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Seed production in cluster clover (Trifolium glomeratum L.) . 1. Flowering time, abortion, seed size, and hardseededness along branches

Smith, F.P.; Cocks, P.S.; Ewing, M.A.

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 49(6): 961-964


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-9409
Accession: 003267674

Seed production in cluster clover (Trifolium glomeratum) was investigated at the level of the individual inflorescence. Plants were grown in nursery rows under non-limiting conditions until 150 days after sowing, at which time irrigation was stopped to truncate the growing season. The number of florets, and the number, mass, and impermeability of seeds, were determined for each inflorescence along the main branches, and were related to the date and node of flowering.

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