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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3287

Chapter 3287 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shao ChangFa; Mao ZhiHuai, 1999:
Study of structure parameters of sweep augers for counter-flow drier

Kinjo, J.; Udayama, M.; Okawa, M.; Nohara, T., 1999:
Study of structure--hepatoprotective relationships of oleanene-type triterpenoidal glucuronides obtained from several fabaceous plants on rat primary hepatocyte cultures

Beloti, V.; Muller, E.E.; Freitas, J.C. de; Mettifogo, E., 1997:
Study of subclinical mastitis in dairy herds in the north of Parana, Brazil

Avila, U.; Beltran, R.; Muniz, O.; Montero, R., 1997:
Study of sulphur contents of a non-gleyed dark plastic soil used to grow rice

Paugam, A.; Baixench, M.T.; Tourte Schaefer, C.; Dupouy Camet, J., 1998:
Study of susceptibility to fluconazole and itraconazole with E test and Fungitest of 11 Candida strains. Comparison with the NCCLS reference method

Scotti, C.; Gnocchi, S.; Carelli, M., 1997:
Study of symbiosis in lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars grown in different soils. I. Aboveground and root biomass and nodulation

Chergui, M.; Dahmane, A.B.K.; Ghram, A., 1996:
Study of symbiotic, serological and antibiotic resistance characteristics of different isolates of Rhizobium cicerii

Chen Wei, 1999:
Study of synthetical evaluation methods for estimating farm machinery quality based on fuzzy theory

Rasztik, V.; Marko, V.; Meszaros, Z., 1998:
Study of syrphid flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) in an untreated orchard II

Scurtu, I.; Gheorghe, A.; Radoi, V.; Diaconescu, C.; Teodorescu, V.; Ditu, D., 1998:
Study of technical and economic effectiveness of some multi-annual research development programmes: I. Genealogy, breeding and propagation of a pea cultivar. II. Integrated management technology of weeds in garden pea crop

Baranova, G.V.; Kushnirenko, O.A.; Kraev, V.G.; Lagus, L.I., 1997:
Study of template dependence and specificity of RNA-replicase from Datura plants infected with potato virus X

Chen Xiao; Xin ZhiYong; Xiao ShiHe; Lin ZhiShan; Qian YouTing; X.H.iJun; D.L.Pu, 1998:
Study of the alpha -amylase 2 isozymes of wheat/Th. intermedium translocation lines with BYDV resistance

Lessire; Chevalier; Lucet-Levannier; Lellouche; Mioskowski; Cassagne, 1999:
Study of the 3-hydroxy eicosanoyl-coenzyme A dehydratase and (E)-2,3 enoyl-coenzyme A reductase involved in acyl-coenzyme A elongation in etiolated leek seedlings

Castillo, A.; Gallardo, C.S.; Rodriguez, L.A., 1999:
Study of the ARICPC-Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system in a pilot-scale ice cream plant

Zhao HuiChun; Feng RuiQin; Deng XiaoGuang; Jin LinPei, 1998:
Study of the Eu(III)-barbaloin-CTAB system by fluorescence and determination of barbaloin

Volanis, M.; Tzerakis, C., 1997:
Study of the Sfakia sheep breed. III. Milk production

Ozaki, Y.; Sakaguchi, I.; Tujimura, M.; Ikeda, N.; Nakayama, M.; Kato, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Satake, M., 1998 :
Study of the accelerating effect of shikonin and alkannin on the proliferation of granulation tissue in rats

Dmitrieva, S.A., 1996:
Study of the adaptation of natural plant populations to chronic irradiation caused by the Chernobyl' nuclear power plant accident

Montes G.L., 1996:
Study of the adaptation of the genus Casuarina in the Rimac River Valley, Peru

Curbelo Sanchez, A.; Villanueva Ramos, G.; Leon Benitez, J.B. de; Gallardo Aguilar, I.; Curbelo Garnica, A., 1998:
Study of the adsorption of colorants with activated carbon

Parajo, J.C.; Dominguez, H.; Dominguez, J.M., 1997:
Study of the adsorption steps to improve the production of xylitol from wood hydrolysates

Fabelo Falcon, J.A.; Vazquez, A.M.; Martinez Mederos, L., 1998:
Study of the alcoholic fermentation step at CAI 'Heriberto Duquesne' and 'Ronera Central'

Ammar, N.; E.S.yed, N.H.; Tabl, E.S.A.; Wahab, S.A.; Wassel, G.; Afifi, M., 1996:
Study of the alkaloidal contents of Aerva species, family Amaranthaceae, growing in Egypt

Obert, B.; Orosz, A.; Kovacs, G.; Barnabas, B., 1998:
Study of the androgenic capacity in crosses between highly androgenic exotic DH lines and recalcitrant commercial inbreds in maize anther culture

Chybowski, J., 1997:
Study of the anthelmintic activity of garlic extracts

Xue Fei; Xiang WenHua; Shen RongXian, 1997:
Study of the antibody response of sheep experimentally infected with caprine arthritis encephalitis virus

Nagai, H.; Senda, M.; Gotoh, K.; Norimatsu, M.; Ohishi, K.; Sasaki, H., 1999:
Study of the antigenic relationships and immunogenicity of infectious bursal disease viruses in chickens

Tajbakhsh, H.; Zahraei, S.T., 1998:
Study of the antigenic structure of Salmonella typhimurium and it's application for identification of related infections

Beirith, A.; Santos, A.R.; Calixto, J.B.; Hess, S.C.; Messana, I.; Ferrari, F.; Yunes, R.A., 1999:
Study of the antinociceptive action of the ethanolic extract and the triterpene 24-hydroxytormentic acid isolated from the stem bark of Ocotea suaveolens

Dylcia, A. de M.; Lara, B., 1998:
Study of the bacterial wilt of potato in three localities of Estado Lara

Chen TzenShow, 1996:
Study of the bearing test and feasibility of re-utilization of stabilized reservoir deposited mudstone

Kuliev, Z.A.; Vdovin, A.D.; Abdullaev, N.D.; Makhmatkulov, A.B.; Malikov, V.M., 1997:
Study of the catechins and proanthocyanidins of Quercus robur

Sestakova, H.; Turek, B.; Smerak, P.; Sedmikova, M., 1997:
Study of the chemiluminescence reaction in mice after influencing with plant substances and vitamins

Bouda, J.; Paasch Martinez, L.; Candanosa, E.A.; Lopez Romahn, C.; Quiroz Rocha, G.F., 1997:
Study of the clinical and biochemical parametres before and during oral rehydration in calves with diarrhoea

Samsonov, M.A.; Vasil' ev, A.V.; Pokrovskaya, G.R.; Pogozheva, A.V.; Moskvicheva, Y.B.; Timofeenko, T.I.; Kornena, E.P., 1997:
Study of the clinical and metabolic effects of the biologically active food supplement phospholipids in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Pino, J.A.; Rosado, A.; Roncal, E.; Marbot, R.; Aguero, J.; Gonzalez, G., 1998:
Study of the components responsible for the aroma and flavour of fruits of the genus Annona

Robledo, D.; Garcia, M.; Gracia, M.I.; Mateos, G.G., 1999:
Study of the composition of Spanish mineral and vitamin supplements for rabbits

Gasparotti, M.L.; Althaus, R.L.; Cardel, D.; Malinskas, G., 1999:
Study of the composition of fatty acids in buffalo and ewe milk

Terezinha de Morais, M.; Machado de Simone, E.; Romano, L.A., 1999:
Study of the composition of mare milk and comparison of mare milk with human milk

Balder, H.; Wollner, F., 1998:
Study of the conservation of trees during building projects

Wang ShiHong; Zhang ZhiNan, 1998:
Study of the consumption rate of Penaeus chinensis on Neanthes japonica

Murat, J.; Georgescu, G.; Sonea, A.; Murat, I., 1997:
Study of the correlation between the main milk production traits; Sun LiMin; Wang LiZhi, 1997:
Study of the culture of Ganoderma lucidum with waste residue drawed furfural

Ruiz de Ybanez, M.R.; Costes C.; Simarro, I.; Carnero, R., 1998:
Study of the cytolytic effect induced by the in vitro culture of different viruses

Correche, E.R.; Carrasco, M.; Escudero, M.E.; Velazquez, L.; D.G.zman, A.M.S.; Giannini, F.; Enriz, R.D.; Jauregui, E.A.; Cenal, J.P.; Giordano, O.S., 1998:
Study of the cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of usnic acid and derivatives

Vaksmann, M.; Traore, S.B.; Kouressy, M.; Coulibaly, H.; Reyniers, F.N., 1998:
Study of the development of a photoperiod-sensitive sorghum in Mali

Panadero Fontan, R.; Lopez Sandez, C.; Paz Silva, A.; Diez Banos, P.; Morrondo Pelayo, P., 1998:
Study of the development of oesophageal larvae of Hypoderma lineatum and its relationship with early treatment of bovine hypodermosis in northern Spain

Ciro, H.J.; Oliveros T.C.E.; Alvarez Mejia, F., 1998:
Study of the dynamics of forced vibrations on the fruit-stem system (FSS) of coffee cultivar Colombia

Lan FuSheng; Peron, J.Y., 1998:
Study of the dynamics of nutritional elements in seakale (Crambe maritima L.) during growth

Hunyadi, K.; Mike, Z., 1998:
Study of the early root development of major arable grass weeds

Kaniuczak, Z., 1997:
Study of the economic profitability of control of diseases and pests in spring cereals

Huang LiQuan; Cai RongXiang; Shi MingHua, 1997:
Study of the effect of Gongyanjing therapy in bovine mastitis

Nemcová, R.; Bomba, A.; Gancarciková, S.; Herich, R.; Guba, P., 1999:
Study of the effect of Lactobacillus paracasei and fructooligosaccharides on the faecal microflora in weanling piglets

Kumprecht, I.; Zobac, P., 1998:
Study of the effect of a combined preparation containing Enterococcus faecium M-74 and mannan-oligosaccharides in diets for weanling piglets

Valtyni, J., 1998:
Study of the effect of forest percentage on runoff rates in a small watershed

Stahlberg, R.; Wentz, I.; Bortolozzo, F.P.; Martini, R.L.; Heck, A.; Nagae, R.; Machado, I.P., 1998:
Study of the effect of seminal plasma on the time of ovulation in surgically prepared female pigs

Loste, A.; Marca, M.C., 1999:
Study of the effect of total serum protein and albumin concentrations on canine fructosamine concentration

Prieto, T.; Gonzalez, O.; Gonzalez, M.R.; Sanchez, M. del C.; Garcia, R., 1998:
Study of the effect of zeolites on fermentation of molasses to obtain alcohol

Hughes, G.M.; Szegletes, T.; Nemcsók, J., 1997:
Study of the effects of brief exposure to an organophosphorous insecticide (methidathion) on blood characteristics of carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Macedo, L. de S.; Santos, E.S. dos, 1998:
Study of the effects of irrigation frequency, plant density and nitrogen rates on yams

Beni Arrigoni, M. de; Figueiredo Vieira, P. de; Silveira, A.C.; Furlan, L.R.; Pai, V. dal; Costa, C.; Chardulo, L.A.L.; Oliveira, H.N. de, 1998:
Study of the effects of nutritional restriction on the characteristics of muscle fiber of young bulls

Jin Yi; Guo ChengHao; L.G.angSheng, 1999:
Study of the effects of selenium and vitamin E supplementation on oxidative damage and adenylic acids in rat myocardium

Khakimova, L.K.; Gorshkov, A.I.; Tokaev, E.S.; Bobreneva, I.V., 1997:
Study of the effects of soluble dietary fibres on cholesterol metabolism in patients with hyperlipaemia

Panaiotova, M.; Gadzhev, D.; Mihailova, G.; Iliev, T.; Tsvetanova, Y., 1997:
Study of the effects of some genetic and environmental factors on the milk yield and milk composition of milk from the Rodopi breed

Doosthoseini, K.; Rangavar, H., 1998:
Study of the effects of wood species and particle treatment on applicational properties of wood cement boards

Tselkas, K.; Ypsilantis, P.; Saratsis, P., 1998:
Study of the efficacy and safety of proligestone administration for the control of the ovarian cycle in bitches

Mpandi, M.; Makita, C.; Ndolo, J.; Mbemba, L.M.; Loumouamou ; Kibamba, V.; M.P.le, P., 1998:
Study of the efficacy and tolerance of CotecxinReg. (dihydroartemisinin) in the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Coscolla, R.; Badia, V.; Vazquez, V., 1998:
Study of the efficacy of Spinosad to control grape berry moth (Lobesia botrana)

Naciri, M.; Mancassola, R.; Richard, A., 1998:
Study of the efficacy of decoquinate (Deccox 6Reg.) in the prevention of experimental cryptosporidiosis in goats

Jiang ZhongQi et al., 1999:
Study of the efficacy of diclazuril solution in Eimeria tenella inoculated chicks

Metwally, A.; Abdel Hadi, A.; Mikhail, E.G.; Aboú Shadi, O.; Sabry, H.; el-Nahal, H., 1997:
Study of the efficacy of the new antischistosomal drug 10-[2-(diethylamino)ethyl]-9-acridanone-(thiazolidin-2-ylidene) hydrazone against an Egyptian strain of S. mansoni in mice

Arranz, A.; Fdez de Betono, S.; Moreda, J.M.; Arranz, J.F., 1998:
Study of the electro-adsorptive behaviour of the herbicide nitralin by means of voltammetric techniques

Souza, C.A.M.; Carvalho, R.R. de; Kuriyama, S.N.; Araujo, I.B.; Rodrigues, R.P.; Vollmer, R.S.; Alves, E.N.; Paumgartten, F.J.R., 1997:
Study of the embryofeto-toxicity of crown-of-thorns (Euphorbia milii) latex, a natural molluscicide

Rodriguez de Kopp, N.; Chiericatti, C.; Basilico, M.Z.; Basilico, J.C., 1998:
Study of the enviromental fungi at the library of the faculty of chemical engineering (Universidad Nacional del Litoral)

Ribeiro, M.N.; Pimenta Filho, E.C., 1999:
Study of the environmental effects influencing the shape of lactation curves of crossbred goats in Paraiba State (Brazil)

Metge, G.; Hassaïne, K., 1998:
Study of the environmental factors associated with oviposition by Aedes caspius and Aedes detritus along a transect in Algeria

Sanchez Pineda de las Infantas, M.T., 1996:
Study of the factors which affect asparagus texture, (and II) Analysis

Silvina Fernandez, A.; Fiel, C.A., 1998:
Study of the factors which induce the hypobiosis of Ostertagia ostertagi in cattle

Lorosa, E.S.; Andrade, R.E. de; Santos, S.M. dos; Pereira, C.A.; Vinhaes, M.C., 1999:
Study of the feeding behaviour of some species of triatomines with the use of the precipitin technique

Garcia Llamazares, J.L.; Alvarez de Felipe, A.I.; Redondo Cardena, P.A.; Prieto Fernandez, J.G., 1997:
Study of the fertility and viability of hydatid cysts from sheep

Perez Munuera, I.; Zahonero, A.; Gil, L.A.; Lluch, M.A., 1999:
Study of the fibre from almond cultivar Marcona: optimization of the extraction method and microstructural characterization

Scarpare Filho, J.A.; Minami, K.; Kluge, R.A.; Tessarioli Neto, J., 1998:
Study of the first production cycle of banana (Musa sp.) cv. Nanicao developed from different types of propagation material, A.R.; Daels, L.; Goossens, R.; Vliegher, B.M. de, 1999:
Study of the floating weeds affected canals in the Western Nile Delta (Alexandria Province) of Egypt using remote sensing techniques

Aymard, G.; Berry, P.; Schargel, R., 1998:
Study of the floristic composition and soils in high forests in the Maroa-Yavita region, Venezuelan Amazonia

Lorosa, E.S.; Andrade, R.E. de; Pereira, C.A.; Santos, S.M. dos; Jurberg, J., 1999:
Study of the food sources of Triatoma sordida (Stal, 1859) in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul through comparison of the precipitin and double immunodiffusion techniques

Villagran, M.; Soria, F.J.; Ocete, M.E., 1998:
Study of the foraging activity cycle of Crematogaster scutellaris (Olivier, 1792) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in cork trees in the SW of Spain

Cheng WeiYuan, 1997:
Study of the frequency of appearance of individuals displaying stereoscopic branching in soyabean varieties

Juan, R.; Pastor, J.; Fernandez, I., 1998:
Study of the fruits and seeds of Parentucellia Viv. (Scrophulariaceae) and their taxonomic significance

Gyllenkrok, N., 1998:
Study of the future of the Environment Protection Board 2021. Why not make it with an active peasant world?

Vidal, J.R.; Moreno, S.; Masa, A.; Ortiz, J.M., 1998:
Study of the genetic homogeneity of Albarino (Vitis vinifera L.) growing in Galicia (Spain) using isozyme and RAPD markers

Oukil, S.; Bues, R.; Causse, R.; Toubon, J.F., 1997:
Study of the genetic variability in 6 populations in different geographical zones of the Mediterranean Basin

Cabrera, O.; Macaya, G.; Villalobos, H.; Diaz, M.; Leon, O., 1998:
Study of the genetic variability in Musa sp. with the random amplified polymorphic DNA technique (RAPD)

Businsky, R., 1997:
Study of the genus Pinus

Gallmetzer, W.; Florineth, F., 1996:
Study of the germination behaviour of alpine herbs for revegetation of high altitude areas

Sepahvand, N.A.; Vojdani, P., 1995:
Study of the gliadin electrophoregrams of Iranian improved bread wheats

Nascimento, E.S.S.; Serra Freire, N.M., 1998:
Study of the gnathosoma of nymphs of Amblyomma rotundatum Koch, 1844 (Acari: Ixodidae) by light microscopy

Gauthier, J.; Pradier, A.; Lecroisey, F.; Shumba, C., 1997:
Study of the goat meat commodity subsector in Zimbabwe

Peiris, H.; Perera, A., 1996:
Study of the grazing behaviour and forage utilization of free range buffalo herds

X.S.aoAn; Liu Jian; Yang MeiYing, 1998:
Study of the growth characteristics of spring maize with different planting methods in the Yangtse River region

Vignote, S.; Molinero, I.; Gerard, J.; Diez, M.R., 1996:
Study of the growth stresses of Eucalyptus globulus Labill in Galicia and the relations with the site characteristics and tree morphology

Dupuis, F.; Dubois, D., 1997:
Study of the growth-factors of the larva of Dynastes hercules lichyi (Coleoptera Dynastidae)

Rey, J.Y., 1998:
Study of the guava architecture. I. Problems formulated

Rey, J.Y., 1998:
Study of the guava tree architecture. II. Experiments

Fermaud, M., 1998:
Study of the harmfulness of grape berry moths and some thoughts on the tolerance threshold

Doherty, O.; Booth, M.; Waran, N.; Salthouse, C.; Cuddeford, D., 1997:
Study of the heart rate and energy expenditure of ponies during transport

Dimitrova, Ts, 1998:
Study of the herbicide Pivot 100 EK for Cuscuta spp. control in an alfalfa stand establishment

Hernandez J.A.; Vega O.U., 1996:
Study of the heredity of corn inbred lines applying Haymans diallel method

Sharifnabi, B.; Nekoei, A., 1996:
Study of the host range, specificity and biometrical measurements of Leveillula taurica, the causal agent of sainfoin powdery mildew in Isfahan Province

Padola, N.L.; Sanz, M.E.; Tiano, M.; Civit, A., 1998:
Study of the humoral response to Escherichia coli and Salmonella dublin in cattle

Iroume, A., 1997:
Study of the hydrological processes in a forested Andean experimental catchment, Region IX, Chile

Gonzalez, S.R.; Castro, H.A.; Prat, M.I., 1998:
Study of the immune response and other parameters in rabbits treated with diazepam

Yavuz, H.; Filazi, A.; Bilgili, A.; Sekkin, S.; Ozdemir, M.; Kum, C.; Kutlu, I., 1996:
Study of the immuno-toxicological effects of cyfluthrin

Oliveira Vianna, W. de; Silva, D.J. da; Ribeiro, W.R.; Carvalho, J.B.P. de; Gambini, L.B.; Biondi, P.; Ferraz, E.F., 1994:
Study of the immunostimulating effect of levamisole in the control of bovine mastitis

Borissov, I., 1999:
Study of the incidence of dental diseases in dogs in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Silva, I.; Munoz, A.F.; Tormo, R.; Olea, L., 1999:
Study of the incidence of meteorological parameters on the flowering of Quercus by means of its pollen production

Y.W.iYi; Wang ZhiGeng; Leibold, W., 1997:
Study of the individual differences of cattle in the immune response in vitro and in vivo

Carrera Martinez, V.; Betancourt Rodriguez, E.Y.; Rodriguez Reinaldo, T.; Rodriguez Siles, S., 1997:
Study of the influence of the superficial rugosity and a new carburant for solid cementation

Pogozheva, A.V.; Rozanova, I.A.; Sorokovoi, K.V.; Karagodina, Z.V.; Levachev, M.M., 1997:
Study of the intensity of lipid peroxidation when using polyunsaturated fatty acids, of the omega -3 series of plant and animal origin, in the diet treatment of patients with ischaemic heart disease, hyperlipoproteinaemia and hypertension

Chu MaoDong; Zhou JingSong, 1998:
Study of the landscape structure and mechanism of desertification on sandy hills around Bouyang Lake

H.D.ngJin; Hong Wei; W.C.engZheng, 1997:
Study of the law of oriented cultivation of Chinese fir stock plants by artificial neural network

Pignata, M.I.abel Barnez; Stort, A.C.rlos; Malaspina, O., 1998:
Study of the length of the mouthparts of Africanized, Caucasian and Africanized/Caucasian honey bee crosses, and relationships between glossa size and food gathering behavior

Sudenko, V.I.; Groma, L.I., 1996:
Study of the lethal and mutagenic effect of nitrosoguanidine on some species of Candida and Pichia

Lessa, D.A.B.; Silva, A.C. da; Restum, M.A.L., 1997:
Study of the longitudinal approach for puncture and catheterization of the digital palmar artery II in the horse (Equus caballus) for arteriography

L.J.n; Jia LongBiao, 1997:
Study of the main factors affecting the determination of free formaldehyde in man-made board

Han XiaoZeng; X.Y.nLi, 1998:
Study of the main factors causing yield decrease in continuously cropped soyabeans. I. Effects of decomposing root matter

Atanda, H.L.; Bon, J.C.; Force Barge, P.; Rodier, J., 1997:
Study of the main pathogenic agents of dysenteric syndromes in children

Lubrano, C.; Robin, J.R., 1997:
Study of the major compounds in fruit pulp oils of six palm species from French Guiana

Triki, S.; Ben Hamida, J.; Mazliak, P., 1997:
Study of the metabolism of lipid reserves in sunflower seeds during maturation: experiments with -acetate labelling

Samuels, T.P.; Nedderman, A.; Seymour, M.A.; Houghton, E., 1998:
Study of the metabolism of testosterone, nandrolone and estradiol in cattle

Peng ZhenXin; Zhu FeiBing; L.H.i; Zhang ChengLin, 1998:
Study of the microbial flora of the faeces of giant pandas at Beijing Zoo

Chen JianYe; Meng Ping; Song ZhaoMin; Xin XueBing; Zhang JinSong, 1997:
Study of the micrometeorological effects of reproduction by alternate strip-felling

Zakharova, N.P.; Sokolova, N.Y.; Rodin, V.V.; Izmailova, V.N.; Yampol' skaya, G.P., 1997:
Study of the moisture content of renneted and processed cheeses using NMR

Khakim, A.; Stoyanova, S.; Tsankova, G., 1998:
Study of the morphological, biochemical and productive traits of maize hybrids, lines and populations from Bulgaria and Yemen

Sakharova, T.V.; Gordeeva, L.M.; Sergiev, V.P., 1997:
Study of the morphology of blastocysts of lower monkeys by light microscopy

Morata de Ambrosini, V.; Gonzalez, S.; de Ruiz Holgado, A.P.; Oliver, G., 1998:
Study of the morphology of the cell walls of some strains of lactic acid bacteria and related species

Zelic, J.; Medvedovic, J., 1990:
Study of the most favourable stand thinning intensity and ecological site conditions

Sobhani, H., 1998:
Study of the necessity of the application of cable systems

Wickers, S., 1997:
Study of the nectariferous secretion in a pioneer plant, Inga thibaudiana, in relation to ants

Vereerstraeten, R.; Hofman, G.; Vandergeten, J.P., 1997:
Study of the nitrogen dynamics in the soil and the possibility of adjustment of fertilizer advice for sugarbeet according to the economic need and actual ecology

Naeini, A.T.; Mostaghni, K., 1997:
Study of the normal myelogram in Iranian sheep

Chalcarz, W.; Hodyr, Z.; Gruszecka, M., 1998:
Study of the nutritional and physical activity of women engaged in aerobics

Gutierrez, S.; Mendez, V.; Garcia, M.; Casal, C., 1999:
Study of the nutritional characteristics of Bioforte

Pritty Neog; Basanti Baroova, 1996:
Study of the nutritional quality of standard diet of civil hospital, Jorhat, Assam

Yusty, M.A.L.; Hernandez, J.L.; Castro, M.J.G.; Pineiro, M.E.A., 1999:
Study of the nutritional status of a university population of Santiago de Compostela

Takruri, H.R.H.; Dameh, M.A.F., 1998:
Study of the nutritional value of black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa L)

Troncoso Chaves, N.S.; Barros, P.S.M.; Martins, A.F.; Araujo, E.G. de; Eurides, D.; Araujo, L.F. de; Andrade, M.A.; Jacomini, C.Z., 1997:
Study of the ocular microbial flora to monitor the usage of 2% ciclosporin in dogs given porcine corneal transplants

Chen ChiaChung, 1997:
Study of the operating costs for rice circulating driers

Capote Rodriguez, A.; Perez Diaz, O., 1997:
Study of the organogenic capacity of different onion (Allium cepa) explants

Mistrukova, LM., 1998:
Study of the ornithofauna of the urban and suburban green plantations in the Central Cis-Dnieper forest-steppe of Ukraine

Tian KunFa; Yang RuiXiang; Jiang YongLi, 1998:
Study of the overwintering dynamics of Trichogramma closterae in nature

Sudibyo, A., 1998:
Study of the pathogenicity of a Brucella suis field isolate and its transmission from pigs to humans

Dadaeva, A.A.; Sizikova, L.P.; Bakulina, L.F.; Chepurnov, A.A., 1997:
Study of the phagocytic activity of blood polymorphonuclear leukocytes of rabbits and guineapigs challenged with Ebola virus

Moriondo, G.; Rigazio, L., 1997:
Study of the phenolic composition of grapes and isoenzymatic and ampelometric identification of the leaves of Luglienga grape cultivar

Sharma, A.P.; Singh, S.P.; Singh, G.S., 1997:
Study of the physiological parameter with association of photosynthesis in rice

Landa, R.; Rayas, A.; Ramirez, T.; Ventura, J.; Albert, J.; Roca, O., 1999:
Study of the pollen fertility of several Musa cultivars used in the INIVIT genetic improvement programme

Kopitovic, S.; Klasnja, B.; Pudar, Z., 1991:
Study of the possibility of the production of peeled veneers from wood of some poplar clones

Armua, A.C., 1998:
Study of the postembryonic development of Nasutitermes corniger (Isoptera: Termitidae) under laboratory conditions

Gonzalez, G.; Fredy R.M.V.; Ortuno V.A.M.; Rolando, M.B.; Enrique, P.G., 1997:
Study of the postparturient period in dual-purpose cattle in Guatemala. II. Effect of the number of calvings, body condition and milk yield in the first 60 days after calving on the resumption of ovarian activity, luteal function and signs of oestrus in cows milked once or twice daily

Mougeot, G.; Cambon, M.; Entradas, M.; Alame, J.; Pepin, D., 1997:
Study of the presence of soilborne helminth eggs, Giardia spp. cysts, Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts and amoebae in surface waters in Auvergne (France)

Jayant Deodhar; Rajkumar Jarad, 1999:
Study of the prevalence of and high risk factors for fetal malnutrition in term newborns

Dromigny, J.A.; Pecarrere, J.L.; Leroy, F.; Ollivier, G.; Boisier, P., 1996:
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Study of the process for the manufacture of peanut yoghurt

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Study of the role of Fusarium in the field establishment problem of Miscanthus

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Study of the role of adrenalin in curing insulin toxicity in rabbits

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Study of the soils of Famailla, Monteros, Simoca and Chicligasta

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Study of the spatial pattern of the weevil (Cyllorhynchites ursulus Roelofs) damage symptom and sampling techniques

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Study of the spectral mixture model of soil and vegetation in PoYang Lake area, China

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Study of the spread of a live gE-negative marker vaccine against bovine herpesvirus-1, injected intramuscularly, in two herds

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Study of the susceptibility of different castes of the termite Ancistrotermes guineensis to infection with entomopathogenic nematodes of the genus Steinernema

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Study of the syrphid fauna of a commercial apple orchard

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Study of the tannin content of forage pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan Millsp) germplasm

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Study of the temperature effect and the plunging in water on the physical properties of eucalyptus hybrid E. grandis x E. camaldulensis wood

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Study of the total protein changes on the first leaves of two wheat cultivars infected with Puccinia striiformis

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Study of the transgeneration transmission of gypsy moth (Ocneria dispar L.) nuclear polyhedrosis virus

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Study of the treatment conditions leading to the mass-production of triploid and gynogenetic sea bass

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Study of the use of EuparenReg. multi (methyleuparene, EuparenReg. M) in France over several years

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Study of the use of various cultures in the manufacture of cultured cream with different fat contents

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Study of the utility of the spectral information Landsat TM for the inventory of beech forests in North Spain

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Study of the variability of Lathyrus cicera L. in Spain

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Study of the variations in pH in vaginal and uterine secretions of heifers and dairy cows in oestrus

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Study of the volatile compounds and sensorial profiles of four guava (Psidium guajava L.) cultivars

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Study of the volatile compounds of Vacherin Fribourgeois and Vacherin Mont-d'Or cheeses

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Study of the volatile constituents of sugarcane spirit

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Study of the weight increase of Hungarian cold-blooded foals

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Study of the weight of eggs from six ixodid species from Brazil

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Study of the white blood cell count to monitor the usage of 2% ciclosporin in dogs given porcine corneal transplants

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Study of the woodland vegetation on the south slopes of Sierra Nevada (Higher Granada Alpujarra)

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Study of the working processes of a combined wide row potato field processing machine

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Study of the yielding ability and adaptability of twelve chickpea varieties

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Study of thermal regime of the greenhouse soil. Part II: evaluation of the soil temperature by means of simplified relationships

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Study of three-hourly wind speed and its effect on techniques of sprinkler irrigation

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Study of total energy requirements of milk processing

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Study of total pruning systems by plot

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Study of translocations in pea

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Study of transplacental transfer of the agent under an experimental rickettsial infection

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Study of trichomoniasis among Egyptian male patients

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Study of two gut enzymes of the insects Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) and Prostephanus truncatus (Horn)

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Study of two impermeable sheets to reduce methyl bromide dosage and emissions for carnation wilt control

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Study of ultrafiltration parameters of cheese whey permeate fermented by Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis

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Study of uniformity of fine materials in unpacked maize kernels with relation to spatial distribution

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Study of urban starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, nesting in urban areas and anthropozoological aspects

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Study of variables that may influence the development of the hepatosplenic form of schistosomiasis mansoni: effect of specific therapy and interruption of transmission

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Study of varieties of poultry litter used as cattle food: time of compounding as an agent that eliminates some toxi-infectious pathogens

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Study of vascular root responses as defense mechanisms in carnation resistant or susceptible to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi by transmission electron microscopy

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Study of vernalisation and photoperiodic responses in wheat

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Study of water hyacinth of Bangladesh. I-Comparative morphological study of white-flowered and lilac-blue flowered water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms)

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Study of water use efficiency of some herbaceous species in an area of southern Italy

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Study of windthrow on 7 November 1994 in the Charlevoix and Gaspe regions of Quebec, Canada

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Study of yield stability of some soyabean cultivars

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Study on the three reds and three blacks phenomenon of white wax scales in the production of its brood insects

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Study on 3 strains of Arthrobotrys oligospora: biological characterization and effects on Meloidogyne mayaguensis parasitic on tomato in Senegal

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Study on Aedes aegypti control on Koh Kret Islet, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand. II. Control results in laboratory and field

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Study on Campylobacter jejuni and pathogenic Escherichia coli in silver-black foxes

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Study on China's rural land market

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Study on Chinese sorghum cytoplasmic male sterile line Jinong 105. I. Analysis on peroxidase

Jia EnJi et al., 1998:
Study on Chinese sorghum cytoplasmically male sterile line Jinong 105. III. Analysis on reaction of fertility

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Study on Japan city agriculture

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Study on K+ adsorbing-desorbing kinetics of loessial soil

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Study on Lentinus edodes production with Pennisetum purpureum instead of wood

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Study on Meriones unguiculatus sampling method

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Study on Mesocoelium ovatum in Xiamen Island

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Study on N fertilizer application to rice seedlings grown on a dry bed in a saline area

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Study on N2O emission from rice-wheat ecosystem in southeast China

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Study on OSB thermophysical property

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Study on P content change in larch plantations

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Study on PB-I piston-type biomass briquetting machine

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Study on PMC meiosis, pollen fertility and fertility in diploids and tetraploids of Dactylis glomerata

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Study on Plasmodium falciparum vaccine VII. Connection and cloning of a hybrid gene encoding protective antigens of Plasmodium falciparum and human interleukin-2 (IL-2)

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Study on Spirulina platensis nutritious yoghurt; W.Q.anHong; Jing ZuoQin; Wang HaiBo, 1997:
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Study on Tetranychus cinnabarinus - Solanum melongena interaction system III: induction of HRGP accumulation in the leaves of S. melongena by T. cinnabarinus

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Study on Topomyia of Yunnan with one new species and one new record

W.Ping, 1999:
Study on UHT dairy product quality management

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Study on Uap-Ustic Isohumisol degradation under farming in hebei, China

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Study on a comprehensive prevention and control method of R. (F.) speratus

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Study on a dual-purpose drier for drying and storing paddy

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Study on a growth model and system yield table for Larix kaempferi plantations

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Study on a highly efficient management technique for shoot production throughout the year in Phyllostachys praecox

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Study on a laser-plane system for a field-levelling machine

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Study on a method of analysing metolachlor residues in soyabeans

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Study on a method of diagnosing rice pollution injury caused by the rice field environment (water) in Pengnan village of Nanhui county

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Study on a method of separation and extraction of vitamin E from crop seeds

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Study on a mortality model for forest stands

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Study on a near infrared moisture analyser for the soil surface

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Study on a new germplasm resource of a dominant gene controlling yellow seed coat in Brassica napus L

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Study on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysing the insecticide resistance in the housefly, Musca domestica

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Study on a purified and inactivated Japanese encephalitis vaccine prepared on Vero cells using SA14-14-2 attenuated virus strain

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Study on a reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction of the peplomer protein gene of chick infectious bronchitis virus

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Study on a sustainable cultivation system for sugarcane: advanced-ridging cultivation and minimum tillage

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Study on a troubleshooting expert system for the hydraulic systems on agricultural machinery

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Study on a yarding operation system using a self-propelled hoist carriage

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Study on acetyl-polymorphism in a rabbit model

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Study on activated oxygen metabolism in a cytoplasmic male sterility line and its maintainer in polima rape

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Study on activation of ground phosphate rock pulp with alkaline wood pulping black liquor in production of calcium superphosphate

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Study on activity of extract of Cynanchum komarovii Al. on cabbage caterpillar

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Study on adaptability test of Populus deltoides new clone in coast-land

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Study on adaptive capacity to rhizosphere pH in different flue-cured tobacco varieties

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Study on adenovirus infection in ducks: isolation and identification of the virus and its properties

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Study on adventitious bud morphogenesis from cotyledons of Citrus aurantium L. var. amara Engl. in vitro

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Study on aerial equipment for spraying pesticide and techniques of monitoring. II. Controlling Dendrolimus punctatus by aerial equipment for spraying pesticide

Liang ChengJie; Zhao Ling; Huang JinYi; Meng MeiQiong; Yang XiuHao; L.J.Jun, 1999:
Study on aerial equipment for spraying pesticide and techniques of monitoring. III. Controlling Dendrolimus punctatus by aerial equipment with dusting powder

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Study on aerial equipment for spraying pesticide and the techniques of monitoring. I. Property test of the aerial equipment for spraying pesticide

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Study on afforestation and cultivation technologies of a high-yielding Dendrocalamopsis oldhami plantation

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Study on afforestation experiment with Cunninghamia lanceolata clones

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Study on agricultural automatic guided vehicle using inner sensors (part 4) - control system fitting for agricultural environment of vehicle

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Study on agromorphological variation vis-a-vis geographical distribution in marvel grass (Dichanthium annulatum L. (Stapf.))

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Study on allelism between blast resistance gene pi-zh(t) in indica variety Zhaiyeqing 8 (ZYQ8) and known blast resistance genes

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Study on allelopathic potentials of several chemical compounds of tomato (Lycopersicon)

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Study on amending of parameter a in the reasonable density formula of forest road network

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Study on amino acid and macronutrient digestibility of fermented blood meal fed to pigs

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Study on an IFA diagnostic technique for the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome

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Study on an abnormal grape berry quality characteristic in Xinjiang

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Study on an attenuated live vaccine against Muscovy duckling parvovirus

Wan YeNu; Yen MinHsyan, 1998:
Study on an impact viscoelastic model of cherry tomato

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Study on an optimization of farmwork schedules (part 1) - an optimization of working route

Arunpraparut, W., 1998:
Study on analysis and planning of forest road network using GIS

Mehta, H.K.; Chaudhary, S., 1998:
Study on animal husbandry practices done by tribal farm women of Jhabua district (M. P.)

Chen XiaoGuang; Yang XiuKun; M.C.engLin; Y.H.iYe, 1997:
Study on annealing evolutionary algorithms and neural network fusion method used in the synthetic evaluation of fruit shapes

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Study on anti-egg immunity in mice induced by anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibody NP30 of Schistosoma japonicum

Guo Hong; Liu RuiZi; Lin QiongLian; Gan XiuFeng, 1997:
Study on anti-malaria effects of cimetidine. III. Influence of cimetidine on proliferation reaction of spleen lymphocytes of mice infected with P. berghei and P. yoelii

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Study on antibiotics-induced male sterility in wheat: II. Genic male sterility induced by streptomycin

Zhang Jun; Tong Zheng; Zhou LianDi et al., 1997:
Study on antibody reactions and epidemiological effects after reinforcement of Type I inactivated vaccines against HFRS

Wang XiaoYi; Huang BingQiu, 1999:
Study on antifeeding action of tea saponin on larvae of the imported cabbage worm Pieris rapae (Linnaeus)

Wang YiMing et al., 1998:
Study on application method of herbicide Weinong for controlling Scirpus planiculmis FR. Schm. in transplanted rice fields

Lei BangHai; Cheng JiaRen; W.H.ngWen, 1996:
Study on application of albendazole for controlling neck rot disease of rice

Wang Qi et al., 1998:
Study on application of biofertilizer to transplant cucumber in the sunny greenhouse

Zhu WeiQi; Zhang Ju; W.J.anPing; Shi YueHuan; Zhang ChunMing, 1998:
Study on application of electronic computer to formulated fertilization of wheat

Qiu XueLin; T.H.Ling; Xin CunYue; Guo QingYun; Xiao Ming; Zhang HaiFu, 1997:
Study on application of herbicides and the succession of weed populations in spring wheat fields

S.J.anGuang; Deng LiQing, 1997:
Study on application potential of good kenaf germplasm to various ecological areas

Ruiz, J.; Gomez, R.; Lara, D.; Noval, B. de la, 1997:
Study on application rates of the fertilizer ECOMIC as a seed coating for tomatoes, maize and soyabeans

Liu QiZhi; Wang YuZhu; Tong FuQuan; Zhang Wei; X.L.Na, 1998:
Study on application techniques of Steinernema nematodes against RNL

L.ZhenWen, 1997:
Study on applied effectiveness of biological firebreak network of Schima

Chu ChangShu; L.X.anFu; Yao KeMin; Zong XueMei; Zhou ChengShu; L.J.Ming; Liu JianBin, 1997:
Study on applying cold fertility method to low temperature sensitive variety of sterile strain Peiai 64s

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Study on artificial intellectual methods used in automated detection for fruit surface defect

Cai QiuHong; Chen QiFeng; Liu DeJin, 1997:
Study on artificial seeds of rice

Huan Shu, 1997:
Study on ascites in hens caused by Streptococcus faecalis infection

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Study on associative capacity of acrocentric chromosomes in pigs

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Study on autotetraploid grape cv. Muscat Hamburg with good quality

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Study on axial rolls connected to sugarbeet harvesters for harvesting on clay soils in 1998

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Study on babesiosis and theileriosis agents detected in some sheep and goat flocks using microscopic examination in Cankr region

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Study on balanced fertilization and NPK nutrients absorption of garlic

Huang FaXin; Long XianWei, 1998:
Study on banana ice cream

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Study on banding pattern produced by restriction endonuclease Hinf I in cattle and buffalo chromosomes

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Study on bearing capacity of forest land in mountainous regions

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Study on biodelignification of mixed wood waste from logging operations as raw materials of pulp manufacture

Singh, H.S., 1998:
Study on biodiversity on Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary

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Study on biological barriers to continuous cropping of soyabeans

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Study on biological characteristics of Bambusaspis miliaris (Boisduval)

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Study on biological characteristics of ectomycorrhizal fungi LH1 and LH2 of Pisolithus tinctorus

Chen LianGen, 1997:
Study on biological characters of photinia whitefly, Aleurodicus photiniana Young (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Chen HanLin; Wang GenShou, 1997:
Study on biological properties of Graphium chiron

Chen ShunWei; Zhu GuoFa; Zhu JinChao; Wang YueQi; Y.J.anHua, 1998:
Study on biological, ecological and economic properties of twice bearing Castanea mollissima

Xiao WenFa; Nie DaoPing; Zhang JiaCheng, 1999:
Study on biomass and energy use efficiency of stands of Cunninghamia lanceolata in China

Tan JunLi; Liu GuangLiang; L.X.eMei; Gao PeiJi, 1998:
Study on biomechanical pulping of fast-growing woods (I) - Fungal pretreatment of mechanical pulp of Paulownia elongate

Tan JunLi; Liu GuangLiang; L.X.eMei; Gao PeiJi, 1999:
Study on biomechanical pulping of fast-growing woods (II) - enzymic pretreatment for mechanical pulp of Paulownia elongata

Deng ShiRong; Lan XingPing, 1996:
Study on bionomics and control of Dasychira axutha in Guizhou Province, China

Chen DeLan, 1998:
Study on bionomics of four ladybird beetles preying on Aulacaspis roarum

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Study on blood protein polymorphism in Yunnan local pig breeds

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Study on body fat content in Pekin, Muscovy and mule ducks

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Study on body mass index, lipid profile and lipid peroxidation status in coronary artery disease

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Study on bovine hypodermiasis on the northwestern grassland in Sichuan

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Study on bovine oocyte in vitro maturation and in vitro fertilization

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Study on branch-leaf correlation of Paulownia trees

Sun XiuQin; A.P.Ai; L.Q.ngMei, 1998:
Study on breaking seed dormancy and stimulating seed germination in Cercis chinensis

Zhou XiaoRong, 1998:
Study on breeding of Alstroemeria in China

Qiu XinMian; Y.B.Xia; Zhu QianHao; Zhao LianYing; F.X.ngHua, 1999:
Study on breeding of natural color cotton

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Study on breeding of nuclear hybrid spring wheat-Xiaoshan 2134, its yield components and yield-increasing routes

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Study on brown planthopper control tactics in the middle-late non-glutinous rice zone

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Study on browning degree (BD) and polyphenoloxidase (PPO) activity of lotus rhizome during storage

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Study on callus induction from anther and inflorescence culture of sorghum

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Study on canopy carbon assimilating characteristics and grain yield traits in hybrid wheats

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Study on carboxymethylating modification of wood and it's solubility

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Study on carcass qualities of Changwei White pigs

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Study on catalytic curing reaction of maleopimaric acid ester amino baking varnish

Wang YaMing; Yang XianWan, 1999:
Study on catalytic shape-selective isomerization of alpha -pinene

H.C.angHao; Deng WeiWen; Chang HanBin; Guo ShengLan; Pan HuiMin; Han JianJun, 1998:
Study on causes for Oncomelania snails not to inhabit the Hubei part of the Three Gorges Reservoir region

Jeng ToongLong; Sung JihMin, 1998:
Study on celery seed quality with seed grading technics

Huang ZhiJian; Huang YiMing; Lin FanPing; Qiu ChengLiang; W.Y.Shan, 1999 :
Study on cell mediated immunity in pregnant dairy cows

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Study on changes in free amino acids and soluble protein in the seedcoat of soyabeans with different resistance to seedcoat mottling after infection with soybean mosaic virus

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Study on changes in soil temperature in a peach-tea compound plantation system and a tea ecosystem

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Study on changes of chemical composition of culture solution and their effect on tea growth during hydroponic culture

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Study on changes of contents of chemical components and the structure of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. leaves during growth

Y.W.iQi; Mao XuanPing, 1997:
Study on changing species by top grafting of citrus

Shi YingQiao; Wang JingXia; Liu GuangLiang, 1997:
Study on characteristics and treatment of effluent of biomechanical pulping

Zhou Wei; Wang Hong; Zhao LinPing; Lin Bao, 1999:
Study on characteristics of calcium uptake by young fruit of apple (Malus pumila) and its regulation by hormone

H.H.iBo; Kang LiXin; Liang ZhenHai; Qiu CaiLou, 1998:
Study on characteristics of enzyme activities in afforested soils of silting coastal areas

Sun DaGang; Zhu WenNong; L.L.Hui, 1998:
Study on characteristics of fatigue failures for rubber absorbers

Zhao YongYan; Cao FuLiang; Chu ShengHua et al., 1997:
Study on characteristics of maidenhair tree pollen

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Study on chemical and biochemical characteristics of EM (effective microorganisms). I. Study on pesticidal constituents, plant nutrients and other components

Zhuge QiAng; Huang MinRen; Pan HuiXin; L.H.oGen; Feng WeiZhong, 1997:
Study on chemical characteristics and formation mechanism of poplar wet heartwood

Zhang YanJun; G.F.Zheng, 1998:
Study on chemical components of essential oil from Melaleuca alternifolia

Lin XiuLan; Gao JunQiang; Zhang ZhouQin, 1999:
Study on chemical composition of black wattle gum and its application (I). Study on chemical composition of black wattle gum

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Study on chemical composition of main vegetables in Hangzhou suburbs

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Study on chemical constituents of Polygala arillata Buch-Ham

L.Jing et al., 1996:
Study on chemical constituents of volatile oil in the rhizome of Typhonium giganteum Engl

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Study on chemical control of weeds in cool season turf

Zhang JianYun; Yan GuiLong; Liu LiWen; Jin LingPin; L.X.uHua; Kong XiangHao, 1999 :
Study on chemical inactivators of trypsin inhibitors of raw soyabean meal

X.QiuFang, 1998:
Study on chemical properties of rhizosphere soil under Pinus massoniana forest

W.D.anXing; Shu QingYao; Xia YingWu; Liu GuiFu; L.J.nYing, 1997:
Study on chloroplast ultrastructure of a greenable albino mutation line cv. W25 of rice (Oryza sativa)

Zhang TianZhen; Pan JiaJu, 1996:
Study on chromosome doubling in haploid cotton

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Study on citrus exocortis-like viroid in Mazandaran

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Study on classification of Quercus mongolica forests in Kangwon-do by phytosociological method and TWINSPAN

Dong YingShan; L.J.ngLiang; Jiang XiangZhi, 1998:
Study on classification of cultivated soyabean germplasm resources in north-east China

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Study on clay minerals of mountain soils in Hubei and Hunan Provinces. IV. The clay minerals and surface properties of the Mufu mountain soils

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Study on clearing of swine scabies by using drugs

Zhou Guang Sheng, Zhang Xin Shi, 1996:
Study on climate-vegetation classification for global change in China

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Study on climb movement of Oncomelania hupensis in water

Uetake, K., 1999:
Study on cognitive and learning abilities of dairy cattle and their application for herd management

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Study on cold hardiness of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Shen Man; Huang MinRen; Wang MingMa; Feng WeiZhong; H.Z.Ling, 1997:
Study on cold resistance of poplar by ESR spin table

Jiang MingXing; Zhang XiaoXi, 1997:
Study on cold-resistant ability of diapause pupae of cotton bollworm

Zhang DongXing, 1998:
Study on collection of used plastic film in fields

Zhang BiGuang; Zhao ZhongXin; Gao JianMin; Huo GuangQing, 1997:
Study on combination system (GRCT) of high temperature dehumidifier and solar energy for lumber drying

Honarnejad, R., 1995:
Study on combining ability and correlation among some morphological characters in six Iranian rice genotypes

Bazzocchi, R.; Moretti, C.; Conti, S., 1997:
Study on combining ability of broomcorn lines and grain-sorghum male-sterile lines for the development of fiber-sorghum hybrids

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Study on commercial production of Phalaenopsis

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Study on communities of Calycanthus chinensis

Zhang YunQiang; Hou MeiZhen; L.W.n; Nong RongGui, 1997:
Study on community structure and dynamics of spiders in maize fields

Y.RongHai et al., 1998:
Study on comparison of quality components of soyabean cultivars with small and large seeds in Jilin province

Xin XiaoYan; A.Y.nLing; Wang WenFeng, 1999:
Study on comparison of two essential oils in genus Laggera

Yuan NaXin, 1999:
Study on compatibility between Castanopsis fissa and cement

S.QingRui, 1998:
Study on comprehensive benefits of intercropping and rotation of maize and sweet clover in the maize production zone in Northeast China

Shindo, T.; Ushiyama, H.; Kan, K.; Yasuda, K., 1999:
Study on content of cyanide in basidiomycetes and the effect of cooking

Kaku, K., 1999:
Study on contract grade of broiler futures market in Japan based on the evaluation of wholesale market prices and the estimation of trading volumes concerning domestic chicken meat and imported corn from U.S

Chu FengJie; Zhou ZhiFang, 1997:
Study on control and observation of the bionomic characteristics of Halyomorpha picus Fabricius

Zhu LongBiao; Zhu Hong; L.L.ngDi, 1998:
Study on control measures for dispersion of commensal rodents at a city demolition site

Wang XiaoMing; W.Q.anAn; Zhang PeiKun, 1999:
Study on control of maize root and basal stalk rot by zinc sulfate

Wang HuaDi; Zhang ZuoSheng; Cheng JiaAn; Wang XinGeng; Tang JinYi; Zhang LianGuan, 1997:
Study on control strategy and prediction of yellow stem borer

Liu QiaoYun, 1999:
Study on control technique for leaf mites on moso bamboo

Yin RuGu; Zhou BaiRen; Zhang LiSheng; Chen QiLing, 1998:
Study on controlling apple fruit moth by sex attractant

Liu JiaQi; Deng JiaZhong; Wang Hong, 1997:
Study on controlling waterhyacinth wild-growing with natural enemy

Pabis, J.; Wawer, M.; Lisiecki, K.; Gowacki, S., 1998:
Study on convection drying of new winter squash varieties

Dong YanJun; Dong WenQi; Shi ShouYun; L.J.anRong; Zhang YunKang, 1998:
Study on cooking and eating qualities of hybrid F1 between indica and japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Zhang JiYuan; Egiazarov, A.G., 1999:
Study on cooling efficiency of solar radiation quality-quantity adjusting system in a greenhouse

Jiang HuaiZhi et al., 1996:
Study on corn dry distiller grains protein fodder of the Liaoning cashmere goat

H.Y.nMin; Luo FuHe, 1996:
Study on corn modified single cross technique and its application

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Study on corn yield enhancement by plant-growth promoting rhizobacterium

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Study on correlation between Al3+ tolerance in barley and plant-induced pH changes of nutrient solution

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Study on correlation between formation of cotton VA mycorrhiza and soil chitinase activity

Zhao QingYuan, 1997:
Study on correlation genetic parameters of main quantitative characters in protective cucumber

Zhang YaoWei; Cui ChongShi; Sun MeiLing; Q.C.unQiu; Zhao Chen, 1998:
Study on correlation of resistance in Chinese cabbages to soft rot with activity of cellulase and polyphenol oxidase

Zhang LiBin; Liu GueiShen, 1997:
Study on correlations among quantitative traits in Siberian apricot wild seedlings and their utilization

Jiang ShunDe; L.X.Chun; Huang FeiPeng; Zhang XueChai; L.Z.iGuo; Huang XiZhen; Liu JiHua; Huang XingHua; Fang ZhuJun; Zhu YuQing, 1999:
Study on cost-effectiveness of clue chemotherapy in hyper-endemic areas of schistosomiasis

H.S.uYi; Huang BiZhong; Lin QiMo, 1998:
Study on course of pyrolysis with phosphoric acid method by thermal analysis

Chen ShiYing; Long Ling; Zhang YiSheng, 1999:
Study on creep performance of bamboo particleboard

Y.L.Lun; Wan Ming; Jiang JinShu; Hou XiLin, 1998:
Study on cross resistance of 6 strains of Eimeria tenella to four drugs

Han YuJie; Jin WeiZhu; Wang Achuan; Cai LiXin; Meng QingJun, 1999:
Study on cross-section pattern for peeling bolts with computerized laser scanning system

X.Z.enWang; Hua BaoSong; Lin ShaBoo; Zhao RenYou; Yang ShaoLi, 1996:
Study on crown grade table: factor of Dendrolimus latipennis forecast

Shi DeShun; Lin ZeJi; Wei MingYing; L.K.Huan, 1998:
Study on cryopreservation of in vitro fertilized bovine embryos

W.B.nSheng; Jiang HongYao; Nie Yong; Zhang JiaXian; Zhou Wei, 1997:
Study on culm-form structure of Bambusa dislagia

H.C.aoZong; Jiang YongXiang; Chen YuLan; Dong YuanHua; Tian GuanSen, 1997:
Study on cultivation of Lycium chinense for vegetable use

Luo ZhenWei; Gao Feng; Che ShengQuan, 1997:
Study on cultivation of annual Limonium spp. as cut-flower

Fang XiangMing; H.J.nChuan;; Zheng YanHong; Liu HuiLin; Huang YongTai, 1997:
Study on cultivation technique of mixed Phyllostachys heterocycla var. pubescens in site III

Liang Quan; Hong MingSong, 1998:
Study on cultivation techniques for a high yield in seed production of kenaf

L.C.angGen; W.Z.aoGui; Zhao WeiMing; Yan ZhaoNan, 1999:
Study on cultivation techniques for high yield of spring soyabeans

J.CongLiang, 1998:
Study on cultivation techniques of high-yielding population quality in cotton and its utilization. I. Index for high-yielding population quality in cotton

Wang, J.; Jiang, J., 1998:
Study on culture in vitro of bamboo

Yang HuaJie; W.D.ngHua; L.W.iHua, 1997:
Study on culturing protoplasts of tomato mesophylls

Lei Peng; Quan Lin; Zhu JianYuan, 1998:
Study on current economic development of agriculture and increase of farmer income

Sun YongHai; Tong YueYing; Chang ZhenChen; L.B.oLin, 1999:
Study on cutting parameters of disc cutters on a soyabean reaper

Tan ZhiXin; Tao WuBin; Xiao ShuDe, 1997:
Study on cyclization isomerization and MPV reaction of citronellal

Zhao GuangYong; Zhang Qiang; Feng YangLian, 1998:
Study on degradability of DM and fat of concentrates in the rumen of steers measured with the nylon bag technique

L.B.n; Yang Fan, 1998:
Study on density deviation of MDF made in China

Zhen YuShan; Chen LiGuan; X.D.oWang, 1998:
Study on density effect model for high yield stand of Phyllostachys meyeri

Zheng YuShan; Chen JingFen, 1998:
Study on density effect of Oligostachyum oedogonatum

Zhu YuJie; Zhou JiaLin, 1997:
Study on depth of root decay in basal stem

Liu ChengMo; Cao YuCun, 1998:
Study on deratization in places with low temperature

Zhao HaLin; Masayuki, N.; Ohkuoro, T.S.; L.S.enGong, 1997:
Study on desertification mechanism of grazing grassland in Horqin sandy land in Inner Mongolia, China

Zhang HeXiao; Wang CaiLan; Cui XiangDong; Wang Gang; S.S.iMin; Zhang YuZhong; Gan MengHou, 1997:
Study on detecting antibodies against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus by an ELISA

H.D.ngSheng; Song ChangXu; Liu FuAn; X.L.Qun, 1997:
Study on detection of Newcastle disease virus by DNA-RNA hybridization

Zhang LongXing; Tang LinHua; Feng XiaoPing; Wang JuJun, 1998:
Study on detection of malaria parasite DNA by PCR-ELISA

Dai ZiQiang; L.M.ngDe, 1997:
Study on determination methods for available potassium in upland field

Yang QiuSheng; Wei YiChang; Zhang HuiQin, 1997:
Study on determination methods of free amino acid in peony flowers

Azari, T.G.; Pousty, I.; Ebrahimi, I., 1997:
Study on determination of reproductive potential in Iranian sturgeon broodstocks (Acipenser persicus Borodin, 1897)

Zeng DaLi; Qian Qian;; Yan HongLan; Sun ZongXiu; Zhu LiHuang, 1999:
Study on determining true or false hybrid rice by using biotechnology

Cho, S.S.n; Ha, T.M.on, 1998:
Study on development of Pleurotus ostreatus cultural practice with jobs tears straw and membrancueus bunge straw

Yang XingWei;, 1998:
Study on development of Shanghai Agrometeorological Service System supported by geographic information system (GIS)

W.T.anLong; Zhao ZeSheng; Jiang JiaYun; Cai XiangZhong; Tang Nan, 1998:
Study on development of vegetable soyabean seeds and yield estimation

G.L.nZhu; Tang QiQian, 1998:
Study on development prospect of agricultural technique extension

Gong ZhenPing; L.G.iQin; L.Y.ngNan; Gui MingZhu, 1997:
Study on developmental pattern of flax capsules and seeds

Y.W.iLong; Qiu JingLong; Wang YuHua; Wang LongHua, 1998:
Study on differentiation and development of cotton fibre derived from free callus cells

L.F.Zhuang; X.Z.Wei; Liu MinXua;; Zhang JinZhi;; Zhang GuoHai, 1996:
Study on digestibility of amino acids of fermented and cooked blood meal in caecectomized cockerels

Chen Yan; Zhao JingWei, 1998:
Study on distinguishing larval instars of the vegetable leafminer Liriomyza sativae (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Zhang Yun; L.X.anFu; Guo HengBin et al., 1997:
Study on distribution and life span of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus in chigger mite

L.R.ngGai; Meng XiangZhen; Wang YuZhen; Feng RuiGuang; Meng LingQi; Ning WenShu, 1999:
Study on dry matter production, accumulation, transportation and grain plumpness of intersubspecific hybrid rice

Wang XiMing; Gao ZhiYue; A.Z.en; Meng LiPing, 1998:
Study on drying characteristics of small diameter birch discs modified with urea and UF resin

Daikoku, M.; Sawamura, N.; Sasaki, Y., 1997:
Study on drying methods for soyabeans with high moisture content to preventing damage to kernels

Y.R.ngHuan; Sun MengMei; Sun YuTing, 1997:
Study on dryness-wetness regionalization with water supply coefficients during crop growth

Wang HuangXin; Qiu ZhengJun; Ying XiaFang; X.Z.iMing, 1999:
Study on dual purpose machine for ditching and rotary cultivating

Wang MingShu; Cheng AnChun; Chen XiaoYue, 1997:
Study on duck viral hepatitis - distribution and excretion of virulent duck hepatitis virus in ducklings and adult ducks

Laborde, V.B.rnava; Osterrieth, M.L.; Martinez, P.A., 1998:
Study on dune mesofauna and some parameters that condition its establishment

Lei ZhenYa; Ming ZhongXian; Tang XianZhi, 1997:
Study on dwarf preselecting indices for apple hybrid seedlings

Wang QuanZhong, 1997:
Study on dynamic characteristic of the bamboo plywood

Chen ChiaChung, 1997:
Study on dynamic equilibrium moisture content of rough rice

Yan LiJiao; Wang ZhaoQian; D.J.anSheng; L.Q.Hua; Yin MinLiang, 1998:
Study on dynamic simulation model for rice development

Sheng AiWu; Guo WeiMing; Sun ZhiHua, 1999:
Study on dynamics of endogenous hormones and parameters concerning senescence in cut wintersweet flowers

Kozev, S., 1998:
Study on dynamics of lactic acid process and process regulation in the production of hard Barcelona cheese made from ewe milk

Zhu DuanWei; Chen XiuHong; Liu WuDing, 1998:
Study on dynamics of soil boron during rape growing periods

Liu Wei; Yang BaoJun; X.F.Yuan; G.M.ngHong; Zhang Pei; Wang ChengFa, 1998:
Study on early diagnosis for pine wilt disease caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. I. Early diagnosis for pine wilt disease caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus parasitizing Pinus massoniana and P. thunbergii

Yang BaoJun; Liu Wei; X.F.Yuan; Zhang Pei; Q.H.aRong, 1999:
Study on early diagnosis for pine wilt disease caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. II. The effect of pine species, dose and nematode origin on the oleoresin exudation method

Laggoun Defarge, F.; Bourdon, S.; Chenu, C.; Defarge, C.; Disnar, J.R., 1999:
Study on early morphological transformations of vegetative tissues of peat: applications of histochemical labelling using TEM and high resolution cryo-SEM

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Study on genetic mark of antler production in Qingyuan strain of Tianshan Wapiti

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Study on genetic variation of Chinese fir provenances

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Study on geographical distribution of different wheat diseases and developing trends of several major wheat diseases in China

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Study on grass cutting and grazing in fertilized grassland

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Study on group types of the nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus Pallas) in the Pench wildlife reserves Madhya Pradesh

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Study on growth and feed conversion pattern of Beijing ducks

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Study on growth rate of Ongole cattle and it's crosses with exotics

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Study on gypsum fiberboard by semi-dry process. II. Analysis on effects of homogeneity of blending and forming

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Study on gypsum wood fiber board by semi-dry process. Part I. Effects of raw material mixture and board density on board properties

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Study on hay making and improving its utilization

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Study on heat-transfer of a coaxial two-impinging-streams in drying process

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Study on heredity of feather colour in Melanistic mutant pheasant

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Study on heterosis for broiler and carcass traits in two-way crosses

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Study on heterosis, depression and degrees of domination in interline hybrids of silkworm moth (Bombyx mori L.) I. Technological traits of cocoons

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Study on high density stacked-cage-raising system for laying hens

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Study on high forage yield of sown pastures in Maqu County, Gansu, China

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Study on high-yielding populations of hybrid rape and its regulation

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Study on house mouse (Mus musculus) control

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Study on hypodermosis of sheep and goats in the Fars Industrial Meat Complex and assessment of economic losses to hide production

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Study on identification of soyabean lipoxygenase mutants in Chinese soyabean germplasm resources

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Study on immune milk and its products

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Study on immune response with Newcastle disease virus protein fractions

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Study on immunologic regulating action of ru zhen

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Study on impact of the transmission of schistosomiasis in the Dongting Lake region after construction of the Three Gorges Dam

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Study on improvement of productivity of yak

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Study on improvement of seed fertility of Leymus chinensis by distant hybridization

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Study on improving dimensional stability of wood after saturated steam treatment

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Study on improving properties of re-manufactured particleboard from waste particleboard

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Study on improving the quality of forest land for larch plantations

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Study on in vitro cultural system of bIVF embryos in serum-free medium

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Study on increasing bifidobacteria quantity in yoghurt

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Study on increasing cellulase activity with the fermentation in tandem method of two fungus species: Trichoderma lignorum and Pleurotus sajor-caju

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Study on increasing the energy efficiency at nine agroindustrial complexes of Villa Clara

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Study on inducing factors of diapause of Megachile rotundata (F.)

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Study on inducing male flowers in female apomictic varieties of Boehmeria Jacq

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Study on inducing polyploid of Actinidia sp

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Study on industrialization technology of chicken excrement reprocessing as feed

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Study on infective law and chemical control of eggplant Phomopsis rot

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Study on infective specificity by Frankia strains from Casuarinaceae

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Study on infestation characteristics of the cotton bollworm in maize strip cropping fields

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Study on infiltration and infiltration simulation of soil water in different woodlands

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Study on influence of constantly releasing fertilizer on the nitrogen utilization efficiency and growth for poplar I-69

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Study on influence of factors on turf establishment for Zoysia japonica Steud. I. A study on relationship between daily mean temperature and germination days of Zoysia japonica Steud

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Study on influence of live weight and protein level in the fattening mixture on carcass content and meat quality of hybrid pigs

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Study on influence of some cropping technologies on ecological plasticity, affinity, concordance and ecological balance of invertebrate communities in the cabbage agroecosystem

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Study on inheritance and variation of wood basic density of Populus tomentosa Carr. clones

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Study on inheritance and variation of wood fibre length of Populus tomentosa clones

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Study on inheritance of gliadin components in backcross F2s of wheat

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Study on inheritance of resistance to rust in yardlong bean

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Study on inheritance trends of pear fruit nutrient composition

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Study on initial hatching egg weight of Taiwan country chicken breeders

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Study on inoculation technology and effect of inoculation with Frankia on Casuarina

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Study on insect damage in Casuarina equisetifolia protective forest in coastal area

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Study on insect-resistant transgenic plants of Populus euramericana

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Study on integrated control techniques of pests and diseases of Casuarina forest in coastal-selection of Casuarina clones resistant to pests and diseases

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Study on intelligent decision support system for agricultural ecosystem

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Study on intelligent expert system of wheat cultivation management and its application

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Study on intensive grassland production and mechanization techniques

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Study on intensive planting of poly-dimensional land use with wheat and maize as principal part

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Study on internal and external nutrient cycling in black locust

Zheng FenLi, 1998:
Study on interrill erosion and rill erosion on slope farmland of loess area

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Study on interspecific association in the communities including Adenophora lobophylla population compared with that in the communities including A. potaninii population in the northwest of Sichuan province

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Study on introduction of foreign NPT II gene into cells of wheat

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Study on invasiveness and multiplication of Toxoplasma strains with different virulence toward Vero-cells

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Study on isoenzyme polymorphism in some cultivars and populations of Lolium perenne L

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Study on isolation and chemical composition of biologically active compounds of selected herbal plants - tancy (Tanacetum vulgare). Part I

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Study on isolation and identification of Bacillus strain BC-10 and its application

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Study on isozymes in anther of male sterile wheat lines with Ae. kotschyi and T. timopheevii cytoplasm

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Study on juice yoghurt of black rice

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Study on karyotype of Roegneria grandis; Huang RuiFu, 1998:
Study on karyotypical variation and differentiation in populations of Pinus yunnanensis Franch

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Study on keys to the soil classification of Zhejiang province

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Study on laboratory tests for the diagnosis of onychomycosis

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Study on lactation curve in Gir and its crosses with Holstein Friesian and Jersey; W.D.Bin, 1999:
Study on land carrying capacity in Luoyuan County

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Study on land use system dynamics simulation of Kenli County, Yellow River delta

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Study on lane boundary detection of maize seed protein electrophoregrams in image processing

Zhang ZeMin et al, 1997:
Study on law of dry matter accumulation and distribution of corn hybrids over different ears

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Study on linear simultaneous model of tree biomass

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Study on lipid metabolism in rats fed a probiotic

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Study on lipid peroxidation and the effects of anisodamine in endotoxic shock in goats

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Study on living strategies of coffee stem borers

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Study on long term effects of LHRH-A2 on reproduction performance of rabbits

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Study on long-lived mRNA (VII). Observation of the supermicroscopic structure of hypocotylar swelling induced by p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid in Vigna radiata

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Study on low input sustainable rice culture. Productivity of rice crop under sparse planting and low pesticide use

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Study on low temperature tolerance in grafted cucumber seedlings

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Study on macro-management of protected horticulture development in China

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Study on making tough check from high yield pulp

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Study on mangroves with special reference to its natural regeneration in Middle Andaman Forest Division

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Study on manufacture of Korean paper (Hanji) sludge-wood fiber composite boards I. Physical properties of Korean paper (Hanji) sludge-wood fiber composite boards

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Study on manufacturing process of medium density fiberboard using loblolly pine

Anonymous, 1998:
Study on manufacturing technology of engineering composite materials from wood/plastic fiber

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Study on marsh and wetland improvement and characteristics of site and wood

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Study on masson pine seedling culture using root-unfolding-containers and half-light-medium

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Study on mating system in man-made populations of Masson pine

Tan LiHong;; Zhou WenQi; H.W., 1998:
Study on measurement of tractor's front wheel alignment

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Study on mechanical model of water - salt movement in soil of oasis cropland in Tarim Basin

Chao WangCheng; Cao TunYi; Xue YunFeng, 1995:
Study on mechanical tester for tea shoots

Qiao Jian; Zhao LiHong; Sun Bin, 1999:
Study on mechanism of death of chickens with infectious bursal disease (IBD)

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Study on mechanism of fire-resistance for Alnus tinctoria

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Study on mechanism of heat injury relief in summer pak-choi under shade net covering cultivation

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Study on mechanism of perforated plastic film mulch increasing early and total yield of tomato

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Study on mechanization for establishing fast-growing forest

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Study on meiotic behaviors and fertility of the autotetraploid of day lily

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Study on mercury in whales

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Study on methamidophos-degrading fungus

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Study on method of ecological research and evaluation for agricultural water-use facilities

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Study on method on measuring pollen fertility of F1 between indica and japonica and gamete fertility

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Study on methods of preparing DNA of malaria parasite for polymerase chain reaction

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Study on micropropagation and planting stock production of peach cultivars

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Study on milk and mulberry based beverages

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Study on milk fat variation in Red Steppe cattle

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Study on mineral nutrition in hybrid rapeseed (Brassica napus) under different N application rates

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Study on mineralogical properties of albic soils in the northern subtropical region of China

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Study on mineralogy of some selected soils from hot humid to perhumid ecosystem of Kozhikode, Palaghat and Ernakulam areas in Kerala

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Study on mixed cryoprotectants for fowl semen

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Study on model and simulation of border irrigation and its application

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Study on model breeding of hybrid corn with high yield potential

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Study on monitoring of physiological race of cotton Fusarium wilt in China

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Study on monitoring system of bin state for feed processing

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Study on monoclonal antibody against porcine parvovirus: cultivation and purification of porcine parvovirus. antigens

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Study on morphogenetic response in hypocotyl segments of Antirrhinum majus

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Study on multiple cropping of forage and vegetable in mountain region in the west of Hubei province of China

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Study on mutagenic effects of rice seed irradiated by CO2 laser

Luo RongTing; Zhang MingXing, 1998:
Study on mutagenic effects of rice seeds irradiated by CO2 laser

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Study on mutation breeding of banana shoot tips in vitro. I. Experiment on 60Co gamma ray irradiation of shoot tips

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Study on mycorrhizal physiology of Eucalyptus urophylla coinoculated with ECM and VAM fungi

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Study on natural population life table of the Ziziphus geometrid and its use in prediction

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Study on natural regeneration in forests of Garhwa (Bihar)

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Study on navigation of agricultural autonomous mobile robot

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Study on nested reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for detection of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus RNA

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Study on new mixed insecticides against resistant cotton pests

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Study on new synthetic criteria for evaluation of farm transport vehicle performance and fuel economy

G.KeLi, 1998:
Study on new techniques for proper application of nitrogen fertilizer in no-till wheat fields after rice

Ren QingShan, 1998:
Study on niche structure of dominant population in natural secondary forests

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Study on nitrification retarding property of indigenous plant products

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Study on no-tillage farming technique of bamboo forest

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Study on no-tillage silage corn production with legume hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth) cover. I. Changes of soil mineral nitrogen, yield and nitrogen uptake of corn by quantity of hairy vetch cover

Seo JongHo; Lee HoJin, 1998:
Study on no-tillage silage corn production with legume hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth) cover. II. Changes of yield and nitrogen uptake of corn by N fertilizer and hairy vetch cover

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Study on noise reduction in tractor cab

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Study on numerical evaluation of elastic modulus in cross section of composite scrimber-particleboard

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Study on numerical taxonomy of fruiting mei cultivars

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Study on numerical taxonomy of the genus Caragana Fabr. in Inner Mongolia, China

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Study on nutrient absorption characteristics and fertilizer application technique of strawberry

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Study on nutrient characteristics of the leaves of Bambusa distegia

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Study on nutrient scale of sufficiency or deficiency in tea soils in Hunan province and fertilizing recommendation

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Study on nutrient solutions for soilless culture of melon

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Study on nutrient uptake, seed and oil yield of coriander as influenced by nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur

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Study on nutrient-supply capacity of black soil and its change

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Study on nutrition management for the cultivation of Chinese fir plantation

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Study on nutritional requirement of vitamin A for Penaeus chinensis larva

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Study on oasis regional system and the spatial envelopment

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Study on occurrence and integrated control of Alternaria viticola

Gao Jie et al., 1997:
Study on occurrence of tobacco wildfire disease

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Study on occurring rule and integrated control of Acantholyda piceacola Xiao et Zhou

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Study on operation and economy of the Lebanese farm

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Study on optimal proportion of cation and anion in nutrient solution for cucumber and egg plant

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Study on optimal slaughter weight of four-breed crossbred pigs (Danube White x Landrace) x (Hampshire x Pietrain)

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Study on optimal strategy of schistosomiasis control in inner embankment area

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Study on optimum control of the soyabean aphid

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Study on optimum levels of dietary energy and protein of Shiqi Yellow broilers during the early growth period

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Study on optimum program for ecology-economy type shelter forests in the drainage basin of the Xinshui river

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Study on optimum scale of regional farm management

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Study on optimum tillage depth for sunflowers in crop rotations in Central Anatolia

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Study on optimum timing of nitrogen application to soyabeans

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Study on pancreatic insufficiency (chronic pancreatitis) and steatorrhea in Japanese patients with low fat intake

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Study on parasitic condition of Trichomonas vaginalis in sexually transmitted disease patients

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Study on particleboard reinforced with fiberglass binds

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Study on pathogenicity and pathogenic factor of human Demodex

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Study on pathogenicity of seed-borne fungi of sunflower in Pakistan

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Study on pathogenicity, fimbriae expression and haemagglutination characteristics of avian Escherichia coli isolates

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Study on pattern of new infection and reinfection after implementing the strategy of chemotherapy combined with health education for schistosomiasis control in Poyang Lake region

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Study on persimmon scales and its control

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Study on phenology and display season extension of Mei flower

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Study on phosphorus deficiency in young ostriches

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Study on phosphorus in Ginkgo biloba and methods for its diagnosis

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Study on physical and chemical properties of red pigments from purple sweet potato (PSP)

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Study on physico-mechanical properties of culm-wood of Phyllostachys iridescens

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Study on physiological and biochemical indices of heat-tolerance of pepper leaves

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Study on physiological changes in leaves of a rice greenable albino mutant line W25 during albinism-greenism process in late growth period

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Study on physiological effects and synthetical benefit of spring maize and ginger intercropping

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Study on planting method of Japonica rice under dry soil condition

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Study on pneumoconiosis in Bactrian camels

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Study on pollen viability in Betula platyphylla

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Study on pollination biology in persimmon trees

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Study on population dynamics and growth analyses of Stipa breviflora

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Study on population dynamics of Neodiprion xiangyunensis

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Study on population dynamics of sugarcane top borer in Gujarat

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Study on possibilities for use of combined forages based on different cereal components and their influence on production traits of growing and fattening pigs

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Study on possible energy savings from converting pump station regulation to reservoirs with sides raised at variable speed

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Study on potential productivity of forest land in Huang Jiaercha small watershed in the loess hilly area

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Study on powdery mildew of Pterocarya stenoptera

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Study on praziquantel sustained release preparations in canine echinococcosis

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Study on precision wheat seed meter with vertical-wheel feed for internal seed-cell filling

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Study on preparation of pharmaceutical tannic acid by solvent-extraction

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Study on preparations Cosumix plus and Dynamutilin 45% for colibacteriosis treatment and prophylactics of rabbit broilers through combined fodder

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Study on prevalence of hypothyroidism in women of reproductive age in Meghalaya, North-Eastern India

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Study on preventive effect of artesunate against infection due to Schistosoma japonicum in an endemic marshland area

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Study on processing variables of the particleboards made from the mixture of bagasse and wood shavings (III). Effects of adhesives, resin contents and board densities on the properties of particleboards

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Study on production efficiency of potassium in mustard (Brassica juncea L.) and other crops

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Study on production of trichosanthin from the hairy roots of Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim

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Study on prognosis of severe haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome by stepwise discriminant analysis

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Study on properties which can be used to separate cocklebur from soyabeans and can be used in a separator

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Study on protein level and feed energy density in early developmental stage of sable

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Study on protocorm culture of Gladiolus hortalans

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Study on protoplast electrofusion of metallothionein producing yeast strains

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Study on provenance selection of loblolly pine for construction timber

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Study on quality control and application of select control chart for Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation management

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Study on quantitative evaluation of regional tourist resources: - a case study on Changji Hui autonomous prefecture, Xinjiang, China

B.Z.aoHong; Sun JinZhuang; Dong QinRui; Liu ShaoQing, 1999 :
Study on quantitative remote sensing method for soil erosion losses and its application in Shandong Province, China

Zuo YanYan, 1997:
Study on radiated noise from vibration of a cab model

Wang HaiQi; Mei WeiNing; Shao YaNan; Zhang JianNing, 1996:
Study on radio-active tracings in brains of fetal mice after their pregnant mothers were infected with I125 labelled Toxoplasma gondii

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Study on raising seedling technique of grafted tomato

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Study on rapeseed quality breeding of Brassica napus L. in Shanghai suburbs

Ding GuiJie, 1998:
Study on rational cutting age for building timber in Masson pine plantations in Guizhou Province

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Study on rational dosages of vitamins and trace elements in the diets for layers at different laying stages

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Study on rational fertilizer application in the citrus orchards in Fujian province by nutritional diagnosis

Zhou LingYun; Chen ZhiXiong, 1997:
Study on rational irrigation for wheat production in Fengqiu Region: I. Analysis of the relation between soil water supply and wheat yield

Zhou LingYun; Chen ZhiXiong, 1997:
Study on rational irrigation for wheat production in Fengqui Region: II. A model of rational irrigation for wheat and its evaluation

Zhu KuiLin et al., 1997:
Study on rational renewal time limit of large combine harvester JD-1075

Setyawati, T.; Kalima, T., 1996:
Study on rattan resources in Mount Halimun National Park, West Java

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Study on rearing the larvae of Tenebrio molitor Linne and the effects of its processing and utilization

Ning Anzhong; Sun WanBao; Shao ChongYi, 1999:
Study on reasonable summer pruning techniques

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Study on reclamation after skining of Magnolia officinalis

Liu ZhaoPu; Shen QiRong; Deng LiQun; Mao ZeSheng; Luo YiShai, 1997:
Study on reclamation of coastal saline soil with mixed culture of fish and barley

Jiang Li;; Chai JunJie, 1997:
Study on recognizing of different epitopes in cyst fluid antigens by the sera of patients with hydatid disease and immunized rabbits

S.Z.' an; Yang BiSheng; Guo ChangTai, 1997:
Study on reddish color deterioration of rosin

Lin, L.; Kawaguchi, T., 1998:
Study on reducing raw milk transportation cost in Taiwanese dairy industry

Wang XiuLun; Ito, N.; Kito, K., 1999:
Study on reduction of soil adhesion to rotary tiller cover by vibration

Qian HuaiSui; L.M.ngXia, 1998:
Study on regionalization for estimation of maize yield using remote sensing data in China

Zhou BaiJuan et al., 1996:
Study on regular pattern of absorbing nutrients in annual Populus lasiocarpa seedlings

Song DongGuang; Sun GuoFeng; Shan HaiYan; Peng XiangYin; Wang GuangQing; Wang XunMing; Tan JiaZhen, 1998:
Study on regulation of 5' flanking regions of granule-bound starch synthase gene of potato

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Study on relation of rotation cycle and stand density to stand productivity of Phyllostachys nidularia

Liu XingGuo; Pan HieTing, 1996:
Study on relationship between antibody and Y. pestis natural foci of Citellus alashanicus of Ningxia

Zhou ZhiQuan; Gao GuoPing; Q.Y., 1999:
Study on relationship between forest fuel and forest fire occurrence in major forest types in western Liaoning Province

Zheng XiaoYing; W.G.oSheng; Wang YongJian, 1998:
Study on relationship between heat tolerance and phosphoglucomutase loci of Chinese cabbage

Barat, I., 1997:
Study on relationship between individual factors and herbage production in Artemisia transiliensis under non-irrigated conditions

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Study on relationship between the tissue structure and texture quality of Chinese cabbage

Zhu WenXue; Cao ChongWen, 1998 :
Study on relationship of stress cracks and breakage susceptibility of maize dried in heated air

Sun, C.; Huang, B.; Chen, H.; Zhang, R.; Jia, Y., 1998:
Study on relationships between biomasses of present secondary plant community and soil fertility conditions in Loess Plateau

Ishino, S.; Yamanaka, H.; Kadota, K., 1998:
Study on relationships between serum gamma-globulin concentration and pathological characteristics in bovine lymphosarcoma

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Study on relationships between wood properties and quality of veneer and plywood from plantation poplar

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Study on relationships of the alfalfa local varieties in China. II. RAPD markers

L.Y.ngJun; S.J.aKai, 1999:
Study on relationships of the local varieties of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in China seed storage protein markers

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Study on replenishing feeding of Monochamus alternatus adult

Raju, K.S., 1998:
Study on reproductive traits of indigenous pigs

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Study on residue in soil of ethametsulfuron and its safety of the following crop rice

Shen JianZhong; Qian ChuanFan; Yang HanChun; Jiang HaiYang, 1998:
Study on residue of maduramicin in broiler chicken tissues

Yang Hong; Zhang WeiHa; Huang LiQin; Yang ChunLong; Shao SuNing; Chen DaoWen, 1999:
Study on residues of imidaclapaid in tobacco

Wang ShuCheng; Liu DanHong; Xing Li et al., 1998:
Study on resistance of Culex pipiens pallens to insecticide in Liaoning Province

Zeng LieXian; Huang ShaoHua; Lin BiRun, 1997:
Study on resistance of rice to the strong virulence pathotype V of bacterial blight

Wang JianJun; Y.X.aoPing; Tao LinYong; L.Z.ongXian; Shi ShouYun; Dong WenQi, 1999:
Study on resistance to brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal) in indica hybrid rice

L.X.aoLing; Ten TongLian, 1998:
Study on restraining wood drying warp distortion by surface-pressuring

L.D.Gang; G.L.anBai, 1999:
Study on rheological behaviour of surface layer of poplar during high-temperature drying

Dong ShuFu; H.C.engShun; Huang TianDong; Shu HuaiRui, 1997:
Study on rhizosphere of apple rootstock seedlings

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Study on rice non-greenhouse generation proliferating technique and its application

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Study on rice seedling throwing transplanter of manipulator type

Wang ChuanBing; Mao GuoFang; Jiang ZhongTao, 1999 :
Study on rice silicon nutrition status in Shanghai region and effects of silicon fertilizer

Miao GuoYuan; Yin Jun; Zhang YunTing; Zhang AiLiang, 1998:
Study on root growth of the main crops in North China

Xiao Kai; Yin ZhenJun, 1997:
Study on root physiological activity of hybrid wheat

H.ShuYi, 1999:
Study on rosin content and its modification in Masson pine

Liu XiuYing, 1998:
Study on rubberwood-attacking fungi and relevant controlling technology

Zhang JiaCheng; Luo ChengXiang; Zhang LiJuan, 1999:
Study on salicylate-hypochlorite colorimetric determination of total Kjeldahl nitrogen

Wang JinRong; Zhou AiFen; Y.W.nMei; M.C.iLiang; Xia YunLing; Wang GuanDe; L.Y.; Shen ZhongWei, 1997:
Study on schemes of schistosomiasis surveillance in eradicated areas in water network regions

Liu GengLing; Qiu JianJun, 1998:
Study on scientific construction of Xinjiang cotton region

Liu AiYuan, 1997:
Study on screening method for resistance to anthracnose of Chinese cabbage in seedling stage

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Study on screening of desirable leguminosarum Frank Rhizobial strains and their application

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Study on screening of sweet pepper varieties suitable to be cultivated in different kinds of installation-protected cultivation

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Study on seasonal changes in chlorophyll content in different types of leaves from Starkrimson apple trees

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Study on seasonal survival rates of the populations of Microtus brandti in different periods

Mehrotra, M.D.; Punam Singh, 1998:
Study on seed borne fungi of some forest trees and their management

Wang MengLong, 1998:
Study on seed production of Aneurolepidium chinensis

Boari, A.; Boscia, D.; Terlizzi, B. di; Savino, V., 1998:
Study on seed transmission of prune dwarf virus (PDV) in Prunus mahaleb L

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Study on seedling growing technology of Ginkgo biloba with sowing at high density

L.J.aNa; Luo Peng, 1998:
Study on segregation characteristics of sterility genes of rape (Brassica napus L.) in segregating generations

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Study on selection and breeding for multiple use of a new variety of Populus tomentosa

Peng WenShan; Mai ZengShen;, 1998:
Study on selection and extension of pod edible pea variety Sweet and Crisp

Xue, H.; Wu, Z.; Chen, X.; Lin, K.; Lu, G.; Kuang, B., 1997:
Study on selection of Eucalyptus species/provenances and progeny

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Study on selection of geographical provenances of Pinus tabulaeformis resistant to Mastucoccus matsumurae Kuwana

Jiao ChangFeng; Bai RenPu, 1997:
Study on selective agricultural protection policies

Xiao Kai; Zhang RongXian; Qian WeiPu, 1998:
Study on senescing characteristics of physiological functions of root and leaves during late growth stage in wheat

Qiu RongLiang; Zhang YunNi; M.D.Lun, 1997:
Study on sensitivity of soil to acid deposition in South China. I. Factors affecting acid sensitivity of soil and their mathematical treatment

Kositorna, J., 1997:
Study on sensitivity of sugarbeet to postemergence herbicides

Feng XiGuang et al., 1999:
Study on serological typing of tsutsugamushi disease from febrile cases in Dali City

L.H.aGuang; Yang QiWei; Zhang HongYong; W.Z.iQiang; Chen Wei; F.C.aoYang, 1997:
Study on serotype identification and immune control of infectious bronchitis virus isolates

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Study on serum amylase isozyme in white-lipped, red and Sika deer

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Study on several factors causing losses of rooted semi-hard wood cuttings of olive propagated under mist conditions

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Study on several nitrogen fixation strains from Phyllostachys pubescens roots

Zhu ZhiXiang; Zhang ShuYuan; T.J.nLin, 1998:
Study on shoot cuttings of Castanea mollissima

Peng YuHua; H.S.uiXiu, 1997:
Study on shrivelled seeds of soyabean developed in a northern & grown in a southern area

Koshika, K., 1997:
Study on silvicultural operations for natural regeneration in natural forest management: effects of brush cutting on natural todo-fir (Abies sachalinensis) seedlings

Han DongHai, 1998:
Study on skin shrinking fruits inspection using X-ray

Tang, X.N.; You, C.P., 1996:
Study on soft rot of Allium chinense

Lei XiaoZhang; Huang LiLong, 1997:
Study on soil conservative effect of protection forest systems in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River

Pan JianJun, 1997:
Study on soil erosion of red clay hilly land by GIS

Hong YouYou; Tang XiaoHua; Wang Hui, 1997:
Study on soil fertility of Carya cathayensis forests

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