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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3274

Chapter 3274 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kastner, Jr; Jones, Wj; Roberts, Rs, 1998:
Simultaneous utilization of glucose and D-xylose by Candida shehatae in a chemostat

Luchelli, A.; Fondevila, N.; Ricci, L.; Romat, P.; Maliandi, F., 1997:
Simultaneous vaccination field tests

Gulick, R.M.; Mellors, J.W.; Havlir, D.; Eron, J.J.; Gonzalez, C.; McMahon, D.; Jonas, L.; Meibohm, A.; Holder, D.; Schleif, W.A.; Condra, J.H.; Emini, E.A.; Isaacs, R.; Chodakewitz, J.A.; Richman, D.D., 1998:
Simultaneous vs sequential initiation of therapy with indinavir, zidovudine, and lamivudine for HIV-1 infection: 100-week follow-up

Révai, T.; Harmos, G., 1999:
Simvastatin treatment in nephrotic syndrome associated with a bee sting

Idris, A.M.; Brown, J.K., 2008:
Sinaloa Tomato Leaf Curl Geminivirus: Biological and Molecular Evidence for a New Subgroup III Virus

Nava, V.E.; Rosen, A.; Veliuona, M.A.; Clem, R.J.; Levine, B.; Hardwick, J.M., 1998:
Sindbis virus induces apoptosis through a caspase-dependent, CrmA-sensitive pathway

Bailey, M., 1999:

Leake, C.J., 1998:
Singapore's dengue haemorrhagic fever control programme

Henderson, J.C., 1997:
Singapore's wartime heritage attractions

Kanasugi, H.; Hasegawa, T.; Goto, Y.; Ohtsuka, H.; Makimura, S.; Yamamoto, T., 1997:
Single administration of enterococcal preparation (FK-23) augments non-specific immune responses in healthy dogs

Lundorf, M.D.; Pedersen, F.S.; O'Hara, B.; Pedersen, L., 1998:
Single amino acid insertion in loop 4 confers amphotropic murine leukemia virus receptor function upon murine Pit1

Nizamloglu, F.; Oguz, H.; Altunok, V.; Demet, O., 1996:
Single and combination effects of dietary aflatoxin and adsorbent (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) on some haematologic values of broiler chicken

Demet, O.; Oguz, H.; Inal, F.; Nizamloglu, F., 1996:
Single and combination effects of dietary aflatoxin and adsorbent MycofixReg. Plus (based PVPP active matter) on some performance parameters of broiler chickens

Oguz, H.; Demet, O., 1997:
Single and combination effects of dietary aflatoxin and adsorbents (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone and bentonite) on some performance parameters of broiler chickens

Semeada, A.M., 1998:
Single and combined effect of infestation with three corn borers on maize plants

Tiedemann, A., 1996:
Single and combined effects of nitrogen fertilization and ozone on fungal leaf diseases on wheat

Arthur, M.A.; Paratley, R.D.; Blankenship, B.A., 1998:
Single and repeated fires affect survival and regeneration of woody and herbaceous species in an oak-pine forest

Jose, V.T.; Rajalakshmy, V.K.; Jayarathnam, K.; Nehru, C.R., 1995:
Single and two stage diffusion process by different chemical combinations for treatment of rubber wood

Otake, T.; Imai, K.; Ikeda, A.; Inoue, M., 1997:
Single applications of controlled release fertilizers to rice in mountainous regions

Basiak, J.; Trzeciak, A., 1998:
Single cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay) as a tool for environmental biomonitoring. An example of pesticides

Kyle, D.J.; Arterburn, L.M., 1998:
Single cell oil sources of docosahexaenoic acid: clinical studies

Zhou XiaoYun; Wang FeiYan, 1998:
Single cell protein feedstuff production from food industry wastes with fermentation technology

Abd Alla, M.S.; E.T.ntawy, R.B.A., 1997:
Single cell protein from salted whey

Asgher, M.; Yaqub, M.; Barque, A.R., 1998:
Single cell protein production from delignified corn stover and its quality evaluation

Samuelsen, O.B.; Ervik, A., 1997:
Single dose pharmacokinetic study of flumequine after intravenous, intraperitoneal and oral administration to Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) held in seawater at 9 degrees C

Anonymous, 1995:
Single drum three point linkage winches

Enaleeva, N.K.; Tyrnov, V.S.; Selivanova, L.P.; Zavalishina, A.N., 1997:
Single fertilization and the problem of haploidy induction in maize

Kato, A., 1999:
Single fertilization in maize

Psotka, J.J., 1997:
Single kernel characterization system

Stone, C.E.; Taggart, J.B.; Ferguson, A., 1997:
Single locus minisatellite DNA variation in European populations of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Licker, M.; Schweizer, A.; Hohn, L.; Morel, D.R.; Spiliopoulos, A., 1998:
Single lung transplantation for adult respiratory distress syndrome after paraquat poisoning

Pruss, C.V.; Silveira, J.C.G. da; Zanella, I., 1998:
Single or sequence of nutritional levels in diets in weaning pigs diets

Romer, H.P.; Meyer, J., 1998:
Single plant orientated process control in outdoor cropping

Morsomme, P.; Dambly, S.; Maudoux, O.; Boutry, M., 1998:
Single point mutations distributed in 10 soluble and membrane regions of the Nicotiana plumbaginifolia plasma membrane PMA2 H+-ATPase activate the enzyme and modify the structure of the C-terminal region

Virk, H.S.; Kaur, S.A., 1998:
Single pore sensor for water pollution control

Tiefnig, K., 1997:
Single protection of young plantations using steel wire and electric bands

Thomas, G.; Solanki, I.S.; Singh, V.P., 1996:
Single seed descent versus single pod descent in lentil (Lens culinaris Medik)

Mehta, D.R.; Zaveri, P.P., 1997:
Single seed versus single plant selection in cowpea

Gardner, S.C.; Grue, C.E.; Grassley, J.M.; Lenz, L.A.; Lindenauer, J.M.; Seeley, M.E., 1997:
Single species algal (Ankistrodesmus) toxicity tests with RodeoReg. and GarlonReg. 3A

Szwed, G.; Szwed Urbas, K., 1998:
Single spike threshing machine MK-4

Maddox, J.F.; Hawken, R.J.; Matthew, P.; Davies, K.P., 1999:
Single strand conformational polymorphisms (SSCPs) in the ovine IL1A and IL6 genes

ffrench Constant, R.; Anthony, N.M.; Andreev, D.; Aronstein, K., 1996:
Single versus multiple origins of insecticide resistance: inferences from the cyclodiene resistance gene Rdl

Toutin, T., 1997:
Single versus stereo ERS-1 SAR imagery for planimetric features extraction

Nayak, S.; Parida, S., 1998:
Single vertical incisional approach for construction of anal passage in bovine calves

Wang, D.D.well, F.; Lacey, R., 1999:
Single wheat kernel color classification by using near-infrared reflectance spectra

Wang, D.D.well, F.; Lacey, R., 1999:
Single wheat kernel color classification using neural networks

Wang, D.D.well, F.; Lacey, R., 1999:
Single wheat kernel size effects on near-infrared reflectance spectra and color classification

Ronin, Y.I.; Korol, A.B.; Nevo, E., 1999:
Single- and multiple-trait mapping analysis of linked quantitative trait loci. Some asymptotic analytical approximations

Todorovic, M., 1999:
Single-Layer evapotranspiration model with variable canopy resistance

Imhoof, B.; Schmid-Hempel, P., 1998:
Single-clone and mixed-clone infections versus host environment in Crithidia bombi infecting bumblebees

Vibha Srivastava; Anderson, O.D.; Ow, D.W., 1999:
Single-copy transgenic wheat generated through the resolution of complex integration patterns (wheat transformation/site-specific recombination/Cre-lox)

Cabrera Cabrera, J.; Galan Sauco, V.; Hernandez Delgado, P.M.; Rodriguez Pastor, M.C., 1998:
Single-cycle cultivation of in vitro-propagated Grande Naine banana under subtropical conditions

Del Brutto, O.H.; Campos, X.; Sánchez, J.; Mosquera, A., 1999:
Single-day praziquantel versus 1-week albendazole for neurocysticercosis

Baras, B.; Benoit, M.A.; Dupré, L.; Poulain-Godefroy, O.; Schacht, A.M.; Capron, A.; Gillard, J.; Riveau, G., 1999:
Single-dose mucosal immunization with biodegradable microparticles containing a Schistosoma mansoni antigen

Yeh, K.C.; Deutsch, P.J.; Haddix, H.; Hesney, M.; Hoagland, V.; Ju, W.D.; Justice, S.J.; Osborne, B.; Sterrett, A.T.; Stone, J.A.; Woolf, E.; Waldman, S., 1998:
Single-dose pharmacokinetics of indinavir and the effect of food

Ohm, J.B.; Chung, O.K.; Deyoe, C.W., 1998:
Single-kernel characteristics of hard winter wheats in relation to milling and baking quality

Majumdar, S.J.yas, D., 1999:
Single-kernel mass determination for grain inspection using machine vision

Anonymous, 1997:
Single-minded dedication to the highest levels of quality

Smith, O.J.M., 1997:
Single-phase 40-HP pump motor

Rhue, R.D.; Rao, P.S.C.; Annable, M.D., 1999:
Single-phase microemulsification of a complex light-nonaqueous-phase-liquid: laboratory evaluation of several mixtures of surfactant/alcohol solutions

Mans, J., 1998:
Single-serve champions

Schwartz, J.L.; Potvin, L.; Chen, X.J.; Brousseau, R.; Laprade, R.; Dean, D.H., 1997:
Single-site mutations in the conserved alternating-arginine region affect ionic channels formed by CryIAa, a Bacillus thuringiensis toxin

Oostrom, M.; Hofstee, C.; Dane, H.; Lenhard, R.J., 1998:
Single-source gamma radiation procedures for improved calibration and measurements in porous media

Serpe, L.; Gallo, P.; Fidanza, N.; Scaramuzzo, A.; Fenizia, D., 1999:
Single-step method for rapid detection of Brucella spp. in soft cheese by gene-specific polymerase chain reaction

Boue, O.; Sanchez, K.; Tamayo, G.; Hernandez, L.; Reytor, E.; Enriquez, A., 1997:
Single-step purification of recombinant Bm86 protein produced in Pichia pastoris by salting-out and by acid precipitation of contaminants

Koekemoer, L.L.; Lochouarn, L.; Hunt, R.H.; Coetzee, M., 1999:
Single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis for identification of four members of the Anopheles funestus (Diptera: Culicidae) group

Jaspars, E.M.J., 1999:
Single-stranded RNA viruses of plants reminiscent of early RNA endosymbionts

Schroth, G.; Teixeira, W.G.; Villani, E.; Faccin, P.O.; Haag, D.; Wolf, M.A.; Correia, F.W.S.; Silva, L.F. da; Seixas, R.; Zech, W., 1998:
Single-tree effects in agroforestry with perennial crops - an approach to the optimisation of tropical land use systems

Dragavtseva, I.A.; Zaporozhets, N.M.; Lopatina, L.M., 1996:
Singling out territories in the south of Russia according to the optimum conditions and risk of peach growing

Miller, J.H.; Edwards, M.B., 1995:
Singly applied herbicides for site preparation and release of loblolly pine in central Georgia

Deka, A.; Metia, S.R., 1999:
Sink capacity in developing seeds of tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze)

Binnie, R.; Clifford, P., 1999:
Sink characteristics of reproductive organs of dwarf bean in relation to likelihood of abscission

Lockshin, L., 1999:
Sink or swim with the tide. Market-based assets and the predicted wine surplus

Warringa, J.W.; Marinissen, M.J., 1997:
Sink-source and sink-sink relations during reproductive development in Lolium perenne L

Nadelhoffer, K.J.; Downs, M.R.; Fry, B., 1999:
Sinks for 15N-enriched additions to an oak forest and a red pine plantation

Willis, A.M.; Martin, C.L.; Stiles, J., 1999:
Sino-orbital aspergillosis in a dog

Cagan, L' ; Bokor, P., 1998:
Sinophorus turionus Ratz, the parasitoid of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Southwestern Poland

Cheng YouZhu; L.Y.uSong; Zhang XiHe, 1998:
Sinopotamon pinheensis, a new species of freshwater crab as second host for Paragonimus (Decapoda: Brachyura)

Reuhs, B.L.; Geller, D.P.; Kim, J.S.; Fox, J.E.; Kolli, V.S.; Pueppke, S.G., 1998:
Sinorhizobium fredii and Sinorhizobium meliloti produce structurally conserved lipopolysaccharides and strain-specific K antigens

Bakal, R.S.; Harms, C.A.; Khoo, L.H.; Stoskopf, M.K., 1999:
Sinus venosus catheterization for repeated vascular access in the hybrid striped bass

Guaguere Lucas, J.; Guaguere, E.; Bourdoiseau, G., 1999:
Sinus-nasal aspergillosis in dogs. A case treated by surgery combined with systemic drug therapy with itraconazole

Eloy, O.; Favre, A.; Decousser, J.W.; Legendre, C.; Lesca, C.; Badot, F.; Sentilhes, C.; Ghnassia, J.C., 1998:
Sinusitis due to Paecilomyces variotii: a case report

Galbiati, G.L., 1999:
Sip pulse irrigation on fruit tree crops. Conclusive phase of a research in the plain of Lodi

Yao, C.E., 1997:
Siquijor has rare Sonneratia ovata

E.R.ffe, A.M.; Shebl, M.K.; Kosba, M.A.; Khalil, M.H., 1997 :
Sire and dam transmitting abilities for litter size traits in three lines of rabbits raised in high intensive system of production

Ikeobi, C.O.N., 1999:
Sire and reciprocal cross differences in preweaning gains in pigs

Corbet, N.J.; Miller, R.G.; Fraser, P.F.; Lloyd, A.G.; Burrow, H.M., 1997:
Sire breed effects on gestation length of calves in the subtropics

Praharaj, N.K.; Ramarao, S.V.; Reddy, M.R.; Shyamsunder, G.; Reddy, B.L.N., 1998:
Sire by protein interactions for growth, feed efficiency and immunoresponsiveness in coloured broilers

Ushigaki, T.; Sasaki, Y., 1999:
Sire differences in marbling patterns of rib-eye area at various slaughter ages

Fleet, M.; Lush, B., 1997:
Sire effects on visible pigmentation in a Corriedale flock

Kuralkar, S.V.; Kothekar, M.D.; Deshmukh, S.N.; Gore, A.K., 1995:
Sire evaluation by BLUP and its comparison with EBV for age at first calving in Sahiwal cattle

Verneque, R. da S.; Martinez, M.L.; Teodoro, R.L.; Pimentel, A.A.; Ferreira, W.J., 1999:
Sire evaluation by animal model, sire model and contemporary herdmate method

Kuralkar, S.V.; Kothekar, M.D.; Deshmukh, S.N.; Gore, A.K.; Tajane, K.R., 1995:
Sire evaluation using different non genetic fixed effects in BLUP model for first lactation milk yield in Sahiwal

Frazier, E.L.; Sprott, L.R.; Sanders, J.O.; Dahm, P.F.; Crouch, J.R.; Turner, J.W., 1999:
Sire marbling score expected progeny difference and weaning weight maternal expected progeny difference associations with age at first calving and calving interval in Angus beef cattle

Simm, G.; Lewis, R.M., 1997:
Sire referencing schemes: a fast lane in sheep breeding?

Loreti, F.; Massai, R., 1998:
Sirio: new peach x almond hybrid rootstocks for peach

Dimitrova, L.; Blagoeva, V., 1998:
Sirma and Bor - new Bulgarian potato varieties

Innes, L., 1998:
Sirococcus clavigignenti-juglandacearum on butternut and black walnut fruit

Ostry, M.E., 1997:
Sirococcus clavigignenti-juglandacearum on heartnut (Juglans ailantifolia var. cordiformis)

Munoz Lopez, C., 1997:
Sirococcus strobilinus Preuss, a fungus responsible for the death of buds in Pinus halepensis Miller

Gillah, P.R.; Irle, M.A.; Amartey, S.A., 1998:
Sisal fibres as a potential raw material for medium density fibreboard production in Tanzania

Purandare, A.P., 1998:
Sisal production technology for rural employment

Dianovsky, J.; Sivikova, K., 1998:
Sister chromatid exchanges in sheep peripheral lymphocytes after in vitro exposure to metal- containing emission

Kozloski, G.V.; Ciocca, M. de L.S.; Sanchez, L.M.B.; Rocha, J.B.T. da, 1999:
Site and extent of digestion by weaned calves fed ad libitum on high concentrate-rich diets with different supplemental protein sources

Zhang GuangJun; D.J.sHan; Zhang CunXu; L.B.Yuan; Wang JunPeng; Wang XiaoBin, 1997:
Site and management types as well as standing productivity of Robinia pseudoacacia forests in Changwu County

Schelter, D.; Issleib, M., 1997:
Site and silvicultural factors which influence wood ants

Pauly, J.; Bachinger, J., 1997:
Site and situation effects on establishment of winter cereals in ecological agriculture

Schreiner, M.; Aldinger, E.; Bantle, P., 1996:
Site and the windthrow of 1990: investigations in the eastern Oden Forest and the north-eastern Black Forest

Sanford, W.E.; Solomon, D.K., 1998:
Site characterization and containment assessment with dissolved gases

Campanella, D.R.G.; Kristiansen, H.; Daniel, C.; Davies, M.P., 1998:
Site characterization of soil deposits using recent advances in piezocone technology

Atanassov, I., 1997:
Site characterization: site description, data collecting, and sample strategies

Rohle, H., 1997:
Site class improvements and production level changes in southern Bavarian Norway spruce stands

Machado, S.A.; Oliveira, E.B. de; Carpanezzi, A.A.; Bartoszeck, A.C.P.S., 1997:
Site classification for bracatinga in the Curitiba metropolitan region

Chen JinHua; Abe, N., 1999:
Site classification for sugi plantations using GIS

Liu GuiHua; L.H.ngKai; Xue MingHua, 1997:
Site classification of Robinia pseudoacacia in the area north of the Yangtze River, Anhui Province

Berthelot, A., 1997:
Site classification of poplar plantations

Kryszak, J.; Szczepaniak, W.; Grzebisz, W., 1999:
Site evaluation after short-term grassland utilization

Hacker, W.D.vid; Bilan, M.V.ctor, 1997:
Site factors affecting growth of slash pine in the Texas Post Oak Belt

Karlsson, A.; Albrektson, A.; Sonesson, J., 1997:
Site index and productivity of artificially regenerated Betula pendula and Betula pubescens stands on former farmland in southern and central Sweden

Claessens, H.; Pauwels, D.; Thibaut, A.; Rondeux, J., 1999:
Site index curves and autecology of ash, sycamore and cherry in Wallonia (Southern Belgium)

Kimberley, M.O.; Ledgard, N.J., 1998:
Site index curves for Pinus nigra grown in the South Island high country, New Zealand

Sahoo, T.K.; Chauhan, P.S., 1998:
Site index curves for Pinus roxburghii Sargent plantations

Cao, Q.; Baldwin, V.J.; Lohrey, R., 1997:
Site index curves for direct-seeded loblolly and longleaf pines in Louisiana

Onyekwelu, J.C.; Fuwape, J.A., 1998:
Site index equation for Gmelina arborea pulpwood plantations in Oluwa Forest Reserve, Nigeria

Martinez Pastur, G.; Peri, P.; Vukasovic, R.; Vaccaro, S.; Piriz Carrillo, V., 1997:
Site index equation for Nothofagus pumilio Patagonian forest

Monroy Rivera, C., 1996:
Site index for Pinus patula in the Huayacocotla region, Veracruz

Koller, S.; Michiels, H.G., 1998:
Site limits of beech, as exemplified in the Virngrund region

Pantoja, J.; Firkins, J.L.; Eastridge, M.L., 1995:
Site of digestion and milk production by cows fed fats differing in saturation, esterification, and chain length

Heun, M.; Schaefer Pregl, R.; Klawan, D.; Castagna, R.; Accerbi, M.; Borghi, B.; Salamini, F., 1997:
Site of einkorn wheat domestication identified by DNA fingerprinting

Boros, D.; Marquardt, R.R.; Guenter, W., 1998:
Site of exoenzyme action in gastrointestinal tract of broiler chicks

Fromm, H., 1998:
Site parameters of Collembola in agroecosystems

Jafari, M., 1997:
Site preparation and seedling plantation for afforestation in semi-arid zone with climatical limitation

Ku, K.T.; Wheeler, G.L.; Colvin, R.L., 1995:
Site preparation effects on the growth of a 15-year-old loblolly pine plantation

Davis, A.; Puettmann, K.; Perala, D., 1998:
Site preparation treatments and browse protection affect establishment and growth of northern white-cedar

Davis, A.; Puettmann, K.; Perala, D., 1996:
Site preparation treatments and their effects on establishment and growth of tamarack

Belli, K.L.; Hodges, J.D.; Goelz, J.C.G., 1998:
Site productivity assessment for cherrybark oak on minor stream bottoms in Mississippi: a comparison of methods

Zhang YaoQi; Liu Dan, 1999:
Site productivity tax and China's forest taxation reform

Scholten, T.; Felix Henningsen, P., 1998:
Site properties and suitability of eroded saprolites for reclamation and agricultural use

Herrera, B.; Alvarado, A., 1998:
Site quality and environmental factors in Central American forests

Uriarte, Monina T., 1997:
Site quality assessment of Leucaena leucocephala in the Philippines

L.ZhiMin, 1997:
Site quality evaluation and the management of Phyllostachys heterocycla var. pubescens forest in Ningbo

Echaves, V.D.; Harman, D.M.; Harman, A.L., 1998:
Site quality in relation to damage by locust borer, Megacyllene robiniae Forster in black locust

Schlatter, J.E., 1994:
Site requirements of lenga, Nothofagus pumilio

Urbancic, M., 1997:
Site situation of the Slovenian 16x16 km bioindication network

Simpson, J., 1998:
Site specific fertiliser requirements of tropical pine plantations

Weissbach, M.; Griepentrog, H.W., 1998:
Site specific fertilization and harvest

Griepentrog, H.W., 1997:
Site specific fertilizer application: experience and results

Heege, H.J.; Reusch, S., 1997:
Site specific fertilizer nitrogen top dressing

Duke, H.R.; Buchleiter, G.W.; Heermann, D.F.; Chapman, J.A., 1997:
Site specific management of water and chemicals using self-propelled sprinkler irrigation systems

Volk, T., 1998:
Site specific plant protection: present status and future possibilities

Holaus, K., 1997:
Site specific revegetation of highland areas with regard to sowing rate

Gerhards, R.; Juroszek, P.; Sokefeld, M.; Reichart, K.; Kuhbauch, W., 1998:
Site specific weed control

Stadler, F., 1998:
Site-adapted utilization and landscape stability

Michel, R., 1996:
Site-dependent and husbandry-dependent condition of the topsoil on arable land

Shi Jin; Wei JiaMian; Shen YunKang, 1998 :
Site-directed mutagenesis of epsilon subunit of ATP synthase of maize chloroplast

Vaughan, A.; Rocheleau, T.; ffrench-Constant, R., 1997:
Site-directed mutagenesis of an acetylcholinesterase gene from the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti confers insecticide insensitivity

Helman, D.; Staten, N.R.; Byatt, J.; Grosclaude, J.; McKinnie, R.E.; Djiane, J.; Gertler, A., 1997:
Site-directed mutagenesis of recombinant bovine placental lactogen at lysine-73 leads to selective attenuation of its somatogenic activity

Yuan GuoShu; Xing BaoShan, 1999:
Site-energy distribution analysis of organic chemical sorption by soil organic matter

Lukyanchuk, V.V.; Reva, O.M.; Polishchuk, L.V., 1999:
Site-specific II type restriction endonucleases of endophytic strains of the Bacillus genus

Kim YongHwan; Kim SanHyun; Cha InHo; Kim KyoungShook; Lee YoungChoon, 1997:
Site-specific and deletional mutagenesis for two regions of Verotoxin-2 A gene encoding enzymatically active domain

Moore, S.H.; Bechtel, A.I.; Downer, R.G.; Wolcott, M.C.; Tarpley, M.L., 1999:
Site-specific application of fertilizer in soybeans

Camp, C.R.; Sadler, E.J., 1998:
Site-specific crop management with a center pivot

Buerkert, A.; Bagayoko, M.; Bationo, A.; Marschner, H., 1998:
Site-specific differences in the response of cereals and legumes to rock phosphate, crop residue mulch and nitrogen in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of West Africa

Atherton, B.C.; Morgan, M.T.; Shearer, S.A.; Stombaugh, T.S.; Ward, A.D., 1999:
Site-specific farming: a perspective on information needs, benefits and limitations

Khakural, B.R.; Robert, P.C.; Mulla, D.J.; Oliveira, R.S.; Johnson, G.A.; Koskinen, W.C., 1999:
Site-specific herbicide management for preserving water quality

Vergunst, A.C.; Jansen, L.E.; Hooykaas, P.J., 1998:
Site-specific integration of Agrobacterium T-DNA in Arabidopsis thaliana mediated by Cre recombinase

Thompson, W., 1998:
Site-specific management

Ferguson, R.B.; Hergert, G.W.; Schepers, J.S.; Crawford, C.A., 1999:
Site-specific nitrogen management of irrigated corn

Raclot, T.; Groscolas, R.; Langin, D.; Ferré, P., 1997:
Site-specific regulation of gene expression by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in rat white adipose tissues

Miller, R.O.; Pettygrove, S.; Denison, R.F.; Jackson, L.F.; Cahn, M.; Plant, R.; Kearney, T., 1999:
Site-specific relationships between flag leaf nitrogen, SPAD meter values and grain protein in irrigated wheat

Carmichael, L.; Smith, T.; Pardieck, D., 1999:
Site-specific sorption values for mixtures of volatile and semivolatile organic compounds in sandy soils

Jones, W.R.; Stone, M.P., 1998:
Site-specific targeting of aflatoxin adduction directed by triple helix formation in the major groove of oligodeoxyribonucleotides

Lillo, E. de, 1996:
Siteroptes avenae (Muller) (Acari, Siteroptidae) and Fusarium spp. (Hyphomycetes, Tuberculariaceae)

Chun, S.C.; Schneider, R.W., 2008:
Sites of infection by pythium species in rice seedlings and effects of plant age and water depth on disease development

Alimov, A.G.; Akinshina, G.T.; Anufrieva, V.N., 1997:
Sites of occurrence, isolation and adaptation of Toxoplasma gondii strains in cell cultures

Schal, C.; Sevala, V.L.; Young, H.P.; Bachmann, J.A.S., 1998:
Sites of synthesis and transport pathways of insect hydrocarbons: cuticle and ovary as target tissues

Martin, J.G.I.I., 1998:
Siting large dairy facilities

Moorhouse, S.D.; Mac An tSaoir, S., 1998:
Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.) embryonal suspensor mass (ESMS) growth studies

Cholat, R.; Guillot, J.L., 1998:
Sitka spruce from Brittany: it can be utilized as structural timber

Hales, D.F.; Sunnucks, P.; Wilson, A.C.C., 1998:
Sitobion in the South Seas - microsatellite revelations

Barker, G.M.; Addison, P.J.; Firth, A.C.; Barratt, B.I.P., 1996:
Sitona lepidus Gyllenhal newly established in New Zealand: assessment of distribution in the North Island

Murray, P.; Clements, B., 1999:
Sitona spp. (Coleoptera; Curculionidae) in grassland in England and the impact of their root herbivory on white clover

Wnuk, A.; Wiech, K., 1996:
Sitona weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) feeding on pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Reeta Choudhury; Ahmed, G.U.; Kalita, J., 1999:
Sitophilus oryzae induced changes in stored rice with reference to moisture content and Aspergillus flavus incidence

Abe, B.; Itokawa, E.; Takatsuto, S., 1999:
Sitostanol content in Setaria italica Beauv. seeds and milled grains

Kirk, D.; Macdonald, D., 1998:
Situated learning in physical education

Bomme, U., 1998:
Situation and future perspectives of the field cultivation of medicinal and spice plants in Germany

Bolanos Ortega, M. de F., 1999:
Situation and importance of animal traction in several areas in Nicaragua

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Slopeland orchards in Asia

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Slow growth for domestic travel

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Slow growth in domestic tourism

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Slurry drying in plastic tunnels

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Small but interesting. Speciality cheeses are worthy of note because of good profit margins

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Small game hunting in the forest of Paphos and its effects on the endangered Cyprian mouflon Ovis gmelini ophion

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Small grain canopy cover effects on water erosion

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Small grains for fall and spring forage

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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and inflammatory bowel diseases in dogs. Evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of spiramycin-metronidazole

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Small intestinal microbiological and morphological observations in young calves fed milk replacers enriched with a combination of lactoperoxidase system and lactoferrin

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Small intestinal morphology in eight-day-old calves fed colostrum for different durations or only milk replacer and treated with long-Rsuperscript 3-insulin-like growth factor I and growth hormone

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Small intestine cestodes in kivircik sheep

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Small is beautiful in the planet's crystal wonderland

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Small mammal and avian communities on chemically-prepared sites in the Georgia sandhills

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Small mammal response to pine-grassland restoration for red-cockaded woodpeckers

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Small mammal safety of bark boiler ash recycling in southeastern coastal plain forests

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Small mammals (Rodentia, Insectivora) in Hanoi

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Small mammals in the Cangshan and Erhai nature reserve

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Small mammals of northwest Wisconsin pine barrens

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Small market studies - tomatoes

Rampold, C., 1998:
Small market study: Endive

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Small millets research: achievements during 1947-97

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Small molecule inhibitor of HIV-1 cell fusion blocks chemokine receptor-mediated function

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Small nucleolar RNAs and pre-rRNA processing in plants

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Small oligomers of galacturonic acid are endogenous suppressors of disease resistance reactions in wheat leaves

Anonymous, 1997:
Small portions are in

Kessel, J., 1999:
Small proportions - great effects: minerals and vitamins in goat feeding. Part 2: trace elements

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Small regional development models of Hungarian rural tourism. PHARE Partnership Program Training of the Hungarian Federation for Rural Tourism member associations, Velence, Hungary, 20-21 November 1997

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Small regions: direction towards the union?!

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Small remains small - on fruit drop in plums and cherries

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Small ruminant production on saline rangelands

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Small ruminant production on the rangelands of the north western coast of Egypt

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Small rural producer: an endangered species

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Small sawmills differ from one another

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Small scale agro-enterprises provide opportunities for income generation: sweetpotato flour in East Java, Indonesia

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Small scale enterprises in the tourism industry in Ghana's central region

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Small scale water and land resources development and management through people's participation

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Small sclerotial rot of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum) caused by Botrytis squamosa Walker

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Small seeds for sowing

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Small size of food particles and age as risk factors for gastric dilatation volvulus in great danes

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Small sprayers for plant protection

Anonymous, 1997:
Small strongyle infection

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Small strongyles: an emerging parasite problem for horses

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Small subunit rRNA gene sequences of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. smithia and Haemophilus piscium reveal pronounced similarities with A. salmonicida subsp. salmonicida

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Small subunit ribosomal RNA gene phylogeny of Plasmodiophora brassicae

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Small sugar factories - objective necessity

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Small town development and rural urbanization in China

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Small tracked carrier 3.7 kW - analysis of its performance and time utilization

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Small watershed modeling with WEPP using grid-based DEMs and GIS

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Small-diameter trees used for thermomechanical pulps

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Small-family farm types: examples from Northern Namibia and implications for agrarian reform in South Africa

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Small-farmer decisionmaking, market imperfections, and natural resource management in developing countries

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Small-format aerial photographic systems for the evaluation of forest resources in Latin America

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Small-grain aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae and Aphidiidae) of Washington: distribution, relative abundance, seasonal occurrence, and key to known North American species

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Small-intestinal absorption of cadmium and the significance of mucosal metallothionein

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Small-intestinal digestion of partially resistant cornstarch in healthy subjects

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Small-sample cotton fiber quality quantitation

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Small-Scale DNA Sample Preparation Method for Field PCR Detection of Microbial Cells and Spores in Soil

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Small-scale agriculture in Costa Rica and its reconversion possibilities

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Small-scale aquaculture in southern Africa - any chance?

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Small-scale distribution of airborne heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a contaminated Slovak soil toposequence

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Small-scale enterprises: what might the future hold for rural households and rootcrops?

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Small-scale farmer irrigation in South Africa: implications for extension

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Small-scale food processing enterprises in Java: where do we go from here?

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Small-scale grazing heterogeneity affects long-term vegetation dynamics in semi-arid rangelands

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Small-scale modelling of runoff components in an alpine environment

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Small-scale movable grain drier with internal circulation

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Small-scale population structure of the termite Schedorhinotermes lamanianus: aggression modulated by genetic and environmental factors

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Small-scale private involvement in water-supply provision in Tanzania

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Small-scale production, starting with France

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Small-scale rabbit meat production in the Western Hemisphere: back to basics?

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Small-scale sawmilling entrepreneurs' attitude to business economics

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Small-scale species patterns and associations in an alvar limestone grassland on Oland, Sweden

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Small-scale study of three-dimensional distribution of photosynthetically active radiation in a forest

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Smaller differences in total and regional adiposity with age in women who regularly perform endurance exercise

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Smallholder agriculture in Peru: access to information

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Smallholder cash crop production, processing and marketing in Tanzania: who benefits? An action research programme to develop a model for cooperation between farmers' organisations, private buyers, servicing and financing institutions through an NGO intermediary

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Smallholder coffee farming systems in Papua New Guinea: household objectives and constraints to development

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Smallholder perception of the importance of problems caused by Striga and its distribution on village hinterlands

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Smallholder perceptions of land tenure in Mozambique

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Smallholder timber production and marketing: the case of Gmelina arborea in Claveria, Northern Mindanao, Philippines

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Smallholders seek food security

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Smallholders' use of Stylosanthes for sustainable food production in subhumid West Africa

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Smallness of the panmictic unit of Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

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Smallness, newness and regional development

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Smart Golf: preliminary evaluation of a simple, yet comprehensive, approach to improving and scoring the mental game

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Smart breeding: selection with markers and advanced reproductive technologies

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Smart management of culled cows: adding value to a product

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Smart sprayer performance simulation

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Smectites in iron-rich calcareous soil and black soils of Taiwan

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Smell and trace gas emissions from a dairy cow house

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Smell concentration and fruit quality - measurement of smell concentration of strawberries using a semiconductor smell sensor

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smg-7 is required for mRNA surveillance in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Smoke affects the germination of native grasses of New South Wales

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Smoke and liquid smoke. Study of an aqueous smoke flavouring from the aromatic plant Thymus vulgaris L

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Smoke curing of chewing tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) in relation to maturity

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Smoking and the flavor of breast milk

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Smoking cessation, weight gain, and changes in cardiovascular risk factors during menopause: the Healthy Women Study

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Smoking food. Pyrolysis of wood and the composition of smoke

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Smoking in the restaurant industry: time for a ban?

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Smoky skies, mosquitoes, and disease

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Smooth muscle relaxant activity of pterosin Z and related compounds

Anonymous, 1998:
Smooth operator

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Smooth stalked meadowgrass improved by tailored pea crops

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Smut infection in relation to growth phase on productivity and juice quality

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Smut resistance and grain yield of pearl millet hybrids near isogenic at the Tr locus

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Snacking in 186 elderly people with successful ageing

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Snacking in children: a study in 287 children aged 2-14 years

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Snacking in the nutrition of pregnant and breast feeding women

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Snacks from starch. Starch derivatives for sweet and baked products with reduced calories

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Snag recruitment in subalpine forests

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Snags and down wood in Missouri old-growth and mature second-growth forests

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Snail and house-dust mite allergy in children

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Snake bite in dogs

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Snake river reservoir system simulation

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Snap bean production in conventional tillage and in no-till hairy vetch mulch

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Snap bean varietal storage life in modified atmosphere packages

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Snmp-1, a novel membrane protein of olfactory neurons of the silk moth Antheraea polyphemus with homology to the CD36 family of membrane proteins

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Snow algae of the Sierra Nevada, Spain, and High Atlas mountains of Morocco

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Snow breakage at the end of 1995 and the January sleet

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Snow catch and soil water recharge in standing sunflower residue

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Snow conditions in Slovenia and their effect on agriculture

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Snow cover development of spruce forests in the southern Black Forest region

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Snow cover, frost depth, and soil water across a prairie pothole landscape

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Snow gliding on different managed areas near to the timberline

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Snow management and deep tillage for increasing crop yields on a rolling landscape

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Snow mold tolerance of progenies from the cross Chihokukomugi x PI 173438 of winter wheat derived from populations raised with high seeding density, with artificial selection for low snow mold injury, or inoculated with Typhula ishikariensis during early generations

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Snow-mold-induced apoplastic proteins in winter rye leaves lack antifreeze activity

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Snowboarding. The construction of gender in an emerging sport

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SnowfluentTM treatment of food processing wastewater

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Snowmelt and frozen soils in simulation models

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Snowmelt ponds in Wisconsin. Influence of hydroperiod on invertebrate community structure

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Snowmelt runoff analysis at the southern slope of Mt. Bandai

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Snowpack and runoff responses to climatic variability, southern coast mountains, British Columbia

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So were formed the forests of southern Sweden

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Soaking in cold water replaces the stratification requirement of true cedar seeds

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Soaking in water treated with electromagnetic fields for stimulation of germination in seeds of pawpaw (Carica papaya L.) cv. Maradol

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Soaring performance

Green, T., 1999:
Sobralias. The one-day wonder orchids

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Soccer and violence in war-torn Africa: Soccer and social rehabilitation in Sierra Leone

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Soccer players under regular training show oxidative stress but an improved plasma antioxidant status

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Soccer support and social identity: finding the 'Thirdspace'

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Soccer wear simulation on sport turf mixture

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Soccer's racial frontier: sport and the suburbanization of contemporary America

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Social acceptability of wildlife management actions in suburban areas: 3 cases from New York

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Social adaptation and welfare planning in the post-nomadic urban environment: the case of the Israeli Negev Bedouin

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Social agroforestry: a link between conservation and sustainable development

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Social aims and forestry today

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Social alcohol consumption and low Lp(a) lipoprotein concentrations in middle aged Finnish men: population based study

Allotey, P., 1999:
Social and cultural factors affecting contraception and safe sex programmes in Ghana

Bleasdale, S.; Tapsell, S., 1999:
Social and cultural impacts of tourism policy in Tunisia

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Social and cultural responses to emerging vector-borne diseases

Upadhya, C., 1997:
Social and cultural strategies of class formation in coastal Andhra Pradesh

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Social and economic aspects of the cassava crop: reflections about the Brazilian reality

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Social and economic aspects of the cooperative movement in the agrarian sector

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Social and economic backwardness of developing countries

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Social and economic implications of recent strategies for Amazonia: a critical assessment

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Social and economic reasons for changed approach to the use of chemical fertilizers in Hungary

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Social and economic risks of gene technology in the agricultural sector

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Social and economic role of forests in the development of the Slovene countryside

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Social and economical pattern of vegetable cropping in the Corrego da Cachoeira microbasin

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Social and environmental role of forest management plan and its implementation

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Social and genetic structure of paper wasp cofoundress associations: tests of reproductive skew models

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Social aspects and technological requirements of automation in livestock husbandry

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Social aspects of agrarian reform in the Volga Region

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Social aspects of land degradation in Central Asia

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Social aspects of obesity: influences, consequences, assessments, and interventions

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Social assessment of beneficiaries to planned irrigation schemes in the framework of Slovenia irrigation project

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Social attitude towards homestead forestry in Narsingdi district, Bangladesh

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Social behaviour and injuries of horned cows in loose housing systems

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Social behaviour in a herd of dairy cows

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Social benefits and environmental constraints of irrigation in an era of water scarcity

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Social capital and sustainability of NGO intermediated development projects in Bangladesh

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Social care of children born to HIV-infected mothers in Europe

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Social carrying capacity of parks and outdoor recreation areas

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Social change in the South African countryside? Land and production, poverty and power

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Social cohesion, social closure, and recreation: the ethnic experience in multicultural societies

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Social communication on nutrition through agricultural extension in Morocco

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Social conditions and cultural beliefs on malaria

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Social consequences of stressed environments

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Social construction of the rural environment. Europe and discourses in France, Germany and Portugal

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Social destination of goods: the conflict about the concept of necessity

Kashem, M.A., 1998:
Social development and poverty alleviation: a new thrust of RD-9 project

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Social dominance and breeding success in captive brushtail possums, Trichosurus vulpecula

White; Galef, 1999:
Social effects on mate choices of male Japanese quail, Coturnix japonica

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Social empowerment in and through sport

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Social evolution - has nature ever rewound the tape?

Anonymous, 1988:
Social forestry for rural development. Proceedings of the national symposium on 'Researches in social forestry for rural development' held at the University of Delhi on 1-2 January, 1986 as a presession of the Indian Science Congress, under the auspices of the Indian Society of Tree Scientists

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Social forestry: an approach that is demanding more objectivity

Kucirkova, D., 1999:
Social function of agriculture and formation problems of the private farmer's group in the countryside

Klocek, A., 1998:
Social functions of forests - the public wealth of forestry

Feridhanusetyawan, T., 1998:
Social impact of the Indonesian economic crisis

Banovac, B.; Boneta, Z., 1998:
Social impacts of modernisation in the choice of tourist destination

Roy, S.B., 1997:
Social indications towards institutionalisation of development programme: a case study from joint forest management

Ochoa-Díaz López, H.; Sánchez-Pérez, H.J.; Ruíz-Flores, M.; Fuller, M., 1999:
Social inequalities and health in rural Chiapas, Mexico: agricultural economy, nutrition, and child health in La Fraylesca region

Witte, V.; Hanel, H.; Weissflog, A.; Rosli, H.; Maschwitz, U., 1999:
Social integration of the myrmecophilic spider Gamasomorpha maschwitzi (Araneae: Oonopidae) in colonies of the South East Asian army ant, Leptogenys distinguenda (Formicidae: Ponerinae)

Féron, C.; Baudoin, C., 1998:
Social isolation induces preference for odours of oestrous females in sexually naive male staggerer mutant mice

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Social issues

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Social market partnerships for sustainable agriculture and food security

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Social movements, empowerment and productive conservation: the case of Brazilian Amazonia

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Social network dynamics and HIV transmission

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Social organization in two primitive attine ants, Cyphomyrmex rimosus and Myrmicocrypta ednaella, with reference to their fungus substrates and food sources

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Social organization of the eusocial wasp Mischocyttarus cerberus styx (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

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Social participation in population migration to areas outside Java

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Social phenomena and the processes of transition on the Czech countryside

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Social policy problems under market reform conditions

L.Thi Vinh Thi, 1997:
Social policy towards rural women: concept, formulation procedure and relation with economic policy

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Social problems of the Russian countryside

Tuong Lai, 1998:
Social problems of the industrialization process and agricultural modernization

Aguiar, D.R.D.; Pinho, J.B. (Editors), 1998:
Social questions in the rural environment

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