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Rice growth and yield of high yielding cultivar as affected by plant density and nitrogen rate

Son, Y.; Park, S.T.; Moon, B.C.; Kim, S.C.

RDA Journal of Crop Science 40(2 Part 1): 98-108


Accession: 003261856

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To investigate the growth and yield of high yielding rice cultivars, YR15965ACP33(Shennung89-366/Hwayeongbyeo) a inbred low-tillering line. Ilmibyeo a Japonica rice, and Namcheonbeyo a Indica/Japonica hybrid rice were tested at dry seeded rice and transplanted rice cultivation with different plant densities and nitrogen application rates. Dry matter production, vascular bundle number and photosynthetic ability were determined at the heading stage. The tillering of YR15965ACP33 was generally lower than that of Ilmibyeo and Namcheonbyeo regardless of cultural methods, and high nitrogen fertilization and plant density. Based on the total dry matter production, Namcheonbyeo showed the highest, followed by Ilmibyeo and YR15965ACP33 in the order. The ratio of stem + leaf sheath weight to total dry matter showed similar trend to the total dry matter production but leaf blade and panicle weight of YR15965ACP33 were higher than these of Ilmibyeo and Namcheonbeyo. Spiketlet number per panicle was positively correlated with diameter of panicle necknode but was not correlated with number of large vascular bundle in the node. Namcheonbeyo showed the highest grain yield of 8.13MT/ha and 7.87MT/ha in dry seeded and transplanted rice cultivation, respectively at the high nitrogen fertilization and plant density. Lower grain yield of YR15965ACP33 was due to the low panicle number per m2 and low ripened grain although photosynthetic ability was similar with other two rice cultivars.

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