blau, C.; Hazuda, D.; Price, D.; Flores, O., 1997:
P-TEFb kinase is required for HIV Tat transcriptional activation in vivo and in vitro

Zorn, W.; Deller, B.; Hoffmann, G., 1998:
P-extraction using the CAL method and P-uptake of plants from soils with very high CaCO3 contents

Tangtham, N.; Korporn, A., 1998:
P-factors in Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) of various conservation practices on hillslope at Mae Sa integrated watershed and forest land-use project, Changwat Chiang Mai

Nielsen, P.E.; Manu, V.T.; Sorensen, M.; Stolen, O., 1998:
P-fertilizer effects on growth, nodulation, N and P-uptake and utilisation for fresh and dry matter yield in Pachyrhizus ahipa (Wedd.) Parodi

Miyama, T.; Takanaga, H.; Matsuo, H.; Yamano, K.; Yamamoto, K.; Iga, T.; Naito, M.; Tsuruo, T.; Ishizuka, H.; Kawahara, Y.; Sawada, Y., 1998:
P-glycoprotein-mediated transport of itraconazole across the blood-brain barrier

Lopez-Hernandez, D.B.ossard, M.F.ossard, E., 1998:
P-isotopic exchange values in relation to Po mineralisation in soils with very low P-sorbing capacities

Lundekvam, H., 1998:
P-losses from three soil types at different cultivation systems

Chénier, S.; Doré, M., 1998:
P-selectin expression in canine cutaneous inflammatory diseases and mast cell tumors

Storkanova, G.; Vorisek, K.; Mikanova, O.; Randova, D., 1999:
P-solubilization activity of Rhizobium species strains

Wellems, T.E.; Wootton, J.C.; Fujioka, H.; S.X.nZhuan; Cooper, R.; Baruch, D.; Fidock, D.A., 1998:
P. falciparum CG2, linked to chloroquine resistance, does not resemble Na+/H+ exchangers

Plowe, C.V.; Kublin, J.G.; Doumbo, O.K., 1998:
P. falciparum dihydrofolate reductase and dihydropteroate synthase mutations: epidemiology and role in clinical resistance to antifolates

Lampart Szczapa, E.; Mossor, G., 1999:
P.A.G.E. electrophoresis as a method of evaluation of lupin seed protein

Ueno, K.; Suzuki, Y., 1997:
p260/270 expressed in embryonic abdominal leg cells of Bombyx mori can transfer palmitate to peptides

Meyer, A.B.; Meltz, K.D., 1999:
P3-oxysan - a new disinfectant based on peracetic acid with increased efficiency due to synergism

Meyer, B.; Meltz, K.D., 1999:
P3-oxysanReg. - a new disinfectant

Kasai, S.; Weerashinghe, I.S.; Shono, T., 1998:
P450 monooxygenases are an important mechanism of permethrin resistance in Culex quinquefasciatus Say larvae

White, J.A.; Beckett, B.; Scherer, S.W.; Herbrick, J.A.; Petkovich, M., 1998:
P450RAI (CYP26A1) maps to human chromosome 10q23-q24 and mouse chromosome 19C2-3

Lee ChunChung; Liu JerYuh; Lin JenKun; Chu JanShow; Shew JinYuh, 1998:
P53 point mutation enhanced by hepatic regression in aflatoxin B1-induced rat liver tumors and preneoplastic lesions

Lepik, D.; Ilves, I.; Kristjuhan, A.; Maimets, T.; Ustav, M., 1998:
p53 protein is a suppressor of papillomavirus DNA amplificational replication

Gualberto, A.; Marquez, G.; Carballo, M.; Youngblood, G.L.; Hunt, S.W.; Baldwin, A.S.; Sobrino, F., 1998:
p53 transactivation of the HIV-1 long terminal repeat is blocked by PD 144795, a calcineurin-inhibitor with anti-HIV properties

Yin, Y.; Stahl, B.C.; DeWolf, W.C.; Morgentaler, A., 1998 :
p53-mediated germ cell quality control in spermatogenesis

Dukes, P.D.Sr.; Fery, R.L.; Thies, J.A., 1997:
PA-136 cayenne pepper, an exceptional host for production of southern root-knot nematode inoculum

Fery, R.L.; Thies, J.A., 1998:
PA-353, PA-398, and PA-426: Southern root-knot nematode-resistant Capsicum chinense Jacq. germplasm lines

Anonymous, 1990:
PACIFICLAND Workshop on the establishment of soil management experiments on sloping lands. Papers and Reports of a Training Workshop held at Aiyura, Papua New Guinea, 22 September-2 October 1989

Zhou, N.; Tootle, T.L.; Tsui, F.; Klessig, D.F.; Glazebrook, J., 1998:
PAD4 functions upstream from salicylic acid to control defense responses in Arabidopsis

Thiele, S.; Bruemmer, G.W., 1998:
PAH decrease in soil samples from different polluted industrial sites by activating the autochthonous microflora

Ollivon, D.; Blanchard, M.; Garban, B., 1999:
PAH fluctuations in rivers in the Paris region (France): impact of floods and rainy events

Biagioni, M.; Nali, C.; Heimler, D.; Lorenzini, G., 1997:
PAL activity and differential ozone sensitivity in tobacco, bean and poplar

Cheng ShuWan; Tang LuoZhong; Xiao YanDing; X.X.Zeng, 1997:
PAL activity and organic components in basal stem phloem of poplar clones under waterlogging and flooding conditions

Hung TakJune; Kemphues, K.J., 1999:
PAR-6 is a conserved PDZ domain-containing protein that colocalizes with PAR-3 in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos

Hotz, H.R.; Biebinger, S.; Flaspohler, J.; Clayton, C., 1998:
PARP gene expression: control at many levels

Wisser, J.; Jewgenow, K.N., 1997:
PARS - a computer programme for pathological-anatomical diagnosis of wild animal diseases

Anonymous, 1997:
PASEAN 1996: Parasites and South East Asia - Now! 15-20 September 1996, Bali, Indonesia. Symposia proceedings

Gonzalez Meza, A.; Hill, R.W., 1997:
PASTMOD, a model to simulate soil temperature, grass growth and soil water balance

Madiou, H.; Lechani, M.; Hannachi, N., 1997:
PATHOLEX: an expert system for construction pathology. The case of drought

Weber, F.; Gruber, S.; Haller, O.; Kochs, G., 1999:
PB2 polymerase subunit of Thogoto virus (Orthomyxoviridae family)

Pilar Marco, M.; Fabrias, G.; Camps, F., 1997:
PBAN regulation of sex pheromone biosynthesis in Spodoptera littoralis

Hennegan, K.P.; Danna, K.J., 1998:
PBIN20: an improved binary vector for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation

Nilars, M.S.; Esbjerg, P., 1998:
PC forecasting model for cutworm (Agrotis segetum) in organic farming, based on sex trap catches and data collected with HARDI METPOLE

Adams, E.L., 1996:
PC-SOLVE III user's manual: A procedural guide for computer-based sawmill analysis

Anonymous, 1998:
PCARRD Annual report 1997

Anonymous, 1997:
PCARRD annual report 1996

Ferreira, A.M.; Vale, C., 1998:
PCB accumulation and alterations of lipids in two length classes of the oyster Crassostrea angulata and of the clam Ruditapes decussatus

Angulo, R.; Martinez, P.; Jodral, M.L., 1999:
PCB congeners transferred by human milk, with an estimate of their daily intake

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PCBS, DDE, DDT, and TCDD-EQ in two species of albatross on Sand Island, Midway Atoll, North Pacific Ocean

Reddy, M.; Echols, S.; Finklea, B.; Busbee, D.; Reif, J.; Ridgway, S., 1998:
PCBs and chlorinated pesticides in clinically healthy Tursiops truncatus: relationships between levels in blubber and blood

Roose, P.; Cooreman, K.; Vyncke, W., 1998:
PCBs in cod (Gadus morhua), flounder (Platichthys flesus), blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) and brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) from the Belgian continental shelf: relation to biological parameters and trend analysis

Brazner, J.; DeVita, W., 1998:
PCBs, DDE, and mercury in young-of-the-year littoral fishes from Green Bay, Lake Michigan

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PCDDs and PCDFs in food samples from Catalonia, Spain. An assessment of dietary intake

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PCDDs and PCDFs in soil and river sediment samples from a rural area in the United States of America

Sinkkonen, S.; Kamarainen, N.; Paasivirta, J.; Lammi, R., 1997:
PCDDs, PCDFs, PCDTs, PCBs and some other organochlorine compounds in pine needles exposed to pulp and paper mill emissions and effects of waste combustion on the concentrations

Wiesmuller, T.; Schlatterer, B.; Wuntke, B.; Schneider, R., 1999:
PCDDs/PCDFs, coplanar PCBs and PCBs in barn owl eggs from different areas in the state of Brandenburg, Germany

Kosugi, S.; Ohashi, Y., 1997:
PCF1 and PCF2 specifically bind to cis elements in the rice proliferating cell nuclear antigen gene

Altamirano, V.S., 1996:
PCLAT: a program for the design and analysis of latice experiments in microcomputers

Roels, S.; Tilmant, K.; Ducatelle, R., 1999:
PCNA and Ki67 proliferation markers as criteria for prediction of clinical behaviour of melanocytic tumours in cats and dogs

Diez, C.; Manattini, S.; Imaz, M.S.; Zanuttini, J.C.; Marcipart, A., 1998:
PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in neonatal Chagas' disease: an alternative for early diagnosis?

Anonymous, 1998:
PCR 3: PCR in situ hybridization. A practical approach

Matousek, J.; Trnena, L.; Dedic, P.; Ptacek, J.; Krejcova, J., 1996:
PCR amplification and analysis of potato virus S (PVS) coat protein region as a source for anti-PVS antisense RNA system

Ding JianHua; Wang JiaFu; Luo ManLin; F.Z.enLie; Zheng YouXian; Lei Liang; Zhang ChuYu, 1998 :
PCR amplification and cloning of the tk gene of the Aujeszky virus HS-9304 strain

Sumner, J.W.; Nicholson, W.L.; Massung, R.F., 1997:
PCR amplification and comparison of nucleotide sequences from the groESL heat shock operon of Ehrlichia species

Onuki, M.; Hanada, K., 1998:
PCR amplification and partial nucleotide sequences of three dicot-infecting geminiviruses occurring in Japan

Dowd, S.E.; Gerba, C.P.; Enriquez, F.J.; Pepper, I.L., 1998:
PCR amplification and species determination of microsporidia in formalin-fixed feces after immunomagnetic separation

Li, H.; Qiu, B.; Shi, C.; Jin, K.; Zhou, Q.; Huang, X., 1997:
PCR amplification of 16 S rDNA of phytoplasma associated with cherry fasciated disease and RFLP analysis

Sato, Y., 1998:
PCR amplification of CMS-specific mitochondrial nucleotide sequences to identify cytoplasmic genotypes of onion (Allium cepa L.)

Edoh, D.; Steiger, S.; Genton, B.; Beck, H.P., 1997:
PCR amplification of DNA from malaria parasites on fixed and stained thick and thin blood films

Ristaino, J.B.; Madritch, M.; Trout, C.L.; Parra, G., 1998:
PCR amplification of ribosomal DNA for species identification in the plant pathogen genus Phytophthora

Chaudhuri, P.; Singh, V.P.; Sharma, B., 1997:
PCR amplification of ribosomal DNA spacer regions of Salmonella enteritidis isolates

Jannotti-Passos, L.K.; Vidigal, T.H.; Dias-Neto, E.; Pena, S.D.; Simpson, A.J.; Dutra, W.O.; Souza, C.P.; Carvalho-Parra, J.F., 1997:
PCR amplification of the mitochondrial DNA minisatellite region to detect Schistosoma mansoni infection in Biomphalaria glabrata snails

Guo HuaQong; Zhang ShiCui; KongJie ; Liang ShiDe, 1998:
PCR amplification, cloning and sequencing of the antibacterial peptide gene from Chinese silkworm (Bombyx mori)

Korzun, V.; Ganal, M.W.; Roder, M.S., 1998:
PCR amplified microsatellites as markers in genetics and breeding of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Khvorostov, I.B.; Veprev, S.G.; Maletskii, S.I.; Dymshits, G.M., 1997:
PCR analysis of the conversion of N-type cytoplasm into S-type cytoplasm in the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Wang XuePin; Bian ZuXian; Zhang XiangHua; L.M.ngZhu, 1997:
PCR analysis of transgenic (Populusxeuramericana) plants

Fischer, P.; Yocha, J.; Rubaale, T.; Garms, R., 1997:
PCR and DNA hybridization indicate the absence of animal filariae from vectors of Onchocerca volvulus in Uganda

Chryssanthou, E.; Klingspor, L.; Tollemar, J.; Petrini, B.; Larsson, L.; Christensson, B.; Ringden, O., 1999:
PCR and other non-culture methods for diagnosis of invasive Candida infections in allogeneic bone marrow and solid organ transplant recipients

Miriam, A.; Griffiths, S.G.; Lovely, J.E.; Lynch, W.H., 1997:
PCR and probe-PCR assays to monitor broodstock Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) ovarian fluid and kidney tissue for presence of DNA of the fish pathogen Renibacterium salmoninarum

Hebb, D.M.; Richardson, A.E.; Reid, A.; Brockwell, J., 1998:
PCR as an ecological tool to determine the establishment and persistence of Rhizobium strains introduced into the field as seed inoculant

Groppe, K.B.ller, T., 1997 :
PCR assay based on a microsatellite-containing locus for detection and quantification of Epichloe endophytes in grass tissue

Hamel, A.L.; Lin, L.; Sachvie, C.; Grudeski, E.; Nayar, G.P., 1999:
PCR assay for detecting porcine cytomegalovirus

Jarausch, W.; Lansac, M.; Saillard, C.; Broquaire, J.M.; Dosba, F., 1998:
PCR assay for specific detection of European stone fruit yellows phytoplasmas and its use for epidemiological studies in France

Antoniou, E.; Grosz, M., 1999:
PCR based detection of bovine myostatin Q204X mutation

Luebeck, P.S.; Paulin, L.; Degefu, Y.; Luebeck, M.; Alekhina, I.; Bulat, S.A.; Collinge, D.B., 1997:
PCR cloning, DNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of a xylanase gene from the phytopathogenic fungus Ascochyta pisi Lib

Aviles, H.; Belli, A.; Armijos, R.; Monroy, F.P.; Harris, E., 1999:
PCR detection and identification of Leishmania parasites in clinical specimens in Ecuador: a comparison with classical diagnostic methods

Maes, M.; Crepel, C., 1996:
PCR detection and monitoring of pathogenic bacteria for plant disease control and risk assessment

Warren, A.L.; Uzal, F.A.; Blackall, L.L.; Kelly, W.R., 1999:
PCR detection of Clostridium perfringens type D in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues of goats and sheep

Lorenz, H.; Jäger, C.; Willems, H.; Baljer, G., 1998:
PCR detection of Coxiella burnetii from different clinical specimens, especially bovine milk, on the basis of DNA preparation with a silica matrix

Morgan, U.M.; Thompson, R.C.A., 1998:
PCR detection of Cryptosporidium: the way forward?

Nagai, H.; Yamakami, Y.; Hashimoto, A.; Tokimatsu, I.; Nasu, M., 1999:
PCR detection of DNA specific for Trichosporon species in serum of patients with disseminated trichosporonosis

Aradaib, I.E.; Wilson, W.C.; Schore, C.E.; Mohammed, M.E.; Yilma, T.D.; Cullor, J.S.; Osburn, B.I., 1998:
PCR detection of North American and Central African isolates of epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV) based on genome segment 10 of EHDV serotype 1

Zhu YouYong; Wang YunYue; Lyon, B.R., 1999:
PCR detection of Verticillium dahliae from diseased plants

Lopes, S.A.; Damann, K.E., 1997:
PCR detection of X. albilineans from vascular sap of cane

Belgrader, P.; Benett, W.; Hadley, D.; Richards, J.; Stratton, P.; Mariella, R.; Milanovich, F., 1999:
PCR detection of bacteria in seven minutes

Turturo, C.; D.O.ghia, A.M.; Minafra, A.; Savino, V., 1998:
PCR detection of citrus exocortis and citrus cachexia viroids

Sorensen, K.N.; Kim KwangHee; Takemoto, J.Y., 1998:
PCR detection of cyclic lipodepsinonapeptide-producing Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae and similarity of strains

Carraro, L.; Nemchinov, L.; Hadidi, A., 1998:
PCR detection of pome and stone fruit phytoplasmas from active or dormant tissue

Yang JinSheng; D.N.n; Carpenter, J.R.; Dulal Borthakur, 1999:
PCR detection of the pyridinediol-degrading ruminal bacterium, Synergistes jonesii, in the rumen fluid of cattle

Elard, L.; Cabaret, J.; Humbert, J.F., 1999:
PCR diagnosis of benzimidazole-susceptibility or -resistance in natural populations of the small ruminant parasite, Teladorsagia circumcincta

Mironenko, N.V.; Bulat, S.A., 1997:
PCR diagnostics for pathogens of potato: problems and perspectives

Lambson, B.E.; Reithinger, R.; Davies, C.R.; Barker, D.C., 1999:
PCR diagnostics to identify reservoir dogs

Steuber, S.; Moritz, A.; Schirrmann, I.; Greiner, M., 1998:
PCR follow-up examination after treatment of canine leishmaniosis (CaL)

Chen, J.D.r; Lai, S.Y.n, 1998:
PCR for direct detection of Edwardsiella tarda from infected fish and environmental water by application of the hemolysin gene

Hess, M.; Raue, R.; Hafez, H.M., 1999:
PCR for specific detection of haemorrhagic enteritis virus of turkeys, an avian adenovirus

Blakemore, E.J.A.; Law, J.R.; Reeves, J.C., 1999:
PCR identification of Erwinia stewartii and its comparison with two other methods

Schnitzler, B.E.; Thebo, P.L.; Tomley, F.M.; Uggla, A.; Shirley, M.W., 2005:
PCR identification of chicken Eimeria: a simplified read-out

Huang ZhiPeng; Huang BiWang; Guan Xiong, 1998:
PCR identification of cry I A(a), cry I A(b) and cry I A(c) gene types of Bacillus thuringiensis strains

Anonymous, 1998:
PCR in bioanalysis

Schmidt, B.L., 1997:
PCR in laboratory diagnosis of human Borrelia burgdorferi infections

Christian, A.T.; Garcia, H.E.; Tucker, J.D., 1999:
PCR in situ followed by microdissection allows whole chromosome painting probes to be made from single microdissected chromosomes

Wolff, K.M.rgan-Richards, M., 1998:
PCR markers distinguish Plantago major subspecies

Echavarria, M.; Forman, M.; Ticehurst, J.; Dumler, J.S.; Charache, P., 1998:
PCR method for detection of adenovirus in urine of healthy and human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals

Appuhamy, S.; Low, J.C.; Coote, J.G.; Parton, R., 1998:
PCR methods and plasmid profile analysis for characterisation of Histophilus ovis strains

Appuhamy, S.; Coote, J.G.; Low, J.C.; Parton, R., 1998:
PCR methods for rapid identification and characterization of Actinobacillus seminis strains

Isagi, Y.; Suhandono, S., 1997:
PCR primers amplifying microsatellite loci of Quercus myrsinifolia Blume and their conservation between oak species

Lund, L.; Dagnaes Hansen, F.; Kristensen, K., 1997:
PCR typing of obese mice

Pinero, J.; Martinez, E.; Pacheco, R.; Aragon, Z.; Armas, F. de; Castillo, A. del; Valladares, B., 1999:
PCR-ELISA for diagnosis of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

Rahmah, N.; Ashikin, A.N.; Anuar, A.K.; Ariff, R.H.T.; Abdullah, B.; Chan, G.T.; Williams, S.A., 1998 :
PCR-ELISA for the detection of Brugia malayi infection using finger-prick blood

Ura, H.; Matsumoto, M.; Iiyama, K.; Furuya, N.; Matsuyama, N., 1998:
PCR-RFLP analysis for distinction of Burkholderia species, causal agents of various rice diseases

Vallaeys, T.; Persello Cartieaux, F.; Rouard, N.; Lors, C.; Laguerre, G.; Soulas, G., 1997:
PCR-RFLP analysis of 16S rRNA, tfdA and tfdA and tfdB genes reveals a diversity of 2,4-D degraders in soil aggregates

Parducci, L.S.midt, A., 1999:
PCR-RFLP analysis of cpDNA in the genus Abies

Zhao XingBo;; W.C.angXin, 1998:
PCR-RFLP analysis of porcine mitochondrial DNA D-loop

Moran, P.; Dightman, D.A.; Waples, R.S.; Park, L.K., 1997:
PCR-RFLP analysis reveals substantial population-level variation in the introns of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.)

Zhao Xingbo; W.C.angxin;; Luo Xiaolin, 1997:
PCR-RFLP and SSCP of MT-DNA ATPase6. ATPase8 in yak and cattle populations

Iwahori, H.; Tsuda, K.; Kanzaki, N.; Izui, K.; Futai, K., 1998:
PCR-RFLP and sequencing analysis of ribosomal DNA of Bursaphelenchus nematodes related to pine wilt disease

Palmer, B.R.; Roberts, N.; Hickford, J.G.H.; Bickerstaffe, R., 1998:
PCR-RFLP for MspI and NcoI in the ovine calpastatin gene

Yu, J.R.n; Chung,; Huh, S.; Lee, S.H.ung; Chai, J.Y.l, 1997:
PCR-RFLP patterns of three kinds of Metagonimus in Korea

Feligini, M.; Parma, P.; Aleandri, R.; Greppi, G.F.; Enne, G., 1998:
PCR-RFLP test for direct determination of beta -lactoglobulin genotype in sheep

Nakamura, H.; Kaneko, S.; Yamaoka, Y.; Kakishima, M., 1998:
PCR-SSCP analysis of the ribosomal DNA ITS regions of the willow rust fungi in Japan

Atzmon, G.; Oss, H. van; Czosnek, H., 1998:
PCR-amplification of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) DNA from squashes of plants and whitefly vectors: application to the study of TYLCV acquisition and transmission

Gyulai, G.; Gemesne, J.A.; Sagi, Z.; Zatyko, L.; Heszky, L.; Venczel, G., 1999:
PCR-analysis of F1 hybrid derived DH pepper lines

Hopkins, R.M.; Constantine, C.C.; Groth, D.A.; Wetherall, J.D.; Reynoldson, J.A.; Thompson, R.C., 1999:
PCR-based DNA fingerprinting of Giardia duodenalis isolates using the intergenic rDNA spacer

Sallares, R.B.own, T., 1999:
PCR-based analysis of the intergenic spacers of the Nor loci on the A genomes of Triticum diploids and polyploids

Juárez-Pérez, V.M.; Ferrandis, M.D.; Frutos, R., 1997:
PCR-based approach for detection of novel Bacillus thuringiensis cry genes

Heinze, B., 1998:
PCR-based chloroplast DNA assays for the identification of native Populus nigra and introduced poplar hybrids in Europe

Hughes, K.J.D.; Inman, A.J.; Beales, P.A.; Cook, R.T.A.; Fulton, C.E.; McReynolds, A.D.K., 1998:
PCR-based detection of Phytophthora fragariae in raspberry and strawberry roots

Toth, I.K.; Hyman, L.J.; Taylor, R.; Birch, P.R.J., 1998:
PCR-based detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli var. fuscans in plant material and its differentiation from X. c. pv. phaseoli

Sulzinski, M.A.; Schlagnhaufer, B.; Moorman, G.W.; Romaine, C.P., 1998:
PCR-based detection of artificial latent infections of geranium by Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii

Hauben; Steenackers; Swings, 1998:
PCR-Based detection of the causal agent of watermark disease in willows (Salix spp.)

Frey, J.E.; Frey, B., 1997:
PCR-based diagnostics of agricultural pests and diseases. An introduction to the basics with examples

Witthuhn, R.C.; Wingfield, B.D.; Wingfield, M.J.; Harrington, T.C., 1999:
PCR-based identification and phylogeny of species of Ceratocystis sensu stricto

Sorensen, E.; Bogh, H.O.; Johansen, M.V.; McManus, D.P., 1999:
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PDR for herbal medicines

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PGRO Annual Report 1997

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PH-value control in a sugar factory

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PLATIN (plant-atmosphere interaction) I: a model of plant-atmosphere interaction for estimating absorbed doses of gaseous air pollutants

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PLC, Mozzarella & Co

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PPA-ELISA in the diagnosis of subclinical infection with swine fever virus

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PPG6 and the contemporary UK food store development dynamic

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PR (Pathogenesis-related) proteins in the host-pathogen system barley - Drechslera teres

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PR software : advice for nitrogen fertilizers

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PR software: 'hot water energy' using graphs

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PR-1 protein inhibits the differentiation of rust infection hyphae in leaves of acquired resistant broad bean

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PR-10 protein is induced by copper stress in roots and leaves of a Cu/Zn tolerant clone of birch, Betula pendula

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PRA that supports local development: the experience of developing a municipal rural development plan in Tombos, Brazil

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PRC (polymerase chain reaction) assay used for identification and detection of sugarcane leaf scald (Xanthomonas albilineans)

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PRO 280 soybean

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PURNA - AGRINET integrated information system of Sri Lanka

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PVC for water pipes

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PVYntn, virus responsible for potato tuber necrosis ringspot disease

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PZS-8 attachment for harvesting sunflowers

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Pachypodium spp. of Madagascar

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Pacific Rim tourism

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Pacific development sustained: policy for Pacific environments

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Pacific people and their food

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Pacific women's triple agricultural role: food security informal trade, and cash cropping

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Packaged milk products: current regulations

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Packaged milk products: the state of standards in packaging

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Packaged milk: the race for volume

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Packaged treatment for first line care in cerebral malaria and meningitis

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Packaged treatment for first-line care in cerebral malaria and meningitis

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Packages: What a deal!

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Packaging Polynesia's image

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Packaging as an active sales tool

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Packaging for cultured milk products and milk desserts

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Packaging for differentiation

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Packaging for retail

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Packaging helps promote consumption of milk

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Packaging innovation: the development of refillables and its impact on the agrochemical sector

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Packaging machines for fresh milk products. Product innovation

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Packaging materials for milk products: the spoon to the bin not yet

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Packaging materials: thinner and more recyclable

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Packaging of 'Classic' and 'Japanese' aubergines (Solanum melongena L.) with polyethylene films

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Packaging of fresh milk in flexible pouches

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Packaging of individual cheeses is a dynamic sector

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Packaging of intron-containing genes into retrovirus vectors by alphavirus vectors

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Packaging of liquids: new shapes and materials

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Packaging of milk products in Europe

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Packaging of milk products: flexibility at all levels

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Packaging requirements for milk products according to the salesmen and users - how does the producer deal with these?

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Packaging tax puts supply of milk to schools at risk

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Packaging the wild: tourism development in Alaska

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Packaging waste management - a key issue for the UK agrochemical industry

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Packaging's trendsetters

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Packaging. The age of snacks and 'grazing' products is upon us

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Packet soups hygiene evaluation

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Packing a punch

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Packing and shipping of mangoes (Mangifera indica L.)

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Packing by heavy beet harvesters. Results of field trials set up in 1995, 1996 and 1997

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Packing characteristics of small fixed chamber type roll baler

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Packing density and thermal conductivity determination for rice bran solid-state fermentation

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Packing of dairy products in Italy

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Packing of wood residues in agroforestry

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Packing the Lion on the shelves

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Packing witloof chicory in another jacket

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Packinnove'98: the meeting-place for packaging

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Packsalt - a new method for salting cheese

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Paclitaxel analogues from Taxus x media cv. Hicksii

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Paclitaxel arrests growth of intracellular Toxoplasma gondii

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Paclobutrazol decreases the harmful effect of high temperatures on fruit set in olive trees

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Paclobutrazol drenches control growth of potted sunflowers

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Paclobutrazol in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) for improved tolerance to early transplanting and earlier harvest maturity

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Parasites in cultured and feral fish

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