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Protective effect of Livol during experimental aflatoxicosis in chicks: a histomorphological approach

Parida, S.; Nath, R.; Bisoi, P.C.; Sahoo, P.K.; Mohapatra, M.

Indian Journal of Indigenous Medicines 17(1): 19-25


Accession: 003245558

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Three groups of 1-day-old broiler chicks (n=40/group) were fed control feed, aflatoxin at 2 p.p.m., or aflatoxin 2 p.p.m. + Livol 0.2% powder until 8 weeks of age. The protective effect of Livol in aflatoxin-treated birds was evaluated based on the degree of histopathological changes in various organs in the different groups. The changes in liver, kidney, heart, bursa, brain and lungs of aflatoxin-fed chicks were very severe in comparison to chicks fed with aflatoxin + Livol.

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