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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3283

Chapter 3283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gandhi, R.; Paramjit Khurana, 1999:
Stress-mediated regeneration from mature embryo-derived calli and gene transfer through Agrobacterium in rice (Oryza sativa)

Zhang, Y.H.; Jofriet, J.C.; Negi, S.C., 1998:
Stress-strain and volume strain-strain relationships for soybean

Dobrzanski, B.J.; Rybczynski, R., 1999:
Stress-strain relationship for fruit firmness estimation

Martensson, A.; Svensson, S., 1997:
Stress-strain relationship of drying wood. Part 2: verification of a one-dimensional model and development of a two-dimensional model

Douglas, J.E.; Biddick, T.L.; Thomason, J.J.; Jofriet, J.C., 1998:
Stress/strain behaviour of the equine laminar junction

Mitchell, M.F., 1996:
Stretching the content of your warm-up

Guinee, T.P.; O.C.llaghan, D.J.; O.D.nnell, H.J., 1999:
Stretching the limits of cheese testing

Parviainen, J., 1999:
Strict forest reserves in Europe - efforts to enhance biodiversity and strengthen research related to natural forests in Europe

Fischer, A.; Janitschek, M., 1999:
Strict quality concept for successful marketing

Stierli, B., 1997:
Strict regulation for Swiss products

Narisu, J.; Schaefer, C.W.; Lockwood, J.A., 1998:
Stridulatory apparatus of Piesma Le Peletier & Serville (Hemiptera: Piesmatidae)

Hedwig, B., 1997:
Stridulatory behaviour of the grasshopper Omocestus viridulus (L.)

Kroschel, J., 1998:
Striga - how will if affect African agriculture in the future? An ecological perspective

Reiss, G.C.; Bailey, J.A., 1998:
Striga gesnerioides parasitising cowpea: development of infection structures and mechanisms of penetration

Wilson, J.P.; Hess, D.E.; Cisse, B.; Hanna, W.W.; Youm, O., 1998:
Striga hermonthica infection of wild Pennisetum germplasm is related to time of flowering and downy mildew incidence

Sumner, H.R.; Rains, G.C.; Sumner, P.E., 1999:
String collectors to determine lag time of injection sprayers

Poldervaart, P., 1997:
Strings and sticks: star cheese products?

Williams, R.A., 1995:
Strip clearcutting in bottomland hardwood forests as an ecosystem management tool - a first year case study

Soza, E.L.; Tourn, M.C.; Pollacino, J.C.; Smith, J., 1998:
Strip cultivation: adaptation of an interseeder machine for sowing sorghum (Sorghum caffrorum R)

Doyle, P.T.; Young, J.; Booth, P., 1999:
Strip grazing to control wool growth rate of sheep grazing green annual pastures

Smith, M.A.; Carter, P.R., 1998:
Strip intercropping corn and alfalfa

Lesoing, G.; Francis, C., 1999:
Strip intercropping of corn-soybean in irrigated and rainfed environments

Mizuno, H., 1998:
Stripe fertilizer in the ridge

Diaz; Macpherson; Ely; Bulak, 1998:
Striped bass population subdivision within the santee-cooper system, south carolina

d' Herbes, J.M.; Valentin, C.; Thiery, J.M., 1997:
Striped vegetation in Niger: a synthesis of knowledge. Hypotheses on the genesis and determinant factors concerning different types of patterned vegetation

Wang Dee; Wan ZhongHai; Chen HuiMing, 1998:
Stripped bamboo features and their exploitation

Franklin, W.L.; M.Fernando Bas; Bonacic, C.F.; Cunazza P.Claudio; V.N.colas Soto, 1997:
Striving to manage Patagonia guanacos for sustained use in the grazing agroecosystems of southern Chile

Clough, J.M.; Fraine, P.J.; Godfrey, C.R.A.; Rees, S.B., 1997:
Strobilurin analogues as inhibitors of mitochondrial respiration in fungi

Siegfried, W.; Holliger, E., 1998:
Strobilurine in viticulture - latest results in the control of powdery and downy mildew

Durand, N., 1997:
Strobilurines + triazoles: ahead in tests

Jorgensen, L.N., 1998:
Strobilurins - used alone or in mixtures with EBI fungicides

Difazio, S.P.; Vance, N.C.; Wilson, M.V., 1997:
Strobilus production and growth of Pacific yew under a range of overstory conditions in western Oregon

Chichignoud, C., 1998:
Stroby DF: polyvalent fungicide against vine diseases

Gambhir, I.S.; Singh, D.S.; Pattnaik, D.N., 1998:
Stroke in a young woman

Mi, H.; Endo, T.; Ye, J.Y.; Shikanai, T.; Ogawa, T.; Takabe, T.; Asada, K., 1998:
Stromal NADPH-dehydrogenase functions as a mediator of electron transport to the intersystem chain in chloroplasts of higher plants

Kubono, T.; Hosoya, T., 1994:
Stromatinia cryptomeriae sp. nov., the teleomorph of Gloeosporidina cryptomeriae causing twig blight of Japanese cedar

Chollet, J.Y.; Jacquiet, P.; Diop, C.; Thiam, A.; Cabaret, J., 1997:
Strong adaptation to arid environment in Mauritania corresponds to limited genetic variability in the nematode Haemonchus longistipes, endoparasite of the dromedary

Kraeutler, E.; Moreau Rio, M.A., 1998:
Strong and weak points of cucumber

Nakamura, M.; Chi, Y.M.; Yan, W.M.; Nakasugi, Y.; Yoshizawa, T.; Irino, N.; Hashimoto, F.; Kinjo, J.; Nohara, T.; Sakurada, S., 1999:
Strong antinociceptive effect of incarvillateine, a novel monoterpene alkaloid from Incarvillea sinensis

Anonymous, 1997:
Strong brand names make money

Cakr, S.; Kence, A., 1999:
Strong deviations from 1:1 male:female sex ratio in some of the housefly, Musca domestica populations in Turkey

Anonymous, 1998:
Strong growth in the world cheese market

Schans, D. van der; Weide, R.Y. van der, 1999:
Strong together. Weed control in maize: combine mechanical control and low application rates of herbicides

Anonymous, 1997:
Stronger brand names and more flexible milk prices

Pagliuca, A., 1999:
Strongyloides hyperinfection in adult T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma

Koga, M.; Ning, A.; Tada, I., 1999:
Strongyloides ratti: migration study of third-stage larvae in rats by whole-body autoradiography after 35S-methionine labeling

Soroczan, W., 1997:
Strongyloides stercoralis (Bavay, 1876) Stiles et Hassall, 1902 (Nematoda). Part III. Morphology and anatomy

Machado, E.R.drigues; Costa Cruz, J.M.ria, 1998:
Strongyloides stercoralis and other enteroparasites in children at Uberlandia City, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Wilson, J.; Walthert, S.E.; Gillett, W.R., 1998:
Strongyloides stercoralis and severe pre-eclampsia

Brigandi, R.A.; Rotman, H.L.; Leon, O.; Nolan, T.J.; Schad, G.A.; Abraham, D., 1998:
Strongyloides stercoralis host-adapted third-stage larvae are the target of eosinophil-associated immune-mediated killing in mice

Gotuzzo, E.; Terashima, A.; Alvarez, H.; Tello, R.; Infante, R.; Watts, D.M.; Freedman, D.O., 1999:
Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection associated with human T cell lymphotropic virus type-1 infection in Peru

Sarangarajan, R.; Ranganathan, A.; Belmonte, A.H.; Tchertkoff, V., 1997:
Strongyloides stercoralis infection in AIDS

Müller, A.; Fätkenheuer, G.; Salzberger, B.; Schrappe, M.; Diehl, V.; Franzen, C., 1998:
Strongyloides stercoralis infection in a patient with AIDS and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Guerin, J.M.; Leibinger, F.; Mofredj, A., 1997:
Strongyloides stercoralis infection in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Cremades Romero, M.J.; Igual Adell, R.; Ricart Olmos, C.; Estelles Piera, F.; Pastor Guzman, A.; Menendez Villanueva, R., 1997:
Strongyloides stercoralis infection in the county of La Safor (Valencia), Spain

Teixeira, A.T.L.S., 1997:
Strongyloides stercoralis: frequency of detection in parasitological examinations at the UNICAMP University Hospital and morphometric analysis of larvae

Maruyama, H.; Nawa, Y., 1997:
Strongyloides venezuelensis: adhesion of adult worms to culture vessels by orally secreted mucosubstances

Maruyama, H.; Nawa, Y.; Ohta, N., 1998:
Strongyloides venezuelensis: binding of orally secreted adhesion substances to sulfated carbohydrates

Bonnet, C.; Vergne, P.; Bertin, P.; Treves, R., 1999:
Strongyloidiasis associated with HTLV-I infection

Mori, S.; Konishi, T.; Matsuoka, K.; Deguchi, M.; Ohta, M.; Mizuno, O.; Ueno, T.; Okinaka, T.; Nishimura, Y.; Ito, N.; Nakano, T., 1998:
Strongyloidiasis associated with nephrotic syndrome

A.S.mman, M.; Haque, S.; Long, J.D., 1999:
Strongyloidiasis colitis: a case report and review of the literature

Pica, R.; Gambetta, C.; Castellano, M.; Pellegrinotti, A., 1996:
Strongyloidiasis of long duration: a clinical case

Speight, E.L.; Myers, B.; Davies, J.M., 1999:
Strongyloidiasis, angio-oedema and natural killer cell lymphocytosis

Schneider, J.H.; Rogers, A.I., 1997:
Strongyloidiasis. The protean parasitic infection

Urban, J., 1999:
Strophosoma melanogrammum Forst. - neglected pest on young broadleaves and conifers

Lee, D.R.; Markussen, K.A., 1997:
Structural adjustment and agricultural export response in Latin America

Glomsrod, S.; Monge, M.D.; Vennemo, H., 1999:
Structural adjustment and deforestation in Nicaragua

Holden, S.T.; Taylor, J.E.; Hampton, S., 1999:
Structural adjustment and market imperfections: a stylized village economy-wide model with non-separable farm households

Holden, S.T.; Taylor, J.E.; Hampton, S., 1996:
Structural adjustment and market imperfections: a stylized village economy-wide model with nonseparable farm households

Anwar, T., 1996:
Structural adjustment and poverty: the case of Pakistan

Okuni, A., 1998:
Structural adjustment in Uganda: an assessment of modernisation, global dependency and local development

Tralim, V., 1999:
Structural adjustment in Zimbabwe: a reconsideration of the negotiations with the World Bank

Reddy, M., 1998:
Structural adjustment policies, agricultural growth and rural poverty in Fiji

Arora, D., 1999:
Structural adjustment program and gender concerns in India

Picciotto, R.; Weaving, R., 1997:
Structural adjustment programmes: an evaluation

Lezina, M.L., 1997:
Structural alterations in the agriculture of Russia

Lapierre; Pollet; Petit-Conil; Toval; Romero; Pilate; Leple; Boerjan; Ferret; D.N.dai V.J.uanin, 1999:
Structural alterations of lignins in transgenic poplars with depressed cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase or caffeic acid O-methyltransferase activity have an opposite impact on the efficiency of industrial kraft pulping

von Röpenack, E.; Parr, A.; Schulze-Lefert, P., 1998:
Structural analyses and dynamics of soluble and cell wall-bound phenolics in a broad spectrum resistance to the powdery mildew fungus in barley

Sawabe, A.; Morita, M.; Ouchi, S.; Okamoto, T., 1999:
Structural analyses of glycolipids from edible mushroom by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry

Yamagaki, T.; Mitsuishi, Y.; Nakanishi, H., 1997:
Structural analyses of xyloglucan heptasaccharide by the post-source decay fragment method using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Lochnit, G.; Nispel, S.; Dennis, R.D.; Geyer, R., 1998:
Structural analysis and immunohistochemical localization of two acidic glycosphingolipids from the porcine, parasitic nematode, Ascaris suum

Tambara, Y.; Hormaza, J.V.; Perez, C.; Leon, A.; Arrieta, J.; Hernandez, L., 1999:
Structural analysis and optimised production of fructo-oligosaccharides by levansucrase from Acetobacter diazotrophicus SRT4

Kimura, Y.; Ohno, A.; Takagi, S., 1997:
Structural analysis of N-glycans of storage glycoproteins in soybean (Glycine max. L) seed

Shimizu, R.; Akaishi, K.; Negishi, H.; Tanaka, H.; Ichinose, Y.; Shiraishi, T.; Yamada, T., 1999:
Structural analysis of a putative hypovirulent plasmid, pJTPS1, found in a spontaneous avirulent mutant of Ralstonia solanacearum

Harada, A.; Haruki, T.; Yamaguchi, S., 1998:
Structural analysis of factors comprising eating habits (Part 3) - patterns of dietary behaviors and dietary consciousness

Schmidt, M.; Schutz, J.P.; Gadow, K. von, 1997:
Structural analysis of four stands in transition to selection forest

Kimura, Y.; Ueyama, T., 1999:
Structural analysis of free N-glycans in bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla) shoots

Nascimento, J.W.B. do; Calil, C.J., 1997:
Structural analysis of metallic panels for prismatic silos

Schneeberger, W.; Eder, M.; Posch, A., 1997:
Structural analysis of organic farms in Austria

Choi JoonWeon; Ahn WonYung, 1997:
Structural analysis of water soluble lignin-carbohydrate complex(LCC) isolated from Korean camellia mistletoe (Pseudixus japonicus Hayata)

Wang, L.; Black, C.G.; Marshall, V.M.; Coppel, R.L., 1999:
Structural and antigenic properties of merozoite surface protein 4 of Plasmodium falciparum

Stone, S.L.; Gifford, D.J., 1999:
Structural and biochemical changes in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) seeds during germination and early seedling growth. II. Storage triacylglycerols and carbohydrates

Stone, S.L.; Gifford, D.J., 1997:
Structural and biochemical changes in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) seeds during germination and early-seedling growth. I. Storage protein reserves

Rajput, K.S.; Rao, K.S., 1999:
Structural and developmental studies on cambial variant in Pupalia lappacea (Amaranthaceae)

Glushchenko, D.P., 1999:
Structural and economic problems in the development of feed production

Glaze, D.; McElroy, R., 1997 :
Structural and financial characteristics of burley tobacco farms

Orozco Vilchez, L.; Camacho Calvo, M., 1997:
Structural and floristic variation in montane forests of the Talamanca Range, Costa Rica

O'Sullivan, T.; van Sinderen, D.; Fitzgerald, G., 1999:
Structural and functional analysis of pCI65st, a 6.5 kb plasmid from Streptococcus thermophilus NDI-6

Katakura, K.; Iwanami, M.; Ohtomo, H.; Fujise, H.; Hashiguchi, Y., 1999:
Structural and functional analysis of the LaMDR1 multidrug resistance gene in Leishmania amazonensis

Mikulich, E.L., 1998:
Structural and functional changes of the abomasum in calves with dyspepsia

Taraporewala, Z.F.; Culver, J.N., 1997:
Structural and functional conservation of the tobamovirus coat protein elicitor active site

Freedman, L.P.; Lemon, B.D., 1997:
Structural and functional determinants of DNA binding and dimerization by the vitamin D receptor

Georgieva, E.I., 1997:
Structural and functional organization of maize chromatin during embryo germination

Kostrej, A.; Danko, J., 1999:
Structural and functional parameters of production and accumulating potential of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Terekhova, V.A.; Trofimov, S.Y.; Semenova, T.A.; Dorofeeva, E.I., 1999:
Structural and functional peculiarities of mycobiota related to organic matter dynamics in undisturbed soils of southern taiga

Lakhanov, A.P.; Golyshkin, L.V., 1996:
Structural and functional peculiarities of the foliar system of buckwheat as dependent on the conditions of water provision of plants

Chapman, D.A.; Zavialov, A.V.; Chernovskaya, T.V.; Karlyshev, A.V.; Zav'yalova, G.A.; Vasiliev, A.M.; Dudich, I.V.; Abramov, V.M.; Zav'yalov, V.P.; MacIntyre, S., 1999:
Structural and functional significance of the FGL sequence of the periplasmic chaperone Caf1M of Yersinia pestis

Galian, L.R.; Cardenas, C.M., 1999:
Structural and histological study of somatic maize embryos

Sabba, R.P.; Durso, N.A.; Vaughn, K.C., 1999:
Structural and immunocytochemical characterization of the walls of dichlobenil-habituated BY-2 tobacco cells

Sherman, T.D.; Pettigrew, W.T.; Vaughn, K.C., 1999:
Structural and immunological characterization of the Cuscuta pentagona L. chloroplast

Puerta, L.; Kennedy, M.W.; Jim nez, S.; Caraballo, L., 1999:
Structural and ligand binding analysis of recombinant blo t 13 allergen from Blomia tropicalis mite, a fatty acid binding protein

Weaver, R.V., 1998:
Structural and marketing changes in U.S. retailing, 1987-1997: foundation for the future

Long, K.L.; Darah, I.; Ibrahim, C.O., 1998:
Structural and morphological alterations of Candida albicans cells after treatment with atratoxin B1 from Holothuria atra (Jaeger)

Sabu, P.M.; Yash Dave; Mercymol, S., 1996:
Structural and phylogenetic significance of the capsule wall of Andrographis alata (Vahl) nees (Acanthaceae)

Rundel, P.W.; Sharifi, M.R.; Gibson, A.C.; Esler, K.J., 1998:
Structural and physiological adaptation to light environments in neotropical Heliconia (Heliconiaceae)

Gozora, V., 1999:
Structural and processional changes in the agrifood complex and the level of agrarian management

Ausmees, N.; Jonsson, H.; Höglund, S.; Ljunggren, H.; Lindberg, M., 1999:
Structural and putative regulatory genes involved in cellulose synthesis in Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii

Myriam M.; Suarez M.; Martin Pozas J.M., 1998:
Structural and textural modifications of palygorskite and sepiolite under acid treatment

Klimes, F., 1998:
Structural and typological aspects of permanent grasslands

Samb, P.I.; Ba, A.T., 1997:
Structural and ultrastructural study of the haustoria of Striga aspera (Willd.) Benth

Bolyakina, Y.P.; Raikhman, L.A., 1999:
Structural aspects of protein accumulation in developing sunflower seeds

Lee, K.S.op; Soh, W.Y.ung, 1998:
Structural aspects of somatic embryos developed from Aralia cordata cells cultured in medium with ABA

Gordon-Weeks, R.; Parmar, S.; Davies, T.G.; Leigh, R.A., 1999:
Structural aspects of the effectiveness of bisphosphonates as competitive inhibitors of the plant vacuolar proton-pumping pyrophosphatase

Borucki, Wojciech, 1997:
Structural bases for effectivity of bacteroidal tissue in pea root nodules formed by effective or ineffective bacteria strain

Barberis, C.; Mouillac, B.; Durroux, T., 1998:
Structural bases of vasopressin/oxytocin receptor function

Inoue, M.; Tanaka, K.; Okibayashi, S.; Shimizu, T.; Goto, Y., 1999:
Structural behavior of box beam jointed by new connecting system

Wang SongYung; Juang HorngBin, 1998:
Structural behavior of various joints in furniture components made of softwood laminated veneer lumber

Chuang ShihTzu; Wang SongYoug, 1995:
Structural behaviour of various joints in furniture components made of Taiwania and China fir continuous fibre laminated wood (Zephyr wood) members

Kaushalya Gupta; Thakral, K.K.; Arora, S.K.; Chowdhary, M.L., 1996:
Structural carbohydrate and mineral contents of fenugreek seeds

Schmidt, K.; Warnk, O., 1997:
Structural change and dairy factories in East Germany

Jacobi, H., 1997:
Structural change and development trends in the agricultural supplies trade

Anonymous, 1998:
Structural change and innovations

Bandurkin, N.G., 1997:
Structural change and stabilizing enterprises

Hougaard, E., 1999:
Structural change continues in Spain

Hinson, R.A., 1996:
Structural change implications for small farms: Discussion

Schwarzbauer, P., 1998:
Structural change in roundwood and forest products markets: definitions, factors and methods

Hartmann Tews, I., 1996:
Structural change in sport: theoretical considerations and questions

Weindlmaier, H.; Braun, H.G., 1998:
Structural change in the Bavarian dairy industry. Economic necessities and prospects for companies

Gratton, C.; Richards, G., 1997:
Structural change in the European package tour industry: UK/German comparisons

Anonymous, 1997:
Structural change in the dairy industry continues unabated

Ortmann, G.F., 1998:
Structural changes and experiences with land reform in German agriculture since unification

Mueller, M.; Zellnig, G.; Tausz, M.; Wonisch, A.; D.K.k, L.; Soja, G.; Grill, D., 1997:
Structural changes and physiological stress responses of spruce trees to SO2, O3 and elevated levels of CO2

Ratnasara, G.V., 1997:
Structural changes effected, related problems and lessons learnt in drainage and reclamation projects in southern and south western coastal low lying areas of Sri Lanka

Gebremedhin, T.G.; Christy, R.D., 1996:
Structural changes in U.S. agriculture: implications for small farms

Schmitt Kopplin, P.; Hertkorn, N.; Schulten, H.R.lf; Kettrup, A., 1998:
Structural changes in a dissolved soil humic acid during photochemical degradation processes under O2 and N2 atmosphere

Tillak, P., 1998:
Structural changes in agricultural enterprises in the new Lander of Germany

Snrech, S., 1997:
Structural changes in agriculture in savannas and the West African Sahel

Nishimura, T.; Hattori, A.; Takahashi, K., 1999:
Structural changes in intramuscular connective tissue during the fattening of Japanese black cattle: effect of marbling on beef tenderization

Traill, B., 1997:
Structural changes in the European food industry: consequences for competitiveness

Fabiani, G.; Muro, P. de; Scarano, G., 1998:
Structural changes in the agriculture of southern Italy: from agricultural development to local development

Hofgaard, A., 1997:
Structural changes in the forest-tundra ecotone: a dynamic process

Bakhvalov, S.A.; Khvoschevskaya, M.F.; Bakhvalova, V.N.; Glupov, V.V., 1999:
Structural changes in the haemogram of the gypsy moth (Ocneria dispar L.) in polyhedrosis

Graf, G., 1998:
Structural changes in the potato sector of the European Union

Skhelkhaas, Kh, 1997:
Structural changes in the world dairy industry from 1985-1996

Weiermair, K.; Auer, W., 1998:
Structural changes of alpine tourism and resultant adaptation problems of tourism enterprises

Kosikova, B.; Tolvaj, L., 1998:
Structural changes of lignin-polysaccharide complex during photodegradation of Populus grandis

Manjaiah, K.M.; Datta, S.C.; Sidhu, G.S.; Ghosh, S.K., 1997:
Structural changes of mica dominant clay minerals as affected by extractions of non-exchangeable potassium

Itoh, T.; Fujino, T., 1998:
Structural changes of the cell wall during lignification of xylem cells in Eucalyptus tereticornis, visualized by rapid-freezing and deep-etching electron microscopy

Pashenova, N.V.; Vishnyakova, Z.V.; Vetrova, V.P., 1998:
Structural changes to bark and wood microbiota in conifers following damage by Siberian moth and xylophagous pests

Wang, D.Y.nqiu; Bradshaw, R.E.; Walter, C.; Connett, M.B.; Fountain, D.W., 1997:
Structural characterisation of Pinus radiata MADS-box DNA sequences isolated by PCR cloning

Ohya, N.; Tanaka, Y., 1998:
Structural characterisation of rubber from Lactarius mushrooms; 1H-NMR analysis of terminal groups in the rubber chain

Holst-Jensen, A.; Vaage, M.; Schumacher, T.; Johansen, S., 1999:
Structural characteristics and possible horizontal transfer of group I introns between closely related plant pathogenic fungi

Milan, M.J.; Caja, G., 1999:
Structural characteristics of Ripollesa sheep farms in Catalonia

Pretolani, R., 1998:
Structural characteristics of farms and costs of milk production

Lamanova, T.G., 1998:
Structural characteristics of grass agrophytocoenoses on opencast spoil banks in the forest steppe zone of the Kuzbas

Mogi, K.; Nagaki, M., 1997:
Structural characteristics of hamlets based on farming organizations - a case study of Yoshida Community, Tottori City

Chen BeiGuang; Z.Z.iYao; L.Z.enKui, 1997:
Structural characteristics of montane broadleaved evergreen forest on Mount Tianjingshan, Guangdong

Jia Ning; L.X.aoMing; Chen HuaiTao, 1998:
Structural characteristics of pulmonary tissue of bactrian camel

Zhong WeiYan; Yin XiuQin; Chen Peng, 1997:
Structural characteristics of soil animal groups in Liangshui Nature Reserve

Shcherban' , A.B.; Vershinin, A.V., 1997:
Structural characteristics of the modified BARE-retroelement of Hordeum vulgare L. barley genome

Trujillo, I.; Hermoso, L.; Garcia, E., 1997:
Structural characterization of banana clones: resistant and non resistant to yellow Sigatoka disease

Marques, A.V.; Pereira, H.; Meier, D.; Faix, O., 1999:
Structural characterization of cork lignin by thioacidolysis and permanganate oxidation

Sawabe, A.; Morita, M.; Ouchi, S.; Okamoto, T., 1999:
Structural characterization of glycolipids in edible mushroom by FAB/MS

Khoo, K.H.oi; Chatterjee, D.; Caulfield, J.P.; Morris, H.R.; Dell, A., 1997:
Structural characterization of glycosphingolipids from the eggs of Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma japonicum

Forsberg, L.S.; Reuhs, B.L., 1997:
Structural characterization of the K antigens from Rhizobium fredii USDA257: evidence for a common structural motif, with strain-specific variation, in the capsular polysaccharides of Rhizobium spp

Zarrouk, H.; Karibian, D.; Bodie, S.; Perry, M.B.; Richards, J.C.; Caroff, M., 1997:
Structural characterization of the lipids A of three Bordetella bronchiseptica strains: variability of fatty acid substitution

Freitas, R.; Ferreira, R.; Teixeira, A., 1998:
Structural comparison among the major storage proteins from legume seeds

Zheng XingFeng; Cheng HuiPing, 1998:
Structural comparison of dioecious wood among three species of broadleaved trees

Kirner, L.; Schneeberger, W., 1999:
Structural conditions and OPUL participation

Bischoff, S.; Flach, B.; Fuchs, S.; Wendland, G., 1999:
Structural description of wood surfaces

Dong JinGao; L.Z.engPing; Xue Feng; L.G.iShen, 1997:
Structural determination of HT-toxin component I and comparison of the toxicity among its analogues

Gil-Serrano, A.M.; Rodríguez-Carvajal, M.A.; Tejero-Mateo, P.; Espartero, J.L.; Thomas-Oates, J.; Ruiz-Sainz, J.E.; Buendía-Clavería, A.M., 1998:
Structural determination of a 5-O-methyl-deaminated neuraminic acid (Kdn)-containing polysaccharide isolated from Sinorhizobium fredii

Buck, W.S.J.M., 1997:
Structural developments in milk production and prospects for the future

Anonymous, 1998:
Structural developments: changes in farms

Pretzsch, H., 1998:
Structural diversity as a result of silvicultural operations

Kanak Sahai, 1999:
Structural diversity in the lens of the seeds of some Cassia L. (Caesalpinioideae) species and its taxonomic significance

Gao XiuHua; Shen GuoZhe; Liu ShuXue; Chen BingCong, 1998:
Structural dynamic analysis of the working equipment on a loader

Polidori, R.; Romano, D., 1997:
Structural economic dynamics and endogenous rural development: a case study in the Chianti Classico region

Hoisl, R., 1999:
Structural elements in the agricultural landscape - interrelations with land use. Proceedings of a conference in Veitshochheim bei Wurzburg, Germany, 5-7 October 1998

Ahlers, F.; Lambert, J.; Wiermann, R., 1999:
Structural elements of sporopollenin from the pollen of Torreya californica Torr. (Gymnospermae): using the 1H-NMR technique

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