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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3242

Chapter 3242 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nugent, D.J., 1999:
Prevention of diarrhea by the probiotic, Lactobacillus GG

Wahlqvist, M.L.; Russell, J.; Beumont, P., 1997:
Prevention of dieting disorders: screening and preventive intervention (the NHMRC initiative)

Johansen, M.; Andresen, L.O.; Jorsal, S.E.; Thomsen, L.K.; Waddell, T.E.; Gyles, C.L., 1997:
Prevention of edema disease in pigs by vaccination with verotoxin 2e toxoid

Natalia, L.; Sudarisman ; Darodjat, M., 1996:
Prevention of enterotoxaemia in transported cattle

Lin, W.C., 1998:
Prevention of ethanol-induced gastric lesions in rats by wu-bei-san

Werner, M.; Fruzynska Jozwiak, D., 1999:
Prevention of excessive fall of silver spruce needles

Yokoyama, H.; Peralta, R.C.; Umeda, K.; Hashi, T.; Icatlo, F.C.; Kuroki, M.; Ikemori, Y.; Kodama, Y., 1998:
Prevention of fatal salmonellosis in neonatal calves, using orally administered chicken egg yolk Salmonella-specific antibodies

Guillot, J.; Bornert, G.; Broseta Meyer, S., 1998:
Prevention of foodborne helminthozoonoses: practical difficulties

Alves, J.B.; Zanuncio, J.C.; Galo, M.V.; Zanetti, R., 1997:
Prevention of foraging and control of Atta laevigata (F. Smith) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) with Mirex-S (sulfluramid 0.3%) using two methodologies for measuring ant nests

Wojcik Przybyko, E.; Debski, B., 1998:
Prevention of free radicals effects in feeds for animals

Styriak, I.; Conkova, E.; Laciakova, A.; Bohm, J., 1998:
Prevention of fumonisin production by microorganisms

Thinggaard, K.; Christensen, L.K., 1998:
Prevention of fungal disease in ecological greenhouse cucumbers

Liu ChienAn; Heng Zhong; Vargas, J.; Penner, D.; Sticklen, M., 1998:
Prevention of fungal diseases in transgenic, bialaphos- and glufosinate-resistant creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris)

Visen, P.K.S.; Binduja Saraswat; Kanwal Raj; Bhaduri, A.P.; Dubey, M.P., 1998:
Prevention of galactosamine-induced hepatic damage by the natural product loganin from the plant Strychnos nux-vomica: studies on isolated hepatocytes and bile flow in rat

Oropeza A.M.I.; Posadas M.E.; Cervantes S.J.M.; Ortiz N.O., 1998:
Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in suckling Holstein calves using probiotics

Goncharov, V.T.; Zazimko, M.I.; Pikushova, E.A.; Kirienkova, A.E., 1998:
Prevention of grain losses by fusariosis of the ear

E.S.yed, A.M.A.A.; Kheiralla, Z.M.; Seddik, M.F.; Sahab, A.F.; Athout, A.S., 1998:
Prevention of growth of Aspergillus terreus and territrems accumulation using antifungal agents

Ramezanzadeh, F.M.; Rao, R.M.; Windhauser, M.; Prinyawiwatkul, W.; Tulley, R.; Marshall, W.E., 1999:
Prevention of hydrolytic rancidity in rice bran during storage

Ueno, K.S.etty, K., 1998:
Prevention of hyperhydricity in oregano shoot cultures is sustained through multiple subcultures by selected polysaccharide-producing soil bacteria without re-inoculation

Zhang, Z.; Araghi Niknam, M.; Liang, B.; Inserra, P.; Ardestani, S.K.; Jiang, S.; Chow, S.; Watson, R.R., 1999:
Prevention of immune dysfunction and vitamin E loss by dehydroepiandrosterone and melatonin supplementation during murine retrovirus infection

Ebeid, N.M.; Hamza, A.A., 1999:
Prevention of industrial pollution to the Nile: A success story

Fishman, J.A., 1998:
Prevention of infection due to Pneumocystis carinii

Jacobasch, G.; Schmiedl, D.; Schmehl, K., 1997:
Prevention of intestinal cancer by resistant starch? Part II: Metabolic endproducts of intestinal microflora are influenced by resistant starch (RS) and show effects on the mucosa of the large intestine and on carcinogenesis

Fehlau, W.; Doering, T.J.; Steuernagel, B.; Fischer, G.C., 1998:
Prevention of ischaemic cardiovascular diseases with fish oil?-a critical survey of the dietetics discussion

Billman, G.E.; Kang, J.X.; Leaf, A., 1997:
Prevention of ischemia-induced cardiac sudden death by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in dogs

Galler, J., 1996:
Prevention of ketosis through targeted use of concentrates

Lacroix, M.; Smoragiewicz, W.; Pazdernik, L.; Kone, M.I.; Krzystyniak, K., 1997:
Prevention of lipid radiolysis by natural antioxidants from rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) and thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)

Herzog, H., 1997:
Prevention of mastitis by use of somatic cell counts

Suruga, Y.; Makino, M.; Okada, Y.; Tanaka, H.; D.C.ercq, E.; Baba, M., 1998:
Prevention of murine AIDS development by (R)-9-(2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)adenine

Mary, B.; Beaudoin, N.; Benoit, M., 1997:
Prevention of nitrate pollution at the watershed scale

Garrow, J., 1999:
Prevention of obesity

Caballero, B., 1999:
Prevention of obesity in American Indian schoolchildren: the pathways study

Chaisson, R.E.; Moore, R.D., 1997:
Prevention of opportunistic infections in the era of improved antiretroviral therapy

Goto, H.; Yamashita, S.; Makita, T., 1998:
Prevention of orotic-acid-induced fatty liver in male rats by dehydroepiandrosterone and/or phenobarbital

Caure, S.; Tourtoulou, G.; Valette, J.P.; Cosnier, A.; Lebreton, P., 1998:
Prevention of osteochondrosis in trotters at weaning: an experimental study

Ramezanzadeh, F.; Rao, R.; Windhauser, M.P.inyawiwatkul, W.M.rshall, W., 1999:
Prevention of oxidative rancidity in rice bran during storage

Hudson, P.J.; Dobson, A.P.; Newborn, D., 1998:
Prevention of population cycles by parasite removal

Thiagarajan, D.G.; Bennink, M.R.; Bourquin, L.D.; Kavas, F.A., 1998:
Prevention of precancerous colonic lesions in rats by soy flakes, soy flour, genistein, and calcium

Todisco, P.; Grave, R.D., 1997:
Prevention of relapse in obesity and binge eating disorder treatment

Seabrook, J.E.A.; Douglass, L.K.theryn, 1998:
Prevention of stem growth inhibition and alleviation of intumescence formation in potato plantlets in vitro by yellow filters

Smagin, G.N.; Howell, L.A.; Redmann, S.; Ryan, D.H.; Harris, R.B., 1999:
Prevention of stress-induced weight loss by third ventricle CRF receptor antagonist

Bakhshi, S.; Deorari, A.K.; Roy, S.; Paul, V.K.; Singh, M., 1996:
Prevention of subclinical vitamin K deficiency based on PIVKA-II levels: oral versus intramuscular route

Caffrey, P.B.; Zhu, M.; Frenkel, G.D., 1999:
Prevention of the development of melphalan resistance in vitro by selenite

Park YounMoon; Kwon KiYong, 1999:
Prevention of the incidence of skin blackening by postharvest curing procedures and related anatomical changes in 'Niitaka' pears

Svobodova, V., 1998:
Prevention of the occurrence of drug-resistant helminths and protozoa in dogs and cats

Tonini, G., 1998:
Prevention of the post-harvest development of rots on peaches and nectarines

Robbins, A.H.; Borden, M.D.; Windmiller, B.S.; Niezgoda, M.; Marcus, L.C.; O'Brien, S.M.; Kreindel, S.M.; McGuill, M.W.; DeMaria, A.; Rupprecht, C.E.; Rowell, S., 1998:
Prevention of the spread of rabies to wildlife by oral vaccination of raccoons in Massachusetts

Anonymous, 1998:
Prevention of tomato blossom-end rot

Schmunis, G.A., 1999:
Prevention of transfusional Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Latin America

Parker, B.N.J.; Wrathall, A.E.; Saunders, R.W.; Dawson, M.; Done, S.H.; Francis, P.G.; Dexter, I.; Bradley, R., 1998:
Prevention of transmission of sheep pulmonary adenomatosis by embryo transfer

Lee ChongKil; Han SeongSun; Shin YoungKeun; Chung MyungHee; Park YoungIn; Lee SeungKi; Kim YeongShik, 1999:
Prevention of ultraviolet radiation-induced suppression of contact hypersensitivity by Aloe vera gel components

Kind, C.; Rudin, C.; Siegrist, C.A.; Wyler, C.A.; Biedermann, K.; Lauper, U.; Irion, O.; Schupbach, J.; Nadal, D., 1998:
Prevention of vertical transmission: additive protective effect of elective Cesarean section and zidovudine prophylaxis

Tzyplenkov, A.E.; Gasich, E.L., 1999:
Prevention of virus diseases of grain crops

Aiello, A.; Ruzzi, G.; Carovillano, A.; Cristofaro, M.R.; Vito, T. de; Parisi, R.; Lombardi, G., 1998:
Prevention project of thyroid pathology and iodine-prophylaxis promotion in Campobasso district

Downing, J., 1997:
Prevention reduces losses during southwest fire siege

Gressel, J.G.rdner, S.; Mangel, M., 1996:
Prevention versus remediation in resistance management

Rapparini, G., 1997:
Preventitive weed control in maize and sorghum

Kabir, A.M.A.; Aiba, Y.; Koga, Y.; Tanaka, K., 1998:
Preventive action of Oren-gedoku-to (Huang-Lian-Jie-Du-Tang) on Helicobacter pylori infectious disease

Castells, D.; Bonino, J.; Burla, J.P.; Mari, J.J.; Moltedo, H.; Arano, E., 1997:
Preventive action of doramectin against Cochliomyia hominivorax in sheep

Tsachev, I.; Deyanov, M.; Lyutskanov, M., 1996:
Preventive and curative effects of bromhexotylosin against porcine enzootic bronchopneumonia, dysentery and atrophic rhinitis, C.J.; Marks, G., 1998:
Preventive counseling of HIV-positive men and self-disclosure of serostatus to sex partners: new opportunities for prevention

Velpandian, T.; Mathur, P.; Sengupta, S.; Gupta, S.K., 1998:
Preventive effect of Chyavanprash against steroid induced cataract in the developing chick embryo

Kobayashi, T.; Song QingHua; Hong Tie; Kitamura, H.; Cyong JongChol, 1999:
Preventive effect of Ninjin-to, a Kampo formula on autoimmune diabetes in mice induced by multiple low doses of streptozotocin

Ohta, Y.; Kobayashi, T.; Nishida, K.; Sasaki, E.; Ishiguro, I., 1999:
Preventive effect of Oren-gedoku-to (Huanglian-Jie-Du-Tang) extract on the development of stress-induced acute gastric mucosal lesions in rats

Nishioka, K.; Yasueda, H.; Saito, H., 1998:
Preventive effect of bedding encasement with microfine fibers on mite sensitization

Preval, B.; Gutierrez, J.F.P., 1998:
Preventive effect of uterine infusion of lidocaine on the occurrence of placental retention in cows and on reproductive performance

Kase, Y.; Hayakawa, T.; Aburada, M.; Komatsu, Y.; Kamataki, T., 1997:
Preventive effects of Hange-shashin-to on irinotecan hydrochloride-caused diarrhea and its relevance to the colonic prostaglandin E22 and water absorption in the rat

Ohta, Y.; Kongo, M.; Nishida, K.; Sasaki, E.; Ishiguro, I., 1998:
Preventive effects of Saiko-keishi-to and Shigyaku-san extracts on changes in levels of serum and liver lipid components with the progression of hepatobiliary injury in rats injected with alpha -naphthylisothiocyanate

Higuchi, Y.; Ono, K.; Sekita, S.; Onodera, H.; Mitsumori, K.; Nara, Y.; Satake, M., 1998:
Preventive effects of Shichimotsu-koka-to on renal lesions in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Arao, T.; Udayama, M.; Kinjo, J.; Nohara, T., 1998:
Preventive effects of saponins from the Pueraria lobata root on in vitro immunological liver injury of rat primary hepatocyte cultures

Bai, Y.; Wang, D.; Cui, X.; Yang, Z.; Zhu, M.; Zhang, Z.; Xia, G.; Gong, Y., 1998:
Preventive effects of selenium-enriched spiruline (SESP) on radiation pneumonitis

Ishida, H.; Uesugi, T.; Hirai, K.; Toda, T.; Nukaya, H.; Yokotsuka, K.; Tsuji, K., 1998:
Preventive effects of the plant isoflavones, daidzin and genistin, on bone loss in ovariectomized rats fed a calcium-deficient diet

Yoshimura, H.; Kimura, N.; Sugiura, K., 1998:
Preventive effects of various ginseng saponins on the development of copulatory disorder induced by prolonged individual housing in male mice

Chen MingYong; Jiang JinShu; Wang Ming, 1996:
Preventive inoculation test of chicks using a live vaccine of Eimeria tenella

Pedersen, E.A., 1999:
Preventive maintenance of processing equipment

Ramallo, N.E.V. de; Ramallo, J.; Ploper, L.D.; Gonzalez, V.; Vera, L.; Figueroa, H., 1999:
Preventive measures for protecting northeastern Argentina from citrus canker (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri)

Anonymous, 1997:
Preventive nutrition: the comprehensive guide for health professionals

Ivanova, T.; Jekova, M., 1997:
Preventive role of lyophilic dairy products bulgaricum and biostim

Allen, S.D.; Strickland, R.M., 1998:
Preview of private pesticide applicator training software

Erbe, G.; Neubauer, E., 1999:
Preview of seed potato production 1999

Menth, H.; Hambloch, C., 1997:
Preview of seed potato production in 1997

Barrett, W.H., 1998:
Previous and current situation regarding the cultivation of quebracho colorado (Schinopsis balansae) in the Argentine Chaco (summary)

Orodho, A.; Cuany, R.; Trlica, M., 1998:
Previous grazing or clipping affects seed of Indian ricegrass

Virgilio, P.L.; Godinho Netto, M.C.M.; Carvalho, M. da G. da C., 1997:
Previous heat shock treatment inhibits Mayaro virus replication in human lung adenocarcinoma (A549) cells

Shelton, M.J.; Adams, J.M.; Hewitt, R.G.; Morse, G.D., 1998:
Previous infection with Helicobacter pylori is the primary determinant of spontaneous gastric hypoacidity in human immunodeficiency virus-infected outpatients

Arsenijevic, M.; Stojcic, J.; Trkulja, V., 1997:
Previous investigations and perspective of biocontrol of plant pathogens

Teegarden, D.; Lyle, R.M.; Proulx, W.R.; Johnston, C.C.; Weaver, C.M., 1999:
Previous milk consumption is associated with greater bone density in young women

Manojlovic, B.; Keresi, T., 1997:
Previous studies of phytophagous insects for biological control of plants from the genus Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiales: Euphorbiaceae J. St. Hill.)

Wiedenfeld, Robert P., 1998:
Previous-crop effects on sugarcane responses to nitrogen fertilization

Suarez, V.H.; Fort, M.C.; Busetti, M.R.; Cayssials, H.; Garriz, C.A.; Gallinger, M.M., 1995:
Preweaning evaluation of Pampinta, Corriedale x Pampinta and Corriedale lambs

Gonzalez, E.; Castellanos, M.; Caceres, O., 1998:
Preweaning growth in Pelibuey sheep in Cuba

Chase, C.J.; Olson, T.; Hammond, A.; Menchaca, M.; West, R.; Johnson, D.; Butts, W.J., 1998:
Preweaning growth traits for Senepol, Hereford, and reciprocal crossbred calves and feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of steers

Alencar, M.M. de; Trematore, R.L.; Leite Oliveira, J. de A.; Almeida, M.A. de, 1998:
Preweaning growth traits in Nelore and Charolais x Nelore calves

Peer, M.S.; Sudhan, N.A.; Risam, K.S.; Kirmani, M.A., 1998:
Preweaning lamb mortality pattern at an organised sheep farm under temperate conditions of Kashmir

Samber, V.K.; Katoch, S.; Thakur, Y.P.; Gupta, K.; Manuja, N.K., 1998:
Preweaning mortality in Angora rabbits

Vasundharadevi, M.; Krishnappa, S.B.; Govindaiah, M.G.; Narasimhamurthy, H.N.; Jayshankar, M.R.; Narayan, K., 1997:
Preweaning mortality pattern in Yorkshire pigs

DeRouen, S.M.; Turpin, J.M., 1999:
Preweaning performance of Angus-, Gelbvieh-, Brangus- and Gelbray-Sired crossbred calves

Gaur, G.K.; Chhabra, A.K.; Bhatia, S.S.; Pal, S., 1996:
Preweaning weights as a criteria to predict postweaning growth

Gutierrez, R.; Gallardo, C., 1999:
Prey attack, food preference and growth in juveniles of the edible muricid snail, Chorus giganteus

Toft, S., 1999:
Prey choice and spider fitness

Wahiduzzaman, M.; Islam, Z.; Alam, M.Z., 1997:
Prey composition of black drongo, Dicrurus adsimilis (Bechstein), and effects of perching on rice insects

Ghavami, M.D.; Ozgur, A.F.; Kersting, U., 1998:
Prey consumption by the predator Deraeocoris pallens Reuther (Hemiptera: Miridae) on six cotton pests

Yasuda, H.; Hagimori, K., 1997:
Prey consumption patterns of the predatory mosquito, Toxorhynchites towadensis, in relation to prey abundance, prey age structure, and patch size

Boonman, A.M.; Boonman, M.; Bretschneider, F. van de Grind, W.A., 1998:
Prey detection in trawling insectivorous bats: duckweed affects hunting behaviour in Daubenton's bat, Myotis daubentonii

Kothbauer Hellmann, R.; Winkler, H., 1997:
Prey detection in two tit species, Parus ater and P. cristatus

Bargen, H.; Saudhof, K.; Poehling, H.M.chael, 1998:
Prey finding by larvae and adult females of Episyrphus balteatus

Iwasaki, Taku., 1998:
Prey menus of two praying mantises, Tenodera aridifolia (Stoll) and Tenodera angustipennis Saussure (Mantodea: Mantidae)

Robert, N.; Venkatesan, P., 1997:
Prey preference and predatory efficiency of the water bug, Diplonychus indicus Venk. & Rao (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae), an effective biocontrol agent for mosquitoes

Saint Cyr, J.F.ancois; Cloutier, C., 1996:
Prey preference by the stinkbug Perillus bioculatus, a predator of the Colorado potato beetle

George, P.J.E., 1999:
Prey preference of a lady bird beetle, Coccinella transversalis Fab. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Kumar, M.G.; Velusamy, R., 1997:
Prey preferences of commonly encountered spiders in the rice agro-ecosystem

Kielty, JP.; Allen-Williams, LJ.; Underwood, N., 1999:
Prey preferences of six species of Carabidae (Coleoptera) and one Lycosidae (Araneae) commonly found in UK arable crop fields

Carter, T.C.; Menzel, M.A.; Krishon, D.M.; Warnell, D.B.; Laerm, J., 1998:
Prey selection by five species of vespertilionid bats on Sapelo Island, Georgia

Nyffeler, M., 1999:
Prey selection of spiders in the field

Johnson; Collier, 1999:
Prey size and prey density affect meal patterns of rats in depleting and nondepleting patches

Cerda, X.; Retana, J.; Cros, S., 1998:
Prey size reverses the outcome of interference interactions of scavenger ants

Strohmeyer, H.H.ran; Stamp, N.E.; Jarzomski, C.M.; Bowers, M.D.ane, 1998:
Prey species and prey diet affect growth of invertebrate predators

Anton, S.; Gnatzy, W., 1998:
Prey specificity and the importance of close-range chemical cues in prey recognition in the digger wasp, Liris niger

Adam, J.H., 1997:
Prey spectra of Bornean Nepenthes species (Nepenthaceae) in relation to their habitat

Shimoda, T.; Shinkaji, N.; Amano, H., 1997:
Prey stage preference and feeding behaviour of Oligota kashmirica benefica (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), an insect predator of the spider mite Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Hilbeck,, W.; Pusztai-Carey, M.F.lippini, A.B.gler, F., 1999:
Prey-mediated effects of Cry1Ab toxin and protoxin and Cry2A protoxin on the predator Chrysoperla carnea

Devjani, P.; Singh, T.K.; Singh, M.S., 1997:
Prey-predator interactions with reference to Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) on cauliflower

Alamgeer Siddiqui; Arvind Kumar; Nikhi Kumar; Tripathi, C.P.M., 1999:
Prey-predator relationship between Lipaphis erysimi Kalt. (Homoptera Aphididae) and Coccinella septempunctata Linn. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): III. Effect of host plants on the searching strategy, mutual interference and killing power of the predator

Brito, B.; Marenda, M.; Barberis, P.; Boucher, C.; Genin, S., 1999:
PrhJ and hrpG, two new components of the plant signal-dependent regulatory cascade controlled by PrhA in Ralstonia solanacearum

Oyamada, T.; Miyajima, K.; Kimura, Y.; Kikuchi, M.; Nakanishi, S.; Yoshikawa, H., 1997:
Priapism possibly caused by spinal nematodiasis in a stallion

Astana, S., 1998:
Price analysis of pine from rural community's forest in North Sumatra: the importance of policy reform

Pattichis, C.A., 1999:
Price and income elasticities of disaggregated import demand: results from UECMs and an application

Misra, V.N.; Hazell, P.B.R., 1997:
Price and non-price factors in agricultural investments

Kanchan Chopra; Kadekodi, G.K., 1998:
Price and non-price response in agriculture: an ecological model of a region in India

Haridoss, R.; Chandran, C., 1997:
Price behaviour of coconut and coconut oil in Tamil Nadu

Muller, B., 1999 :
Price competition among dairies: a theoretical approach based on game theory

Westcott, P.C.; Hoffman, L.A., 1999:
Price determination for corn and wheat. The role of market factors and government programs

Anonymous, 1997:
Price differences have been reduced

Frommhold, H.; Katte, U. von, 1999:
Price differentiation between quality classes B and C of pine sawnwood in Brandenburg

Giulietti, M., 1999:
Price discrimination in grocery trade: evidence from Italy

Brooks, H.; Schmitz, T.G., 1999:
Price discrimination in the international grain trade: the case of Canadian Wheat Board feed barley exports

Jutting, J., 1997:
Price effects in the basic foodstuffs sector of the Cote d'Ivoire after the devaluation of the CFA franc: a study of structural adjustment and poverty

Ingelsson, M.; Drake, L., 1998:
Price elasticity of nitrogen fertilisers in Sweden

Machala, J., 1997:
Price estimation of agricultural land through the use of operation research methods

Neibergs, J.; Thalheimer, R., 1997:
Price expectations and supply response in the thoroughbred yearling market

Baudin, P., 1998:
Price fixing in agriculture for 1998/1999

Bassermann, K., 1999:
Price formation and price situation for plant protection materials in Germany

El' diev, M.D., 1997:
Price formation in the agrofood sector in conditions of transition to market relationships

Tolmachev, A.V., 1998:
Price formation in the cereal subcomplex of agribusiness

Smith, P.; Griffiths, G.; Ruello, N., 1998:
Price formation on the Sydney fish market

Sassi, M., 1996:
Price incentives and price shock in the agriculture based system of Botswana: a CGE analysis

Mueller, W.F.; Marion, B.W.; Sial, M.H., 1997:
Price leadership on the National Cheese Exchange

Gour, N., 1998:
Price of coniferous wood for chemical pulping: an international comparison. 1. Characteristics of the wood supply

Gour, N.; Lacour, P.A., 1998:
Price of coniferous wood for chemical pulping: an international comparison. 2. How can differences between countries be explained?

Nordland, P., 1998:
Price per kilogram and classification of cow carcasses

Ohno, T., 1998:
Price policy on meat products

Minagawa, Y., 1998:
Price policy on rice, wheat and barley

Sawadi, K., 1998:
Price policy on vegetables

Dobbs, T.L., 1998:
Price premiums for organic crops

Ferguson, B.D.; Fogarty, N.M., 1997:
Price premiums for terminal sires with superior Lambplan EBVS

Kaufmann, M., 1998:
Price reduction in diesel for farms which are public law corporations?

Hanson, D.K.; Pederson, G., 1997:
Price risk management by Minnesota farmers

Bunte, F.; Tongeren, F. van, 1999:
Price setting and vertical coordination in food chains: a game theoretic approach

Debdutt Behura; Sugata Ghose, 1998:
Price spread and market channels of coconut trading in Orissa

Sathiadhas, R., 1998:
Price spread of marine fish and need for cooperative fish marketing

Sangu, K.P.S., 1997:
Price spread of milk under different channels of marketing

Jones, S.; Wickrema, S., 1998:
Price stabilisation policies in the context of market liberalisation

Anonymous, 1997:
Price stabilization and retention

Smith, L.D., 1997:
Price stabilization, liberalization and food security: conflicts and resolutions?

Meilby, H., 1999:
Price statistics and instability of average prices for hardwood logs and softwood timber

Forsman, S., 1997:
Price strategies and price competitiveness of rural firms in the food sector

Omezzine, A.A.-Jabri, O., 1998:
Price supply response of vegetable growers in the Sultanate of Oman

Zohra, B.; Vincent, R., 1997:
Price support in the context of a vertical structure. Application to milk products

Goodwin, B.K.; Holt, M.T., 1999:
Price transmission and asymmetric adjustment in the U.S. beef sector

Souleres, G., 1997:
Price trends for standing timber from 1955 to 1995. Part 1: the main products

Sudhakar, G., 1996:
Price trends of turmeric in Andhra Pradesh markets

Simo, D., 1998:
Price trends of wheat and maize for grain in Slovakia and selected countries

Uhlmann, F., 1998 :
Price trends on world oilseed markets

Hudson, D.; Coble, K., 1999:
Price volatility in cotton

Ives, J., 1998:

Drescher, K., 1999:
Prices and concentration in the German food retailing industry

Shively, G.E., 1999:
Prices and tree planting on hillside farms in Palawan

Combris, P.; Lecocq, S.; Visser, M., 1999:
Prices of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines: is quality important?

Luijt, J.; Rijswijk, J.H. van; Heusden, M. van, 1999:
Prices of agricultural land in and around VINEX locations

Kisiel, R.; Juchniewicz, M., 1996:
Prices of agricultural products and means of production, and their influence on the economic situation of agriculture, 1988-1995

Romstad, E., 1999:
Prices, costs and values in Norwegian agriculture

Capeau, B.; Dercon, S., 1998:
Prices, local measurement units and subsistence consumption in rural surveys: an econometric approach with an application to Ethiopia

Anonymous, 1998:
Prices, products and actors: methods of analysing agricultural marketing in developing countries

Sandro, G. di, 1996:
Prices, returns and productive structures in Italian agriculture

Khvalkovskii, T.P.; Gerasimenko, A.A., 1995:
Pricing and rational utilization of byproducts from sugar manufacture

Balasubramanian, P.P.; Rema, M., 1996:
Pricing and transaction trend of raw cashewnut in India

Kolb, B.M., 1997:
Pricing as the key to attracting students to the performing arts

Zlobin, E.F., 1996:
Pricing aspects of demonopolisation of enterprises in the agroindustrial complex

Owen, E.; Shibli, S., 1998:
Pricing issues relating to contemporary dance audiences in Sheffield

Piot Lepetit, I.; Vermersch, D., 1998:
Pricing organic nitrogen under the weak disposability assumption: an application to the French pig sector

Anonymous, 1999:
Pricing the food. Price spreads, comparative analysis, methods

Volgin, V.V., 1998:
Pricing trends

Hamdi, M., 1997:
Prickly pear cladodes and fruits as a potential raw material for the bioindustries

Maguire, A., 1997:
Prickly pear in New South Wales

Gardelin, M.; Lindstrom, G., 1997:
Priestley-Taylor evapotranspiration in HBV-simulations

Misic, T.; Mladenov, N.; Malesevic, M.; Jerkovic, Z.; Jevtic, R., 1997:
Prima, very early dwarf winter wheat variety

Tomasovic, S.; Javor, P.; Sesar, B., 1998:
Primadura - the first Croatian durum winter wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) developed by the Zagreb Bc Institute

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Primaquine prophylaxis against malaria

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Primary accounting of sales of agricultural produce

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Primary acquired toxoplasmosis in a five-year-old child with perinatal human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection

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Primary analysis of characteristics of the air temperature in the dry hot season in a canopy gap in Xishuangbanna tropical secondary forest

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Primary and anamnestic responses of bovine bronchoalveolar and peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets to aerosolized Pasteurella haemolytica A1

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Primary aspergillosis of the larynx and squamous cell carcinoma

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Primary attraction and host tree selection in deciduous and conifer living Coleoptera: Scolytidae, Curculionidae, Cerambycidae and Lymexylidae

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Primary attraction of the fir engraver, Scolytus ventralis

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Primary autogenic successions in technogenic habitats

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Primary bioelectric response of higher plant cells to the combined action of stress factors

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Primary biological production of grass ecosystems with a predominance of Elymus repens and Festuca valesiaca in the region of Sofia plain

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Primary bone marrow progenitors of both granulocytic and monocytic lineages are susceptible to infection with the agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis

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Primary bronchiolo-alveolar adenocarcinoma in a dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius)

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Primary care for children with human immunodeficiency virus infection

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Primary care of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus

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Primary care providers need a variety of nutrition and wellness patient education materials

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Primary cell cultures of Lutzomyia shannoni (Diptera: Psychodidae) and preliminary karyological study of the species

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Primary central nervous system T-cell lymphoma in a cat

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Primary ciliary dyskinesia. A case of respiratory problems in Bichon Frise dogs

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Primary classification and phylogeny of the Polemoniaceae, with comments on molecular cladistics

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Primary cryptococcal prostatitis in an apparently uncompromised host

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Primary culture of the hyaline haemocytes from marine decapods

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Primary cutaneous actinomycosis

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Primary cutaneous cryptococcosis in an immunocompetent pigeon keeper

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Primary cutaneous nocardiosis

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Primary cutaneous nocardiosis

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Primary dormancy and annual dormancy cycles in seeds of six temperate wetland sedges

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Primary effect of a host-selective toxin from Magnaporthe grisea to mitochondria of rice leaves

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Primary encephalic plasma cell tumor in a dog

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Primary epithelial tumours in canine ovaries

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Primary esophageal lymphoma in AIDS

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Primary evaluation of hybrid families and prospects for the selection of diploid plum varieties

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Primary export performance in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

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Primary germinal cell tumours of the ovary in bitches

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Primary Haustorial Development of Striga asiatica on Host and Nonhost Species

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Primary health care in Ethiopia under three political systems: community participation in a war-torn society

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Primary health care initiatives in colonial Kenya

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Primary hydatid cyst mistaken for carcinoma of the pancreas

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Primary hydatidosis of the peripheral muscles: treatment with albendazole

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Primary hypoparathyroidism in dogs

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Primary image as a dimension of destination image: an empirical assessment

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Primary infection and epidemic development of the cherry leaf spot disease Blumeriella jaapil (Rehm) von Arx

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Primary infection occurrence in grapevine downy mildew

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Primary infections of Plasmopara viticola: should we revise our ideas about the quantitative relevance of oospores?

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Primary infections with Babesia microti are not prolonged by concurrent Heligmosomoides polygyrus

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Primary intestinal cryptococcosis mimicking adenomatous polyp in an HIV-negative patient

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Primary investigation on the influence of altitude on juvenile wood rate production and fiber length in Iranian beech (Fagus orientalis L.)

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Primary modulation by oestradiol of the production of an oviduct-specific glycoprotein by the epithelial cells in the oviduct of newborn golden hamsters

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Primary mutagenic damage and mutagenic effectiveness in dwarf peas

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Primary parakeratosis among pigs on an organic farm

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Primary pelvic hydatid cyst

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Primary pharmacological evaluation of a tincture of the underground part of Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench, introduced in Primorye

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Primary posterior chest wall echinococcosis

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Primary prevention of allergies in infants born in Milan and its province

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Primary prevention of colorectal cancer through fibre supplementation

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Primary prevention of mental, neurological and psychosocial disorders

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Primary results on the acarofauna found in the vineyards of D.O. Rias Biaxas (Pontevedra)

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Primary screening of antifungal biochemical stabilizers

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Primary screening of competitive efficiency of Bradyrhizobium japonicum active strains

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Primary separation of manure at the experimental low cost farm

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Primary structure and possible functions of a trypsin inhibitor of Bombyx mori

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Primary structure and properties of the cathepsin G/chymotrypsin inhibitor from the larval hemolymph of Apis mellifera

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Primary structure, disulphide topology and overexpression of Lupinus albus seed conglutin gamma

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Primary studies on the bacteriostasis and fungistasis of lysozyme from Raphanus sativus

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Primary study of soil microorganism in Lei bamboo forest protected cultivation

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Primary study on PCR amplification and cloning of P30 antigen gene of Toxoplasma gondii

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Primary study on culture in vivo, somaclonal variation and economic trait improvement of peppermint (Mentha arvensis L.)

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Primary study on physiological regulation function of N-carboxymethylchitosan in maize

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Primary study on the RAPD fingerprinting of four bamboo species

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Primary study on the resistance to bacterial blight (X. oryzae) in Cecropin B gene transgenic rices

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Primary study the insect pests, hosts and ecology of weevil attacking ornamental palm seedlings

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Primary subcutaneous mucormycosis (zygomycosis): a case report

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Primary succession and forest development on coastal Lake Michigan sand dunes

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Primary succession on glacier forelands in the subantarctic Kerguelen Islands

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Primary tillege in relation to iron stress of rainfed groundnut in alfisols

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Primary tumours of the spleen in cats

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Primary vascular neoplasms of lymph nodes in the dog

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Primate densities in a rain forest of French Guiana. Test of a transect method

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Primate frugivory in Kibale National Park, Uganda, and its implications for human use of forest resources

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Primate species richness is determined by plant productivity: implications for conservation

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Primates, phenology and frugivory: present, past and future patterns in the Lope Reserve, Gabon

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Prime hard wheat and malting barley - how does profile nitrogen influence the farmer's choice?

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Prime time in Ecuador: national, regional television outdraws US programming

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Primed in situ labelling (PRINS) technique: development and application

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Primer cure and adhesion after light organic solvent preservative treatment of radiata pine

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Primers for a PCR-based approach to mitochondrial genome sequencing in birds and other vertebrates

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Primers for amplifying an alanine racemase gene fragment to detect E. coli strains in foods

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Primers for genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms and microsatellites in the pathogenic fungus Coccidioides immitis

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Primers of glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis from Peruvian rain forest plants

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Priming and seed orientation affect seedcoat adherence and seedling development of muskmelon transplants

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Priming effect of rice seeds on seedling establishment under adverse soil conditions

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Priming with IL-4 and IL-13 during HIV-1 infection restores in vitro IL-12 production by mononuclear cells of HIV-infected patients

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Primitive neuroectodermal tumor in a two-month-old black and white Colobus monkey

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Primitive retroperitoneal hydatid cysts

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Primitive tetraploid wheat species to improve drought tolerance in durum wheat

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Primocane morphology and leaf surface characteristics of greenhouse-grown red raspberry cultivars

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Primordial germ cell development in avians

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Primula cultivation costs

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Primula recubariensis, a new species of Primula sect. Auricula Duby endemic to the SE Prealps, Italy

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Primula sieboldii and Bombus diversus: toward pollinator therapy for plant species conservation

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Primus - a new broadspectrum Galium aparine product in cereals

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Principal aspects of the genetic improvement programme for Asturian Lowland cattle

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Principal characteristics of Transdanubian soils for crop cultivation in relation to fertility

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Principal component analysis (PCA) as an alternative to complex selection criteria

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Principal component analysis as a useful method in the study of soil chemical processes

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Principal component analysis for the morphological characters of silica bodies from motor cells in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Principal component analysis in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Principal component analysis of morphological characters in the genus Pachyrhizus DC

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Principal component analysis of the hydroxymethylation of sugarcane lignin: a time-depending study by FTIR

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Principal components analysis and spline function to estimate taper of tropical pines

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Principal components analysis of Ca, P, vitamin D3, Mn and Zn levels in diets for broilers

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Principal components and cluster analysis applied to morphological and agronomic characteristics of okra

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Principal components of monsoon rainfall in normal, flood and drought years over India

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Principal ectoparasitoses of dogs and cats

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Principal fellings in the forests of the Far East

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Principal fungal diseases of industrial peas

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Principal land use changes anticipated in Europe

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Principal multifactorial pathologies of wild fish in rivers of Navarra

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Priorities for forages for the subtropical dairy industry

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Priorities for irrigated agriculture

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Priorities for new ley legumes for the tropical and subtropical grains industries

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Priorities for revegetating landscapes disturbed by mining and other activities

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Priorities for scientific support for the manufacture of infant and children's foods

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Priorities for sustainable mountain development in Europe

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Priorities for the development of the GB softwood market over the next 15 to 20 years

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Priorities in seed pathology research

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Priorities of beef producers in northern Australia for new forage cultivars

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Priorities to combat drought by irrigation in the Eastern Zone of Romania

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Prioritization of factors influencing silvicultural investment decisions

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Prioritization of watersheds for perspective land use planning using remote sensing and geographic information system

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Priority assessment for conversion of Norway spruce forests through introduction of broadleaf species

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Priority for allocation of water-soluble carbohydrate reserves during regrowth of Lolium perenne

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Priority of fruit quality parameters based on differences in growing conditions

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Priority of soil and ecological zoning of land resources

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Priority preserving unit penalties in network flow modeling

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Priority species of bamboo and rattan

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Priority trends in the creation of techniques for mechanizing animal husbandry

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Prism helicopters' 300-kg pruning shear

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Private decision making (farm and home management)

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Private forest-land owners of the northern United States, 1994

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Private health providers in developing countries: serving the public interest?

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Private invest-igation

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Private, collective and state tenure in Tunisia

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Privatisation and restructuring of Hungarian agriculture

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Privatisation strategies in developing countries: external debt and domestic economic perspectives

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Privatization in rural Eastern Europe: the process of restitution and restructuring

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Privatization of animal health services in the tropics

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Privatization of forest nursery production in the Sikasso region, Mali (West Africa)

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Privatization of forest sector research in Europe

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Privatization of state forest enterprises

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Privatization, market liberalization, and learning in transition economies

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Privatizing Ghana's water sector - interested parties and stakeholders

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Privatizing grassroots development. Lessons learned from artisanal fishermen in Northern Colombia

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Privatizing nature: political struggles for the global commons

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Privatizing the land: rural political economy in post-communist societies

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Prizes for weight loss

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Pro-Zapatista and pro-PRI: resolving the contradictions of Zapatismo in rural Oaxaca

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Pro-growth regulatory reforms for agricultural inputs in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

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Pro-nutritional factors in food: the cancer preventive potential of Brussels sprouts studied in human volunteers

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Pro-phenol oxidase activating proteinase from an insect, Manduca sexta: a bacteria-inducible protein similar to Drosophila easter

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ProMusa - a global programme for Musa improvement

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Proactive approach to financial health pays off for nation's major ag co-ops

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Proanthocyanidins from the bark of Hamamelis virginiana exhibit antimutagenic properties against nitroaromatic compounds

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Probabilistic approach to the estimation of the Nash model scale parameter

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Probabilistic exposure estimation for the assessment of the health effects from environmental pollution

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Probabilistic neural networks for segmentation of features in corn kernel images

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Probabilistic optimization for conceptual rainfall-runoff models: a comparison of the shuffled complex evolution and simulated annealing algorithms

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Probabilistic sensitivity analysis of public health risk assessment from contaminated soil

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Probability analysis and regional aspects of droughts in southern Germany

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Probability analysis of rainfall for crop planning and watershed management in Sikkim

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Probability analysis of short duration rainfall for crop planning in coastal Orissa

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Probability analysis of the risk of inadequate intake of dietary nutrients among Moscow school children

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Probability density functions useful for parametrization of heterogeneity in growth and allometry data

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Probability distribution function of best-fit to the distributions of weekly rainfall series

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Probability maps for risk assessment in a patchy weed control

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Probability of a monthly rainfall being equal to or greater than potential evapotranspiration during the growing season of spring-summer crops in the state of Rio Grande do Sul

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Probability of break out of mango malformation epidemic in West Bengal, India

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Probability of clonal identity: inferring the relative success of sexual versus clonal reproduction from spatial genetic patterns

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Probability of forest stand survival in the industrial damage zone

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Probability of identity by descent in metapopulations

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Probability of infestation and extent of mortality associated with the Douglas-fir beetle in the Colorado Front Range

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Probiotic resolution

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Probiotics inject some life into the market

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Probiotics with a difference. Primavita, a fruit drink based on cereal and fruit, comes to Germany

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Probiotics: switching over to drinks. The times of rapid growth rates are over

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Probit analysis of preference data

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Problem soils in Finland require more phosphorus

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Problems and prospects in the utilization of animal traction in semi-arid west Africa: evidence from Niger

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Problems and prospects of hormone, chromosome and gene manipulations in fish

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Problems and prospects of research in natural forest reserves - the example of Lower Saxony

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Problems and prospects of rural banking in India: a long term perspective

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Problems and prospects of rural credit delivery system

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Problems and prospects of rural khand sugar industry - towards policy implications

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Problems and prospects of the sugar industry

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Problems and solutions on the control of weeds in MS and MT

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Problems and tasks of countryside development

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Problems and techniques in live prey enrichment

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Problems and trends of agricultural entomology at the end of the 2nd millennium

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Problems associated with certification of organically produced seed

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Problems associated with controlling the cabbage root fly by inundative releases of the rove beetle, Aleochara bilineata

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Problems Associated with Crop Rotation for Management of Pratylenchus penetrans on Easter Lily

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Problems associated with morphological taxonomy of AM fungi

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Problems associated with premature mating of sows before they are in oestrus

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Problems associated with ripened Emmental cheese

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Problems associated with the artificial flooding of floodplain forests in an industrial region in Germany

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Problems associated with the maturity of early ripening apple varieties: Stark Earliest, Beacon, Jonathan

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Problems associated with the production of safou oil in Cameroon

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Problems caused by bites of the yellow-headed manganga Bombus (Fervidobombus) bellicosus (Smith) in large animals

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Problems encountered and solutions suggested by Mitra Kisans in discharging their roles in NWDPRA

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Problems encountered in designing a finite element model of mortise and tenon joints

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Problems encountered in feeding microencapsulated oils to a folivorous marsupial, the common ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus)

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Problems encountered in the irrigated and non-irrigated areas of the Lower Seyhan Plain and recommendations for solution: a case study

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Problems facing bighorn sheep in and near domestic sheep allotments

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Problems identifying Japanese cedar cultivated in the United States

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Problems in breeding early indica rice for high yield in Zhejiang Province

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Problems in classification of some black cotton soils of India

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Problems in control of early blight in tomato

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Problems in controlling potato crop against the Colorado potato beetle in eastern Serbia and choice of insecticides

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Problems in dealing with the biological diversity and its extreme case, the insects

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Problems in decision making by women in agriculture - a study in Golaghat district of Assam

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Problems in determining pedological forest-productive categories on alluvial soils of middle and eastern Podravina

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Problems in developing a crawler prime-mover for harvesting and transport machines

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Problems in developing high-yield, good-quality and highly efficient agriculture

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Problems in durum wheat cultivation in the semi-arid region of Kef (Tunisia)

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Problems in energy-saving agriculture

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Problems in evaluating mulching procedures

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Problems in feeding food producing animals to meet the energy and nutrient requirements as well as to maintain well being

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Problems in grass silage production in practice

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Problems in integrated river basin management

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Problems in modern soil tillage techniques

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Problems in obtaining milk samples when using automated milking systems?

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Problems in post-harvest operations in yam beans, Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urban, in the central zone of Mexico

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Problems in realization of the fodder production development programme in the Republic of North Osetiya-Alaniya

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Problems in sugarbeet breeding

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Problems in the application at the farm level of a decision support system for post-emergence weed control

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Problems in the breeding and varietal testing of fruit crops

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Problems in the control of Newcastle disease in rural areas and their countermeasures

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Problems in the design and reporting of trials of antifungal agents encountered during meta-analysis

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Problems in the development of a market for farm machinery commodities and measures needed

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Problems in the genetic diversity and productivity of field crops in South Asia

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Problems in the macrosystematics of fungi

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Problems in the quality of hybrid rice seed and relevant identification methods

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Problems in the use of RAPDs to study genetic diversity and systematics

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Problems in the use of the European Domestic Animal Diversity Information System using the Internet

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Problems in urban agricultural industrialization development in Shanghai

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Problems in using alternative materials in landfill surface sealing systems (recultivation layer)

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Problems in using counter-measures in agriculture in the Ukraine after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station

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Problems involved in changing citrus rootstocks in Central America

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Problems militating against the dissemination and acceptance of research findings and improved farm technologies. Implications for agricultural development programme in Nigeria

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Problems of Candida infection in the HIV-positive patient

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Problems of Coopworth sheep selection for wool growth based on 8 month hogget fleece growth

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Problems of activation of unemployed former State farm workers

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Problems of agricultural environment pollution by motorization

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Problems of agricultural industrialization

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Problems of agricultural supply

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Problems of agriculture in Slovenia with special reference to Cirkovce

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Problems of artificial forest regeneration in the polluted region Jelsava-Lubenik

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Problems of assessment of the efficiency of an agricultural enterprise at the present stage of economic reforms

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Problems of attracting investment for the agribusiness sector

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Problems of capital privatization of Polish timber industry enterprises

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Problems of chestnut-growing in Greece screening for resistance of several chestnut provenances to Cryphonectria (Endothia) parasitica (Murr.) Aderson

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Problems of core correlation, sediment source ascription and yield estimation in Ponsonby Tarn, West Cumbria, UK

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Problems of creation and utilization of agricultural sector information system

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Problems of credit provision for the agroindustrial complex

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Problems of dairy cows after the change of tethered housing to loose housing

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Problems of determination of the upper limit of soil water available for plants by field methods

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Problems of developing base complexes of new generation agricultural technology for farming

Stetsenko, M.; Andrienko, T., 1996:
Problems of developing reserved areas in the Ukraine

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Problems of development of mutual economic relations between enterprises in the vegetable- and fruit-preserving subsector of the agroindustrial complex

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Problems of development of the concentrated foods sector

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Problems of dioxins in the environment

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Problems of ecology during improvement and utilization of mountain areas

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Problems of effectiveness of development of the agroindustrial complex of Western Siberia

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Problems of estimating and maintaining biodiversity of soil biota in natural and agroecosystems: a case study of chernozem soil

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Problems of extensive soil contamination from the economic and political-legal standpoints

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Problems of extricating the agroindustrial complex from the current crisis situation

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Problems of farmland use in the urban fringes of Asia

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Problems of feeding children in recovery boarding schools in Bulgaria

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Problems of financing and development of enterprises in the agroindustrial complex

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Problems of forest enterprise financing during the transition period

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Problems of forest soil science

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Problems of forming Russia's market for farm products and foods

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Problems of further use of Holstein bulls in dairy cattle breeding

Wagner, S., 1998:
Problems of hunting planning and game damage liability in the forest

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Problems of hygienic rationalization of therapeutic and prophylactic diets of industrial workers

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Problems of improvement of the mechanism for regulating land relations and their legal safeguards in the Republic of Belarus

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Problems of insect-borne virus diseases of fruit trees in Asia

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Problems of intellectual property in biotechnology. Transgenic animals

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Problems of interpreting haematological findings for birds

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Problems of irrigation in developing countries

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Problems of land management in present-day conditions

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Problems of land relations and mechanisms of transition to paying for land use

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Problems of land rent and land use

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Problems of nature conservation goals: the context of problems and possible solutions - a discussion

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Problems of nature conservation in French Guiana and DIREN's policy towards them

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Problems of nutritional assessment in the acute setting

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Problems of nutritional assessment in the community

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Problems of organising dietary assistance to children with phenylketonuria

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Problems of parasite population biology

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Problems of participation in Kyabobo Range National Park, Ghana

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Problems of payment for water services in Russia

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Problems of plant genetics

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Problems of post-melioration management of very acid soils in some peatlands on Polesie areas in the Lublin Region

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Problems of postharvest management in cut flowers

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Problems of potato production and marketing in the Bryansk province

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Problems of potato virus diseases control

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Problems of rational utilisation of improved land

Sindelar, J., 1999:
Problems of rationalization in the forest management sector with special respect to silvicultural treatments in forest stands

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Problems of raw material supply to the Wrocaw Sugar Factory

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Problems of sedimentation in small dams in Zambia

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Problems of sericultural farmers in West Bengal - a critical appraisal

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Problems of sericulture enterprises in Gulbarga district, Karnataka

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Problems of social security for workers in agribusiness enterprises

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Problems of soil cultivation and ways of solving them

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Problems of soil erosion and soil conservation in Russia

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Problems of soil erosion in an abandoned coal mine in Germany

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Problems of soil reclamation on the pages of the journal Pochvovedenie

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Problems of substrate production for the cultivation of Pleurotus species

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Problems of sustainable material and technical supply to a republic's agroindustrial complex (with reference to the material situation in Kabardino-Balkaria)

Kulanin, V.L., 1997:
Problems of synanthropic fly control in Uzbekistan

Sabetova, L.A.; Popova, M.A., 1998:
Problems of taxation in the beet sugar sub-complex

Walerianczyk, E., 1999:
Problems of the Polish sugar industry

Burobkin, I.N.; Mitrofanova, O.A.; Tolmachev, A.V., 1999:
Problems of the cereal subcomplex in the Northern Caucasian region

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Problems of the certification of forest resources

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Problems of the establishment of intensive stands on the basis of model research plots

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Problems of the feed compounding industry

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Problems of the food market

Anonymous, 1998:
Problems of the intensification of animal production in relation to the limitations of environmental protection. Proceedings: IV International Scientific Conference, Warszawa, 29-30 September 1998

Ivolga, N.S.; Brenman, S.A., 1997:
Problems of the quality of finished produce

Vasilevska, N., 1997:
Problems of the tractor industry in the Ukraine

Malik, D.P.; Singh, S.N.; Naresh Kuhar, 1996:
Problems of transportation and storage of wheat and paddy in Kurukshetra district (Haryana), India

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Problems of treatment and control of larval toxocarosis

Subronto ; Ginting, G.; Fatmawati, 1998:
Problems on the acclimatization of oil palm plantlets

Jin JianSong; Xia YouLong, 1998:
Problems paid attention to in developing japonica rice production in Jiangsu Province

Praveen, D.; Pochaiah Maraty, 1998:
Problems perceived and suggestions expressed by Mitra Kisans for effective transfer of watershed technology

Kareem, K.A.; Jayaramaiah, K.M., 1997:
Problems perceived by the staff in the planning and implementation of Integrated Rural Development Programme

Coleno, F.C., 1999:
Problems raised by grazing dairy herds: contribution of an analysis of farmers' decisions

Korschens, M., 1996:
Problems regarding P and K usage

Rudra, R.P.; Dickinson, W.T.; Wall, G.J., 1998:
Problems regarding the use of soil erosion models

Ciglari, I.; Baric, B., 1997:
Problems related to the control of the peach-potato aphid, Myzus persicae Sulz. (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Croatia

Lipp, M.; Anklam, E., 1997:
Problems related to the conversion factor for the calculation of milk fat content by using the official European method based on butyric acid

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