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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3281

Chapter 3281 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Farnden, C., 1996:
Stand density management diagrams for lodgepole pine, white spruce and interior Douglas-fir

Bierwagen, R.; Luz, H.F.; Couto, H.T.Z. do; Capitani, L.R., 1996:
Stand density, progeny and age interaction for third generation selection of Eucalyptus grandis

Fischer, H., 1999:
Stand development and growth of young oak (Quercus petraea) plantations on former agricultural land

Binkley, D.; O.C.nnell, A.M.; Sankaran, K.V., 1997:
Stand development and productivity

Pividori, M., 1997:
Stand development in a sweet chestnut coppice stand in Alto Canavese (Piedmont - NW Italy)

Namikawa, K.; Ishikawa, Y.; Sano, J., 1997:
Stand dynamics during a 12-year period in a second-growth stand in a cool temperate forest in northern Japan

Miller, Gary W., 1997:
Stand dynamics in 60-year-old Allegheny hardwoods after thinning

Taylor, D.M.; Hamilton, A.C.; Whyatt, J.D.ncan; Mucunguzi, P.; Bukenya Ziraba, R., 1996:
Stand dynamics in Mpanga Research Forest Reserve, Uganda, 1968-1993

Moran-Palma, P.M.tague, J., 1997:
Stand dynamics of the spruce-fir forest in east-central Arizona

Boncina, A., 1999:
Stand dynamics of the virgin forest Rajhenavski Rog (Slovenia) during the past century

Pietruszewski, S., 1998:
Stand for pre-sowing bio-stimulation of seeds with variable magnetic field

Son, Y.M.; Lee, K.H.k; Chung, Y.G.o, 1997:
Stand growth estimation using nonlinear growth equations

Erdle, T.; Maclean, D., 1999:
Stand growth model calibration for use in forest pest impact assessment

Ahmad Zuhaidi, Y.; Gardingen, P. van, 1999:
Stand growth structure and yield of plantation grown Dryobalanops aromatica in Peninsular Malaysia: >50 years after planting

Burgi, M., 1998:
Stand history of the Bulacher Hard - what results of GIS?

Aiken, G.; Springer, T., 1998:
Stand persistence and seedling recruitment for eastern gamagrass grazed continuously for different durations

Weiser, F.; Schneck, H., 1997:
Stand progeny testing of sessile and pedunculate oak

Demchenko, A.V., 1996:
Stand state and density of ant (genus Myrmica) populations in spruce forests

Jimenez, J.; Aguirre, O.; Kramer, H., 1998:
Stand structure analysis of an uneven-aged mixed pine-juniper-oak forest in northeastern Mexico

Laiho, O.; Lahde, E.; Norokorpi, Y.; Saksa, T., 1995:
Stand structure and associated terminology

Park, I.H.eop; Ryu,; Lee, S.H., 1998:
Stand structure and biomass in wild populations of Camellia sinensis

Amorini, E.; Bruschini, S.; Cutini, A.; Fabbio, G.; Manetti, M.C., 1996:
Stand structure and ecological processes in holm oak (Quercus ilex) coppices in southern Sardinia

Preuhsler, T., 1997:
Stand structure and growth in the Hollbachgspreng virgin forest relict near Zwiesel

Lange, S.; Bussmann, R.W.; Beck, E., 1997:
Stand structure and regeneration of the subalpine Hagenia abyssinica forests of Mt. Kenya

Sasaoka, E.; Yajima, T.; Shibuya, M.; Takahashi, K.; Nakamura, F.; Shimizu, O., 1999:
Stand structure and regeneration process of a natural Larix kaempferi stand on Mt. Komagatake, Hokkaido

Hiura, T.; Fujito, E.; Ishii, T.; Naniwa, A.; Sugata, S.; Ishida, K.; Murakami, M.; Kato, E.; Maeno, H.; Fukushima, Y.; Sakai, T., 1998:
Stand structure of a deciduous broad-leaved forest in Tomakomai experimental forest, based on a large plot data

Naesset, E.; Tveite, B., 1999:
Stand volume functions for Picea abies in eastern, central and northern Norway

Machado, S.A.; Pizatto, W., 1996 :
Stand volume table for natural forests of Araucaria angustifolia in the Brazilian southern states

Sottovia, L.; Tabacchi, G., 1996:
Stand volume tables for standing coppice timber in Trentino

Wang JingXin; Greene, W.D.; Stokes, B.J., 1998:
Stand, harvest, and equipment interactions in simulated harvesting prescriptions

Charmot, G.; Steffen, R., 1997:
Stand-by treatment for malaria: the pros and cons

King; Albaugh; Allen; Kress, 1999:
Stand-level allometry in Pinus taeda as affected by irrigation and fertilization

Custer, G.; Thorsen, J., 1996:
Stand-replacement burn in the Ocala National Forest - a success

Rockwood, D.L.; Yang, B.; Outcalt, K.W., 1997:
Stand-yield prediction for managed Ocala sand pine

Ansari, H.A.; Bosma, A.A.; Broad, T.E.; Bunch, T.D.; Long, S.E.; Maher, D.W.; Pearce, P.D.; Popescu, C.P., 1999:
Standard G-, Q-, and R-banded ideograms of the domestic sheep (Ovis aries): homology with cattle (Bos taurus). Report of the committee for the standardization of the sheep karyotype

Bondesson, L.; Stahl, G.; Holm, S., 1998:
Standard errors of area estimates obtained by traversing and GPS

Bilsborough, P.; Macleod, D., 1998:
Standard grade physical education: some Scottish reflections

Seetharamaiah, K.V.; Rani, C.V.D.; Reddy, N.S., 1999:
Standard heterosis of rice hybrids for yield and yield components

Dovgalev, A.S., 1998:
Standard legal bases for guaranteeing the parasitological safety of raw materials and food products in Russia and abroad

Zotin, A.A.; Alekseeva, T.A.; Zotin, A.I., 1998:
Standard metabolism in the class Arachnida

Young, L.D., 1998:
Standard nomenclature and pig genetic glossary

Baiano, A.; Massini, R., 1997:
Standard of hygiene in the production of traditional Canestrato Pugliese cheese

Xie MingQuan; Xie HongLiao; W.H.iXian; Peng XinYu; Wei WenKang; Wen LieNa, 1997:
Standard procedure on screening anticoccidials in vitro

Alblas, J.; Osinga, K.J., 1998:
Standard rates for nitrogen fertilizer can be reduced for potatoes on loam soils

Becchetti, M.; Giovannini, G., 1998:
Standard trees in a Turkey oak coppice: a survey in Perugia province

Faqi, A.S.; Solecki, R.; Pfeil, R.; Hilbig, V., 1997:
Standard values for reproductive and clinical chemistry parameters of Japanese quail

Kalinkovich, A.; Weisman, Z.; Burstein, R.; Bentwich, Z., 1998:
Standard values of T-lymphocyte subsets in Africa

Sysoev, Y.V.; Luk' yanchikova, O.M., 1998 :
Standard/technical documents on labour protection at sugar factories

Caldas, M.L.; Wasserman, M., 1995:
Standardisation of a method which uses cytochemistry and electron microscopy for detecting enzyme activity in complete cells

Kotur, S.C., 1998:
Standardisation of foliar spray of boron for correction of brown rot and for increasing yield of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea convar. botrytis var. botrytis) in Bihar plateau

Padma, V.; Reddy, B.M.ralimohan, 1998:
Standardisation of laboratory vigour test for maize

Devaranavadgi, S.B.; Sajjan, A.S., 1997:
Standardisation of nursery media for neem (Azadirachta indica) seedlings

Krajcic, D., 1997:
Standardisation of objective differences in the costs of trucks used in forestry

Blanco, O.; Vazquez, J.M.; Martinez, E.; Matas, C.; Lucas, X.; Roca, J., 1997:
Standardisation of parameters for sperm motility in boar semen using the computer-assisted Sperm Class Analyser method

Mitra, S.K.; Bose, T.K., 1996:
Standardisation of propagation techniques by cutting of some tropical fruit crops

Basantia, N.C.; Rai, T., 1999:
Standardisation of visual Karl-Fischer titration method for moisture determination in butter

Da, Y.; VanRaden, P.M.; Ron, M.; Beever, J.E.; Paszek, A.A.; Song, J.; Wiggans, G.R.; Ma, R.; Weller, J.I.; Lewin, H.A., 2000:
Standardization and conversion of marker polymorphism measures

Shanta Mehrotra; Rawat, A.K.S.; Usha Shome, 1998:
Standardization and quality evaluation of 'Banafsha'

Sourell, H.; Foitzik, R., 1998:
Standardization in the field of irrigation

Sujay Rakshit; Mishra, S.K.; Dasgupta, S.K.; Sharma, B., 1999:
Standardization of beta -1,3-glucanase assay in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Bauer, R., 1999:
Standardization of Echinacea purpurea expressed juice with reference to cichoric acid and alkamides

Basantia, N.C.; Rai, T., 1998:
Standardization of Karl-Fischer titration method for moisture determination in ghee

Prasadarao, G.V.S.; Lata Ramachandran; Sukhminder Singh; Sharma, R.S., 1998:
Standardization of Pyne constant for estimation of buffalo milk proteins by formal titration

Chabane, K.; Valkoun, J., 1998:
Standardization of RAPD marker techniques to determine the diversity of diploid wheat: Triticum urartu

Aragoza, C.J.; Arguello, M.; Riera, F.A.; Alvarez, R., 1996:
Standardization of a pre-treatment for the elimination of phospholipids from whey

Sita Ram; Attri, B.L.; Sharma, T.V.R.S.; Anil Kumar, 1997:
Standardization of agrotechniques in tuberose under Andaman conditions - I. effect of nitrogen on growth and flowering

Sabharwal, K.; Verma, S.K., 1997:
Standardization of attitude scales relating to National Literacy Mission

Sujay Rakshit; Mishra, S.K.; Dasgupta, S.K.; Sharma, B., 1998:
Standardization of chitinase assay in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Breen, M.; Reimann, N.; Bosma, A.A.; adon, D.; Zijlstra, C.; Bartnitzke, S.; Switonski, M.; Long, S.E.; Haan, N.A. de; Binns, M.M.; Bullerdiek, J.; Langford, C.F., 1999:
Standardization of chromosomes nos. 22-38 of the dog (Canis familiaris) with the use of canine painting probes: Committee for the Standardized Karyotype of the Dog (Canis familiaris)

Shamima Hashmi; Singh, V.K., 1996:
Standardization of controversial herbal drugs : A dire need of the day

Khattak, G.S.; Raziuddin; Ahmed, R., 1997:
Standardization of cytological techniques for chromosomal studies, and pollen fertility of mungbean

Rijgersberg, H.; Top, J.L., 1997:
Standardization of data models for crop variety trials

Malik, K.B.; Faqir Hussain, 1998:
Standardization of fibre estimation methods in sugarcane

Krpan, A.P.B.; Susnjar, M., 1999:
Standardization of forest timber products in Croatia

Ladaniya, M.S., 1996:
Standardization of fruit maturity indices in spring blossom (Ambia) crop of Nagpur mandarin

Radha Prasanna; Sharma, B.K.; Sharma, R.K.; Kaushik, B.D., 1998:
Standardization of growth parameters and formulation of medium for cyanobacterial biofertilizer strains

Pelegrino, J.L.; Arteaga, E.; Rodriguez, A.J.; Gonzalez, E.; Frontela, M. del C.; Guzman, M.G., 1997:
Standardization of immunohistochemical techniques for the detection of dengue virus antigens in paraffin-embedded tissues

Vanzant, E.S.; Cochran, R.C.; Titgemeyer, E.C., 1998:
Standardization of in situ techniques for ruminant feedstuff evaluation

Martynyuk, A.A.; Boronin, Y.B.; Kostenko, A.V.; Romashkevich, B.V., 1998:
Standardization of industrial effects on forest ecosystems

Beltran, M.; Reyes, L.M.C.; Martinez W.O., 1996:
Standardization of isozymic systems in clones of the Colombian collection of the genus Musa

Mulik, A.B.; Tikhonov, N.G.; Novochadov, V.V.; Adel' shina, G.A.; Novochadova, A.A., 1998:
Standardization of laboratory animals. Features of lipid metabolism depending on the general nonspecific reactivity level

Gil Zapata, N.J., 1997:
Standardization of measurements at the sugar factories of Colombia: System for exchange of monthly information

Jaglan, M.S.; Khokhar, K.S.; Malik, M.S.; Taya, J.S., 1997:
Standardization of method for extraction of bioactive components from different plants for insecticidal property

Rajesh Kumar; Bhatia, K.L., 1999:
Standardization of method for lactoperoxidase assay in milk

Kosolofski, A.; Sokhansanj, S.; Crowe, T., 1998:
Standardization of moisture content determination for whole-kernel chickpeas - convection and microwave methods

Lahiry, A.K., 1996:
Standardization of preservative treated timber species for conductor, insulator and transformer packing of REB

Aulakh, P.S., 1997:
Standardization of pruning time for ber cv. Sanaur No.2 under rainfed conditions of Kandi (Punjab)

Nakkeeran, S.; Sankar, P.; Jeyarajan, R., 1997:
Standardization of storage conditions to increase the shelf life of Trichoderma formulations

Schie, W. van, 1999:
Standardization of substrates

Baisakh, B.; Khanna, V.K.; Raj, B., 1998:
Standardization of the best timing of growth regulator application in Gossypium hirsutum and G. arboreum crosses to increase boll formation and seed set

Araujo, F.A.P.; Santos, J.R.; Souza, W.J.S., 1998:
Standardization of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of antibodies for Toxoplasma gondii in swine (Sus scrofa) sera

Han SangUrk; Choi WanYong; Chung HunGwan; Kang KyuSuk, 1997:
Standardization of the general combining ability estimated from various environments and its application to the empirical data of the open-pollinated progenies of Pinus densiflora S. et Z

Ishikawa, M.M.; Fonseca, A.H. da; Soares, C.O.; Massard, C.L.; Yoshinari, N.H., 1997:
Standardization of the immunoenzyme assay, indirect ELISA, for the detection of IgG antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in cattle

Liu Jian; Tang HuiBin, 1997:
Standardization of the operation mechanism of stock-cooperative enterprises in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Alvarez Vera, M.; Valdes Palacios, D.; Vazquez Ramudo, S.; Delgado Hernandez, I.; Garcia Infante, S.; Morier Diaz, L.; Guzman Tirado, M.G., 1998:
Standardization of the plaque reduction technique to differentiate between dengue infection and yellow fever infection

Tapia, R.; Santos, R.; Quincose, M.; Pena, L.M.; Borras, O.; Companioni, B.; Blanco, M.A.; Gonzalez, J.L., 1998:
Standardization of the process for obtaining Fusarium subglutinans metabolites and its effect on pineapple calluses

Matinez Yon, I.; Jacomino Bermudez, A., 1998:
Standardization of the pumping equipment of Cuban sugar factories

Steinhoff, B., 1998:
Standardization of the quality of St. John's wort herbal drug and preparations. Consideration of possible contamination

Santos, P.; Pinto, A.M.V.; Garcia, R.C.N.C.; Labarthe, N.V.; Oliveira, L.H.S., 1997:
Standardization of the reagents and methods used in the haemagglutination test for laboratory diagnosis of canine parvovirus infection

Pozo, P.P. del; Herrera, R.S.; Garcia, M.; Cruz, A.M.; Fraga, N.; Romero, A., 1998:
Standardization of the sampling process for the morphophysiological analysis of the growth and development of star grass

Deswal, D.P.; Chand, U., 1997:
Standardization of the tetrazolium test for viability estimation in ricebean (Vigna umbellata (Thunb.) Ohwi & Ohashi) seeds

Sharma, K.L.; Sharma, D.K., 1997:
Standardization of tipping height for a cut back section of China hybrid tea (Camellia sinensis I.) grown in Himachal Pradesh

Sharma, D.K.; Sharma, K.L., 1998:
Standardization of tipping/plucking height for a light pruned section of China hybrid tea (Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze) grown in Himachal Pradesh

Ciuffetti, L.M.; Francl, L.J.; Ballance, G.M.; Bockus, W.W.; Lamari, L.; Meinhardt, S.W.; Rasmussen, J.B., 1998:
Standardization of toxin nomenclature in the Pyrenophora tritici-repentis/wheat interaction

Anonymous, 1998:
Standardization, trends, hygiene, technology and chemistry. INTERLAB: international conference in Wolfpassing

Shaforostov, I.F., 1998:
Standardization, unification and certification of agricultural machinery in the new conditions

Collett, S., 1999:
Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) part 2: what do the financial numbers mean?

Niedzwiadek, S., 1997:
Standardized criteria for evaluating rabbit meat

Dolling, C.H.S., 1999:
Standardized genetic nomenclature for cattle

Treudler, R.; Tebbe, B.; Orfanos, C.E., 1997:
Standardized rapid hyposensitization with a purified Hymenoptera toxin in yellow jacket allergy

Klein, M.; Muller Schulte, E.; Kneitz, G., 1998:
Standardized scanning-electron microscope photographs as a basis for comparing the major taxonomic characteristics of Myrmica species living in Germany (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Vasechkin, Y.V., 1998:
Standardized scientific and technical terminology in the manufacture of glued laminated wood

Oliveira, M.A.J. de; Rossi, C.; Pinho, S.Z. de, 1996:
Standardizing conditions for in vivo assay of nitrate reductase (EC in black oats (Avena strigosa Schreb.)

Singh, S.; Viraktamath, B.V.; Vijayakumar, C.H.M.; Ramesha, M.S.; Ahmed, M.I., 1998:
Standardizing hybrid rice seed production practices

Molchanov, M.V., 1996:
Standardizing the feeding of young and mature heifers reared intensively

Barrington, S., 1997:
Standards and use of natural ventilation in housing

Anonymous, 1996:
Standards for feeding, and diets for, nutria

Mel' chanov, V.A.; Kurganova, N.M., 1998:
Standards for forest belts regulating runoff

Kreitman, M., 1999:
Standards for judging riders

Auerswald, K.; Kainz, M.; Schwertmann, U.; Beese, F.; Pfadenhauer, J., 1996:
Standards for soil protection under agricultural use - The Scheyern experiment

Cranz, H., 1999:
Standards for the assessment of herbal medicinal products in Europe and around the world

Herady, A., 1999:
Standards for the quality of liquid effluents

Clay, G., 1997:
Standards in primary and secondary physical education: OFSTED 1995-96

Ordozgoiti, E., 1999:
Standards in the tourist industry

Wolff, H.P.; Engelhardt, T., 1998 :
Standards of analyses of socioeconomic target groups in cooperative development work

Browne, A., 1997:
Standards of excellence for the Large White, Landrace, Duroc and Hampshire pig breeds

Manning, R.; Jacobi, C.; Valliere, W.; Wang, B., 1998:
Standards of quality in parks and recreation

Bake, K., 1996:
Standards, trends and perspectives in aseptic process technology

Madden, J., 1998:
Standing Committee on Agriculture and Resource Management Working Group Report on Gene Technology regulation in agriculture

Pandey, D.D.; Lata, K.K.; Singh, S.N., 1999:
Standing crop biomass and primary productivity of two varieties of Eleusine coracana Linn

Iwamoto, S.; Sano, J., 1998:
Standing crop of Sasa and the growth patterns of seedlings in a deciduous broadleaved secondary forest

Gottschalk, R.D.; van den Berg, S.S., 1997:
Standing laparoscopically-aided ovariectomy in mares

Penk, A.; Pittrow, L., 1998:
Standing of fluconazole in the therapy of endogenous Candida endophthalmitis

Yamashita, T.; Kawakami, S.; Terada, K.; Shimmura, Y., 1998:
Standing stock of coniferous plantations in the Sambe Forest, Shimane University

Negri, M.; Allegretti, O.; Pollini, C., 1999:
Standing tree grading of Picea abies (L.) Karst. to estimate the quality yields of sawn timber

Pirogov, N.A., 1997:
Standing volume increment and the optimum composition of Scots pine stands of high yield class

Pikk, J.; Seemen, H., 1998:
Stands on Filipendula site type in different regions of Estonia

Zecconi, A.; Piccinini, R., 1998:
Staph. aureus: a problem for Italian dairy herds

Claborn, D.M.; Polo, J.M.; Olson, P.E.; Earhart, K.C.; Sherman, S.S., 1999:
Staphylinid (rove) beetle dermatitis outbreak in the American southwest?

Gusarov, V.I., 1997:
Staphylinids (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Saudi Arabia and Oman

Staniec, B., 1997:
Staphylinids (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) new to the fauna of the Lubelska Upland

Hennicke, S.; Mueller Motzfeld, G., 1998:
Staphylinids in urban green areas of Greifswald

L.C.angLin; H.Z.engShu; Yang ZeXing, 1997:
Staphylococcal infection in poultry farms and the bacteriological examination of hatching eggs and the environment

Quinones, J.; Agnelli, H.; Demo, M.; Martin, V.; Gomez, G.; Pagalday, M., 1998:
Staphylococcal slime production and its relationship to somatic cell count

Ramaswamy, V.; Saravanabava, K.; Latha, N.; Nachimuthu, K.; Manickam, M., 1997:
Staphylococcus and Klebsiella infection in layer chickens

Holbrook, K.A.; Klein, R.S.; Hartel, D.; Elliott, D.A.; Barsky, T.B.; Rothschild, L.H.; Lowy, F.D., 1997:
Staphylococcus aureus nasal colonization in HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative drug users

Zavizion, B.; White, J.H.; Bramley, A.J., 1997:
Staphylococcus aureus stimulates urokinase-type plasminogen activator expression by bovine mammary cells

Han ZhiHui; Shi QuanYou; Y.W.nXian; Jia BingAn, 1996:
Staphylococcus protein A coagglutination test on Salmonella in breeder eggs

Patterson, K.A.; Turner, R.G., 1998:
Staple copyright + glyphosate combinations for improved weed control in Roundup Ready cotton copyright

Turner, R.G.; Allison, D.A., 1997:
Staple performance in cotton weed control programs

Kendig, J.A., 1997:
Staple-Buctril and Staple-Roundup combinations

Pevalek Kozlina, B.; Berljak, J., 1997:
Starch accumulation as a marker for microtuberization in potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Singh, A.K.; Das, D.K.; Suresh Kumar; Prasad, U.S., 1996:
Starch and cell-wall hydrolysing enzyme activities during seed development of two litchi cultivars

Ball, R.A.; Sabbe, W.E.; Delong, R.E., 1998:
Starch and nitrogen status in soybean during shading and nutrient deficiency

Hoffmann, N.; Beck, R., 1999 :
Starch and starch derivatives in technical applications

Ngalani, J.A.; Tchango, J.T.; Reynes, M., 1999:
Starch and sugar transformation during the ripening of banana and plantain cultivars grown in Cameroon

Zinselmeier, C.; Jeong, B.R.; Boyer, J.S., 1999:
Starch and the control of kernel number in maize at low water potentials

Groten, J.A.M., 1998:
Starch content and digestibility of crop residues of fodder maize

Petr, J.; Novotna, D.; Capouchova, I.; Famera, O., 1999:
Starch content in grain of selected winter wheat varieties

Teng WeiLi; Wang XinWei, 1998:
Starch content of potato varieties in China

Kosegarten, H.; Mengel, K., 1998:
Starch deposition in storage organs and the importance of nutrients and external factors

Azzini, A.; Gondim Tomaz, R.M.A., 1996:
Starch extraction from bamboo chips treated with diluted sodium hydroxide solution

Akiyama, H.; Suzuki, T., 1998:
Starch gel electrophoresis for botanical research

Mamta Agarwal; Sehtiya, H.L.; Dendsay, J.P.S., 1998:
Starch hydrolysis activity from internodes of sugarcane

Gallagher, J.A.; Volenec, J.J.; Turner, L.B.; Pollock, C.J., 1997:
Starch hydrolytic enzyme activities following defoliation of white clover

Cherrad, M.; Park, H.S., 1996:
Starch in flower buds, flowers and berries of Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot during grape development

Tovar, J.; Melito, C.; Herrera, E.; Laurentin, A.; Perez, E., 1999:
Starch modification from a nutritional point of view

Nighojkar, S.A.; Anil Kumar, 1997:
Starch phosphorylase: biochemical, molecular and biotechnological aspects

N'-Tchobo,, N.N.uyen-Quoc, B.F.yer, C.; Yelle, S., 1999:
Starch synthesis in tomato remains constant throughout fruit development and is dependent on sucrose supply and sucrose synthase activity

Amn, P.; Sundberg, B., 1997:
Starch, dietary fibre and antioxidants in oats

Villwock, V.; Eliasson, A.; Silverio, J.B.miller, J., 1999:
Starch-lipid interactions in common, waxy, ae du, and ae su2 maize starches examined by differential scanning calorimetry

Wang, T.L.; Bogracheva, T.Y.; Hedley, C.L., 1998:
Starch: as simple as A, B, C?

Renard, A.C., 1997:
Starches. The choice of texture and the constraints of processing

Fusaro, D., 1999:
Stars and gripes

Bach, G., 1998:
Start Smart

Schuler, R.T.; Sage, M.; Rund, A., 1999:
Start your engines - small engine 4-H project

Murugan, B.; Kumar, C.N.; Narasimhan, R.; Purushothaman, V., 1999:
Starter and proteolytic activity of Lactococcus lactis subspecies cremoris

Anonymous, 1999:
Starter aquafeeds: breaking the 1.5 mm barrier

Garro, M.S.; de Valdez, G.F.; Oliver, G.; de Giori, G.S., 1999:
Starter culture activity in refrigerated fermented soymilk

Gordon, W.B.; Whitney, D.A.; Fjell, D.L., 1998:
Starter fertilizer interactions with corn and grain sorghum hybrids

Edmisten, K.L.; Stewart, A.M., 1997:
Starter fertilizer placement in North Carolina

Rhoads, F.; Wright, D., 1998:
Starter fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorus, corn hybrid response, and root mass

Gordon, W.B., 1999:
Starter fertilizers containing potassium for ridge-till corn and soybean production

Heller, K.J., 1998:
Starter microorganisms and product characteristics

Starling, M.E.; Wood, C.W.sley; Weaver, D.B., 1998:
Starter nitrogen and growth habit effects on late-planted soybean

Broome, M.C.; Limsowtin, G.K.Y., 1998:
Starter peptidase activity in maturing cheese

Leonova, E.B.; Gubanova, E.B.; Kudryavtseva, T.A., 1997:
Starters based on tea fungi and kefir grain microflora

Delforge, T., 1997:
Starters for ripening. 'Swing' gives rhythm to cheeses

Turkelboom, F.; Trebuil, G.; Vejpas, C., 1997:
Starting from the farmers' fields: on-farm analysis and development of conservation strategies on steeplands

Anonymous, 1997:
Starting out in the market for Mozzarella cheese

Lieten, F., 1999:
Starting time of supplementary lighting for Elsanta

Mengesha, A.; Bull, M., 1997:
Starting with local knowledge in participatory research

van Herrewege, J.; David, J.R., 1997:
Starvation and desiccation tolerances in Drosophila: comparison of species from different climatic origins

Wu, P.; Sato, J.; Zhao, Y.; Jaskiewicz, J.; Popov, K.M.; Harris, R.A., 1998:
Starvation and diabetes increase the amount of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoenzyme 4 in rat heart

Wei; Bauer, 1998:
Starvation-Induced Changes in Motility, Chemotaxis, and Flagellation of Rhizobium meliloti

Coleman, M.; Henricot, B.; Arnau, J.; Oliver, R.P., 1997:
Starvation-induced genes of the tomato pathogen Cladosporium fulvum are also induced during growth in planta

Kawane, T.; Saikatsu, S.; Akeno, N.; Abe, M.; Horiuchi, N., 1997:
Starvation-induced increase in the parathyroid hormone/PTH-related protein receptor mRNA of bone and kidney in sham-operated and thyroparathyroidectomized rats

Zahiri, N.; Rau, M.E.; Lewis, D.J., 1997:
Starved larvae of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) render waters unattractive to ovipositing conspecific females

Dean, R.W., 1997:
State - or market place?

Orf, S., 1998:
State advice in forestry?

Anonymous, 1998:
State aid was just like gift parcels

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State and community conflicts in natural resource management in Kenya

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State and development of German oil plant breeding

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State and location of water adsorbed on clay minerals: Consequences of the hydration and swelling-shrinkage phenomena

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State and prognosis of the market with forest estates and forests

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State and prospects of forage production in Bulgaria and role of the Bulgarian-Flemish project VLABUL for its improvement

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State and trend of development of wood-based panels in the world

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State control of Aujeszky's disease in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Creation of disease-free herds between 1995 and 1997

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State efforts of rural development and scheduled castes

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State fertilizer officials focus on compost

Block, D., 1998:
State greening team targets organics diversion

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State of agroforestry research in western and central Europe

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State of development and use of composting installations

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State of documentation and collection of crop land races and wild relatives in the Indian Himalayas

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State of germplasm system is focus of GAO report to U.S. Congress

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State of health and yield of spring triticale and wheat depending on plant protection procedures

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State of investigations and problems in taxonomy of fungi from the order Uredinales

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State of knowledge of Fasciola hepatica Linne, 1758 and Paramphistomum daubneyi Dinnik, 1962

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State of nutrition of plants in forest nurseries in Split Forest Administration, with regard to soil fertility and substrate, and method of cultivation

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State of organic matter of soils in some agroecosystems

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State of plant protection in Polish agriculture on the example of surveyed sample of family farms

Soprano, V.; Sacchi, U.; Scarano, G.; Oliviero, G., 1998:
State of preservation of fats in animal feeds

Hohgardt, K. von, 1998:
State of residue testing within the framework of Directive 91/414/EEC

Malinowski, H., 1999:
State of studies on insect resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis toxins

Malinowski, H., 1998:
State of studies on use of biological control agents against pests of roots

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State of the Florida blueberry industry

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State of the art in logger education: emerging roles and responsibilities

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State of the art of composting in Italy

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State of the art of irrigation research on processing tomatoes in Brazil

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State of the art report: adhesives from renewable resources

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State of the juice/cossette mixture in anomalous zones of inclined diffusers

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State of the starter during final cooking

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State of underexploited mountain crops in the Indian Himalayas and erosion concerns

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State policies, markets, land-use practices, and common property: fifty years of change in a Yunnan village, China

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State policy and women's autonomy in rural China

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State policy of regulation and support for the agroindustrial complex in Tver' province

Chernyshev, A., 1998:
State policy on ensuring the country's food supply

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State programmes for the protection of the country's agricultural resources

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State property. Wildlife, lands, and open spaces in Colorado

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State regulation in the system of agrarian business

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State regulation of agricultural production abroad and in Russia

Bespakhotny, G.V., 1997:
State regulation of agroindustrial production

Korotkov, V.A.; Biryukov, V.V., 1998:
State regulation of foreign economic activities in the agrofood sector

Komov, N., 1999:
State regulation of land relations in market-economy conditions

Radugin, N.P., 1999:
State regulation of the agricultural and food sector

Silamikele, I., 1996:
State regulations of non-timber forest management in Latvia

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State strategies and peasant strategies in agricultural development. A case study of farms in the new irrigated area of Sabala-Henchir Tobias (Tunisia)

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State support and the muse

Pisarenko, A.E., 1999:
State support needed for modular technology

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State trading and management of grain marketing in China

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State trading and the upcoming WTO discussions

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State trading companies, time inconsistency, imperfect enforceability and reputation

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State- and county-level determinants of food manufacturing establishment growth: 1987-93

Chandel, K.P.S., 1996:
State-of-the-art genebank inaugurated at ceremony in New Delhi: first of its kind to be established in a developing country

Santos de Souza Bruseke, M. da G., 1996:
State-of-the-art of information sources in Brazilian Amazon and Amazonian information systems

Sidik, M., 1997:
State-of-the-art of storage management

Feng FongLong, 1999:
State-of-the-art technologies of forest inventory and monitoring in Taiwan

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State-space approach for site-specific management decisions

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State-space models of insulin and glucose responses to diets of varying nutrient content in men and women

Linhart, J.; Nesvadba, Z., 1999:
State-sponsored hop variety trials in 1998

Mullen, J., 1999:
Statelessness, ethnicity and conflict: poverty-focused rural development in Somalia 1991-1994

Bourdon, M., 1999:
Statement about the impact of the 1992 CAP on the real price of arable lands

Anonymous, 1998:
Statement of shared concern

Wilplinger, M.; Pfannhauser, W., 1997:
Statement of the problem of magnesium supply

Malausa, J.C., 1997:
Statement on the advancement of classical biological control of a leaf miner of citrus fruits, Phyllocnistis citrella, in France

Tiba, I.; Szabo, Z., 1997:
Statement regarding the feasibility of the contents of the discussion paper Practical education, model farm, advisory activity

Edwards, N., 1998:
States of emergency: reggae representations of the Jamaican nation state

Copley, K.J.; Grant, J.F., 1998:
Statewide distribution of parasitoids of the alfalfa weevil in Tennessee

Sanders, S., 1998:
Statewide farmland protection is fragmented, limited

Hassett, R.C.; Wood, H.L.; Carter, J.O.; Danaher, T.J., 1999:
Statewide ground-truthing of a spatial model

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Static and dynamic temperature distribution of heat mats for swine farrowing creep heating

Whittington, A.E., 1998:
Static build-up in photo-canisters: a note of warning

Huggard, D.J., 1999:
Static life-table analysis of fall rates of subalpine fir snags

Schneider, H., 1997:
Static or dynamic determination of site (yield) class?

A.Y.hya, S.A.; Moghazi, H.M.M., 1998:
Static pressure drop through barley grain

L.X.uChen; Zhang GuoChen; Cui YinAn; Lei YanZhi, 1998:
Static purification of Ulva pertusa Kjellman for abalone effluents

Forss, E.; Maltamo, M.; Saramaki, J., 1998:
Static stand and tree characteristics models for Acacia mangium plantations

Skrzypczak, C.; Marasek, A., 1998 :
Statice downy mildew, host symptoms and disease development

Rangel, M.A.S.; Zimmer, G.J.; Villela, F.A., 1997:
Stationary drying of rice seeds in ambient air

Uhde, C.; Schmidt, R.; Jording, D.; Selbitschka, W.; Pühler, A., 1997:
Stationary-phase mutants of Sinorhizobium meliloti are impaired in stationary-phase survival or in recovery to logarithmic growth

Fleming, Ra, 1999:
Statistical advantages in, and characteristics of, data from long-term research

Wawrzoniak, J.; Pluciak, M.; Maachowska, J., 1999:
Statistical agreement evaluation of defoliation assessment of trees on permanent observation plots in the forest monitoring programme

Martinic, I.; Tomanic, S.; Vondra, V.; Rogan, S., 1996:
Statistical analysis of 24-hour electrocardiograms of forest workers

Dobos, E.; Micheli, E.; Baumgardner, M.F., 1998:
Statistical analysis of advanced very high resolution radiometer data (AVHRR) soil relationship

Cermakova, A., 1996:
Statistical analysis of consumers' preferences

Pofahl, U.; Adam, G.; Bohn, S.; Viertl, R., 1996:
Statistical analysis of imprecise data on tree diameters

Ceranka, B.; Dobek, A.; Kielczewska, H., 1998:
Statistical analysis of incomplete line x tester experiments

Takahasi, H., 1998 :
Statistical analysis of laborpower of farm households in Japan after World War II

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Statistical analysis of nematode diagnostic data: study case of Prismatolaimus de Man, 1880 (Nematoda: Prismatolaimidae)

Littell, R.C.; Henry, P.R.; Ammerman, C.B., 1998:
Statistical analysis of repeated measures data using SAS procedures

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Statistical analysis of spore size in glistening inky cap (Coprinus micaceus /Bull.:Fr./ Fr.)

Popov, P.P., 1999:
Statistical analysis of the germinative capacity of Siberian spruce seeds

Emel' yanov, A.M.; Kandelya, M.V., 1999:
Statistical analysis of the reliability of the elements in the crawler bogie of a rice combine harvester

Holjevac, I.A., 1996:
Statistical analysis of tourism capacity on the Opatija Riviera

Rolland, C., 1997:
Statistical analysis of vegetation map by means of geographical information system in the Vercors mountains

Donkin, M.J., 1999:
Statistical analysis to associate specific microorganism populations with operating conditions and treatment performance in laboratory-scale systems treating dairy processing wastewater

Walter, S.D., 1998:
Statistical analysis: significance tests versus confidence intervals

Smart, T.S.; Riley, J.; Edwards, P., 1998:
Statistical aspects of aquaculture research: one- and two-season cross-over designs

Rymer Dudzinska, T., 1998:
Statistical characteristics of ten-year increment of the tree height in pine stands

Cnossen, A.G.; Siebenmorgen, T.J.; Yang, W., 1999:
Statistical characterization of fissuring potential of two rice varieties by examining kernel size distribution of milled rice

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Statistical concoctions and everyday lives: queries from Gujarat resettlement sites

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Statistical considerations for milking time tests

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Statistical cost functions in paddy farms in Andhra Pradesh

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Statistical data quality control: the agricultural census survey

Pusnik, M.; Birtic, D., 1999:
Statistical databases on pig production on the Internet

Orman, M.N.; Yldrm, F., 1998:
Statistical description of lactation curve of Jersey bred in Karakoy State Farm

Stroup, W.W.; Adams, S.A.; Paparozzi, E.T., 1998:
Statistical design and analysis of producer/consumer evaluations to assess plant quality

Torfs, P.J.J.F., 1998:
Statistical disaggregation of hydrological time series using wavelets

Maak, K.; Storch, H. von, 1997:
Statistical downscaling of European monthly mean air temperature to the beginning of the flowering of snowdrops in northern Germany

Middelkoop, H., 1998:
Statistical downscaling of discharge series from the Rhine for peak flow analysis under changed climate

Campos Aranda, D.F., 1998:
Statistical estimate of probable maximum precipitation in San Luis Potosi

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Statistical estimation of cost of production functions of wheat in Egypt

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Statistical evaluation and assessment of immission-conditioned soil contamination. Case study of the old industrial site at Dorndorf-Steudnitz (Thuringia)

Hakkinen, R., 1999:
Statistical evaluation of bud development theories: application to bud burst of Betula pendula leaves

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Statistical evaluation of relations between amino acids values in three nematode species

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Statistical evaluation of the reaction of oak seedlings to powdery mildew and fungicides

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Statistical evaluation of three years of pollen sampling in Cartagena, Spain.

Petorin, L., 1997:
Statistical framework of the works councils' tourism and leisure market

Quevedo, J., 1999:
Statistical information for tourism analysis

Maindonald, J.H., 1998:
Statistical issues in disinfestation research

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Statistical method for evaluation of a water table management model

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Statistical methods for assessing and interpreting genetic diversity

Gilbert, P.B.; Self, S.G.; Ashby, M.A., 1998:
Statistical methods for assessing differential vaccine protection against human immunodeficiency virus types

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Statistical methods for mapping quantitative trait loci from a dense set of markers

W.R.ngLing; Liu HongXia; Han YiFan, 1999:
Statistical methods for mapping quantitative trait loci in forest trees

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Statistical methods in soil management

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Statistical methods to assessing responses over time in bioassays with mixtures

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Statistical methods to compare alternative ways of estimating merchantable volume

Zhang LuDa; L.S.aoKun; Zhao Ming; Wang ShuAn, 1998:
Statistical model about geometric characters of maize plant shape

Singh, R.; Tiwari, C.B.; Kumar, D., 1997:
Statistical model for estimating losses due to foot-and-mouth disease in India

Kruger, C.M.; Kaviski, E.; Muller, I.I., 1998:
Statistical modeling of daily rainfall data in South Brazil

Kosilova, A.N.; Strygina, S.O., 1998:
Statistical modelling of winter hardiness of winter wheat depending on agrometeorological conditions

Pereyra, A.M., 1996:
Statistical models of the lactation curves of dairy cows

Rice, C.G.; Demarais, S.; Hansen, R.W., 1998:
Statistical power for evaluating ecological monitoring methods and analysis

Mamedov, N.N., 1998:
Statistical probability characteristics of a combined unit for the preparation of soil before sowing

Hasenauer, H., 1999:
Statistical problems in estimating tree height increment

Young, T.M.; Winistorfer, P.M., 1999:
Statistical process control and the forest products industry

Reich, D.E.; Feldman, M.W.; Goldstein, D.B., 1999:
Statistical properties of two tests that use multilocus data sets to detect population expansions

Anonymous, 1998:
Statistical revisions significantly alter China's livestock PS&D

Parmenter, C.A.; Yates, T.L.; Parmenter, R.R.; Dunnum, J.L., 1999:
Statistical sensitivity for detection of spatial and temporal patterns in rodent population densities

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Statistical study of essential oil composition in three cultivated sage species

Fabelo Falcon, J.A.; Martinez Mederos, L.; Correa Cortes, Y., 1998:
Statistical study of the alcoholic fermentation stage for different systems of substrates

Liberato, J.R.; Vale, F.X.R.; Cruz, C.D., 1999:
Statistical techniques for multivariate analysis and the necessity for phypathologists to know them

Fu, Y.X., 1997:
Statistical tests of neutrality of mutations against population growth, hitchhiking and background selection

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Statistical variability in composting

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Statistics and analysis on the documents of plant protection in 34 agricultural colleges and universities in China

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Statistics and epidemiology of tractor fatalities - a historical perspective

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Statistics and simulation of forest spatial data

Kristiansen, H., 1999:
Statistics from the recording of furbearing animals in 1999

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Statistics of the stand structure in evaluating productivity

Anonymous, 1999:
Status after three years from 1995-1996 to 1997-1998 of the Programme on the management of forest resources

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Status and availability of potassium to rice plant in tidal swampy soil in the tropics

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Status and circulation characteristics of soil water in dryland field of southeast Shanxi Province

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Status and constraints of agricultural mechanization in China

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Status and development of mechanical timber harvesting and its contribution to increasing efficiency in the state forest enterprise of Lower Saxony

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Status and development of research on indoor wood environment

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Status and distribution of larger mammals in Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

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Status and distribution of potassium in soils of North Karnataka supporting sugarcane based cropping system

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Status and distribution of wild bactrian camels (Camelus bactrianus ferus) in China

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Status and dynamics of silicate-bound potassium in forest soils from glacial sands

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Status and exploitation of the genetic resources of two species of blueberry in China

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Status and growth of Quercus robur in plantations with various associate and shrub species

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Status and habitat of big trees in Congaree Swamp National Monument

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Status and impact of invasive conifer aphid pests in Africa

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Status and management of insect pests and diseases in Victorian softwood plantations

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Status and management of pales weevil in the eastern United States

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Status and management of wildlife in Tripura

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Status and perspective of insect biodiversity in Korea

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Status and problems in investment, management system and operating mechanism of mechanization in agriculture in China with countermeasures

Ilieva, R., 1998:
Status and problems of soil micromorphology in Bulgaria

Dong WeiBo; Shi YanMao; Chi YuCheng; Song WenWu; Cui FengGao, 1999:
Status and prospect of biocontrol of plant root-knot nematode diseases by Pasteuria penetrans

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Status and prospect of the technique of integrated control of major cotton insects and diseases in China

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Status and prospects for plantation forestry in the north of European Russia

Luchetti, F., 1997:
Status and prospects for the international olive oil market

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Status and prospects of research on insect antibiotic peptides

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Status and prospects of sweetpotato viruses elimination in China

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Status and prospects of upland rice in Indonesia

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Status and public perception of the 'New Zealand flatworm', Artioposthia triangulata (Dendy), in Northern Ireland

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Status and role of the bush layer and main shrub species in nutrient cycling of Tilia amurensis-Pinus koraiensis forest

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Status in soils under different forest stands on the hilly regions of southern Jiangsu Province

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Status number for measuring genetic diversity

Gerling, D., 1996:
Status of Bemisia tabaci in the Mediterranean countries: opportunities for biological control

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Status of Botrytis gray mold of chickpea research in Punjab, India

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Status of Bulbophyllum and allied genera in North Eastern India

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Status of DTPA-extractable Zn, Cu and Mn in soils of national watershed of Myana of Madhya Pradesh

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Status of German forest soils: effects of anthropogenic influences

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Status of Himalayan rangelands in India and their sustainable management

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Status of IPM and insecticide use in Texas cotton

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Status of Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) and its host plants in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh

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Status of Plasmodium falciparum resistance to chloroquine in Orissa

Dagnew, M., 1999:
Status of S. mansoni infection at Gorgora, Northwest Ethiopia

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Status of Stylosanthes development in other countries. I. Stylosanthes development and utilisation in South America

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Status of Stylosanthes development in other countries. II. Stylosanthes development and utilisation in China and south-east Asia

Ramesh, C.R.; Bhag Mal; Hazra, C.R.; Sukanya, D.H.; Ramamurthy, V.; Chakraborty, S., 1997:
Status of Stylosanthes development in other countries. III. Stylosanthes development and utilisation in India

Hazra, C.R., 1997:
Status of Stylosanthes developments in other countries. IV. Stylosanthes as a component of the forage research network in India

Gajadhar, A.A.; Bisaillon, J.R.; Appleyard, G.D., 1997:
Status of Trichinella spiralis in domestic swine and wild boar in Canada

Anonymous, 1998:
Status of U.S. meat product exports in 1998

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Status of VAM colonization in Acacia nilotica seedlings of different seed origin

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Status of agro-forestry systems in the Western Himalaya

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Status of ahipa (Pachyrhizus ahipa (Wedd.) Parodi) in Bolivia and northwestern Argentina

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Status of amino acid levels in resistant and susceptible coconut leaves to leaf blight infection caused by Pestalotiopsis palmarum

Zhuravlev, V.I., 1996:
Status of and prospects for development in the food and processing sectors of the Russian Federation

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Status of and prospects for winter wheat breeding at the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Experimental Station at Strzelce

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Status of antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas in farmed fish and water in Bangladesh

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Status of aquaculture in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Status of available micronutrients in soils of Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh

Sharma, S.C., 1998:
Status of available sulphur in soils of national watershed of Myana of Madhya Pradesh

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Status of bacterial wilt disease in West Bengal

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Status of biological control trials against Parthenium hysterophorus by Zygogramma bicolorata in India

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Status of bollworm, Helicoverpa zea, susceptibility to pyrethroids: IRAC-US 1998 update

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Status of breeding for resistance to Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in Western Australia

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Status of buckwheat cultivation and its importance in mountain farming systems of Nepal

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Status of cashew breeding and future priorities

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Status of clinical knowledge on Vitex agnus-castus

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Status of coconut industry in Zanzibar

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Status of commercial farming of cold-water marine fish in Norway, 1995-1996

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Status of commercial tilapia culture in Canada

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Status of common fruit vegetables in Bangladesh

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Status of copper in Mufindi tea growing areas, Tanzania

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Status of crop research in Fiji

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Status of dapple apple viroid in India

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Status of deciduous fruit crops in Florida: a current and retrospective analysis

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Status of environmental sanitation of rural families of Jorhat district of Assam

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Status of extension entomology programs: a national assessment

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Status of floor vegetation under exotic and indigenous tree plantations in semi-arid zone of north India

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Status of forage balance in Jammu & Kashmir

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Status of forest land reversion and counter measures

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Status of forest mechanization and the structure of forest work in logging, with regard to terrain conditions and management method in the forests of Croatia

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Status of forest-dwelling species nationally at risk in Canada

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Status of the pediculosis problem worldwide

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Stay EBL free - dairy industry Code of Practice

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Steady as she goes

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Step 2 payments high and running out in MY 98/99

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StereoReg. 312,5 EC. New broad spectrum cereal fungicide primarily for use in barley

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Stereotypic behaviour, heart rate and hormonal profiles of gilts fed concentrate or high-fibre diets

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Stereum species (Stereaceae) of South Africa

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Stereum thindii sp. nov

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Sterilized food leftovers in pig fattening - performance and meat quality

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Steroid hormone concentrations in relation to sexual activity in domesticated silver fox males

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Still going strong, community forests in Sweden

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Still waiting for the thaw

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