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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3241

Chapter 3241 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ahlfeld, D.P.; Sprong, M.P., 1998:
Presence of nonconvexity in groundwater concentration response functions

Sonia Chandna; Salil Sehgal, 1998:
Presence of nutritional deficiency diseases among school children (9-12 years) of Panipat city

Annis, S.L.; Panaccione, D.G., 1998:
Presence of peptide synthetase gene transcripts and accumulation of ergopeptines in Claviceps purpurea and Neotyphodium coenophialum

Anonymous, 1999:
Presence of pesticides in the wine-making process and inhibition of alcoholic fermentation

Beck, O.; Helander, A.; Karlson-Stiber, C.; Stephansson, N., 1998:
Presence of phenylethylamine in hallucinogenic Psilocybe mushroom: possible role in adverse reactions

Marcone, C.; Scaglione, G.; Nicotina, M.; Florio, N. de; Ragozzino, A., 1997:
Presence of phytoplasmatic infections of grapevines and possible vectors in Campania

Pasquini, G.; Simeone, A.M.; Barba, M., 1999:
Presence of plum pox potyvirus Marcus strain in apricot and plum trees in central Italy

Johner, A.; Stettler, P.; Gruber, A.; Lanzrein, B., 1999:
Presence of polydnavirus transcripts in an egg-larval parasitoid and its lepidopterous host

Borges, L.M.; Ribeiro, M.F., 1999:
Presence of sex pheromones in Anocentor nitens (Acari: Ixodidae)

Gulemetova, R.; Chamberland, H.; Gugg, S.; Plante, M.; Lafontaine, J.G., 1998:
Presence of small-nuclear-ribonucleoprotein-containing nuclear bodies in quiescent and early germinating Zea mays embryos

Shahid, A.A.; Sheikh Riazuddin, 1998:
Presence of solanapyrone-C in blight-infected chickpea plants

Ioan, I., 1998:
Presence of some correlations in winter wheat lines created at the S.C.A. Podu-Iloaiei

Rotger, M.G.; Casado, J.R., 1996:
Presence of the Dutch elm disease on Ibiza (the Balearic islands)

Virla, E.; Gimenez Pecci, M.P.; Herrera, P.S.; Conci, L.R.; Laguna, I.G., 1998:
Presence of the 'Mal de Rio Cuarto' virus in Tafi Valley, Tucuman province

Costilla, M.A.; Coronel, N.B., 1998:
Presence of the cyst nematode Heterodera glycines Ichinohe, 1952, and its importance in cultivation of soyabeans in northwestern Argentina

Doucet, M.E.; Lax, P., 1999:
Presence of the nematode Heterodera glycines (Nematoda: Tylenchida) associated with soybean in Argentina

Legrand, G.; Antoine, M.; Wauters, A., 1997:
Presence of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae in the sugarbeet crop in Belgium, in 1996 and test of varietal susceptibility of sugarbeet

Mariani, C.; Bellan, G., 1997:
Presence of tocopherol derivatives in vegetable oils

Alonso, I.X.; Mejias, Y., 1992:
Presence of tomato mosaic virus, cucumber mosaic virus and watermelon mosaic virus in Catharanthus roseus

Arias, M.L.; Monge, R.; Rodríguez, J., 1998:
Presence of total coliforms, Escherichia coli and Listeria sp. in enteral formulas

Patel, R.K., 1999:
Presence of unusual secondary constriction in smallest autosome of subfertile Murrah buffalo bull (Bubabus bubalis)

Patel, R.K.; Khoda, V.K., 1998:
Presence of variant chromosome 3 in the infertile water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Singh, A.P.; Wakeling, R.N., 1997:
Presence of widespread bacterial attacks in preservative-treated cooling tower timbers

Mace, M.A.; Cromey, M.G., 1996:
Presence, development, yield effects and control of late season diseases of wheat in Canterbury in 1995/96

Laghetti, G.; Perrino, P.; Hammer, K., 1998:
Presence, history and uses of Lavatera arborea L. (Malvaceae) on Linosa Island (Italy)

Rodriguez, H.; Ramos, M., 1998:
Presence-absence sampling of Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae) on citrus seedlings

Jahn, G.C.; Beardsley, J.W., 1998:
Presence/absence sampling of mealybugs, ants, and major predators in pineapple

Stenclova, S., 1998:
Present Czech countryside

Sandham, T.; Romuld, A.L.; Vedeld, P.; Igodan, C., 1996:
Present adaptation and social differentiation among the Xhosas in the previous homeland Ciskei, South Africa

Hurle, K., 1998:
Present and future developments in weed control - a view from weed science

Domac, J., 1998:
Present and future energy production from forestry biomass

Choi YongChul; Lee JeangOon; Kim YungKoo, 1997:
Present and future of microbial pesticides

Reuter, G., 1997:
Present and future of probiotics in Germany and in Central Europe

Royo Pallares, O., 1995:
Present and future of subtropical forage legumes production and utilization in grazing systems of Northeast Argentina

Forian, Z., 1998:
Present and future of sugar industry in Hungary. Part II

Finer, N., 1997:
Present and future pharmacological approaches

Hashiguchi, Y., 1999:
Present and future situation of leishmaniasis research

Berthelin, J.; Bourrelier, P.H.nri, 1998:
Present data concerning soil contamination by trace elements

Ambroise Thomas, P., 1999:
Present data on novel antimalaria drugs: artemisinin (qinghasou) derivatives

Cretu, O.; Constantin, S., 1995:
Present day tendencies of forest endowment with forest roads

Paska, L., 1997:
Present development and contemporaneous situation of forage plants in the select sets of primary production agro-subjects in Slovakia

Engelmann, F., 1997:
Present development and use of in vitro culture techniques for the conservation of plant genetic resources

Ramisch, F.; Sobczyk, T., 1998:
Present distribution and biology of the clearwing moth Synanthedon flaviventris (Staudinger, 1883) in Brandenburg and the adjacent part of Saxony (Lep., Sesiidae). Faunistics and ecology of Lepidoptera in Mark Brandenburg. XI

Franjic, J., 1995:
Present distribution of the pubescent birch (Betula pubescens Ehrh., Betulaceae) in Croatia

Westrich, P., 1997:
Present evidence for some very rare bee species in Baden-Wurttemberg (Hym. Apidae)

Goujon, C., 1998:
Present means of protection against tickborne diseases. Immunization

Jelinek, J.; Krys, J.; Teply, V., 1999:
Present possibilities of objectified electronic measurement of equine locomotive potential in the Czech Republic

Niki, Y.; Nakajima, M.; Matsushima, T., 1999:
Present problems and future trend of antifungals for deep seated mycosis. Azole antifungal agents

Dang GuoYin, 1997:
Present problems in the stability of rural society and measures needed

L.Y.n; Chen ShuChun, 1998:
Present research outline on biology and ecology of the Phasmatodea

Ren GuoLan, 1996:
Present research state and development of Paulownia witches' broom

Grewal, A.S.; Nanda, G.S.; Baljinder Kumar; Deol, G.S., 1998:
Present scenario of wheat rusts in Punjab

Pan KaiYou; Chen ZhiLong; M.Z.enHong et al., 1997:
Present situation and developing trends of resistance for house fly to pesticides in Suzhou City

Vrshek, I.; Kurtela, M., 1996:
Present situation and development possibilities of ornamental horticulture in Croatia

Pang Lian; Cai XiangYuan, 1998:
Present situation and development prospects of vegetable greenhouses in Shanghai suburbs

Pankov, V.V.; Skiba, T.S., 1999:
Present situation and economics of growing berry crops

Winkler, I., 1997:
Present situation and future possibilities in the organization of forest management in Slovenia

Iddamalgoda, A.; Sugiyama, M.; Oguri, K.; Arahata, K.; Kai, S., 1998:
Present situation and future prospect of chicken meat production and consumption in Asia - a study of selected nine countries

Y.J.nGen; Sheng GuangShu, 1998:
Present situation and measures for development of agricultural mechanization in Jiangsu Province

Fang JingGui; Wang ZhongKui; Duo BuJe, 1998:
Present situation and measures for increasing apple production in the south-east area of Tibet

Koike, M.; Hayashi, H.; Haborbosch, S., 1999:
Present situation and problems of the River Basin system

Shen ZhaoMin; L.Y.nGuo, 1997:
Present situation and prospect of citrus research and production and strategy for their further development in China

M.HaiLe, 1998:
Present situation and prospect on production technique of high quality food material

Huang FaSong; Sun ZongXiu; H.P.iSong; Tang ShaoQing, 1998:
Present situation and prospects for research on rice grain quality formation

Poltarsky, J., 1998:
Present situation and prospects for the breeding of pigs in Slovakia

Dimov, D., 1998:
Present situation in sheep and goat farming of Bulgaria

Ayadi, A.; Makni, F.; Ben Said, M., 1997:
Present situation of Fasciolosis in Tunisia

Szabo, Z.; Gocze, L.; Klincsek, P., 1997:
Present situation of peach production in Hungary

Tveitnes, S., 1998:
Present situation on phosphorus use from animal manure and mineral fertilizers and phosphorus balance in Norway

L.D.oLiang; L.F.ngJun, 1998:
Present situation, trends and control of inter-regional grain trade in China

Watanabe, S., 1999:
Present state and future direction of topical antifungals

Sip, V.; Chrpova, J.; Vacke, J.; Ovesna, J., 1999:
Present state and future tasks of the research on barley resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus in the Czech Republic

Tutka, J., 1998:
Present state and perspectives of management in non-state forests of Slovakia

Bartol, T., 1997:
Present state and possible future roles of AGRIS in the European library community: the Slovenian experience

Javor, A.; Nabradi, A.; Molnar, G.; Molnar, B.; Kukovics, S.; Abraham, M., 1998:
Present state of Hungarian sheep breeding

Sindelar, J., 1996:
Present state of genetics and breeding of forest species, conception and perspectives of further development

Guhl, F., 1999:
Present state of the control of Chagas' disease in Colombia

Akimoto, Koichi, 1998:
Present states in quality evaluations of horticultural products

Morankar, N.T.; Pagire, B.V.; Dorge, J.T., 1998:
Present status and constraint analysis in the use of fertilizers for sugarcane and wheat in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra

Maini, S.B., 1997:
Present status and future prospects of post-harvest technology of vegetables

Mertia, R.S.; Nagarajan, M., 1999:
Present status and future research priorities on grass seed germination in desert regions

Saroj, P.L.; Dadhwal, K.S., 1997:
Present status and future scope of mango based agroforestry systems in India

Yin XiangDong; S.J.anKun;; Zhang HongWei; Qian ZhongJin; Liu Huai E., 1999:
Present status of Bt insecticide application and progress in its practicality

Chahal, S.S.; Pannu, P.P.S., 1997:
Present status of Karnal bunt of wheat

Verma, K.D.; Chaubey, I.P.; Jaswani, M.D.; Khurana, S.M.P.ul, 1998:
Present status of Myzus persicae in potato seed production in Meerut region

Liu, Y.; Wang,, 1998:
Present status of aerosol research in China

Jafari, M.; Hossienzadeh, A., 1997:
Present status of afforestation research in I.R. of Iran

Wysoki, M., 1997:
Present status of arthropod fauna in mango orchards in Israel

Ulusoy, M.R.; Uygun, N.; Kersting, U.; Karaca, I.; Satar, S., 1996:
Present status of citrus whiteflies (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in Turkey and their control

Hoque, M.S.; Samad, M.A., 1997:
Present status of clinical diseases of goats in the urban areas in Dhaka

Qiao FaDong; W.X.uFang; Nan QingXian; Lan FengYing, 1998:
Present status of concentrated lactic acid bacteria starter culture

Lee YoungIn, 1997:
Present status of crop protection and its future

Ilovai, Z.; Budai, C.; Ceglarska, E.B.; Dormanns Simon, E.; Kajati, I., 1999:
Present status of integrated pest management in greenhouse vegetable production in Hungary

Park WanSoo, 1999:
Present status of kimchi industry in Korea and its prospect

Dharmasena, C.M.D., 1998:
Present status of managing chilli leaf curl complex in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka

L.Z.aoYing; Jiang XiaoPing; Zhang ZhuMing; Huang ZhongQin; X.S.iJun, 1999:
Present status of peanut production in Jiangsu Province and a strategy for development

Ahmad, T., 1998:
Present status of research on grouper in Indonesia

Diaz, G.M., 1997:
Present status of species of the genus Nothofagus in Chile

Cunha Sobrinho, A.P. da; Passos, O.S.; Soares Filho, W. dos S.; Rocha, A.F.M., 1999:
Present status of the citrus nursery industry in Brazil

Terranova, G.; Davino, M.; Starrantino, A.; Caruso, A., 1997:
Present status of the sanitary selection of citrus crops in Italy

Suzuki, M.; Sasaya, S.; Kobayashi, K., 1998:
Present status of vegetable grafting systems

Inden, H.; Kawano, Y.; Kodama, Y.; Nakamura, K., 1999:
Present status of vegetable pickling in Japan

Singh, P.H., 1998:
Present status of wart disease of potato in Darjeeling hills

Yang SiJun; Zhang HengGan; L.D.Ming; Nie ChunSheng, 1999:
Present status of wheat quality and progress in research on high quality wheat in Jiangsu province

Helalsiddiqui, A.S.M., 1998:
Present status of wildlife, human casualties by tiger, and wildlife conservation in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh

Wang Zhen; Olson, E.G., 1997:
Present status, potential and strategies of physical activity in China

Schenone, H.; Lopez, R.; Barilari, E.; Contreras, M. del C.; Castillo, D., 1997:
Present trend of human trichinosis in Chile

Kim SangOh; O.K.angIn, 1998:
Present use of trails and influential factors on trail selection

Sartori, F.; Bracco, F., 1996:
Present vegetation of the Po plain in Lombardy

Marchiori, S.; Sburlino, G., 1996:
Present vegetation of the Venetian plain

Torregrosa, L.; Krake, L., 1999:
Presentation and analysis of vine cultivation in South Australia: I - general data on the Australian vine and wine sector

Reyniers, F.N., 1998:
Presentation of DHMC project and the aims of the final seminar: for an eco-systematic approach to the improvement of local ecotypes of sorghum and millet

Potyondi, L., 1998:
Presentation of Hungarian sugar industry, sugarbeet production and research

Joelson, T.; Akerblom, L.; Oxelfelt, P.; Strandberg, B.; Tomenius, K.; Morris, T.J., 1997:
Presentation of a foreign peptide on the surface of tomato bushy stunt virus

Fabre, F.; Bremond, L.M.; Lesaint, A.; Letessier, I.; Espeillac, C.; Barcelo, J.M.; Gouez, B.; Galant, P.; Cotencin, R.; Robin, O., 1998:
Presentation of a method of characterizing viticultural 'terroirs'. Application to the selection and valuation of the supplies of Cotes du Rhone vintages

Volodina, L.A., 1996:
Presentation of a new ice cream factory

Suarez Hernandez, M.; Arias Aguilera, A.; Pelaez Martinez, R.; Diaz, K.F.; Artigas Serpa, J.R., 1997:
Presentation of cases of scorpion envenomation reported from 1985 to 1993 in Ciego de Avila Province, Cuba

Kaminski, W.; Stawczyk, J.; Tomczak, E., 1997 :
Presentation of drying kinetics in a fluidized bed by means of radial basis functions

Arthur, E.; Costa, L. dalla; Dominguez, J.; Garbe, V.; Meakin, P.; Messean, A.; Meynard, J.M.; Pouzet, A., 1999:
Presentation of some results of the Concerted Action on the management of oilseed crops in the European Union

Schmalscheidt, W., 1998:
Presentation of three rhododendron rarities

Sloboda, B.; Gaffrey, D.; Matsumura, N., 1998:
Presentation of tree individual taper curves and their dynamics by spline functions and generalization by linear taper curve models

Kima, P.E.; Ruddle, N.H.; McMahon Pratt, D., 1997:
Presentation via the class I pathway by Leishmania amazonensis-infected macrophages of an endogenous leishmanial antigen to CD8 SUP + SUP T cells

Anonymous, 1998:
Presentations made on the occasion of the 6th Oranienburger Milchforum conference

Wolff, P.; Stein, T.M., 1999:
Presented for discussion: more food produced with less water?

Ahluwalia, M., 1997:
Presenting communities: the case of a community-based watershed management project in Rajasthan, India

Satish Kumar; Sahni, K.L.; Greesh Mohan, 1997:
Preservability of buffalo semen in dilutors without yolk: effect of glycerol and sugars

Weber, M., 1997:
Preservation and development of natural resources during the process of holdings consolidation

Fisinin, V.I.; Zlochevskaya, K.V., 1996:
Preservation and rational use of genetic resources of fowls

Culbert, D.F.; Phillips, S., 1995:
Preservation and redevelopment of McKee gardens

Ladodo, K.S., 1996:
Preservation and support of breast feeding of infants in Russia

Fischer, M., 1998:
Preservation and utilization of biodiversity - scientific and political aspects

L.X.ePing; Pang XueQun; Zhang ZhaoQi; L.Z.oLiang, 1999:
Preservation effects of salicylic acid on cut roses

Berketova, L.V.; Mukhamedzhanova, T.G.; Kantere, V.M., 1997:
Preservation of beta -carotene in milk products

Roudeillac, P.; Boxus, P., 1997:
Preservation of F. x ananassa genetic resources in Europe: organization of an European strawberry genebank

Doijode, S.D., 1996:
Preservation of Kagzi lime (Citrus aurantiifolia Swingle) seeds in controlled atmosphere

Tai, P.Y.P.; Miller, J.D.; Legendre, B.L., 1999:
Preservation of Saccharum spontaneum germplasm in the world collection of sugarcane and related grasses through storage of true seed

Alonso, M.; Maciques, I.; Romero, M., 1996:
Preservation of Trichomonas foetus at low temperatures

Cooper, R.D., 1998:
Preservation of anopheline mosquitoes for DNA probe analysis

Parfenov, V.V.; Pikulik, M., 1996:
Preservation of biological diversity in transboundary protected areas of Belarus and Poland

Eckel, B., 1997:
Preservation of cereals and compound feeds

Karns, J.S.; Ahrens, E.H.; Davey, R.B., 1997:
Preservation of coumaphos in cattle dipping vats

Iniguez, C.; Paz, T., 1998:
Preservation of cultured milks from whole buffalo milk

Force, A.; Lynch, M.; Pickett, F.B.; Amores, A.; Yan, Y.L.; Postlethwait, J., 1999:
Preservation of duplicate genes by complementary, degenerative mutations

Novotny, D.; Cermak, B.; Kadlec, M., 1997:
Preservation of forages in polyethylene packs and influence on nutrient value of silages

Tabel, U., 1997:
Preservation of forest gene resources in the German Federal Republic

Leteinturier, J., 1999:
Preservation of fruit, vegetables and plant-derived products using refrigeration

Martinez, B.; Fernandez, L.; Paula, S. de; Muniz, Y., 1997:
Preservation of fungus Trichoderma, a biocontrol agent of plant diseases, in zeolite

Sipko, T.P.; Rott, N.N.; Abilov, A.I.; Prisyazhnyuk, V.E.; Shishova, N.V.; Kombarova, N.A., 1997:
Preservation of genetic resources of the Cervidae

Boursiquot, J.M., 1998:
Preservation of grapevine genetic resources in France

Kolesnikov, N.N.; Pyaev, V.L., 1998:
Preservation of green feeds

Deshmukh, A.C.; Patterson, P.H., 1997:
Preservation of hatchery waste by lactic acid fermentation. 1. Laboratory scale fermentation

Deshmukh, A.C.; Patterson, P.H., 1997:
Preservation of hatchery waste by lactic acid fermentation. 2. Large-scale fermentation and feeding trial to evaluate feeding value

Martinez Bustamante, E.; Guevara Gomez, C.; Contreras Martinez, J.; Rodriguez R.J.M., 1997:
Preservation of mango Azucar variety (Mangifera indica L.) at different storage stages

Pal, R.; Ghatak, P.K., 1998:
Preservation of milk by lactoperoxidase system

Ando, Katsuhiko, 1997:
Preservation of mushroom cultures

Gruber, L.; Stogerer, R.; Steinwidder, A.; Lettner, F., 1997:
Preservation of pelleted brewers' grains and their use in cattle feeding. Part II. Use of dried or ensiled pelleted brewers' grains in dairy cattle feeding

Mukherjee, P.S.; Nandi, B., 1998:
Preservation of seeds with some antifungal volatile compounds

Yakovlev, I.A.; Yakovlev, A.S., 1996:
Preservation of the gene pool and organization of seed production of Quercus robur in the central Volga region

Akcay, E.; Tekin, N.; Selcuk, M.; Cevik, M., 1997:
Preservation of turkey semen in various diluents at 4 degrees C

Walter, P.; Janssen, A., 1997:
Preservation of wild apple and wild pear in Hessen

Padmanabhan, S., 1999:
Preservation of wood and wood based panels - current status and future trends

Gonzalez Laredo, R.F., 1996:
Preservation of wood with tannins

Kotkas, K., 1998:
Preservation techniques of potato genetic resources in vitro

Reggidori, G., 1998:
Preservation, commercialization and health of fruit

Hassler, C.C.; Slahor, J.J.; Degroot, R.C.; Gardner, D.J., 1998:
Preservative treatment evaluation of five Appalachian hardwoods at two moisture contents

Lahiry, A.K., 1998:
Preservative treatment of common timbers and bamboos of Bangladesh for Rural Electrification Infrastructure

Tagliari, P.S., 1999:
Preservative treatment of wood and economics

Quarles, W., 1998:
Preserve organic agriculture

Hardy, C.A., 1999:
Preservice teachers' perceptions of learning to teach in a predominantly school-based teacher education program

Herndon, C.N., 1998:
Preserving Madagascar's orchid heritage

Buis, R.C.; Oldenbroek, J.K.; Werf, J.H.J. van der, 1998:
Preserving genetic variance resources in commercial and non-commercial populations

Dulcet, E., 1998:
Preserving green forage - how to meter liquid preparations into the chopper-collector?

Binkley, C.S., 1997:
Preserving nature through intensive plantation forestry: the case for forestland allocation with illustrations from British Columbia

Halaj, M.; Bucko, J., 1997:
Preserving of whiteness during the hydrothermal treatment of beech wood

Whittaker, M.S., 1999:
Preserving open space on the rural urban fringe: the role of land trusts

Wopereis, M.C.S.; Ceuppens, J.; Boivin, P.; Ndiaye, A.M.; Kane, A., 1998:
Preserving soil quality under irrigation in the Senegal River Valley

Bern, C.J., 1998:
Preserving the Iowa corn crop: energy use and CO2 release

Crozier, R.H., 1997:
Preserving the information content of species: genetic diversity, phylogeny, and conservation worth

Simcic, M.; Vidrih, R., 1999:
Preserving the quality of horticultural produce

Leali, L., 1997:
Presidential Decree No. 54 of 14 January 1997. Implementation of EU Directives for milk and milk products: raw material requirements are a priority

Breivik, G., 1998:
Presidential address philosophic society for the study of sport 1997. Sport in high modernity: sport as a carrier of social values

Buckwell, A., 1997:
Presidential address: If Agricultural economics in a brave liberal world

Edison, S., 1998:
Presidential address: research and development of spices in India

Van Donkersgoed, J.; Jericho, K.W.F.; Grogan, H.; Thorlakson, B., 1997:
Preslaughter hide status of cattle and the microbiology of carcasses

Shmigel' , V.N.; Vladykina, V.I.; Niyazov, A.M.; Shirobokov, P.E., 1997:
Presowing multilayered electrostimulation of seeds

Raza, S.; Khan, A.A.; Jornsgard, B.; Christiansen, J.L., 1999:
Presowing seed scarification to improve stand establishment of lupin in early field planting

Mandal, M.P.; Handoo, J.K., 1998:
Presowing seed treatments for alleviation of salinity stress in subabul (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit) during germination

Zakarackas, R., 1999 :
Presowing soil preparation for buckwheat

Kolev, T.; Belcheva, S.; Ivanova, I.; Nenkova, D., 1997:
Presowing treatment of maize with biostimulators and their effect on germinability and yield of grain

Voyiatzi, C.I.; Koutsika, M.S.; Vavdinoudi, E., 1999:
Presowing treatments affect seed germination and plantlet vigour of some climbing rose varieties

Ohta, C.; Tanahashi, M., 1996:
Press forming - stabilisation of wood

Guillot, P.; Fleury, P.; Jeannin, B., 1998:
Press representations of the Alpine mountain region and the physiognomic aspect of the landscape

Zayets' , Y.O.; Kramar, V.G.; Fedorova, N.S.; Tovstenko, Y.V.; Golovnyak, Y.D.; Reva, L.P., 1996:
Press-diffusion technology of juice extraction with use of auxiliary chemicals

Artamonova, N.M., 1997:
Pressing - a herbicide for maize

Andrade, J.B. de; Ferrari Junior, E.; Leite, V.B. de O.; Narciso Sobrinho, J.; Martelo, V.P., 1998:
Pressing of forage and addition of ground corn ears at the ensiling of elephantgrass. 1-Composition of the forage prior to ensiling

Andrade, J.B. de; Ferrari Junior, E.; Leite, V.B. de O.; Narciso Sobrinho, J.; Martelo, V.P., 1998:
Pressing of the forage and addition of ground corn ears at the ensiling of elephantgrass. 3-Quality and nutritive value of the silage

Istomin, A.V.; Khamidulin, R.S., 1997:
Pressing problems of nutrition hygiene of people

Zhdanovich, C., 1998:
Pressure distribution of rubber-tracks on soil

Teitel, M.S.klyar, A., 1998:
Pressure drop across insect-proof screens

Stafford, J.; Sarrasin, B., 1998:
Pressure exerted by supply of hotel services in Quebec. A comparative study

Rasmussen, M.D.; Mayntz, M., 1998:
Pressure in the teat cistern and the mouth of the calf during suckling

Anonymous, 1997:
Pressure on milk prices increases

Hoenderken, J.A., 1998:
Pressure regulating systems: technique and use

Anderson, D.; Abubakar, Y.Y.ung, J.; Johnson, W., 1998:
Pressure vs airflow characteristics through fresh intact and cut-strip tobacco

Seeliger, E.; Lohmann, K.; Nafz, B.; Persson, P.B.; Reinhardt, H.W., 1999:
Pressure-dependent renin release: effects of sodium intake and changes of total body sodium

Yasin, M.; Mangrio, A.G.; Aslam, M.; Siddiqui, M.J., 1999:
Pressure-discharge relations of the raingun (PY1-30) sprinkler irrigation system

Uhmeier, A., 1997:
Pressure-impregnation technique for wood chips

Marur, C.J., 1999 :
Pressure-volume curves and leaf expansion in cotton cultivars subjected to water deficit

Romain, R.; Calkins, P., 1996:
Pressures to reform agricultural safety net programs: a Quebec perspective

Sievers, D.M., 1998:
Pressurized intermittent sand filter with shallow disposal field for a single residence in Boone county, Missouri

Cornish, G.A., 1998:
Pressurized irrigation technologies for smallholders in developing countries - a review

Szwed, G.; Tys, J.; Strobel, W., 1999:
Pressurized methods for grading the vulnerability of pods splitting

Kadam, V.D.; Deshmukh, S.V.; Kavitkar, S.B., 1998:
Prestarter diets in broiler production

Johnson, P.J.; Mrad, D.R.; Schwartz, A.J.; Kellam, L., 1999:
Presumed moxidectin toxicosis in three foals

Rostomian, K.; Dugel, P.U.; Kolahdouz Isfahani, A.; Thach, A.B.; Smith, R.E.; Rao, N.A., 1997:
Presumed multifocal cryptococcal choroidopathy prior to specific systemic manifestation

Matsuyama, Nobuaki, 1998:
Presumptive identification of several phytopathogenic bacteria by novel diagnostic tests

Dossou Gbete, L.; Amoussou, J., 1998:
Presumptive treatment habits for uncomplicated malaria in Porto-Novo, Benin

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Prevent the bankruptcy of private farms

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Prevention and control of wildlife damage in fruit production

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Prevention of bird damage at the sowing and sprouting stages of a sunflower crop

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Prevention of cerebral malaria in children in Papua New Guinea by southeast Asian ovalocytosis band 3

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Prevention of child and adolescent vitamin D deficiency. I. Proposition and discussion for use of a decision-making table

Mage, C.; Very, P.; Selze, J.C.; Bouchant, C.; Hugon, J.C., 1997:
Prevention of coccidiosis in suckling Charolais calves

Reddy, B.S., 1998:
Prevention of colon cancer by pre- and probiotics: evidence from laboratory studies

Rao, C.V.; Chou, D.; Simi, B.; Ku, H.; Reddy, B.S., 1998:
Prevention of colonic aberrant crypt foci and modulation of large bowel microbial activity by dietary coffee fiber, inulin and pectin

Scheffrahn, R.H.; S.N.nYao; Krecek, J.; Liempt, A. van; Maharajh, B.; Wheeler, G.S., 1998:
Prevention of colony foundation by Cryptotermes brevis and remedial control of drywood termites (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) with selected chemical treatments

Sallantaus, T.; Vasander, H.; Laine, J., 1998:
Prevention of detrimental impacts of forestry operations on water bodies using buffer zones created from drained peatlands

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