Relation of milk production loss to milk somatic cell count

Koldeweij, E.; Emanuelson, U.; Janson, L.

Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 40(1): 47-56


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-605X
PMID: 10418195
Accession: 003254528

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Correlation between milk yield loss and increase in milk somatic cell count (SCC) was studied using 18 131 records of weekly test-day milk yields, SCC and mastitis incidences from 274 Swedish cows from January 1985 to August 1993. Yield loss was determined for test-day kg milk, kg protein, and kg energy-corrected milk. Least-squares analysis of variance was used to estimate the direct effect of Log10(SCC) on yield. The recorded measures of yield were first corrected for fixed effects, with adjustment factors estimated from a healthy data-set. The average daily milk yield was 19.7 kg/day for the first lactation and 22.0 for later lactations. The mean SCC was 63.1 for the first lactation and 107.2 for later lactations. The incidence of clinical mastitis treated by a veterinarian was 19.8% of the lactations-at-risk. Linear relationships were found between the yield parameters and Log10(SCC). Quadratic and cubic effects were evaluated, but contributed little to the overall fit of the models. The individual milk yield loss was 1.29 kg/day for each unit increase in Log10(SCC) for cows in the first lactation. Milk yield decreased by 2.04 kg/day per unit Log10(SCC) for older cows. Corresponding values for protein yield were 0.042 and 0.067 kg/day for first and later lactations, respectively.