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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3227

Chapter 3227 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1998:
Pear and Erwinia, a possible cohabitation provided that

Sansavini, S.; Rivalta, L., 1998:
Pear and nashi pear

Desvignes, J.C.; Cornaggia, D.; Grasseau, N.; Ambros, S.; Flores, R., 1999:
Pear blister canker viroid: host range and improved bioassay with two new pear indicators, Fieud 37 and Fieud 110

Kers, M., 1998:
Pear borer, a problem and then what?!

Nikolic, M.; Milutinovic, M., 1998:
Pear breeding and characteristics of selected hybrids

Rivalta, L.; Dradi, M., 1998:
Pear breeding at the Experimental Institute of Fruit Production at Forli

Fassotte, C., 1999:
Pear bud weevil, Anthonomus piri Kollar, a pest not to be overlooked in pear crops

Seemuller, E.; Lorenz, K.H.; Lauer, U., 1998:
Pear decline resistance in Pyrus communis rootstocks and progenies of wild and ornamental Pyrus taxa

Lemoine, J.; Simon, M.; Costard, F.; Bossu, V., 1998:
Pear decline: an article aimed at providing greater awareness of this serious disease

Suwanagul, A.; Richardson, D.G., 1998:
Pear fruit volatiles characterized by SPME and capillary GLC/mass spectroscopy

Hummer, K.E.; Sugar, D., 1998:
Pear genebank information on the worldwide web

Wei WenDong; Wei XiaoMin, 1996:
Pear germplasm in Dabashan area

Zhang WinBing; Zhang JunRu; H.X.Lan; L.X.eLin; Shu Qun, 1998:
Pear germplasm resources in Yunnan province and their utilization

Deckers, T.; Daemen, E., 1998:
Pear growing in Belgium: production systems and problems

Dussi, M.C.; Leskovar, M.; Giacinti, M.; Dussi, S.E., 1998:
Pear industry in Argentina: searching for a better competitiveness

Tkaczuk, C., 1997:
Pear leaf blister mite and pear rust mite - less known pear pests

Buzassy, L.; Gerendas, K.; Nyeki, J.; Garics, J.; Koszegi, M.O.; Porpaczy, A., 1998:
Pear production and its trends of development in Hungary

Yuri, J.A.; Torres, C., 1998:
Pear production in Chile: growing areas, cultivars, exports and profitability

Harries, V.; Wilhelm, R., 1998:
Pear psylla: principles of sustainable management and avoidance of resistance in commercial orchards (IRAC guideline)

Nikolic, M., 1998:
Pear research and production in Yugoslavia

Oron, G.; Gillerman, L., 1998:
Pear response to saline water application under subsurface drip irrigation

Marangoni, B.; Mazzanti, F., 1999:
Pear rootstocks

Yuri, J.A.; Castelli, R., 1998:
Pear russet control with gibberellins and other products, in cv. Packham's Triumph

Neri, D.; Zucconi, F., 1997:
Pear superspindles

Anonymous, 1997:
Pear: integrated control programmes and registered pesticides

Delfosse, P.; Reddy, A.S.; Devi, K.T.; Devi, P.S.; Reddy, D.V.R., 1997:
Pearl millet as a bait crop for the management of the Indian peanut clump virus

Uemura, Y.; Filho, G.U.; Netto, D.A.M., 1997:
Pearl millet as a cover crop for no-till soybean production in Brazil

Mahander Singh; Joshi, N.L., 1997:
Pearl millet based cropping systems in relation to plant population and moisture availability

Leandro, N.S.M.; Stringhini, J.H.; Cafe, M.B.; Franca, A.F.S.; Freitas, S.A., 1999:
Pearl millet grain as corn substitute in laying Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) rations

Cafe, M.B.; Stringhini, J.H.; Mogyca, N.S.; Franca, A.F.S.; Rocha, F.R.T., 1999:
Pearl millet grain as corn substitute in laying hen rations

Joshi, P., 1998:
Pearl millet in Indian agriculture

Stegmeier, W.D.; Andrews, D.J.; Rai, K.N., 1998:
Pearl millet parental lines 842A and 842B

Karle, A.S.; Dhoble, M.V.; Jadhav, G.S.; Arthamwar, D.N., 1996:
Pearl millet response to fertility levels and plant density on two soil types

Collins, D.J.; Burch, K.B.; Williamson, D., 1999:
Pearl millet stubble mulch and iprodione seed treatment control brown spot of Lupinus albus

Joshi, N.L., 1999:
Pearl millet-based cropping systems to achieve sustainability in the arid region

Meena, B.S.; Gautam, R.C.; Kaushik, S.K., 1998:
Pearlmillet (Pennisetum glaucum) - wheat (Triticum aestivum) cropping sequence as influenced by cultural, nutritional and irrigation factors under limited moisture conditions

Sharma, B.L.; Sharma, P.K., 1995:
Pearlmillet (Pennisetum glaucum)-based crop mixtures under rainfed conditions

Kalaghatagi, S.B.; Itnal, C.J.; Jiral, D.I.; Magad, M.S., 1995:
Pearlmillet (Pennisetum glaucum)-based intercropping system for northern dry zone of Karnataka

Anonymous, 1997:
Pearls of pure sucrose

McGourty, G.T.; Butzke, C.E., 1998:
Pears produce premium sparkling wine

Kaluzny Pinon, L., 1998:
Pears: a strategy for each area. Belgium and the Netherlands

Khorasani, G.R.; Kennelly, J.J., 1997:
Peas for ruminants - defining their worth

Callens, D.; Callewaert, D., 1997:
Peas. Choosing from a large assortment

Vallin, P., 1999:
Peas. Precision control of cereals

Callens, D.; Callewaert, D., 1998:
Peas. Results from cultivar trials 1998

Vas' kin, F.I.; Stepanenko, E.I., 1998:
Peasant (private) farms: legal status and accounting

Vas' kin, F.I.; Stepanenko, E.I., 1998:
Peasant (private) farms: legal status and accounting (conclusion of an advisory article)

Shiferaw, B.; Holden, S.T., 1997:
Peasant agriculture and land degradation in Ethiopia: reflections on constraints and incentives for soil conservation and food security

Gastellu, J.M., 1997:
Peasant economies and the autonomous sector

Hoffman, O.; Velazquez, E., 1997:
Peasant organizations of the 1990s in Mexico: the difficult path between agreement and recovery

Dounias, I.; Njoya, A.; Bouchel, D.; Ngo Tama, A.C.; Moussa, C.; Martrenchar, A.; Letenneur, L.; Cardinale, E.; Vall, E.; Ebangui, A.L.; Dugue, P.; Iyebi Mandjek, O.; Seignobos, C., 1997:
Peasant practices and their consequences

Assadi, M., 1999:
Peasant protest against diversion of water resources

Boross, I., 1997:
Peasantry - past - future

Sigaud, L., 1999:
Peasants and the law: judicial methods and the regulation of conflicts

Nitsch, M., 1998:
Peasants in the Amazon: interrelationships between ecosystems and social systems in the use and the conservation of tropical rain forests

Pandey, V.N.; Akhileshwar Pathak, 1997:
Peasants, subsistence and the dairy co-operative in dry land: a fragile existence

Johnston, A.E.; Hewitt, M.V.; Poulton, P.R.; Lane, P.W., 1997:
Peat - a valuable resource

Durrling, H.; Ludewig, F.; Uhlemann, J.; Gericke, R., 1998:
Peat as a source of infection of pigs with Mycobacterium avium

Ayan, S., 1998:
Peat characteristics and improvement studies

Campos, B.H.C. de, 1999:
Peat inoculant rates for direct-sown soyabeans

Alekseeva, R.N.; Kanev, V.V.; Kuhry, P.; Oksanen, P., 1998:
Peat plateaus in the eastern part of European forest-tundra

Afanasjew, W.; Afanasjew, A.; Gersz, N., 1997:
Peat substrate production for growing vegetables and flowers

Chague Goff, C., 1998:
Peat-water interactions: South Taupo Wetland, New Zealand

Frankard, P.; Ghiette, P.; Hindryckx, M.N.; Schumacker, R.; Wastiaux, C., 1998:
Peatlands of Wallony (S-Belgium)

Chadde, S.W.; Shelly, J.S.; Bursik, R.J.; Moseley, R.K.; Evenden, A.G.; Mantas, M.; Rabe, F.; Heidel, B., 1998:
Peatlands on National Forests of the Northern Rocky Mountains: ecology and conservation

Shult, M.; Brusewitz, G., 1998:
Pecan instrumental texture measurement as affected by oil and moisture contents

Sekita, K.; Saito, M.; Uchida, O.; Ono, A.; Ogawa, Y.; Kaneko, T.; Furuya, T.; Kurokawa, Y.; Inoue, T., 1998:
Pecan nut color: 90-days dietary toxicity study in F344 rats

Sparks, D., 1995:
Pecan scab control - a climatic approach, hypothesis and epidemiological validation

Wood, B.; Reilly, C., 1999:
Pecan scab disease and its control

Schraer, S.M.; Harris, M.; Jackman, J.A.; Biggerstaff, M., 1998:
Pecan weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) emergence in a range of soil types

Picard, M.; Melcion, J.P.; Bouchot, C.; Faure, J.M., 1997:
Pecking and prehension of feed particles in domestic fowls

Heuvel, W.F. van den; Berkhoudt, H., 1998:
Pecking in the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus): motion analysis and stereotypy

Neviani, E.; Bizzarro, R.; Righini, A.; Mucchetti, G., 1998:
Pecorino Toscano DOP: cheesemaking technology and microbiological characteristics

Wattad, C.; Kobiler, D.; Dinoor, A.; Prusky, D., 1997:
Pectate lyase of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides attacking avocado fruits: cDNA cloning and involvement in pathogenicity

Freyssac, V.; Marga, F.; Laroche, A.; Morvan, H., 1999:
Pectic status and calcium nutrition in micropropagated chestnut shoots

Laustsen, K., 1998:
Pectin - an important ingredient in the manufacture of cultured milk products

Sevillano, J.M.; Zarra, I.; Acebes, J.L., 1997:
Pectin depolymerase activities associated with cell walls from Cicer arietinum L. epicotyl

Toursel, P., 1997:
Pectin is following in the footsteps of starch

Frenkel, C.; Peters, J.S.; Tieman, D.M.; Tiznado, M.E.; Handa, A.K., 1998:
Pectin methylesterase regulates methanol and ethanol accumulation in ripening tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) fruit

Suman, B.C., 1996:
Pectinolytic and cellulolytic enzymes in two strains of Agaricus bisporus

Gouge, D.H.; Lee, L.L.; Bartlett, A.; Henneberry, T.J., 1998:
Pectinophora gossypiella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae): susceptibility of F1 larvae from irradiated parents to entomopathogenic nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae, Heterorhabditidae)

Hensel, A.; Meier, K., 1999:
Pectins and xyloglucans exhibit antimutagenic activities against nitroaromatic compounds

Maruyama, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Uchiyama, T., 1999:
Pectins in extracellular polysaccharides from a cell-suspension culture of Mentha

Losner Goshen, D.; Portnoy, V.H.; Mayer, A.M.; Joel, D.M., 1998:
Pectolytic activity by the haustorium of the parasitic plant Orobanche L. (Orobanchaceae) in host roots

Ouf, M.F.; E.S.dek, S.A.M.; Abdel Latif, M.R.; E.A.iz, N.A.d, 1997:
Pectolytic and cellulolytic activity of enzymes secreted by Erwinia dieffenbachia, causing stem soft rot on dieffenbachia plants

Arkhipchuk, V.V., 1998:
Peculiar changes of nucleolar quantitative characteristics in fish cells

Dallot, S.; Labonne, G.; Boeglin, M.; Quiot Douine, L.; Quiot, J.B.; Candresse, T., 1998:
Peculiar plum pox potyvirus D-populations are epidemic in peach trees

Chelac, V., 1996:
Peculiarities and development of plants of Arachis hypogaea L. (Fabaceae) in the Republic of Moldova

Shibistova, O.B.; Girs, G.I., 1999:
Peculiarities of Scotch pine growth and nutrition at the early stages of ontogenesis

Kozlovskii, A.G.; Vinokurova, N.G.; Ozerskaya, S.M., 1998:
Peculiarities of alkaloid formation in Penicillium chrysogenum strains isolated from soils of different climatic zones

Isikov, V.P., 1997:
Peculiarities of ascomycete fungi anamorph and teleomorph formation on woody plants in the Crimea

Kletchak, I.R.; Bis' ko, N.A.; Bilaj, V.T., 1999:
Peculiarities of biodestruction of grape during the growth of Lentinus edodes mycelium

Manucharova N.A.; Stepanov A.L.; Umarov M.M., 1999:
Peculiarities of denitrification end-products in water-stable aggregates of different soil types

Fofana, N.V.; Manukhina, A.I., 1998:
Peculiarities of histogenesis of muscular and fatty tissues in pigs of different breed and time of weaning

Bespiatova, L.A., 1998:
Peculiarities of horse-fly larvae (Diptera: Tabanidae) mycosis when affected by Tabanomyces milkoi (Dudka et Koval) Couch et al

Kashin, V.K.; Ivanov, G.M., 1998:
Peculiarities of lead accumulation in plants of the Lake Baikal basin

Zryanin, V.A., 1998:
Peculiarities of meadow ant communities on soils of different texture

Ivanova, A.E.; Marfenina, O.E., 1998:
Peculiarities of microcolony formation by microscopic fungi during asexual and vegetative reproduction

Tang XiHua; Zhang YinPin, 1999:
Peculiarities of nuclear DNA multiplication during embryogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica) embryo cells

Tang, X.H.a; Zhang, Y.P.n, 1998:
Peculiarities of nuclear DNA multiplication during embryogenesis in rice embryo cells

Paskerova, G.G.; Sokolova, Y.Y.; Dobrovolsky, A.A., 1998:
Peculiarities of pathogenesis of the fat body of the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus (Gryllidae) infected with Adelina grylli (Sporozoa: Adeleina)

Zhuk, O.Y.; Zhuk, V.Y., 1996:
Peculiarities of seed production of the cabbage cultivar Langendaker Decema

Kots' , S.Y.; Starchenkov, E.P.; Levchuk, O.M.; Ermolenko, I.M., 1997:
Peculiarities of seed productivity in lucerne under inoculation by various strains of Rhizobium meliloti against a background of increasing doses of mineral nitrogen

Sestras, R.; Ghidra, V.; Raureanu, V., 1995:
Peculiarities of several apple varieties released by fruit research station Cluj-Napoca as compared with those of Jonathan's. III. Fruit yield alternance and their response to pests and diseases

Doroshenko, T.N.; Biryukov, S.A., 1997:
Peculiarities of stock-scion activity of apple tree at increased content of copper in soil: physiological aspects

Levinskikh, M.A.; Sychev, V.N.; Podolsky, I.G.; Derendyaeva, T.A.; Salisbury, F.B.; Campbell, W., 1998:
Peculiarities of super-dwarf wheat growth and development in Greenhouse Svet in ground and space experiments

Skrebelis, S.; Aleksandravicius, A., 1998:
Peculiarities of technique for the soil layer cultivation

Dubinina, E.V.; Makrushina, N.A., 1997:
Peculiarities of the circadian activity of Ixodes ricinus of the Kurshskii spit (Kaliningrad region)

Chichinadze, Z.A.; Radionovskii, V.I.; Skorikov, A.S., 1997:
Peculiarities of the development of powdery mildew

Kapustin, N.I., 1996:
Peculiarities of the fodder production system in the north of the non-Chernozem zone of Russia

Sorescu, I., 1997:
Peculiarities of the humoral-mediated immune response in insects

Nefedova, E.N.; Livanskaya, O.G.; Signalova, O.B.; Levinskikh, M.A.; Sychev, V.N.; Carmen, J.; Bubenheim, D., 1998:
Peculiarities of the metabolism of super-dwarf wheat as a model object in research of space greenhouses

Shevtsov, L.D.; Verchenko, L.M., 1996:
Peculiarities of the operation of a sugar factory using limestone with higher contents of magnesium carbonate and limestone from quarries of the company Ukrtsukorkamin'

Breidenbach, A.; Schlumbohm, C.; Harmeyer, J., 1998:
Peculiarities of vitamin D and of the calcium phosphate homeostatic system in horses

Grigoryeva, L.A.; Tretyakov, K.A., 1998:
Peculiarity of parasitic system ixodid ticks-Borrelia-micromammalia in the north-west of Russia

Griffin, L.; Dodds, P.; Rovegno, I., 1997:
Pedagogical content knowledge for teachers: integrate everything you know to help students

Nelson, A.M.; Baker, D.C., 1998:
Pedal osteosarcoma in a donkey

Lazaro, E.L., 1997:
Pedal-operated drybean thresher for small-scale farmers

Kellner, R., 1997:
Pederin supplied by females of Paederus spp. (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) to their offspring

Carey, V.J.; Yong, F.H.; Frenkel, L.M.; McKinney, R.E., 1998:
Pediatric AIDS prognosis using somatic growth velocity

Buffin, A.; Lehingue, Y.; Aurenche, C.; Beaufils, F., 1998:
Pediatric activity in a rural hospital in Tokombere (Cameroon). Qualitative and quantitative approach during 1 year

Rivera-Matos, I.R.; Atkins, J.T.; Doerr, C.A.; White, A.C., 1997:
Pediatric malaria in Houston, Texas

Chiu, N.C.; Chung, Y.F.; Huang, F.Y., 1997:
Pediatric nosocomial fungal infections

Maeng, D.J.; Hiruma, M.; Takimoto, R.; Kawai, M.; Ogawa, H., 1999:
Pediatric onychomycosis treated with oral antifungal drugs

Rutstein, R.M.; Kershaw, D.L.; Harwell, T.S.; Rudy, B.J.; Ricksecker, M.A.; Spence, M.R., 1998:
Pediatric primary care provider's knowledge of HIV/AIDS care

Kessler, M.; Bomhard, D. von, 1997:
Pediatric tumours in small animals

Minodier, P.; Piarroux, R.; Garnier, J.M.; Unal, D.; Perrimond, H.; Dumon, H., 1998:
Pediatric visceral leishmaniasis in southern France

Camerik, AM.; Coetzee, SH., 1998:
Pediculaster perottii spec. nov. (Acari: Pygmephoridae), phoretic females collected from Haematobia (Diptera: Muscidae) in Argentina, South America

Schenonel, H.; Lobos, M., 1997:
Pediculosis capitis, a permanent and renewed problem

Budzynski, M.; Chmiel, K.; Kameniak, J.; Urbanski, J., 1995:
Pedigree and performance characteristics of purebred Arab stallions used in studs in Poland in breeding seasons from 1982 to 1994

Axenovich, T.I.; Filimonov, A.V., 1998:
Pedigree ascertainment in the recombination analysis of recessive traits

Khanizadeh, S.; Prasher, S., 1997:
Pedigree copyright Reg. for Windows - a database program to trace pedigree and characteristics of 18 fruit crops

Bondoc, O.L.; Mercado, C.M.; Vera Cruz, N.C.; Palou, R.N.; Server, J.S.Jr, 1997:
Pedigree indexing of imported American Brahman breeder cattle in the Philippines

Tsujimoto, H.; Yamada, T.; Sasakuma, T., 1998:
Pedigree of common wheat in East Asia deduced from distribution of the gametocidal inhibitor gene (Igc1) and beta -amylase isozymes

Wang ZhongMing; H.W.iTao; Zhang GuoPing, 1996:
Pedigree of wheat resistance cultivars (lines) to scab and their source of resistance

Dortort, F., 1999:
Pediocactus - the not-so-plain cactus of the plains. Part 1

Madrau, S., 1997:
Pedoclimatic characteristics for the assessment of pasture improvement

Tegene, B., 1998:
Pedogenesis and soil-geomorphic relationships on the piedmont slopes of Wurgo valley, southern Welo, Ethiopia

Cho HiDoo, 1997:
Pedogenesis of forest soils (Kandiustalfs) derived from granite gneiss in southern part of Korea

Reintam, Loit, 1997:
Pedogenetic changes in the quantity and distribution of textural and chemical soil constituents during thirty years

Karyotis, T.C.; Kosmas, C.S.; Yassoglou, N.J., 1996:
Pedogenetic differences between two Xeralfs in Thessaly region

Sharma, A.K.; Sidhu, P.S.; Ahuja, R.L., 1997:
Pedogenetical changes under rice-wheat cropping system

Pustovoytov, K., 1998:
Pedogenic carbonate cutans as a record of the Holocene history of relic tundra - steppes of the Upper Kolyma Valley (North-Eastern Asia)

Pan GenXing, 1999:
Pedogenic carbonates in aridic soils of China and the significance in terrestrial carbon transfer

Rudramurthy, H.V.; Dasog, G.S.; Vasuki, N., 1997:
Pedogenic features of red and black soils developed from Dharwar rock system

Righi, D.; Terribile, F.; Petit, S., 1998:
Pedogenic formation of high-charge beidellite in a vertisol of Sardinia (Italy)

Righi, D.; Terribile, F.; Petit, S., 1999:
Pedogenic formation of kaolinite-smectite mixed layers in a soil toposequence developed from basaltic parent material in Sardinia (Italy)

Blume, H.P.; Beyer, L.; Bolter, M.; Erlenkeuser, H.; Kalk, E.; Kneesch, S.; Pfisterer, U.; Schneider, D., 1996:
Pedogenic zonation in soils of the southern circum-polar region

Intrigliolo, F.C.ruso, A.R.sso, G.G.zea, F.I.telisano, S.G.uffrida, A.R.pisarda, P., 1999:
Pedologic parameters related to yield and quality of bergamot oil

Capelle, A.; Caspers, G., 1998:
Pedological and geobotanical characterization of humus cycling (subalpine humus) at Achtermannshohe in the Harz mountains

Barczi, A.; Gentischer, P.; Ritter, D., 1998:
Pedological aspects of utilization possibilities of the Tihany Peninsula

Vrbek, B.; Lindic, V., 1997:
Pedological characteristics of Dalmatian black pine stands on the south-western slopes of Biokovo

Eisenhut, M.; Eder, G., 1998:
Pedological characterization of the sites of the Johnsbach altitudinal profile

Rogon, P.; Arrue, J.L.; Coude Gaussen, G., 1997:
Pedological properties affecting wind erosion in dry regions of the Mediterranean

Lal, R.; Kimble, J.; Follett, R.F., 1998:
Pedospheric processes and the carbon cycle

Dufrane, F., 1998:
Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.): growth potential on moist sandy loam soils

Frattegiani, M., 1996:
Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur), Fagaceae

Lawes, G.S.; Prasad, L., 1999:
Peel permeance and storage changes in internal atmosphere composition of surface-coated mandarin

Yoshitomi, H., 1998:
Peeling and grading machine for Welsh onion

Houston Wilson, C.; Lieberman, L.; Horton, M.; Kasser, S., 1997:
Peer tutoring: a plan for instructing students of all abilities

Bhikane, A.U.; Ali, M.S.labat; Kulkarni, D.D.; Khan, M.A., 1998:
Pefloxacin treatment for haemorrhagic septicemia in buffaloes

Thacker, G.W., 1997:
Pegasus plow

Clement, C.R.; Manshardt, R.M.; Cavaletto, C.G.; DeFrank, J.; Mood, J.J.; Nagai, N.Y.; Fleming, K.; Zee, F., 1996:
Pejibaye heart-of-palm in Hawaii: from introduction to market

Damiao Filho, C.F.; Moro, F.V.; Moro, J.R.; Taveira, L.R., 1999:
Pejibaye palm (Bactris gasipaes) propagative structures and seedlings morphological study

Clement, C.R., 1997:
Pejibaye: genetic resources for palm-heart production

Temiraev, R.; Bulatseva, S., 1999:
Pektofoetidin ferment in ration of reproductive sows with different levels of soya protein

Collina, L., 1999:
Pelargonium: production costs

Vandamme, P.; Segers, P.; Ryll, M.; Hommez, J.; Vancanneyt, M.; Coopman, R.; D.B.ere, R.; Van de Peer, Y.; Kersters, K.; D.W.chter, R.; Hinz, K.H., 1998:
Pelistega europaea gen. nov., sp. nov., a bacterium associated with respiratory disease in pigeons: taxonomic structure and phylogenetic allocation

Oliveira, K. de; Munhoz, F.C.; Curci, A.S.; Dalevedo, R.C.; Marques, D.; Hlavensky, E.V., 1998:
Pellet and bran ration in different proportion for colt forage

Wenger Europe, 1997:
Pelleted feed production

Morel, I., 1997:
Pelleted or extruded-flaked concentrates for rearing calves

Ottlinger, B., 1998:
Pelleting dried beet pulp

Ester, A.; Brantjes, N.B.M., 1998:
Pelleting the seed of iceberg lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and butterhead lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata L.) with imidacloprid to control aphids

Furuya, W.M.; Souza, S.R. de; Barriviera Furuya, V.R.; Hayashi, C.; Ribeiro, R.P., 1998:
Pelletized and extruded diets for reversed nine tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) males, in finishing phase

Buttars, S.M.; S.C.air, L.L.; Johansen, J.R.; Sray, J.C.; Payne, M.C.; Webb, B.L.; Terry, R.E.; Pendleton, B.K.; Warren, S.D., 1998:
Pelletized cyanobacterial soil amendments: laboratory testing for survival, escapability, and nitrogen fixation

Hytonen, Jyrki, 1998:
Pellets made of wood ash and other wastes as nutrient sources for silver birch seedlings

Blomstedt, L., 1998:
Pelt development in mink, polecats and blue foxes and some factors affecting this development

Lind, K., 1998:
Pelt production in different areas in 1997-98

Piorkowska, M.; Kowalska, D.; Niedzwiadek, S., 1996:
Pelt quality in nutrias in relation to age at slaughter

Anonymous, 1998:
Pelt quality statistics in 1996-97. Scan Black male mink and blue foxes

Finne, L., 1999:
Pelting of foxes

Ko-Kivok-Yun, P.; Charasson, T.; Halasz, A.; Fournié, A., 1997:
Pelvic actinomycosis abscess and intrauterine device

Igra, V., 1998:
Pelvic inflammatory disease in adolescents

Cassell, J.; Kell, P.; Adler, M., 1997:
Pelvic inflammatory disease: a review

Bessenay, F.; Bonnier, P.; Cohen, D.; Crebassa, B.; Charpin, C.; Piana, L., 1999:
Pelvic tumoral actinomycosis: a difficult diagnosis. Report of two cases

Cudia, S.P.; Poppenga, R.H.; Birdsall, W.J., 1998:
Pemoline toxicosis in a dog

Fukuda, E.; Nagata, M.; Hashimoto, T.; Yoshiike, W.; Iwasaki, T., 1998 :
Pemphigus erythematosus in a Shetland sheepdog

Mayland, A.P.; Sibly, R.M.; Guise, H.J., 1999:
Pen sizes allowing heavily pregnant sows to 'turn without difficulty'

Kleven, S.H.; Fan, H.H.; Turner, K.S., 1998:
Pen trial studies on the use of live vaccines to displace virulent Mycoplasma gallisepticum in chickens

Gardner, D.S.; Christians, N.E.; Bingaman, B.R., 1997:
Pendimethalin and corn gluten meal combinations to control turf weeds

Lazic, S., 1995:
Pendimethalin herbicide residues in soil

Lazic, S., 1997:
Pendimethalin residues in onion

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Perfecting contract right of farmland through treating it as a substantial right

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Perfecting methods of selection in pig breeding

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Perfecting the mechanism of support for agricultural produce

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Perfecting the price support system for grain in China

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Perfectioning of the substrate in the VSP model for production of tomato seedlings

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Perfluorodecanoic acid enhances the formation of oleic acid in rat liver

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Perforated ray cells in Korean Celastraceae and Oleaceae

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Perforated ray cells in Saracha quitensis (Solanaceae)

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Performance of TPS progenies in central India

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Performance of Tahiti lime (Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle) on ten different rootstocks in the autonomous municipality of Mara in the state of Zulia

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Performance of a constructed wetland leachate treatment system at the Chunchulla Landfill, Mobile County, Alabama

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Performance of a continuously controlled spinning disc spreader for precision application of fertilizer

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Performance of a newly evolved multivoltine breed of silkworm, Bombyx mori L. in different extension areas of Bangladesh

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Performance of doe rabbits and their weanlings as affected by heat stress and their alleviation by nutritional means under Egyptian conditions

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Performance of fire retardant treated wood

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Performance of flocks with staggered breeding groups has improved

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Performance of four rice cultivars with and without fertilizer on sandy grey soils of the lowlands in the central region of Ivory Coast

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Performance of fourteen provenances of Gliricidia sepium

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Performance of fungicides to control hill bunt of wheat in central Himalaya

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Performance of garlic cultivars in northern Minas Gerais State

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Performance of gaucho seed treatment across the mid-south and southeast

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Performance of gelled, pelletized, and liquid metham sodium as internal remedial treatments for Douglas-fir poles

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Performance of geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures at limit equilibrium state

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Performance of gestating German Angora rabbit fed varying levels of protein

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Performance of grapefruit var. Saharanpur special under mid hills of Meghalaya

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Performance of greengram (Phaseolus radiatus) and blackgram (P. mungo) genotypes to dates of planting during summer

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Performance of groundnut tolerance to chlorotic symptoms

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Performance of growing calves fed on forest grass hay and wheat bhoosa

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Performance of growing goats experimentally infected with stomach worm (Haemonchus contortus)

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Performance of growing quail for meat under different cage densities

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Performance of growing rabbits fed with different levels of restorative yeast (Saccharomyces sp), dried by rotative roller or by spray-dry

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Performance of growth promoters on rice crop efficiency and yielding components

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Performance of hatchery and field evaluation of Indian major carps

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Performance of hatchery-reared brown trout and their effects on wild fish in two small Austrian streams

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Performance of heat-balance sap-flow gauge on rose

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Performance of heavy breeding cocks maintained in cages and fed diets with different levels of energy

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Performance of high and low oleic acid hybrids of sunflower under different environmental conditions. Note II

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Performance of honey bee (Apis mellifera) on toria (Brassica rapa var. napus) under mid-hill subhumid zone of Himachal Pradesh

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Performance of horsegram genotypes in Bastar Plateau Zone

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Performance of hybrid late rice combination II You 162 in the mountain area of southern Zhejiang

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Performance of hybrid rice in Southern Telangana region

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Performance of hybrid rice in south Karnataka

Wang BaiPo; Dai WenSheng; Cheng XiaoJian; Wang LiZhong; Yan RongBao; Bao LiHong; Yuan RongGen, 1998:
Performance of improved Myrica rubra varieties and cultural techniques on hillock krasnozem

Roy, S.K.B.; Senadhira, D., 1999:
Performance of indica/japonica derivatives in wet and boro season in West Bengal, India

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