Physical characteristics of potatoes depending on organic fertilizers and use of biodynamic preparations

Koch, K.; Damerow, L.; Kopke, U.; Neuhoff, D.; Schulz, D.G.; Kromer, K.H.

Schriftenreihe Institut fur Organischen Landbau 4: 348-353


Accession: 003230489

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In a field trial in 1995 at Hennef potatoes were given 0-240 kg N/ha as composted farmyard manure (organic system) or as composted farmyard manure + biodynamic compost preparation + biodynamic spray preparation (biodynamic system). The harvested crop of tubers were stored for 0, 2 or 4 months before analysis. Tuber density was highest before storage and lowest after 2 months of storage. In both organic and biodynamic systems, tuber density was highest with no N fertilizer. Biodynamic spray and compost preparations had no significant effects on tuber density. Tuber compression strength was increased similarly by storage for 2 or 4 months. Biodynamic preparations caused a decrease in tuber strength. In the organic system, tuber strength was highest with no fertilizers, however in the biodynamic system it was highest with 80 or 150 kg N/ha. Tuber breaking strength increased with storage, decreased with use of biodynamic preparations and it was highest with 80 kg N in the organic system and 80 or 160 kg N in the biodynamic system.