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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3284

Chapter 3284 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wang, J.; Letham, D.S.; Cornish, E.; Stevenson, K.R., 1997:
Studies of cytokinin action and metabolism using tobacco plants expressing either the ipt or the GUS gene controlled by a chalcone synthase promoter. I. Developmental features of the transgenic plants

Wang, J.; Letham, D.S.; Cornish, E.; Wei, K.; Hocart, C.H.; Michael, M.; Stevenson, K.R., 1997:
Studies of cytokinin action and metabolism using tobacco plants expressing either the ipt or the GUS gene controlled by a chalcone synthase promoter. II. ipt and GUS gene expression, cytokinin levels and metabolism

Y.X.aoLi; L.Z.ngLi; Chen YiWen; Zhang GuangXian; L.X.eGang, 1998:
Studies of effect of surfactant solutions on the wetting function of plant leaf surfaces

Cheng YouZhu; X.G.oFang; Feng ZhenHai; Guo ZhongFu; Lin JinXiang; Fang YanYan, 1996:
Studies of efficacy of praziquantel and mebendazole-medicated salt in treatment of Echinochasmus fujianensis infection

Liu YongDe; Y.C.enLiang; Yan YaXian; W.Z.uLi; G.H.angLi; Fan ZhengQing, 1997:
Studies of enhanced inactivated vaccine against fowl cholera. III. The determination of lymphocyte activity after vaccination

Sun YaJie; Chen RuiLu, 1999:
Studies of entomological radar technique for the observation and forecast of airborne oriental armyworm, Mythimna separata (Walker)

Biswas, T.; Mandal, L.; Sarkar, S.K., 1999:
Studies of enzyme supplementation and herbal preparation at different levels of energy on the performance of broilers

Mahajan, S.K.; Sanjay Shakya; Joshi, R.K.; Neelu Gupta; Chauhan, H.V.S., 1998:
Studies of etiopathology of fin rot disease in fry stage of Labeo Rohita

Blokhuis, H.J.; Wiepkema, P.R., 1998:
Studies of feather pecking in poultry

Tang YuanJiang; Y.X.uLin; Chen ZeLian, 1998:
Studies of female gametophyte development and embryogenesis in Doritis pulcherrima Lindl

Deng QiYun; F.X.Qin, 1998:
Studies of fertility stability of P (T) GMS rice. III. Drift of critical temperature inducing male sterility and its controlling technology

Kingshlin, M.; Subbaraman, N.; Chandirakala, R., 1998:
Studies of genetic parameters and selection response in biparental progenies of pigeonpea

Ros, C.; Belák, S., 1999:
Studies of genetic relationships between bovine, caprine, cervine, and rangiferine alphaherpesviruses and improved molecular methods for virus detection and identification

Urhammer, S.A.; Fridberg, M.; Sørensen, T.I.; Echwald, S.M.; Andersen, T.; Tybjaerg-Hansen, A.; Clausen, J.O.; Pedersen, O., 1997:
Studies of genetic variability of the uncoupling protein 1 gene in Caucasian subjects with juvenile-onset obesity

Vogel, H.; Razmilic, I.; Munoz, M.; Doll, U.; San Martin, J., 1999:
Studies of genetic variation of essential oil and alkaloid content in boldo (Peumus boldus)

Jaiswal, H.R.; Misra, K.K.; Vijai Singh, 1999:
Studies of growth pattern of shoots and fruits of bael (Aegle marmelos Correa) strains

Sakaliene, O., 1998:
Studies of herbicide clopyralid (Lontrel) and its mixtures with mecoprop: botanical, agronomical and ecological aspects

Huang JinCherng; Liu ChengTzu, 1995:
Studies of high solid amino alkyd coatings for wood coatings application

Wang ZhenYu; Wang ChunXia;, 1998:
Studies of histopathology on the resistance of several gourd crops to Pseudoperonospora cubensis

Simpson, A.J.; Graham, C.L.; Hayes, M.H.B.; Stagg, K.A.; Stanley, P., 1997:
Studies of humic substances at different pH values using scanning electron microscopy, scanning tunnelling electron microscopy, and electron probe X-ray micro analysis

Huang,; Lu, S.Y.e; Lin, J.P.i, 1998:
Studies of hydrological characteristics of the watersheds in national forest in eastern Taiwan

Yang HongQiang; Jie YuLing, 1997:
Studies of individual difference in seedlings of apple rootstock

Yun XingFu; L.R.ngXi, 1997:
Studies of induced resistance to downy mildew of cucumber with SOD isozyme protein in cotyledons

Mwangi, R.W., 1997:
Studies of insecticidal activity in extract fractions of Melia volkensii (Gurke)

Zhou ChangQing; Mei LiuZhu, 1999:
Studies of intraspecific competition of fruit flies Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett) and B. tau (Walk) (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Jenekar, G.M.; Dethe, S.B., 1998:
Studies of kinetics of crystallisation of sugar in pure solution. Effect of some additives

Ostrowski de Nunez, M.; Hamann, M.I.; Rumi, A., 1997:
Studies of larval trematodes in Biomphalaria spp. (Mollusca, Planorbidae) from San Roque, Corrientes Province, Argentina

Stamboliev, M., 1998:
Studies of linear multifactorial correlations between some parameters characterizing development and yield of wheat and the agrometeorological conditions

Shi SiXin; Zhang Zhi E.; Xiao JianPing; Zhang LianXue; Wei YunJie; Kong XiangYi, 1996:
Studies of long-term storage techniques for Asiatic ginseng seeds

Voege, Margrit, 1997:
Studies of macrophyte vegetation and population biology in the lake Hohendeicher See in Hamburg

Guan ChunYun; L.X.n; Wang GuoHuai; Chen SheYuan; Yuan YanSong, 1997:
Studies of mechanism on male sterility in rape induced by chemical hybridization agent

Juhasz, G.A.; Simon Sarkadi, L.; Velich, I.; Varro, P., 1997:
Studies of non-ionic osmotic stress on bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) callus and seedlings cultures

Chiu ShiauYen; Chang HsiHsung; Tseng ShuHwa; Fei ChangYoung, 1999:
Studies of nutritional foods for the aged and for young: (I) Some bottled Gerber foods with artificial flavor

Obaya, M.C.; Ramos, J.; Eng, F.; Valdes, E.; Villa, P., 1998:
Studies of optimization of the preacidification of vinasse for anaerobic processing

Schilcher, H.; Leuschner, F., 1997:
Studies of potential nephrotoxic effects of juniper essential oil

Webb, D.H.; Deselm, H.R.; Dennis, W.M.chael, 1997:
Studies of prairie barrens of northwestern Alabama

Hidaka, T.; Kirigaya, T.; Kawamura, T.; Kawauchi, S., 1997:
Studies of precursors of chloroform formed in soyabean sprouts following sodium hypochlorite treatment

Y.Q.anYing; Cai HongBin, 1998:
Studies of preparation and thermoplasticity of benzylated wood

Hai, L.T.; Vien, N.T.; Duc, N.V., 1997:
Studies of production and carcass traits of three exotic pig breeds in South Vietnam

Zygmunt, J.; Chibowski, S.; Klimowicz, Z., 1997:
Studies of radiocaesium migration in soils with high organic matter content

Ram Bakshi; Singh, N.; Hemaprabha, G.; Sahi, B.K.; Tripathi, B.K., 1998:
Studies of red rot resistance and its association with yield and quality traits in sugarcane seedlings

Domonkos, L.; Karoly, H., 1998:
Studies of reproduction biology of reeds

Qian WeiPing, 1998:
Studies of resistance of Culex quinquefasciatus larva in Chengdu area to several insecticides

Moulton, J.K.; Pepper, D.A.; Dennehy, T.J., 1999:
Studies of resistance of beet armyworm (Spodoptera exigua) to spinosad in field populations from the southern USA and Southeast Asia

Yang LiMin et al., 1996:
Studies of sampling intensity of plant diversity of grassland communities in the Songnen Plain of China

Feng XiGuang; Yuan QinHuang; Zhi DenYuan et al., 1997:
Studies of serological typing of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi in Binchuan County, Yunnan

Campos, T.B.; Rodrigues Netto, S.M.; Chiba, S.; Melo, A.B.P. de, 1997:
Studies of sex pheromone traps for monitoring of Lasioderma serricorne (Fabricius, 1792) (Coleoptera: Anobiidae)

Li, Z.L.ang; Yuan,; Liu,; Cao, Z.X.n, 1998:
Studies of signal transduction of salicylic acid in cucumber cells

Jorge, L.A.C.; Souza, N.P.; Trindade, O.J.; Tozzi, C.L.; Neto, A.T., 1999:
Studies of soil conservation for precision farming by digital color image analysis, S.Y.; Ammar, N.M.; E.K.der, M.M.A., 1997:
Studies of some biochemical, nutritional and anti-inflammatory effects of Nigella sativa seeds

Faedi, W.; Bergamaschi, M.; Casadei, R.; Dradi, R.; Testoni, A.; Lovati, F., 1996:
Studies of some nutritive and qualitative characters of berries: comparison between strawberry cultivars and selections

Baulain, U.; Henning, M.; Kohn, G., 1999:
Studies of stress susceptibility in pigs of different MHS genotypes by 31P-NMR-spectroscopy

Jabonski, W.; Proszyk, S.; Jozwiak, M., 1997:
Studies of surface properties of modified exterior plywood

Guven, A.; Patr, B., 1998:
Studies of the Listeria species in some meat and meat products consumed in Elazg city

Morris, D.J.; Adams, A.; Richards, R.H., 1997:
Studies of the PKX parasite in rainbow trout via immunohistochemistry and immunogold electron microscopy

Kudo, A., 1997:
Studies of the agricultural water management and water quality hydrology on paddy fields in low-lying areas - the case of the Tsugaru Region, Aomori Prefecture

Hwang JyhSehng; Chiang PoYuan, 1998:
Studies of the changes of texture and chemical compositions of Ma-Bamboo shoots (Dendrocalamus latiflorus) during cooking

Bazitov, V., 1998:
Studies of the content, extraction and balance of nutrients in a rotation of alternate maize and wheat

Schonhar, S., 1998:
Studies of the ecology of forest ground-cover vascular plants. 1. Species found mainly on dry soils

Morris, P.A.; Temple, R.K.; Jackson, J.E., 1997:
Studies of the edible dormouse (Glis glis) in British woodlands - some preliminary results

Kadar, I.; Pusztai, A., 1997:
Studies of the effect of N fertilizers in pot experiments. I. Calcareous sandy soil (Orbottyan)

Zhang ChunLun; Zhu XingMing; H.S.Nong, 1998:
Studies of the effect of slow-release urea and nitrogen use efficiency

Cetin, O.; Nazli, B., 1995:
Studies of the effect of technological procedures on the microbiological quality in milk chocolate manufacture

Khan, A.R., 1998:
Studies of the effect of water mulch on physical edaphic properties of soil in relation to peanut growth and yield

X.Q.nLai; Xue ZhiYong; Tang JiangWu; Qian Hong; Qian ZuQi, 1997:
Studies of the effects of applying compound biofertilizer to early rice

L.C.engYi; Bai YunXiu; Zhang JinTong, 1997:
Studies of the effects of deltamethrin on the yolk protein of Culex pipiens pallens

Okazaki, Y.; Kato, I., 1998:
Studies of the effects of reagents on the solubility of proteins of composite hard cheese manufactured using 2 methods

Haas, A.; Platz, S.; Eichhorn, W.; Kaaden, O.R.; Unshelm, J., 1998:
Studies of the efficiency of steam application based on microbiological and parasitological test procedures

Zhang, Y.; Zhu, G-Zhang.; Zhang, Y-Duan.; Zhang, Y-Lian., 1997:
Studies of the Expression of Progesterone Receptor Gene in the Rat Uterus during Early Pregnancy by RT-PCR

Tanaka, A.; Ito, T., 1997:
Studies of the genetics and expression of prowing (Pw): a primitive homeotic mutant of the German cockroach, Blattella germanica

Mikage, M.; Kezuka, S., 1998:
Studies of the genus Bupleurum (Umbelliferae) from Nepal (I). A histological study of leaves and the botanical origin of Tibetan crude drug Tunak Chunga

Stegner, J., 1998:
Studies of the ground beetle fauna (Col., Carabidae) of selected forest areas in the Spreewald

You,; Liao, M.J.ang; Zhu, J.B., 1998:
Studies of the inhibition of combined N on the root hair deformation induced by the supernatant of the culture solution of Rhizobium meliloti

Lugo de Yarbuh, A., 1997:
Studies of the leishmanin skin test positivity in cases with treatment anti-Leishmania

Ochrimenko, W.I.; Loehnert, H.J.; Schwartze, J.; Lober, U., 1998:
Studies of the metabolism of beef suckler cows during the outdoor season

Okihashi, M.; Obana, H.; Hori, S., 1997:
Studies of the mobile phase in gel permeation chromatography for analysis of pesticide residues

Baylis, M.; Touti, J.; Bouayoune, H.; Moudni, L.; Taoufiq, B.; el Hasnaoui, H., 1998:
Studies of the mortality rate of Culicoides imicola in Morocco

Richmond, J.F.; Lu, S.; Santoro, J.C.; Weng, J.; Hu, S.L.; Montefiori, D.C.; Robinson, H.L., 1998:
Studies of the neutralizing activity and avidity of anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Env antibody elicited by DNA priming and protein boosting

Barrett, J.W.; Brownwright, A.J.; Primavera, M.J.; Palli, S.R., 1998:
Studies of the nucleopolyhedrovirus infection process in insects by using the green fluorescence protein as a reporter

Kannius-Janson, M.; Lidberg, U.; Hultén, K.; Gritli-Linde, A.; Bjursell, G.; Nilsson, J., 1998:
Studies of the regulation of the mouse carboxyl ester lipase gene in mammary gland

Chyek, E.K., 1996:
Studies of the role of advisory services in the development of enterprise in rural areas

Jiang TianTong; X.D.Ping; Fang YuLing; L.G.ngMing; Yang YiSheng, 1998:
Studies of the safety and immunogenicity of an inactivated oil emulsion vaccine against Japanese encephalitis

Mikaiylov, F.D., 1997:
Studies of the salt transfer processes in heterogeneous media on the basis of mathematical modeling

Herencia, L.I.; Urbano, P., 1999:
Studies of the seed germination of quinoa

Wu, Y.; Luo, Z.; Peng, Z., 1998:
Studies of the selenium bio-accumulation and distribution in rice

Innocenzi, P.J.; Hall, D.R.; Sumathi, C.; Cross, J.V.; Jacobson, R., 1998:
Studies of the sex pheromone of the European tarnished plant bug, Lygus rugulipennis (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Brun, N.T.; Boghen, A.D.; Allard, J., 1998:
Studies of the turbellarian Urastoma cyprinae in relation to the presence of mucus on the gills of oysters Crassostrea virginica

Marca, O. la; Gambi, L.; Pignatti, G.; Sanesi, G., 1998:
Studies of the vegetation and environment on a rehabilitated domestic waste landfill site

Wittmann, J.; Schoenbeck, F., 1996:
Studies of tolerance induction in wheat infested with powdery mildew or aphids

Mezyk, Z.; Wiackowski, S.K., 1999:
Studies of trace element content in selected medical herbs

Guo WangZhen; Y.C.engXin; Tang CanMing; Sun Jing; Pan JiaJu; Zhang TianZhen, 1999:
Studies of trisomic plants in upland cotton. IV. Origin and identification of chromosome 19 trisomic

Nie RongBang; H.X.Ming, 1997:
Studies of vigorous seedling chemicals of flue-cured tobacco. II. Effects of VSC on the growth rate of the plant and the yield and the quality of cured leaves

Griffiths, P.D., 1998:
Studies of viral co-factors for human immunodeficiency virus in vitro and in vivo

Levkina, L.M., 1997:
Studies of virulence in Alternaria macrospora Zimm. populations

Huang JinChern; Liu ChengTzu, 1995:
Studies of water-reducible amino alkyd resin coating on wood

Molina, X.; Casanova, J.C.; Feliu, C.; Castien, E., 1998:
Studies of wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) populations in Navarra (Spain). III. Qualitative and quantitative composition of the rabbit parasitic helminthfauna

Abo Ghalia, M.H.; Soliman, A.M., 1997:
Studies on praziquantel: synthesis and antischistosomal activity of some new analogues

Ajit Singh; Hooda, I.S.; Tyagi, R.C., 1997:
Studies on 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid biodegradation in relation to yield and yield attributes of wheat

Ramani, N., 1998:
Studies on Acalitus adoratus (Acari: Eriophyidae): a promising biocontrol agent of Chromolaena odorata in Kerala

Geertsema, H., 1998:
Studies on African zygaenoid moths (Lepidoptera: Zygaenoidea). The genus Psycharium Herrich-Schaffer, with descriptions of four new species (Somabrachyidae)

Chen ShanChun; Zhang JinRen; Huang ZiRan; Gao Feng; Chen FengZhen; Long YouQing, 1997:
Studies on Agrobacterium-mediated antibacterial peptide D gene transfer in citrus

Matsuda, H.; Tomohiro, N.; Yoshikawa, M.; Kubo, M., 1998:
Studies on Alismatis rhizoma. II. Anti-complementary activities of methanol extract and terpene components from Alismatis rhizoma (dried rhizome of Alisma orientale)

Zhang Zhiguang, Z.S.rong; L.C.angming; L.D.ngping; Zhang Tianxiao, 1997:
Studies on Amanita fuliginea and its toxicity

Rao, G.M.; Mujumdar, S.M.; Singh, T.S.M.S.; Rao, K.S., 1996:
Studies on Apis cerana Fabr. for Thai sacbrood disease resistance stock at Neyyattinkara, Kerala, India

Carvalho, A.M.ria Coelho; Bego, L.R.landi, 1996:
Studies on Apoidea fauna of cerrado vegetation at the Panga Ecological Reserve, Uberlandia, MG, Brazil

Song Bin; Ouyang YouSheng; H.Y.nXing, 1997:
Studies on Appendiculella in China II

Song Bin, 1998:
Studies on Appendiculella in China III

Permin, A.; Nansen, P.; Bisgaard, M.; Frandsen, F.; Pearman, M., 2008:
Studies on Ascaridia galli in chickens kept at different stocking rates

Wei Hui; Guo Jun; Zhou Qiang; Wang ZiFang, 1997:
Studies on Biological-Inorganic fertilizer and its application in field

Phengklai, C., 1997:
Studies on Bombacaceae of Thailand

Machowicz Stefaniak, Z., 1998:
Studies on Botrytis cinerea Pers. occurring on hazel

Xiao Kai; G.J.nTao; Zou DingHui; Zhang RongXian, 1998:
Studies on CO2 conductance during flag leaf aging of hybrid wheats and their parents

Aalto, T.; Vesala, T.; Mattila, T.; Simbierowicz, P.; Hari, P.; Juurola, E., 1998:
Studies on CO2 exchange of Scots pine needles using cuvette field measurements and a 3-dimensional stomatal model including gaseous phase and leaf mesophyll

Kawai, T.; Nakazawa, Y., 1997:
Studies on Camembert cheese manufacture using yeast flora (4). Distribution of free amino acids and chemical constituents in cheese ripened with Geotrichum candidum

Kawai, T.; Ueda, C.; Nakazawa, Y., 1998:
Studies on Camembert cheese manufacture using yeast flora (5). Morphological properties and formation of aromatic compounds of Geotrichum candidum isolated from raw milk and cheese

Mohammed, A.A.; Bastawrows, A.F., 1999:
Studies on Campylobacter organisms as food-poisoning organisms in fresh water and salted fishes Moloha in Assiut governorate

Wen JunBao; L.Z.enYu; Shen XiHuan, 1998:
Studies on Cecidomyia weni Jiang

Gonzalez, M.I.; Alvarado, M.; Duran, J.M.; Serrano, A.; Rosa, A. de la, 1998:
Studies on Cicada sp. (Homoptera: Cicadidae) in olives

Nemeth, I.; Nemeth, S.; Sarfalvi, B., 1998:
Studies on Conyza canadensis in vineyards

E.G.aysh, A.; Olfat Mahdy, 1998:
Studies on Cryptosporidium nasorum in fish (Tilapia zelii) in Egypt

D.S.uza, P.E.; Hafeez, M., 1998 :
Studies on Cysticercus cellulosae in pigs in an organized abattoir in Andhra Pradesh, India

H.F.Mei; Dai ZiRong; Liang JingYing; Xia ChuanGuo; Huang ZhenYou; Zhong HunHong, 1997:
Studies on DLB - new termiticide

Guo Hong; Chen GuanJin; Zhou YonGan; Zheng HuanQin; Liu YanWen, 1999:
Studies on DNA vaccination with recombinant plasmid pcDNA3 containing the ROP1 gene from Toxoplasma gondii in BALB/c mice. I. Constructing eukaryotic expression recombinant plasmid pcDNA3-ROP1

Ekanayake, S., 1997:
Studies on Dirofilaria repens - effect of splenectomy and immunosuppression of the host on microfilaraemia

Ibrahim, A.I.; Elattar, A.A.; E.S.ahidy, M.S., 1998:
Studies on E. coli isolates from respiratory affected broilers and protection evaluation of different prepared bacterins

Janka, S.; Stoye, M., 1998:
Studies on Echinococcus multilocularis and Trichinella spiralis infections in the red fox in the Karlsruhe area

Abeygunawardena, I.S.; Weilgama, D.J.; Horadagoda, N.U.; Jayapadma, H.M.H.L., 1996:
Studies on Explanatum (Gigantocotyle) explanatum infection: prevalence in cattle and buffaloes in Sri Lanka and pathology in natural infection

L.Y.nGuo; Yin KeLin, 1998:
Studies on Fe and Zn nutrients in citrus orchards and the model of specifically prescribed fertilization for citrus

Yan YanZu; L.X.uYu; Chen Xi, 1997:
Studies on Fusarium moniliforme heterokaryon

Gao Cheng; F.J.e; Jin MeiLei; Bao ShiMin, 1995:
Studies on Giardia spp. I. Experimental infection of laboratory animals with trophozoites and cysts of Giardia simoni

Littlejohn, G.M.; Blomerus, L.M., 1997:
Studies on Gladiolus resistance to transverse rust

Wilson, A.J.; Critchley, A.T., 1998:
Studies on Gracilaria gracilis (Stackhouse) Steentoft, Irvine and Farnham and Gracilaria aculeata (Hering) Papenfuss from southern Africa. II. Agar production

Sneh Lata, 1998:
Studies on Grewia optiva in Indo-Nepal Himalaya

Matsuda, H.; Dai, Y.; Ido, Y.; Ko, S.; Yoshikawa, M.; Kubo, M., 1997:
Studies on kochiae fructus. III. Antinociceptive and antiinflammatory effects of 70% ethanol extract and its component, momordin Ic from dried fruits of Kochia scoparia L

Matsuda, H.; Dai, Y.; Ido, Y.; Yoshikawa, M.; Kubo, M., 1997:
Studies on kochiae fructus. IV. Anti-allergic effects of 70% ethanol extract and its component, momordin Ic from dried fruits of Kochia scoparia L

Matsuda, H.; Dai, Y.; Ido, Y.; Murakami, T.; Matsuda, H.; Yoshikawa, M.; Kubo, M., 1998:
Studies on Kochiae Fructus. V. Antipruritic effects of oleanolic acid glycosides and the structure-requirement

Graora, D., 1997:
Studies on Lepidosaphes ulmi L. (Homoptera: Diaspididae) on apple in Serbia

Hirsch, A.M.; Fang, Y.; Rhijn, P. van; Galili, S.; Shaul, O.; Atzmon, N.; Wininger, S.; Eshead, Y.; Li, Y.; To, V.; Kapulnik, Y., 1997:
Studies on MsENOD40 gene expression in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and white sweetclover (Melilotus alba Desr.)

Zhang DaoYong; H.C.engLong; Lin Yi; Wang ZeZhou; Wang WenGui; Yang XiaoMei; L.L., 1998:
Studies on Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae infection

Chen Jialin; Chen Qiliu, 1998:
Studies on Myxobolus koi diseases in common carp

Guo PeiGuo; Cheng JianJun; Zheng YanLing, 1997:
Studies on N utilization by flue-cured tobacco using 15N tracer

Manmohan Mittal; Shaktawat, M.S.; Sharma, G.L., 1999:
Studies on N, P and K uptake by maize (Zea mays L.) cultivar as affected by sowing dates and irrigation regimes

Tian QiZhuo, 1998:
Studies on N, P, K absorption, accumulation and distribution in winter wheat plants under conditions of water-saving and high yield cultivation

Moser, M.M.; Ammirati, J.F., 1997:
Studies on North American Cortinarii. IV. New and interesting Cortinarius species (subgenus Phlegmacium) from oak forests in Northern California

Guan LiRen, 1997:
Studies on Phlebotomus (Paraphlebotomus) alexandri (Sinton, 1928) in China

Cai YaoHui; Yan Long' an; Liu QiuYing; Kuang XianYan; Zhang XiaoBo, 1998:
Studies on Pingxiang dominant genic male sterile (PDGMS) rice

G.M.ngHong; X.F.Yuan; Zhang Pei; X.W.nLi; X.K.Qing, 1999:
Studies on Pinus massoniana and Pinus thunbergii resistance to the pine wood nematode (PWN) induced by hormones, calcium, salicylic acid and ammonium

Lakshmi, K.; Rao, G.M.; Joshi, M.A.; Suryanarayana, M.C., 1997:
Studies on Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre: as an important source of forage to Apis species

Santos, C.P.; Cardenas, M.Q.; Lent, H., 1999 :
Studies on Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) Pereirai annereaux, 1946 (Nematoda: Camallanidae), with new host records and new morphological data on the larval stages

Prasad, V.; Murthy, K.K.; Murthy, P.R.K., 1999:
Studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in chickens

Amer, M.A.; Poppe, J.; E.S.mra, I., 1996:
Studies on Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato and Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria in tomato and pepper

Guo XiaoLing; Jiang ZhiHua; Liu HongLin; Huang YueYing, 1997:
Studies on RFLPs of the steroid 21-hydroxylase locus in pigs

Hassan, A.A.; Mahran, G.; Ismail, A.A.;, M.A., 1996:
Studies on Ras cheese ripening with enzymes addition. 1. Preparation of lipase and protease from bacteria and its addition to Ras cheese slurry

Ismail, A.A.; Hassan, A.A.;, M.A., 1996:
Studies on Ras cheese ripening with enzymes addition. II. Application of bacterial proteases and lipases in accelerating ripening of Ras cheese

Wang JianGuo; Zhang JiaXun, 1998:
Studies on Tabanidae and structure analysis of geographic strains in Ningxia

Zameer Ahmad; Jafri, M.A.; Kalim Javed; Ahmad, M.A., 1998:
Studies on Tadbir of Indian Rhubarb

Mohan, V.; Mishra, R.N., 1998:
Studies on VAM association in Marwar Teak (Tecomella undulata (Smith) Seeman) in desert soils of Rajasthan

Vijayakumar, B.S., 1998:
Studies on VAM colonization in groundnut, sorghum and mulberry grown in semi-arid tropical soils of Anantapur district

Jauti Sharma, 1998:
Studies on Vanda: effect of age of capsules (pods) on in vitro seed germination

Shen YongBao; Y.F.ngYuan; Gao HanDong; Jin TianXi; Zeng XianZhi, 1998:
Studies on X-ray contrast method with water for testing viability of Yunnan pine seed

Xue XinPing; Chen MinKe; Shen ZhongMei, 1998:
Studies on Zn nutrition in apple trees

Thottappilly, G.; Dahal, G.; Lockhart, B.E.L., 1998:
Studies on a Nigerian isolate of banana streak badnavirus: I. Purification and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Ono, M., 1998:
Studies on a germin-like protein of Pharbitis nil in relation to the short-day induction of flowering

Mello, C.B.; Nigam, Y.; Garcia, E.S.; Azambuja, P.; Newton, R.P.; Ratcliffe, N.A., 1999:
Studies on a haemolymph lectin isolated from Rhodnius prolixus and its interaction with Trypanosoma rangeli

Hao YuYou; Liu AiYing; Liang ZongQi, 1999:
Studies on a high N6-(2-hydroxyethyl) adenosine yielding strain of Cordyceps pruinosa Petch induced by UV irradiation of protoplast

Rotkiewicz, T.; Bomba, G.; Falkowski, J.; Glogowski, J.; Kozera, W.; Kozowski, M., 1997:
Studies on a long-term use of rapeseed products in diets for boars. Pathomorphological changes in the reproductive system, liver and thyroid gland

Noopur Mathur; Srivastav, A.K., 1996:
Studies on a new caryophyllid cestode Bilobulata georgievi n. g., n. sp. from intestine of fresh water cat fish Clarius batrachus (Linn.)

Abou el Naga, I.F., 1999:
Studies on a newly emerging protozoal pathogen: Cyclospora cayetanensis

Zhou ZhiXiang; Song CongWen; Feng ChunLian, 1999:
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Studies on in vitro culture and flavonoid production of Ginkgo biloba I. The effects of medium on callus induction and browning

Ohol, T.; Singh, K.K., 1997:
Studies on in vitro evaluation of some griseofulvin tablets

Ganapathi, T.R.; Kulkarni, V.M.; Suprasanna, P.; Bapat, V.A.; Rao, P.S., 1998:
Studies on in vitro multiplication and encapsulation in an elite variety of banana - Lal Kela (AAA)

Pushpalatha, T.; Padmanabhan, C., 1998:
Studies on in vitro testing for salt tolerance in callus cultures of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Ashoke Bhattacharya; Sudhendu Mandal, 1997:
Studies on in vivo pollen germination of some angiospermic plants

Bhakta, T.; Mukherjee, P.K.; Mukherjee, K.; Pal, M.; Saha, B.P., 1998:
Studies on in vivo wound healing activity of Cassia fistula Linn. leaves (Leguminosae) in rats

Lee SungCheol, 1998:
Studies on in-situ digestibility and feed value of rice as influenced by ripening stage

Zhao JingYin; Yao Zheng; Jiang XiaoHua, 1998:
Studies on increasing nitrogen utilization rate of chemical N fertilizer by application of organic wastes as additives. I. Effects of application of organic wastes and matter as additives on transformation of urea-N in soils

Zhao JingYin; Yao Zheng; Jiang XiaoHua, 1999:
Studies on increasing nitrogen utilization rate of chemical fertilizers by application of organic wastes as additives II. Effects of application of organic wastes as additives on utilization rate of N from chemical fertilizer

Singh, R.N.; Sahi, A.N., 1997:
Studies on induced auto-octoploid and its implication in the origin of tetraploid Solanum villosum of the Solanum nigrum complex

Raafat, M.A.A., 1998:
Studies on induced variability in Egyptian cotton

Zhu XiangRui; Chen YuYin; Pan PeiFei; Zheng YuanPang; L.D.anYang, 1999:
Studies on inducing anti-bacteria substance from silkworm eggs and its newly hatched larva's animal test

Han SuFeng; Zhang FuHai; Deng ZhenYu, 1999:
Studies on inducing poplar to nodulate and fix nitrogen

Geetha, K.; Vaidyanathan, P., 1998:
Studies on induction of mutations in soybean (Glycine max L. Merill) through physical and chemical mutagens

Chen, L.Q.; Zhao, Y.L.; Wang, Y.F.; Chen, W.; Tang, L.Y.; Du, N.S.; Lai, W., 1997:
Studies on induction of polyploidy in the Chinese mitten-handed crab, Eriocheir sinensis. 1. Induction of triploid and tetraploid embryos in Eriocheir sinensis by cytochalasin B

Collins, W.E.; Warren, M., 1998:
Studies on infections with two strains of Plasmodium inui from Taiwan in rhesus monkeys and different anopheline mosquitoes

Bao GuoLian; Tong ChengGang; Wei Qiang; J.Q.aNan; Fei BingRong; Teo XiRong; Jiang WeiMin, 1997:
Studies on infectious serositis in young ducks

Sinkovics, J.G., 1999:
Studies on influenza- and Newcastle disease virus at the University's Institute of Microbiology (Budapest) in 1948-50

Chen WeiJiang, 1999:
Studies on inheritance of CMS restorer R18 with red flower color in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Rheenen, H.A. van; Haware, M.P., 1997:
Studies on inheritance of ascochyta blight resistance in chickpea

Yamamoto, N.; Natsume, S.; Chiba, N., 1998:
Studies on inner-stand cultivation of Japanese yams in the southwestern area of Hokkaido (I): fundamental requirements when planning cultivation based on the production process

Shi XiaoXin; Gao Yi; M.B.oKun; Zhao SongChao, 1997:
Studies on inoculation of shoot tip in apple

Feng JiHua; Yan GuoZeng; Yao DeFu; L.G.angWu; Zhao ZhongLing, 1999:
Studies on insect natural enemy diversity of gypsy month and their role in natural control of the pest (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) in the Beijing area

Lin JinTian; Ling YuanFang; Bin ShuYing, 1998:
Studies on insecticidal activity of several organophosphorus insecticides against vegetable leafminer Liriomyza sativae (Diptera, Agromyzidae)

X.F.i; L.A.; Duan XiaoLan et al., 1999:
Studies on insecticide resistance and control strategy of Culex fatigans in Nanchang area

Zhang DaYu; Cheng JiaAn; L.Y.ngHua, 1997:
Studies on insecticide resistance and synergism in Blattella germanica (L.) in urban Hangzhou

Skrzypczynska, M., 1997:
Studies on insects and mites causing galls on the leaves of hornbeam Carpinus betulus L. in the Ojcow National Park in Poland

Skrzypczynska, M., 1999:
Studies on insects and mites causing galls on the leaves of lime tree Tilia cordata Mill. in the Ojcow National Park in Poland

Okuda, H.; Kameda, K.; Morimoto, C.; Matsuura, Y.; Chikaki, M.; Jiang, M., 1998:
Studies on insulin-like substances and inhibitory substances toward angiotensin-converting enzyme in royal jelly

Kurogi, S.; Nakamura, M.; Kawasaki, Y., 1997:
Studies on integrated control of major insect pests of sweet pepper in a greenhouse . 3. Control of Thrips palmi with 2 species of predators, Orius sauteri and Amblyseius cucumeris

Rani, P.U., 1997:
Studies on inter-relations of fruit yield, yield attributes and some other characters in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

Kumar, C.H.M.V.; Arunachalam, V.; Chakrabarty, S.K.; Rao, K.P.S., 1996:
Studies on inter-specific hybridization in oilseed crop Brassicas

Ohnishi, N.; Yonekawa, Y.; Nakasako, S.; Nagasawa, K.; Yokoyama, T.; Yoshioka, M.; Kuroda, K., 1999:
Studies on interactions between traditional herbal and Western medicines. I. Effects of Sho-seiryu-to on the pharmacokinetics of carbamazepine in rats

Jie XiaoLei; Han YanLai; Tan JinFang; Peng Hua; Gao WenHong; Zhang HuaPing; Wang LiHe; Wang XiZhi, 1998:
Studies on interactive effect and coupling model of irrigation and N application in different fertility wheat fields

Wada, T.; Goto, R.; Kang, S.Y.; Hattori, K., 1996:
Studies on intercellular space of embryo and seedling tissues in rice plants

Palani, M.; Dasthagir, M.G., 1996:
Studies on intercropping agricultural crops with Acacia nilotica under rainfed conditions

Singh, S.P., 1996:
Studies on intercropping in some commercial fruit crops: A review

Patil, S.; Kanamasi, V.C.; Ryagi, Y.H.; Dharmatti, P.R., 1997:
Studies on intercropping in tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum mill)

Muni Ram; Dasha Ram; Santosh Singh; Naqvi, A.A.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Studies on intercropping of patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) with papaya (Carica papaya)

Kagi, S.S.; Meli, S.S.; Babalad, H.B., 1996:
Studies on intercropping of soybean in chilli and chilli + cotton mixed cropping system

Wang Fugui,; Gao Shu, 1997:
Studies on interpretation and orientation of the damaged pine forests by pine caterpillars with airborne video techniques

Shivakumar, B.G., 1998:
Studies on interrelationship between grain yield and yield attributing characters in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Liang FengShan; Luo YaoWu; Chen RongMin, 1999:
Studies on interspecific crosses and cytogenetics between autotetraploid sorghum and Johnson grass

Srinivas, T.R.; Singh, R., 1998:
Studies on intervarietal grape hybrids for raisin making

Zhang LiGong; Wang XiWu; Zhang RenCi; Liu HongTao; Zhou ShaoYan; Guo ZhongQuan; Dong YuDong; Tao GuiBin, 1997:
Studies on introduction of Pinus ponderosa

Wei SanLi; Han BiWen, 1996:
Studies on ion exchange resin as mineral nutrition carrier of flowers

Zhou YongMing; Tan YaLing; Liu Meng; Wei ZeLan; Yao Li; Shi ShuWen, 1998:
Studies on irradiation-induced mutation in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Sanyal, D.; Biswas, B.; Mitra, S.K., 1996:
Studies on irregular bearing of mango (Mangifera indica L.) I. Effect of chemicals

Sanyal, D.; Mitra, S.K., 1999:
Studies on irregular bearing of mango (Mangifera indica L.). II. Changes in mineral composition of leaf and shoot in relation to fruit-bud differentiation

Shahid Rafiq Ch; Khan, M.A.; Shah, S.M.; Malik, M.A., 1998:
Studies on irrigation scheduling in spring sown sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Karwowska, K.; Stegman, J.; Duszkiewicz Reinhard, W.; Dobrzeniecka, A., 1997:
Studies on isolation and chemical composition of biologically active compounds of bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) and bergenia (Bergenia crassifolia). Part IV

Karwowska, K.; Stegman, J.; Duszkiewicz Reinhard, W.; Dobrzeniecka, A., 1997:
Studies on isolation and chemical composition of biologically active compounds of calamus (Acorus calamus). Part III

Karwowska, K.; Osinska, E.; Duszkiewicz Reinhard, W.; Dobrzeniecka, A., 1997:
Studies on isolation and chemical composition of biologically active compounds of rhubarb (Rheum palmatum). Part V

Karwowska, K.; Stegman, J.; Duszkiewicz Reinhard, W.; Dobrzeniecka, A., 1997:
Studies on isolation and chemical composition of biologically active compounds of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). Part II

Uludag, A.; Katkat, M.; Uzun, A., 1998:
Studies on johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.) control in cotton with combinations of post emergence herbicides and tillage equipment

Weng CaiHao; Y.Y.Wen; Guo QuanSheng; Zeng GuangWen; Sho BaoFu, 1996:
Studies on jute emasculation by spraying water

Shou HuiXia; Wang Zhian; Shen XiaoXia, 1997:
Studies on karyotypes and evolution level of wild soyabeans, Glycine soja Merr. (L.), and cultivated soyabeans, Glycine max Merr. (L.)

Tsuda, T.; Chachin, K.; Ueda, Y., 1999:
Studies on keeping quality of imported 'Carabao' mango fruit from the Philippines

Shi, J.R.; Wang, Y.H., 1996:
Studies on key control techniques and integrated management of wheat sharp eyespot

Huan YanJun; Liu YiFang; Feng Rui, 1998:
Studies on key technology of using spirulina in milk-beverage

Matsumoto, M.; Honda, K.; Kurogi, J., 1998:
Studies on kunugi (Quercus acutissima) grazing forests in Aso and Kuju, Kyushu region

Senoo, Y.; Yasuda, T.; Sugawara, H.; Shinsenji, A., 1998:
Studies on laborsaving direct sowing cultivation of sugarbeet 3. Trials to obtain stable and high yield

Shin DooChull; Baek InYoul; Song SeogBo; Lee JinMo; Kwack YongHo; Park SangGu; Park WooPung, 1998:
Studies on labour saving methods in soyabean cultivation

Senoo, Y.; Yasuda, T.; Sugawara, H.; Niitsuma, S.; Shinsenji, A., 1996:
Studies on laboursaving direct sowing cultivation of sugarbeet. 1. Demonstration trials on laboursaving drilled cultivation of sugarbeet

Cecchi, L.; Deiana, P.; Catzeddu, P.; Lodi, R., 1998:
Studies on lactic acid isomers in Pecorino Romano cheese by means of radiotracers

Gregory, N.G.; Haslett, S.J.; Pedley, J.C., 1999:
Studies on lamb hypothermia using a model lamb

Cha DuSong; Kim SoYeon; J.B.oungYun; Lee HaeJoo, 1996:
Studies on landscape evaluation of forest road with a psychometrical method

el Badwi; Samia, M.A.; Adam, S.E.; Shigidi, M.T.; Hapke, H.J., 1998:
Studies on laticiferous plants: toxic effects in goats of Calotropis procera latex given by different routes of administration

Vijayan, K.; Raghunath, M.K.; Das, K.K.; Tikader, A.; Chakraborti, S.P.; Roy, B.N.; Qadri, S.M.H., 1997:
Studies on leaf moisture of mulberry germplasm varieties

Liu, H.K.; Gyokusen, K.; Saito, A., 1997:
Studies on leaf orientation movements in kudzu (Pueraria lobata) (I): Diurnal changes of leaflet azimuth and leaf temperature

Liu, H.K.; Gyokusen, K.; Saito, A., 1997:
Studies on leaf orientation movements in kudzu (Pueria lobata) (II): effects of leaf orientation movements on photosynthetic rate

Duan Jun, L.C.eng Ye; Huang Y.W.n, 1997:
Studies on leaf senescence of hybrid rice at flowering and grain formation stage

Chen MeiXiang, 1998:
Studies on lethal factors in Cunninghamia lanceolata cones

L.Z.ngJia; L.F.ngChao; Zhao BingQiang, 1998:
Studies on light and heat resources use efficiency and yield effect of wheat-maize-maize intercropping system

Lin HongHui; H.J.nXian; Liang HouGuo; D.L.nFang, 1998:
Studies on light harvesting complexes of photosystem II in a chlorophyll-deficient barley mutant NYB

Rane, S.D.; Dethe, M.D., 1997:
Studies on lipophilic pesticide residues in vegetable oils

Chauhan, H.S.; Kamla Singh; Patra, D.D., 1997:
Studies on litter production, nutrient recycling and yield potential under (5-6 years old) poplar (P. deltoides) and Eucalyptus (E. hybrid) interplanted with aromatic crops in Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh

Chhabra, A.K.; Gaur, G.K.; Bhatia, S.S.; Raheja, K.L.; Pal, S., 1996:
Studies on litter traits in Desi and crossbred pigs

Reddi, P.K.; Ahmed, M.N.sar, 1998:
Studies on liver function tests in bullocks affected with myrotheciotoxicosis

Liu XiaoGuang; Gao KeXiang; Xiang CunTi, 1997:
Studies on loss assessment of poplar bacterial canker

Fan LongJiang; Yan QiChuan; Zang RongChun;, 1998:
Studies on low seed vigor of sh2 sweet corn (Zea mays L.)

Fan LongJiang; Yan QuChuan; Zhang RongChun;; Yuan ShongLin, 1998:
Studies on low seed vigor of sh2 sweetcorn and seed treatments for improving it's field seedling emergence

Huang Zeen; Shi GuangXing, 1998:
Studies on low toxicity, non-dewatering UF resins used for poplar plywood

Deshpande, S.M.; Mantri, A.M.; Talvelkar, B.A.; Deshmukh, B.T., 1998:
Studies on macroelements during gestation and early postpartum period in Gir and crossbred cows

Feng LanPing; Zhang XiLin; Zhang JianMing; Zhang GuFeng; Wang DongHua; Zhu MingHua, 1999:
Studies on main natural enemies of the rice brown planthopper and effect of pesticide on natural enemies

X.Y.Fang;; Pan XuFang; H.J.nYang; Shen LianQing, 1998:
Studies on maintaining quality of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) spear

Gollar, R.G.; Patil, V.C., 1997:
Studies on maize based cropping systems under simultaneous and staggered planting of intercrops

Zhao LaiShun; Zang ShaoXian; Tian XueJun; Yang JunYu; Dong JinGao, 1997:
Studies on maize yellow spot III. Preliminary research on pathotoxin produced by Curvularia lunata

L.H.Nian; Q.Q.aoLi; Zhao LaiShun; L.J.Chen; Yuan FengRui; L.J.nGe, 1998:
Studies on maize yellow spot. IV. Measurement of resistance

Dent DerFeng; L.T.uPing, 1998:
Studies on making the DNA probe to detect the denitrifier Pseudomonas sp

Singh, N.; Saxena, A.; Chand, S.K.; Valecha, N.; Sharma, V.P., 1998:
Studies on malaria during pregnancy in a tribal area of central India (Madhya Pradesh)

Kan ShuiPing; Shen YuZu; Zou Zheng; X.F.Niu, 1999:
Studies on malaria epidemic characteristics and countermeasures in Anhui Province

Rao, G.M.; Mujumdar, S.M.; Rao, K.S.; Dhas, J.R.K., 1996:
Studies on management of Apis cerana Fabr. colonies in the coastal area of Orissa, India

Venkataraman, N.S., 1999:
Studies on management practices for raising dapog nursery in rice

Abu Lehia, I.H., 1997:
Studies on manufacturing camel butter from cream

Patil, K.B.; Patil, B.B.; Patil, M.T., 1997:
Studies on manurial requirement of papaya

Hadizadeh, A.; Daneshvar, H.; Kamali, K., 1997:
Studies on mass production of Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot in greenhouse conditions

X.F.Yuan; G.M.ngHong; Wang QiMing; Zhang Pei; Zhu KeGong; Zhao JuLin;; Wang MingMing, 1998:
Studies on masson pine provenances resistance to pine wood nematode (PWN) disease in China

Jiang ZhiHua; Liu HongLin; L.Q.Xian; H.X.uYi, 1997:
Studies on maternal effects and gene effects on early growth traits in Erhualian and Large White pigs

Mitra, M.; Bhattacharyya, H.M.; Duttagupta, R.; Pramanik, A.K.; Sen, G.P., 1998:
Studies on maternally derived antibody level of different viral diseases in broilers

Tripathi, P.N.; Tribhuwan Singh, 1995:
Studies on mating duration and its effect on fecundity and fertility in mulberry silkworm moth Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

Roy, S.D.; Soundrarajan, R., 1998:
Studies on maturity and spawning of top shell Trochus niloticus (Linnaeus) in Andamans

Badiyala, S.D., 1997:
Studies on maturity standards in peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) cultivar Flordasun

Shen GuiYin; Wang Rong, 1997:
Studies on measures for applying advanced agricultural technology to the promotion of agricultural modernization in China

Kou JiLie; Tian XiaoRui, 1997:
Studies on mechanism of fire resistance and benefits for coniferous and broadleaf mixed forests

Itani, J.; Oda, T.; Numao, T., 1999:
Studies on mechanisms of dehydration postponement in cassava leaves under short-term soil water deficits

H.L.ngHao; Xie AoYun; Liu ShuJie; Wang WanBang; Xue Bai; Chai ShaTuo; Han XingTai, 1997:
Studies on metabolism and supplement methods of nitrogen in growing yaks

Higashide, E., 1999:
Studies on metabolism of Actinomycetes and assay method with microorganisms

L.YaoChang, 1996:
Studies on methods for determining the antitryptic activities in legumes

Sun ZhiDong; Cao GuangDi; Chen YiPing, 1998:
Studies on methods of propagating superior seeds of cotton

Szczubia, M., 1997:
Studies on methods of restoring the fertility of cows with reproductive disorders of immunological origin. II. Efficacy of intrauterine insemination of cows with infertility of immunological origin

Szczubia, M., 1997:
Studies on methods of restoring the fertility of cows with reproductive disorders of immunological origin. III. Efficacy of natural mating of repeat breeder cows with infertility of immunological origin

Shahnaz Hamid, 1996:
Studies on microbial lipids containing gamma -linolenic acid

Zeng, Shucai, 1998:
Studies on microelements in forest soil of Nanjing-Zhenjiang hilly regions

Pathania, N.S.; Sehgal, O.P.; Debojit Paul; Dilta, B.S., 1998:
Studies on micropropagation in Dendrobium cv. Sonia

Gokhale, S.B.; Mangurkar, B.R., 1995:
Studies on milk fat content of Holstein crossbreds under Indian village conditions

Singh, D.K.; Mukherjee, D.K., 1998:
Studies on milk production and reproduction traits of goats under field conditions

Ahmad, I.; Kaur, A., 1998:
Studies on minor seed oils

Guo Xiao, 1999:
Studies on mixed rangeland of three different grasses in north China

Jeong,; Woo, B.M.eong, 1996:
Studies on mixed-seeding of native woody and herb species

Miyazawa, T.; Nakayama, I.; Matsuzawa, M., 1997:
Studies on mode of action and practical use of a plant growth regulator, prohexadione-calcium

Che, F.S., 1998:
Studies on mode of action of protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibiting herbicide

Kumar, R.; Lakpale, N.; Khare, N., 1997:
Studies on mode of perpetuation and spread of Alternaria alternata causing leaf spot of sunflower

Peng ZeBin; L.X.nZhi; Chen YanHiu; L.Q.ang, 1996:
Studies on modified S1 progenies recurrent selection in maize population improvement. II. Genetic variance, combining ability and heterosis

Kim TaeJong; Kim YunSik; Kim JaeChun; Yoon WhaJoong; Lee WonChang; Shin, S.J.; Chang, Y.F., 1997:
Studies on molecular biological and immunological diagnosis of Johne's Disease

W.J.anXiang; Lin FuCheng; L.D.Bao, 1998:
Studies on monoclonal antibodies of Magnaporthe grisea

Nandagopal, N.; Srikant Kulkarni; Anahospur, K.H.; Prabhakar, A.S.N., 1997:
Studies on morpho-physiological changes in wheat against leaf blight caused by Exserohilum hawaiiensis

Awasthi, L.P.; Pathak, R.C.; Maurya, D.M., 1997:
Studies on morphological traits contributing to flood tolerance in lowland rice

Awasthi, L.P.; Sharma, A.K., 1996:
Studies on morphological traits of aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Zhong DaiBin; Luo LiJun; Guo LongBiao; Mei HanWei; Wang YiPing; Ying CunShan, 1997:
Studies on morphology in backcross generations of interspecific hybrids between Oryza sativa and Oryza officinalis

Bhavani, U.; Subbaiah, K.V.; Rao, A.S.; Gopal, D.V.R.S., 1998:
Studies on mosaic disease of sunflower: biochemical changes and growth parameters

Kumm, H.W.; Osorno Mesa, E.; Boshell Manrique, J., 1996:
Studies on mosquitoes of the genus Haemagogus in Colombia (Diptera, Culicidae)

F.H.i; Chen YuHui; Wang WenJiu; Yang YuMing; Hui ChaoMao, 1999:
Studies on mould fungi and their characteristics on timber of five kinds of bamboos in Yunnan

Zhao JingYing et al., 1996:
Studies on movement regularities of NO3--N in wheat growth period in profile of Chao soil

Korikanthimath, V.S.; Venugopal, M.N.; Rajendra Hegde; Gowda, S.J.A., 1998:
Studies on multiple branching panicles in cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)

Wang JianGuo; Liu HongXiang; Meng Kai, 1998 :
Studies on multiple cropping after wheat in the north of northeastern China

E.H.nnawy, M.A.;, M.E., 1997:
Studies on mung bean-grain sorghum intercropping

Kuusik, A.; Harak, M.; Hiiesaar, K.; Metspalu, L.; Tartes, U., 1999:
Studies on muscular activity, gas exchange cycles and water loss in pupae of greater wax moth Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) during physiological stress

Aksu, S.; Gunay, A., 1999:
Studies on mushroom production in aquaculture with tuff and perlite

Liu Tong; Zhu BeiLei, 1998:
Studies on mutagenicity of avermectin by the early spermatid micronucleus test in mice

Bhardwaj, L.N.; Gupta, V.K., 1998:
Studies on mycoflora affecting Pinus gerardiana (chilgoza) seeds and their management

Sinha, A.; Pathak, S.K.; Yadav, A.S., 1998:
Studies on mycoflora of decomposing root litter of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) in relation to different climatic factors

Sagar, A.; Lakhanpal, T.N., 1998:
Studies on mycorrhiza and mycorrhizosphere of Pinus wallichiana

Giridhar, P.; Reddy, S.M., 1999:
Studies on mycotoxigenic fungi associated with Fenugreek

Wei Gang; Zhou JinChi; Sun Fu; Wang XiaoJun, 1998:
Studies on nail-form compound fertilizer with the prescriptions special for Chinese chestnut in Huairou County, Beijing

Shen Qiang, 1998:
Studies on natural enemies of Kermes castaneae

L.Dinh Kha, 1996:
Studies on natural hybrids of Acacia mangium and A. auriculiformis in Vietnam

Ozcan, C.; Ozturk, G.; Kalender, H., 1997:
Studies on natural infection with Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 in guineapigs

Qin HouGuo; Y.Z.engXiang; L.H.a; Luo RenHua, 1997:
Studies on natural population parameters of Hydrellia sasakii

Affandi, H.; Nuryadin, A.; Read, R.W., 1998:
Studies on natural products of Albizia sp

Patanik, H.P., 1997:
Studies on neem formulations against serpentine leafminer, and tobacco caterpillar, on tomato

Hensel, A., 1998:
Studies on neutral polysaccharides and their extractability from Crataegi folium cum flore

Wan XianChong; Shen BoKui, 1998:
Studies on new control measures for pine dieback and their mechanisms

Thomas, J.; George, S., 1998:
Studies on nilgiri necrosis disease of small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)

Afusoiae, I.; Bireescu, L.; Nechita, A.; Bireescu, G., 1996:
Studies on nitrate pollution of soil and vegetables

G.X.aoGuang; Wang XiaoXue; F.Y.Wen et al., 1999:
Studies on nitrogen cycle under experiment of long-term, fixed position nitrogen application in vegetable field

Dhar, D.W., 1999:
Studies on nitrogen economy in two cultivars of wheat

G.X.aoPing; W.X.aoLi, 1998:
Studies on nitrogen fixation characters of several Bacillus licheniformis strains from Phyllostachys pubescens roots

Tan GenJia; Ding KeJian; J.B.Heng; Chen XiaoLin, 1997:
Studies on nitrogen nutrition of wheat Rhizoctonia cerealis

Turkhede, A.B.; Choudhari, B.T.; Chore, C.N.; Jiotode, D.J.; Kalpande, H.V.; Thorat, K.A.W., 1998:
Studies on nitrogen requirement of promising cultures of mid-late transplanted rice

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