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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3267

Chapter 3267 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Huang FengLian; Liu ShouMing; Zeng DuangXiang; Luo HeRong; Xie BingYan, 1999:
Screening of Phytophthora blight resistance in Xiangyan Capsicum varieties and its resistance mechanism

Rabe, T.; Van Staden, J., 1998:
Screening of Plectranthus species for antibacterial activity

Goel, V.L.; Behl, H.M., 1999:
Screening of Prosopis germplasm for afforestation of degraded soil sites: performance, leaf nutrient status and influence on soil properties

Carneiro, R.M.D.G.; Campos, A.D.; Pereira, J.F.ancisco M.; Raseira, M.D.C.rmo B., 1998:
Screening of Prunus rootstocks for susceptibility to ring nematode and phenol oxidizing enzyme contents

Xie XinMin; Shi QiShun; Liu XiaoChun; Liu RongZong; Chen Bin; Huang SongQiang; W.X.aoLin, 1998:
Screening of RAPD genetic markers for average daily lean tissue gain in pigs

Zhuang JieYun; M.W.nBin; Peng YingCai; Wang HouCong; Zhang HuiLian; Zheng KangLe, 1998:
Screening of RAPD markers for the parentage identification of three-line hybrid rice

Furuya, C.; Saito, M.; Kamiya, M., 1997:
Screening of RAPD markers linked with BNYVV resistance genes in sugar beet

Zhang HuaiYun; Liu RongZong; Zhang XueWen; Chen Tao; Xiao TiaoYi; L.J.nHeng, 1998:
Screening of RAPD primers and detection of specific molecular markers for grass carp and common carp

Megalai, N.M.; Mahalingam, C.A., 1997:
Screening of Sesamum entries against Sesamum shoot webber and capsule borer

Jager, A.K.; Weber, D.J.; Van Staden, J., 1997:
Screening of South African lichens for prostaglandin-synthesis inhibitors

Karunanithi, K.; Usman, K.M., 1999:
Screening of Trichoderma spp. against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. sesami causing wilt in sesamum

Padmodaya, B.; Reddy, H.R., 1996:
Screening of Trichoderma spp. against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici causing wilt in tomato

Abbad Andaloussi, F.; Sellami, S., 1998:
Screening of Vicia faba resistance to the giant race of Ditylenchus dipsaci in Maghreb region

Salva, T.D.J.sus Garcia; Lima, V.B.ttencourt De; Pagan, A.P.rterlini, 1997:
Screening of alkalophilic bacteria for cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase production

Thind, S.K.; Nirmaljeet Kaur; Arora, P.K., 1997:
Screening of almond varieties against shot hole disease and its implications on biochemical constituents

Lin FuCheng;; Lin WeiTing; Chen WeiLiang; L.D.Bao, 1998:
Screening of antagonistic bacteria to Magnaporthe grisea

Zheng YiNan et al., 1997:
Screening of anti-platelet and anti-atherosclerotic from Chinese medicines

Raju, S.; Pundir, J.K., 1998 :
Screening of antibiotics for treating mastitis cows

Baricevic, D.; Simonovska, B.; Krasna, A.; Zupancic, A., 1998:
Screening of aromatic secondary metabolites and glycoalkaloids in two PVYNTN-infected potato cultivars (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Collingborn, F.M.B.; Gowen, S.R., 1997:
Screening of banana cultivars for resistance to Radopholus similis and Pratylenchus coffeae

Sanjay Narang; Rana, J.S., 1999:
Screening of barley genotypes against corn leaf aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch.)

Zhang GuiXiang; Gao RuPing; Zhang QiuPing, 1998:
Screening of barren tolerant sorghum varieties by grey-incidence analysis method

Kociubinski, G.; Pérez, P.; D.A.toni, G., 1999:
Screening of bile resistance and bile precipitation in lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria

Yamamoto, Y.; Kinoshita, Y.; Matsubara, H.; Kinoshita, K.; Koyama, K.; Takahashi, K.; Kurokawa, T.; Yoshimura, I., 1998:
Screening of biological activities and isolation of biological-active compounds from lichens

L.F.n; Chen ZhiYi; Chen YuLing; Qin JianHua; Din Zhu, 1998:
Screening of biological control agents (BCA) against Fusarium moniliforme and determination of their biological activity

Jaziri, M.; Simoens, C.; Vanhaelen, M.; Montagu, M. van, 1997:
Screening of biologically active compounds from plants and plant tissue cultures: the paclitaxel case

Thakur, N.K.; Chopra, S.K.; Kaushal, B.B.L.l, 1998:
Screening of bioregulators on ripening behaviour of apples during storage

Shylaja, M.R.; Nair, G.S.; Mathew, J., 1996:
Screening of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) calliclones for Phytophthora foot rot resistance/tolerance

Sreeja, P.; Charles, J.S.K., 1998:
Screening of botanicals against the burrowing nematode, Radopholus similis (Cobb. 1893) Thorne, 1949

Panda, H.K., 1999:
Screening of brinjal cultivars for resistance to Leucinodes orbonalis Guen

Sivakumar, M.; Vadivelu, S., 1996:
Screening of carrot cultivars against Meloidogyne hapla

Tokura, T.; Hirota, Y.; Nakai, S.; Tohji, Y.; Shimizu, H.; Kotani, T., 1998:
Screening of cattle for jaundice at slaughter

Zhang JinYu; Chen YiFeng; Mei ChuanSheng; Tang RiSheng, 1996:
Screening of chemical hybridizing agents and a physiological study on the induced male sterility

Kathiria, K.B.; Nayagapara, D.R.; Vaddoria, M.A.; Poshiya, V.K., 1997:
Screening of chickpea genotypes for salinity tolerance during germination and early seedling growth

Devi, L.S., 1995:
Screening of chickpea varieties against Meloidogyne incognita

Lingeri, M.S.; Awaknavar, J.S.; Kulkarni, K.A.; Lingappa, S.; Madalageri, B.B., 1998:
Screening of chilli genotypes against Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) and Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood

Singh, A.; Singh, A.K., 1998:
Screening of chilli germplasm against Fusarium wilt

Pinaki Acharyya, 1999:
Screening of chilli germplasm against strains of cucumber mosaic virus

Sudha, S., 1998:
Screening of coconut cultivars against the burrowing nematode, Radopholus similis

Ramanujam, B.; Nambiar, K.K.N.; Ratnambal, M.J., 1998:
Screening of coconut cultivars/hybrids against Thielaviopsis paradoxa (de Seynes) Hohnel, using petiole inoculation technique

Didier, E.S.; Maddry, J.A.; Kwong, C.D.; Green, L.C.; Snowden, K.F.; Shadduck, J.A., 1998:
Screening of compounds for antimicrosporidial activity in vitro

Das, N.; Pattnaik, A.K.; Senapati, A.K.; Dash, D.K., 1997:
Screening of coriander varieties against root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)

Joginder Singh; Sohi, A.S.; Mann, H.S., 1997:
Screening of cotton germplasm against cotton leaf curl viral disease using its vector Bemisia tabaci (Genn.)

Chakraborty, S.; Singh, M.; Kalloo, G.; Banerjee, M.K.; Pandey, P.K., 1999:
Screening of cowpea cultivars against cowpea golden mosaic geminivirus

Bhat, S.S., 1996:
Screening of different cultivars of Coffea arabica against black rot pathogen Koleroga noxia

Ashwani Kumar; Sharma, S.D.; Singh, N.N., 1996:
Screening of different germplasm entries of mustard against Lipaphis erysimi Kaltenbach

Maheshwari, S.K.; Singh, D.V.; Gautam, V.S., 1997 :
Screening of dolichos bean germplasm against Alternaria leaf spot

Liu ZhiXiang; Zhou LiJing; Yang DaXue, 1998:
Screening of drugs for the control of pullorum disease (white diarrhoea)

Levy, Y., 1999:
Screening of eight different rootstocks to viroid infection

Ghorpade, S.A.; Thakur, S.G., 1996:
Screening of elite safflower genotypes for resistance to aphid, Uroleucon compositae (Theobald)

Kombiok, J.M.; Rudat, H.; Frey, E., 1998:
Screening of exotic and local tree species for soil fertility maintenance for sustainable maize production in northern Ghana

Shah, S.J.A.; Muhammad, T.; Shah, S.A.; Ali, I.; Hussain, S.; Jabbar, A., 1998:
Screening of exotic wheat lines for high yield and resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) under natural conditions

Doyle, C.D.; Attard, R.G., 1998:
Screening of factory liquor using a vibratory unit

Reddy, M.M.; Madhusudan, T.; Reddy, G.S., 1997:
Screening of fig varieties for their reaction against rust

O'Broin, S.D.; Gunter, E.W., 1999:
Screening of folate status with use of dried blood spots on filter paper

Liu,; Fang, M.N.n; Yang, L.C.u, 1997:
Screening of food attractant on the killing effect of Bactrocera cucurbitae Cog

Hassani, M.; Zimmermann, G.; Langenbruch, G.A.; Vidal, S., 1998:
Screening of four bioinsecticides against the two cotton pests Spodoptera littoralis and Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Dorado, J.; Martinez Inigo, M.J.; Beek, T.A. van; Claassen, F.W.; Wijnberg, J.B.P.A.; Sierra Alvarez, R., 1998:
Screening of fungal strains for wood extractive degradation

Y.T.Yong; W.L.You; Zhu XiaoXiang, 1998:
Screening of fungicide combination for control of Phytophthora

Devi, T.P.ameela; Singh, R.H., 1997:
Screening of fungicides against seedling mortality of blackgram caused by Macrophomina phaseolina

Y.G.oHua; Liu XiaoChun; Shi QiShun, 1999:
Screening of genetic markers in pigs and its relationship with production performance

Vollenhofer, S., 1997:
Screening of genetic modifications in plants and foodstuffs - possibilities and problems

Willmund, R., 1997:
Screening of genetically modified soyabeans and derived products

Sushil Kumar; Bahl, J.R.; Priyanka Shukla; Archana Singh; Ram, G.; Bansal, R.P.; Sharma, S., 1999:
Screening of genotypes of menthol mint Mentha arvensis for high yields of herbage and essential oil under late cropping conditions of the sub-tropical Indo-Gangetic plains

Dutta, R.K.; Badruddin, M.; Lahiri, B.P., 1996:
Screening of genotypes, mutants, advanced lines, varieties of rice, chickpea, mung bean, black gram, peanut and mustard for nitrate reductase

Gou XiaoDing; L.Y.Xia; Zhang YunGang; Tang Jun; Zhang Hua, 1999:
Screening of germplasm of sweet potato for petiole as vegetable

Selvarajan, R.; Gupta, M.D.; Misra, R.L., 1998:
Screening of gladiolus cultivars against bean yellow mosaic virus

Lobanok, A.G.; Sapunova, L.I.; Dikhtievski, Y.O.; Kazakevich, I.O., 1998:
Screening of glucose isomerase-producing microorganisms

Mirza, M.A.; Jalvi, M.A.; Abdul Razzak, 1998:
Screening of goat flocks for brucellosis using Rose Bengal plate test

Saka, N.; Inoue, M., 1997:
Screening of good eating quality rice lines by the use of the starch-iodine blue value of the residual liquid from cooking quality of milled rice

Velu, G., 1997:
Screening of green gram cultivars to herbicide tolerance

Devi, L.S.; Sunil Dwivedi; Devi, H.J., 1999:
Screening of greengram, blackgram and cowpea varieties for their resistance against Meloidogyne incognita

Naidu, P.H.; Rao, A.S.; Sharma, S.B., 1999:
Screening of groundnut genotypes for resistance to Kalahasti malady and late leaf spot diseases

Singh, S.B.; Singh, J.P., 1997:
Screening of groundnut genotypes for resistance to foliar diseases

Dasgupta, S.; Raj, S.K., 1997:
Screening of groundnut germplasm for resistance to seed rot and collar rot diseases caused by Aspergillus niger

Mishra, P.R.; Mukherjee, S.K.; Sontakke, B.K.; Dash, A.N., 1997:
Screening of groundnut varieties/cultures against red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

G.Z.enXiang; Zheng HongQing, 1997:
Screening of high-quality green food vegetable varieties within five species and their characters and traits

Kurucheve, V.; Ezhilan, J.G.; Jayaraj, J., 1997:
Screening of higher plants for fungitoxicity against Rhizoctonia solani in vitro

Zhuang, J.Y.; Qian, H.R.; Zheng, K.L., 1998:
Screening of highly-polymorphic RFLP probes in Oryza sativa L

Chiang, C.Y.; Wu, I.H.; Yu, M.C.; Lee, C.N.; Bai, K.J.; Suo, J.; Lin, T.P., 1998:
Screening of human immunodeficiency virus infection in pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Taiwan

Biswas, K.K., 1999:
Screening of isolates of Trichoderma harzianum Rifai for their relative biocontrol efficacy against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. udum and Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn

Thammaiah, N.; Reddy, B.S.; Gangadharappa, P.M.; Kulkarni, B.S.; Manjunath, M.; Kanamadi, V.C., 1997:
Screening of jasmine species against Cercospora leaf spot and wilt diseases

Tan ShiLin; L.D.Fang; Gong YouCai; Liu WeiJie; L.A.Qing; G.D.oLian; Chen TaiYi; Liu Bin; Mei Zhen; Chen Zhou; Yuan GuanHai; Y.Q.Ying; Kuang ShiJun; Chen QiZhao; Huang JuHua; Xue ChongJun; Wang Rui; Lin Ru, 1998:
Screening of kenaf varieties for paper making. I. Evaluation on their yield and major characteristics

Tan ShiLin; L.D.Fang; Gong YouCai; Liu WeiJie; Kuang ShiJun; Chen QiZhao; Huang JuHua; Xie CongJun; Lin Ru; Wang Rui; Mei Zhen; Chen Zhou; Yuan GuanHai; Y.Q., 1999:
Screening of kenaf varieties for paper making. II. Comparative study on the kenaf fibre morphological structures and chemical compositions

Dabur, K.R.; Dalal, M.R.; Taya, A.S., 1998 :
Screening of kharif pulses against root-knot-nematode (Meloidogyne javanica)

Sheih IChuan; W.H.ingYing; Lin ChingFwu, 1999:
Screening of kitchen garbage disposal microbes and their application

Davaranavadgi, S.B.; Murthy, B.G.; Kalghatagi, S.B., 1997:
Screening of leucaena genotypes under nursery conditions

Momohara, I., 1998:
Screening of lignin peroxidase from white-rot fungi

Fennimore, S.A.; Richard, S.J., 1999:
Screening of low rate herbicides in vegetable crops

Begum, S.; Fattah, Q.A.; Khandakar, A.L., 1998:
Screening of low temperature tolerant tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.)

Rathee, V.K.; Sharma, B.K.; Guleria, S.K., 1999:
Screening of maize germplasm against Turcicum leaf blight under artificial epiphytotic conditions

Kar, A.K., 1998:
Screening of maize inbred lines against maydis leaf blight and banded leaf and sheath blight diseases

Sharma, I.M.; Badiyala, S.D., 1998:
Screening of mango cultivars for susceptibility to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides during different seasons

Sharma, I.M.; Badiyala, S.D., 1999:
Screening of mango germplasm for susceptibility to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz. during different seasons

Encarnacion Dimayuga, R.; Altamirano, L.; Maki, K.A., 1998 :
Screening of medicinal plants from Baja California Sur (Mexico) by their effects on smooth muscle contractility

Fotadar, R.K.; Dhar, A.; Dandin, S.B., 1998:
Screening of mulberry genotypes against major fungal diseases and insect pest under field conditions

Govindaiah ; Sharma, D.O.; Gunasekhar, V.; Datta, R.K., 1996:
Screening of mulberry genotypes against root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)

Ashok, A.D.; Rengasamy, P., 1997:
Screening of multiplier onion ecotypes (Allium cepa var. aggregatum L.) for their tolerance to salt stress

Miranda, G.V.; Santos, I.C. dos; Peluzio, J.M.; Bessa, J.C.A.; Coimbra, R.R., 1996:
Screening of mung bean lines in the south of Tocantins state, Brazil

Khan, M.; Shakir, A.S.; Aslam, M., 1997:
Screening of muskmelon varieties against downy mildew disease and its chemical control

Jung SangOun; Kim Joon; Chang IlMoo; Ryu JaeChun, 1998:
Screening of new bioactive materials from microbial extracts of soil microorganism (I) antimicrobial activity from 200 samples using microdilution assay

Sahu, A.K.; Parida, S., 1997:
Screening of new semi-deep water rice selections for reaction to sheath rot and bacterial leaf blight

Naik, M.I.; Hiremath, I.G.; Salimath, P.M.; Shivanna, B.K., 1997:
Screening of new sorghum hybrids and their parents against earhead midge

Haq, I.; Sajid, M.; Khan, J.; Khattak, M.S.leem, 1997:
Screening of off-season strawberry cultivars under plastic greenhouse

Sattar, A.; Alam, M.; Samad, A.; Dhawan, O.P.; Suphla Bajpai; Zaim, M., 1997:
Screening of opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) germplasm against stem rot, capsule rot and poppy mottle diseases

Bae OSung; Hwang JaeOck; Ahn DukKyun; Woo EunRhan; Seo SeonHee; Kim HyoungJa; Park HoKoon, 1998:
Screening of oriental herbal medicines for antibacterial activities

O'Reilly, F.M.; Darby, C.; Fogarty, J.; Tormey, W.; Kay, E.W.; Leader, M.; Murphy, G.M., 1997:
Screening of patients with iron overload to identify hemochromatosis and porphyria cutanea tarda

Muhammad Arshad; Hussain, S.A.; Syed Asghar; Nawab Ali; Niaz Muhammad; Ziaullah, 1998:
Screening of pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars in Kohat valley

Kumari, M.; Prasad, Y., 1998:
Screening of pea genotypes against powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe polygoni D.C

Alegbejo, M.D., 1999:
Screening of pepper cultivars for resistance to pepper leaf curl virus

Alegbejo, M.D., 1999:
Screening of pepper cultivars for resistance to pepper veinal mottle virus in Nigeria

Mandal, S.M.A.; Mishra, B.K., 1997:
Screening of pigeonpea genotypes for resistance to leaf webber, Cydia (Pammene) critica Meyr

Siddiqui, M.R.; Gupta, P.; Hyder Ali, 1998:
Screening of pigeonpea varieties for resistance to the pigeonpea cyst nematode, Heterodera cajani

Sakuramata, Y.; Kusano, S., 1998:
Screening of plant extracts with potential to stimulate lipolysis in 3T3-L1 cells

Dwijendra Singh; Sucheta Mehta, 1998:
Screening of plant materials for repellent and insecticidal properties against pulse beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis) and housefly (Musca domestica)

Ignatowicz, S., 1997:
Screening of plant powders for repellency to the grain weevil, Sitophilus granarius L. (Coleoptera; Curculionidae)

Sathiamma, B., 1998:
Screening of plant species for susceptibility to infestation by Oligonychus iseilemae (H.) (Fam - Tetranychidae, order: Acarina), the white spider mite on coconut palm

Rasoanaivo, P.; Ratsimamanga Urverg, S.; Ramanitrahasimbola, D.; Rafatro, H.; Rakoto Ratsimamanga, A., 1999:
Screening of plants of Madagascar for antimalarial activity and potentiating effects on chloroquine

Lindsey, K.; Jäger, A.K.; Raidoo, D.M.; van Staden, J., 1999:
Screening of plants used by Southern African traditional healers in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea for prostaglandin-synthesis inhibitors and uterine relaxing activity

Kemp, H.; Wustenberghs, H., 1998:
Screening of plums and prunes for fresh consumption, 1988-1997

Singh, R.B.; Khurana, S.M.P.; Pandey, S.K.; Srivastava, K.K., 1998:
Screening of potato germplasm for resistance to stem necrosis

Sinha, S.K.; Sinha, S.P.; Sinha, R.P.; Jha, B.N., 1996:
Screening of potato varieties for calcareous soil of north Bihar

Thind, S.K.; Nirmaljit Kaur, 1997:
Screening of promising ber varieties against powdery mildew and its control

Kandalkar, H.G.; Men, U.B.; Datke, S.B.; Jillani, S.K.; Morey, K.J., 1998:
Screening of promising rice donors and derivatives to gall midge, Orseolia oryzae (Wood Mason)

Roy, A.; Bordoloi, D.K.; Paul, S.R., 1997:
Screening of resistant genotypes of red pepper (Capsicum annum L.) against leaf curl infection

Hong JeongRae; I.Y.ngJu; Kwon MiKyung; Cho BaikHo; Kim KiChung, 1998:
Screening of resistant watermelon cultivars against gummy stem blight fungus, Didymella bryoniae, and comparison of protein expression between cultivars after infection

Koch, E., 1997:
Screening of rhizobacteria for antagonistic activity against Pythium ultimum on cucumber and kale

Kumar, T.K.D.; Rao, A.R.M., 1997:
Screening of rhizobial isolates for symbiotic efficiency in leonard jars

Zhong, B.; Karibe, H.; Komatsu, S.; Ichimura, H.; Nagamura, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Hirano, H., 1997:
Screening of rice genes from a cDNA catalog based on the sequence data-file of proteins separated by two-dimensional electrophoresis

Sunder, S.; Satyavir ; Singh, A., 1998:
Screening of rice genotypes for resistance to bakanae disease

Ilyas, M.B.; Iftikhar, K., 1997:
Screening of rice germplasm and fungitoxicants against bakanae disease of rice

Reddy, K.D.; Misra, D.S., 1996:
Screening of rice varieties against green leaf hoppers, Nephotettix virescens and N. nigropictus

Thakur, A.K., 1999 :
Screening of rice varieties against some stored grain pests

Debanand Das, 1999:
Screening of rice varieties/germplasms against rice root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne graminicola

Thammaiah, N.; Reddy, B.S.; Gangadharappa, P.M.; Kanamadi, V.C.; Kulkarni, B.S., 1997:
Screening of rose cultivars against diseases

Merwe, P.J.A. van der; Subrahmanyam, P., 1997:
Screening of rosette-resistant short-duration groundnut breeding lines for yield and other characteristics

Muralidharudu, Y.; Ravishankar, G.; Patil, S.G., 1997:
Screening of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) cultivars for salt tolerance

Lee MinWoong; Bakker, P.A.H.M.; Lee TaeSoo, 1998:
Screening of salicylic acid producing rhizobacteria isolated from plant roots and rhizosphere

Thomsen, L.; Damgaard, P.H.; Eilenberg, J., 1998:
Screening of selected Bacillus thuringiensis strains against Agrotis segetum larvae

Ben Naceur, M.; Paul, R.; Ben Salah, H., 1997:
Screening of six barley varieties for drought resistance by using leaf water potential, membrane stability, and phosphatasic activity parameters

Maobe, S.N.; Dyck, E.A.; Mureithi, J.G., 1998:
Screening of soil-improving herbaceous legumes for inclusion into smallholder farming systems in Kenya

Falkenberg, M.; Baumgarten, D.; Simionato, C., 1999:
Screening of some Brazilian medicinal plants with the brine shrimp assay

Saikia, K.; Dutta, B.C., 1998:
Screening of some chrysanthemum varieties for resistance to Macrosiphoniella sanborni (Gillete)

Mohamed, M.F., 1997:
Screening of some common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars for production in southern Egypt and path coefficient analysis for green pod yield

Dubey, N.K.; Pratibha Yadav; Joshi, V.K., 1998:
Screening of some essential oils against dermatophytes

Dubey, M.P.; Singh, K.J.; Singh, O.P., 1998:
Screening of some genotypes of soybean (Glycine max) against green semilooper, Chrysodeixis acuta and stemfly, Melanagromyza sojae infestation

Malik, Y.P., 1999:
Screening of some linseed genotypes to Bihar hairy caterpillar (Spilarctia obliqua Walk.)

Y.Y.ungBeob; Park JongCheol; Lee JongHo; Kim GyeongEup; J.S.ngKee; Byun MyungWoo; Miyashiro, H.; Hattori, M., 1998:
Screening of some plant extracts for inhibitory effects on HIV-1 and its essential enzymes

Maheshwari, H.K.; Dwivedi, S.C., 1997:
Screening of some plant extracts for their oviposition deterrent properties against the pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (L.)

Arora, P.K.; Batra, R.C.; Mehrotra, N.K.; Thind, S.K., 1998:
Screening of some promising guava varieties against fruit fly

Shelke, S.S.; Mhase, N.L.; Ghorpade, S.A.; Warade, S.D., 1995:
Screening of some tomato varieties and promising germplasms against root- knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita race-2

Kanani, H.V.; Raman, S., 1997:
Screening of some wheat varieties for salinity tolerance

Balikai, R.A.; Singh, C.D.; Jirali, D.I., 1998:
Screening of sorghum genotypes against the shoot fly, Atherigona soccata Rond

Zhang LiJuan; Yang QingKai, 1997:
Screening of soyabean varieties resistant to multiple physiological races of Cercospora sojina Hara

Khan, H.U.; Chohan, R.A.; Ali, A.; Ahmad, J., 1997:
Screening of soybean cultivars against root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita

Pramila Gupta; Siddiqui, M.R., 1999:
Screening of soybean varieties against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Zhang Hong; W.S.aoXi; Guo NingRu et al., 1997:
Screening of species-specific DNA probe from Fonsecaea pedrosoi genomic library

Kawahara, T., 1997:
Screening of spontaneous translocations in cultivated emmer wheat

Suhas Yelshetty; Balikai, R.A.; Devaranavadgi, S.B.; Gaddanakeri, S.A., 1998:
Screening of subabul, Leucaena sp. for psyllid resistance

Shamarao Jahagirdar; Siddaramaiah, A.L.; Narayanaswamy, H., 1998:
Screening of substrates for mass multiplication of Trichoderma viride

Muthusamy, S.; Padmanabhan, D.; Geetha, S., 1999:
Screening of sugarcane clones for red rot and smut

Anwar, M.S.; Khan, H.M.W.A., 1998 :
Screening of sugarcane germplasm for resistance to red rot Colletotrichum falcatum Went

Haq, I.; Rehman, H.; Hussain, S.A.ghar, 1997:
Screening of suitable pea cultivars for spring cultivation at Chitral

Sahibzada Rafiullah; Farman Ullah; Fazle Subhan; Riaz Ahmed, 1998:
Screening of sunflower genotypes against insect pests under field conditions

Dudhe, Y.H.; Men, U.B., 1997:
Screening of sunflower germplasm against Alternaria leaf spot under natural field conditions

Hafeez, A.; Ahmad, S., 1997:
Screening of sunflower germplasm for resistance to charcoal rot

Jamadar, M.M.; Naykar, N.Y.; Desai, S.A., 1997:
Screening of sunflower hybrids to rust and Alternaria leaf spot under dryland conditions

Wustenberghs, H., 1998:
Screening of sweet cherry cultivars in Flanders 1988-1996

Peixoto, J.R.; Santos, L.C.; Avila Rodrigues, F. de; Juliatti, F.C.; Lyra, J.R.M., 1999:
Screening of sweet potato clones resistant to soil insects

Solomon, R.C.; Gilbert, C., 1997:
Screening of ten sugarcane varieties that are grown commercially in St. Kitts for resistance to Maconellicoccus hirsutus

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Screening sweetpotato for drought tolerance in the Philippine highlands and genetic diversity among selected genotypes

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Screw holding ability (strength) of wood materials used in furniture manufacture

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Screw-holding capacity of two furniture-grade plywoods

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Scurvy at the present time

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Scurvy during the 18th century

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Scutellaria ventenatii

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Sea minerals buffer feed and improve pellet quality

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Sea transport policy and the competitiveness of African bananas

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Sea urchin gonad enhancement: preliminary economic feasibility analysis

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Seafood related diseases

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Seamless changeover

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Search for insect neuroactive substances using an electrophysiological method

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Season summary 1997

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Seasonal beef and dairy production

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Seasonal incidence of the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) and the turnip aphid (Lipaphis erysimi) on common cabbage in the field

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Seasonal incidence, host plants and toxicity of insecticidal dusts against Poekilocerus pictus

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Seasonal increase in Cryptosporidium cases

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Seasonal infertility in pigs in loose housing

Madoffe, S.S.; Bakke, A., 1996:
Seasonal infestation and damage to green logs by Ambrosia beetles in a lowland forest in Tanzania

Flint, H.M.; Parks, N.J., 1999:
Seasonal infestation by pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders), of transgenic and non-transgenic cultivars of cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L., in central Arizona

Prabagaran, S.R.; Ponnuswamy, A.S., 1998:
Seasonal influence of flowering behavior and plant growth characters on parental lines of hybrid rice

Datta, A.K.; Sanjay Poddar; Dana, S.; Biswas, A.K., 1998:
Seasonal influence on crossing over and pollen abortion frequencies in a paracentric inversion of homozygote Rhoeo spathacea var concolor

Prabagaran, S.R.; Ponnusamy, A.S.; Rangasamy, P.; Dharmalingam, C., 1999:
Seasonal influence on flowering behaviour and plant growth characters in parental lines of hybrid rice

Vijayalalitha, S.J.; Rajasekaran, L.R., 1997:
Seasonal influence on rooting of cuttings of patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli Pellet)

Dhami, A.J.; Greesh Mohan; Sahni, K.L., 1998:
Seasonal influence on the quality and freezability of semen of Friesian and Murrah buffalo bulls

Krishnamurthi, V.V.; Mathan, K.K., 1996:
Seasonal influence on the response of sunflower to sulphur and magnesium applications

Rochon, J.P.; Gordon, R.; Madani, A.; Rodd, V.; Cochrane, L., 1999:
Seasonal influences on constructed wetlands for treatment of agricultural wastewater in Nova Scotia, Canada

Dziba, L.E.; Scogings, P.F.; Raats, J.G.; Gordon, I.J., 1999:
Seasonal intake of savanna woody plant species by two goat breeds in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Taye Kufa, 1997:
Seasonal leaf growth in arabica coffee cultivars at Melko

Augustaitis, A., 1998:
Seasonal litterfall dynamics and load of heavy metals in Integrated Monitoring Stations

Lecheva, I.H.; Subchev, M.A., 1998:
Seasonal monitoring of Operophtera brumata L. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) by means of pheromone traps in Bulgaria

Smith, M.; Mackay, P.; Lamb, R., 1999:
Seasonal morphometric variation in sexual and asexual, North American and Australian, populations of the aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum

Rensburg, J.B.J. van, 1997:
Seasonal moth flight activity of the maize stalk borer, Busseola fusca (Fuller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in small farming areas of South Africa

Pendu, Y.L.; Ciofolo, I., 1999:
Seasonal movements of giraffes in Niger

Sudnitsyna, T.N., 1998:
Seasonal nitrogen uptake by Picea abies in the southern taiga

Mattos, M.J.T. de; Ueno, H.; Goncalves, P.C.; Almeida, J.E.M. de, 1997:
Seasonal occurrence and bioecology of Lymnaea columella Say, 1817 (Mollusca, Lymnaeidae) in its natural habitat in Rio Grande do Sul

Wen HungChich, 1998:
Seasonal occurrence and chemical control of Indian-jujube leafhopper (Quadria pakistanica) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in Taiwan

Faragalla, A.A., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence and habitat distribution of tenebrionid beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in Khulais Valley, Western Saudi Arabia

Omata, R., 1997:
Seasonal occurrence in tea field and the susceptibility of some acaricides and insecticides against Scolothrips takahashii Priesner, the predator of kanzawa spider mite

Mo, T.A., 1997:
Seasonal occurrence of Gyrodactylus derjavini (Monogenea) on brown trout, Salmo trutta, and Atlantic salmon, S. salar, in the Sandvikselva river, Norway

Schram, T.A.; Knutsen, J.A.; Heuch, P.A.; Mo, T.A., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of Lepeophtheirus salmonis and Caligus elongatus (Copepoda: Caligidae) on sea trout (Salmo trutta), off southern Norway

Varis, Anna Liisa, 1997:
Seasonal occurrence of Lygus bugs on field crops in Finland

Cheng, W.Y.; Chen, S.M., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of Telenomus beneficiens Zehntner in spring cane of Taiwan

Kakizaki, M., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of adult males of the yellowish elongate chafer, Heptophylla picea Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), as determined by pheromone trapping

Hwang ChangYeon; Choi SunWoo, 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of azalea lace bug Stephanitis pyrioides (Hemiptera: Tingidae) on Chonbuk

Lingeri, M.S.; Awaknavar, J.S.; Lingappa, S.; Kulkarni, K.A., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of chilli mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus Banks) and thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood)

Harper, C.K.; Penzhorn, B.L., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of coccidia in a mixed herd of sheep and goats at Nebo, northern province, South Africa

Uematsu, H.; Yamashita, T., 1999:
Seasonal occurrence of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) and parasitoids in some commercial cruciferous fields in Miyazaki, Southern Japan

Linzey, D.W.; Bursey, C.R.; Linzey, J.B., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of helminths of the whistling frog, Eleutherodactylus johnstonei (Amphibia: Leptodactylidae), in Bermuda

Godin, C.; Boivin, G., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence of lepidopterous pests of cruciferous crops in southwestern Quebec in relation to degree-day accumulations

Senguttuvan, T.; Dhanakodi, C.V., 1997:
Seasonal occurrence of pod borers of groundnut in red lateritic soils

Heinrichs, E.A.; Sy, A.A.; Akator, S.K.; Oyediran, I., 1997:
Seasonal occurrence of rice yellow mottle virus in lowland rice in Cote d'Ivoire

Panizzi, A.R.; Oliveira, E.D.M., 1999:
Seasonal occurrence of tachinid parasitism on stink bugs with different overwintering strategies

Cheng, W.Y.; Wang, Z.T.; Hung, T.H., 1997:
Seasonal occurrence of the eggs of borers and other Trichogramma hosts in the spring-planted cane fields

Olivella Pedregal, E.; Vogt, H., 1997:
Seasonal occurrence, abundance, parasitism and leaf damage of leafminer moths in apple orchards in South-West Germany

White, D., J.; Kendall, K.C.; Picton, H.D., 1998:
Seasonal occurrence, body composition, and migration potential of army cutworm moths in northwest Montana

Dautel, H.; Knülle, W., 1998:
Seasonal oviposition and temperature requirements of eggs may limit northern distribution of European Argas reflexus (Acari: Argasidae)

Wieser, G.; Hasler, R.; Gotz, B.; Koch, W.; Havranek, W.M., 1999:
Seasonal ozone uptake of mature evergreen conifers at different altitudes

Jaeger, C.H.I.I.I.; Monson, R.K.; Fisk, M.C.; Schmidt, S.K., 1999:
Seasonal partitioning of nitrogen by plants and soil microorganisms in an alpine ecosystem

Kusina, N.T.; Kahiya, C.; Mukaratirwa, S.; Chikura, S.; Sibanda, S., 1999:
Seasonal pattern in parasitic infection in Zimbabwean communal land goats

Schnitzler, J.P.; Lehning, A.; Steinbrecher, R., 1997:
Seasonal pattern of isoprene synthase activity in Quercus robur leaves and its significance for modeling isoprene emission rates

Prasad, G.S.; Logiswaran, G., 1997:
Seasonal pattern of leafhopper and cotton aphid, occurrence on brinjal in terms of day degrees

Martinez, S.; Roca, J.; Vazquez, J.M.; Martinez, E., 1997:
Seasonal pattern of semen production in crossbred rabbits subjected to a natural photoperiod or constant daylength

Bachand, G.; Castello, J., 1998:
Seasonal pattern of tomato mosaic tobamovirus infection and concentration in red spruce seedlings

Adamczewski, J.Z.; Tedesco, S.C.; Laarveld, B.; Flood, P.F., 1997:
Seasonal patterns in growth hormone, insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 in female muskoxen

Naidu, C.V.; Swamy, P.M., 1996:
Seasonal patterns of carotenoid and chlorophyll content in some selected tropical deciduous tree species under natural conditions

Franco, A.C., 1998:
Seasonal patterns of gas exchange, water relations and growth of Roupala montana, an evergreen savanna species

Asher, G.W.; Muir, P.D.; Semiadi, G.; O'Neill, K.T.; Scott, I.C.; Barry, T.N., 1997:
Seasonal patterns of luteal cyclicity in young red deer (Cervus elaphus) and sambar deer (Cervus unicolor)

Rose, M.A.; Biernacka, B., 1999:
Seasonal patterns of nutrient and dry weight accumulation in Freeman maple

Lewis, J.; Olszyk, D.T.ngey, D., 1999:
Seasonal patterns of photosynthetic light response in Douglas-fir seedlings subjected to elevated atmospheric CO2 and temperature

Arseniuk, E.; Goral, T.; Scharen, A.L., 1998:
Seasonal patterns of spore dispersal of Phaeosphaeria spp. and Stagonospora spp

A.H.nai, M.S.; Mani, A., 1998:
Seasonal population changes and management of Tylenchulus semipenetrans using organic amendments and fenamiphos

Majidah Rasheed; Khan, A.R., 1998:
Seasonal population dynamics of some helminth parasites of fishes in Wular Lake, Kashmir

Azmi, M.I., 1995:
Seasonal population fluctuation behaviour of plant parasitic nematodes in Caribbean stylo

Bhadauria, N.K.S.; Bhadauria, N.S., 1998:
Seasonal population fluctuation of gram pod borer, Heliothis armigera (Hub.)

Mittal, A.; Prasad, D., 1998:
Seasonal population fluctuations of plant parasitic nematodes in soybean-wheat rotation

Dery, S.K.; Philippe, R.; Nkansah Poku, J.; Mariau, D., 1998 :
Seasonal population variation in two suspected vectors of the Cape St. Paul Wilt Disease of coconut in Ghana in relation to disease incidence

Cruz, R.G.nskopp, D., 1998:
Seasonal preferences of steers for prominent northern Great Basin grasses

Shim JaeChul; Shin EHyun; Yang DonSoek; Lee WookKyo, 1997:
Seasonal prevalence and feeding time of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) at outbreak regions of domestic malaria (Plasmodium vivax) in Korea

Langrova, I., 1998:
Seasonal prevalence and intensity of faecal helminth egg (larval) output in various categories of herds of horses during two grazing seasons

Sharma, R.S., 1994:
Seasonal prevalence and resting density of malaria vectors Anopheles culicifacies and Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) in urban Gurgaon, India

Six, D.L.; Mullens, B.A., 1996:
Seasonal prevalence of Entomophthora muscae and introduction of Entomophthora schizophorae (Zygomycotina: Entomophthorales) in Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) populations on California dairies

Raman, M.; Krishnappa, K.; Senthilvel, K.; Venugopalan, A.T., 1998:
Seasonal prevalence of mortality pattern among broilers in Tamil Nadu

Sheela Thakur, 1997:
Seasonal prevalence of nematode Trichocephalus muris infestation in Rattus rattus

Rockstrom, J.; Jansson, P.E.; Barron, J., 1999:
Seasonal rainfall partitioning under runon and runoff conditions on sandy soil in Niger. On-farm measurements and water balance modelling

Bundt, M.; Kretschmar, S.; Zech, W.; Wilcke, W., 1997:
Seasonal redistribution of manganese in soil aggregates of a Costa Rican coffee field

Altintas, A.; Celik, S.; Cevik, M.Z., 1998:
Seasonal relations between serum monoamine oxidase activities and copper levels in Angora male goats (Capra hircus)

Dennis, A.J.; Marsh, H., 1997:
Seasonal reproduction in musky rat-kangaroos, Hypsiprymnodon moschatus: a response to changes in resource availability

Inglese, P.; Barbera, G.; Mantia, T. la, 1999:
Seasonal reproductive and vegetative growth patterns and resource allocation during cactus pear fruit growth

Maribashetty, V.G.; Reddy, G.S., 1995:
Seasonal response of two new bivoltine breeds MU716 and MU718 of silkworm Bombyx mori L. in tropics

Moser, H.U., 1997:
Seasonal review for 1996-97. The mediocre have been discarded

Kovaleva, L.A., 1997:
Seasonal rhythm of development of Crimean pine

Kucherov, E.V., 1999:
Seasonal rhythm of growth of Padus avium Mill. in Bashkiria

Kucherov, E.V., 1999:
Seasonal rhythm of growth of Tilia cordata Mill. in Bashkiria

Devineau, J.L., 1999:
Seasonal rhythms and phenological plasticity of savanna woody species in a fallow farming system (south-west Burkina Faso)

Suresh Kumar; Mertia, R.S.; Narita, K.; Ichikawa, S.E.; Furukawa, A., 1999:
Seasonal shifts in phenology and palatability under various grazing pressures: implications for rangeland health

Cornish, Daryl A., 1998:
Seasonal steroid hormone profiles in plasma and gonads of the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

Piechota, T.C.; Chiew, F.H.S.; Dracup, J.A.; McMahon, T.A., 1998:
Seasonal streamflow forecasting in eastern Australia and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation

Seginer, I.; Ioslovich, I., 1998:
Seasonal sub-optimal environmental control of greenhouses

Wood, B.; Wood, C.; Yoo, K.; Yoon, K.; Delaney, D., 1999:
Seasonal surface runoff losses of nutrients and metals from soils fertilized with broiler litter and commercial fertilizer

Cartron, J.M.; Weil, R.R., 1998:
Seasonal trends in soil nitrogen from injected or surface-incorporated sewage sludge applied to corn

Jamieson, N.; Monaghan, R.; Barraclough, D., 1999:
Seasonal trends of gross N mineralization in a natural calcareous grassland

Stassen, P.J.C.; Vuuren, B.P.H.J. van, 1997:
Seasonal uptake and utilization of nitrogen by Sensation mango trees

Vuuren, B.P.H.J. van; Stassen, P.J.C., 1997:
Seasonal uptake of macro elements by young bearing Sensation mango trees

Leard, A.T.; Wagner, B.A.; Camp, K.L.; Wise, D.J.; Gao, X.D., 1998:
Seasonal values of selected blood parameters of farm-raised channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) in the Mississippi Delta

Uzun, H.I., 1997:
Seasonal variability in berry parameters of grape cultivars under subtropical conditions

Jackson, A.; Pardue, J.H., 1997:
Seasonal variability of crude oil respiration potential in salt and fresh marshes

Devineau, Jean Louis, 1997:
Seasonal variation and annual growth rate of the basal area of trees in some Sudanian savanna communities in western Burkina Faso

Ponsano, E.H.G.; Pinto, M.F.; Lara, J.A.F. de; Piva, F.C., 1999:
Seasonal variation and correlation between properties of milk used in milk quality evaluation

Sotiropoulos, T.E.; Therios, I.N.; Dimassi, K.N., 1998:
Seasonal variation and distribution of soil and plant boron concentrations of kiwifruit orchards irrigated with high boron water

Carballal; Villalba; Lopez, 1998:
Seasonal variation and effects of age, food availability, size, gonadal development, and parasitism on the hemogram of mytilus galloprovincialis

Giha, H.A.; Theander, T.G.; Staalsø, T.; Roper, C.; Elhassan, I.M.; Babiker, H.; Satti, G.M.; Arnot, D.E.; Hviid, L., 1998:
Seasonal variation in agglutination of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes

Chakrabarti, S.; Singhal, B.K., 1996:
Seasonal variation in ascorbic acid content of promising mulberry genotypes

Supatra Sen; Mukherji, S., 1998:
Seasonal variation in biochemical constituents of Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench and Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

Durmus, I.; Kalaycoglu, L., 1997:
Seasonal variation in blood aspartate aminotransferase and vitamin C in local breeds and crosses of sheep at Konya Central Animal Research Institute

Flodin, C.H.lidoniotis, F.W.itfield, F., 1999:
Seasonal variation in bromophenol content and bromoperoxidase activity in Ulva lactuca

Odgers, B.M., 1999:
Seasonal variation in buried germinable seed banks of grass species in an urban eucalypt forest reserve

Rayment, M.B.; Jarvis, P.G., 1999:
Seasonal variation in carbon accumulation by a high latitude forest ecosystem

Sharma, H.K.; Gupta, J.K., 1996:
Seasonal variation in colour, weight and crude protein content of pollen loads of hive bees

Carswell, F.; Al-Dabbagh, M.; Carswell, A.J.; Hunt, L.; Almquist, C., 1999:
Seasonal variation in concentrations of mite allergen (Der p 1) in the mattress

Larsen, M.N.; Roepstorff, A., 1999:
Seasonal variation in development and survival of Ascaris suum and Trichuris suis eggs on pastures

Thakuria, K.; Sarma, C.K., 1998:
Seasonal variation in dry matter and crude protein production of guinea grass based intercropping systems

Schlink, A.C.; Mata, G.; Lea, J.M.; Ritchie, A.J.M., 1999:
Seasonal variation in fibre diameter and length in wool of grazing Merino sheep with low or high staple strength

Sinclair, Brent J., 1997:
Seasonal variation in freezing tolerance of the New Zealand alpine cockroach Celatoblatta quinquemaculata

Harris, W.N.; Dalton, D.A., 1997:
Seasonal variation in glutathione reductase activity in coastal and montane populations of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta)

Chan LitFu; L.C.unTang; L.H.iuYing, 1997:
Seasonal variation in leaf area index dynamics for wetland taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott)

Ramirez Orduna, R.; Ramirez, R.G.; Almaraz Sanchez, R.; Gonzalez Rodriguez, H.; Ramirez Orduna, J.M.; Cepeda Palacios, R.; Avila Sandoval, J.M., 1998:
Seasonal variation in leaf mineral content of shrubs from Baja California Sur, Mexico

Pérez Clariget, R.; Forsberg, M.; Rodriguez-Martinez, H., 1998:
Seasonal variation in live weight, testes size, testosterone, LH secretion, melatonin and thyroxine in Merino and Corriedale rams in a subtropical climate

Sweeney, T.; Kelly, G.; O.C.llaghan, D., 1999:
Seasonal variation in long-day stimulation of prolactin secretion in ewes

Morais, M.G.; Goncalves, L.C.; Lopes, H.O.S.; Gonzales, I.S.; Silveira, A.C., 1998:
Seasonal variation in macro- and microelements in continuously grazed Brachiaria decumbens pasture on sandy and clay soils

Kunwar, R.; Lal, S.D., 1995:
Seasonal variation in macro-nutrient contents of walnut (Juglans regia L.) cultivars in U.P. hill conditions

Brink, G.; Fairbrother, T.; Rowe, D., 1998:
Seasonal variation in morphology of continuously stocked white clover

Ramirez Orduna, R.; Ramirez, R.G.; Ramirez Orduna, J.M.; Cepeda Palacios, R.; Avila Sandoval, J.M., 1998:
Seasonal variation in nutrient content of shrubs from Baja California Sur, Mexico

Bossche, P. van den; Hargrove, J.W., 1999:
Seasonal variation in nutritional levels of male tsetse flies Glossina morsitans morsitans (Diptera: Glossinidae) caught using fly-rounds and electric screens

Ahuja, A.K.; Gupta, B.K.; Multani, K.K., 1998:
Seasonal variation in oxalate content of hybrid napier bajra and its amelioration through ensiling

Bilgener, S.K., 1999:
Seasonal variation in phenolic constituents of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) and chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) leaves and shoots

Ghosh-Hajra, N.K.mar, R., 1999:
Seasonal variation in photosynthesis and productivity of young tea

Rakesh Pandey, 1997:
Seasonal variation in population of phytonematodes associated with peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) and spearmint (Mentha spicata L.)

Stetson, D.L.; Sullivan, W.L., 1998:
Seasonal variation in root growth of three grass species under varying cutting treatments

Dod, V.N.; Bharad, S.G.; Jadhao, B.J.; Joshi, P.S.; Kulkarni, P.M., 1998:
Seasonal variation in rooting of ground layers by polybag method in guava (Psidium guajava L.)

Blanke, Michael M., 1998:
Seasonal variation in soil respiration of a fruit orchard

Bharad, S.G.; Gholap, S.V.; Dod, V.N.; Bople, S.R., 1999:
Seasonal variation in success of softwood grafting of tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.)

Sidorovich, E.A.; Kutas, E.N., 1998:
Seasonal variation in the clonal micropropagation process in introduced varieties of Vaccinium corymbosum and V. vitis-idaea in in vitro culture

Dutta, A.; De, B., 1998:
Seasonal variation in the content of sennosides and rhein in leaves and pods of Cassia fistula

Smith, K.F.; Simpson, R.J.; Oram, R.N.; Lowe, K.F.; Kelly, K.B.; Evans, P.M.; Humphreys, M.O., 1998:
Seasonal variation in the herbage yield and nutritive value of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) cultivars with high or normal herbage water-soluble carbohydrate concentrations grown in three contrasting Australian dairy environments

Jaswant Singh; Gaur, H.S., 1996:
Seasonal variation in the horizontal spatial pattern of the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita and application of the negative binomial and Taylor's power law models in developing sampling schemes

Pekelharing, CJ.; Frampton, CM.; Suisted, PA., 1998:
Seasonal variation in the impacts of brushtailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) on five palatable plant species in New Zealand beech (Nothofagus) forest

Dorn, W.; Messutat, S.; Kipp, S.; Sunder, U.; Feldman, A.; Flugel, C., 1999:
Seasonal variation in the infestation of rodents with Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae) and prevalence of infection with Borrelia burgdorferi in a recreation area

Kettlewell, P.S., 1997:
Seasonal variation in the response of Hagberg falling and liquefaction numbers to propiconazole fungicide in wheat

Guerrero Galvan, S.R.; Paez Osuna, F.; Ruiz Fernandez, A.C.; Espinoza Angulo, R., 1999:
Seasonal variation in the water quality and chlorophyll a of semi-intensive shrimp ponds in a subtropical environment

Reynolds, D.R.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Riley, J.R.; Das, B.K.; Nath, P.S.; Mandal, S.K., 1999:
Seasonal variation in the windborne movement of insect pests over northeast India

Kuroda, Keiko, 1998:
Seasonal variation in traumatic resin canal formation in Chamaecyparis obtusa phloem

Gallardo, M.A.; Canals, P.; Albi, J.L.; Pesquero, J.; Sanchez, J., 1997:
Seasonal variation in uptake of short-chain neutral amino acid by red blood cells and hepatocytes in trout (Salmo trutta)

Pehrson, A.; Palo, R.T.; Staaland, H.; Jordan, P.A., 1997:
Seasonal variation in weight of functional segments of the gastrointestinal tract and its contents in young moose (Alces alces)

A.J.ssim, R.A.M.; Hassan, A.A.A.; Alkass, J.E., 1997:
Seasonal variation in wool growth rate of Awassi sheep in Iraq

Casati, M.R.; Cappa, V.; Calamari, L.; Calegari, F.; Folli, G., 1998:
Seasonal variation in yield and characteristics of cow milk

Ramteke, S.D.; Chetti, M.B.; Salimath, P.M., 1998:
Seasonal variation in yield and yield components in gram (Cicer arietinum)

Wijesuriya, W.; Munasinghe, C.; Wanigatunga, N., 1997:
Seasonal variation in yield of rubber

Machado, S.M.F.; Ribeiro, V.A.F.A.; Militao, J.S.L.T.; Morais, S.M. de; Machado, M.I.L., 1998:
Seasonal variation of (E)-nerolidol in Siparuna guianensis Aublet and 13C-NMR spectral assignments of (E)- and (Z)-nerolidol

Nahm, D.H.; Park, H.S.; Kim, C.W.; Park, J.W.; Hong, C.S., 1998:
Seasonal variation of IgG subclass antibodies to house dust mite in sera from mite-sensitive asthmatic patients

Ortiz, R.; Ulburghs, F.; Okoro, J.U., 1998 :
Seasonal variation of apparent male fertility and 2n pollen production in plantain and banana

Grazziotti, P.H.; Barros, N.F. de; Borges, A.C.; Neves, J.C.L.; Fonseca, S., 1998:
Seasonal variation of colonization of roots of clones of eucalypt hybrids by mycorrhizal fungi in the state of Espirito Santo

Wang BaiPo; Cheng XiaoJian; Dai WenSheng; Yang FeiFeng, 1999:
Seasonal variation of endogenous hormones and nucleic acids in female and male plants of Ginkgo biloba Htun; Win Htin; Moe Myint Kyu; Wai S.T.aung; Wah Wah Khet; Soe Soe Kyu; Hla Naing, 1996:
Seasonal variation of flea population and its relationship with small mammal hosts in sub-urban Yangon

Theodoropoulos, G.; Koutsotolis, K.; Nikolaou, E.; Kalogiannis, D.; Petrakos, G., 1998:
Seasonal variation of gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep in the region of Joannina, Greece

Lopez Alonso, M.; Miranda, M.; Hernandez, J.; Castillo, C.; Ayala, I.; Benedito, J.L., 1997:
Seasonal variation of glutathione peroxidase, CK and AST in sheep in a low-selenium region

Hayashi, H.; Hiraoka, N.; Ikeshiro, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Yoshikawa, T., 1998:
Seasonal variation of glycyrrhizin and isoliquiritigenin glycosides in the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra L

Zhang ShuoXin; Hanno, R., 1996:
Seasonal variation of hydraulic conductivity in twigs of woody plants

Pai, I.K., 1999:
Seasonal variation of insect species on paddy in Goa

Mercado, R.; Otto, J.P.; Perez, M., 1999:
Seasonal variation of intestinal protozoal infections in outpatients of the north sector of Santiago, Chile, 1995-1996

Mineuchi, K.; Takahashi, K.; Komatsu, A.; Tatsumoto, H., 1999:
Seasonal variation of laser induced fluorescence spectra in tree leaves

Demarez, V.; Gastellu Etchegorry, J.P.; Mougin, E.; Marty, G.; Proisy, C.; Dufrene, E.; Dantec, V. le, 1999:
Seasonal variation of leaf chlorophyll content of a temperate forest. Inversion of the PROSPECT model

Watanabe, N.; Nakada, E., 1999:
Seasonal variation of leaf colour in Syrian barley and its association with photosynthetic electron transport rate

Portes, M.C.G. de O.; Koehler, A.; Galvao, F., 1996:
Seasonal variation of litter deposition in a dense humid montane forest at Anhangava mountain - PR

Taniguchi, M.; Toyota, K.; Kimura, M., 1997:
Seasonal variation of microcrustaceans and microbial flora on their surface in the overlying water of a Japanese paddy field

W.AiGuo, 1997:
Seasonal variation of musk shrew population density in four counties/towns of West Yunnan

Nidhi Bansal; Singh, B.S.; Singh, B.G.; Chandrajeet Singh; Nidhi Bansal; Singh, B.S.; Singh, B.G.; Singh, C., 1996:
Seasonal variation of rhizosphere mycoflora of bonsai and naturally growing plants of Citrus mitis and Thuja orientalis

Cardoso, E.C.; Vale, W.G.; Mcdowell, L.R.; Wilkinson, N.S.; Simao Neto, M.; Veigna, J.B.; Lourenco, J.B.Jr, 1997:
Seasonal variation of selenium, crude protein, and in vitro organic matter digestibility of Brachiaria humidicola from Marajo Island, Brazil

Bhaghat, K.C.; Koul, V.K.; Nehru, R.K., 1998:
Seasonal variation of sex ratio in Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett

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