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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3251

Chapter 3251 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sharp, P.A.; Debnam, E.S.; Srai, S.K., 1996:
Rapid enhancement of brush border glucose uptake after exposure of rat jejunal mucosa to glucose

Chen YiFeng; Zhou Xie, 1996:
Rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for isopentenyladenosine group cytokinins

Guerrero, M.L.; Morrow, R.C.; Calva, J.J.; Ortega-Gallegos, H.; Weller, S.C.; Ruiz-Palacios, G.M.; Morrow, A.L., 1999:
Rapid ethnographic assessment of breastfeeding practices in periurban Mexico City

Pleban, S.; Strobel, G.A., 1998:
Rapid evaluation of Fusarium spp. as a potential biocontrol agent for weeds

Doroshenko, T.N., 1998:
Rapid evaluation of frost resistance of plum cultivars

Wassel, M.S.; Elian, K.A.; Zaki, F.F.; E.I.iary, E.A., 1997:
Rapid evaluation of live attenuated and inactivated Rift Valley fever vaccines in-vitro

Scheck, H.J.; Canfield, M.L.; Pscheidt, J.W.; Moore, L.W., 1997:
Rapid evaluation of pathogenicity in Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae with a lilac tissue culture bioassay and syringomycin DNA probes

Zhou, N.N.; Shortridge, K.F.; Claas, E.C.; Krauss, S.L.; Webster, R.G., 1999:
Rapid evolution of H5N1 influenza viruses in chickens in Hong Kong

Hellberg, M.E.; Vacquier, V.D., 1999:
Rapid evolution of fertilization selectivity and lysin cDNA sequences in teguline gastropods

Lee HyeSook; Cho ByungHoon; Son SeongWan; Kang HwanGoo; Park JongMyung, 1998:
Rapid extraction and detection of aflatoxin M1 in raw milk using high performance liquid chromatography

Chang, S.T.en; Wang,; Yeh,; Wu, C.L.n, 1997:
Rapid extraction and determination of chlorophyll using ultrasonics

Velegraki, A.; Kambouris, M.; Kostourou, A.; Chalevelakis, G.; Legakis, N.J., 1999:
Rapid extraction of fungal DNA from clinical samples for PCR amplification

Müller, F.M.; Werner, K.E.; Kasai, M.; Francesconi, A.; Chanock, S.J.; Walsh, T.J., 1998:
Rapid extraction of genomic DNA from medically important yeasts and filamentous fungi by high-speed cell disruption

Matsuyama, N.; Ueda, Y.; Iiyama, K.; Furuya, N.; Ura, H.; Khan, A.A.; Matsumoto, M., 1998:
Rapid extraction-HPLC as a tool for presumptive identification of Burkholderia gladioli, B. glumae and B. plantarii, causal agents of various rice diseases

Siegel, H., 1998:
Rapid fat determination. A new system increases efficiency

Leutenegger, C.M.; Klein, D.; Hofmann Lehmann, R.; Mislin, C.; Hummel, U.; Boni, J.; Boretti, F.; Guenzburg, W.H.; Lutz, H., 1999:
Rapid feline immunodeficiency virus provirus quantitation by polymerase chain reaction using the TaqManReg. fluorogenic real-time detection system

Ishikawa, S.; Hashida, S.; Hashinaka, K.; Adachi, A.; Oka, S.; Ishikawa, E., 1998:
Rapid formation of the immune complexes on solid phase in the immune complex transfer enzyme immunoassays for HIV-1 p24 antigen and antibody IgGs to HIV-1

Ambrós, S.; Hernández, C.; Flores, R., 1999:
Rapid generation of genetic heterogeneity in progenies from individual cDNA clones of peach latent mosaic viroid in its natural host

Laufmann, J.E.; Wiesner, L.E., 1998:
Rapid germination of eastern dogwood (Cornus florida L. cv. Small) using embryo extraction, cut cotyledons and gibberellic acid

Arndt, C.; Hertel, T.W., 1998:
Rapid growth in China: should it be feared or cheered?

Wilson, R.B.; Davis, D.; Mitchell, A.P., 1999:
Rapid hypothesis testing with Candida albicans through gene disruption with short homology regions

Mannarelli, B.M.; Kurtzman, C.P., 1998:
Rapid identification of Candida albicans and other human pathogenic yeasts by using short oligonucleotides in a PCR

Bikandi, J.; Millán, R.S.; Moragues, M.D.; Cebas, G.; Clarke, M.; Coleman, D.C.; Sullivan, D.J.; Quindós, G.; Pontón, J., 1998:
Rapid identification of Candida dubliniensis by indirect immunofluorescence based on differential localization of antigens on C. dubliniensis blastospores and Candida albicans germ tubes

Elie, C.M.; Lott, T.J.; Reiss, E.; Morrison, C.J., 1998:
Rapid identification of Candida species with species-specific DNA probes

Nishikawa, A.; Sugita, T.; Shinoda, T., 1999:
Rapid identification of Debaryomyces hansenii/Candida famata by polymerase chain reaction

Nakaya, I., 1999:
Rapid identification of Haemophilus somnus using a commercial kit

Validov, S.Z.; Pan'kova, N.V.; Kozlova, E.V.; Kuz'min, N.P.; Klimenko, V.V.; Boronin, A.M., 1998:
Rapid identification of Lactobacillus plantarum by RAPD-PCR

Scortichini, M.; Rossi, M.P.; Angelucci, L.; Marchesi, U.; Dettori, M.T., 1999:
Rapid identification of Pseudomonas avellanae from hazel trees from Viterbo

Rahman, M.Z.hidur; Mian, I.H.ssain; Khan, A.A.hraf; Furuya, N.; Matsuyama, N., 1998:
Rapid identification of Ralstonia solanacearum by the direct colony TLC and simple TLC

Adlam, R.E.; Flintham, J.E., 1999:
Rapid identification of chromosome-specific sequence-tagged-sites in hexaploid wheat, using selective PCR from nullisomic-tetrasomic lines

Laurent, F.J.; Provost, F.; Boiron, P., 1999:
Rapid identification of clinically relevant Nocardia species to genus level by 16S rRNA gene PCR

Fessler, D.; Casey, M.G.; Puhan, Z., 1998:
Rapid identification of dairy Propionibacterium species by restriction analysis of the insertion within the 23S rRNA gene

Murphy, N.B.; Pelle, R., 1997:
Rapid identification of differentially expressed genes in trypanosomes

Turenne, C.Y.; Sanche, S.E.; Hoban, D.J.; Karlowsky, J.A.; Kabani, A.M., 1999:
Rapid identification of fungi by using the ITS2 genetic region and an automated fluorescent capillary electrophoresis system

Blanc, M.; Marilley, L.; Beffa, T.; Aragno, M., 1997:
Rapid identification of heterotrophic, thermophilic, spore-forming bacteria isolated from hot composts

Brachet, S.; Jubier, M.F.; Richard, M.; Jung Muller, B.; Frascaria Lacoste, N., 1999:
Rapid identification of microsatellite loci using 5' anchored PCR in the common ash Fraxinus excelsior

Khan, A.A.hraf; Matsuyama, N., 1998:
Rapid identification of phytopathogenic bacteria by TLC

Balaz, J.; Kiryakov, I.; Kiryakov, V.; Vasic, M., 1997:
Rapid identification of phytopathogenic bacteria originating from vegetables by the BIOLOG system

Bowden, R.A.; Verger, J.M.; Grayon, M.; Cloeckaert, A., 1997:
Rapid identification of rough Brucella isolates by a latex coagglutination assay with the 25-kilodalton outer membrane protein and rough-lipopolysaccharide-specific monoclonal antibodies

Liu BaoJing; Song Ming; L.C.engQiong; Wang XiaoJia, 1998:
Rapid identification of self-incompatibility in cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.) with iso-electric focusing

Kong Jie; Y.J.n; Guo HuaRong; Liu Ping; Zhang Yan; X.H.iShu; Yang CongHai, 1997:
Rapid identification of shrimp bacterial pathogens by enzymatic amplification and digestion of 16S rRNA gene

Rosario Dominguez, D.; Suarez Moran, C.M.; Rodriguez Roche, R.; Soler Nodarse, M.; Guzman Tirado, M.G., 1996:
Rapid identification of the serotypes of dengue virus using the polymerase chain reaction

Zhang ChaoLiang; Sun ShiMeng; Jin DeMin; Sun ZhiLiang; Guo BaoTai; Wang Bin, 1998:
Rapid identification of twelve elite maize inbred lines using RAPD markers

Shin JongHee; Nolte, F.S.; Holloway, B.P.; Morrison, C.J., 1999:
Rapid identification of up to three Candida species in a single reaction tube by a 5' exonuclease assay using fluorescent DNA probes

Peylo, A., 1998:
Rapid identification of wood contaminants (2)

Wyder, M.T.; Puhan, Z., 1998:
Rapid identification of yeasts from kefir at species level by amplifying the ITS regions and subsequent restriction analysis

Chang, G.H.; Yu, R.C., 1997:
Rapid immunoassay of fungal mycelia in rice and corn

Chauhan, V.A.; Josekutty, P.C.; Jasrai, Y.T.; Prathapasenan, G., 1996:
Rapid in vitro multiplication of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb

Daniel, B.; Simpson, B.; Lawrence, B.; Nair, G.M., 1997:
Rapid in vitro multiplication of Eryngium foetidum L., an aromatic spice, through shoot multiplication and organogenesis

Hussein, M.A.; Mohita Audichya; Amla Batra, 1996:
Rapid in vitro plantlet formation from shoot tips in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) cv. Pusa-16

Reddy, S.K.; Nagaraju, S.; Shrihari, P.V.; Farooq, S.A., 1997:
Rapid in vitro propagation of teak (Tectona grandis L.F.)

Hemphill, J.K.; Maier, C.G.A.; Chapman, K.D., 1997:
Rapid in-vitro plant regeneration of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Suzuki, H.; Manabe, S.; Wada, O.; Crawford, M.A., 1997:
Rapid incorporation of docosahexaenoic acid from dietary sources into brain microsomal, synaptosomal and mitochondrial membranes in adult mice

Hihara, H.; Maeda, M.; Nakamura, K.; Ishino, S.; Tsukamoto, K.; Yuasa, N.; Shirai, J., 1998:
Rapid induction of lymphoid leukosis and ascites by avian leukosis virus from a lymphoid leukosis cell line

Tsyganov, A.R.; Kal' , V.I.; Ryabtsev, P.M., 1996:
Rapid infrared method of determining biochemical indices of quality of winter wheat grain

Quezada Euan, J.J.G.; Paxton, R.J., 1999:
Rapid intergenerational changes in morphology and behaviour in colonies of Africanized and European honey bees (Apis mellifera) from tropical Yucatan, Mexico

Lin, C.Y.; Kuan, C.C.un; Juang, R.H.ay; Tsou, S.C.S.; Kuo, C.G.orge; Chen, C.S.n, 1998:
Rapid isolation of differentially expressed cDNAs from near isogenic lines of mungbean

Stenmark, S.; Sunnemark, D.; Bucht, A.; Sjöstedt, A., 1999:
Rapid local expression of interleukin-12, tumor necrosis factor alpha, and gamma interferon after cutaneous Francisella tularensis infection in tularemia-immune mice

Bekheet, S.A.; Saker, M.M., 1999:
Rapid mass micropropagation of banana

Paulsen, P.; Rippel Rachle, B.; Schopf, E., 1998:
Rapid method for detecting salmonellas in food

Egorova, M.I.; Chugunova, L.S., 1997:
Rapid method for determination of reducing substances in products of sugar manufacture

Aparnathi, K.D.; Bindal, M.P., 1997:
Rapid method for estimation of bixin in annatto seeds

McGee, E.A.; Vohman, D.D.; White, S.A.; Thompson, T.L., 1999:
Rapid method for fine grinding soils for organic nitrogen and 15nitrogen analysis

Torre, R. de la; Mangut, V.; Rodriguez, E.; Gonzalez, C.; Latorre, A., 1999:
Rapid method for stabilisation of tomato variety trial juice samples for analysis

Choong YoukMeng; Wang MeiLing; Chou ChengHui; Fan JinJia, 1999:
Rapid method for the determination of sorbic acid, dehydroacetic acid and benzoic acid in butter, cheese, margarine and salad dressing by gas chromatography

Orlova, N.V.; Bessarabova, Z.V.; Patalakha, I.N.; Kotlyarevskaya, N.I.; Ponomarenko, E.A., 1998:
Rapid method of determining the content of ammonia in aqueous solutions

Cerutti de Guglielmone, G.; Cardenas, G.; Diez, O.; Oliver, G., 1999:
Rapid method to detect microbial contamination of sugar products

Batt, C.A., 1999:
Rapid methods for detection of Listeria

Kirss, P.; Kultysheva, E.M., 1996:
Rapid methods for determining the sterility of food products

Gerstenkorn, P., 1997:
Rapid methods of cereal analysis

Zhou QingChun; Luo Qin, 1998:
Rapid micrometric assay for bactericides

Suri, S.S.; Arora, D.K.; Sharma, R.; Ramawat, K.G., 1998:
Rapid micropropagation through direct somatic embryogenesis and bulbil formation from leaf explants in Curculigo orchioides

Wong Sak Hoi, L., 1997:
Rapid moisture determination using halogen thermogravimetry

Chumkhunthod, P.; Schraft, H.; Griffiths, M.W., 1998:
Rapid monitoring method to assess efficacy of sanitizers against Pseudomonas putida biofilms

Martin, K.P.; Molly Hariharan, 1999:
Rapid multiplication of Alpinia calcarata Rosc. - a medicinal plant through organogenesis

H.X.aoMing; Pan RuiChi; Dong Qiong; Jiang QingYun, 1998:
Rapid multiplication of Brassica campestris ssp. chinensis var. utilis by in vitro culture with triadimefon

Lee, H.S.on; Ahn, B.J.on, 1997:
Rapid multiplication of carnation through somatic embryogenesis from flower bud-induced callus

Nyirenda, H.E.; Mphangwe, N.I.K., 1998:
Rapid multiplication of new clonal material

Zok, S.; Sama, A.E.; Nyochembeng, L.; Tambong, J.T.; Ndzana, X.; Wutoh, J.G., 1998:
Rapid multiplication of root and tuber crops by tissue culture in Cameroon

Schaffler, K.J.; Gaye, M.T.D. de, 1997:
Rapid near infra-red estimation of multi-components in mixed juice and final molasses: The possibility of day-to-day control of raw sugar factories using NIR

Van-Kessel, J.; Thompson, R.; Reeves, J.I.i, 1999:
Rapid on-farm analysis of manure nutrients using quick tests

Marconi, E.; Bernardo, R.A.; Moscone, D.; Palleschi, G., 1999:
Rapid on-line determination of lactulose in milk using a beta -galactosidase reactor and a fructose enzyme electrode probe

Ochatt, S.; Pasquis, B.; Pontecaille, C.; Rancillac, M., 1998 :
Rapid plant regeneration from juvenile explants of protein legumes

Bector, B.S.; Moti Ram; Singhal, O.P., 1998:
Rapid platform test for the detection/determination of added urea in milk

Lidon, B.; Legoupil, J.C.; Blanchet, F.; Simpara, M.; Sanogo, I., 1998:
Rapid pre-development diagnosis (DIARPA). A development aid for valley bottoms

Zhang, X.M.sjidis, J., 1998:
Rapid prediction of mating system of Vicia species

Chêne, G.; Richard, V.; Morlat, P.; Trimoulet, P.; Ragnaud, J.M.; Pellegrin, J.L.; Couzigou, P.; Dabis, F., 1998:
Rapid progression of HIV infection in HBeAg-positive patients

Kao, H.J.; Chen, W.H.; Liu, J.S., 1999:
Rapid progression of parkinsonism associated with an increase of blood manganese

W.S.unJiu; Zhan ChaoHui; X.B.Jun; Chen YingLong, 1998:
Rapid propagation in summer of Taxodium ascendens cuttings under plastic tunnels

Yan Li; Xu, E.; L.B.iLing, 1997:
Rapid propagation of Petasites japonicus by tissue culture

Borgo, M.; Calo, A.; Costacurta, A.; Gardiman, M.; Malacchini, G., 1998:
Rapid propagation of grapes by ISV Conegliano green-grafting

Zhang Lei; Liu Fang; Liang HaiYang, 1996:
Rapid propagation of pear triploid seedlings in tissue culture

L.L.angJun; Zhao YouWei, 1998 :
Rapid propagation of plantlets cultured from lotus shoot tips

Zhang HuiYing; Wei JiaChuan; Zheng BiLan; Wei QiuJu; Wei YongQiong, 1999:
Rapid propagation of sweet tea (Rubus suavissimus) in vitro

X.P.iWen; Sun HuiSheng; Sun RuiJie; Yang YuanJun; Zhang DeChang, 1997:
Rapid propagation of virus-free garlics and a systematic scheme for seed garlic production

Niehues, T.; Ndagijimana, J.; Horneff, G.; Wahn, V., 1998:
Rapid publication. CD28 expression in pediatric human immunodeficiency virus infection

Pennock, J.L.; Behnke, J.M.; Bickle, Q.D.; Devaney, E.; Grencis, R.K.; Isaac, R.E.; Joshua, G.W.; Selkirk, M.E.; Zhang, Y.; Meyer, D.J., 1998:
Rapid purification and characterization of L-dopachrome-methyl ester tautomerase (macrophage-migration-inhibitory factor) from Trichinella spiralis, Trichuris muris and Brugia pahangi

Koch, R.; Eickhoff, K.; Grunert, K.; Wendt, M.; Bollwahn, W.; Giese, W.W., 1998:
Rapid rectal temperature recording of pigs

Hviid, L.; Kurtzhals, J.A.; Goka, B.Q.; Oliver-Commey, J.O.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Theander, T.G., 1997:
Rapid reemergence of T cells into peripheral circulation following treatment of severe and uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Kim KiYong; Rim YongWoo; Choi GiJun; Shin JaeSoon; Kim JeongGap; J.J.nKi, 1998:
Rapid regeneration of plants on N6 medium from orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) calli

Kanazawa, T.; Sato, K.; Xue, H.M.; Araki, H.; Harada, T.; Yakuwa, T., 1996:
Rapid regeneration through ovary culture in Allium victorialis L. ssp. platyphyllum Hult

Bogoslavsky; Neumann, 1998 :
Rapid regulation by acid pH of cell wall adjustment and leaf growth in maize plants responding to reversal of water stress

Zeng, Y.; Wu, Y.; Avigne, W.T.; Koch, K.E., 1999:
Rapid repression of maize invertases by low oxygen. Invertase/sucrose synthase balance, sugar signaling potential, and seedling survival

Same Ekobo, A.; Lohoue, J.; Essono, E.; Ravinet, L.; Ducret, J.P., 1999:
Rapid resolution of Plasmodium ovale malaria using artesunate (ArsumaxReg.)

Nascimento, M.T., 1996:
Rapid resprouting following fire in juveniles of Metrodorea pubescens (Rutaceae) in a mesophytic forest in central Brazil

Whelan, B., 1998:
Rapid results: Towards in-field nitrogen analysis

Horie, M.; Yoshida, T.; Saito, K.; Nakazawa, H., 1998:
Rapid screening method for veterinary drug residues in meat and fish by HPLC

Geller, D.; Goodrum, J.; Campbell, C., 1999:
Rapid screening of biologically modified vegetable oils for fuel performance

Donaldson, L.; Frankland, A., 1997:
Rapid screening of microfibril angle

Liste, H.; Alexander, M., 1999:
Rapid screening of plants promoting phenanthrene degradation

Escarmís, C.; Carrillo, E.C.; Ferrer, M.; Arriaza, J.F.; Lopez, N.; Tami, C.; Verdaguer, N.; Domingo, E.; Franze-Fernández, M.T., 1998:
Rapid selection in modified BHK-21 cells of a foot-and-mouth disease virus variant showing alterations in cell tropism

Sato, M.; Yamada, M.; Nakazawa, Y.; Horie, H., 1997:
Rapid sensitivity test using toothpick to monitor fungicide sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea

Girardet, J.M.; Saulnier, F.; Linden, G.; Humbert, G., 1998:
Rapid separation of bovine whey proteins by membrane convective liquid chromatography, perfusion chromatography, continuous bed chromatography, and capillary electrophoresis

Vaughn, D.W.; Nisalak, A.; Solomon, T.; Kalayanarooj, S.; Nguyen, M.D.; Kneen, R.; Cuzzubbo, A.; Devine, P.L., 1999:
Rapid serologic diagnosis of dengue virus infection using a commercial capture ELISA that distinguishes primary and secondary infections

Fu, B.X.; Kovacs, M.I.P., 1999:
Rapid single-step procedure for isolating total glutenin proteins of wheat flour

Garrity, D.; Stark, M.; Mercado, A., 1997:
Rapid soil redistribution within alleys: why simple extension models for contour hedgerows may not be appropriate

Jiang, Z.; Liu, X.; Liang, A., 1997:
Rapid spectrofluorimetric method for traces of gibberellin

Sixdenier, G.; Cassecuelle, F.; Guillaumin, L.; Duc, G., 1996:
Rapid spectrophotometric method for reduction of vicine and convicine in faba bean seed

Briggs, R.E.; Frank, G.H.; Purdy, C.W.; Zehr, E.S.; Loan, R.W., 1998:
Rapid spread of a unique strain of Pasteurella haemolytica serotype 1 among transported calves

Kestler, M.A.; Shoop, S.A.; Henry, K.S.; Stark, J.A., 1996:
Rapid stabilization of thawing soils: a demonstration project

Balk, P.A.; Boer, A.D. de, 1999:
Rapid stalk elongation in tulip (Tulipa gesneriana L. cv. Apeldoorn) and the combined action of cold-induced invertase and the water-channel protein gamma TIP

Macintyre, K.; Bilsborrow, R.E.; Olmedo, C.; Carrasco, R., 1999:
Rapid surveys for program evaluation: design and implementation of an experiment in Ecuador

Matsui, T.; Omasa, K.; Horie, T., 1999:
Rapid swelling of pollen grains in response to floret opening unfolds anther locules in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Munzing, K., 1998:
Rapid test for the determination of germination capacity of grain

Russell, P., 1998:
Rapid test methods reviewed

Haase, N.U.; Putz, B.; Lindhauer, M.G., 1998:
Rapid test procedures for quality assessments of potatoes

Siegrist, J.; Muhlenbeck, S., 1999:
Rapid testing of resistance-inducing agents with cultured parsley cells

Wang; Gassmann; Rubio; Schroeder; Glass, 1998:
Rapid Up-regulation of HKT1, a high-affinity potassium transporter gene, in roots of barley and wheat following withdrawal of potassium

Piedras, P.H.mmond-Kosack, K.; Harrison, K.J.nes, D., 1998:
Rapid, Cf-9- and Avr9-dependent production of active oxygen species in tobacco suspension cultures

Berlin, O.G.; Ash, L.R.; Conteas, C.N.; Peter, J.B., 1999:
Rapid, hot chromotrope stain for detecting microsporidia

Peiris, K.H.S.; Dull, G.G.; Leffler, R.G.; Kays, S.J., 1999:
Rapid, nondestructive method for determination of processed soluble solids in intact unprocessed tomato fruit using near infrared spectrometry

Gehring, C.A.; Irving, H.R.; Kabbara, A.A.; Parish, R.W.; Boukli, N.M.; Broughton, W.J., 1997:
Rapid, plateau-like increases in intracellular free calcium are associated with nod-factor-induced root-hair deformation

Delwart, E.L.; Pan, H.; Neumann, A.; Markowitz, M., 1998:
Rapid, transient changes at the env locus of plasma human immunodeficiency virus type 1 populations during the emergence of protease inhibitor resistance

Marr, K.A.; Lyons, C.N.; Rustad, T.R.; Bowden, R.A.; White, T.C.; Rustad, T., 1998:
Rapid, transient fluconazole resistance in Candida albicans is associated with increased mRNA levels of CDR

Englyst, K.N.; Englyst, H.N.; Hudson, G.J.; Cole, T.J.; Cummings, J.H., 1999:
Rapidly available glucose in foods: an in vitro measurement that reflects the glycemic response

Zylberberg, H.; Pialoux, G.; Carnot, F.; Landau, A.; Bréchot, C.; Pol, S., 1998:
Rapidly evolving hepatitis C virus-related cirrhosis in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient receiving triple antiretroviral therapy

Martin, G.S.; Christman, B.W.; Standaert, S.M., 1999:
Rapidly fatal infection with Ehrlichia chaffeensis

Busby, R.L.; Thomas, C.E.; Lohrey, R.E.; Le, K.H.N., 1995:
Rapidly restoring large-diameter longleaf pine ecosystems at a low cost: a preliminary appraisal

Tang Xi; Lin LaiGuan, 1998:
Rare and endangered flora species in the National Meihuashan Natural Conservation Area

Kim YongShik; Kim SunHee; Kang KiHo, 1996:
Rare and endangered plants of Oesorak in Soraksan National Park

Toskina, I.N., 1998:
Rare and new Anobiidae (Coleoptera) from the Arabian Peninsula

Nezdoiminogo, E.L.; Petrov, A.N., 1999:
Rare and new for Russia species of cortinariaceous fungi (Agaricales, Cortinariaceae) from the Lake Baikal area

Kearsley, J.B., 1999:
Rare and non-native plants of Massachusetts' floodplain forests

Paal, Jaanus, 1998:
Rare and threatened plant communities of Estonia

Caumes, E.; Danis, M., 1998:
Rare autochthonous parasitic diseases in dermatology

Mose, S.; Jacobi, V.; Gute, P.H.; Bottcher, H.D., 1997:
Rare combination of radiation induced pneumonitis with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP)

Zhang, J.; Ishii, T.; Yoshida, S.; Liu, C.Q., 1999:
Rare earth element chemistry of rain water

Abed Abdulkader M.; Abu Murry Omar S., 1997:
Rare earth element geochemistry of the Jordanian Upper Cretaceous phosphorites

Kawasaki, A.; Kimura, R.; Arai, S., 1998:
Rare earth elements and other trace elements in wastewater treatment sludges

Diatloff, E.; Asher, C.J.; Smith, F.W., 1996:
Rare earth elements and plant growth

Shang Lei; Lui XueYing, 1997:
Rare earths as a feed additive for poultry

Woods, J.P.; Retallack, D.M.; Heinecke, E.L.; Goldman, W.E., 1998:
Rare homologous gene targeting in Histoplasma capsulatum: disruption of the URA5Hc gene by allelic replacement

Pai, I.K.; Hegde, S.N., 1995:
Rare male mating phenomenon in mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L

Menzo, S.; Sampaolesi, R.; Vicenzi, E.; Santagostino, E.; Liuzzi, G.; Chirianni, A.; Piazza, M.; Cohen, O.J.; Bagnarelli, P.; Clementi, M., 1998:
Rare mutations in a domain crucial for V3-loop structure prevail in replicating HIV from long-term non-progressors

Sharma, R.L.; Bhattacharya, D.; Rao, G.S.C.R.; Laha, R., 1998:
Rare occurrence of Eimeria leuckarti (Flesch, 1883) Reichenow, 1940 in a donkey (Asinus asinus)

Lonati, G., 1998:
Rare or little known fungi. Mycena pseudocorticola Kuhner. Mycena pachyderma Kuhner

Purnomo; Solihin, A.; Gomez-Saladin, E.; Bangs, M.J., 1999:
Rare quadruple malaria infection in Irian Jaya Indonesia

Voolma, K.; Suda, I., 1999:
Rare species of Cerambycidae and Scolytidae (Coleoptera) in Estonia

Towpasz, K.; Trzcinska Tacik, H., 1997:
Rare vascular plants from the Krakow province

Catling, P.M.; Porebski, S., 1998:
Rare wild plants of potential or current economic importance in Canada - a list of priorities

Hulina, N., 1998:
Rare, endangered or vulnerable plants and neophytes in a drainage system in Croatia

Kolesnik, M.D.; Polishchuk, A.A., 1996:
Rarely-used fodder plants

Hopkins, G.W., 1998:
Rarity and commonness in birch (Betula) aphids

Horisberger, D., 1997:
Rarity in the environment of the practising forester

Segal, I., 1998:
Rarity of colorectal adenomas in the African black population

Gally, M.E.; Lumbardini, D.; Wright, E.R., 1997:
Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and boysenberry (Rubus loganobaccus) anthracnose caused by Glomerella cingulata in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Daubeny, H., 1997:
Raspberry breeding in Canada: 1920 to 1995

Spak, J.; Kubelkova, D.; Janeckova, M., 1998:
Raspberry bushy dwarf virus in the Czech Republic

Antonin, P.; Mittaz, C.; Terrettaz, R.; Linder, C., 1998:
Raspberry cane midge Resseliella theobaldi (Barnes) II. Towards a control strategy

Antonin, P.; Baillod, M.; Boureille, J.; Linder, C.; Mittaz, C., 1998:
Raspberry cane midge Resseliella theobaldi (Barnes). I. Sampling of adult and larval populations

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Rather use milk substitutes than surplus cow milk

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Rating of selected feeding strategies in dairy farming

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Ratio of mean body masses: a criterion for species saturation of coenoses; the Carabidae (Coleoptera) of the East European Plain forests taken as an example

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Ration formulation for extensively grazed livestock

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Rational control methods start in the nursery

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Rational feeding of wild animals in summer and autumn periods

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Rationale for the maximum allowable concentration of TZ-85 in the air of a working area when used in agriculture

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Rationales and practices of mangrove afforestation

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Rationalisation and greater flexibility

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Rationality and objectives of tropical farms. An example in South India

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Rationalization of forest tending

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Rationalization of micropropagation bench: a novel initiative to improve the efficiency of the explant manipulation

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Rationalization of the management of inventory in agri-food enterprises

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Rationalizing leaf thinning

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Rationalizing weed control options for the future

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Ratite meat

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Ratite reproduction

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Ratoon productivity on St Kitts

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Rattans in Thailand

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Raw material supply

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Raw materials as an attraction for food industry location

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RaxilReg.IM 035 ES - a new standard against Ustilago nuda

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Rayless secondary xylem of Trianthema monogyna (Aizoaceae)

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Rbf1 (RPG-box binding factor), a transcription factor involved in yeast-hyphal transition of Candida albicans

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Re-Aeration following Hypoxia or Anoxia Leads to Activation of the Antioxidative Defense System in Roots of Wheat Seedlings

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Re-analysis of 2,4-D use and the occurrence of canine malignant lymphoma

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Re-creation and connections in and with nature: synthesizing ecological and feminist discourses and praxis?

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Re-defining the role of trading in a museum service

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Re-descriptions of Isospora ameivae Carini, 1932 in the teiid lizard Ameiva ameiva and isospora hemidactyli Carini, 1936 in the gecko Hemidactylus mabouia, with particular reference to their endogenous stages

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Re-editing dietary allowances

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Re-electrification of rural areas in Poland in view of the Energy Law Act

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Re-emergence of Fusarium wilt of coffee in Africa

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Re-emergence of Plasmodium malariae in Trinidad, West Indies

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Re-emergence of potato and tomato late blight in the United States

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Re-emerging Plasmodium vivax malaria in the Republic of Korea

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Re-emerging infection of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in French Guiana. One case reported

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Re-establishing cool-season grasses on the sagebrush steppe, USA

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Re-establishment of mink production in Laerdal

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Re-establishment of normal growth increment rate in pine stands on Vaccinium vitis-idaea sites after fertilizer application

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Re-establishment of species-rich alpine meadows with seeds of indigenous plants

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Re-evaluation of the basis for fertiliser recommendations in the Australian sugar industry: an economic perspective

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Re-examination of resistance of Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites and bradyzoites to pepsin and trypsin digestion

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Re-examining coping among basketball referees following stressful events: implications for coping interventions

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Re-examining our strategies in weed control

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Re-feeding after starvation involves a temporal shift in the control site of glycogen synthesis in rat muscle

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Re-orientation and definition of the role of malaria vector control in Ethiopia. The epidemiology and control of malaria with special emphasis on the distribution, behaviour and susceptibility of insecticides of anopheline vectors and chloroquine resistance in Zwai, central Ethiopia and other areas

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Re-synthesis of B. napus by protoplast fusion to improve resistance to bacterial soft rot

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Re-use of sewage biosolids on canelands

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Reabsorption of chlorophyll fluorescence and its effects on the spectral distribution and the picosecond decay of higher plant leaves

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Reaching seriously at-risk populations: health interventions in criminal justice settings

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Reacting more quickly. LKV-Brandenburg sends data on milk quality and milk yield using data processing systems

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Reacting to external pressures

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Reacting to the dieback of mirabella plum trees

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Reaction and exchange of ions in mineralized irrigation water-soil system

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Reaction kinetics for the leaching of impurities from rock phosphate

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Reaction kinetics of rice husk for thermochemical conversion

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Reaction kinetics of the thermal denaturation of whey proteins in sweet whey concentrated by evaporation

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Reaction norms and genotype by environment interaction in Nordic dairy cattle

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Reaction norms of juvenile traits to light intensity in Iris pumila (Iridaceae): a comparison of populations from exposed and shaded habitats

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Reaction of Czech pea varieties to races of Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi

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Reaction of KBMB-1, a mothbean variety to diseases under dryland conditions

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Reaction of Lycopersicon esculentum callus to saline stress

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Reaction of Pieris brassicae L. and its endoparasitoid Apanteles glomeratus L. to extracts from selected medicinal plants

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Reaction of Trichogramma chilonis to some pesticides commonly used in cotton fields

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Reaction of a pasture oversown with cold-season legumes to cutting and grazing. 1. Availability of dry matter, digestible organic matter and crude protein

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Reaction of advanced rice cultures to major pests in Trichy

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Reaction of animals to familiar and unfamiliar events. Transport and temporary separation of suckler calves from the mother cow herd at different ages and effects on metabolic and haematological variables and acoustic signals of the animals

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Reaction of apricot phenotypes from national collection to the Monilinia laxa (Aderh. et Ruhl.) honey inoculum

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Reaction of barley varieties to net blotch (Pyrenophora teres Drechsl.)

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Reaction of betelvine cultivars to wilt (foot rot) caused by Phytophthora capsici

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Reaction of betelvine germplasm to Phytophthora capsici Leonain - a new record from India

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Reaction of betelvine varieties to carmine red spider mite

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Reaction of brinjal lines to the reniform nematode Rotylenchulus reniformis

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Reaction of chilli genotypes against die-back disease caused by Colletotrichum capsici

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Reaction of cocksfoot, perennial ryegrass and red clover roots to compaction by tractor tyres

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Reaction of coffee trees to Meloidogyne javanica

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Reaction of commercial bromeliads (subfamily: bromelioideae) to 'in vivo' infection with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. aechmea

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Reaction of common bean varieties to Fusarium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani in Mexican Highlands

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Reaction of coriander varieties to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita Chitwood)

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Reaction of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) to six isolates of blackeye cowpea mosaic virus (BlCMV) and cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus (CAMV), two potyviruses infecting cowpea in Nigeria

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Reaction of different okra cultivars and other cultivated plants against Macrophomina phaseolina causing collar rot

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Reaction of four Musa genotypes at three temperatures to isolates of Mycosphaerella fijiensis from different geographical regions

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Reaction of fresh and frozen bull spermatozoa incubated with fresh and frozen bovine oviduct epithelial cells

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Reaction of graded levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on weed dry matter and yield of paddy

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Reaction of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) to latent infection by bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum L.)

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Reaction of hay grass stands of different classes to changes in the intensity of their use

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Reaction of hybrid rice varieties to gall midge (Orseolia oryzae)

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Reaction of indica x japonica genotypes of rice for blast resistance

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Reaction of international rice germplasm collections screened against green leafhopper

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Reaction of ketamine anaesthesia in Lhasa Apso bitch

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Reaction of lime with water and acids

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Reaction of maize cultivars to sugarcane mosaic virus strain MB

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Reaction of maize genotypes to Phaeosphaeria maydis and effect on yield

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Reaction of maize hybrids to anthracnose stalk rot based on lodging and pith discoloration

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Reaction of maize hybrids to the foliar disease Phaeosphaeria

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Reaction of maize varieties grown for grain to variable weather conditions

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Reaction of manganese peroxidase of Bjerkandera adusta with synthetic lignin in acetone solution

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Reaction of new long-day pigeonpea genotypes to rust (Uredo cajani)

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Reaction of non-pregnant cattle and cattle at different stages of pregnancy, of the Holstein Friesian and from German Black Pied breeds exposed to transport stress: variability and individual reaction patterns of hormonal metabolic and haematological variables

abuda, S., 1997:
Reaction of oat to the oxygen conditions in the soil under the influence of periodical flooding in a pot experiment

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Reaction of onion lines to downy mildew caused by Peronospora destructor

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Reaction of pea varieties to leaf miner, Chromatomyia horticola (Goureau)

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Reaction of pearl millet germplasm to ergot disease under natural field conditions

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Reaction of pigeon pea genotypes against important insect pests

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Reaction of pigeonpea cultivars to a sudden appearance of Macrophomina stem canker disease at Pantnagar, India

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Reaction of plants to soil physical properties modified by tractor loading

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Reaction of potato cultivars to the infection by Meloidogyne incognita race 1

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Reaction of potato varieties to potato Y virus (PVYNTN)

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Reaction of potatoes to spray irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer on light soil

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Reaction of quince varieties to limiting meteorological factors

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Reaction of rice cultivars/lines to Fusarium sheath rot

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Reaction of safflower germplasm accessions to aphid, Uroleucon compositae Theobald

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Reaction of safflower varieties against capsule fly Acanthiophilus helianthi (Rossi.)

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Reaction of seedlings of woody plants to the application of sewage sludges to the soil

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Reaction of select varieties of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) on the growing conditions

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Reaction of selected cantaloupe F1 hybrids to root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)

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Reaction of selected cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) breeding lines to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vignicola

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Reaction of selected potato varieties to planting seed tuber pieces

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Reaction of sesame breeding lines to phyllody

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Reaction of sesamum entries to Oidium acanthospermi

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Reaction of some chickpea cultivars to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri and Meloidogyne incognita disease complex

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Reaction of some chickpea cultivars to Meloidogyne incognita in the field

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Reaction of some chilli germplasms to major fruit rotting fungal pathogens

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Reaction of some citrus cultivars to Phaeoramularia fruit and leaf spot in Kenya

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Reaction of some high yielding varieties of coriander to powdery mildew

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Reaction of some host plants to different races of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

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Reaction of some mung, cowpea, lablab and tomato genotypes to the reniform and root-knot nematodes

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Reaction of some pre-release cultures to paddy pests and its yield potential

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Reaction of some rice genotypes to rice tungro disease in Assam

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Reaction of some rice varieties of Assam to blast

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Reaction of some winter barley genotypes to Rhynchosporium secalis and influence on grain yeals

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Reaction of sour cherry trees on replant disease and efficiency of its control

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Reaction of soyabean cultivars to powdery mildew (Microsphaera diffusa) under greenhouse conditions

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Reaction of soyabean cultivars to stem canker (Diaporthe phaseolorum f. sp. meridionalis)

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Reaction of soyabean lines to Heterodera glycines Ichinohe race 3

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Reaction of soyabean varieties and lines to Heterodera glycines race 3

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Reaction of soybean cultivars to isolates of Fusarium solani from the Red River Valley

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Reaction of soybean genotypes to charcoal rot (Macrophomina phaseolina)

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Reaction of spring rape to herbicides in weeded and unweeded fields

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Reaction of spring wheat cultivars to the hazard of excess zinc in relation to soil pH

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Reaction of spring wheat varieties with different photoperiodic sensitivity to short days

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Reaction of sugarcane shoot borer and internode borer under field condition

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Reaction of sweet corn to inoculation with barley yellow dwarf virus RMV-IL

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Reaction of sweet potato germplasm against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

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Reaction of testate amoebae and soil nematodes to changes in the precipitation beneath spruce (Picea abies) in the Solling roof experiment

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Reaction of the hardwood lignin model compound 4-methylsyringol with chlorine dioxide

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Reaction of the maize hybrids with different types of cytoplasmatic sterility to the attack of Fusarium spp

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Reaction of three Pima cotton cultivars (Gossypium barbadense L.) to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum

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Reaction of tobacco and rice leaf tissue infiltrated with Burkholderia glumae or B. gladioli

Xing, Baoshan, 1998:
Reaction of toluene with soil organic matter

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Reaction of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) genotypes to septoria leaf spot (Septoria lycopersici)

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Reaction of tomato varieties to leaf curl virus

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Reaction of two cassava cultivars to cassava mealybug attack under conditions favoring high pest infestation in Malawi

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Reaction of various barley genotypes on infection, frequency and genes complexicity of Erysiphe graminis DC. f. sp. hordei Marchal in Slovakia

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Reaction of various ecotypes of entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana to the botanical preparation NEEM trade mark and pyrethroid Fastak

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Reaction of wheat varieties to leaf rust, stripe rust and powdery mildew under field conditions

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Reaction of wild Solanum species to the tuber necrosis strain of potato Y potyvirus (PVYNTN)

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Reaction of wild sunflowers and certain interspecific hybrids to Alternaria helianthi

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Reaction of winter triticale cultivars to growth retardants

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Reaction of winter wheat cultivars registered in the Czech Republic to common bunt (Tilletia tritici (Bjerk.) Wint. and T. laevis Kuhn) and sources of resistance

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Reaction of winter wheat cultivars to Fusarium avenaceum (Fr.) Sacc. and F. culmorum (W. G. Sm.) Sacc. at different localities

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Reaction of winter wheat to the application of fungicides and lodging retardant

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Reaction on bell-pepper to three plant parasitic nematodes

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Reaction on potato cultivars to infection by population mixture of Meloidogyne incognita raca 1 e M. javanica

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Reaction pattern of various resistant genes in rice to Chinese pathotypes of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and their expression in hybrids

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Reaction patterns of dairy calves at the end of milk-feed period to short-haul road transport. Effects of age of calves and of rearing conditions on metabolic, haematological and hormonal variables

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Reaction products of monocalcium phosphate in soils of Haryana

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Reaction products of the lipoxygenase pathway in olive tissue cultures

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Reaction system for violaxanthin de-epoxidase with PSII membranes

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Reaction to Diaporthe phaseolorum f.sp. meridionalis and Cercospora sojina of soyabean lines resistant to Heterodera glycines race 3

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Reaction to rust (Uromyces phaseoli) in bean genotypes with and without chemical protection in the north of Veracruz State, Mexico

Alfonso, I.; Rodriguez, S.; Sanchez, C., 1993:
Reaction to sugarcane rust of Saccharum genus and other representatives of Poaceae family in Cuba

Akbarpour, K.; Banihashemi, Z., 1998:
Reactions of Citrus spp. to Phytophthora gummosis

Dohrenbusch, A.; Jaehne, S.; Meyer, A.C., 1999:
Reactions of an old spruce stand to a modified supply of water and nutrients

Kuptsova, K.V., 1997:
Reactions of animals with altered physiological status to gamma-radiation and mycotoxin T-2

Alla, H.M.A.; Abdou, E.S.; Galal, A.A.; Shihata, Z.A.; Gazar, A.A.; Stavely, J.R., 1999:
Reactions of bean plants to bacterial halo blight

Gzik, A., 1998:
Reactions of characteristic floodplain grasses on different stressors in dependence on stress induction

Hue, N.V.; Guo, F.; Zhang, G.; Yost, R.S.; Miyasaka, S.C., 1997:
Reactions of copper sulfate with wetland-taro soils in Hawaii

Omuaru, V.O.T., 1998:
Reactions of cyclic anhydrides with aromatic primary amines: part 3-synthesis of novel 3-(N-arylcarbamoyl)- and 3-(N-naphthylcarbamoyl)carboxylic acids

Onu, I., 1997:
Reactions of different kenaf varieties to insect infestation and damage in a Northern Guinea Savanna environment of Nigeria

Hussain, S.; Bora, D.K., 1996:
Reactions of differentials of rice varieties to gall midge (Orseolia oryzae Wood-Mason)

Vallega, V.; Rubies Autonell, C.; Turina, M.; Contoli, S., 1999:
Reactions of durum wheat cultivars to infections by SBWMV grown in northern Italy during 1995-96

Kalhoff, M., 1996:
Reactions of fine roots in a pine-oak forest ecosystem to summer drought periods

Pataky, J.K.; Toit, L.J. du; Revilla, P.; Tracy, W.F., 1998:
Reactions of open-pollinated sweet corn cultivars to Stewart's wilt, common rust, northern leaf blight, and southern leaf blight

Nakahara, K.; Hataya, T.; Kimura, I.; Shikata, E., 1997:
Reactions of potato cultivars in Japan to potato spindle tuber viroid and its gene diagnosis

Du-Toit, L.; Pataky, J., 1999:
Reactions of processing sweet corn hybrids to Gibberella ear rot

Kandalkar, H.G.; Men, U.B.; Jillani, S.K.; Datke, S.B., 1997:
Reactions of promising rice donors and derivatives to gall midge Orseolia oryzae (wood-mason)

Kim MyeongKi; Cohen, M.B.; Roh JaeHwan; Kim YulHo; I.D.eJoon; Hur IlBong; Chung DongHee; Kim KwangHo, 1998:
Reactions of resistance to brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal.) in japonica rice cultivars

Marcelo, A.; Fernandes, M.; Potes, M.F.; Serrano, J.F., 1999:
Reactions of some cultivars of Olea europaea L. to experimental inoculation with Pseudomonas syringae pv. savastanoi

Silva, J.A.L. da; Sediyama, T.; Teixeira, R. de C., 1999:
Reactions of soyabean lines from two crosses to Heterodera glycines race 3

Kerns, M.R.; Pataky, J.K., 1997:
Reactions of sweet corn hybrids with resistance to maize dwarf mosaic

Hasabnis, S.N.; Srikant Kulkarni; Wuike, R.V.; Hanchinal, R.R., 1997:
Reactions of wheat varieties to powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe graminis DC f.sp. tritici M. r

Zamorski, C., 1997:
Reactions of winter wheat cultivars to infection by Puccinia striiformis West

Frewer, L.J.; Howard, C.; Hedderley, D.; Shepherd, R., 1999:
Reactions to information about genetic engineering: impact of source characteristics, perceived personal relevance, and persuasiveness

Yousif, N.M.; Fahmy, A.F.M.; Gad, F.A.; Sayed, H.H., 1997:
Reactions with spiroepoxy-alkanones. Part III. Reaction of spirooctanones with dimethylamine, aldehyde and then thiourea

Sartori, A.M.; Lopes, M.H.; Benvenuti, L.A.; Caramelli, B.; di Pietro, A.; Nunes, E.V.; Ramirez, L.P.; Shikanai-Yasuda, M.A., 1998:
Reactivation of Chagas' disease in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient leading to severe heart disease with a late positive direct microscopic examination of the blood

Callanan, D.; Fish, G.E.; Anand, R., 1998:
Reactivation of inflammatory lesions in ocular histoplasmosis

Van den Berghe, G.; Wouters, P.; Weekers, F.; Mohan, S.; Baxter, R.C.; Veldhuis, J.D.; Bowers, C.Y.; Bouillon, R., 1999:
Reactivation of pituitary hormone release and metabolic improvement by infusion of growth hormone-releasing peptide and thyrotropin-releasing hormone in patients with protracted critical illness

Gao, X.G.; Garza-Ramos, G.; Saavedra-Lira, E.; Cabrera, N.; D.G.mez-Puyou, M.T.; Perez-Montfort, R.; Gómez-Puyou, A., 1998:
Reactivation of triosephosphate isomerase from three trypanosomatids and human: effect of suramin

Walbot, V.; Stapleton, A.E., 1998:
Reactivation potential of epigenetically inactive Mu transposable elements of Zea mays L. decreases in successive generations

Dixon, E.; Gardner, M., 1998:
Reactive aluminium in UK surface waters

Erel, O.; Kocyigit, A.; Bulut, V.; Gurel, M.S., 1999:
Reactive nitrogen and oxygen intermediates in patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis

Argenzio, R.A.; Rhoads, J.M., 1997:
Reactive oxygen metabolites in piglet cryptosporidiosis

Ridgley, E.L.; Xiong, Z.H.; Ruben, L., 1999:
Reactive oxygen species activate a Ca2+-dependent cell death pathway in the unicellular organism Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Ravindra Nath; Amod Gupta; Rajendra Prasad; Pandav, S.S.; Rajinder Kumar, 1999:
Reactive oxygen species and age-related macular degeneration

Julien, J.L.; Turpin, A., 1999:
Reactive surfaces and the reasoning of a few chemical characteristics of acid soils

Tajima, T.; Takeda, Y.; Tohya, Y.; Sugii, S., 1998:
Reactivities of feline calicivirus field isolates with monoclonal antibodies detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Kobayashi, M.; Sasaki, T.; Yoshida, M.; Muto, A.; Agui, N., 1998:
Reactivity of an antivenom against the red-back spider, Latrodectus hasseltii, to venom proteins of two other species of Latrodectus introduced to Japan

Sobiech, E.; Babicz Bury, J., 1997:
Reactivity of equine sera with selected Leptospira serotypes

Magnarelli, L.A.; IJdo, J.W.; Dumler, J.S.; Heimer, R.; Fikrig, E., 1998:
Reactivity of human sera to different strains of granulocytic ehrlichiae in immunodiagnostic assays

Vick, C.B.; Christiansen, A.W.; Okkonen, E.A., 1998:
Reactivity of hydroxymethylated resorcinol coupling agent as it affects durability of epoxy bonds to Douglas-fir

Pires, M.C.; Calux, M. de J.F.; Montealegre, F., 1998:
Reactivity of immunoglobulins IgG and IgE anti-Blomia tropicalis in patients with atopic dermatitis. Relation with human thermal shock protein HSP 70

Dawson, B.S.W.; Franich, R.A.; Kroese, H.W.; Steward, D., 1999:
Reactivity of radiata pine sapwood towards carboxylic acid anhydrides

Shaarawy, M.A.; Hu, J.S.; Xie, W.S.; Sether, D., 1997:
Reactivity of some Hawaiian banana bunchy top diseased samples using DAS-ELISA and a digoxigenin labelled DNA probe

Golde, W.T.; Piesman, J.; Dolan, M.C.; Kramer, M.; Hauser, P.; Lobet, Y.; Capiau, C.; Desmons, P.; Voet, P.; Dearwester, D.; Frantz, J.C., 1997:
Reactivity with a specific epitope of outer surface protein A predicts protection from infection with the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi

Singh, G., 1997:
Reactor design for plant cell culture of food ingredients and additives

Biscombe, K.; Flatten, K.; Matheson, H., 1998:
Read the paper, play the sport: a decade of gender change

Koblin, B.A.; Heagerty, P.; Sheon, A.; Buchbinder, S.; Celum, C.; Douglas, J.M.; Gross, M.; Marmor, M.; Mayer, K.; Metzger, D.; Seage, G., 1998 :
Readiness of high-risk populations in the HIV Network for Prevention Trials to participate in HIV vaccine efficacy trials in the United States

Neuner, G.; Ambach, D.; Buchner, O., 1999:
Readiness to frost harden during the dehardening period measured in situ in leaves of Rhododendron ferrugineum L. at the alpine timberline

Jamieson, K.M., 1998:
Reading Nancy Lopez: Decoding representations of race, class, and sexuality

Havard, M.; Lhoste, P., 1997:
Reading notes: African agriculture and draught animals

Muir, R., 1998:
Reading the landscape, rejecting the present

Vinze, R.; Parekh, H.K.B., 1998:
Ready reckoner using test day milk yield for predicting 300 days production in crossbred cows and its accuracy

Melching, C.S.; Flores, H.E., 1999:
Reaeration equations derived from U.S. Geological Survey database

Riches, G., 1999:
Reaffirming the right to food in Canada: the role of community-based food security

Montis, G. de, 1999:
Reaginic sensitizations and date of birth. Variations in the effect of family history

Kliot Nurit; Shmueli Deborah, 1998:
Real and ideal institutional frameworks for managing the common Arab-Israeli water resources

Larsen, B.G.; Svaneberg, T.; Tornes Hansen, S., 1998 :
Real credit loans in euros - new financial possibilities for agriculture

Knyazhev, V.A.; Onitschenko, G.G.; Bol' shakov, O.V.; Baturin, A.K.; Tutel' yan, V.A., 1998:
Real problems of improving the nutritional status and health of Russians. Government policy concepts concerning the healthy nutrition of Russians in the period to 2005

Wood, D., 1998:
Real rights for farmers

Mooij, J., 1999:
Real targeting: the case of food distribution in India

Ito, J.; Hasegawa, S.; Fujita, K.; Ogasawara, S.; Fujiwara, T., 1999:
Real time diagnosis of environmental stress by micromorphometric method. 1. Effect of air temperature during fruitlet stage of fruit on stem and fruit diameters, and fruit growth in Japanese pear tree (Pyrus serotina Reheder cv. Kosui)

Brandt, J.; Christensen, J.H.; Zlatev, Z., 1999:
Real time predictions of transport, dispersion and deposition from nuclear accidents

Manik, R.S.; Singla, S.K.; Palta, P.; Madan, M.L., 1998:
Real time ultrasound evaluation of changes in follicular populations during oestrous cycle in buffalo

Maji, A.K.; Velayutham, M., 1999:
Real-life problems in developing a land-use plan using computerized systems

Roppongi, K.; Yamazaki, H., 1998:
Real-time diagnosis of soil solution of cucumber in protected cultivation using compact nitrate ion-meter

Hughes, S.D.; Leary, J.D.; Annucci, M.W., 1998:
Real-time display of building test facility data using the internet

Shamseldin, A.Y.; Abdo, G.M.; Elzein, A.S., 1999:
Real-time flood forecasting on the Blue Nile river

Kang, M.S.; Park, C.E.; Park, S.W., 1999:
Real-time forecasting and management of the Youngsan estuary dam in Korea

Steward, B.L.; Tian, L.F., 1998:
Real-time machine vision weed-sensing

Valeur, P.; Hansson, B.; Lofstedt, C., 1999:
Real-time measurement of pheromone release from individual female moths and synthetic dispensers in a wind tunnel by recording of single receptor-neurone responses

Gat, N., 1998:
Real-time multi- and hyper-spectral imaging for remote sensing and machine vision: an overview

Park BoSoon; Chen YudRen, 1998:
Real-time multispectral image processing for poultry inspection

Cunha, J.B.; Couto, C.; Ruano, A.E.B., 1998:
Real-time parameter estimation of dynamic temperature and humidity models for greenhouse adaptive climate control

Waas, J.R.; Ingram, J.R.; Matthews, L.R., 1999:
Real-time physiological responses of red deer to translocations

Zipper, N.; Kaulfuss, K.H.; May, J.; Elze, K., 1997:
Real-time ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis in sheep. Part 3: diagnosis of the numbers of embryos and fetuses

Ortego Pacheco, A., 1998:
Real-time ultrasonography for the diagnosis of normal and abnormal pregnancies in small ruminants

Sannier, C.A.D.; Taylor, J.C.; D.P.essis, W.; Campbell, K., 1998:
Real-time vegetation monitoring with NOAA-AVHRR in Southern Africa for wildlife management and food security assessment

Steward, B.L.; Tian, L.F., 1998:
Real-time weed detection in outdoor field conditions

Fan Ge; Zhang NaiQian; Peterson, D.E.; Loughin, T.M., 1998:
Real-time weed detection using machine vision

Thistle, H.W.; Teske, M.E., 1998:
Real-time, aircraft based estimation of spray drift: Drift algorithms

Harrington, M.L.; Bagley, R.S., 1998:
Realignment of a seventh lumbar vertebral fracture/luxation using a Senn retractor in two puppies

Wiesinger, K.; Seebauer, M.; Stadler, S., 1998:
Realisation of nature conservation measures in farms - indicators for prediction of economic efficiency and environmental effects

R.L.Jun; Fan XianLin; L.M.iGuang; Zhao JianZhou; Wei Cen, 1997:
Realised heritability of resistance to pyrethroids in Helicoverpa armigera

Ramkumar, S., 1998:
Realising the reality: the first step in sustainable agricultural development

Fan Jing, 1997:
Realistic significance and measures on strengthening the fundamental status of agriculture

Benincasa, F.; Fasano, G.; Materassi, A.; Viganego, M., 1999:
Realization phase of the high resolution electronic lysimeter system

Larsen, A.B.; Wellendorf, H.; Roulund, H., 1997:
Realized correlated responses at late stage from upward, downward, and stabilizing selection at nursery stage in Picea abies (L.) Karst

Stowe, K.A., 1998:
Realized defense of artificially selected lines of Brassica rapa: effects of quantitative genetic variation in foliar glucosinolate concentration

Carson, S.; Garcia, O.H.yes, J., 1999:
Realized gain and prediction of yield with genetically improved Pinus radiata in New Zealand

Bouma, J., 1998:
Realizing basic research in applied environmental research projects

Demicheli, M.C., 1997:
Realizing the potential of agricultural biotechnology in Europe

Ise, S.; Sunding, D.L., 1998:
Reallocating water from agriculture to the environment under a voluntary purchase program

Gulick, R.M., 1997:
Reappearance of a remotely acquired infection

Barr, M.E.; Holm, L.; Holm, K., 1999:
Reappraisal of Sphaeria ordinata sensu Broome

Aoki, N.; Kanai, R., 1997:
Reappraisal of the role of sodium in the light-dependent active transport of pyruvate into mesophyll chloroplasts of C4 plants

de Pee, S.; Bloem, M.W.; Gorstein, J.; Sari, M.; Satoto; Yip, R.; Shrimpton, R.; Muhilal, 1998:
Reappraisal of the role of vegetables in the vitamin A status of mothers in Central Java, Indonesia

Aeschlimann, J.P., 1997:
Reappraising the potential of biological control against the weed Carthamus lanatus

van Achterberg, C.; Salvo, A., 1997:
Reared Opiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from Argentina

Heath, P.L.; Moore, C.G., 1997:
Rearing Dover sole larvae on Tisbe and Artemia diets

Islam, W., 1998:
Rearing and release of the pulse weevil parasitoid Dinarmus basalis (Rond.) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Berg, M.A. van den; Greenland, J., 1999:
Rearing and releasing methods for Encarsia cf. smithi (Hym.: Aphelinidae), used in a classical biological control programme for the spiny blackfly, Aleurocanthus spiniferus (Hem.: Aleyrodidae)

Gupta, B.K., 1998:
Rearing crickets at Coimbatore Zoo, India

W.ZhanQuan, 1997:
Rearing dried fruit beetle Carpophilus hemipterus on an artificial diet

Verwoerd, D.J.; Deeming, D.C.; Angel, C.R.; Perelman, B., 1999:
Rearing environments around the world

Rommers, J.M.; Kemp, B.; Meijerhof, R.; Noordhuizen, J.P.T.M., 1999:
Rearing management of rabbit does: a review

Lankin, G.; Lamborot, L.; Araya, J.E., 1997:
Rearing method for Diaeretiella rapae (McIntosh), parasitoid of Brevicoryne brassicae (L.)

Turnock, WJ.; Bilodeau, RJ., 1999:
Rearing methods and developmental parameters for Athrycia cinerea (Coq.) and Eurithia consobrina Mg. (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Argov, Y.; Rossler, Y., 1998:
Rearing methods for the citrus leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton and its parasitoids in Israel

Wang PiYu; Wang XuZhong; D.Z.nWei, 1998:
Rearing observation in laboratory on different geographical strains of An. minimus from Yunnan

Siscaro, G.; Mazzeo, G., 1997:
Rearing of Ageniaspis citricola for the biological control of Phyllocnistis citrella

Santoro, C., 1998:
Rearing of Saissetia oleae and its parasitoid Metaphycus bartletti

Choi ManYoung; Lee JongJin; Lee GeonHui, 1999:
Rearing of a green lacewing, Chrysopa pallens Ramber, on artificial diets

Mizuno, T.; Fujiwara, S.; Matsuda, M., 1997:
Rearing of ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus pfeili (Ratzeburg) on artificial diet

Gorlov, I.F.; Cheprasova, T.B., 1996:
Rearing of calves on milk substitutes containing chickpeas

Duarte, A.C.L., 1999:
Rearing of gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata, L. 1758) in earthen ponds using a semi-intensive regime

Jordao, A.L.; Viana, A.M.M.; Vilela, E.F., 1997:
Rearing of immature Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar) on natural and artificial diets

Schwiete, U.; Zaugg, A.; Wald, F., 1997:
Rearing of lambs and kids

Okada, H., 1998:
Rearing of larvae of the yellow striped flea beetle, Phyllotreta striolata Fabricius, with fresh leaves of crucifer vegetables

Drescher, B.; Reichel, A., 1996:
Rearing of rabbits in groups

Saheb, N.M.B.; Gaur, J.P.; Samson, M.V.; Rajanna, K.L., 1998:
Rearing of silk moths

Chandrakala, M.V.; Shivakumar, C.; Sekharappa, B.M., 1996:
Rearing of silkworm, Bombyx mori Linn. on artificial diets

Mathur, S.K.; Shukla, R.M., 1998:
Rearing of tasar silkworm

Milevoj, L., 1999:
Rearing of the common green lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea Stephens, in the laboratory

Kitajima, H., 1997:
Rearing of the cryptomeria bark borer, Semanotus japonicus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) larvae on artificial diets

Kitajima, H.; Igarashi, M., 1997:
Rearing of the cryptomeria bark borer, Semanotus japonicus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) larvae on bolts of the Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica and termination of adult diapause by the low temperature treatments

Ortiz, F.M.; Brenes Blanco, J.; Perez Jiron, H., 1999:
Rearing of the parasitoids Cotesia plutellae, Microplitis plutellae and Diadegma insulare under laboratory conditions. II part

Mathur, S.K.; Verma, V.K.; Singh, B.M.K.; Tiwari, S.K.; Goel, R.K.; Rajput, K.B.; Ansari, M.O.A.; Banerjee, K.; Muralikrishnan, C.; Sinha, B.R.R.P.; Sinha, S.S., 1998:
Rearing of tropical tasar

Mazanowski, A.; Smalec, E., 1998:
Rearing performance of 12-week-old crossbreds of ganders and geese from genetic reserve flocks compared with White Kouda

Lysyk, T.J.; Kalischuk-Tymensen, L.; Selinger, L.B.; Lancaster, R.C.; Wever, L.; Cheng, K.J., 1999:
Rearing stable fly larvae (Diptera: Muscidae) on an egg yolk medium

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