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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3258

Chapter 3258 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sawyer, N.W.; Anderson, G.J., 1998:
Reproductive biology of the carrion-flower, Smilax herbacea (Smilacaceae)

Timmerman Erskine, M.; Boyd, R.S., 1999:
Reproductive biology of the endangered plant Clematis socialis (Ranunculaceae)

Lee ChiYang; L.K.ngChen, 1996:
Reproductive biology of the white-spotted longicorn beetle, Anoplophora macularia (Thomson) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), on sweet oranges

Reddi, C.S.; Aluri, R.J.S., 1997:
Reproductive biology of three mangrove plant species

McKone, M.; Lund, C.; O'Brien, J., 1998:
Reproductive biology of two dominant prairie grasses (Andropogon gerardii and Sorghastrum nutans, Poaceae): male-biased sex allocation in wind-pollinated plants?

Colleau, J.J.; Heyman, Y.; Renard, J.P., 1998:
Reproductive biotechnologies in cattle and their actual and potential application in selection

Chen HeMing; Q.R.nShen, 1996:
Reproductive characteristics of Cydia trasias and its control with sex attractant

Miller, D.A.; Leopold, B.D.; Hurst, G.A., 1998:
Reproductive characteristics of a wild turkey population in central Mississippi

Becer, Z.A.; Ikiz, R., 1999:
Reproductive characteristics of pikeperch (Stizostedion lucioperca (L., 1758)) in Egirdir Lake

Dahlan, AN.; Gordh, G., 1998:
Reproductive compatibility between Trichogramma australicum Girault (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) reared in eggs of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and artificial diet

Neal, M.S.; Reyes, E.R.; Fisher, K.S.; King, W.A.; Basrur, P.K., 1998:
Reproductive consequences of an X-autosome translocation in a swine herd

Gorshkov, S.; Gordin, H.; Gorshkova, G.; Knibb, W., 1997:
Reproductive constraints for family selection of the gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata L.)

Doray, J.M.; Burgies, J.C.; Callejas, S.S.; Schiersmann, G.C.S.; Torquati, O.; Butler, H.; Alberio, R.H., 1997:
Reproductive control in breeding cows using vaginal progesterone. Effect of various factors on fertility

Ortaz, M., 1997:
Reproductive cycle of Creagrutus bolivari (Pisces: Characidae) in Venezuela

Ahluwalia, I.B.; DeVellis, R.F.; Thomas, J.C., 1998:
Reproductive decisions of women at risk for acquiring HIV infection

E.T.hamy, M.M.; Fahmy, M.A.; Aly, F.A.E., 1997:
Reproductive defects and chromosomal aberrations in rabbits exposed to cadmium and possible protective effects of zinc administration

Roberts, E.H.; Summerfield, R.J.; Ellis, R.H., 1997:
Reproductive development and crop adaptation

Aamlid, T.S.; Heide, O.M.; Christie, B.R.; McGraw, R.L., 1998:
Reproductive development and the establishment of potential seed yield in grasses and legumes

Vale, W.G., 1997:
Reproductive disorders in dairy cows and buffalo females reared in the tropics

Bengtsson, B.E.; Hill, C.; Bergman, A.; Brandt, I.; Johansson, N.; Magnhagen, C.; Sodergren, A.; Thulin, J., 1999:
Reproductive disturbances in Baltic fish: a synopsis of the FiRe project

Kalinganire, A.; Harwood, C.E.; Simons, A.J.; Moncur, M.W.; Slee, M.U., 1996:
Reproductive ecology of Grevillea robusta in western Kenya

Ngulube, M.R.; Hall, J.B.; Maghembe, J.A., 1998:
Reproductive ecology of Uapaca kirkiana (Euphorbiaceae) in Malawi, southern Africa

Paisley,; Wright, R.G.; Kubisiak, J.F.; Rolley, R.E., 1998:
Reproductive ecology of eastern wild turkeys in southwestern Wisconsin

Budzynski, M.; Somka, Z.; Sotys, L.; Gancarz, J.; Kamieniak, J.; Suska, A., 1996:
Reproductive effectiveness of principal stallions at some Wielkopolski studs

Velasquez-Pereira, J.; Chenoweth, P.J.; McDowell, L.R.; Risco, C.A.; Staples, C.A.; Prichard, D.; Martin, F.G.; Calhoun, M.C.; Williams, S.N.; Wilkinson, N.S., 1998:
Reproductive effects of feeding gossypol and vitamin E to bulls

Lucia, T.Jr, 1999:
Reproductive efficiency in female pigs

Roche, J.F.; Diskin, M.G., 1999:
Reproductive efficiency in post-partum cows

Perez Pineda, E.; Velazquez Rodriguez, F.; Barba Capote, C.J., 1998:
Reproductive efficiency of Cuban Criollo boars crossed with Duroc-Hampshire females

Bhoite, U.Y.; Bhoite, S.U.; Mandakmale, S.D., 1998:
Reproductive efficiency of Gir halfbreds

Ohno, K.; Yamaguchi, D.; Maryana, N.; Takesaki, K.; Takemoto, H., 1999:
Reproductive efficiency of eulophid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) attacking the larvae of Liriomyza trifolii (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Rutter, B.; Russo, A.F.; Cattaneo, M.L., 1999:
Reproductive efficiency with intrauterine treatment in Argentine Holstein heifers with FMR

E.K.rdawy, D.M.A.; Rashwan, A.A., 1998:
Reproductive efficiency, semen characteristics, digestibility and some blood constituents of breeding rabbits fed poultry slaughterhouse by-products as a partial substitution for soybean meal

Veiga, J.P.; Salvador, A.; Merino, S.; Puerta, M., 1998:
Reproductive effort affects immune response and parasite infection in a lizard: a phenotypic manipulation using testosterone

Hutz, R.J., 1999:
Reproductive endocrine disruption by environmental xenobiotics that modulate the estrogen-signaling pathway, particularly tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)

Schmidtling, R.C., 1996:
Reproductive environment affects growth of shortleaf pine

Bridges, R.S.; Henriquez, B.M.; Sturgis, J.D.; Mann, P.E., 1997:
Reproductive experience reduces haloperidol-induced prolactin secretion in female rats

Verma, S.; Katoch, R.C.; Verma, J.C.; Nigam, P.; Batta, M.K., 1998:
Reproductive failures in does and ewes due to salmonellosis in Himachal Pradesh, India

Mala Ramanathan, 1998:
Reproductive health index: measuring reproduction or reproductive health?

Jejeebhoy, S.J., 1999:
Reproductive health information in India: what are the gaps?

Hardee, K.; Kokila Agarwal; Luke, N.; Wilson, E.; Pendzich, M.; Farrell, M.; Cross, H., 1999:
Reproductive health policies and programs in eight countries: progress since Cairo

Saeeda Majeed, 1999:
Reproductive health status of women in NWFP

Chapman, K.; Gordon, G., 2002:
Reproductive health technologies and gender: Is participation the key?

Browning, R.; Schrick, F.N.; Thompson, F.N.; Wakefield, T., 1998:
Reproductive hormonal responses to ergotamine and ergonovine in cows during the luteal phase of the estrous cycle

Haffray, P.; Vauchez, C.; Rault, P.; Reffay, M., 1998:
Reproductive innovations in French hatcheries since 1991

Heimpel, G.E.; Antolin, M.F.; Franqui, R.A.; Strand, M.R., 1997:
Reproductive isolation and genetic variation between two strains of Bracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Serrato Cruz, M.A.; Miranda Colin, S.; Garcia Velazquez, A.; Castillo Gonzalez, F., 1998:
Reproductive isolation in cempoalxochitl plants (Tagetes spp)

Arista, M.; Ortiz, P.L.; Talavera, S., 1997:
Reproductive isolation of two sympatric subspecies of Juniperus phoenicea (Cupressaceae) in southern Spain

Ossa Velasquez, J.L. de la, 1999:
Reproductive management in captivity of Crocodylus acutus Cuvier, 1807 (Crocodylia: Crocodylidae) in Columbia

Morris, C.A., 1998:
Reproductive management of beef cattle

Davis, G.H.; Knight, T.W., 1998:
Reproductive management of camelids

Macmillan, K.L., 1998:
Reproductive management of dairy cattle

Wilson, P.R.; Asher, G.W.; Fisher, M.W., 1998:
Reproductive management of deer

Merrall, M.; Moore, R.W., 1998:
Reproductive management of goats

Smith, J.F.; Knight, T.W., 1998:
Reproductive management of sheep

Hughes, P.E., 1997:
Reproductive management of the gilt

Evans, A.A.F., 1998:
Reproductive mechanisms

Wongsuwan, N.; Hill, M.J.; Hampton, J.G., 1997:
Reproductive morphological changes in Ruzi grass (Brachiaria ruziziensis Germain and Everard)

Naimatullah Hashmi; Zafar, M.I., 1997:
Reproductive motivations and family size preferences among Pakistani women: discriminant analysis

Renema, R.A.; Melnychuk, V.L.; Robinson, F.E.; Classen, H.L.; Crawford, R.D., 1998:
Reproductive organ morphology and carcass traits in unselected naturally mating female Bronze turkeys at onset of lay

Lumey, L.H., 1998:
Reproductive outcomes in women prenatally exposed to undernutrition: a review of findings from the Dutch famine birth cohort

Saikia, S.K.; Dutta, S.K.; Saikia, D.K.; Devroy, T.C., 1998:
Reproductive parameters of Indian grain aphid Sitobion miscanthi (Tak.) on wheat varieties

Margaix, C.; Jacas, J.; Garrido, A., 1998:
Reproductive parameters of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) under controlled conditions

Taylor, M.J.; Evans, J.W.; Householder, D.D.; Potter, G.D.; Varner, D.D., 1997:
Reproductive parameters of breeding stallions in response to a moderate physical conditioning program

Shalaby, A.S.; Sharawy, S.M.; Saleh, N.H.; Medan, M.S., 1998:
Reproductive pattern of goats in Sinai

Ismail, A.A., 1998:
Reproductive patterns in camel

Martinez Rojero, R.D., 1999:
Reproductive patterns in the Pelibuey ewe in tropical Mexico

Hultén, F.; Lundeheim, N.; Dalin, A.M.; Einarsson, S., 1998:
Reproductive performance among sows group-housed during late lactation

Gonzalez Stagnaro, C.; Madrid Bury, N.; Chirinos, Z.; Aranguren Mendez, J.; Quintero Moreno, A.; Ramirez Iglesias, 1998:
Reproductive performance and efficiency of crossbred heifers in relation to their reproductive tract score

Burton, L.J.; Harris, B.L.; Winkelman, A.M.; Xu, Z.Z., 1999:
Reproductive performance and genetic improvement of fertility in dairy cattle

Francos, G.; Distl, O.; Ezra, E.; Mayer, E., 1999:
Reproductive performance and milk production of Israeli-Holstein cows fed different levels of supplement during the dry period

Navanukraw, C.; Pakdee, P.; Sanklong, C., 1997:
Reproductive performance and physiological changes during prepartum and postpartum of purebred Holstein-Friesian cows

Ruda, M.; Pokrywka, K.; Majewski, T., 1996:
Reproductive performance and reasons for culling Duroc boars

Holgado, F.D.; Sal Paz, A.R. de, 1995:
Reproductive performance in Hereford x Nelore cows from a complete diallel cross

Mechain, A.; Pages, L.; Legendre, J., 1996:
Reproductive performance in hardy cattle herds of range-breeding system in the Languedoc-Roussillon area

Knezo, J.; Magic, D.; Saulic, P.; Burdova, O., 1996:
Reproductive performance in sows on a diet with increased fat content

Silva, E.; Galina, M.A.; Palma, J.M.; Valencia, J., 1997 :
Reproductive performance of Alpine dairy goats in a semi-arid environment of Mexico under a continuous breeding system

Osoro, K.; Ormazabal, J.J., 1997:
Reproductive performance of Asturian Lowland cows and factors affecting it

Juntip, P.; Markvichitr, K.; Thanindratarn, B.; Tumwasorn, S., 1996:
Reproductive performance of Australian Brahman experiencing subfertility in Ang Thong Province

Anonymous, 1998:
Reproductive performance of Bos taurus x Bos indicus cows in dry tropical conditions in Costa Rica, using artificial insemination during synchronized and spontaneous oestrus

Baca Fuentes, J.R.; Perez Gutierrez, E.; Galina Hidalgo, C.S., 1998:
Reproductive performance of Bos taurus x Bos indicus cows kept in dry tropical conditions in Costa Rica and subjected to artificial insemination and synchronized or spontaneous oestrus

Baca Fuentes, J.R.; Perez Gutierrez, E.; Galina Hidalgo, C.S., 1998:
Reproductive performance of Bos taurus x Bos indicus heifers inseminated during spontaneous oestrus in a dry tropical area in Costa Rica

Madrid Bury, N.; Zambrano, S.; Bohada, E.; Gonzalez Stagnaro, C.; Chirinos, Z., 1997:
Reproductive performance of Bos taurus x Bos indicus young bulls in Venezuela

Rekwot, P.I.; Lamidi, O.S.; Adamu, A.M.; Egbuedo, C.U.; Ruwaan, J.S.; Okereke, S.N., 1997:
Reproductive performance of Bunaji bulls grazing natural pasture and receiving supplements containing palm kernel meal

Patel, J.A.; Tajane, K.R.; Murthy, K.S.; Dalal, P.S.; Dutta, K.S., 1999:
Reproductive performance of Gir cattle

Holgado, F.D.; Sal Paz, A.R. de, 1995 :
Reproductive performance of Hereford, Nelore and F1 and F2 Hereford x Nelore cows

Marai, I.F.M.; E.D.rawany, A.A.; Nasr, A.S.; Farghaly, H.M.; Shehata, M.A., 1998:
Reproductive performance of Holstein-Friesian cows as affected by heat stress and its alleviation with hormonal treatments, under Egyptian sub-tropical conditions

Laborde, D.; Holmes, C.W.; Garcia Muniz, J.G.; Wichtel, J., 1998:
Reproductive performance of Holstein-Friesian cows differing genetically in live weight

Holmes, C.W.; Garcia Muniz, J.; Laborde, D.; Chesterfield, M.; Purchas, J., 1999:
Reproductive performance of Holstein-Friesian cows which have been selected for heavy or light liveweight

Abba, D., 1997:
Reproductive performance of Massa sheep in the extreme north of Cameroon

E.K.rdawy, D.M.A.; Ibrahim, H.; Ahmed, S.S., 1998:
Reproductive performance of New Zealand White rabbits as affected by partial substitution of barley with date seeds

Hayes, D.P., 1998:
Reproductive performance of New Zealand herds

Koratkar, D.P.; Bhoite, U.Y.; Deshmukh, A.K., 1998:
Reproductive performance of Osmanabadi goats

Abiola, S.S.; Onwuka, C.F.I., 1998:
Reproductive performance of West African dwarf sheep and goats at village level in Ogun State, Nigeria

Das, S.; Ghosh, N.; Ray, S.K., 1997:
Reproductive performance of broiler rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in West Bengal

Yilmaz, A.; Davis, M.E.; Simmen, R.C., 1999:
Reproductive performance of bulls divergently selected on the basis of blood serum insulin-like growth factor I concentration

Kale, M.M.; Tomer, O.S., 1999:
Reproductive performance of crossbred goat flock under stall-fed conditions

Sakaguti, E.S.; Barbosa, O.R.; Martins, E.N., 1996:
Reproductive performance of crossbred rabbits

Qureshi, M.S.; Samad, H.A.; Ahmad, N.; Habib, G.; Anjum, A.D.; Siddiqui, M.M., 1998:
Reproductive performance of dairy buffaloes under peri-urban commercial farming in NWFP, Pakistan

Riha, J.; Cunat, L.; Vejnar, J.; Cerovsky, J., 1997:
Reproductive performance of donors after flushing, and of non-pregnant recipients, in an embryo transfer programme in pigs

Ksiazkiewicz, J., 1996:
Reproductive performance of ducks from six conservation groups

Adams, L.G.; Dale, B.W., 1998:
Reproductive performance of female Alaskan caribou

Saad, M.F.; Rezeka, S.S., 1998:
Reproductive performance of female catfish exposed to chronic pollution with ammonia and nitrite

Brandt, G.; Preto, M.P.N.; Bortolozzo, F.P.; Wentz, I., 1998:
Reproductive performance of gilts submitted to uterine infusion of seminal plasma in the oestrous period previous to artificial insemination

Marai, I.F.M.; E.K.riem, M.A.A.; Zeidan, A.E.B.; Selem, T.S.T., 1998:
Reproductive performance of heat-stressed low fertile male rabbits as affected by types of GnRH injection

Lobato, J.F.P.; Giorgis, P.S., 1997:
Reproductive performance of heifers of two breed types in the autumn and winter

Zeidan, A.E.B.; E.K.riem, M.A.A.; Abou Fandoud, E.I.; Marai, I.F.M., 1998:
Reproductive performance of postpartum Friesian cows as affected by estradiol-17 beta administration, under Egyptian hot summer conditions

Barcellos, J.O.J.; Lobato, J.F.P., 1997:
Reproductive performance of primiparous Hereford and Nelore x Hereford cows calving and mating in autumn and winter or spring and summer. 1. Conception rate

Lobato, J.F.P.; Giorgis, P.S., 1998:
Reproductive performance of primiparous cows during the autumn-winter at Rio Grande do Sul

Herbert, U., 1998:
Reproductive performance of rabbit does fed diets containing Gliricidia leaf meal from conception through weaning of kits

Setiadi, B.; Subandriyo ; Iniguez, L.C., 1995:
Reproductive performance of small ruminants in an outreach pilot project in West Java

Freetly, H.C.; Cundiff, L.V., 1998:
Reproductive performance, calf growth, and milk production of first-calf heifers sired by seven breeds and raised on different levels of nutrition

Bocquier, F.; Leboeuf, B.; Guedon, L.; Chilliard, Y., 1996:
Reproductive performances of artificially inseminated prepubertal goat: effects of feeding level and body weight

Lepsch Cunha, N.; Mori, S.A., 1999:
Reproductive phenology and mating potential in a low density tree population of Couratari multiflora (Lecythidaceae) in central Amazonia

Palupi, E.R.; Owens, J.N., 1998:
Reproductive phenology and reproductive success of teak (Tectona grandis L. F.)

Akhalkatsi, M.; Wagner, J., 1996:
Reproductive phenology and seed development of Gentianella caucasea in different habitats in the Central Caucasus

Roche, C.T.; Thill, D.C.; Shafii, B., 1997:
Reproductive phenology in yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis)

Heideman, P.D.; Sylvester, C.J., 1997:
Reproductive photoresponsiveness in unmanipulated male Fischer 344 laboratory rats

Vijayalalitha, S.J., 1999:
Reproductive physiological problems associated with short style flowers of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Nollen, Paul M., 1997:
Reproductive physiology and behaviour of digenetic trematodes

Qiao Wang; Shi GuangLu; Davis, L.K., 1998:
Reproductive potential and daily reproductive rhythms of Oemona hirta (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Akbulut, S.; Linit, M.J., 1999:
Reproductive potential of Monochamus carolinensis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) with respect to pinewood nematode phoresis

Meney, K.A.; Dixon, K.W.; Pate, J.S., 1997:
Reproductive potential of obligate seeder and resprouter herbaceous perennial monocots (Restionaceae, Anarthriaceae, Ecdeiocoleaceae) from south-western Western Australia

Khurana, N.K., 1998:
Reproductive problems and their amelioration under field conditions

Shalaby, S.I.A.; Ahmed, W.M.; Amer, H.A., 1998:
Reproductive problems in farm animals exposed to pesticides with emphasis on sheep

Hanlon, D., 1998:
Reproductive problems in the post-partum cow

Cruz, N.; Araya, O.; Zaror, L.; Campo, C.H. del, 1997:
Reproductive problems related to fescue toxicosis at a stud farm

Gnemmi, G., 1998:
Reproductive problems related to nutritional acidosis in the milking cow

Boubelík, M., 1998:
Reproductive properties of heterozygous nu/+ mice

Timofeev, L.V.; Kulinich, N.V., 1998:
Reproductive properties of sows of selected breeds having different stress resistance

Nielsen, P.E.; Sorensen, M., 1998:
Reproductive pruning in Pachyrhizus ahipa (Wedd.) Parodi

Buchanan, D.S.; Gosz, R.; Knori, L., 1997:
Reproductive regularity for young cows sired by high and low milk EPD Angus and Polled Hereford bulls

Munyaneza, J.; Obrycki, J.J., 1997:
Reproductive response of Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) to Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) eggs

Roa, N.; Linares, T.; Rolo, M.R. de; Tamasaukas, R., 1998:
Reproductive response of crossbred heifers (Bos indicus x Bos taurus) used as embryo recipients in Venezuela

Lin RongShinn; W.J.hFang; Y.I.e; Hsu JinnBin, 1999:
Reproductive response of primiparous sows to supplementation of organic chromium in diet

Lucas Tron, J. de; Gonzalez Padilla, E.; Martinez Rojas, L.M., 1997:
Reproductive seasonality in ewes of five breeds on the central high plateau in Mexico

Palis, O.G., 1994:
Reproductive shortfall of six mangrove species at various phenological stages

Schahidi, R.; Tabatabai, M.M.; Bana Derakhshan, R.; Mamuie, M.; Fotovati, A.; Nowrouzian, I., 1997:
Reproductive status of Mehraban rams in Aminabad region of Tehran throughout the year

Lindsay, L.R.; Galloway, T.D., 1998:
Reproductive status of four species of fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera) on Richardson's ground squirrels (Rodentia: Sciuridae) in Manitoba, Canada

Leponce, Maurice, 1997:
Reproductive strategies and community structure of New Guinean arboreal nesting termites

Cocks, P.S., 1998:
Reproductive strategies and genetic structure of wild and naturalised legume populations

Raimundez U.E.; Ramirez, N., 1998:
Reproductive strategy of a perennial herb: Hypoxis decumbens (Hypoxidaceae)

Collevatti, R.G.; Lopes, F.S.; Amaral, M.E.C., 1997:
Reproductive success in the tropical weed Triumfetta semitriloba (Tiliaceae): spatial and temporal variation in seed set

Krishna, M.S.; Hegde, S.N., 1997:
Reproductive success of large and small flies in Drosophila bipectinata complex

Montaldo, N.H.; Medan, D.; Roitman, G.G.; D.A.brogio, A.C.; Mantese, A.I., 1996:
Reproductive success of oilseed rape (Brassica napus var. oleifera) in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gross, M.L.; Kapuscinski, A.R., 1997:
Reproductive success of smallmouth bass estimated and evaluated from family-specific DNA fingerprints

Pfeiffer, M.; Linsenmair, K.E., 1997:
Reproductive synchronization in the tropics: the circa-semiannual rhythm in the nuptial flight of the giant ant Camponotus gigas Latreille (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Devasahayam, S.; Vidyasagar, PSPV.; Abdulla Koya, KM., 1998:
Reproductive system of pollu beetle, Longitarsus nigripennis Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a major pest of black pepper, Piper nigrum Linnaeus

Gonzalez, M.E.; Aguado, M.J.; Perez Guzman, M.D.; Montoro, V.; Gil, P.; Garde, J., 1998:
Reproductive techniques used to conserve and promote black Manchega sheep

Bougler, J., 1999:
Reproductive techniques: factors affecting genetic progress and genetic variation in the breeding of domestic animals

First, N.L.; Mitalipova, M.; First, M.K., 1999:
Reproductive technologies and transgenics

Garci F.X.; Neira R.R.; Diaz, N.F.; Estay C.F., 1997:
Reproductive traits and body weight and length and their relationships in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) from different hatcheries in the 10th and 11th Regions in Chile

Carreira, R.P.; Colaco, A.A.; Silva, J.R., 1998:
Reproductive traits in Maronesa cows

Rocha, A., 1997:
Reproductive traits in cattle breeds adapted to tropical areas

Munari, D.P., 1998:
Reproductive traits in the genetic improvement of broilers

Adilovic, S.; Adilovic, E.; Sakic, V., 1998:
Reproductive traits of breeding sows as basic production factors on pig breeding farms

Ukhtverov, M.; Molyanova, G., 1996:
Reproductive traits of gilts

Zhilkina, L.V.; Kostyanoi, V.G.; Gurov, V.I., 1998:
Reproductive traits of gilts in relation to age and live weight at first fertile insemination

Mascarenhas, R.; Folch, J., 1997:
Reproductive traits of sheep breeds in Portugal

Matsuda, H.; Yamauchi, A.; Matsumiya, Y.; Yamakawa, T., 1999:
Reproductive value, harvest value, and impact multiplier as indicators for maximum sustainable fisheries

Putu, I.G., 1995:
Reproductive wastage of Daldale ewes using a twice yearly lambing programme

Murugeppa, A.; Dubey, B.M., 1998:
Reproductive wastages and disorders in Surti buffaloes during pregnancy and parturition in different parity

Girio, R.J.S.; Dias, H.L.T.; Mathias, L.A.; Santana, A.E.; Alessi, A.C., 1998:
Reproductive, haematological and pathological disorders in female pigs with antibody titres to Leptospira interrogans serovar icterohaemorrhagiae

Mao, J.; Zak, L.J.; Cosgrove, J.R.; Shostak, S.; Foxcroft, G.R., 1999:
Reproductive, metabolic, and endocrine responses to feed restriction and GnRH treatment in primiparous, lactating sows

Mataa, M.; Tominaga, S., 1998:
Reproductive-vegetative shoot growth interactions and relationship to non-structural carbohydrates in immature ponkan mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Wojtyra, B., 1998:
Reproductiveness of dairy cattle in the selected farms of the Warsaw region

Webster, P.; Kapel, C.M.O.; Bjorn, H., 1999:
Reproductivity of nine Trichinella isolates in guineapigs and mice

Zhu, J.; Fukushige, T.; McGhee, J.D.; Rothman, J.H., 1998:
Reprogramming of early embryonic blastomeres into endodermal progenitors by a Caenorhabditis elegans GATA factor

Schonrogge, K.; Harper, L.J.; Brooks, S.E.; Shorthouse, J.D.; Lichtenstein, C.P., 1998:
Reprogramming plant development: two approaches to study the molecular mechanism of gall formation

Vasconcellos, C.A.; Campolina, D.C.A.; Santos, F.G.; Pitta, G.V.E.; Marriel, I.E., 1999:
Repsonses of soyabeans and soil biomass carbon to residues of five sorghum genotypes

Hannah, D.S.; Smith, G.C.; Agnew, G., 1998:
Reptile and amphibian composition in prescribed burnt dry sclerophyll forest, southern Queensland

Erh Rou Lai Hsieh, 1999:
Republic of China

Chang SenFuh, 1998:
Republic of China, Taiwan

Chen JungHuei, 1999:
Republic of China. Introduction to and background of Taiwan, Republic of China

Choi KyeongHwan, 1999:
Republic of Korea

Gim UhnSoon, 1998:
Republic of Korea

Young AhnMi, 1997:
Republic of Korea: farm reforms bear fruit

Wade, C., 1999:
Reputation and its effect on the price of Australian wine

Goeman, D., 1999:
Request for milk quality in the European Union: trends and basics

Widman, L.E.; Tong, D.A., 1997:
Requests for medical advice from patients and families to health care providers who publish on the World Wide Web

Knick, S.T., 1999:
Requiem for a sagebrush ecosystem?

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Requirement for GP64 to drive efficient budding of Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus

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Requirement for in vivo production of IL-4, but not IL-10, in the induction of proliferative suppression by filarial parasites

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Requirement forecasting of raw materials in herb processing

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Requirement of RBP9, a Drosophila Hu homolog, for regulation of cystocyte differentiation and oocyte determination during oogenesis

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Requirement of cauliflower mosaic virus open reading frame VI product for viral gene expression and multiplication in turnip protoplasts

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Requirements and importance of fat in fish feeding

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Requirements and performance of earthworms

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Requirements and potential of a water table management for the reduction of nitrogen leaching based on field data in an unmanaged drainage system

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Requirements and selection of means for supplying energy to Polish agriculture

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Requirements and training in the dairy industry. Co-ordinated participation is needed for a sufficient supply of qualified dairy staff

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Requirements for acceptable agricultural utilization of sewage sludge : implementation in Saxony

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Requirements for effective didactics

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Requirements for establishing a country-wide diagnostic service for medical mycology in Germany

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Requirements for new floral crops - perspectives for the United States of America

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Requirements for new retail packagings for hard cheese

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Requirements for production of feeds

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Requirements for protein, calories, and fat in the predialysis patient

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Requirements for seed germination in North American pawpaw (Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal)

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Requirements for sustainable irrigation in East Croatia

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Requirements for syrM and nodD genes in the nodulation of Medicago truncatula by Rhizobium meliloti 1021

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Requirements for the certification of hybrid seeds

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Requirements for the choice of parameters for compounds in medicinal plant breeding programmes

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Requirements for the optimization of ensiling processes in whole crop corn preservation in Northern Japan, and assessment by new analytical methods developed for determining the nutritive value and yields

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Requirements of certain minerals for large ruminants in Mehsana district of Gujarat

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Requirements of hens for nutrients

Rajic, I., 1997:
Requirements of hens in feed

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Requirements of quality of processed food on changing markets

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Requirements of riboflavin for 4- to 8-week-old broilers

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Requirements of the wood-working and wood-processing industry as regards forestry

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Requirements of tomato varieties irrigated with saline water on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco

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Requirements under the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules 1989, for dairy industry

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Resazurin reducing time as an indicator of Bradyrhizobium viable cell count

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Resazurin reduction assay for ram sperm metabolic activity measured by spectrophotometry

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Rescate 200 (acetamiprid) a new alternative for silverleaf whitefly control in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico, 1996

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Rescue and culture of immature sexual embryos in two crosses of Alstroemeria ('Saxony' x 'Tiara' and 'Saxony' x 'Azula')

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Rescue of early heart-shaped embryos and plant regeneration of Phaseolus polyanthus Greenm. and Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Rescue of native walnut (Juglans regia L.) genotypes in Andalusia, Spain by individual selection from nut biometrics

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Rescue of synthetic minireplicons establishes the absence of the NS1 and NS2 genes from avian pneumovirus

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Rescuing of seeds and promotion of nucellar seedling growth in extremely early maturing satsuma mandarins (Citrus unshiu Marc. var. praecox Tanaka)

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Rescuing the range: seeing is believing

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Reseaches on parasitic helminths of Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1768 (Anura; Amphibia)

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Research News. Food safety/food poisoning

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Research abstract program of the 14th annual ACVIM forum San Antonio, Texas, May 23-26, 1996

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Research accomplishments for wood transportation structures based on a national research needs assessment

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Research achievements in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum)

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Research activities and progress on high quality flue cured tobacco in China

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Research activities concerned with forest genetic resources and silviculture

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Research activities on spelt wheat in Finland

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Research advance of transposable elements in plants

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Research advances in Calycanthaceae

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Research advances in forest tree genetics and breeding in China

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Research advances in genetic engineering of resistance to plant virus

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Research advances in interspecific hybridization of conifers

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Research advances of Strobilomyia spp. in Northeast China

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Research advances of the dynamic monitoring and assessment of desertification

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Research advances on site quality in tropical secondary forest

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Research and analysis of the development of grain-saving and high efficient pasture-sustained animal industry

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Research and application of biological control of forest fire; Chen Wu; Y.C.uan, 1997:
Research and application of contemporary veterinary acupuncture and moxibustion therapy

Xue JianHui; Tang RongNan, 1996:
Research and application of technology of tea-tree intercropping system

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Research and breeding of ornamental plants

Xia XiaoDong; W.C.ongYou; Zhang RuiLin; Qiao FuShun, 1999:
Research and design for deepening type of clockwise-rotating rotary tiller

Zhang Bin; Y.Q.n, 1997:
Research and design of a simulator of tractor-combination transient resistance for slip control system

Zhang Bin; Y.Q.n, 1997:
Research and design of an apparatus for measuring transient slip of wheeled tractor

L.YanYing, 1998:
Research and design of an automatic top-dressing system for the irrigation pipe network in sunbeam greenhouses

Liu HanBing; Q.D.ngYong; M.S.aoHua; Chang ZhenChen; Q.J.ngZhang, 1999:
Research and design of condition monitoring and fault diagnosing device for harvester hydraulics

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Research and development for increased productivity and environment protection in the Mauritian sugar industry

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Research and development goals for wood technology in Austria

Vlachvei, A., 1998:
Research and development in Greek food manufacturing industries

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Research and development in integrated production in Northern Switzerland

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Research and development in the dairy industry: Novalait has made progress

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Research and development of ornamental vegetables

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Research and development of temperate fruits in subtropical Australia

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Research and development on Koelreuteria

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Research and development priorities

Fernandez, A.L., 1997:
Research and development projects at Acuinova on fish and shrimp nutrition

Munkacsoportja, I., 1999:
Research and development work in the last 50 years in the research institute of the Hungarian Sugar Industry

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Research and experimentation project for horticulture and fish production using renewable energies

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Research and extension to promote the sustainability of the basic grains system on the slopes in the area of El Salvador

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Research and limitation of the transfer of active ingredients used for weed control in sugarbeet through runoff with grass strips. First experimental results

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Research and monitoring studies on isoproturon movement to surface and ground water in Europe

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Research and policy issues related to the nutritional quality of alternatively produced foods

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Research and production techniques in cultivation of yam bean (Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urban) in the state of Nayarit, Mexico

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Research and productivity in Mexican agriculture

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Research and reason can minimize foodborne and waterborne illnesses

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Research and results obtained at the Lodi Institute for Milk and Cheese Research

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Research and sugarbeet production in the USA

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Research and technical development, education and advisory activity

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Research and technology

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Research and technology transfer in effective water use in Morocco: a review

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Research and tests on reaping stalks in threshing crops before cutting

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Research and the coffee sector in Kenya

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Research and training for assessing range condition in a developing area of South Africa: agricultural extension or environmental education?

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Research and training on mycorrhizas in Spain in 1996

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Research and trial on selecting heavy duty timber-hauling automobile in Daxing'an mountain areas of Inner Mongolia

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Research and utilization of Amorphophallus in China

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Research and utilization of the apomictic characteristic in Malus - a literature review

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Research approaches to evaluate regional preferences of landscape functions: conjoint-analysis and contingent-valuation-method

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Research approaches to the social aspects of agroforestry: a suggestive primer

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Research at Laboratory of Farm Machinery of Kyoto University

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Research blitz identifying new uses for soy

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Research carried out at the Milk and Cheese Experimental Institute at Lodi and some results

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Research case study: tourism concern

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Research concerning disease and pest control in apple tree

Cardei, E.; Rominger, E., 1997:
Research concerning phytosanitary protection of cherry tree plantation at the Iasi Fruit-growing Research Station

Petre, L.; Cardei, E.; Istrate, M., 1997:
Research concerning the adaptation of some varieties with genetic resistance to diseases to the conditions of Iasi area

Petre, L.; Istrate, M., 1997:
Research concerning the behaviour of some sour cherry varieties in the intensive orchard of the Iasi area

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Research concerning the gibberellin (GA3) influence on blossoming and seed quantity in the Trero kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea L. var. gongylodes Lam.) variety

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Research concerning the influence of plant density on yield for lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) growing in greenhouses

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Research concerning the prevention and control of the fungus Microsphaera abbreviata (f.c. Oidium alphitoides)

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Research concerning the structure and abundance of carabid species in vineyard

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Research concerning the variability of some quantitative characters in the Feteasca neagra variety

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Research concerning walnut tree grafting directly in the field

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Research contributions to sugar industry productivity

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Research design of survival strategies in transitional countries

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Research directions and management options for sea urchin culture in Nova Scotia

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Research drives culture gains

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Research efforts for boosting coriander production in Madhya Pradesh

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Research for building on indigenous knowledge: the case of the Woytos and tanning in Ethiopia

Stefanic, G.; Oprea, G.; Zambila, G., 1997:
Research for differentiating agricultural soil fertility by biological and agrochemical criteria

Kiss, G., 1999:
Research for the determination of methods for the evaluation of forest soils

Annas, G.J.; Grodin, M.A., 1998:
Research forum: ethics and studies of HIV. Human rights and maternal-fetal HIV transmission prevention trials in Africa

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Research gaps in scientific cultivation of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in Kashmir

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Research impact assessment as a management tool: Lachenalia research at ARC-Roodeplaat as a case study

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Research in Aedes control

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Research in Croatian virgin forests and the application of results to natural forests

Stopar, M., 1998:
Research in Europe on a new fruit thinning agent for apple trees

Schaffer, B.; Szakaly, S.; Belagyi, J.; Lorinczy, D., 1995:
Research in Hungary to elaborate technologies of cold spreadable butters

Arnone, S.; Musmeci, S.; Bacchetta, L.; Cordischi, N.; Pucci, E.; Cristofaro, M.; Sonnino, A., 1998:
Research in Solanum spp. of sources of resistance to the potato tuber moth Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller)

Kaufmann, R., 1999:
Research in animal housing systems for the assessment of sustainability

Christov, L.P.; Prior, B.A., 1998:
Research in biotechnology for the pulp and paper industry in South Africa

Hahn, P., 1999:
Research in denitrification

Mourid, M.E.; Karrou, M.; Gharous, M.E., 1996:
Research in dryland agriculture with respect to the environment

Merlo, B., 1999:
Research in ferment

Sterba, H., 1997:
Research in forest growth and yield - between craving for better understanding and the demands of practical forestry

Pavla, R., 1998:
Research in labour requirements and its implications for consultancy in agriculture

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Research in protein synthesis by broilers

Rasmussen, M.D., 1999:
Research into automated milking

Chira, F., 1997:
Research into coniferous seedling mycorrhization

Wright, P., 1998:
Research into early senescence syndrome in cotton

Gao XuPing; Wang Ping, 1998:
Research into fluorine uptake from drinking tea

Malvolti, M.E.; Beritognolo, I.; Spada, M.; Cannata, F., 1994:
Research into genetic variability and mating systems of Juglans regia in Italy using molecular markers

Menesatti, P., 1997:
Research into image analysis for agriculture

Gallagher, T.F.; Harmey, M.A., 1997:
Research into juvenile genes of trees

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Research into milk production and milk utilization

Schiva, T., 1998:
Research into new genetic resources of ornamental bamboos

Zimmermann, K.; Zielinski, T.; Peters, U.; Gossner, J., 1998:
Research into probiotic cultures. Selection of lactic acid bacteria as a component of quality assurance

Shimomura, Y.; Masuda, N.; Yamamoto, S.; Abe, D.; Furukawa, S., 1996:
Research into resort development from the viewpoint of ecotourism

Galley, C.; Mothe, F.; Boury, S., 1998:
Research into roughness criteria for assessing the edge quality of LVL boards

Levi Minzi, R.; Scagnozzi, A.; Saviozzi, A.; Riffaldi, R.; Stoppelli, G., 1998:
Research into salinity of greenhouse soils.

Miao JianPing, 1998:
Research into supporting policies for mechanization in China's agriculture

Cao Ye; Wang ZhongJian, 1999:
Research into sustainable utilization of grassland resources in China

Mestrovic, S.; Glavas, M., 1997:
Research into the Mediterranean forest system of Croatia

T.Zuy Hop, 1998:
Research into the change of social structure in the countryside in the period of restoration

Lambertini, L.; Zaghini, G.; Benassi, M.C.; Martino, G., 1997:
Research into the fat quality of the rabbit carcass and meat

Hadarca, V.; Dihoru, G., 1994:
Research into the genus Salix in the Republic of Moldova

Liu TianMing; Zhang ZhenWen; L.H.a; Ren ZhongBo; Zhou CunTian, 1998:
Research into the hardiness of peach cultivars (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch.)

Simon, M.N.; Jacquin, M.P.; Liardou, M.H.; Daridan, D.; Legault, C., 1997:
Research into the possibility of evaluating Gascony and Limousin pigs for quality products. 3. Eating quality of dry-salted hams

Suchta, J.; aguna, M.; aguna, T.; Michalak, J.; Michaowski, K., 1996:
Research into the relationship between the organization and production structures of private farms and the processing industry under conditions of a market economy

Jakubis, M.; Zavacka, M., 1997:
Research into the torrential characteristics of affluents of the Malinec water basin

Groschner, P., 1998:
Research into the use of honey in ice cream production

Korcz, A.; Olejarski, P.; Paradowska, R., 1998:
Research investigations of biology, ecology, occurrence and harmfulness of Piesma quadratum Fieb. (Heteroptera: Piesmidae) in Poland

Blaszkiewicz, Z., 1996:
Research methods and measurement results of agricultural tyre deflections on soil. Part I. A method for measuring radial and longitudinal tyre deflections

Blaszkiewicz, Z., 1996:
Research methods and measurement results of agricultural tyre deflections on soil. Part II. A method for measuring lateral tyre deflections

Blaszkiewicz, Z., 1996:
Research methods and measurement results of agricultural tyre deflections on soil. Part III. Results of field investigations of agricultural tyre deflections on soil

Putz, F.E.; Elias ; Sist, P.; Dykstra, D.P.; Heinrich, R., 1996:
Research methods for reduced-impact logging: workshop results. A report on the International Training Seminar on Reduced-Impact Timber Harvesting and Natural Forest Management, Bogor and East Kalimantan, Indonesia, 14-27 July 1996

Evans, K.E., 1997:
Research needs for forest and rangeland management in Arizona and New Mexico

Fraser, G.C.G.; Belete, A.; Jack, B.S., 1996:
Research note: Peasant farmer supply response to maize price changes in the Middledrift district

Kijora, C.; Bergner, H.; Götz, K.P.; Bartelt, J.; Szakács, J.; Sommer, A., 1998:
Research note: investigation on the metabolism of glycerol in the rumen of bulls

Raisborough, J., 1999:
Research note: the concept of serious leisure and women's experiences of the Sea Cadet Corps

Oosthuizen, H.J.; Pretorius, D.D.; Nel, H.J.G.; Lingen, T.C. van der, 1996:
Research note: the economic impact of the Marico-Bushveld State Water Scheme

Roux, C.J.G. le; Howe, L.G.; Oosthuysen, E.; Swart, J.S.; Toit, L.P. du, 1998:
Research note: the yield of lucerne, siratro, glycine and desmodium in the East London-Bathurst area of the Eastern Cape

Tian Yun et al., 1998:
Research of a SZL-2 deep fertilization and cultivating implement combine

Alfter, P., 1998:
Research of a study on non-wood products and services provided by Swiss forests. Quantification and valuation trial of the OFEFP project

Malicki, J.; Dabek Szreniawska, M.; Bieganowski, A.; Sikora, B., 1999:
Research of bacteria quantity in the soil stored in various thermal conditions

Sakalauskas, A.; Zalatorius, V., 1998:
Research of carrot growing technology

Kammerer, D., 1998:
Research of combine straw choppers

Drlickova, E.; Kusa, A.; Palus, H.; Supin, M.; Zauskova, A., 1999:
Research of customer preferences on furniture market in the Slovak Republic

Cao PingXiang; Hua YuKun; Zhou ZhiJiang, 1997:
Research of diamond coated tools in wood composite materials

M.ChangGeng, 1999:
Research of genetic improvement of pulpwood in the world

Balog, A., 1997:
Research of public relations in nature conservation with special consideration of national parks

Mikhail'skii, L.A.; Nogina, T.I.; Furtat, I.M., 1997:
Research of serological characteristics of saprophyte corynebacteria using immunoassay analysis

X.Y.n; Zhu Min; Wang Song, 1997:
Research of serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor in patients with hepatic hydatidosis

Susnjar, M., 1998:
Research of some chipper's technical features by morphological analysis

Keplin, B.; Kolk, A.; Duker, C., 1999:
Research of the degradation and microarthropod density of needles from Pinus nigra and Pinus sylvestris using mini containers

Pulver, D.; Neher, P.; Hoffmann, P.; Knauf Beiter, G.; Mair, P.; Walser, M., 1998:
Research of the influence of the fungicide SWITCHReg., on the alcoholic fermentation and the biological acid reduction during winemaking

Acatrinei, G.; Acatrinei, L., 1998:
Research of the organs growth in some Liliaceae and Amaryllidaceae

Basedow, T., 1997:
Research of the reaction speed of populations of epigeal predatory beetles (Carabidae and Staphylinidae) after a decrease of insecticidal intensity in arable farming. Comparison of two studies in Hesse, 1986-88 and 1993-95

Zeng GuangMing; Zhong ZhengLin; Zeng BeiWei; Huang, G.G.H., 1998:
Research of the uncertainty in environmental risk assessment

Diouf, M., 1997:
Research on African vegetables at the Horticultural Development Centre (CDH), Senegal

Dong JinBao; L.X.nZeng; W.S.ouZhong; Qiao QiYu, 1998:
Research on BWG9144 twin-wheeled semi-trailer for transporting forest fire prevention and suppression equipment

Secasiu, V., 1997:
Research on Clostridium perfringens isolates from ruminants. V. Typing of C. perfringens strains isolated from buffaloes

Zhang GuoHai; Zhang MiaoXia; Kong XiangSheng; Zhang YiMin, 1998:
Research on Hongfushi apple's ecological adaptability in areas of western Henan Province

Ikotun, T., 1996:
Research on Musa pathology at the University of Ibadan

Sankara, P.; Abadie, M., 1998:
Research on Puccinia arachidis r., pathogen of Arachis hypogaea L. I. Ultrastructure of urediospore germination

Jiang DeYun; Zhang ZhaoKun, 1997:
Research on SDP-1 measurement meter for soil and chemical fertilizer nutrient

Tailor, S.P., 1998:
Research on Surti buffaloes at a livestock research station in Vallabhnagar (Rajasthan, India)

Stefanescu, E., 1998:
Research on Timpurie de Vidra cabbage to substantiate seed production technology

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Research on WRFL-2500 horizontal hot-air furnace heated indirectly by using coal as fuel

Cheng Li, 1998:
Research on a high frequency split-zero vector PVM inverter-IM drive system for an agricultural pump or fan

Hsu TengTsao; Chiang LiPing; W.C.orngShing, 1998:
Research on a simplified method for the production of transgenic goats: survival rate of microinjected zygotes transferred back into the oviduct of the same natural cyclic oestrous goat

Shen YiPing; Yang WeiPing; Shao JinGou; Dong Kai; Zhang Tao; X.J.Ling; Jiang JiMin; M.H.ngGeng, 1997:
Research on a strengthen approach in late period of comprehensive control of intestinal nematodiasis

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Research on accumulation and distribution of nutrients and ecosystem biomass of Chinese fur plantations under different site conditions and stand ages

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Research on active ventilation of grain hopper with air discharge camera

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Research on alpine ecotypes in two Poaceae, Dactylis glomerata and Poa alpina, through reciprocal transplanting and cultivation on the same site

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Research on an 'omega' grafting device for grape stems

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Research on and application of sheep embryo transfer technology in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia

Liang ManZhong; Xiao JieHua, 1998:
Research on and use of a two-line cotton hybrid with an indicative character

Anonymous, 1999:
Research on animal health in GAP (Southeast Anatolia) region

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Research on anther culture ability of conventional parents and their progenies in winter wheat

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Research on antibiotic residues in milk. Use of a microbiological test

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Research on antlers in China, and prospects for their production

Hoza, G.; Popescu, V.; Neata, G.; Dobrescu, A., 1998:
Research on application of some technological solutions for protecting sweet pepper transplants

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Research on bed resistance in tributaries to Malinec water-storage reservoir in the Slovenske Rudohorie Mts

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Research on biological cycle of nutrient elements in plantation of rubber intercropped with Amomum longiligulare

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Research on biomass of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. I. On biomass accumulation of stands

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Research on biomass of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. III. On biomass accumulation of ground cover

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Research on biomass of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. IV. On biomass accumulation of litter

Fan ShaoHui; Y.X.nTuo; Zou ShaoRong; Liao ZuHui; Zheng LinXun; Shen GuoFang; Sheng WeiTong, 1996:
Research on biomass of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. V. On dynamic changes of leaf and branch biomass

Spokas, L.; Vaiciukevicius, E., 1998:
Research on buckwheat threshing

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Research on camphortree canker IV. Ways through which canker pathogen enters camphortree and its prevention and cure

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Research on chlorosis control in the vineyards of the Iasi Viticultural Research Station

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Research on colder temperate cereals in the GAP (Southeast Anatolia Project) region

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Research on colour change of chicory during different shelf storage

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Research on commercial honeys in Italy. Melissopalynology, chemical, physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics. Observations on honey produced in the years 1989-1994

T.X.uLiang; H.B.ngMin, 1999:
Research on competitive effects model of Alopecurus aequalis and wheat

W.Quan, 1997:
Research on compiling agricultural thematic map

Wang WeiXing; Luo XiWen; O.Y.ngGang; Luo XingWu, 1997:
Research on computerized simulation loading system for soil trough tests

Barcic, J.; Petosic, D.; Sito, S., 1998:
Research on constructional and working characteristics of the mouldboard

Ohtomo, K.; Kishimoto, T., 1999:
Research on contact sensor for asparagus

Irrgang, S., 1999:
Research on conversion of Scots pine forests by the Saxony State Institute of Forestry - targets and first results

Niu YongZhang; Zhang YuanGen; Guo BaoDe; Hua SuiLan, 1998:
Research on creating new germplasm lines through interspecific hybridization in Gossypium

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Research on cultivation of purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench.)

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Research on cultivator tools for mechanical control of the weeds

Ren JianZhong; Zhao JianKang; Zheng ZhiLi, 1997:
Research on cutting cultivation of Picea meyeri

Wang YouLiang; Wang GuoLiang; L.X.ePing, 1997:
Research on cutting of one-node segments of rose soft shoots

Laskowski, J.; Mieszkalski, L.; Wilczynski, S., 1997:
Research on dehulling seeds of pulse crops using KS-07B machine

Tangolar, S.; Ergenoglu, F.; Gok, S.; Kamiloglu, O., 1997:
Research on determination of callus formation capacity in different grape rootstocks and cultivars

Fidan, H.; Gunes, E., 1999:
Research on determination of labour requirement and production cost in broiler husbandry

Goksoy, A.T.; Turkec, A.; Turan, Z.M., 1999:
Research on determination of superior hybrid combinations in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Kucukerbas, E.; Ozkan, B.; Kaplan, A.; Aslan, N.B., 1997:
Research on determining the optimum watering requirement and the resistance to treading of lippia grass Phyla nodiflora (L.) Greene under the growing conditions of Izmir

Yin ZhaoJun, 1998:
Research on developing and making use of discarded protein

Holcomb, G.E.; Buras, H.; Cox, P.; Owings, A.D.; Valverde, R.A., 1998:
Research on diseases of ornamental plants

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Research on drought indexes for herbage of natural grasslands on north slope of Tianshan mountains

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Research on drought resistance in grain sorghum in Australia

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Research on drying characteristics of 8 fast-growing plantation industrial wood species

M.ShiChun, 1998:
Research on drying technology for thin hardwood board

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Research on drying technology of Lonicera japonica Thunb

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Research on ecological vegetables

Liu MingShu; Zheng LianZhu; Zhang YouKun, 1999 :
Research on effective roughness of terrain surface

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Research on effects of Ganoderma lucidum 'Reishi' and Japanese ume extract on hypersensitivity reaction

Jiang DongMei; L.Y.nHua; Zhao ZeMin, 1999:
Research on effects of iron-saturated lactoferrin on iron absorption

Chun KunWoo; Kim KyoungNam; Won SeoMun; Yeom KyuJin; Ezaki, T., 1998:
Research on environmentally-sound erosion control works (II). Management and guidelines for riparian zones in Japan

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Research on epidemic and control of citrus root rot in Shaoyang

Yamamoto, M., 1997:
Research on evaluation methods and characteristics of forest-road surfaces for functional maintenance of forest roads

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Research on evolution of Delia platura Meig. (Diptera - Anthomyiidae) in the Moldavian forest steppe

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Research on expert system for winter-wheat real-irrigation

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Research on fertility of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages

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Research on field application of direct egg concentration method (DEC) for examination of schistosomiasis

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Research on final moisture content as a factor of wood drying quality

Zhu JiaQi; Liu YanJi; Gao ChaoYing, 1999:
Research on flame-retardant rubber wood plywood. Part I. Flame-retardant treatment of rubber wood plywood

Luo TuShou; Shi ZhenHua; Liu YanJi; Zhu JiaQi, 1999:
Research on flame-retardant rubberwood plywood part II. Evaluation of anti-mould and anti-stain efficiency

Liu YanJi; Zhu JiaQi; Gao ChaoYing, 1999:
Research on flame-retardant rubberwood plywood. Part III. Hygroscopicity

Zhu JiaQi; Liu YanJi; Gao ChaoYing, 1999:
Research on flame-retardant rubberwood plywood. Part IV. Burning behavior and thermal properties of flame-retardant rubberwood plywood

Laken, K. van de; Verschoor, J., 1998:
Research on flesh breakdown in Elstar must give more clarity

Zhong XiaoHong; Luo XiaoShi; Liu KeHui, 1998:
Research on flower bud differentiation and changes in some metabolic processes of Nai-plum

Huang QingWen; Lei JiaJun, 1998:
Research on flower bud differentiation in raspberry

Hunt, W.F., 1997:
Research on foal growth under various pasture conditions

Benavides, J.E., 1996:
Research on fodder trees and shrubs

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Research on fruit buds: statement validity and application possibilities

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Research on functional foods: Brussels sprouts for your health?

Yan GuiPing; L.W.nHua; M.F.ngMing, 1998:
Research on glutamate dehydrogenase activity in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L) under different nitrogen levels

Yan GuiPing; M.F.ngMing; L.W.nHua; Gao JiGuo, 1998:
Research on glutamate synthase activity in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) under different levels of nitrogen

Zhu Ze, 1997:
Research on grain security in China

Ponchia, G.; Zanin, G., 1998:
Research on growing Prunus laurocerasus in containers

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Research on growing situation of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages

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Research on growth and decline of vegetation in Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. I. On growing situation of the undergrowth

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Research on growth and decline of vegetation in Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. II. On species dynamics of undergrowth

Sirbu, Gh, 1997:
Research on harrow and plough coupling

Bantilan, M.C.S.; Rao, K.V.S.; Rai, K.N.; Singh, S.D., 1998:
Research on high yielding pearl millet - background for an impact study in India

Cid Diaz, J.M.; Barelli Noseda, B.; Acosta Dodero, J.A.; Madrid Sanchez, J.; Hernandez Ruiperez, F., 1999:
Research on homeopathic drugs for large-scale rabbit keeping

Munda, A., 1997:
Research on honey fungus (Armillaria (Fr.:Fr.) Staude) in Slovenia

Chen Lei; Chen XieFu; Jin HuanXian; Gao HuiJuan; Wang LingYan, 1998:
Research on improving rice growth and development by improving the strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria

L.L.anQing; Cao LianBiao, 1998:
Research on improving the quality of Jingchao grape

Corneanu, G.; Cardei, E.; Corneanu, M., 1997:
Research on improving the technology for producing pear trees on interstocks

Timofte, V.; Stoian, L.; Mihu, G., 1996:
Research on in vitro culture of Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata anthers

Ioan, I., 1997:
Research on individual phenotypical variability and correlations among different quantitative characters in wheat varieties Moldova 83 and Gabriela

Cinemre, H.A.; Klc, O., 1999:
Research on input use, economic costs and marketing of peach production in Carsamba district of Samsun province

Marc, P.; Robbe, A., 1998:
Research on integrated control in strawberries under plastic tunnels

Xie, W.; Du, H.; Wang, Z.X.n; Li, C.H.i; Yan,, 1998:
Research on integrated environmental efficiency from urban-circulating forest in Fushun City

Kohan, S., 1998:
Research on intensive breeding of poplars in the changed ecological conditions in the Podunajska lowland

Suryani, A.; Sasongko, W.; Lestari, H., 1997:
Research on intercropping in the rainfed area of Pelaihari sugar factory

Ozerin, G., 1996:
Research on investigating the farmers' level of savings and evaluating their opportunistic to utilize savings in Manisa Province

Jiang HuanYu; Ying YiBin; Zhao Yun, 1998:
Research on kinematic characteristics of transplanting mechanism of rice transplanter

Wang MingLi; Chen FengYing, 1998:
Research on lactic dehydrogenases (LDH) isoenzymes of four species of Galliformes

Brkic, D.; Sumanovac, L.; Lukac, P.; Juric, T., 1998:
Research on maize combine harvester adapted to picking chamomile

Vandergeten, J.P., 1998:
Research on maximum production and minimum tare during sugarbeet harvesting

Zhou YueBin; Shang BenQing; Deng KeNi, 1997:
Research on methods of quality evaluation of famous and fine green tea

Nazli, B.; Senol, A., 1997:
Research on microbiological decomposition of Turkish fermented sausages

Mincione, B.; Poiana, M.; Giuffre, A.M.; Modafferi, V.; Giuffre, F., 1996:
Research on monovariety olive oils. 2. Characterization of Peranzana oil

H.L.Jun; S.Y.nPu; Yan QiuYe; Zhu XinPeng; Liu Hui, 1999:
Research on morphology and pathogenicity of Blastocystis hominis

Wei Wei; X.F.ngCai; Han Gang, 1998:
Research on new nutritious milk products

Caruso, T.; Giovannini, D.; Marra, F.P.; Sottile, F., 1997:
Research on new training systems: productivity and fruit quality in four early ripening cultivars trained to dwarfed spindle and free standing forms

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Research on nutrient accumulation and distribution of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. I. On nutrient accumulation and distribution of stands

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Research on nutrient accumulation and distribution of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. II. On nutrient accumulation and distribution of ground cover

Cheng ZhongHui; Fan ShaoHui; Y.X.nTuo; Zheng LinXun; Liu AiQin; W.W.nDe; Sheng WeiTong, 1996:
Research on nutrient accumulation and distribution of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. III. On nutrient accumulation and distribution in the litter

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Research on nutrient dynamics of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. I. On regularity in changes in nutrient content of leaves of Chinese fir

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Research on nutrient dynamics of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. II. On regularity in changes in nutrient content in stands of Chinese fir

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Research on nutrient dynamics of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. III. On regularity in changes of nutrient content of ground cover

Zheng LinXun; Fan ShaoHui; Chen HuaGui; Y.X.nTuo; Y.Z.iChun; Mao Ying; Shen GuoFang; Sheng WeiTong, 1996:
Research on nutrient dynamics of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. IV. On regularity in changes of nutrient content of litter

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Research on nutrient efficiency of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages

Cao HanYang, 1998:
Research on nutrient status of pure Chinese fir, masson pine, Schima superba and mixed forests

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Research on nutrition diagnosis technology of Chinese fir plantations

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Research on nutritive value of Sicilian fodders and by-products. 6. In vivo digestibility and estimation of the energy value of triticale silage

Scerra, V.; Galvano, F.; Angelis, A. de; Galofaro, V.; Galvano, M., 1994:
Research on nutritive value of Sicilian fodders and by-products. 7. In vivo digestibility and estimation of the energy value of dried orange pulp

Calamari, L.; Calegari, F.; Orioli, F.; Bertoni, G., 1998:
Research on pH, pCO2, pO2 and mineral variations in blood of Friesian dairy cows during dry and lactating period

Gong ShiHong; Guo ZhiXin;, 1998:
Research on permit range of pressure regulation in the field pipe of constant-pressure sprinkler irrigation system

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Research on pesticide residues for registration of plant protection products in Poland

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Research on physiological characteristics of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. I. On leaf weight and chlorophyll content

Fan ShaoHui; Shen GuoFang; Cheng ZhongHui; W.W.nDe; Y.X.nTuo; Lin SiZu; Sheng WeiTong, 1996:
Research on physiological characteristics of Chinese fir plantations under different site conditions and stand ages. II. On photosynthetic characteristics

W.L.n; L.Y.Dong; Zhang ZhiDong; Liu HongZhang; Hao Rui, 1998:
Research on physiological reactions of 'Northsky' blueberry under flooding and water stress treatment

F.YuLan, 1998:
Research on pollen shape of new cultivars of Dendranthema x grandiflorum cv. Hanju

Glavas, M.; Diminic, D.; Hrasovec, B.; Margaletic, J., 1996:
Research on poplar pests and diseases in Valpovo and Osijek area

Chai XiMin, 1997:
Research on population variation of natural predators of Matsucoccus matsumurae

Grabowski, M.; Schwartz, E., 1997:
Research on possibilities of application of chosen fungi in biological control of Nectria galligena (Bres.) on apple shoots

Bhattacharjee, S.K., 1998:
Research on postharvest technology of cut flowers at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India

Shun YuMei; Han Yi; Huang XingHua, 1996:
Research on power circulation in of a front wheel assist tractor

Liao AiJun; Chen XinBo; Luo ZeMin; Dai XiaoYang, 1998:
Research on preparation and enzymic property of sweet potato beta -amylase; Luo Yun; Liu Jing; Song Hong, 1998:
Research on preparation of low toxic urea-formaldehyde resin without dehydration

Zhong XiaoQing; Huang YuYuan; Zhang HongDa; X.L.anFeng, 1999:
Research on primary productivity quantitative parameters and structure of mangrove community in Dayawan Bay of Guangdong Province

Cocozza Talia, M.A.; Lucia, B. de; Viola, A.M.F. la, 1997:
Research on production scheduling of narcissus pot plants

Iliadis, C.; Karyotis, T.; Mitsibonas, T., 1997:
Research on quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) and amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus) in Greece

Wang YouLiang; Wang GuoLiang; Zhao YongYan, 1998:
Research on rapid bud-grafting of cut-flower rose in pots with soilless media

Courtial, D.; Froment, P.; Duval, H., 1998:
Research on reference levels of mineral elements in almond leaves

Banita, E.; Searpe, D.; Vilau, F.; Voicu, M.; Kis, B.; Serafim, R.; Sterghiu, M.; Luca, E., 1995:
Research on relationships between aphid populations and polyphagous predators on winter wheat in the plain of Oltenia

Loubser, J.T., 1997:
Research on replant problems in vineyards

Ostermann, U., 1997:
Research on reproduction in mares reported in German-language scientific literature in 1945-95

Sagmanlgil, H.; Bilgili, A.; Yarsan, E.; Turel, I., 1996:
Research on residue levels of an organochlorine insecticide in the Chalcalburnus tarichi samples obtained from Van Lake

Pan WenLiang; Gao ZhanLin; Zhang KeJin; H.Y., 1996:
Research on resistance of aphids to several kinds of insecticides in Hebei Province

Blanc, M., 1997:
Research on rural development in Europe: approaches and issues

Ambolet, B.; Crevat, J.F.; Schmidt, H.W., 1997:
Research on secondary effects of seed treatment with imidacloprid on the behaviour of honey bees on flowers of sunflower

Gowacki, S., 1998:
Research on selected properties of twigs and needles of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) from the Wigry National Park

Ozkaraman, F.; Ozcan, M., 1998:
Research on selection of persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) types grown in the Unye region of Ordu province

Zhu Ying; Luo YongMing; F.X.aoMei, 1999:
Research on separating saponins and flavonoids from Camellia oleifera with macroreticular resin

Yang JingPing; Chen Jie, 1998:
Research on simulation model of excessive soil moisture content effects on the development of spring corn

M.LuYi, 1997:
Research on soil water parameters in China and abroad

Iwanczuk Czernik, K., 1997:
Research on some elements of the environment in sheds for dairy cows

Jia HuiBin; Liu Feng; Zhao DeLin; Zhang ChunFeng; Wang ZhiTai, 1997:
Research on some physical-chemical properties and improvement of planosols

Czernik, Z., 1997:
Research on some properties of the surface of seeds, on the example of European larch

Liu JinDing; Y.W.Wei; Fan BaoXiang, 1998:
Research on stress resistance in cotton and its utilization in China

Korpel, S., 1997:
Research on structure dynamics and development processes of virgin forests in Slovakia and their application in near-natural forest management

Evans, J.; Boswell, R.C., 1998:
Research on sustainability of plantation forestry: volume estimation of Pinus patula trees in two different rotations

Hui Zhao, 1996:
Research on symbiotic relationship of ectomycorrhizae with Populus tomentosa

Luo QingYun; M.W.nXiu; Sun DaWang, 1998:
Research on tannins used for corrosion-inhibitive treatment of rusted steel

Sezik, E., 1997:
Research on the Turkish medicinal plant Ecbalium elaterium

Parvu, M., 1996:
Research on the action of bacterial hemicellulase on barley-based diets used in poultry feeding

Tokieda, M.; Ozawa, M.; Kobayashi, S.; Gomyo, T.; Takeda, M., 1999:
Research on the actual residues for acetamiprid in crops and soils

Annerose, D.; Diouf, O., 1998:
Research on the adaptation of the cultivation of Pachyrhizus DC in semiarid zones

L.Y.Hua; Shen YuMei, 1996:
Research on the amount of dressing fertilizers to Raphanus sativus L. var. radiculus

Meng Ling; L.B.oPing; Wang WenQuan; Y.N.ngLi, 1999:
Research on the aphid resistance and mechanism of cotton cultivars in Xinjiang

Zhang GenSheng;; Y.H.aiYi; Tong XiaoLin, 1998:
Research on the application of phosphate caseinate in ice cream

Costache, M.; Poncu, J., 1998:
Research on the behaviour of some processing tomato genotypes to infection by Colletotrichum atramentarium (Berk. & Br.) Taub

Yin, G.; Xu, H.; Zeng, B.; Zhou, Z.; Feng, C., 1998:
Research on the bio-ecological characteristics and cultivation techniques for Calamus simplicifolius

Filip, I., 1998 :
Research on the biology and integrated control system of Peribatodes rhomboidaria Den. et Schiff. in Romanian viticulture

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Research on the biology of the species Oenothera biennis L

Salmanoglu, R.; Kuplulu, S.; Bastan, A.; Salmanoglu, B.; Vural, R., 1997:
Research on the blood beta-carotene, retinol, glucose and cholesterol concentrations in Holstein cows with various fertility problems

Jing ShenRong; Xing ChaoZhu; Yuan YouLu; Liu ShaoLin, 1997:
Research on the breeding and utilization of a bollworm-resistant hybrid cotton variety

Wilde, J.; Siuda, M., 1997:
Research on the breeding of a honey bee resistant to Varroa jacobsoni in Poland

Markov, N.; Nikolov, N.; Panchaliev, G., 1997:
Research on the capacities of a multipurpose frame and interchangeable soil cultivation tools in raising potatoes on small and hillside fields

Zhang LiXia; Shi ZhaoPeng, 1999:
Research on the cell microstructure of Jasminum sambac's petal

Karadeniz, F., 1999:
Research on the chemical composition of pear juice

Ceylan, S.; Cakir, O., 1994:
Research on the cherry leafspot (Blumeriella jaapii (Rehm) V. Arx.) on cherry (Prunus avium L.) and morello cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) trees in the Black Sea region

M.D.Quan; L.Y.nQin; Luo SangGengDui; O.Z.u, 1996:
Research on the classification of cultivated barley in Nyingchi District of Tibet Autonomous Region

Liu YingXin; Han XiangMing, 1998:
Research on the combining ability and inheritance of 12 economic characters in upland cotton

Cheng ZhongFang; Shen WeiXin; Zhu MingQuan; Pan XinBao, 1999:
Research on the compensation of Chilo suppressalis (Walker) injury in rice

Ustun, N.S.; Tosun, I.; Ozcan, M.; Ozkaraman, F., 1997:
Research on the composition of persimmons and their suitability for jam production

Zhang PeiYi, 1999:
Research on the comprehensive utilization of Odontotermes formosanus Shiraki

Ailincai, C.; Ailincai, D.; Slonovschi, V.; Zbant, M., 1997:
Research on the contribution of cropping systems in decreasing weed infestation level and quantities of nutritive elements exported or immobilized from soil

Shi WeiJun, 1998:
Research on the correlation between earliness and agronomic characters of upland cotton in Xinjiang

Yan XingZhen; Wang XiaoTian; Huang GuoWei; Zhu YongHong; Tang ShaoDong, 1999:
Research on the correlation of phenological phases of maidenhair trees (Ginkgo biloba) and its application in artificial pollination

Gong, Bangchu, 1997:
Research on the cultivated varieties of Castanea henryi

Can, E.; Hatipoglu, R., 1999:
Research on the cytological characters of yellow bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum (L.) Keng) occurring in the natural maquis type vegetation of Cukurova region

Bostan, S.Z., 1998 :
Research on the development of ovules in some important hazelnut cultivars

Zawada, J., 1997:
Research on the development of spruce thickets damaged by snow in the Beskid Zywiecki Mountains and silvicultural applications

Shen RuiZhen; Zhang XiaoWen, 1997:
Research on the dislodging of fruits by vibration from branches of Ginkgo biloba L

Wang, W.J.n Sui; Zhao; Qiao Y.H.i, 1997:
Research on the dynamics of Se uptake and accumulation in different peanut organs

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Research on the effect of K2O fertilizer in Xinjiang cotton producing region

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Research on the effect of bacterial manure on poplar growth

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Research on the effect of rejuvenation pruning of hazelnut on yield, fruit quality and shoot development

Manzke, V.; Munchow, H.; Horold, K.; Hasselmann, L., 1998:
Research on the effect of storage time in the field and silage additives on nutritive values of grass silage after different processing

Barcic, J.; Barcic, J.I.; Maceljski, M., 1998:
Research on the effects of a mechanized method of treating potato tubers before planting

Liu XiaoYan; Dai ZhenYan; Jin Hong; Liu ShiZhen, 1997:
Research on the effects of adding CM to fodder on the growth of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (Cantor)

Boztok, S.; Cokuysal, B.; Hatipoglu, A.; Colakoglu, H.; Gulgun, B., 1996:
Research on the effects of different N/K ratios on leaf nutrient status, yield, and quality in spray carnations

Bahar, S.N.G.; Korkut, A.B., 1998:
Research on the effects of planting densities on the yield of corm and cormel in some gladiolus (Gladiolus L.) varieties

Ammer, C.; Dingel, C., 1997:
Research on the effects of strong competition by other tree species on the growth and quality of young European oaks

Polat, E.; Kaynak, L.; Akll, M.; Ercan, N., 1997:
Research on the effects of various NAA-Na salt concentrations in controlling the development of lateral shoots in pepino (Solanum muricatum Ait.)

Emert, R.; Brkic, D.; Juric, T., 1996:
Research on the effects of welded plough shares

Fedorenko, V., 1998:
Research on the efficacy of carbofuran treatment of sugarbeet seed for pest control in Ukraine

Popescu, A., 1996:
Research on the efficiency of new, simple and combined types of herbicides for weed control in maize crops

Zhang LiXia; Shi ZhaoPeng; Wang RiWei; Liu DeHua; L.X.ngHui, 1998:
Research on the esterase isozymes

Kurnaz Bilgener, S.; Karaduva, L.; Demirsoy, H., 1996:
Research on the estimation of the horticulture production potential of the Kurtun valley of Samsun

Ailincai, C.; Ailincai, D.; Zbant, M.; Matel, M., 1997:
Research on the evolution of some main soil chemical and biological characteristics as influenced by crop rotation and fertilization

Ailincai, C.; Ailincai, D.; Dumitrescu, N.; Buccur, D., 1997:
Research on the evolution of the main soil physical-chemical features as influenced by cropping system and surface erosion

Zhou Gui et al., 1996:
Research on the freshwater snail intermediate hosts of Orientobilharzia

Celik, H., 1999:
Research on the fruitfulness of some grape cultivars grown in Amasya

Lin AiFen; Chen CaiHua; L.S.aoHong; Chen Rui; Zhang Le; Lou Di; L.X.anHui; Huang FuQuan, 1999:
Research on the function of laser on tachyzoites of Toxoplasma

Rizzotto, M., 1999:
Research on the genus Limonium (Plumbaginaceae) in the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy)

Bruchwald, A.; Rymer Dudzinska, T., 1998:
Research on the geographical variability of pine tree shape

Grabka, J.; Wawro, P., 1997:
Research on the growth rate of sucrose crystals in heated pure solutions

Liu ZongHua; Huang XiLin; Yang ChaoYing et al., 1997:
Research on the heterosis between sister lines and the hybrid seed production technology with male sterile cytoplasms in maize

Geng ZengChao; Bai HongYing, 1998:
Research on the humus components and attributes of binding humus in different types of soil in the Huoditang forest region in the Qinling mountains

Boinchan, B.P.; Konchits, V.A.; Chernikov, V.A., 1998:
Research on the humus status of arable chernozem soils in the Republic of Moldova, using a derivatographic method

Tsadik, T.G., 1997:
Research on the importance and control of cereal aphids and the occurrence of their potential natural enemies in wheat fields in Oromia (Ethiopia)

Kant, P.; Blanken, K., 1998:
Research on the improvement of slatted floors

Caras, M., 1996:
Research on the improvement of working indices of the attachments used for tending potato crops

Zheng SongLin; Cheng YueSun; Jin XiPing, 1999:
Research on the increasing rules of yield strength of vehicle parts after low amplitude loading

Alexe, C.; Amariutei, A., 1998:
Research on the influence of nutrient regime on keeping quality of Gerbera flowers

Moller, K.; Majunke, C., 1997:
Research on the influence of pesticides on the arthropod fauna in pine forests

W.Y.ngYao; Luo ZeMin; Peng ZhenKun, 1998:
Research on the influence of selenium provided at different levels upon the growth of rice and its accumulation of selenium

W.YiMing, 1997:
Research on the karyotypes of two species of Viburnum L

Vivas, N.; Bourgeois, G.; Boissel, I.P. de; Absalon, C.; Vitry, C., 1998:
Research on the lignin in heartwood of Q. robur L. and Q. petraea Liebl. Identification of a fraction of lignin solubilised in wines during ageing in barrels

N.M.ngJun; Dong Xin; Hou ShuLin; Zhang HuiYou; L.Y.anQiang; Yang XiaoLi, 1999:
Research on the main components of a machine for retrieving used plastic film after harvesting

Yuksel Delice, N.; Oktay, E., 1996:
Research on the marketing structure of some wine grape cultivars in the Trakya region of Turkey

Yang JunHong; G.H.iJun; Chu ZhiDe; L.C.unYing; Zhu Kai; Meng XianLing, 1998:
Research on the mechanism of heat and mass transfer enforcement and synthesis drying technology for vegetable seed dehydration

Yang MingMing; Huang Xin; Tang GuiLan, 1998:
Research on the movement of logs on the horizontal curved section of a chute

Song DingQuan; Jiang ZhiLin; Zheng ZuoMeng; Zhao ShiRong, 1999:
Research on the niches of the Weiming Betula luminifera community in Fujian and its main associated species

Eraslan, I.; Yuksel, S.; Giray, N., 1997:
Research on the normal constitution of uneven-aged forests in the western Black Sea region

Meulder, H. de, 1999:
Research on the occurrence of microfungi on reed (Phragmites australis) part 4

Meulder, H. de, 1998:
Research on the occurrence of microfungi on the reed (Phragmited australis) part 2

Chen HuiMing; Zhang ZhongKai; Fang Qi; Liu JingYe, 1998:
Research on the pathology of tobacco cells after inoculation with Alternaria alternata and the chemical preventive stages

Tucer, A.; Onal, I., 1999:
Research on the performance values of some fertilizer metering devices used for band fertilizing

Wang YanQin; Pan XueBiao; Cui XiuWen; Pan ShiMei, 1998:
Research on the physiological traits of Bt transgenic cotton R93-4

Balteanu, G.; Olteanu, A.; Costache, D.; Tanasescu, R.; Roman, A.M., 1994:
Research on the plant density of maize on a reddish brown soil at Moara Domneasca-Ilfov

Fei HongPing, 1997:
Research on the policy for the development of China's feed industry

Dickler, E.; Steuerwald, F., 1997:
Research on the population dynamics of noctuid moths in apple orchards in spring using automatic light traps

Raguz, D.; Grubesic, M., 1996:
Research on the population stability of wood grouse, Tetrao urogallus

Mainou, A.C.; Syrgiannidis, G., 1996:
Research on the possibility of control of Sharka (Plum pox) virus disease on apricot by using the method of cross-protection

Aikawa, K., 1998:
Research on the practical application of Lactobacillus bifidus - past and present research

Borney, F.; Turille, G.; Barmaz, A.; Chatel, A., 1999:
Research on the prevention of milk hygiene risks

Kaya, N., 1996:
Research on the quality of the hips of dog-rose (Rosa spp) sold by an Izmir druggist

Markotic, M., 1997:
Research on the regeneration of the evergreen oak forests on the Brijuni Islands

Chen DeHua; W.Y.nKang; Duan Hai; Wang QingHua; Wang ShaoFeng, 1997:
Research on the regularity of growth and physiological traits of hybrids of the bollworm-resistant Bt transgenic cotton

Calo, A.; Giorgessi, F.; Sansone, L.; Tomasi, D.; Zerbi, G., 1999:
Research on the relationship between sap flow, transpiration and vigour of grapevine with regard to the trellis system

Bastan, A.; Fndk, M.; Kaymaz, M.; Duru, O., 1997:
Research on the relationship between somatic cell count, whey proteins, lactose and electrical conductivity in cow milk

Alamanni, M.C.; Cossu, M., 1997:
Research on the residues of carbamates in honey samples from Sardinia

Ursache, C.; Mihai, T., 1996:
Research on the responses of some silage maize hybrids in ecological experiments at the Podu-Iloaiei Agricultural Research Station

Roelofs, F., 1998:
Research on the right track for preventing hollow core and flesh browning

Han ZhengSheng, 1998:
Research on the rotary-belt cutter

Pinzariu, D.; Patras, J.; Zbant, L.; Zbant, M.; Slonovschi, V., 1996:
Research on the selectivity and efficiency of some new herbicides used for weed control in soyabean and bean crops

Chirita, N., 1995:
Research on the selectivity of some herbicides in controlling annual weeds in a potato crop

F.W.iJie; X.G.angBo; Yang ShuRong; Liang YunJiang; L.Y.ngZhu, 1998:
Research on the soil status of pine mushroom occurring in the Changbai Mountains

Ward, A.L., 1997:
Research on the spatial distribution of greyback canegrub in the Burdekin sugar-growing area

Xue WenTong; L.L.Te; Zhao FengMin, 1997:
Research on the storage of peaches in ice temperature conditions

Zhang Jia' en; Luo ShiMing; Wang JianWu, 1999:
Research on the sulfur forms and the acidity in acid sulphate soils (ASS)

Zhang, S.; Lin, G.; Chen, C.; Zhan, Y.; Ao, X.; Liao, X., 1997:
Research on the tending and improvement of secondary evergreen broadleaved forests

Zhang JianGuo, 1999:
Research on the theory of forestry development in China

Yuan JianNing; L.X.anWang; Zhang XiaoWen; Shi Lei; Chen NanYun, 1998:
Research on the theory of stripper harvester design

Fujii, K.; Ogino, I.; Shumiya, A.; Obayashi, Y., 1996:
Research on the thinking of paddy field farm managers in Aichi Prefecture under the enforcement of the New Food Law and discussions regarding the development of paddy field farming in Aichi Prefecture

Uygur, S., 1998:
Research on the transmission of stubborn disease (Spiroplasma citri Saglio et al.) in Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.) in the eastern Mediterranean region

Kirst, E.; Tomforde, M.; Brandt, H.; Jurgenlohmann, W., 1999:
Research on the use of hydrogen peroxide for disinfection in the food industry. Part 2

Parrillo, S.; Manini Rios, J.J.; Etcheverry, S., 1999:
Research on the use of medicinal plants in Montevideo

L.X.Fei; Hong LingXia, 1997:
Research on the use of the dummy variables method to calculate a family of site index curves

Leonte, C.; Calin, M., 1996:
Research on the variability of some quantitative characteristics of haricot beans cv. 'Atlantic' under the growing conditions at Iasi Research Station

Krpan, A.P.B.; Petres, S.; Porsinsky, T., 1996:
Research on the war-inflicted damage on the sessile-flowered oak and beech timber

Solymos, R.; Beky, A., 1995:
Research on the yield and stand structure of mixed stands: results from a 25-year study with 32 plots

Yang AnZhong; Dai GuangYou, 1997:
Research on the yield-increasing effect of S07 on cotton at the square stage

Milutinovi, M.; Aleksi, N.; Pavlovi, I., 1998:
Research on tick populations (Acari: Ixodidae) in eastern parts of Serbia

Wang, Janya, 1998:
Research on tissue culture and reproductive capacity of Actinidia chinensis

Guo QianChu; Liang HanHua; Qin WeiHua, 1997:
Research on trypsin inhibitor activity of commercial soya beverages

Sun Bo; Peng MiJun; Yang XiaoYan, 1999:
Research on ultrasonic wave extraction of Eucommia ulmoides leaves

Wang Mingliang, Tang Shouzheng, 1997:
Research on universal height-diameter curves

Zhang Zhen, 1997:
Research on upland cropping systems for high yield and high returns in mountain areas

Slonovschi, V.; Zbant, M.; Vacariu, E.; Zbant, L., 1997:
Research on useful and damaging flora and its dynamics in the fields of the Podu-Iloaiei agricultural research station

Grabowski, M., 1999:
Research on utilization of chosen isolates of fungi in biological control of Pezicula alba (Grunthr.)

Yang ShuMing, 1995:
Research on utilization of fibrous feeds by goslings

Zhong, W.; Huang, S.; He, Z.; Zhou, D.; Hu, S.; Wang, J., 1998:
Research on variation and selection of clone cone productivity in a loblolly pine seed orchard

Msrl, A.; Topuz, F.; Zeybekoglu, N., 1998:
Research on variation of female and male figs in terms of leaf properties and stomatal distribution

Lopes, J.R.S., 1999:
Research on vectors of Xylella fastidiosa and implications on management of citrus variegated chlorosis

Ruan XiaoFeng; Yang Yong; M.S.uShang; Zhou YuanYue, 1998:
Research on virus detection by ELISA in sweet cherry

Pan HuiXin; Huang MinRen; Ruan XiGen; L.H.oGen; Wang MingXiu, 1997:
Research on wood properties improvement. VI. Genetic correlation analysis on wood properties of new clones of Populus deltoides x P. simonii

Ozguven, M.; Krc, S., 1999:
Research on yield, essential oil contents and components of mint (Mentha) species in different ecologies

Mahony, D.F.; Pitts, B.G., 1998:
Research outlets in sport marketing: the need for increased specialization

Zeigler, R.S.; Santa Cruz, P.C., 1998:
Research partnership for sustainable increase in rice productivity: the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium

Ghosh, S.P., 1999:
Research preparedness for accelerated growth of horticulture in India

Andrews, G., 1999:
Research priorities in food quality and safety

G.JiYou, 1998:
Research progress in urea formaldehyde resins

Chen LiSong; Liu XingHui, 1998:
Research progress on oxidative stress and antioxidation induced by stress in horticultural crops

Anonymous, 1997:
Research projects for the food industry

Sarpe, N.; Roibu, C.; Fritea, T.; Ghinea, L.; Mihalcea, G.; Budoi, G.; Sarpe, I., 1997:
Research regarding the remanence of imazethapyr, trifluralin, pendimethalin and alachlor in wheat, maize, sunflower, sugarbeet and mustard crops on different soils in Romania

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Research report of the first finding of Trichinella nativa in China

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Research report on selection for fine varieties of Qiandao Seedless persimmon in Chun'an

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Research report: fertilizer rate effects on growth of variegated and green-leaved double Impatiens

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Research reports on the feeding of dairy cows

Salmah, Z.; Ambak, K., 1997:
Research requirements in agricultural drainage of Malaysia

Kovalenko, V., 1998:
Research results and elaboration of methods of controlling reproductive function in pigs

Daugaviete, M., 1999:
Research results on the afforestation of surplus farmlands in Latvia

Chen CaiXia; Wang JiuLing; Zhi Xin, 1997:
Research state of the dormancy and pregermination of Pinus koraiensis seed in China and abroad

Pan JianPing; Wang HuaZhang; Yang XiuQin, 1997:
Research status and advances on soil degradation under larch plantations

Y.C.Ying; L.X.uPeng, 1998:
Research status and protection of the rare species in Zhoushan Islands

Y.Hui, 1997:
Research status of fungi associated with beetles

Fang ShengZuo; X.X.Zeng, 1999:
Research strategies for determining the effects of management practices on long-term productivity

Leslie, G.W., 1997:
Research strategies for the use of insecticides to control sugarcane pests in South Africa

Shin YongUk; Lee DonKyun; Hwang JeongHwan; Chung KyeongHo; Park KyoSun; Hwang HaeSung, 1999:
Research strategy for the fruit tree breeding programmes

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Research survey on the therapeutic use of horticulture in welfare institutions and psychiatric hospitals in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Ruttan, V.W., 1998:
Research systems for sustainable agricultural development

Fornaciari, M.; Romano, B., 1995:
Research to forecast the future yields in olive tree and vineyard in three different areas

Lateur, M.; Planchon, V.; Agneessens, R.; Hallet, A., 1998:
Research to increase the value of old fruit tree cultivars of our regions for use in the fruit processing sector

Moiseyev, A.; Solberg, B., 1998:
Research topics regarding major changes in the roundwood and forest products markets in Europe

Atul Mehta, 1999:
Research trends in genetic modifications of crop plants - an overview

Wang YuLan et al., 1998:
Research trends in inherent breeding of internal and external popcorn

Medved, M.; Winkler, I.; Kosir, B., 1997:
Research work in the field of wood management and wood harvesting in private forest

Yuan HanMin; W.S.uJun; Zhang FuGuo; Qian XiaoXi, 1998:
Research work of germplasm resources of Mexican wheat in Ningxia

Barnaveta, E.; Andrei, E., 1996:
Research works concerning the heredity of some productivity elements in sunflower

Iritakenishi, M.; Tamoto, N.; Touji, A.; Tomiyama, S., 1998:
Research works on branching seedling with sugarcane cultivation (Part 1): Growth of branching seedling and it's utilization

Iritakenishi, M.; Tamoto, N.; Touji, A.; Tomiyama, S., 1998:
Research works on branching seedling with sugarcane cultivation (Part 2). Raising seedling and planting

Dojana, N.; Constantin, N., 1995:
Research works on the activity of serum and pancreatic amylase and lipase in rabbits fed on forage with increased amounts of starch and vegetal fat

Hoskins, M., 1998:
Research, extension and innovative farmers

Govere, Ephraim M., 1997:
Research, extension and training needs for agroforestry development in Southern Africa

Neotti, P., 1998:
Research, innovation and automation

Offutt, S.E., 1997:
Research, technology and farm structure

Nicholson, D., 1998:
Research: is it the broiler industry's partner into the new millennium?

Sanathkumar, M.P., 1998:
Research: strategies for next millennium

Anonymous, 1997:
Researchers look at human viruses in water environments

Ceccanti, B.; Masciandaro, G., 1999:
Researchers study vermicomposting of municipal and papermill sludges

Costache, C.; Costache, M.; Argatu, C.; Manolache, G., 1998:
Researches in biology and control of the fungi Diplocarpon rosae Wolf, Sphaerotheca pannosa (Wallr.) Lev. var. rosae Woron and Phragmidium mucronatum (Pers.) Schlecht. in rose crops

Lombardi, G.; Arrigoni, N.; Calamari, L.; Stefanini, L., 1998:
Researches into the causes of freezing point variations in milk of Italian Friesian dairy cows

Pruszynski, S.; Paosz, T.; Mrowczynski, M., 1996:
Researches of Plant Protection Institute on protection of oilseed rape against pests, diseases and weeds

Crisan, A.; Teodor, L., 1996:
Researches on Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) fauna in `Cheile Turului' in 1995

Song MeiZhen; Mao ShuChun; Zhang ChaoJun; Han YingChun, 1998:
Researches on accelerating the early start of growth of film mulched and transplanted cotton in the Huanghuai areas

Kurtar, E.S.; Ofluoglu, T.; Cakir, S.; Derin, K., 1999:
Researches on haploid embryo induction and plant regeneration in squash (Cucurbita pepo L.): change in viability and germination ability of irradiated pollens

Zhang GuiYun; Zhang ZhaoSong; Chen ShuZhen; Shen YiPing; W.H.iWei; S.C.uan; W.G.anLing, 1998:
Researches on immunogenicity identification of recombinant Sj22. 6 (rSj22.6) kDa antigen gene of Schistosoma japonicum

Soylu, A.; Erturk, U., 1999:
Researches on micropropagation of chestnut

Sarb, V.; Gherman, V.; Bencea, G., 1994:
Researches on optimizing the use of the assembly U-445 DT + SPC-4FS + EEP-600 for sowing sugarbeet; Wang XiaoShuan, 1997:
Researches on physico-chemical mechanisms of high yield and adversity resistance

Zeybekoglu, N.; Msrl, A.; Gulcan, R., 1998:
Researches on pollen germination ability of some caprifig varieties

Allavena, L., 1998:
Researches on problems related with continuous or intermittent submersion delivery system

Ufuk, S.; Soylu, A., 1999:
Researches on stock-scion compatibility between some important chestnut cultivars and hybrid rootstocks

Ozkarakas, I.; Onal, M.K., 1997:
Researches on the determination of the most suitable budding methods and times in chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) propagation

Kadioglu, I.; Uremis, I.; Ulug, E.; Boz, O.; Uygur, F.N., 1998 :
Researches on the economic thresholds of wild oat (Avena sterilis L.) in wheat fields in Cukurova region of Turkey

Miao ZeWei; Wang ZhaoQian, 1999:
Researches on the establishment, management and optimization of red soil watershed dynamic database: a case studies of Fangxiadian watershed of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Zhang GuiYun; Zhang ZhaoSong; Chen ShuZhen; Shen YiPing; W.H.iWei; S.C.uan; Wang RongZhi; W.G.anLing, 1998:
Researches on the nucleotide sequencing of the recombinant Sj 22.6 kDa antigen gene of Schistosoma japonicum

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Researches on the peculiarities of lead retention in various substrates

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Researches on the possibilities of using the U-650 M + MIG-6 assembly for the task of spreading manure on sloping terrain

Soylu, A.; Eris, A.; Ozgur, M.; Dalkilic, Z., 1999:
Researches on the rootstock potentiality of chestnut types (Castanea sativa Mill.) grown in Marmara Region

Celen, A.E., 1998:
Researches on the seed yield and seed yield characteristics of some berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) varieties

Agdaci, M.; Sarlar, G.; Efe, E.; Ufuk, S., 1996:
Researches on the sensitivity of peach seedlings to root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)

Henderson, K.A., 1998:
Researching diverse populations

Wolf, R.J.A.M., 1998:
Researching forest history to underpin the classification of Dutch forest ecosystems

Mann, C., 1997:
Reseeding the Green Revolution

Panigrahi, A., 1999:
Resemblance of egg-string formation in some terrestrial slug species of different countries

Palacio, A. del; Valle, A.; Cuetara, M.S., 1997:
Reservations on the use of terbinafine (Lamisil) in Microsporum scalp ringworm

Weber, E.; Ehrlein, H.J., 1998:
Reserve capacities of the small intestine for absorption of energy

Hunter, J.J.; L.R.ux, D.J.; Volschenk, C.G., 1997:
Reserve nutrient status of Vitis graft material as related to callus success and growth during the callus period

Okuhara, M., 1998:
Reserve stocks, stockpile management and the orderly marketing system of rice

Paal, J.; Sari, L., 1996:
Reserves and losses in our transforming agriculture

Leonidov, V.G., 1998:
Reserves for increasing the efficiency of poultry production

Bobyleva, G., 1997:
Reserves for raising production efficiency

Gryn' , Y.I.; Gamrets' ky, I.A.; Ivzhenko, Y.S.; Puliatkin, M.I., 1996:
Reserves of power saving with the use of gate valves with hydraulic drive for the Fregat sprinkler

Akhmadeev, A.M., 1999:
Reserves of the meat subcomplex in Bashkortostan

Merkusheva, M.G.; Ubugunova, V.I.; Ubugunov, L.L.; Bayasgalan, D., 1998:
Reserves, composition and distribution of aboveground and belowground phytomass of floodplain plant communities in the lower reaches of Orkhon (Mongolia)

Yang ShuiHai; Yan ShuiHua; Shang KeRong; Liu JinTu; L.M.iFu, 1998:
Reservoir bank forestation forests: present situation and problems in management

Markowski, D.; Ginsberg, H.S.; Hyland, K.E.; Hu, R., 1998:
Reservoir competence of the meadow vole (Rodentia: Cricetidae) for the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi

Milhous, R.T., 1997:
Reservoir construction, river sedimentation and tributary sediment size

G.R.oChuan; Chung SeWoong, 1998:
Reservoir flow sensitivity to inflow and ambient parameters

Stephenson, D., 1997:
Reservoir management during drought

Nandalal, K.D.W.; Bogardi, J.J., 1997:
Reservoir operation for quality control: coupling reservoir stratification with optimization techniques

Jain, S.K.; Goel, M.K.; Agarwal, P.K., 1998:
Reservoir operation studies of Sabarmati system, India

Furr, R.E.J.; Harris, F.A.; Robbins, J.T., 1999:
Reservoir strip plantings in tarnished plant bug research

Vuglinsky, V., 1997:
Reservoirs and environment (hydrological aspects of interaction)

Tundisi, J.G., 1996:
Reservoirs as complex systems

Marsden, D., 1998:
Resettlement and rehabilitation in India: some lessons from recent experience

Saurabh Garg, 1998:
Resettlement in the Upper Indravati project: a case study

Fogel, F., 1999:
Resettlement versus migration? An analysis of migration practices in the Egyptian Nubia

Nannini, D.K.; Sommer, R.; Meyers, L.S., 1998:
Resident involvement in inspecting trees for Dutch elm disease

Wayakone, S.; Shuib, A.; Mansor, W.W.; Daud, M., 1998:
Residents' attitude towards tourism development in Dong Hua Sao protected area, Laos

Song HyungSop; Stubbles, R.L., 1998:
Residents' attitudes and importance-performance evaluation toward the impacts of tourism in the Black Hills, USA

Holtkamp, R.H.; Horwood, M.A., 1991:
Residual activity and persistence of insecticides toxic to Bruchophagus roddi Gussakovski (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae)

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Residual behaviour of certain pesticides on and in grape leaves

Poonam Mahajan; Walia, U.S.; Singh, K.J.; Walia, S.S., 1998:
Residual concentration of isoproturon through bioassay and analytical techniques

Anderson, I.C.; Buxton, D.R.; Karlen, D.L.; Cambardella, C., 1997:
Residual cropping effects on corn grain yield

Fang Ling, 1998:
Residual dynamics and evaluation of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides in tea and its environments

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Residual effect of herbicides applied in the fore crop on growth and yield components of winter triticale

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