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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3276

Chapter 3276 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1998:
Soil organic matter and organic residue management for sustainable productivity

Korschens, M., 1998:
Soil organic matter and sustainable land use

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Soil organic matter and wheat productivity in the semiarid Argentine Pampas

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Soil organic matter as indicator of changes in the environment. Anthropogenic influences: Tillage

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Soil organic matter changes in intensively cropped dryland systems

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Soil organic matter dynamics after addition of nitrogen-15-labeled leucaena and dactyladenia residues

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Soil organic matter dynamics after the conversion of arable land to pasture

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Soil organic matter dynamics in tiger bush (Niamey, Niger). Preliminary results

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Soil organic matter in European forest floors in relation to stand characteristics and environmental factors

Gardenas, A., 1998:
Soil organic matter in forest soils - effects of climate and water balance

Nardi, S.; Reniero, F.; Concheri, G., 1997:
Soil organic matter mobilization by root exudates of three maize hybrids

Gijsman, A.J.; Sanz, J.I., 1998:
Soil organic matter pools in a volcanic-ash soil under fallow or cultivation with applied chicken manure

Robles, M.D.; Burke, I.C., 1998:
Soil organic matter recovery on Conservation Reserve Program fields in southeastern Wyoming

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Soil organic matter transformation in Argentinian Hapludolls

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Soil organic matter, microbial biomass and enzyme activities in a tropical agroforestry system

Andreux, F., 1997:
Soil organic matter. Interactions with pollutants

Balesdent, Jerome, 1997:
Soil organic matter: Carbon dynamics

Feller, C., 1997:
Soil organic matter: Historical aspects and present knowledge

Meredith, J.A., 1997:
Soil organic matter: does physical or chemical stabilization predominate?

Andren, O.; Brussaard, L.; Clarholm, M., 1999:
Soil organism influence on ecosystem-level processes - bypassing the ecological hierarchy?

Silver W.L.; Lugo A.E.; Keller M., 1999:
Soil oxygen availability and biogeochemistry along rainfall and topographic gradients in upland wet tropical forest soils

Brzezinska, M.; Stepniewska, Z.; Stepniewski, W., 1998:
Soil oxygen status and dehydrogenase activity

Stevens, R.J.; Laughlin, R.J.; Malone, J.P., 1998:
Soil pH affects the processes reducing nitrate to nitrous oxide and di-nitrogen

Nyamangara, J.; Mpofu, S.E., 1996:
Soil pH and lime requirement for high potential communal areas of Zimbabwe

Somda, Z.C.; Powell, J.M.rk; Bationo, A., 1997:
Soil pH and nitrogen changes following cattle and sheep urine deposition

Pereira, A.M.S.; Bertoni, B.W.; Menezes, A.J.; Pereira, P.S.; Franca, S.C., 1998:
Soil pH and production of biomass and wedelolactone in field grown Eclipta alba

F.H.iLan; Zou YougJiu; Yang ZenMing; Liu JinPin; Yan Fei, 1997:
Soil pH of continuous cropping soybean and soil enzyme activity

Eason, W.; Scullion,, E., 1999:
Soil parameters and plant responses associated with arbuscular mycorrhizas from contrasting grassland management regimes

Kleber, A.; Gusev, V.V., 1998:
Soil parent materials in the Moshaysk district, Russia

Vaz, C.M.P.; Naime, J. de M.; Macedo, A., 1999:
Soil particle size fractions determined by gamma-ray attenuation

Bazejczak, D.; Dawidowski, J.B., 1998:
Soil penetration resistance and age-hardening

Newman, S.C.; Hummel, J.W., 1999:
Soil penetration resistance with moisture correction

Tiwari, R.K.S., 1997:
Soil percolation and efficacy of systemic fungicides on the inoculum of Sclerotium rolfsii - the incitant of root rot of chickpea

Jourdan, S.W.; Majek, B.A.; Ayeni, A.O., 1998:
Soil persistence of imazethapyr and detection using a sensitive bioassay technique

Govender, P., 1996:
Soil pest complex and its control in the establishment of commercial plantations in South Africa

Chen HongJun; L.C.uanHan, 1997:
Soil phosphatase activity, P fractions and their relationships in the rhizosphere of juvenile Chinese fir plantations

Giuffre, L.; Heredia, O.S.; Pascale, C.; Carbajales, M., 1997:
Soil phosphorus and its relationship with rotations and tillage

Humphreys, J.; Tunney, H.; Duggan, P., 1998:
Soil phosphorus determination using three extraction procedures, the effect of sampling depth and comparison of phosphorus fertiliser recommendations for grassland

Goodwin, M.J.; Parkinson, R.J.; Williams, E.N.D.; Tallowin, J.R.B., 1998:
Soil phosphorus extractability and uptake in a Cirsio-Molinietum fen-meadow and an adjacent Holcus lanatus pasture on the culm measures, north Devon, UK

Ansumana Kawa, T.S.; Wang GuangHuo, 1997:
Soil phosphorus fractionation schemes: a critical review

Nziguheba, G.; Palm, C.A.; Buresh, R.J.; Smithson, P.C., 1998:
Soil phosphorus fractions and adsorption as affected by organic and inorganic sources

Maroko, J.; Buresh, R.; Smithson, P., 1999:
Soil phosphorus fractions in unfertilized fallow-maize systems on two tropical soils

Edwards, A.C.; Withers, P.J.A., 1998:
Soil phosphorus management and water quality: A UK perspective

Zubillaga, M.S.; Giuffre, L., 1999:
Soil phosphorus mobilization in different taxonomic orders

Singh, B.P.; Sinju, U.M., 1998:
Soil physical and morphological properties and root growth

Vidhana Arachchi, L.P.,.; Liyanage, M.D.S., 1998:
Soil physical conditions and root growth in coconut plantations interplanted with nitrogen fixing trees in Sri Lanka

Bridge, B.J., 1997:
Soil physical deterioration

Tomar, V.S., 1997 :
Soil physical limitations for rainfed lowland rice

Maria, I.C. de; Castro, O.M.; Dias, H.S., 1999:
Soil physical properties and soyabean root growth in a purple latosol under different tillage systems

Laroche, J.; Vereerstraeten, R., 1998:
Soil physical properties and sugarbeet yield

Bertol, I.; Gomes, K.E.; Denardin, R.B.N.; Machado, L.A.Z.; Maraschin, G.E., 1998:
Soil physical properties and their relation to different levels of forage supply on a natural pasture

Ishiwata, T.; Okita, Y.; Saito, M., 1999:
Soil physical properties and tissue structure of peat layers in reclaimed peat land

Mbagwu, J.S.C., 1997:
Soil physical properties influencing the fitting parameters in Philip and Kostiakov infiltration models

Messing, I.; Alriksson, A.; Johansson, W., 1997:
Soil physical properties of afforested and arable land

Tresselt, K.; Grongroft, A.; Leonhardt, T.; Miehlich, G., 1998:
Soil physical properties of topsoil layers in landfill cover systems and their influence on the growth of vegetation in the case of the Hamburg-Francop sludge storage site

Tormena, C.A.; Roloff, G.; Sa, J.C.M., 1998:
Soil physical properties under direct sowing influenced by liming, initial preparation and traffic

Ibarra, F.; Cox, J.; Martin, M.; Crowl, T.; Miller, R., 1996:
Soil physico-chemical changes following buffelgrass establishment in Mexico

Ibarra Flores, F.; Cox, J.R.; Martin Rivera, M.; Crowl, T.A.; Norton, B.E.; Banner, R.E.; Miller, R.W., 1999:
Soil physicochemical changes following buffelgrass establishment in Mexico

Feiza, V., 1998:
Soil plasticity limits - fundamental physical soil properties

Singh, B.R., 1997:
Soil pollution and contamination

Baicu, T.; Stanculescu, M., 1996:
Soil pollution removal by maize root absorption

Horn, B.W.; Dorner, J.W., 1998:
Soil populations of Aspergillus species from section Flavi along a transect through peanut-growing regions of the United States

Humphreys, J.; Jansen, T.; Culleton, N.; Macnaeidhe, F.S.; Storey, T., 1999:
Soil potassium supply and Rumex obtusifolius and Rumex crispus abundance in silage and grazed grassland swards

Grandi, L.A., 1998:
Soil preparation

Fernandes, L.A.; Furtini Neto, A.E.; Vasconcellos, C.A.; Guedes, G.A.A., 1998:
Soil preparation and nitrogen fertilization in maize productivity in a latosol under cerrado vegetation

Ebbert, J.C.; Kim, M.H., 1998:
Soil processes and chemical transport. Relation between irrigation method, sediment yields, and losses of pesticides and nitrogen

Marcus, J.A.; Miller, W.W.; Blank, R.R., 1998:
Soil processes and chemical transport: inorganic and suspended/dissolved-organic nitrogen in Sierra Nevada soil core leachates

Mosier, Ar, 1998:
Soil processes and global change

Lal, R., 1997:
Soil processes and greenhouse effect

Luna-Suarez,, M.; Frias-Hernandez, J.; Olalde-Portugal, V.D.ndooven, L., 1998:
Soil processes as affected by replacement of natural mesquite ecosystem with maize crop

Buol, S.W.; Stokes, M.L., 1997:
Soil profile alteration under long-term, high-input agriculture

Wang ShengJia; Wang JiaYu; Chen Yi, 1997:
Soil profile distribution characteristics of leached nitrogen form in paddy fields

Colombo, L.; Mangione, D.; Bellicioni, S.; Figliolia, A., 1998:
Soil profile distribution of heavy metals in a soil amended with sewage sludge for eight years

Gomes, J.B.V.; Resende, M.; Rezende, S.B. de; Mendonca, E. de S., 1998:
Soil profiles from three coastal plain regions. I. Morphology, characterization and classification

Gomes, J.B.V.; Resende, M.; Rezende, S.B. de; Mendonca, E. de S., 1998:
Soil profiles from three coastal plain regions. II: dynamics of humic substances, iron and aluminium

Fernandes, M.; Indiati, R.C.utinho, J.B.ondonno, A., 1999:
Soil properties affecting phosphorus extraction from Portuguese soils by conventional and innovative methods

Stone, D.M.; Elioff, J.D., 1998:
Soil properties and aspen development five years after compaction and forest floor removal

Beckett, G.D.; Huntley, D., 1998:
Soil properties and design factors influencing free-phase hydrocarbon cleanup

Singh, H.N.; O.P.akash, 1998:
Soil properties and management problems of grazing lands of hill region of Uttar Pradesh

Aichner, M.; Andreaus, O., 1998:
Soil properties and nutrient content of vineyards in South Tirol

Furley, P.A., 1998:
Soil properties and plant communities over the eastern sector of the Ilha de Maraca

Martijena, Nora E., 1998:
Soil properties and seedling establishment in soils from monodominant and high-diversity stands of the tropical deciduous forests of Mexico

Hansen Quartey, J.H.; Materechera, S.; Nyamapfene, K., 1998:
Soil properties as influenced by cultivation of the aromatic shrub Artemisia afra

Bartos, D.L.; Amacher, M.C., 1998:
Soil properties associated with aspen to conifer succession

Park GwanSoo; Jang KyuKwan, 1998:
Soil properties in Quercus mongolica communities

Merino, A.; Edeso, J.M.; Gonzalez, M.J.; Marauri, P., 1998:
Soil properties in a hilly area following different harvesting management practices

Meuser, H.; Schleuss, U.; Taubner, H.; Wu, Q., 1998:
Soil properties of coal, iron and steel industrial sites in Essen

Hynonen, T.; Makkonen, T., 1999:
Soil properties of peat-based fields and their effect on the initial development of downy birch in Pohjois-Savo, southern Finland

Bishel Machung, L.; Brooks, R.P.; Yates, S.S.; Hoover, K.L., 1996:
Soil properties of reference wetlands and wetland creation projects in Pennsylvania

Espejo-Serrano, R.S.ntano-Arias, J.G.nzalez-Fernandez, P., 1999:
Soil properties that affect sulphate adsorption by Palexerults in western and central Spain

Salvador, M.H.; Hugo, R.M., 1996:
Soil properties used in the determination of site indexes for areas under Pinus in Mexico

Moustakas, N.K.; Ntzanis, H.; Pangos, E.; Kosmas, C.S., 1999:
Soil properties, yields and chemical characteristics of flue-cured tobacco as affected by liming

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Soil property database for design, construction, operation and management of agricultural water management systems for irrigation, constructed wetlands, drainage, and environmental considerations

Anonymous, 1997:
Soil protection and agricultural soil utilization

Bouzou, I., 1997:
Soil protection and restoration in the Adar (Niger): methods and appropriation by the peasants

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Soil protection in the Netherlands: the continuing story

Konig, D., 1996:
Soil protection in tropical agroforestry systems

Schuler, G., 1996:
Soil protection of forest liming differentiated according to site

Azouma, O.Y., 1999:
Soil protection under mechanized farming systems

Strel' chenko, V.P.; Orlyanskii, O.O.; Bovsunovskii, A.M.; Stetsyuk, O.P., 1997:
Soil protective cultivation system as the way of restriction of migration nuclides

Krieger, J.; Sommer, C., 1998:
Soil protective power and energy transmission

Foissner, W., 1999:
Soil protozoa as bioindicators: pros and cons, methods, diversity, representative examples

Lal, R., 1997:
Soil quality and sustainability

Eijsackers, H., 1998:
Soil quality assessment in an international perspective: generic and land-use based quality standards

Filip, Z.K., 1998:
Soil quality assessment: an ecological attempt using microbiological and biochemical procedures

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Soil quality attributes as influenced by annual legumes used as green manure

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Soil quality changes in eastern Washington with Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) take-out

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Soil quality indices of Piedmont sites under different management systems

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Soil quality monitoring for assessing sustainable forest management

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Soil quality monitoring for sustainable agriculture

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Soil quality requirements for use in urban environments

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Soil quality-effect of tillage and fallow frequency. Soil organic matter quality as influenced by tillage and fallow frequency in a silt loam in southwestern Saskatchewan

Parr, J.F.; Papendick, R.I., 1997:
Soil quality: relationships and strategies for sustainable dryland farming systems

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Soil receptivity and host-pathogen dynamics in soils naturally infested with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense, the cause of Panama disease in bananas

Phillips, J.D.; Golden, H.; Cappiella, K.; Andrews, B.; Middleton, T.; Downer, D.; Kelli, D.; Padrick, L., 1999:
Soil redistribution and pedologic transformations in coastal plain croplands

Casey, W.P.; Ewel, K.C., 1998:
Soil redox potential in small pondcypress swamps after harvesting

Ben Dor, E.; Irons, J.R.; Epema, G.F., 1999:
Soil reflectance

Khalil, K.I.; Fahim, M.; Hawela, F., 1997:
Soil reflectance as affected by some soil parameters

Nelson, A.R.; Shroba, R.R., 1998:
Soil relative dating of moraine and outwash-terrace sequences in the northern part of the upper Arkansas Valley, central Colorado, U.S.A

Okx, J.P., 1998:
Soil remediation. A systems approach

Campe, J.; O.B.ien, T.A.; Barker, A.V., 1997:
Soil remineralization for sustainable agriculture

Shivaramu, H.S.; Yadav, S.C.; Chary, G.R.; Kandpal, B.K.; Gaikawad, S.T.; Thote, S.G., 1998:
Soil requirements of vertisols for soybean at varied management

Sozeri, S., 1999:
Soil residual effects of some herbicides used against broad leaved weeds on cereals on melon growth

Collins, B.; Wein, G., 1998:
Soil resource heterogeneity effects on early succession

Dipak Sarkar; Mukhopadhyay, S., 1998:
Soil resource mapping and land use planning in improving the efficiency of inputs for sustainable crop production

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Soil respiration and carbon balance of gray forest soils as affected by land use

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Soil respiration following site preparation treatments in boreal mixedwood forest

Son, Y.; Kim, H.W.o, 1996:
Soil respiration in Pinus rigida and Larix leptolepis plantations

Keutgen, N.; Huysamer, M., 1998:
Soil respiration in adjacent pear and citrus orchards

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Soil respiration in different forest ecosystems established after volcanic eruptions on Mt. Showa-Shinzan

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Soil respiration in mini-beech stands under elevated CO2

O'-Dowd, R.; Parsons, R.H.pkins, D., 1997:
Soil respiration induced by the D- and L- isomers of a range of amino acids

Manu, A.; Coleman, T.L.; Juo, A.S.R., 1998:
Soil restoration in degraded agro-pastoral systems of semi-arid West Africa

Ashby, W.Clark, 1997:
Soil ripping and herbicides enhance tree and shrub restoration on stripmines

Saleh, A.; Fryrear, D.W., 1999:
Soil roughness for the revised wind erosion equation (RWEQ)

E.Q.osy, D.E.D.; Hussien, T.M.; Warda, M.A., 1997:
Soil salinity levels due to the reuse of drainage water in three areas in the Nile Delta, Egypt

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Soil salinity regime under sub-surface drainage and farmer's management

Nitsch, M.; Hoffmann, R.; Utermann, J.; Portillo, L., 1998:
Soil salinization in the Central Chaco of Paraguay: a consequence of logging

Ceuppens, J.; Wopereis, M.C.S.; Miezan, K.M., 1997:
Soil salinization processes in rice irrigation schemes in the Senegal River Delta

Morris, T.F., 1998:
Soil sample bag effects on pre-sidedress soil nitrate test concentrations

Ponder, F.J.; Alley, D.E., 1997:
Soil sampler for rocky soils

Goncalves, A.C.A.; Folegatti, M.V.; Vieira, S.R., 1999:
Soil sampling and kriging intensity to characterize soil water storage in a center pivot - irrigated area

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Soil sampling by grid versus University of Tennessee standard recommendations

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Soil sampling studies for estimation of weed seedbanks

Groot, W.J.M. de; Finke, P.A.; Oude Voshaar, J.; Hack ten Broeke, M.J.D.; Vries, F. de; Randen, Y. van, 1998:
Soil schematization: enlarging by aggregation of soil data for model simulations at national and regional scale

Santana, D.P.; Bahia Filho, A.F.C., 1998:
Soil science and agricultural sustainability

Ivanov I.V.; Demkin V.A., 1999:
Soil science and archeology

Reuter, G., 1999:
Soil science behind the wall: observations of a personally concerned soil scientist

Maranon, T., 1998:
Soil seed bank and community dynamics in an annual-dominated Mediterranean salt-marsh

Demel, Teketay, 1998:
Soil seed bank at an abandoned Afromontane arable site

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Soil seed bank changes after different management systems in cereals

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Soil seed bank composition along a forest chronosequence in seasonally moist tropical forest, Panama

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Soil seed bank composition in different successional stages of a species rich wooded meadow in Laelatu, western Estonia

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Soil seed bank dynamics in relation to topographic position of a mixed-deciduous forest in southern New England, USA

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Soil seed bank dynamics of pin cherry in a northern hardwood forest, New Hampshire, U.S.A

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Soil seed bank from lowland rain forest in Singapore: canopy-gap and litter-gap demanders

Whittle, C.A.; Duchesne, L.C.; Needham, T., 1998:
Soil seed bank of a jack pine (Pinus banksiana) ecosystem

Akinola, H.O.atunde; Thompson, K.; Buckland, S.M., 1998:
Soil seed bank of an upland calcareous grassland after 6 years of climate and management manipulations

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Soil seed bank of bracatinga in stands under the traditional agroforestry management system

Garcia Fayos, P.; Verdu, M., 1998:
Soil seed bank, factors controlling germination and establishment of a Mediterranean shrub: Pistacia lentiscus L

Christoffoleti, P.J.; Caetano, R.S.X., 1998:
Soil seed banks

Csontos, P.; Tamas, J.; Kalapos, T., 1996:
Soil seed banks and vegetation recovery on dolomite hills in Hungary

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Soil seed banks from coastal subarctic ecosystems of Bird Cove, Hudson Bay

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Soil seed banks of subalpine meadows and its importance for succession

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Soil seedbank changes under non-rotational set-aside management and the relationship with vegetation development

Ashwath, N.; Bellairs, S.M.; Navie, S.C., 1999:
Soil seedbanks in the serpentinite habitats of Rockhampton-Marlborough region, Australia

Diehl Fleig, E.; Rocha, E.S. da, 1998:
Soil selection by Acromyrmex striatus (Roger) females (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) for nest building

Pfiffner, L., 1998:
Soil separation in potato cultivation: impact on earthworm fauna?

Zhang QingGang; X.S.engRong, 1998:
Soil series in basic categories of soil taxonomy - a case study in eastern suburbs of Nanjing

Markley, M.L., 1998:
Soil series of the pine barrens

Crescimanno, G.; Provenzano, G., 1999:
Soil shrinkage characteristic curve in clay soils: measurement and prediction

Tagliavini, M., 1996:
Soil sickness and replant diseases in fruit trees

Rao, R.V.S.; Verma, T.P.; Mahapatra, S.K.; Surya, J.N.; Tarsem Lal; Martin, D., 1998:
Soil site suitability evaluation for wheat, paddy and pigeonpea in alluvial plains of U.P. - a case study

Nelson, P.; Ham, G., 1998:
Soil sodicity: its influence on cane yield in the Burdekin

Horrigue Raouani, N.; B'chir, M.M., 1998:
Soil solarization efficiency in Meloidogyne control under unheated plastics shelters

Bettiol, W.; Ghini, R.; Cunha, M.I.B. da; Tratch, R.; Galvao, J.A.H., 1996:
Soil solarization for controlling the root-knot nematode in okra crop

Rao, A.V.; Tarafdar, J.C., 1999:
Soil solarization for mass scale production of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculum in Indian arid zone

Perez Iglesias, M.; Fernandez Gonzalez, E.; Benitez, M.E.ena, 1998:
Soil solarization for nematode and weed control on seed beds of tobacco and vegetables

Tiwari, R.K.S.; Parihar, S.S.; Chaure, N.K., 1997:
Soil solarization for the control of S. rolfsii causing sclerotial root rot of chickpea

Harender Raj; Bhardwaj, M.L.; Sharma, N.K., 1997:
Soil solarization for the control of damping-off of different vegetable crops in the nursery

Sudha, T.; Nanjappa, H.V.; Shashikant ; Udikeri, S., 1999:
Soil solarization for weed control in chilli and capsicum nursery

Bhaskar, K.V.; Nanjappa, H.V.; Ramachandrappa, B.K., 1998:
Soil solarization for weed control in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Cebolla, V., 1998:
Soil solarization in Spain

Lopez Herrera, C.J.; Perez Jimenez, R.M.; Zea Bonilla, T.; Basallote Ureba, M.J.; Melero Vara, J.M., 1998:
Soil solarization in established avocado trees for control of Dematophora necatrix

Campiglia, E.; Temperini, O.; Mancinelli, R.; Marucci, A.; Saccardo, F., 1998:
Soil solarization in the Mediterranean environment: effect on weed control and yield of cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa L., var. longifolia Lam.)

Kline, W.L.; Roberts, W.J.; Kania, S.T.; Johnston, S.A., 1999 :
Soil solarization to eliminate diseases from greenhouses

Christensen, L.K.; Thinggaard, K., 1997:
Soil solarization to prevent Pythium root rot in organically grown cucumbers

Tiwari, R.K.S.; Vinay Singh; Parihar, S.S., 1997:
Soil solarization using different colour plastic mulches for the control of collar rot of tomato caused by Sclerotium rolfsii

Yaduraju, N.T.; Kamra, A., 1998:
Soil solarization: A novel non-chemical method of pest management

Baeumler, R.; Zech, W., 1998:
Soil solution chemistry and impact of forest thinning in mountain forests in the Bavarian Alps

Stuanes, A.O.; Kjonaas, O.J.nne, 1998:
Soil solution chemistry during four years of NH4NO3 addition to a forested catchment at Gardsjon, Sweden

Porebska Grazyna; Ostrowska Apolonia, 1999:
Soil solution chemistry in deforested areas of the Izerskie Mountains in Poland

Bakker, M.R.; Dieffenbach, A.; Ranger, J., 1999:
Soil solution chemistry in the rhizosphere of roots of sessile oak (Quercus petraea) as influenced by lime

Percival H.J.; Speir T.W.; Parshotam A., 1999:
Soil solution chemistry of contrasting soils amended with heavy metals

Persson, M., 1997:
Soil solution electrical conductivity measurements under transient conditions using time reflectometry

Carnol, M.; Ineson, P.; Dickinson, A.L., 1997:
Soil solution nitrogen and cations influenced by (NH4)2SO4 deposition in a coniferous forest

Smethurst, P.J.; Wang, B., 1998:
Soil solution phosphorus and Eucalyptus nitens roots in NP-treated microsites in highly phosphorus-fixing soil

Sauve, S.; McBride, M.; Hendershot, W., 1998:
Soil solution speciation of lead(II): effects of organic matter and pH

Souza, L. da S.; Cogo, N.P.; Vieira, S.R., 1998:
Soil spatial variability of phosphorus, potassium and organic matter, in relation to management systems

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Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from callus of mature zygotic embryos of masson pine

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Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from immature and mature tissues of sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua)

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Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from nucellar tissue of monoembryonic mango

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Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration in American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.)

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Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration in mature zygotic embryos of Picea meyeri

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Somatic embryogenesis and regeneration of citrus plants by in vitro nucellar culture

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Somatic embryogenesis and shoot proliferation of Mussaenda cultivars

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Somatic embryogenesis from cell suspension culture of oil palm

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Somatic embryogenesis from cultured cormel stem tips and flower color variations among regenerated plants of Gladiolus

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Somatic embryogenesis from cultured epicotyls and primary leaves of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

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Somatic embryogenesis from cultured zygotic embryos of Coffea bengalensis

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Somatic embryogenesis from immature and mature zygotic embryos of Cryptomeria japonica I: embryogenic cell induction and its morphological characteristics

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Somatic embryogenesis from mature leaves of rose (Rosa sp.)

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Somatic embryogenesis from stem and leaf explants of Quercus robur L

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Somatic embryogenesis from tissues of mature sweetgum trees

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Somatic embryogenesis in Abies alba x Abies alba and Abies alba x Abies nordmanniana hybrids

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Somatic embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana is facilitated by mutations in genes repressing meristematic cell divisions

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Somatic embryogenesis in Canary Island date palm

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Somatic embryogenesis in Citrus aurantium L

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Somatic embryogenesis in Gnetum ula

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Somatic embryogenesis in Ocotea catharinensis Mez. (Lauraceae)

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Somatic embryogenesis in conifers - with special emphasis on Picea abies

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Somatic embryogenesis in lavender tissue culture: II. Influence of medium composition and gamma irradiation on embryo development

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Somatic embryogenesis in oil palm for the in vitro propagation of elite clones

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Somatic embryogenesis in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum): strategies to reduce genotype limitation and to maintain long-term totipotency

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Somatic embryogenesis in pineapple (Ananas comosus Merr.)

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Somatic embryogenesis in pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) cv. Mateur

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Somatic embryogenesis in tulip

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Somatic embryogenesis in vitro on bunching onion

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Somatic embryogenesis induction on Quercus faginea

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Somatic embryogenesis initiation in Eucalyptus nitens

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Somatic embryogenesis of cocoa as a basis for genetic transformation

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Somatic embryogenesis of high frequency from longan embryogenic calli

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Somatic embryogenesis of two indigenous South African Haworthia spp. (H. limifolia and H. koelmaniorum)

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Somatic embryogenesis tissue culture for the propagation of conifer seedlings: a technology comes of age

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Somatic embryogenesis using Cucumis sativus L. cotyledons

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Somatic embryogenesis, plant regeneration, and field establishment from tissue culture of winter buds of 10-year-old Aralia elata

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Somatic embryogenesis: a tool for genetic improvement of coffee

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Somatic embryogenic potential determined by the morphological polarity of the explant in tissue cultures of Freesia refracta

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Somatic evolution in the genus Allium: ecological and geographical aspects

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Somatic hybrid plantlets regeneration between Citrus and its wild relative, Murraya paniculata via protoplast electrofusion

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Somatic hybridisation of potato for cultivar breeding

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Somatic hybridization between potato Solanum tuberosum L. and S. polyadenium Greenman

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Somatic hybridization between the zinc accumulator Thlaspi caerulescens and Brassica napus

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Somatic hybridization in Fragaria

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Somatic hybridization in mint: identification and characterization of Mentha piperita (+) M. spicata hybrid plants

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Somatic hybridization in the genus Nicotiana - a review

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Somatic hybridization, an integral component of citrus cultivar improvement. II. Rootstock improvement

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Somatic hybridization: a new approach to citrus rootstock improvement

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Somatic hybrids between Solanum bulbocastanum and potato: a new source of resistance to late blight

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Somatic hypermutagenesis in immunoglobulin genes. III. Somatic mutations in the chicken light chain locus

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Somatic hypermutation of an artificial test substrate within an Ig kappa transgene

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Somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin genes is linked to transcription

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Somatic hypermutation: mutations 3' of rabbit VDJ H-chain genes

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Somatic incompatibility among African Armillaria isolates

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Somatic incompatibility studies of Discula umbrinella strains from Quercus alba and Q. rubra (Poster)

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Somatic instability for chlorophyll pigmentation in cotton (Gossypium spp.)

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Somatic karyotype and chromosome N-banding patterns of local Afghan wheats, Triticum aestivum L

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Somatic mutagenesis and evolution of memory B cells

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Somatic mutation and light chain rearrangement generate autoimmunity in anti-single-stranded DNA transgenic MRL/lpr mice

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Somatic mutation in the neonatal mouse

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Somatosensory discrimination deficits following pediatric cerebral malaria

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Somatostatin administration modifies food intake, body weight, and gut motility in rat

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Somatostatin binding to hepatocytes isolated from rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, is modulated by insulin and glucagon

Wong, A.O.; Ng, S.; Lee, E.K.; Leung, R.C.; Ho, W.K., 1998:
Somatostatin inhibits (d-Arg6, Pro9-NEt) salmon gonadotropin-releasing hormone- and dopamine D1-stimulated growth hormone release from perifused pituitary cells of chinese grass carp, ctenopharyngodon idellus

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Somatotopic representation within the facial motor nucleus of the chicken studied by means of horseradish peroxidase

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Somatotropin is profitable, for whom?

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Somatotropin treatment reduces energy intake without altering protein intake in pigs selecting between high and low protein diets

MacDougall, D.S., 1997:
Somatropin (mammalian cell-derived recombinant human growth hormone) for HIV-associated wasting

Fukai, S.; Zhang Wei; Goi, M., 1998:
Some Dendranthema species native to Japan

Coulianos, C.C., 1999:
Some Hemiptera-Heteroptera new to Estonia

Raj, S.K.; Govind Chandra; Singh, B.P., 1997:
Some Indian strains of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) lacking satellite RNA

Hosagoudar, V.B.; Abraham, T.K., 1998:
Some Meliolaceae from Kerala, India

Furlanetto, C.; Dianese, J.C., 1999:
Some Pseudocercospora species and a new Prathigada species from the Brazilian cerrado

Brzeski, M.W., 1999:
Some Tylenchida (Nematoda) from Greenland

Almaraz, T., 1999:
Some Ustilaginales collected in Andalucia (Spain)

Dobre, V.; Mihnea, I., 1997:
Some actual problems in the field of land improvement in Romania

Gubareva, I.Yu, 1998:
Some addition to the adventive flora of the Kaliningrad region

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Some advances in fluorometric techniques for water tracing

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Some advances in osmotic dehydration of fruit

Saralidze, A., 1998:
Some agrobiological characteristics of new Georgian muscat grape varieties

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Some agronomic and physiological aspects of salt tolerance in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Some alterations concomitant with prolonged administration of estrogen

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Some alternate ways to minimise the use of pesticides in the control of sugarcane pests complex

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Some analytical studies in relation to cyclicity of buffalo-heifers

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Some anatomical characteristics in tension and opposite woods of Quercus mongolica Fischer

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Some anatomical properties and wood density of Ostrya carpinifolia grown in Turkey

Volante, M.; Cattaneo, M.; Bianchi, M.; Zoccola, G., 1998:
Some applications of solid phase micro extraction (SPME) in the analysis of pesticide residues in food

Bulygin, S.Y.; Kotova, M.M., 1996:
Some applied approaches to anti-erosion protection of the soil of the Ukraine

Zheng Zhi; Chen YunLing, 1997:
Some arguments about the stock-cooperative system

Schmutterer, H., 1998:
Some arthropod pests and a semi-parasitic plant attacking neem (Azadirachta indica) in Kenya

Calvo, M.D.; Peris, J.; Ramon, D., 1998:
Some aspects about food, genes, and legislation

Marchuk, G.D., 1997:
Some aspects of accounting for the yield of stands

Pieta, D., 1997:
Some aspects of antagonistic microorganisms application to control plant diseases

Bol' shakov, B.M., 1997:
Some aspects of assortment logging

Roquete, C.; Fernandes, L., 1998:
Some aspects of beef marketing in Portugal

Panigrahi, A., 1998:
Some aspects of bioecology of the predatory snail Durgella seposita (Benson)

Bhattacharyya, B.; Khound, J.N., 1996 :
Some aspects of biology and management of mango pulp weevil, Sternochetus frigidus (Fabr.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Suchorska, K.; Osinska, E., 1997:
Some aspects of borage (Borago officinalis L.) cultivation Part II. Influence of mother plant on the yield of borage seeds

Suchorska, K.; Osinska, E., 1997:
Some aspects of borage (Borago officinalis L.) cultivation Part III. Influence of the date of sowing on the harvest and germination ability of borage seeds

Suchorska, K.; Osinska, E., 1997:
Some aspects of borage (Borago officinalis L.) cultivation. Part I. Influence of temperature, age of seeds and type of bed on germination and growth of seedlings

Cook, N.C.; Rabe, E.; Jacobs, G., 1998:
Some aspects of bud dormancy in Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.)

Popov, V.V.; Krusteva, I.A.; Sakalian, V.P., 1998:
Some aspects of co-existence pattern in forest carabid guilds (Coleoptera, Carabidae) on Vitosha mountain

Maslennikova, O.A.; Daskovskiy, V.B., 1997:
Some aspects of development of financial strategy in the scientific sphere of the agroindustrial complex

Markovic, G.S.; Simovic, S.Z., 1997:
Some aspects of ecology of Pseudorasbora parva (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in the Meduvrsje reservoir (Serbia, Yugoslavia)

Bogre, J.; Dohy, J.; Magyary, I., 1998:
Some aspects of environmental effects and genetic modifications in animal breeding

Yuldashev, F.F., 1999:
Some aspects of evaluating work safety in agriculture

Vinita Sharma; Thakur, M.L., 1998:
Some aspects of foraging behaviour of Apis florea Fabr. on Ammi majus Linn. in Doon Valley (Uttar Pradesh)

Jonaitis, V., 1997:
Some aspects of forest ecosystems' relations

Cid, C.; Sopelana, P.; Otegui, I.; Partearroyo, M.A., 1996:
Some aspects of fruit and vegetable refrigeration

Trif, V.; Nagy, E., 1997:
Some aspects of grain seed pathology in Transylvania

Rakhteenko, L.I.; Fedotova, I.N.; Zhivul' kina, E.V.; Savel' ev, V.V.; Piskunov, V.S., 1998:
Some aspects of growth and functioning of assimilatory systems in pine seedlings during the post-irradiation period

Zajac, J., 1998:
Some aspects of infertility in rabbits

Sacchi, L.; Nalepa, CA.; Bigliardi, E.; Lenz, M.; Bandi, C.; Corona, S.; Grigolo, A.; Lambiase, S.; Laudani, U., 1998:
Some aspects of intracellular symbiosis during embryo development of Mastotermes darwiniensis (Isoptera: Mastotermitidae)

Nemec, J., 1999:
Some aspects of land market in CR

Helgeson, J.P., 1996:
Some aspects of late blight research in the USA

Li, Chunyang, 1998:
Some aspects of leaf water relations in four provenances of Eucalyptus microtheca seedlings

Baghdasar, G.A.; Juma, K.H., 1998:
Some aspects of life performance of Iraqi buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) cows

Adjahossou, D.F.; Ade, J., 1998:
Some aspects of mechanisms of drought tolerance in two genotypes of Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urban and one genotype of Pachyrhizus tuberosus (Lam.) Sprengel

Rizk, M.Z.; Farrag, E.K., 1999:
Some aspects of nitrogen metabolism in Biomphalaria alexandrina snails treated with selenium

Lalles, J.P.; Toullec, R., 1999:
Some aspects of nutrition and health in preruminant calves

Rouina, B.B.; Yousfi, M.; Mlaouah, M., 1999:
Some aspects of olives mechanical harvesting in Tunisia

Sedov, E.N.; Dolmatov, E.A.; Krasova, N.G., 1999:
Some aspects of pear cultivation in the central zone of Russia

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