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Studies on reinfection with Schistosoma japonicum in endemic areas of Poyang Lake region. I. Distribution of reinfection in population after chemotherapy

Wu ZhongDao; Zhang ShaoJi; Gao ZuLu; Xie ZhangWu; Hu LingShang; Liu YiaoMing; Su LiHua; Zhao GenMing; Jiang QingWu; Yuan HongChang

Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control 9(5): 257-259


Accession: 003284188

An epidemiological study of the Schistosoma japonicum reinfection rate in 6 endemic villages in the Poyang lake region, Jiangxi, China, was carried out. The results showed that there was a close correlation between the reinfection rate after chemotherapy and the pre-treatment prevalence of infection. In a hyperendemic village, the annual reinfection rate remained above 30%. In a second hyperendemic village with environmental modifications, the annual reinfection rate was significantly reduced.

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