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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3254

Chapter 3254 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Silva Junior, M.C.audio Da; Scarano, F.R.bio; Cardel, F.D.S.uza, 1995:
Regeneration of an Atlantic forest formation in the understorey of a Eucalyptus grandis plantation in south-eastern Brazil

Augustine, A.C.; D.S.uza, L., 1997:
Regeneration of an anticarcinogenic herb, Curculigo orchioides (Gaertn.)

Jordan, M.; Piwanski, D., 1997:
Regeneration of babaco (Carica pentagona (Heilborn) Badillo) using leaf explants and shoot-tip culture

Novitskaya, Ludmila, L., 1998:
Regeneration of bark and formation of abnormal birch wood

Liang Hong; Chai YeTong, 1997:
Regeneration of bark of Cinnamomum cassia Presl after girdling

Unkrig, W., 1997:
Regeneration of beech and spruce in the Sonnenkopf forest reserve

Davies, R.J.P., 1998:
Regeneration of blackberry-infested native vegetation

Wilkinson, G.R.; Jennings, S.M., 1994:
Regeneration of blackwood from ground-stored seed in the Arthur Forests, north-western Tasmania

Luthar, Z., 1998:
Regeneration of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) from cotyledon fragments and transformation by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Pramod Dikshit; Rajesh Kumar; Maurya, V.N., 1997:
Regeneration of chrysanthemum through tissue culture

Chan, J.L.; Saenz, L.; Talavera, C.; Hornung, R.; Robert, M.; Oropeza, C., 1998:
Regeneration of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) from plumule explants through somatic embryogenesis

Dumitrescu, N.; Maxim, D., 1997:
Regeneration of degraded and eroded pastures with an MCR-2,5 machine on the Moldavian sylvosteppe

Iantcheva, A.V.ahova, M.B.kalova, E.K.ndorosi, E.E.liott, M.; Atanassov, A., 1999:
Regeneration of diploid annual medics via direct somatic embryogenesis promoted by thidiazuron and benzylaminopurine

Lambert, G.A.; Hilder, T.B.; Bishop, H.G.; Dodt, R.M., 1999:
Regeneration of drought-affected Queensland bluegrass pastures

Farber, S.K.; Sokolov, V.A.; Vtyrina, O.P., 1998:
Regeneration of felled areas, and the effect of the logging technology

Henn, H.J.; Wingender, R.; Schnabl, H., 1998:
Regeneration of fertile interspecific hybrids from protoplast fusions between Helianthus annuus L. and wild Helianthus species

Henn, H.J.; Wingender, R.; Schnabl, H., 1998:
Regeneration of fertile plants from Helianthus nuttallii T&G and Helianthus giganteus L. mesophyll protoplasts

Sindelar, J., 1997:
Regeneration of forest stands and its genetic consequences

Singh, D.K., 1998:
Regeneration of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cultivars by stooling with the aid of paclobutrazol

Parampreet Kaur; Bhalla, J.K., 1998:
Regeneration of haploid plants from microspore culture of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.)

Tyagi, A.P., 1997:
Regeneration of haploid plants in rice (Oryza sativa) using anther culture techniques

Hruskova, H.; Hofbauer, J., 1999:
Regeneration of knotweed (Reynoutria spp.) from stem cuttings

Venkatachalam, P.; Rao, K.S.nkara; Kishor, P.B.K.vi; Jayabalan, N., 1998:
Regeneration of late leaf spot-resistant groundnut plants from Cercosporidium personatum culture filtrate-treated callus

Devi, J.; Ray, B.K.; Chetia, S.; Deka, P.C., 1998:
Regeneration of low temperature stored encapsulated protocorms of orchids

Dickinson, M.B.; Whigham, D.F., 1999:
Regeneration of mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) in the Yucatan

Debroux, L.; Mbolo, M.; Delvingt, W.; Amougou, A., 1998:
Regeneration of moabi and mukulungu in Cameroon

Muller, J.; Poschlod, P., 1997:
Regeneration of moist low-mountain grasslands after clear-cutting

Anic, I., 1997:
Regeneration of narrow-leaved ash stands (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl) in central Croatia

D.C.oce, D.M.; Floss, P.A., 1996:
Regeneration of native erva-mate stands by the method of topping

Klimes, F.; Frelich, J.; Kral, M., 1997:
Regeneration of nonproduction functions of grasslands

Buckley, D.S.; Sharik, T.L.; Isebrands, J.G., 1998:
Regeneration of northern red oak: positive and negative effects of competitor removal

Hardcastle, J., 1999:
Regeneration of oak with a historical incentive

Degenbeck, M., 1999:
Regeneration of old fruit trees - expenditure and costs

Smith, D.; Cooper, A., 1997:
Regeneration of ombrotrophic lowland mire in relation to former peat-cutting

Madsen, M.H.; Nauerby, B.; Frederiksen, C.G.; Wyndaele, R., 1998:
Regeneration of pea (Pisum sativum L.) by the thin cell layer nodal system: Influence of explant culture media on rooting and plantlet formation

Fujioka, T.; Fujita, M.; Miyamoto, Y., 1999:
Regeneration of pea plants by ovary culture

Evenor, D.; Levi Nissim, A.; Afgin, L.; Lilien Kipnis, H.; Watad, A.A., 1997:
Regeneration of plantlets and bulblets from explants and callus of Allium aflatunense cultivars and selection from indigenous Israeli Allium ampeloprasum

Ignacimuthu, S.; Franklin, G., 1998:
Regeneration of plantlets from cotyledon and embryonal axis explants of Vigna mungo L. Hepper

Mandegaran, Z.; Roberts, A.V., 1998:
Regeneration of plantlets from roots of Colt cherry by somatic embryogenesis

Ting, Y.C.; Tran, L., 1999:
Regeneration of plantlets in diploid maize

Vijayan, K.; Chakraborti, S.P.; Roy, B.N., 1998:
Regeneration of plantlets through callus culture in mulberry

Banerjee, A.K.; Agrawal, D.C.; Hazra, S.; Dhage, A.B.; Krishnamurthy, K.V., 1999:
Regeneration of plants from cotyledonary nodes of Gossypium hirsutum L

Sandeep Kumar; Sarkar, A.K.; Kunhikannan, C., 1998:
Regeneration of plants from leaflet explants of tissue culture raised safed siris (Albizia procera)

Sigareva, M.; Earle, E., 1999:
Regeneration of plants from protoplasts of Capsella bursa-pastoris and somatic hybridization with rapid cycling Brassica oleracea

Prakash, E.; Khan, P.S.S.V.; Reddy, P.S.; Rao, K.R., 1999:
Regeneration of plants from seed-derived callus of Hybanthus enneaspermus L. Muell., a rare ethnobotanical herb

Khafagi, I.K.; Dewedar, A.; Powling, A.H., 1996:
Regeneration of plants from stored seeds of Peganum harmala L

Taparia, M.; Deka, A.; Sahewalla, I.P., 1997:
Regeneration of pluckable shoots in pruned tea as affected by tipping-in-material

Acosta, L.W.; Sabbatini, M.R.; Hernandez, L.F.; Fernandez, O.A., 1998:
Regeneration of propagules of Potamogeton pectinatus, Ruppia maritima, Zannichellia palustris and Chara contraria: temperature effects

Kessler, J.J.; Slingerland, M.A.; Savadogo, M., 1998:
Regeneration of sylvopastoral lands in the Sahel zone under village management conditions

Tavares, F.; Abreu, I.; Salema, R., 1998:
Regeneration of the actinorhizal plant Myrica gale L. from epicotyl explants

Stefano, J.F. di; Nielsen, V.; Hoomans, J.; Fournier, L.A., 1996:
Regeneration of the arboreal vegetation in a small urban forest reserve of the moist premontane level in Costa Rica

Slemnev, N.N.; Gunin, P.D.; Kazantseva, T.I.; Yakunin, G.N.; Tsoozh, S., 1997:
Regeneration of the dominant plants in ecosystems of the desert zone of Mongolia: survival and viability of regeneration

Kalyaeva, M.A.; Buryanov, Y.I., 1997:
Regeneration of the monocot plant genus Sansevieria in vitro

Carlton, G.C.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1998:
Regeneration of three sympatric birch species on experimental hurricane blowdown microsites

Niki, T.; Rost, T.; Gladish, D., 1998:
Regeneration of tissue following cavity formation in the vascular cylinders of Pisum sativum (Fabaceae) primary roots

Franks, T.; Ding GangHe; Thomas, M., 1998:
Regeneration of transgenic Vitis vinifera L. Sultana plants: genotypic and phenotypic analysis

Porta, N. la; Belloni, V.; Rotino, G.L., 1998:
Regeneration of transgenic eggplants (Solanum melongena L.) for a cysteine proteinase inhibitor

Kawazu, T.; Doi, K.; Tatemichi, Y.; Ito, K.; Shibata, M., 1996:
Regeneration of transgenic plants by nodule culture system in Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Kaneyoshi, J., 1997:
Regeneration of transgenic plants from hairy root of trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata Raf.) induced by Agrobacterium rhizogenes 1724 (MAFF 301724)

Ahlawat, S.P., 1997:
Regeneration of tree legume - Albizia procera (Roxb.) Benth. through tissue culture

Rasolofoharinoro, M.; Bellan, M.F.; Blasco, F., 1997:
Regeneration of vegetation after shifting cultivation in Andasibe-Perinet, Madagascar

Grundmann, V., 1997:
Regeneration on windthrow areas

Kurahashi, Y.; Shibuya, M.; Yajima, T.; Matsuda, K., 1999:
Regeneration pattern of tree species and light regime on scarified sites with a sparse canopy of trees in northern Japan

Sedlakova, I.; Chytry, M., 1999:
Regeneration patterns in a Central European dry heathland: effects of burning, sod-cutting and cutting

Vidya Thakur; Chauhan, J.C.; Sanjay Tomar, 1996:
Regeneration potential of Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. through seeds under natural conditions in mid hills of Himachal Pradesh

Nagatome, H.; Baba, K.; Taya, M.; Tone, S., 1999:
Regeneration potential of horseradish cells stored in artificial seeds with limited oxygen supply

Nedev, T.; Vassilevska Ivanova, R.; Tzekova, Z., 1998:
Regeneration potential of sunflower hybrids

Rayachhetry, M.B.; Van, T.K.; Center, T.D., 1998:
Regeneration potential of the canopy-held seeds of Melaleuca quinquenervia in south Florida

Kamijo, Takashi, 1997:
Regeneration process of Castanopsis and Persea forest on Miyake-jima, Izu Islands

Sawada, H.; Kaji, M.; Igarashi, Y.; Ohmura, K., 1997:
Regeneration process of the stand on a windfall site in the subalpine forest zone of the Chichibu mountains

Soto Ortiz, R.; Socorro Castro, A.R.; Oropesa, R., 1996:
Regeneration pruning in different tomato cultivars

Vij, S.P.; Promila Pathak; Anoopama Kher, 1997:
Regeneration response of Rhynchostylis gigantea inflorescence segments: a study in vitro

Devi, J.; Deka, P.C., 1997:
Regeneration response of leaf and root explants in two monopodial orchids: a study in vitro

Zang RunGuo; X.H.aCheng; Gao WenTao, 1999:
Regeneration response of main tree species to gap size and gap development phase in the Korean pine-broadleaved forest in Jiaohe, northeast China

Stanturf, J.A.; Auchmoody, L.R.; Walters, R.S., 1997:
Regeneration responses of oak-dominated stands to thinning and clearcutting in northwestern Pennsylvania

Adhikari, B.S.; Rikhari, H.C.; Dhaila, S.; Rawat, Y.S., 1996:
Regeneration status of high altitude forests in a part of Kumaun Himalaya

Kumar, B.M., 1997:
Regeneration status of some important forest formations in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India

Maram, M.K.; Khan, M.L., 1998:
Regeneration status of trees in various categories of forests in Manipur

Fernandez Palacios, J.M.; Arevalo, J.R., 1998:
Regeneration strategies of tree species in the laurel forest of Tenerife (The Canary Islands)

Komarova, T.A., 1999:
Regeneration successions after fires in the forests of the southern Sikhote-Alin

Miaja, M.L.; Vallania, R.; Me, G., 1997:
Regeneration through organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in some fruit species

Medero, V.; Padron, E.; Rodriguez, S.; Gomez, R.; Garcia, M.; Lopez, J.; Ventura, J.; Martinez, M.; Alvarez, M., 1997:
Regeneration through somatic embryogenesis of Cuban cassava clones

Rijks, M.H.; Malta, E.J.; Zagt, R.J., 1998:
Regeneration through sprout formation in Chlorocardium rodiei (Lauraceae) in Guyana

Vij, S.P.; Abhilasha Dhiman, 1997:
Regenerative competence of Bletilla striata pseudobulb segments: A study in vitro

Murphy, A.; Ough, K., 1997:
Regenerative strategies of understorey flora following clearfell logging in the Central Highlands, Victoria

Rattan, P.S.; Mukumbareza, C., 1997:
Regent (fipronil) an insecticide for the control of termites in young tea

Avenant, J.H.; Ellis, P.J.L., 1998:
Regent Seedless - a promising seedless cultivar for the export market

Spring, J.I.; Jermini, M.; Maigre, D.; Murisier, F., 1998:
Regent, a new disease resistant grape cultivar. Trials in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino

Elgaard, C.P., 1999:
RegentReg. 80 WDG (fipronil) - a new insecticide from Rhone-Poulenc Agro

Mouhamadou, I.T.; Sant' Anna, M.A. da M., 1999:
Region use evolution in the sub-prefecture of Banikoara (North Benin)

Filipov, N.M.; Thompson, F.N.; Tsunoda, M.; Sharma, R.P., 1999:
Region-specific decrease of dopamine and its metabolites in brains of mice given ergotamine

Josling, T., 1997:
Regional accords and liberalization of international trade in agricultural products

Mittendorfer, B.; Sidossis, L.S.; Walser, E.; Chinkes, D.L.; Wolfe, R.R., 1998:
Regional acetate kinetics and oxidation in human volunteers

H.M.nFu; Jiang JinLong; Koun TsaiLi; L.H.iuYing; Liu SinYie, 1998:
Regional adaptability trials of elite Hsian-tsao strains (Mesona procumbens Hemsl.)

Dicks, M.R., 1996:
Regional adjustment costs: a failure of national analysis

Anonymous, 1997:
Regional agriculture within the EC

Fernandez, P.C.; Rodriguez, S.; Fornero, L., 1997:
Regional analysis of convective storms achieved from dense hydrometeorological network data in an arid zone of the Southern Hemisphere

Tallaksen, L.M.; Hisdal, H., 1997:
Regional analysis of extreme streamflow drought duration and deficit volume

Sousa, V.; Pereira, L.S., 1999:
Regional analysis of irrigation water requirements using kriging. Application to potato crop (Solanum tuberosum L.) at Tras-os-Montes

Heredia Calderon, E.; Siccardi, F., 1999:
Regional analysis of short duration precipitation annual maxima in Liguria (Italy)

Chekalev, M.I.; Kurakina, L.Y., 1998:
Regional and agricultural labour market forecasting in the Novgorod province

Onate, J.J.; Malo, J.E.; Suarez, F.; Peco, B., 1998:
Regional and environmental aspects in the implementation of Spanish agri-environmental schemes

Anonymous, 1999:
Regional and international trade policy. Lessons for the EU accession in the rural sector - World Bank/FAO Workshop, June 20-23, 1998

Almendinger, J.E.; Leete, J.H., 1998:
Regional and local hydrogeology of calcareous fens in the Minnesota River Basin, USA

Koreny, J.S.; Mitsch, W.J.; Bair, E.S.; W.X.nYuan, 1999:
Regional and local hydrology of a created riparian wetland system

Reeder, B.A.; Chen Yue; Macdonald, S.M.; Angel, A.; Sweet, L., 1997:
Regional and rural-urban differences in obesity in Canada

Bezbaruah, M.P., 1998:
Regional and seasonal variations in the trends of rice production in Assam from 1974-75 to 1994-95

Usol' tsev, V.A.; Usol' tsev, A.V.; Kirillova, V.V., 1998:
Regional and species specificity of the relationship between needle mass and the dendrometric indices of trees

Burke, I.C.; Lauenroth, W.K.; Parton, W.J., 1997:
Regional and temporal variation in net primary production and nitrogen mineralization in grasslands

Gross, M.E.; Pope, E.R.; O'Brien, D.; Dodam, J.R.; Polkow-Haight, J., 1997:
Regional anesthesia of the infraorbital and inferior alveolar nerves during noninvasive tooth pulp stimulation in halothane-anesthetized dogs

Potter, C.S.; Davidson, E.A.; Klooster, S.A.; Nepstad, D.C.; Negreiros, G.H. de; Brooks, V., 1998:
Regional application of an ecosystem production model for studies of biogeochemistry in Brazilian Amazonia

D'Urso, G.; Menenti, M.; Santini, A., 1999:
Regional application of one-dimensional water flow models for irrigation management

Hrabankova, M.; Trnkova, V., 1998:
Regional aspects of agricultural land use from the point of view of EU criteria

Bilen, M., 1998:
Regional aspects of global tourism flows

Siegfried, W.R.y; Benn, G.A.; Gelderblom, C.M., 1998:
Regional assessment and conservation implications of landscape characteristics of African national parks

Robinson, C.T.; Minshall, G.W.yne, 1998:
Regional assessment of wadable streams in Idaho, USA

Broad, T.E.; Lewis, P.E.; Ansari, H.A.; Maher, D.W.; Pearce, P.D., 1998:
Regional assignment of elastin (ELN) to sheep chromosome 24q16-qter

Kamimura, T.; Sakamoto, H.; Misumi, K., 1999:
Regional blood flow distribution from the proximal arterial cannula during veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in neonatal dog

Erikson, K.M.; Pinero, D.J.; Connor, J.R.; Beard, J.L., 1997:
Regional brain iron, ferritin and transferrin concentrations during iron deficiency and iron repletion in developing rats

Khanna, P.; Pandey, J.S.; Khan, S.; Abidi, F.J., 1998:
Regional carrying capacity based integrated planning for sustainable development of urban and fringe rural areas in sensitive terrestrial ecosystems

Paruelo, J.M.; Garbulsky, M.F.; Guerschman, J.P.; Oesterheld, M., 1999:
Regional characterization of forage resources in temperate Argentina using satellite imagery

Vogelmann, J.E.; Sohl, T.; Howard, S.M., 1998:
Regional characterization of land cover using multiple sources of data

Anonymous, 1999:
Regional concepts under pressure. Regional products sold by direct marketing or at farmers' markets occupy niches in the market

Blais, J.M.; Duff, K.E.; Laing, T.E.; Smol, J.P., 1999:
Regional contamination in lakes from the Noril'sk region in Siberia, Russia

Smith, P.M.nn, I. , 1998:
Regional cost function analysis of the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast

Naftalin, R.J.; Pedley, K.C., 1999:
Regional crypt function in rat large intestine in relation to fluid absorption and growth of the pericryptal sheath

Grebner, D.; Roesch, T., 1997:
Regional dependence and application of DAD relationships

Aguiar, D.R.D.; Pinho, J.B. (Editors), 1998:
Regional development

Brown, G. (Editor), 1997:
Regional development

Marton, J., 1997:
Regional development and agroeconomic relations

Wilkins, J.L.; Gussow, J.D., 1997:
Regional dietary guidance: is the northeast nutritionally complete?

L.Y.ng; X.R.iWei; A.Q.ong; Jin Wei, 1998:
Regional difference of pesticide transport in soils

Plankl, R., 1998:
Regional differences in Germany in allocations of finance for agricultural environmental measures under Directive (EEC)2078/92

Sun Yi; Yoshida, M., 1999:
Regional differences in agricultural production technology in divided areas of China: 1981-1995

Yanagisawa, Y.; Akazawa, T.; Abe, T.; Sasahara, T., 1997:
Regional differences in concentrations of water-soluble N and total sugar in soyabeans (Glycine max Merr.)

Hickner, R.C.; Fisher, J.S.; Kohrt, W.M., 1997:
Regional differences in interstitial glycerol concentration in subcutaneous adipose tissue of women

Hira, C.K.; Balwinder Sadana, 1998:
Regional differences in nutritional status of rural children in Punjab, India

Naftalin, R.J.; Zammit, P.S.; Pedley, K.C., 1999:
Regional differences in rat large intestinal crypt function in relation to dehydrating capacity in vivo

Melby, P.C.; Yang, Y.Z.; Cheng, J.; Zhao, W., 1998:
Regional differences in the cellular immune response to experimental cutaneous or visceral infection with Leishmania donovani

Lundgren, J.D.; Phillips, A.N.; Vella, S.; Katlama, C.; Ledergerber, B.; Johnson, A.M.; Reiss, P.; Gatell, J.; Clumeck, N.; Dietrich, M.; Benfield, T.L.; Nielsen, J.O.; Pedersen, C.; Group, E.S.udy, 1997:
Regional differences in use of antiretroviral agents and primary prophylaxis in 3122 European HIV-infected patients

Spisiak, P.; Svonavec, M., 1999:
Regional differences of agricultural land prices in Slovakia

Pauhofova, I., 1998:
Regional dimension of agricultural potential (stylised economic facts)

Sharma, R.K.; Brij Bala; Sharma, H.R., 1997:
Regional disparities in agricultural development - a study of mountainous states

Spetich, M.A.; Shifley, S.R.; Parker, G.R., 1999:
Regional distribution and dynamics of coarse woody debris in midwestern old-growth forests

Tran, C.D.; Butler, R.N.; Howarth, G.S.; Philcox, J.C.; Rofe, A.M.; Coyle, P., 1999:
Regional distribution and localization of zinc and metallothionein in the intestine of rats fed diets differing in zinc content

Nishimura, S.; Ikeda, K.; Nakayama, M.; Okano, K.; Iwamoto, H., 1998:
Regional distribution and ultrastructural characteristics of growth hormone - secreting (GH) cells in the Adenohypophysis of Tokara goat

Jimenez, S.; Cortinas, J.; Suarez, M.; Almaguel, L.; Gomez, G., 1997:
Regional distribution of Mocis latipes (Guenee) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in the pasture zones of the province of La Habana

Manohar, M.; Goetz, T.E., 1998:
Regional distribution of blood flow in the brain of horses at rest and during exercise

Yoshida, H.-; Takagi, S.-; Ienaga, H.-; Tsuchiya, C., 1998:
Regional distribution of tocopherols and fatty acids within soybean seeds

Frisch, M.; Solitare, L.; Greenberg, M.; Lowrie, K., 1998:
Regional economic benefits of environmental management at the US Department of Energy's major nuclear weapons sites

MacMillan, J.A., 1998:
Regional economic impacts of sustainable development activities: the North American Waterfowl Management Plan introduction

Wagner, K., 1998:
Regional effects of Agenda 2000 on the beef and veal sector

Kholin, S.K.; Nilsson, A.N., 1998:
Regional enrichment of predacious water beetles in temporary ponds at opposite east-west ends of the Palearctic

Dubost, M., 1997:
Regional environmental changes application to soil erosion modeling

Y.M.Qing; Tian Wei; L.W.nCheng; Zhang ZiChuan, 1999:
Regional environmental impact assessment is an effective means of sustainable tourism development

Falloon, P.D.; Smith, P.; Smith, J.U.; Szabo, J.; Coleman, K.; Marshall, S., 1998:
Regional estimates of carbon sequestration potential: linking the Rothamsted Carbon Model to GIS databases

Arnold, J.G.; Muttiah, R.S.; Srinivasan, R.; Allen, P.M., 1998:
Regional estimation of base flow and groundwater recharge in the Upper Mississippi River basin

Fan, W.; Randolph, J.C.; Ehman, J.L., 1998:
Regional estimation of nitrogen mineralization in forest ecosystems using geographic information systems

Mahdian, M.H.; Gallichand, J., 1997:
Regional estimation of water deficit and potato yield in Quebec

Luppold, Wg, 1997:
Regional examination of red oak lumber price trends

Parida, B.P.; Kachroo, R.K.; Shrestha, D.B., 1998:
Regional flood frequency analysis of Mahi-Sabarmati Basin (subzone 3-a) using index flood procedure with L-moments

Hall, M.J.; Minns, A.W., 1998:
Regional flood frequency analysis using artificial neural networks

Meloska, Z.; Efremovska, V.; Vasilev, P., 1999:
Regional focusing of export and import of beech lumber

Pfleiderer, E.H., 1998:
Regional forestry on the global markets

Stapanian, M.A.; Cassell, D.L., 1999:
Regional frequencies of tree species associated with anthropogenic disturbances in three forest types

Jensen, M.D., 1999:
Regional glycerol and free fatty acid metabolism before and after meal ingestion

Ohmann, J.L.; Spies, T.A., 1998:
Regional gradient analysis and spatial pattern of woody plant communities of Oregon forests

Tarboton, K.C.; Neidrauer, C.J.; Santee, E.R.; Needle, J.C., 1999:
Regional hydrologic modeling for planning the management of south Florida's water resources through 2050

Mcnulty, S.; Vose, J.; Swank, W., 1997:
Regional hydrologic response of loblolly pine to air temperature and precipitation changes

Wang QinXue; Takahashi, H., 1998:
Regional hydrological effects of grassland degradation in the Loess Plateau of China

Hurakadli, S.M.; Patil, S.R., 1999:
Regional imbalances in the level of food crop productivity in Karnataka

Wen Jie; Tisdell, C., 1997:
Regional inequality and tourism distribution in China

Ito, T.; Seki, M.; Hayashida, N.; Shibata, D.; Shinozaki, K., 1999:
Regional insertional mutagenesis of genes on Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome V using the Ac/Ds transposon in combination with a cDNA scanning method

Seki, M.; Ito, T.; Shibata, D.; Shinozaki, K., 1999:
Regional insertional mutagenesis of specific genes on the CIC5F11/CIC2B9 locus of Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 5 using the Ac/Ds transposon in combination with the cDNA scanning method

Rueda Junquera, F., 1998:
Regional integration and agricultural trade in Central America

Wilkinson, J., 1997:
Regional integration and the family farm in the Mercosul countries: new theoretical approaches as supports for alternative strategies

Smith, R.A.; Schwarz, G.E.; Alexander, R.B., 1997:
Regional interpretation of water-quality monitoring data

Murphey, E.D.; Santschi, E.M.; Papich, M.G., 1999:
Regional intravenous perfusion of the distal limb of horses with amikacin sulfate

Bennett, R.M.; Tranter, R.B.; Mayfield, L.E.H.; Jones, P.J.; Little, G.P.J., 1999:
Regional land use and employment impacts of bovine spongiform encephalopathy slaughter policy measures in England

Hart, G., 1998:
Regional linkages in the era of liberalization: a critique of the new agrarian optimism

Sutton, V.R.; Pan YanZhen; Craigen, W.J., 1997:
Regional localization of the mouse argininosuccinate lyase gene to chromosome 5

Smakhtin, V.Y., 1997:
Regional low-flow studies in South Africa

Akhokhov, M.K., 1997:
Regional marketing as a market instrument for agricultural services

Fowler, D.; Sutton, M.A.; Smith, R.I.; Pitcairn, C.E.R.; Coyle, M.; Campbell, G.; Stedman, J., 1998:
Regional mass budgets of oxidized and reduced nitrogen and their relative contribution to the nitrogen inputs of sensitive ecosystems

Von Steiger, B.; Keller, A.; Schulin, R., 1998:
Regional mass flux balancing for controlling gentle soil remediation operations

Konovalov, V.G., 1997:
Regional model of glaciers runoff and its application for hydrological forecasts

Kumke, T.; Streck, T.; Richter, J., 1999:
Regional pattern of the mobile water fraction in soils as determined by disc infiltrometer experiments

Heads, Michael., 1997:
Regional patterns of biodiversity in New Zealand: one degree grid analysis of plant and animal distributions

Subedi, B.P., 1998:
Regional patterns of fertility in Nepal

Thompson, C.E.; Squire, G.; Mackay, G.R.; Bradshaw, J.E.; Crawford, J.; Ramsay, G., 1999:
Regional patterns of gene flow and its consequence for GM oilseed rape

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Registration for application of vertimec 1.8 EC contains more possibilities

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Registration of 'Georgia Bold' peanut

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Registration of 'Glacier' soybean

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Registration of 'Granite' soybean

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Registration of 'Horizon' hop

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Registration of 'Hytest' oat

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Registration of 'ICSV 400' sorghum cultivar

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Registration of 'Jackpot' bermudagrass

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Registration of 'Jim' soybean

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Registration of 'KS3494' soybean

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Registration of 'KS4694' soybean

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Registration of 'KS4895' soybean

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Registration of 'KS5292' soybean

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Registration of 'KY 908' burley tobacco

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Registration of 'MN 0301' soybean

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Registration of 'MN 1301' soybean

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Registration of 'Maria del Mar' cotton

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Registration of 'Mariner' creeping bentgrass

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Registration of 'Matador' tall fescue

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Registration of 'Maverick' soybean

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Registration of 'Melakh' cowpea

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Registration of 'Morales' small white bean

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Registration of 'NYBatavia' wheat

Graef, G.L.; Specht, J.E.; Korte, L.L.; White, D.M., 1997:
Registration of 'Nemaha' soybean

Helms, T.C.; Chang, K.C., 1999:
Registration of 'Norpro' soybean

Graef, G.L.; Specht, J.E.; White, D.M.; Korte, L.L., 1997:
Registration of 'Odell' soybean

Diers, B.W.; Isleib, T.G.; Sneller, C.H., 1998:
Registration of 'Olympus' soybean

Nickell, C.D.; Bachman, M.S.; Thomas, D.J.; Cary, T.R., 1998:
Registration of 'Omaha' soybean

Hartwig, E.E.; Kilen, T.C.; Young, L.D., 1998:
Registration of 'Pace' soybean

Nickell, C.D.; Noel, G.R.; Cary, T.R.; Thomas, D.J., 1998:
Registration of 'Pana' soybean

Cash, S.D.; Knipe, W.J.; McCaslin, M.H., 1998:
Registration of 'Parade' alfalfa

Ohm, H.W.; Shaner, G.E.; Ratcliffe, R.H.; Huber, D.M.; Buechley, G.C.; Cambron, S.E., 1998:
Registration of 'Patterson' wheat

Salmon, D.F.; Cortez, M.J.; Helm, J.H.; Jedel, P.E.; Duggan, T.R., 1997:
Registration of 'Pronghorn' triticale

Phillips, T.D.; Belesky, D.P.; Powell, A.J.J., 1997:
Registration of 'Quickstand' bermudagrass

Kelly, J.D.; Hosfield, G.L.; Varner, G.V.; Uebersax, M.A.; Long, R.A.; Taylor, J., 1998:
Registration of 'Red Hawk' dark red kidney bean

Read, J.C.; Reinert, J.A.; Colbaugh, P.F.; Knoop, W.E., 1999:
Registration of 'Reveille' hybrid bluegrass

Jones, T.A.; Majerus, M.E.; Scheetz, J.G.; Holzworth, L.K.; Nielson, D.C., 1998:
Registration of 'Rimrock' Indian ricegrass

Kolb, F.L.; Smith, N.J.; Brown, C.M.; Domier, L.L., 1999:
Registration of 'Rodeo' oat

Beaver, J.S.; Miklas, P.N.; Echavez Badel, R., 1999:
Registration of 'Rosada Nativa' pink bean

McKenzie, K.S.; Johnson, C.W.; Tseng, S.T.; Oster, J.J.; Hill, J.E.; Brandon, D.M., 1997 :
Registration of 'S-102' rice

Dangi, O.P.; Kenga, R.; Rao, N.G.P.; Murty, D.S., 1998:
Registration of 'S-35' sorghum cultivar

Muehlbauer, F.J.; Kaiser, W.J.; Kusmenoglu, I., 1998:
Registration of 'Sanford' chickpea

Henning, J.A.; Haunold, A., 1999:
Registration of 'Santiam' hop

Fraser, M.L.; Rose Fricker, C.A., 1998:
Registration of 'Savannah' bermudagrass

Nickell, C.D.; Thomas, D.J.; Cary, T.R.; Kyle, D.E.; Hegstad, J.M., 1998:
Registration of 'Savoy' soybean

Kidwell, K.K.; Shelton, G.S.; Morris, C.F.; Line, R.F.; Miller, B.C.; Davis, M.A.; Konzak, C.F., 1999:
Registration of 'Scarlet' wheat

Harrison, S.A.; Mascagni, H.J.; Moore, S.H., 1999:
Registration of 'Secretariat LA495' oat

Brown, J.; Davis, J.B.; Brown, A.P.; Erickson, D.A.; Seip, L.; Auld, D.L., 1998:
Registration of 'Selkirk' winter rapeseed

Reeves, D.L.; Hall, L., 1998:
Registration of 'Settler' oat

Kirby, J.S.; Melouk, H.A.; Stevens, T.E.J.; Banks, D.J.; Sholar, J.R.; Damicone, J.P.; Jackson, K.E., 1998:
Registration of 'Southwest Runner' peanut

Brown, J.; Davis, J.B.; Brown, A.P.; Erickson, D.A.; Seip, L., 1998:
Registration of 'Sterling' spring rapeseed

Cooper, R.L.; Martin, R.J.; S.M.rtin, S.K.; Calip DuBois, A.; Fioritto, R.J.; Schmitthenner, A.F., 1999:
Registration of 'Stressland' soybean

Scott, R.A.; Orf, J.H., 1998:
Registration of 'Stride' soybean

Gorbet, D.W.; Knauft, D.A., 1997:
Registration of 'SunOleic 95R' peanut

Boe, A.; Ross, J.G., 1998:
Registration of 'Sunburst' switchgrass

Boe, A.; Bortnem, R., 1998:
Registration of 'Sundance' foxtail dalea

Samudio, S.H.; Brede, A.D., 1998:
Registration of 'Sundevil' bermudagrass

Boe, A.; Ross, J.G.; Haas, R.J.; Tober, D.A., 1999:
Registration of 'Sunnyview' big bluestem

Boe, A.; Fluharty, K., 1998:
Registration of 'Sunrise' Canada milkvetch

Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; Frickel, G.E.; Anderson, R.L., 1997:
Registration of 'Sunrise' proso millet

Brown, J.; Davis, J.B.; Brown, A.P.; Erickson, D.A.; Seip, L., 1998:
Registration of 'Sunrise' spring rapeseed

Scott, R.A.; Orf, J.H., 1998:
Registration of 'Surge' soybean

Lazar, M.D.; Worrall, W.D.; Peterson, G.L.; Porter, K.B.; Rooney, L.W.; Tuleen, N.A.; Marshall, D.S.; McDaniel, M.E.; Nelson, L.R., 1997:
Registration of 'TAM 110' wheat

Marshall, D.S.; Sutton, R.L.; Worrall, W.D.; Rooney, L.W.; Lazar, M.D.; McDaniel, M.E.; Nelson, L.R., 1998:
Registration of 'TAM 301' wheat

Cash, S.D.; Knipe, W.J.; McCaslin, M.H., 1998:
Registration of 'Tahoe' alfalfa

Smith, O.D.; Simpson, C.E.; Black, M.C.; Besler, B.A., 1998:
Registration of 'Tamrun 96' peanut

Haley, S.D.; Gellner, J.L.; Jin, Y.; Langham, M.A.C.; Stymiest, C.; Rickertsen, J.; Ruden, B.E.; Kalsbeck, S.; Chung, O.K.; Seabourn, B.W.; McVey, D.V.; Hatchett, J.H., 1998:
Registration of 'Tandem' wheat

Fraser, M.L.; Rose Fricker, C.A.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R., 1998:
Registration of 'Tar Heel' tall fescue

Klingenberg, J.P.; Johnson, P.G.; Riordan, T.P., 1997:
Registration of 'Tatanka' buffalograss

Callahan, L.M., 1999:
Registration of 'TennTurf' centipedegrass

Helm, J.H.; Cortez, M.J.; Salmon, D.F.; Juskiw, P.E.; Stewart, W.M., 1998:
Registration of 'Tercel' barley

Hanna, W.W.; Elsner, J.E., 1999:
Registration of 'TifEagle' bermudagrass

Hanna, W.W.; Hill, G.M.; Gates, R.N.; Wilson, J.P.; Burton, G.W., 1997:
Registration of 'Tifleaf 3' pearl millet

Rosas, J.C.; Varela, O.I.; Beaver, J.S., 1997:
Registration of 'Tio Canela-75' small red bean (race Mesoamerica)

Cash, S.D.; Majerus, M.E.; Scheetz, J.C.; Holzworth, L.K.; Murphy, C.L.; Wichman, D.M.; Bowman, H.F.; Ditterline, R.L., 1998:
Registration of 'Trailhead' basin wildrye

Helms, T.C.; Nelson, B.D., 1998:
Registration of 'Traill' soybean

Reeves, D.L.; Hall, L., 1998:
Registration of 'Troy' oat

Devine, T.E.; Hatley, E.O.; Starner, D.E., 1998:
Registration of 'Tyrone' forage soybean

Guitierrez, J.C., 1997:
Registration of 'Victoria' cotton

Baenziger, P.S.; Moreno Sevilla, B.; Peterson, C.J.; Shelton, D.R.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Haley, S.D.; Nelson, L.A.; McVey, D.V.; Watkins, J.E.; Hatchett, J.H.; Schmidt, J.W., 1998:
Registration of 'Windstar' wheat

Fraser, M.L.; Rose Fricker, C.A.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R., 1999:
Registration of 'Wolfpack' tall fescue

Bruckner, P.L.; Johnson, J.W.; Burton, G.W.; Gates, R.N.; Barnett, R.D.; Hill, G.M., 1999:
Registration of 'Wrens 96' rye

Seiler, G.J.; Jan, C.C.ien, 1997:
Registration of 10 interspecific germplasm fertility restorer populations for sunflower PET1 male-sterile cytoplasm

Allan, R.E., 1997:
Registration of 10 pairs of alloplasmic and euplasmic Stephens wheat germplasms

Lewellen, R.T., 1998:
Registration of 10 sugarbeet germplasm C890 lines with resistance to rhizomania

White, W.H.; Burner, D.M.; Legendre, B.L.; Miller, J.D., 1998:
Registration of 12 sugarcane germplasm clones resistant to sugarcane borer: HoCP 92-678, HoCP 93-775, and HoCP 93-776, US 93-15 to US 93-17, and US 96-1 to US 96-6

Eizenga, G.C.; Phillips, T.D., 1998:
Registration of 13 monosomic tall fescue genetic stocks

Pedersen, J.F.; Toy, J.J.; Johnson, B.E., 1997:
Registration of 21 sorghum genetic stocks with ms3ms3

Vasal, S.K.; Srinivasan, G.; Mclean, S.D.; Vergara, N.; Dhillon, B.S.; Zhang, S.H.; San Vicente, F.; Ramanujam, S.K., 1997:
Registration of 21 tropical yellow-endosperm parental lines of maize

Vasal, S.K.; Srinivasan, G.; Dhillon, B.S.; Mclean, S.D.; Zhang, S.H.; Vergara, N., 1997:
Registration of 24 tropical white-endosperm parental lines of maize

Pedersen, J.F.; Toy, J.J., 1997:
Registration of 29 forage sorghum genetic stocks in A3 cytoplasm

Dahlberg, J.A.; Rosenow, D.T.; Peterson, G.C.; Clark, L.E.; Miller, F.R.; Sotomayor Rios, A.; Hamburger, A.J.; Madera Torres, P.; Quiles Belen, A.; Wooten, C.A., 1998:
Registration of 40 converted sorghum germplasms

Johnson, B.E.; Posch, J.S.; Gardner, C.O.; Hoegemeyer, T.C., 1997:
Registration of 42 maize parental lines: N501 to N521, N523 to N526, N528 to N530, and N532 to N545

Pedersen, J.F.; Toy, J.J.; Johnson, B.E., 1997:
Registration of 43 sorghum genetic stocks in A2, A3, and A4 cytoplasm

Rosenow, D.T.; Dahlberg, J.A.; Stephens, J.C.; Miller, F.R.; Barnes, D.K.; Peterson, G.C.; Johnson, J.W.; Schertz, K.F., 1997:
Registration of 63 converted sorghum germplasm lines from the sorghum conversion program

Palmer, R.G.; Lewers, K.S., 1998:
Registration of 68 soybean germplasm lines segregating for male sterility

Wesenberg, D.M.; Baenziger, P.S.; Rasmusson, D.C.; Burrup, D.E.; Jones, B.L., 1998:
Registration of 88Ab536-B barley germplasm

Miller, F.R.; Dahlberg, J.A.; Morgan, P.W., 1999:
Registration of A3/B3 cytoplasmic-genetic male-sterile sorghum maturity and height parental lines

Pedersen, J.F.; Toy, J.J., 1998:
Registration of A3N242 and A3N243 sudangrass genetic stocks

A.D.ss, A.A.; Smith, S.E., 1998:
Registration of AZ-97MEC and AZ-97MEC-ST very nondormant alfalfa germplasm pools with increased shoot weight and differential response to saline irrigation

Bourland, F.M.; McgowenR.E.Jr.; Johnson, J.T., 1997:
Registration of Arkot 8102, Arkot 8506, and Arkot 8514 germplasm lines of cotton

Bourland, F.M.; McgowenR.E.Jr.; Tugwell, N.P.Jr, 1997:
Registration of Arkot 8110 germplasm line of cotton

Bourland, F.M.; McgowenR.E.Jr.; Johnson, J.T., 1997:
Registration of Arkot 8303 germplasm line of cotton

Bourland, F.M.; Mcgowen, R.E.Jr.; Smith, C.W.yne, 1998:
Registration of Arkot A129 and Arkot A132 germplasm lines of cotton with high fiber strength

Hallauer, A.R.; Lamkey, K.R.; White, P.R., 1998:
Registration of B107, B108, and B109 inbred lines of maize

Devine, Thomas, E., 1998:
Registration of BARC-13 vegetable soybean germplasm

Wilcox, James, R., 1998:
Registration of C1944 and C1945 soybean germplasm with high seed protein and moderate seed oil concentration

Lewellen, R.T., 1998:
Registration of C76-89-5 parental line of sugarbeet

Lewellen, R.T.; Kaffka, S.R., 1998:
Registration of C913-70 sugarbeet germplasm

Pfeiffer, T.W.; Hildebrand, D.F.; Lacefield, E.C., 1997:
Registration of Camp-lx2 soybean germplasm line with small seed and null for lipoxygenase-2

Kilen, T.C.; Young, L.D., 1998:
Registration of D94-6041 soybean germplasm line resistant to phytophthora rot and soybean cyst nematode races 3 and 14

Hawk, J.A.; Weldekidan, T., 1999:
Registration of DE1 and DE2 parental inbred lines of maize

Burner, D.M., 1999:
Registration of Dwarf1 sugarcane genetic stock

Saunders, J.W.; Theurer, J.C.; Halloin, J.M., 1999:
Registration of EL50 monogerm sugarbeet germplasm with resistance to cercospora leaf spot and aphanomyces blackroot

Panella, L., 1999:
Registration of FC709-2 and FC727 sugarbeet germplasms resistant to rhizoctonia root rot and cercospora leaf spot

Branch, W.D., 1997:
Registration of Georgia Non-Nod peanut genetic stock

Upahyaya, H.D.; Nigham, S.N.; Rao, M.J.V.; Reddy, N.S.; Yellaiah, N.; Reddy, A.G.S., 1997:
Registration of ICGV 86143 peanut germplasm

Hadjichristodoulou, A.; Dwivedi, S.L.; Wynne, J.C.; Nigam, S.N.; Alexandrou, G.; Theodorides, C.; Mouzouris, M., 1997:
Registration of ICGV 88438, ICGV 89214, and ICGV 91098 peanut germplasm

Nigam, S.N.; Hildebrand, G.L.; Syamasonta, B.; Brock, K.R.; Subrahmanyam, P.; Reddy, L.J., 1998:
Registration of ICGV-SM 83005 peanut germplasm

Nigam, S.N.; Hildebrand, G.L.; Bock, K.R.; Ismael, F.M.; Govinden, N.; Subrahmanyam, P.; Reddy, L.J., 1998:
Registration of ICGV-SM 85048 peanut germplasm

Moss, J.P.; Singh, A.K.; Nigam, S.N.; Hildebrand, G.L.; Govinden, N.; Ismael, F.M.; Subrahamanyam, P.; Reddy, L.J., 1998:
Registration of ICGV-SM 86715 peanut germplasm

Talukdar, B.S.; Babu, P.P.P.; Rao, A.M.; Ramakrishna, C.; Witcombe, J.R.; King, S.B.; Hash, C.T., 1998:
Registration of ICMP 85410: dwarf, downy mildew resistant, restorer parental line of pearl millet

Rai, K.N.; Bidinger, F.R.; Sahib, K.H.ssai; Rao, A.S., 1998:
Registration of ICMP 94001 pearl millet germplasm

Talukdar, B.S.; Rao, A.M.; Prakash Babu, P.P.; Witcombe, J.R., 1998:
Registration of ICMR 501 pearl millet topcross pollinator parental line

Saxena, K.B.; Reddy, L.J.; Kumar, R.V.; Faris, D.G.; Singh, L., 1998:
Registration of ICPL 87154, a partially cleistogamous pigeonpea breeding line with low natural out-crossing

Saxena, K.B.; Kumar, R.V.; Reddy, M.V.; Singh, L., 1998:
Registration of ICPM 93003, a short-duration wilt and sterility mosaic disease-resistant genetic male-sterile parental line of pigeonpea

Gupta, S.C.; Muza, F.R.; Andrews, D.J., 1997:
Registration of INFM 95001 finger millet genetic male-sterile line

Souza, E.; Windes, J.M.; Quisenberry, S.S.; Schotzko, D.J.; Lamb, P.F.; Halbert, S.; Zemetra, R.S.; Smith, C.M., 1997:
Registration of Idaho 471A and Idaho 471B wheat germplasms

Souza, E.; Windes, J.M.; Quisenberry, S.S.; Schotzko, D.J.; Lamb, P.F.; Halbert, S.; Zemetra, R.S.; Smith, C.M., 1997:
Registration of Idaho 472 wheat germplasm

Luzzi, B.M.; Boerma, H.R.ger; Hussey, R.S.; Phillips, D.V.; Tamulonis, J.; Finnerty, S.L.; Wood, E.D.le, 1997:
Registration of Javanese root-knot nematode resistant soybean germplasm line G93-9223

Kumar, S.; Banerjee, S.; Dwivedi, S.; Gupta, M.M.; Verma, R.K.; Jain, D.C.; Khanuja, S.P.S.; Mathur, A.K.; Bagchi, G.D.; Zehra, M.; Mehta, V.K.; Naqvi, A.A.; Paul, S.; Ram, G.; Ram, M.; Saikia, D.; Sangwan, R.S.; Kumar, T.R.S.; Shasany, A.K.; Darokar, M.P.; Singh, A.K.; Singh, A., 1999:
Registration of Jeevanraksha and Suraksha varieties of the antimalarial medicinal plant Artemisia annua

Rife, C.L.; Auld, D.L.; Sunderman, H.D.; Heer, W.F.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Johnson, D.L.; Bordovsky, D.; Minor, H.C., 1999:
Registration of KS1701 winter rapeseed germplasm

Rife, C.L.; Auld, D.L.; Stegmeier, W.D.; Sunderman, H.D.; Heer, W.F.; Salgado, J.P.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Johnson, D.L.; Minor, H.C., 1997:
Registration of KS3579 winter rapeseed germplasm

Cox, T.S.; Sears, R.G.; Gill, B.S.; Hussien, T.; Bowden, R.L.; Brown Guedira, G.L., 1999:
Registration of KS96WGRC34 leaf rust-resistant hard red winter wheat germplasm

Brown Guedira, G.L.; Cox, T.S.; Gill, B.S.; Sears, R.G., 1999:
Registration of KS96WGRC35 and KS96WGRC36 leaf rust-resistant hard red winter wheat germplasms

Brown Guedira, G.L.; Cox, T.S.; Gill, B.S.; Sears, R.G.; Leath, S., 1999:
Registration of KS96WGRC37 powdery mildew-resistant hard white winter wheat germplasm

Brown Guedira, G.L.; Cox, T.S.; Bockus, W.W.; Gill, B.S.; Sears, R.G., 1999:
Registration of KS96WGRC38 and KS96WGRC39 tan spot-resistant hard red winter wheat germplasms

Cox, T.S.; Bockus, W.W.; Gill, B.S.; Sears, R.G.; Harvey, T.L.; Leath, S.; Brown Guedira, G.L., 1999:
Registration of KS96WGRC40 hard red winter wheat germplasm resistant to wheat curl mite, Stagonospora leaf blotch, and Septoria leaf blotch

Phillips, T.D.; Eizenga, G.C.; Pedersen, J.F.; Burrus, P.B.J., 1998:
Registration of KY-Leafy timothy germplasm

Aycock, M.K.Jr; Mulch, C.L., 1998:
Registration of LAMD 609 tobacco germplasm

Thompson, J.A.; Amdor, P.J.; Nelson, R.L., 1999:
Registration of LG90-2550 and LG91-7350R soybean germplasm

Nickell, C.D.; Bachman, M.S.; Stephens, P.A.; Nickell, A.D.; Cary, T.R.; Thomas, D.J., 1997:
Registration of LN92-12033 and LN92-12054 soybean germplasm lines near-isogenic for brown stem rot resistance gene Rbs2

Schmidt, M.E.; Suttner, R.J.; Klein, J.H.; Gibson, P.T.; Lightfoot, D.A.; Myers, O.J., 1999:
Registration of LS-G96 soybean germplasm resistant to soybean sudden death syndrome and soybean cyst nematode race 3

Mundel, H.H.; Huang, H.C.; Braun, J.P., 1999:
Registration of Lesaf 414, an early-maturing safflower germplasm line

Cagirgan, M.I.; Visser, K.; Toker, C; Wang, M.; Yldrm, M.B.; Tugay, M.E.; Heidekamp, F., 1998:
Registration of M-Q-54, a fast-germinating ABA-insensitive mutant of 'Quantum' barley

Kaeppler, S.M.; Compton, W.A.; Galusha, D.D., 1997:
Registration of N209 and N215, two parental inbred lines of maize

Pedersen, J.F.; Toy, J.J., 1999:
Registration of N246 and N247 sorghum germplasm R-lines

Johnson, B.E.; Rodriguez Herrera, S.A.; Hall, D., 1998:
Registration of N546: a parental line of maize

Compton, W.A.; Kaeppler, S.M.; Galusha, D.D., 1998:
Registration of NBS(8), NSS(8), NB(S)RF(8), and NS(B)RF(8) maize germplasm

Murphy, J.P.; Leath, S.; Huynh, D.; Navarro, R.A.; Shi, A., 1999:
Registration of NC96BGTA4, NC96BGTA5, and NC96BGTA6 wheat germplasm

Murphy, J.P.; Leath, S.; Huynh, D.; Navarro, R.A.; Shi, A., 1998:
Registration of NC96BGTD1, NC96BGTD2, and NC96BGTD3 wheat germplasm resistant to powdery mildew

Murphy, J.P.; Leath, S.; Huynh, D.; Navarro, R.A.; Shi, A., 1999:
Registration of NC97BGTD7 and NC97BGTD8 wheat germplasms resistant to powdery mildew

Henning, J.A.; Currier, C.G.; Townsend, M.S.; Ray, I.M.; Melton, B.A., 1998:
Registration of NMCOMP81-BAA1 alfalfa germplasm

Barker, R.E.; Mueller Warrant, G.W.; Banowetz, G.M.; Roush, M.L.; Maxwell, B.D.; Griffith, S.M.; Radosevich, S.R., 1997:
Registration of ORARHR-G93 and ORARHR-M93 Italian ryegrass germplasm with tolerance to diclofop-methyl

Barker, R.E.; Welty, R.E., 1997:
Registration of ORTFRR-T94 and ORTFRR-F94 tall fescue germplasm with resistance to stem rust

Villasenor Mir, H.E.; Castillo, F.; Rajaram, S.; Molina, J.D.; Espitia Rangel, E., 1999:
Registration of PBATM96, a genetic male-sterile population of spring bread wheat

May, O.L., 1999:
Registration of PD 94042 germplasm line of upland cotton with high yield and fiber maturity

Beaver, J.S.; Miklas, P.N.; Kelly, J.D.; Steadman, J.R.; Rosas, J.C., 1998:
Registration of PR9357-107 small red dry bean germplasm resistant to BCMV, BCMNV, and rust

Beaver, J.S.; Zapata, M.; Miklas, P.N., 1999:
Registration of PR9443-4 dry bean germplasm resistant to bean golden mosaic, common bacterial blight, and rust

Saunders, J.W., 1998:
Registration of REL-1 and REL-2 sugarbeet germplasms for tissue culture genetic manipulations

Jensen, K.B.; Asay, K.H.; Johnson, D.A.; Horton, W.H.; Palazzo, A.J.; Chatterton, N.J., 1998:
Registration of RWR-Tetra-1 tetraploid Russian wildrye germplasm

Saunders, J.W.; McGrath, J.M.; Halloin, J.M.; Theurer, J.C., 1999:
Registration of SR94 sugarbeet germplasm with smooth root

Mornhinweg, D.W.; Porter, D.R.; Webster, J.A., 1999:
Registration of STARS-9577B Russian wheat aphid resistant barley germplasm

Sushil Kumar; Bansal, R.P.; Bahl, J.R.; Muni Ram; Khanuja, S.P.S.; Shasany, A.K.; Darokar, M.P.; Garg, S.N.; Naqvi, A.A.; Sharma, S., 1999:
Registration of Tagetes minuta variety Vanphool for north Indian plains

Hanna, W.W., 1997:
Registration of Tift 8593 pearl millet genetic stock

Hanna, W.W., 1997:
Registration of Tift 93 pearl millet parental line

Taylor, N.L.; Anderson, J.A.; Williams, E.G., 1998:
Registration of Trifolium ambiguum x T. repens hexaploid germplasm HBC/F2-C

Rooney, W.L.; Hussey, M.A.; Sanderson, M.A., 1998:
Registration of Tx2909 and Tx2910 sorghum germplasm (sudangrass type)

Silbernagel, M.J.; Hang, A.N.; Miklas, P.N., 1998:
Registration of USWA-20 virus and root rot resistant pinto dry bean germplasm

Silbernagel, M.J.; Hang, A.N.; Miklas, P.N., 1998:
Registration of USWA-27, a black and white, virus-resistant dry bean germplasm

Silbernagel, M.J.; Hang, A.N.; Miklas, P.N., 1998:
Registration of USWA-48 and USWA-50 virus-resistant navy dry bean germplasms

Buss, G.R.; Ma, G.; Chen, P.; Tolin, S.A., 1997:
Registration of V94-5152 soybean germplasm resistant to soybean mosaic potyvirus

Coffelt, T.; Mozingo, R.W., 1998:
Registration of VGP 10 peanut germplasm

Coffelt, T.A.; Mozingo, R.W.; Herbert, D.A.Jr, 1998:
Registration of VGP 11 peanut germplasm

Kelley, J.D.; Hosfield, G.L.; Varner, G.V.; Uebersax, M.A.; Taylor, J., 1999:
Registration of `Beluga' alubia bean

Souza, E.; Windes, J.M.; Sunderman, D.W.; O.B.ien, K., 1999:
Registration of `Boundary' wheat

Kelly, J.D.; Hosfield, G.L.; Varner, G.V.; Uebersax, M.A.; Taylor, J., 1999:
Registration of `Chinook 2000' light red kidney bean

Rose Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R., 1999:
Registration of `Coronado' tall fescue

Kelly, J.D.; Hosfield, G.L.; Varner, G.V.; Uebersax, M.A.; Taylor, J., 1999:
Registration of `Kodiak' pinto bean

Schmidt, M.E.; Klein, J.; Suttner, R.J.; Myers, O.J., 1999:
Registration of `LS90-1920' soybean

Rose Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R., 1999:
Registration of `Livingston' Kentucky bluegrass

Rasmusson, D.C.; Wilcoxson, R.D.; Dill Macky, R.; Schiefelbein, E.L.; Wiersma, J.V., 1999:
Registration of `MNBrite' barley

Sisson, V.A., 1999:
Registration of `Oxford 207' tobacco

Burton, J.W.; Carter, T.E.; Wilson, R.F., 1999:
Registration of `Prolina' soybean

Rose Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R., 1999:
Registration of `Tomahawk' tall fescue

Rose Fricker, C.A.; Fraser, M.L.; Meyer, W.A.; Skogley, C.R., 1999:
Registration of `Unique' Kentucky bluegrass

Wilkinson, C.A.; Johnson, C.S.; Reed, T.D., 1999:
Registration of `VA 359' tobacco

Bagchi, G.D.; Choudhuri, P.K.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Registration of a cultivar of the medicinal plant bhumyamalaki Phyllanthus amarus

Shen HuiCong; Zhou WeiJun, 1998:
Registration of a high-yielding and disease resistant rape cultivar High-Oil 605

Kumar, S.; Bahl, J.R.; Bansal, R.P.; Khanuja, S.P.S.; Darokar, M.P.; Shasany, A.K.; Garg, S.N.; Naqvi, A.A.; Sharma, S.; Singh, S.; Gobind Ram, 1999:
Registration of a new variety Kusumohak of Ocimum basilicum

Samresh Dwivedi; Tajuddin ; Yaseen, M.; Kailash Singh; Naqvi, A.A.; Singh, A.P.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Registration of a new variety Vikarshudha of Ocimum basilicum

Taylor, N.L., 1997:
Registration of a red clover genetic stock pool

Sharma, H.C.; Ohm, H.W.; Perry, K.L., 1997:
Registration of barley yellow dwarf virus resistant wheat germplasm line P29

Hughes, W., 1997:
Registration of biological pesticides: a regulator's view point

Miller, J.F., 1997:
Registration of cmsHA 89(PEF1) cytoplasmic male-sterile, RPEF1 restorer, and two nuclear male-sterile (NMS 373 and 377) sunflower genetic stocks

Knox, R.E.; Thomas, J.B.; Depauw, R.M.; Demeke, T.; Laroche, A.; Gaudet, D.A., 1998:
Registration of common bunt resistant wheat germplasm lines P8913-V2A5, P8917-B4D4, and P8921-Q4C5

Upadhyaya, H.D.; Nigam, S.N.; Rao, M.J.V.; Reddy, A.G.S.; Yellaiah, N.; Reddy, N.S., 1998:
Registration of early-maturing peanut germplasm ICGV 92196, ICGV 92206, ICGV 92234, and ICGV 92243

Miller, J.F.; Gulya, T.J., 1997:
Registration of eight maintainer (HA 393, HA 394 and HA 402 to HA 407) and seven restorer (RHA 395 to RHA 401) sunflower germplasm lines

Miller, J.F.; Gulya, T.J., 1999:
Registration of eight sclerotinia-tolerant sunflower germplasm lines

Lamkey, K.R.; Hallauer, A.R., 1997:
Registration of eight selected BS11 maize germplasm populations

Meredith, W.R.Jr, 1998:
Registration of eight sub-okra, semi-smooth, and nectariless near-isolines of DES 119 cotton germplasm

Kretschhmer, A.E.Jr; Pitman, W.D.; Wilson, T.C.; Bullock, R.C., 1997:
Registration of evenia aeschynomene IRFL 6945 germplasm

Percy, R.G.; Turcotte, E.L., 1998:
Registration of extra-long staple cotton germplasm, 89590 and 8810

Rosenow, D.T.; Dahlberg, J.A.; Peterson, G.C.; Clark, L.E.; Miller, F.R.; Sotomayor Rios, A.; Hamburger, A.J.; Madera Torres, P.; Quiles Belen, A.; Woodfin, C.A., 1997:
Registration of fifty converted sorghums from the sorghum conversion program

Graybosch, R.A.; Peterson, C.J.; Mattern, P.J., 1997:
Registration of five genetic stocks of wheat carrying null alleles at the Glu-D1 locus

E.Z.k, K.M.; Thaxton, P.M., 1998:
Registration of five glabrous multi-adversity resistant (MAR-6) germplasm lines of upland cotton

Hallauer, A.R.; Lamkey, K.R.; White, P.R., 1997:
Registration of five inbred lines of maize: B102, B103, B104, B105, and B106

Shelp, B.J.; Kaiser, B.N.; Deschesne, A.M., 1998:
Registration of five near-isogenic genetic stocks of 'Juneau' pea with altered nodulation and nitrate reductase deficiency: A317I, nod3I, A317nod3I, E135I, and R25I

Miklas, P.N.; Zapata, M.; Beaver, J.S.; Grafton, K.F., 1999:
Registration of four dry bean germplasms resistant to common bacterial blight: ICB-3, ICB-6, ICB-8, and ICB-10

Leffel, R.C.; Yaklich, R.W., 1998:
Registration of four pairs of soybean near-isogenic lines BARC-14 to BARC-17, nodulated vs. nonnodulated

Gracia, M.P.; Igartua, E.; Perez Pena, C.; Lasa, J.M., 1997:
Registration of four sorghum germplasm random-mating populations

Mundell, R.E.; Taylor, N.L., 1997:
Registration of four tetraploid Trifolium genetic stocks

Miklas, P.N.; Grafton, K.F.; Kelly, J.D.; Schwartz, H.F.; Steadman, J.R., 1998:
Registration of four white mold resistant dry bean germplasm lines: I9365-3, I9365-5, I9365-31, and 92BG-7

Nkongolo, K.K.; Comeau, A., 1998:
Registration of genetic stock Kivu-85, a wheat-rye substitution line tolerant to the barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV)

Cooper, R.L.; Hammond, R.B., 1999:
Registration of insect-resistant soybean germplasm lines HC95-24MB and HC95-15MB

Burton, J.W.; Wilcox, J.R.; Wilson, R.F.; Novitzky, W.P.; Rebetzke, G.J., 1998:
Registration of low palmitic acid soybean germplasm lines N94-2575 and C1943

Godson, T.D.; Winfield, E.J.; Davis, R.P., 1999:
Registration of mixed formulations of pesticides

Taylor, N.L.; Mundell, R.E., 1999:
Registration of multiple-cotyledon red clover genetic marker stock: L38-1485

Steverink, D.W.B.; Soede, N.M.; Kemp, B., 1999:
Registration of oestrus duration can help to improve insemination strategies at commercial pig farms

Phillips, T.D.; Eizenga, G.C.; Pedersen, J.F.; Burrus, P.B.Jr, 1998:
Registration of orchardgrass germplasms KY 07G23-334 and KY 07G23-336

Kaeppler, S.M.; Galusha, D.D.; Thomas Compton, M.; Doupnik, B.J.; Jensen, S.; Compton, W.A., 1998:
Registration of parental lines. Registration of N211, N217, and N218 parental inbred lines of maize

Rai, K.N.; Rao, A.S., 1998:
Registration of pearl millet cytoplasmic-nuclear male-sterile line ICMA-5

Rai, K.N.; Rao, A.S., 1998:
Registration of pearl millet parental lines ICMA 89111 and ICMB 89111

Rai, K.N.; Thakur, R.P.; Rao, A.S., 1998:
Registration of pearl millet parental lines ICMA 92666 and ICMB 92666 with multiple disease resistance

Podgorska, B., 1998:
Registration of plant protection products in Germany

Williams, W.P.; Windham, G.L., 1998:
Registration of root-knot nematode resistant maize germplasm lines Mp709, Mp710, Mp711, and Mp712

Jones, T.A.; Nielson, D.C.; Ogle, D.G.; Johnson, D.A.; Young, S.A., 1998:
Registration of sand hollow squirreltail germplasm

E.Z.k, K.M.; Thaxton, P.M., 1997:
Registration of seven multi-adversity resistant (MAR-5) germplasm lines of upland cotton

Burner, D.M.; Legendre, B.L.; White, W.H.; Miller, J.D., 1999:
Registration of seven multiple-bud genetic stocks of sugarcane

E.Z.k, K.M.; Thaxton, P.M., 1998:
Registration of seven pubescent multi-adversity resistant (MAR-6) germplasm lines of upland cotton

D.H.ro, A.; Dominguez, J.; Garcia Ruiz, R.; Velasco, L.; Del Rio, M.; Munoz, J.; Fernandez Martinez, J., 1998:
Registration of six Ethiopian mustard germplasm lines

Ray, D.T.; Dierig, D.A.; Thompson, A.E.; Coffelt, T.A., 1999:
Registration of six guayule germplasms with high yielding ability

Rai, K.N.; Thakur, R.P.; Rao, A.S., 1998:
Registration of smut-resistant pearl millet parental lines ICMA 88006 and ICMB 88006

Widstrom, N.W., 1998 :
Registration of sorghum germplasm lines GT-IR6, GT-IR7, and GT-IR8

Murty, D.S.; Nwasike, C.C.; Da, S., 1999:
Registration of sorghum parental lines ICSA/B 38, ICSA/B 39, ICSV 247, and ICSR 101

Lewellen, R.T., 1997:
Registration of sugarbeet germplasm lines C78, C80 and C82

Panella, L.W.; Ruppel, E.G., 1997:
Registration of sugarbeet germplasms FC721 and FC721CMS resistant to Rhizoctonia root rot and moderately resistant to the beet curly top virus

Graef, G.L.; Specht, J.E., 1999:
Registration of the SG1LS soybean population with large seed size and ms2 nuclear male sterility

Graef, G.L.; Specht, J.E., 1999:
Registration of the SG1P soybean population with high seed protein and ms2 nuclear male sterility

Dierig, D.A.; Thompson, A.E.; Coffelt, T.A., 1998:
Registration of three Lesquerella fendleri germplasm lines selected for improved oil traits

Miller, J.F.; Vick, B.A., 1999:
Registration of three low palmitic acid and five low stearic acid sunflower genetic stocks

Starr, J.L.; Smith, C.W., 1999:
Registration of three root-knot nematode resistant germplasm lines of upland cotton

Shalini Mathur; Darokar, M.P.; Khanuja, S.P.S.; Samresh Dwivedi; Luthra, R.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Registration of two cultivars of the medicinal plant brahmi Bacopa monnieri

Shalini Mathur; Shasany, A.K.; Darokar, M.P.; Khanuja, S.P.S.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Registration of two cultivars of the medicinal/vegetable plant Centella asiatica

Mundel, H.H.; Braun, J.P., 1999:
Registration of two early-maturing safflower germplasm lines with high oleic acid and high oil content

Knox, R.E.; Fernandez, M.R.; Thomas, J.B.; Townley Smith, T.F.; Campbell, H.; DePauw, R.M., 1998:
Registration of two pairs of wheat genetic stocks near-isogenic for loose smut resistance: L8800-CC7B1B1D16 and L8800-CC7B1B1C1S, and P8802-C1*3A2A2U and P8802-C1*3A2C16

Clarke, J.M.; Depauw, R.M.; Thiessen, L.L., 1998:
Registration of wheat genetic stocks near-isogenic for photoperiod sensitivity

Lipinskii, F.B.; Tsuganok, N.S.; Zavatskii, M.Y., 1997:
Reglone on peas grown for seed

Minniti, G.; Martino, G., 1993:
Regression analysis and stationary valuation: the case of small rural properties

W.L.angHuan; Fang Yong; Tao QinNan; W.P.ng, 1996:
Regression analysis for the effects of successive application of chemical and organic fertilizer on soil fertility

Zaied, K.A.; E.F.daly, H., 1998:
Regression analysis of feather biodegradation data

Rajarathinam, S.; Subbaraman, N., 1997:
Regression analysis of genotypes x environment interaction in hirsutum cotton genotypes

Ritvo, G.; Speed, F.M.; Neill, W.H.; Dixon, J.B.; Lawrence, A.L.; Samocha, T.M., 1999 :
Regression analysis of soil chemical composition for two shrimp farms in Texas

Shen WenYing; Jiang HuaSong; L.Z.ongZheng; Chen BeiZhang, 1997:
Regression analysis of the factors which affect softwood pulping property

Kessler, M.C.; Lowenberg DeBoer, J., 1999:
Regression analysis of yield monitor data and its use in fine tuning crop decisions

Boaz, M.; Smetana, S., 1996:
Regression equation predicts dietary phosphorus intake from estimate of dietary protein intake

Barbosa, J.C.; Pinto, A.C.R.; Graziano, T.T., 1996:
Regression equations for estimating leaf area of Zinnia elegans Jacq

Bochno, R.; Mazanowski, A.; Rymkiewicz, J., 1998:
Regression equations for estimating the meat and fat contents of duck carcasses, with the weight of a skin slice with subcutaneous fat and the weight of the remaining part of the carcass as basic independent variables

Bochno, R.; Rymkiewicz, J.; Janiszewska, M., 1999:
Regression equations for the estimation of the meat and fat content in broiler carcasses

Danneberg, O.H., 1999:
Regression equations for the estimation of the sum of exchangeable cations for the soils of Eastern Austria under agricultural use

Zin, M.; Wojnar, J.; Budzynski, M., 1998:
Regression equations for the evaluation of carcass quality in cattle

Dees, M., 1998:
Regression estimation using a cluster design in large scale forest inventories

X.C.enWu; G.S.iLiang, 1999:
Regression method for mapping quantitative trait loci with means of flanking marker genotypes

Kuz' michev, V.V.; Mindeeva, T.N.; Kofman, G.B., 1996:
Regression models for predicting stand growth

Sulewska, H., 1997:
Regression models of dry matter accumulation in maize kernels from wax to full maturity stage

Battaglin, W.; Goolsby, D., 1998:
Regression models of herbicide concentrations in outflow from reservoirs in the midwestern USA, 1992-1993

Tangtham, N.; Korporn, A., 1998:
Regression models of soil and water losses from various erosion control measures in Mae Sa Integrated Watershed and Forest Land-use Project, Chiang Mai

Shah, A.H.; Lone, M.I.; Anderson, S.H., 1997:
Regression models to predict hydraulic conductivity from simple soil physical and chemical properties

Wit, F.W.; Sol, C.J.; Renwick, N.; Roos, M.T.; Pals, S.T.; van Leeuwen, R.; Goudsmit, J.; Reiss, P., 1998:
Regression of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma associated with clearance of human herpesvirus-8 from peripheral blood mononuclear cells following initiation of antiretroviral therapy

Diz Dios, P.; Ocampo Hermida, A.; Miralles Alvarez, C.; Vázquez García, E.; Martínez Vázquez, C., 1998:
Regression of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma following ritonavir therapy

Filippi, C.G.; Sze, G.; Farber, S.J.; Shahmanesh, M.; Selwyn, P.A., 1998:
Regression of HIV encephalopathy and basal ganglia signal intensity abnormality at MR imaging in patients with AIDS after the initiation of protease inhibitor therapy

Krischer, J.; Rutschmann, O.; Hirschel, B.; Vollenweider Roten, S.; Saurat, J.H.; Pechere, M., 1998:
Regression of Kaposi's sarcoma during therapy with HIV-1 protease inhibitors: A prospective pilot study

Parra, R.; Leal, M.; Delgado, J.; Macías, J.; Rubio, A.; Gómez, F.; Soriano, V.; Sanchez-Quijano, A.; Pineda, J.A.; Lissen, E., 1998:
Regression of invasive AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma following antiretroviral therapy

Radmehr, B.; Gilanpour, H.; Rezaian, M., 1997:
Regression of thymus in native Iranian sheep

Vega, M.M.; Urzelai, A.; Angulo, E., 1998:
Regression study of environmental quality objectives for soil, fresh water, and marine water, derived independently

Weis, H.; Ebner, E., 1997:
Regressional behaviour of different Gala-clones/origins

Kowalenko, B.; Romo, J., 1998:
Regrowth and rest requirements of northern wheatgrass following defoliation

Punt, H.F.; Theron, K.I.; Rabe, E., 1998:
Regrowth control in pruned 'Eureka' lemons (Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.): effect of growth retarding chemicals

Christiansen, J.L.; Jorgensen, J.R.; Jornsgard, B.; Stolen, O., 1997:
Regrowth in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and rye (Secale cereale L.)

Sampaio, E.V. de S.B.; Araujo, E. de L.; Salcedo, I.H.; Tiessen, H., 1998:
Regrowth of caatinga vegetation after slashing and burning at Serra Talhada, PE, Brazil

Nykvist, N., 1996 :
Regrowth of secondary vegetation after the 'Borneo fire' of 1982-1983

Ahmad Zada; Riaz Ahmad; Javaid ur Rehman, 1998:
Regrowth potential and forage yield of grasses sown alone and in different combinations with legumes under three harvest regimes

Wassermann, V.D.; Kruger, A.J.; Trytsman, M., 1998:
Regrowth potential of Trifolium resupinatum in comparison to other temperate pasture legumes

Klausmeier, Ca, 1999:
Regular and irregular patterns in semiarid vegetation

Shepherd, M.; Bhogal, A., 1998:
Regular applications of poultry litter to a sandy arable soil: effects on nitrate leaching and nitrogen balance

Anonymous, 1997:
Regular delegates' meeting of the Luxembourg Beekeepers' Associations

Van Pelt, R.E.; Jones, P.P.; Davy, K.P.; Desouza, C.A.; Tanaka, H.; Davy, B.M.; Seals, D.R., 1997:
Regular exercise and the age-related decline in resting metabolic rate in women

Krishnaiah, M., 1998:
Regular farm labour system in semi-arid areas: emerging patterns in Andhra Pradesh

Schmersahl, J., 1998:
Regular water balance - deciding factor for our survival

Pankova, E.I., 1997:
Regularities governing the evolution of the soil mantle and the properties of steppe and desert soils in Mongolia

Solntseva, N.P.; Sadov, A.P., 1998:
Regularities in oil and oil product migration in soils of forest-tundra landscapes in western Siberia

Karazija, S., 1998:
Regularities of Norway spruce undergrowth appearance

Berry, B.L., 1998:
Regularities of natural cycles, predictions of climate and surface conditions

Magomedaliev, S.G., 1998:
Regularities of potassium distribution in soils of Dagestan

Bernath, J.; Nemeth, E.; Petheo, F.; Mihalik, E.; Kalman, K.; Franke, R., 1999:
Regularities of the essential oil accumulation in developing fruits of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) and its histological background

Gao YongGang; Zhang LinYun; Yao KeMin, 1998:
Regularity of ecological impact on growing period of rice and its regionalization in China

Yan DaFu; Hua JiaLu; L.F.n; Wang FaMing; Yang JinLong; Chen YiRen, 1999:
Regularity of race variation of Magnaporthe grisea and utilization of rice resistant varieties in Wujiang rice-planted region of Jiangsu province

Portella, J.A.; Sattler, A.; Faganello, A., 1998:
Regularity of the distribution of seed and fertilizer by no-till drills for direct drilling of wheat and soyabeans

Goldhamer, D.A., 1999:
Regulated deficit irrigation for California canning olives

Gonzalez Altozano, P.; Castel, J.R., 1999:
Regulated deficit irrigation in 'Clementina de Nules' citrus trees. I. Yield and fruit quality effects

Alegre, S.; Girona, J.; Marsal, J.; Arbones, A.; Mata, M.; Montagut, D.; Teixido, F.; Motilva, M.J.; Romero, M.P., 1999:
Regulated deficit irrigation in olive trees

Ivanova, L.; Schlesinger, S.; Olivo, P.D., 1999:
Regulated expression of a Sindbis virus replicon by herpesvirus promoters

Handayanto, E.; Giller, K.E.; Cadisch, G., 1997:
Regulating N release from legume tree prunings by mixing residues of different quality

Chaney, C., 1998:
Regulating cotton growth with Bacillus cereus in Arkansas - a two year study

Unnevehr, L.; Ward, M.R.; Hasler, C., 1998:
Regulating health claims on food products: the balance between consumer choice and consumer protection

Innes, R., 1999:
Regulating livestock waste: an economic perspective

Rodl, P., 1999:
Regulating populations of synanthropic vertebrates in the Czech Republic

Mathis, A.H., 1998:
Regulating regulators in Florida

Tugnoli, V., 1998:
Regulating seed drills

Solleiro, J.L., 1998:
Regulating the access to genetic resources: recent advances in Latin America

Papaskiri, T.; Shuravilin, A.; Nikiforov, P., 1998:
Regulating the fertility of land on slopes by ecologically-based soil-protection measures

Anonymous, 1998:
Regulating the sale of compost

Yang FuChu, 1998:
Regulating the structure of rice production to propel industrialization - a survey of new rice production pattern and management in Changtang Town, Hunan Province

Silverstein, L.J.; S.J.or, S.T., 1997:
Regulating the weight management industry: standards for evaluating weight management programs and treatment methods

Trendafilov, R., 1998:
Regulating the wheat market in Bulgaria: institutional and economic aspects

Damodaran, A., 1999:
Regulating transgenic plants in India. Biosafety, plant variety protection and beyond

Cicco, A. de, 1998:
Regulation (EC) 2200/96: problems and opportunities for the Italian fruit and vegetables sector. The case of Lazio

Povellato, A., 1999:
Regulation 2078

Sun, T.P.ng; Kamiya, Y., 1997:
Regulation and cellular localization of ent-kaurene synthesis

Buchert, A., 1999:
Regulation and control of pesticide residues in plant products

Aggarwal, V.K., 1997:
Regulation and development of commodity markets

Wohlfarth, T.; Braun, H.; Kirik, V.; Koelle, K.; Czihal, A.; Tewes, A.; Luerssen, H.; Misera, S.; Shutov, A.; Baeumlein, H., 1998:
Regulation and evolution of seed globulin genes

Maclean, Norman, 1998:
Regulation and exploitation of transgenes in fish

Von Schalburg, K.R.; Sherwood, N.M., 1999:
Regulation and expression of gonadotropin-releasing hormone gene differs in brain and gonads in rainbow trout

Tajima, S.; Suetake, I., 1998:
Regulation and function of DNA methylation in vertebrates

Denkers, E.Y.; Gazzinelli, R.T., 1998:
Regulation and function of T-cell-mediated immunity during Toxoplasma gondii infection

Koopmann, E.; Logemann, E.; Hahlbrock, K., 1999:
Regulation and functional expression of cinnamate 4-hydroxylase from parsley

Hägglund, A.C.; Ny, A.; Leonardsson, G.; Ny, T., 1999:
Regulation and localization of matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in the mouse ovary during gonadotropin-induced ovulation

Shaw, I., 1999:
Regulation and monitoring of pesticides in Indonesia

Mikalsen, K.H., 1998:
Regulation and representation: institutional challenges in fisheries management

Riddiford, L.M.; Hiruma, K.; Lan, Q.; Zhou, B., 1999:
Regulation and role of nuclear receptors during larval molting and metamorphosis of Lepidoptera

Sugino, N.; Telleria, C.M.; Tessier, C.; Gibori, G., 1999:
Regulation and role of the insulin-like growth factor I system in rat luteal cells

Wang CunXi; Jarlfors, U.; Hildebrand, D.F., 1999:
Regulation and subcellular localization of auxin-induced lipoxygenases

Josekutty, P.C., 1998:
Regulation by HMGR of sterol biosynthesis in a selected high sterol cell line of Solanum xanthocarpum Shrader & Wendl

Berna, A.B.rnier, F., 1999:
Regulation by biotic and abiotic stress of a wheat germin gene encoding oxalate oxidase, a H2O2-producing enzyme

López-Palomo, V.; Martínez-Victoria, E.; Yago, M.D.; Lupiani, M.J.; Mañas, M., 1998:
Regulation by diet of the pancreas enzyme content of suckling goats

Compas, J.M.; Pages, J.C., 1997:
Regulation by predictive control and embedded knowledge based models

Gorodeski, G.I.; Burfeind, P.; Gan, S.U.; Pal, D.; Abdul-Karim, F.W., 1998:
Regulation by retinoids of P2Y2 nucleotide receptor mRNA in human uterine cervical cells

Zhang ZhiHong; Guo WeiMing, 1998:
Regulation of 6-BA on membrane permeability of cut chrysanthemum in vase periods

Green, L.L.; Jakobovits, A., 1998:
Regulation of B cell development by variable gene complexity in mice reconstituted with human immunoglobulin yeast artificial chromosomes

Caemmerer, S. von; Ruuska, S.A.; Evans, G.D.P.J.R.; Anderson, J.M.; Andrews, T.J.; Badger, M.R., 1998:
Regulation of CO2 assimilation rate by the chloroplast cytochrome bf complex

L.P.ng; Wang PeiHong; Shan Lun, 1998:
Regulation of Ca/GA on changes of protein during wheat seed germination under osmotic stress

Geiger, T.; Khan, M.W.isnant, C.; Prien, S.; Khan, S., 1999:
Regulation of DNA synthesis in Leydig cells obtained from neonatal pig testes

Kuo, C.H.; Browning, K.S.; Ivy, J.L., 1999:
Regulation of GLUT4 protein expression and glycogen storage after prolonged exercise

Amarasinghe, B.H.R.R.; Bruxelles, G.L. de; Braddon, M.; Onyeocha, I.; Forde, B.G.; Udvardi, M.K., 1998:
Regulation of GmNRT2 expression and nitrate transport activity in roots of soybean (Glycine max)

Pennacchio, F.; Falabella, P.; Vinson, S.B.adleigh, 1998:
Regulation of Heliothis virescens prothoracic glands by Cardiochiles nigriceps polydnavirus

Borradaile, N.M.; Carroll, K.K.; Kurowska, E.M., 1999:
Regulation of HepG2 cell apolipoprotein B metabolism by the citrus flavanones hesperetin and naringenin

Cohick, W.S.; Turner, J.D., 1998:
Regulation of IGF binding protein synthesis by a bovine mammary epithelial cell line

Takenaka, A., 1999:
Regulation of IGF-I activity by protein nutrition

Roberts, Sk, 1998:
Regulation of K+ channels in maize roots by water stress and abscisic acid

Lukyanenko, Y.O.; Carpenter, A.M.; Brigham, D.E.; Stocco, D.M.; Hutson, J.C., 1998:
Regulation of Leydig cells through a steroidogenic acute regulatory protein-independent pathway by a lipophilic factor from macrophages

Kubik Dobosz, G.; Kazanecka, M.; Buczek, J., 1999:
Regulation of NH4+ transport pathways in Pisum arvense roots

Manglik, P.; Bhatia, V.S.; Guruprasad, K.N., 1998:
Regulation of PAL activity and pod shattering in soybean varieties after treatment with t-cinnamic acid and cobalt chloride

Salvo, A.; Valladares, G., 1997:
Regulation of Phytoliriomyza jacarandae (Diptera: Agromyzidae) by parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) in Cordoba, Argentina

Leinonen, K.; D.C.antal, M., 1998:
Regulation of Picea abies seed dormancy by red and far-red light at various moisture contents

Mani, M.; Krishnamoorthy, A., 1998:
Regulation of Rastrococcus iceryoides (Green) on guava

Hammond, E.T.; Andrews, T.J.; Mott, K.A.; Woodrow, I.E., 2004:
Regulation of Rubisco activation in antisense plants of tobacco containing reduced levels of Rubisco activase

Bariola, P.A.; MacIntosh, G.C.; Green, P.J., 1999:
Regulation of S-like ribonuclease levels in Arabidopsis. Antisense inhibition of RNS1 or RNS2 elevates anthocyanin accumulation

Song, H.; Nie, X.; Basu, S.; Singh, M.; Cerny, J., 1999:
Regulation of VH gene repertoire and somatic mutation in germinal centre B cells by passively administered antibody

Bye, N.J.; Charnley, A.K., 1997:
Regulation of a cuticle-degrading proteinase from the entomopathogenic fungus Verticillium lecanii - a pathogen of the aphid Myzus persicae

Roblin, G.; Sakr, S.; Bonmort, J.; Delrot, S., 1998:
Regulation of a plant plasma membrane sucrose transporter by phosphorylation

Zhuo, D.; Okamoto, M.; Vidmar, J.J.; Glass, A.D., 1999:
Regulation of a putative high-affinity nitrate transporter (Nrt2;1At) in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana

Busk, P.K.; Figueras, M.; Jessop, A.C.; Goday, A.; Pages, M., 1998:
Regulation of abscisic acid and water stress response genes

Cowan, A.K.; Cairns, A.L.P.; Bartels Rahm, B., 1999:
Regulation of abscisic acid metabolism: towards a metabolic basis for abscisic acid-cytokinin antagonism

Busk, P.; Pages, M., 1998:
Regulation of abscisic acid-induced transcription

Grajal, A., 1999:
Regulation of access to genetic resources imposes limitations on biodiversity research in Andean countries

Grabski, S.A.noys, E.B.sch, B.S.hindler, M., 1998:
Regulation of actin tension in plant cells by kinases and phosphatases

Liu, B.H.; Chu, F.S., 1998:
Regulation of aflR and its product, AflR, associated with aflatoxin biosynthesis

Omarov, R.T.; Sagi, M.; Lips, S.H., 1998:
Regulation of aldehyde oxidase and nitrate reductase in roots of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by nitrogen source and salinity

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Regulation of alphavirus 26S mRNA transcription by replicase component nsP2

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