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Solid-phase extraction method for patulin in apple juice and unfiltered apple juice

Trucksess, M.W.; Tang, Y.

Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 82(5): 1109-1113


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-5756
PMID: 10513012
DOI: 10.1093/jaoac/82.5.1109
Accession: 003275589

Patulin, a mold metabolite, is commonly found in rotting apples. Some countries regulate patulin at levels ranging from 30 to 50 micrograms/L. Most analytical methods for patulin in apple juice include liquid-liquid partitions. A solid-phase extraction method has been developed for apple juice and unfiltered apple juice in the United States. A portion of the test sample (5 mL) was passed through a macroporous copolymer cartridge and was washed with 1 mL 1% sodium bicarbonate and then with 1 mL 1% acetic acid. Patulin was eluted with 3 mL 2% acetonitrile in anhydrous ethyl ether and was determined by reversed-phase liquid chromatography with UV detection at 276 nm. Recoveries ranged from 93 to 104% in test samples spiked at 20-100% micrograms/L.

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