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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3288

Chapter 3288 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

W.K.Ning; L.G.iBao; X.S.engRong, 1998:
Study on soil genera of Udic Luvisols in north subtropical region

Zeng ZhiYuan; Pan XianZhang, 1997:
Study on soil gleization in subtropic region of China using LBV transformed landsat images

Qiu RenHui; Yang YuSheng; Y.X.nTuo; L.Z.enWen; Ruan ChaunCheng, 1998:
Study on soil humus and fertility characteristic of the management pattern of planting broadleaf with reserving Chinese fir

Yang YuSheng; Qiu RenHui; Y.X.nTuo; H.Z.ngMing; Huang BaoLong, 1999:
Study on soil humus and fertility characteristics in 29-year-old plantations of Chinese fir of different rotations

Lee, J.K.; Choi, S.S.; Kim, M.J.; Park, G.J.; Yoon, S.H.; Shin, J.S.; Shin, D.E., 1999:
Study on soil improvement in grassland. I. Effects of dolomite particles and shell powder application on soil characteristics, dry matter yield and nutritive value of forages in loam soil

Jia ZhiQing; Song GuiPing; L.Q.igHe; Sun BaoPing; L.C.angZhe, 1997:
Study on soil moisture dynamic variation in a typical watershed in the southern mountainous area of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Jia ZhiQing; L.C.angZhe; Sun BaoPing; Song GuiPing, 1998:
Study on soil moisture in terrace field by harmonic wave analysis

Bai YouLu; L.Y.nXia; L.Y.uTian, 1998:
Study on soil particle distribution in Wenmengtan resettlement area

Shang SongHao; Lei ZhiDong; Yang ShiXiu; Wang Yi; Zhao DongMei, 1999:
Study on soil water movement with changeable groundwater level during soil freezing and thawing

Liu, J.; Amemiya, Y.; Yabashi, S., 1997:
Study on soil water retentivity of Akadama soil

Tabilio, M.R.; Casalini, R.; Prospero, P. di; Nobili, P., 1999:
Study on some arthropod predators in an orchard in the Rome area

Sasaki, S.; Takaki, J.; Noda, R., 1996:
Study on some chemical elements on soil in a Sugi stand: geomorphological distribution and periodical change of soil

Rahman, F.H.; Mukhopadhyay, P.K., 1999:
Study on some physico-chemical properties and nutrient status of Kakdwip soil under coastal ecosystem of West Bengal

Wang FuYu; Huang PiSheng, 1997:
Study on source-sink characteristics and high-yield cultivation strategies of rice population

Wang ZhiFen; Chen XueLiu; Y.M.iYan; Liu YiTong; Wang TongYan; Ren FengShan;, 1998:
Study on space distribution and dynamic changes of root absorption activities in field winter wheat

Wang ShouKun, 1997:
Study on spatial distribution patterns of Metorchis trematodes in their host population of domestic ducks

Wang JianHong; W.Y.Wei; F.Q.ngLin, 1999:
Study on spatial variability in conductivity of the coastal saline soils

Q.J.anGuo; X.B.Xing; Gong ShuChun, 1998:
Study on speciation distribution and availability of selenium in different soils of Shanghai

W.J.anRong; Tang WeiLin; Shi XueXu, 1998:
Study on species, distribution and regularity of growth and decline of weeds in cotton fields in Huaibei region of Jiangsu Province

Yin DianKui et al, 1998:
Study on spectrum characteristics of main soil type from Changchun

Bai XueYuan; Cheng WeiDong; Wang XiangYou, 1998:
Study on spouted bed with cyclically shifted gas stream

Liu Jing; Liu ZhiRong; L.X.uXin, 1996:
Study on spray application of microelement fertilizer on tea leaf

Guangrui, S., 1997:
Study on spring-back of particleboard mat after prepressing

Liu HongLu; Wang BaoHui; Yang ZhuXin; Cao Yue, 1998:
Study on sprinkler-pipe conveying irrigation system in field

H.H.ngBo; Zhu BeiLei; L.J.nSuo, 1998:
Study on stability of avermectin oral drench

Nian Hai; Wang JinLing; Yang XiaoXin; Yang QingKai; Chen Yi; Luan XiaoYan; Liu ZhongTang; Wang DaQiu, 1997:
Study on stability of main chemical traits in soyabeans

Ding GuiJie, 1997:
Study on standard height curve model of masson pine plantation forests

Y.S.aoHui; Pan JunQian; Gao YuanHan, 1998:
Study on staple types and their skin histological construction of semi-fine wool cross sheep

L.X.Xian; Qin TeFu; Yan Zhen; Huang LuoHua, 1997:
Study on steam explosion and pressing particleboard of popular wood

Kim DoKyung; Lee SooWon, 1998:
Study on stem growth by stand density in a Pinus koraiensis plantation: deriving the maximum size-density curve

Podkowka, Z.; Dorszewski, P.; Podkowka, W.; Szterk, P., 1996:
Study on storage of rape oil cake pressed with use of screw press

W.S.uHong; Luo ZhaoHui; Sun ZhenYuan, 1998:
Study on storage stability of MF resin by C-13 NMR

D.FengHua et al., 1997:
Study on storage temperature and chilling injury of plums

Ren YuLing, 1998:
Study on strategies for lowering costs of farm products in Beijing suburbs

Chen Long; Wang JinWen; Xue NianWen; Chen TaiLian, 1999:
Study on strength of the frame of a three wheeled vehicle used in agriculture, and material savings

Wang ShanHua, 1997:
Study on stress susceptibility of native Guanling pigs in Guizhou, China

Chen JinHong; Zhao GuoPing; Zhao Hong; Tong FuDan, 1996:
Study on stress-resistance abilities of early rice seedling raised on upland

Liu XiangDong; L.Y.ngGen; X.X.eBin; X.S.iXiong, 1996:
Study on structure and genetic polymorphism of embryo sacs in polyembryonic rice strain APIV

Fan Li; Guo ShunXing; Xiao PeiGen, 1999:
Study on structure and localization of acid phosphatase of mycorrhizal root of Cymbidium sinense (Orchidaceae)

Guang ZengYun et al., 1998:
Study on stumpage volume table-making based on diameter at stump level of Robinia pseudoacacia in Henan Province

Sakai, M.; Ueda, J.; Takahashi, A., 1996:
Study on suckling dairy calves once a day in order to save labour

Guo DeBao; Wang XiaoPing; Yang ZhiQi; Zhang DeMing, 1997:
Study on sudden death and selenium deficiency in yellow cattle

Kawakatsu, M.; Sekimura, K.; Ogata, N.; Tanaka, M., 1997:
Study on sugarbeet seed quality. 2. Effects of processing and storage on seed germination

Wang ZiLin; Wang ShuiQi; Zeng DongHuo; Pan ShiMing; Guo ChenFu, 1998:
Study on sugarcane germplasm

Liu Yan; Wang YuFu; Guang FengZhi; L.Y.n; Wang DianKui; Zhang FuXiu; L.C.iHua; Zhou SiJun; Lei BoJun, 1997:
Study on suitable methods and time for introducing alien DNA into flax

H.J.aShu; Zhang YaoZhou, 1996:
Study on superoxide dismutase of the blood from silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

G.N.iFen; Cheng JieMin; Cao HongSheng; Zhou LiXiang; G.W.iFang, 1996:
Study on supplying character of nitrogen of sewage sludge

Cao LinKui; Chen YunZhen, 1998:
Study on sustainable development and industrialization of Shanghai urban agriculture

Wang MingDao; Yin XinMing; Guo XianRu; W.Y.nHan; Jia XinCheng, 1999:
Study on synergism by the addition of inorganic salts to Bacillus thuringiensis preparations for the control of Heliothis armigera

Zhou YongHong; Wang Yan; Song ZhanQian, 1998:
Study on synthesis of an insecticide synergist from alpha -pinene

Liu XianzHang; Hu, X.; Jiang TongFu; L.D.ngMei; H.G.iXian, 1997:
Study on synthesis of geranylacetone

Huang XiuQiao; L.Y.ngNeng; G.Y.Ping; Zhao LeShi, 1999:
Study on technical system and development measures of water-saving irrigation

Zou ShuangQuan; X.J.nSong, 1997:
Study on technique of physical preservation for Henry chestnut fruits

Gong Bi; M.B.iLin; M.H.iLing, 1999:
Study on technique of shrinkproofing in the flower drying process

Xie Dahsen; X.C.unXiang, 1998:
Study on techniques for artificial inoculation of singkwa towelgourd downy mildew

Wang HaoCai, 1998:
Study on techniques for chemical regulation at different growth stages in maize

Wang ShuLi; Liu DaXing; Zhong ChongQi, 1997:
Study on techniques for controlling density of Larix olgensis industrial plantations

L.P.ngPing; Mao HanPing; Wang DuoHui; Xie MingGang; Chen QinFeng, 1998:
Study on techniques for controlling the greenhouse environment factors and other environment parameters

P.H.iMing; F.S.ouZhong; Q.C.nKou; Zhang JiFu; Jiang XiaoPing; Zhang JianYong, 1999:
Study on techniques for high yielding seed production of three-line hybrid rape with double low in Brassica napus. III. Effect of different ratios between raw number of parents on yield and quality of hybrid rape seed

P.H.iMing; F.S.ouZhong; Q.C.nKou et al., 1998:
Study on techniques for high-yielding seed production of three-line hybrid rape with double low in Brassica napus. I. Study on regulation of traits during flower stage in rape restorer line Ning R1

P.H.iMing; F.S.ouZhong; Q.C.nKou et al., 1998:
Study on techniques for high-yielding seed production of three-line hybrid rape with double low in Brassica napus. II. Study on natural cross pollination percentage in double low rape sterile line Ning A6 with MICMS

L.S.uJin; Y.W.nLi; W.L.n; Zhang Li; W.D.Guo, 1998:
Study on technology for embryo transfer of beef cattle

Jiang JianChun; Liu ShiCai; Dai WeiDi; Tao YuanBo; Liu HanCao; X.J.anHua; Pang JiaLiang; Shen Wei; Jiang WeiZhong, 1999:
Study on technology of pelletization of fuel from forest residues

Wang JinSheng; Yang Ning, 1997:
Study on technology of tunnel incubation

X.HeBin, 1998:
Study on tempering process of rice during concurrent flow drying

Xiulan, W.; Zhong, S., 1999:
Study on temporal and spatial changes of cultivated land use in Inner Mongolia based on GIS

H.B.ngMin; Guo YinYan, 1997:
Study on test effects of the location in regional trial of early season Indian rice varieties in Zhejiang province

Mao EnRong; Song ZhengHe; Zhou YiMing, 1998:
Study on test evaluation method for optimal matching of man-machine interface in mechanical system

Song, H.K.ung; Jang,, 1997:
Study on the DBH analysis and forest succession of Pinus densiflora and Quercus mongolica forests

Liao DangJin; Shi YanYu; Wang XiongQing;, 1998:
Study on the LDH isoenzyme patterns of Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus

Contu, M., 1998:
Study on the Liophyllaceae of Sardinia - II. Systematic position and morphological and soil variability of Agaricus constrictus Fries 1821

Zhao ZhiWei;, 1997:
Study on the VA mycorrhiza of Eusporangiate plants

Q.J.angLiang; Wang YuYing, 1996:
Study on the Yunnan pine needle scale (Homoptera: Margarodidae)

Huang Huang, 1999:
Study on the ability of paddy fields to resist flood and drought. III. Effect of deep water irrigation on physical and biochemical characteristics of rice leaves

Chen Xin; Zhou QiuLi; Wang BenXiang, 1999:
Study on the absorbed components in serum after oral administration of ginsenoside Rb1 in rats

Hoedemaker, M.; Drumm, B.; Metzner, M., 1998:
Study on the acceptance of a herd health programme in dairy cattle by the farmer

Chen QiFeng; L.Y.Shi; Zhou ChangFeng; Chu XiangHong, 1997:
Study on the acclimation of loquat seedlings to low temperature in Dongtai area, Jiangsu province

Ding WeiPing; Liu GanSheng; Yang DeSheng; H.Z.uangHuai; M.Z.eDong; H.Q.Jun; Long AnNong, 1999:
Study on the adaptability of 12 extra-early satsuma mandarin varieties in Hunan province

Wang YouSheng; Xiao ShunHeng; Yang ShaoChun; Kang LiYuan; Zhu LianShu, 1997:
Study on the adaptability of 32 promising citrus varieties in Huaning, Yunnan province

Shi Feng; Wang ZiQang; Y.F.Ming; Zhang YaoZhou, 1999:
Study on the adaptability of Jilin soyabean cultivars sown in Hangzhou

Liu WeiPing; Wang QiQuan, 1998:
Study on the adsorption mechanism of pesticides on soil humic acids and clays using recent analysis technology

Fan GenCheng; Wang ZhiLiang; D.Y.anZhao; Zhu WanGuang; Liu PeiLan; Niu JianQiang; Zhao YanBin, 1997:
Study on the agar gel immunodiffusion test for the detection of infectious larygnotracheitis of chickens

H.C.ang; Lao TianYuan, 1998:
Study on the agronomic characteristics of rice seedlings raised by dry and conventional methods

Pirazzini, P., 1997:
Study on the agronomic performance of new peach rootstocks in Imola

Xue ShiChuan; Han JianMin; Liu DongChen; Tong DaiYan, 1998:
Study on the amount of HA compound fertilizer applied and the mechanism in yield increase of cotton

Huang Hai, 1997:
Study on the antagonism between PP333 and GA3

Li, J.Q.; Zhang, X.G.; Zhang, J.T., 1997:
Study on the anti-apoptotic mechanism of ginsenoside Rg1 in cultured cortical neurons

Zhang LiLan; Liu YongQing; Y.Z.iAi et al., 1998:
Study on the anti-herpes simplex virus activity of a suppository or ointment form of Astragalus membranaceus combined with interferon alpha 2b in human diploid cell culture

Li, S.Z.; Yue, D.X.; Liu, Z., 1996:
Study on the antifungal active substance in culture filtrate of Alternaria solani

Ahmad, A.; Ahmad, V.; Khalid, S.M.; Ansari, F.A.; Khan, K.A., 1997:
Study on the antifungal efficacy of juliflorine and a benzene-insoluble alkaloidal fraction of Prosopis juliflora

L.XiXia, 1998:
Study on the apple central leader training system

Zhou BaiJuan et al., 1996:
Study on the application amount of nitrogen fertilizer on epinette seedling

Mohammadzadeh, A.; Mivehchi, H., 1998:
Study on the application methods of farmyard manure with superphosphate on reducing application of P-fertilizer in Bushehr soils

L.K.nTzung; Liu ChengTzu, 1997:
Study on the application of PU-NC semi-IPNs for wood coatings (I) Effect of NCO/OH molar ratio and PU/NC composition on properties of coatings and films

L.K.nTzung; Liu ChengTzu, 1997:
Study on the application of PU-NC semi-IPNs for wood coatings (II) Effect of NCO/OH molar ratio and PU/NC composition on properties of semi-IPNs films

Wei Wei; Meng Ying; Zhang Yong; Liu JunQi; Wei WenJin; Y.Z.iYuan, 1998:
Study on the application of a nucleic acid probe for the detection of Aujeszky's disease virus

Jeong SoonWuk; Yun SukJung, 1999:
Study on the application of a surgical technique for foot diseases and foot anaesthesia techniques in cattle

J.J.aHua; Wang EnDe; L.Z.aoHui; L.H.ngQin; Wang GuangJie, 1998:
Study on the application of cotton lines with extruded stigma

Liu XingYou; Gan MengHou; Yang HanChun; L.W.nGang; Zhang XiaoGen, 1997:
Study on the application of fluorescent antibody technique with trypsinized antigen for the detection of nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis virus and antibodies in chickens

S.WonTek, 1997:
Study on the application of microwave-heating system for making bent-wood furniture(II) - bending processing properties of Carpinus laxiflora BL. by microwave-heating

S.WonTek, 1997:
Study on the application of microwave-heating system to manufacturing bent-wood furniture (III): effect of wood moisture content on bending processing by microwave-heating

Gong ChangRong; L.R.i; Zhang MingXian, 1998:
Study on the application of partial hot air circulation curing barn to flue-cured tobacco leaves

Zhang QiJin; Shen ZhiYi; Guan PingYuan; L.P.ngAn; Hong Mei, 1997:
Study on the application of reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction for the detection of the nucleic acid of infectious bronchitis virus

She GuangHui, 1998:
Study on the applied theory and method of angle measurement in volume growth estimation

Hsu, C.B.n; Yang, P.S.ih, 1997:
Study on the assessment of water quality with biological indicators of aquatic insects in the Keelung River

Kowalski, T.; Rzepecka, M.; Twarog, S., 1994:
Study on the attack of Pinus nigra by Crumenulopsis sororia under the harmful effect of industrial emissions

Karpunina, L.V.; Ponomareva, E.G.; Soboleva, E.F.; Nikitina, V.E., 1997:
Study on the bacterial and fungicidal properties of the agglutinin (lectin) proteins from nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria

Ouyang Fu; Zhang ShiCheng; Meng QingWu; L.C.engYuan; L.C.uanXin, 1997:
Study on the basic theory of the constant peripheral speed rotary lathe

L.Y.Ling; Huang XiLin; X.Z.angYing et al, 1996:
Study on the basis of the quantitative inheritance of the simultaneous improvement of corn plant-type and ear-kernel traits

Ali, M.; Akhter, S.; Kamaluddin, M., 1997:
Study on the bearing of water treatment on seed germination and seedling growth of Albizia procera Benth

Chebouti, A.; Abdelguerfi, A., 1999:
Study on the behaviour of 48 Medicago orbicularis (L.) Bart. populations in two agroecological areas: interaction with the site of origin

Geetha Viswanathan; Ajay Narendra, 1999:
Study on the behaviour of the ant Myrmicaria brunnea Saunders (Myrmicinae: Hymenoptera)

X.G.oQiang; L.G.anFeng, 1998:
Study on the best period of adjusting and repair for small tractors

Civolani, S.; Rossi, R.; Vergnani, S.; Natale, D.; Pasqualini, E., 1998:
Study on the best sampling methods for estimating populations of Panonychus ulmi on apple in Emilia-Romagna

Yang, Yuming; Hui, Chaomao, 1998:
Study on the biological characteristics of Bambusa blumeana

Zhang ZunQiang; H.X.Cheng; H.C.aoZong; Zheng FangDong; Wang Peng; Jin HaiYan, 1997:
Study on the biological characteristics of Phyllostachys nigra

Liang Te; A.S.anHong; Zhang Jun; Chen HongMei; Tuo HuTi; L.Z.iGang, 1999:
Study on the biological characteristics of scales, their dominant natural enemies and control on pear trees in Xinjiang

Zhang HongSheng; Zhai JianZhong; Shen GanQing, 1998:
Study on the biological characters of peach leaf miner and its control

Zhi Yue' e; G.Z.enFang; Zhu Zhuan; Mao QingYing; Tian Gong, 1997:
Study on the biological characters of postharvest main diseases of marrow squash (Cucurbita ovifera) - Colletotrichum lagenarium and Fusarium solani

F.X.eChi; Yan ZhiNong; X.W.iMin; Mei RuiHong; Chen Chai, 1997:
Study on the biological control of Alternaria solani f.sp. mali and Botryosphaeria berengeriana of apple trees

Kreiter, P.; Pinet, C.; Panis, A.; Dijoux, L., 1997:
Study on the biological cycle of the white scale of peach Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targioni-Tozzetti) (Homoptera, Diaspididae) and its natural enemies in Emilie-Romagne (Italy)

Wang XiuLi, 1997:
Study on the biological nature of bamboo leaf thorowax

Li, Z.; Liu Yusheng; Peng Jinfu; Shen Guangpu; Liao Xiaoping; Zhao Xiuxie, 1998:
Study on the biology and control of Hylobitelus xiaoi Zhang

Sahoo, A.K.; Ghosh, A.B.; Mandal, S.K.; Maiti, D.K., 1999:
Study on the biology of the mealybug, Planococcus minor (Maskell) Pseudococcidae: Hemiptera

Guo Xiang, 1998:
Study on the bionomics and control of Chondracris rosea rosea

Wang, F.; Niu, Y.; Hou, L.; Pi, Z.; Wang, J.; Cheng, Y., 1998:
Study on the bionomics and control of Clostera anastomosis

Wang LiXia; Zhang YongJun; Jiang YuWen, 1999:
Study on the bionomics of Acrolepia alliella in the Shenyang area

Shi GuangLu; Liu XianQian; L.J.e; L.L.anChang; Yang FuDou, 1997:
Study on the bionomics of Quadraspidiotus perniciosus and its infestation pattern

Kim, J.S.; Kwak, H.H.; Kim, B.C.; Cho, K.Y., 1997:
Study on the biosynthetic characteristics of photosynthetic pigments in dodder (Cuscuta australis R. Br.) plants

Zhou Ping; Zhang TinQing;; Nie Long; Gou ShiKang, 1998:
Study on the blood protein and isozyme polymorphism of Zhongdian Nixi chickens

M.J.Fei; Chen WanFang; Chen Ping; X.W.nZhong; Dong ShuZhen, 1997:
Study on the blood-group system for labelling the resistance of chickens to Marek's disease

Chen KaiKao; Lai Yun; Y.L.Xing;, 1997:
Study on the braking performance of walking tractor

Wang HuaChen; M.Y.anXi et al., 1996:
Study on the branching and the inner structure of wheat root system

Kang SamSeok; Cho HyeonMo; Cho KwangSik; Koh GabCheon; Kim KiYoul, 1997:
Study on the breeding of self-compatible pear cultivars (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai)

Lin XiuWei; Nong TianHou; Duan ChengZhong; Liu JunXi; L.X.eBin, 1996:
Study on the breeding of the Sichuan White pig line I

Chung DarrylHsiung; Chen ShyhGwo, 1997:
Study on the business operating status of wood products industry in Taiwan

Li, L.H.o; Liu, X.H.a; Chen,, 1998:
Study on the carbon cycle of Leymus chinensis steppe in the Xilin river basin

Lee, J.M.on; Yoo, Y.M.o; Park, B.Y.ung; Kim, J.H.oung; Kim, Y.K.n; Choi, Y.I.; Lee, M.H., 1998:
Study on the carcass characteristics of Hanwoo by sex and market weight

Yoo, Y.M.o; Lee, J.M.on; Park, B.Y.ung; Kim, J.H.oung; Kim, Y.K.n, 1998:
Study on the carcass characteristics of commercial fattening pigs

L.YongJun et al., 1998:
Study on the cashmere ultrastructure of the 3 kinds of cashmere goat

L.Z.iHong; Guo ShiWei; Tian ShuZhen; Liu ZhaoRong, 1997:
Study on the causes of ginseng red skin sickness occurring in albic bed soil

Zhou YonGan; Chen GuanJin; Guo Hong; Zheng HuanQin; L.F.ngLi, 1999:
Study on the cellular immune responses induced by DNA vaccine with the P30 gene of Toxoplasma gondii in mice

W.Y.Liang; X.Z.enNan; Zhuang EnJi, 1998:
Study on the central leader training system in a densely planted peach orchard

Hong QiBin; Xiang SuJun, 1999:
Study on the changes in leaf chlorophyll content of Jincheng orange during a period of severe drought and after irrigation

Zhang HuiMei; H.X.Lai, 1997:
Study on the changes of peroxidase isoenzymes in Chinese jujube leaves at different growth stages

Liyanage, A.C.; Punyasiri, P.A.N.; Perera, P.S.F.; Mohamed, M.T.Z., 1997:
Study on the changes of polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase activity during drying and storage of tea

Lee, S.B.; Kim, Y.J.; Yoon, C.S.; Lee, M.H.; Kang, T.S., 1997:
Study on the changes of pork quality due to fat content and fatty acid composition of feed

Gao MingYu; Jiang Ping;, 1998:
Study on the changes of several enzyme activities of Xinjiang melon induced by Phytophthora melonis toxin

Zhao MingQin; Wang YaoFu; D.S.iBin; Dai YunQing, 1997:
Study on the changing characteristics of aroma components in tobacco leaves during aging

Shi LianGen; Fei JianMing; Wang XiangLi; X.J.nLiang, 1999:
Study on the character of a Thelohania-like microsporidian isolated from Phthonandria atrilineata and the infectivity to the silkworm Bombyx mori L

Huang JiHua; Luo ZuYou; Xiang TianRong; Zhou XianJun, 1997:
Study on the characteristics of flower formation and fruit set of Dongkui arbutus variety in western part of Hubei

Yang XiTian, 1999:
Study on the characteristics of initial development of soil and vegetation in degraded land

Park ChanWoo; Kim DoKyoung; O.J.ongSoo, 1997:
Study on the characteristics of landscape of urban forest (I) - the visibility of ridges, the evaluation of urban scenery, and the value of ridges

Park ChanWoo; O.J.ongSoo, 1998:
Study on the characteristics of landscape of urban forest (II). Scenic perception of visitors at Mt. Apsan Park by using projective method of photography

Wang JiLin; Zhu JiaHong, 1999:
Study on the characteristics of persistent infections of rabies virus in different cell cultures

Y.X.aoTao; Q.Z.iZhen; L.L. et al., 1996:
Study on the characterization and categorization of Yersinia pestis plasmids in Marmota himalayana plague foci on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau

Liu YunWu, 1998:
Study on the characters of requiring nitrogen nutrition of satsuma mandarin varieties

Lanfer Marquez, U.M.; Nishi, L.E.; Barros, R.M.C.; Filisetti Cozzi, T.M.C.C.; Penteado, M. de V.C., 1997:
Study on the chemical composition of breakfast cereals with emphasis on their phenylalanine contents

Zhou XiongZun; Cheng CongQiu; Roshchin, V.I., 1997:
Study on the chemical composition of extractive substances from green crown of Cunninghamia lanceolata Hook

W.W.nXing; L.K.You; Zhang ZhongLiang; Wang ZhaoLi; Ding DongNing; Jin JuQing; L.Y.ngLi, 1997:
Study on the chemical constitution of konjak mannan

Dai, J.; Zhao, J.; Zhang, G.; Chen, X.; Wu, Z.; Bao, L., 1998:
Study on the chemical control of Monochamus alternatus

Liu JiaZhi; Zhang GuoCai; Yue ShuKui; Wang ZhiYing; Gao YuMei; M.Z.ngHai; Liu DaPeng; Zhang ChangXin, 1996:
Study on the chemical control of Zethenia rufescentaria Motsch

Y.FengZhi, 1997:
Study on the chemical control of weeds in a lawn

Kim JinSoo; Kim KyuRae, 1997:
Study on the chemical thinning in 'Tsugaru' apple

Huang XiLin; Luo FuHe; H.Y.nMin et al, 1997:
Study on the chromosomal location of main restorer gene of C-cytoplasmic male-sterility in maize

Cai JianSheng; Luo HuiMing; Guo CiKuang et al., 1997:
Study on the clinical features of fluoroacetamide and sodium fluoroacetate poisoning cases

Tzenov, P.; Nacheva, Y.; Petkov, N., 1997:
Study on the cocoon colour and cocoon shape characters inheritance in F1 crosses between uni-bivoltine and multivoltine races of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Lanconelli, L., 1999:
Study on the collection of Coprinus schroeteri P. Karsten (=C. nudiceps P.D. Orton)

Zhang QiWen; S.X.aoHua; L.J.nHua; Chen YiShan; Xie HeFeng, 1999:
Study on the collection, preservation and genetic valuation of genetic resources of Populus deltoides Bartr

W.B.oCheng; Wang ZhiGuo; Sun JianHong, 1998:
Study on the combination of Newcastle disease virus and egg drop syndrome-76 virus in identical duck embryos

Hyon, H.I.; Jung, K.C., 1995:
Study on the combining effect of nitrogen fertilizer application to the deep soil and dry harrowing in the paddy field

Pandey, C.S.; Padhiar, R.G., 1998:
Study on the comparative efficacy of different herbicides in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) under south Gujarat conditions

H.M.iHua; Chen ZhuJun; Wang BingLiang, 1997:
Study on the comparison of ATPase isoenzymes in the cytoplasmic male sterile line and its maintainer line of tuber mustard by PAGE

Ramon Rodriguez, A.B., 1997:
Study on the competivity of tourism in Spain and in the Costa Blanca through the evolution of the real effective exchange rate

Engel, R.; Gutmann, M.; Hartisch, C.; Kolodziej, H.; Nahrstedt, A., 2007:
Study on the composition of the volatile fraction of Hamamelis virginiana

Cao YuCun; Liu Xin, 1998:
Study on the compounding and application of kindled smoke generator

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Study on the comprehensive control of Trichostrongylus colubriformis infection in Giraffa camelopardalis

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Study on the concentration of 147Pm (RE) in herbivorous animal

P.Y.eWu; Feng ShuTing; Zhen HaoMing; Liang ShiZhong, 1998:
Study on the condition of production Mn-peroxidase (Mnp) by Phanerochaete chrysosporium MIG3.383

Wang WenXia; Zhai LiPing; Zhang WenChao; Dong WenYan; Zhang YuMei, 1999:
Study on the conditions affecting soyabean oligosaccharide production from soyabean cake

Liu DaWei; Chen BingCong; Chen JiQing, 1999:
Study on the cone indices and shear strengths of muskeg soils

Lee JongMoon; Park BeomYoung; Yoo YoungMoo; Kim JinHyoung; Park KyuShik; Kim YongKon, 1998:
Study on the consumer's purchasing patterns and perceptions of Hanwoo beef

Han YaShan; Wang Qiang; Hirora, S., 1998:
Study on the contents of vitamin A1 and vitamin A2 in fresh water fish livers

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Study on the contribution of major nuclear incidents to radioactive contamination of the Ural region

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Study on the control capacity of herbicides and herbicide mixtures over the rate of weed infestation in maize

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Study on the control of citrus fruit piercing moth by spraying Baythroid

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Study on the control of citrus scab by spraying Pujunk fungicides

Yang RongYang; Zhou Chang, 1998:
Study on the control of pineapple heart rot disease by sunning the propagation materials

H.RongQiang, 1997 :
Study on the control of yellow peach moth

Zhang GuiFen; Cheng HongMei; L.C.uanTao; Wang KeRong, 1998:
Study on the control technology of rice bacterial leaf blight (Xanthomonas oryzae)

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Study on the conventional type of heaping of harvested paddy stalks

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Study on the correlation of environment factors with fibre yield and quality in ramie

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Study on the correlation of total organic carbon with chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand in water

Benedetti, E., 1996:
Study on the correlations among nutritional characteristics of grasses, DM intake and milk production

Kang ZhiXian et al., 1997:
Study on the correlativity between rice varietal resistance to striped rice borer and yield factors

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Study on the course of Cryptosporidium baileyi infection in chickens treated with interleukin-1 or indomethacin

Wang ZhiQuan et al., 1997:
Study on the crossbreeding of Populus x euramericana (Dode) Guinrer cv. 'Yulin 14'

Huang XianGuo; Sun Jun, 1998:
Study on the cultural techniques of low production cost and high profit for satsuma mandarin

Yang ZhiYan; Bie WanLi; Wang ShengDong; Liang HonGen; Hou YuJie; Zhang XingFen, 1997:
Study on the cultural techniques of poplars for papermaking plantations in Liaoning Province

Boztok, S., 1997:
Study on the culture of small, potted flowering bougainvilleas (Bougainvillea sp.)

Liu Ming; W.S.aoHong; Wang FanTing; Liu MeiLan; Ren HongChun, 1998:
Study on the culture techniques for annual high production of Kyoho grape variety under film-shed conditions

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Study on the current status and problems of green tourism in Japan

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Study on the cycling of NPK in young Chinese fir plantation ecosystems and its simulation

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Study on the cytogenetic effect of methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) on dry seeds of maize

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Study on the cytogeography of important forage plants of the steppe belts of the middle temperate zone

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Study on the decision model for integrated control of rice blast in Heilongjiang province; Yang ZhenQiong; Liu YiRen, 1998:
Study on the delimitation of zoogeographical regions in Hubei, on the basis of the mosquito fauna

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Study on the densified wood made from acetylated veneer

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Study on the detection of antibodies against duck hepatitis virus by an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

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Study on the detection of antibodies to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus using immunoperoxidase monolayer assay

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Study on the detection of antibody to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus using a dot ELISA

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Study on the detection of chlamydiosis in animals and poultry using the nucleic acid hybridization technique

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Study on the determination of salt-tolerance index of the main tree species used for afforestation and their ordination in arid areas with secondary salinization

Cao LinKui; L.X.aoMao, 1997:
Study on the developing tendency of Shanghai modern agriculture

Zhang HuiRu; Tang ShouZheng; Wang FengYu, 1999:
Study on the development of a biomass estimation model compatible with volume

Grohs, B.M.; Kunz, B., 1998:
Study on the development of a potential biological wood preservative against mould growth with heartwood extracts as an example

Yamana, N.; Takigawa, T.; Hirata, A.; Kamei, M., 1999 :
Study on the development of a precision control method for semi-trailed agricultural machinery for tracing the track of the tractor

Jiang TianTong; Fang YuLing; X.D.Ping; L.G.ngMing; Gan Gui E.; Yang YiSheng, 1996:
Study on the development of an inactivated divalent oil emulsion vaccine against porcine parvovirus infection and Japanese encephalitis

Liu HongLin; Fan BiQin; Wang HeHai; Zong Hui; Wang GongJin; Chen YiFeng, 1999:
Study on the development of mouse parthenogenetic embryos in vivo and in vitro

Chen WenJun, 1997:
Study on the development of tourism resources of landscape

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Study on the diagnosis and combined prevention and treatment of Theilera sergenti infection in dairy cattle; Q.Z.iHong; J.H.iCun; Feng JinHua; Zhang YueZeng; J.L.ngHai, 1999:
Study on the diagnosis of the pathogen of black spot disease of bagged Yali pear and its pathogenic toxin

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Study on the diapause conditions of different geographical populations of cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera Hubner) in China

Chen JiLan; Hou ShuiSheng et al., 1997:
Study on the dietary requirements of total sulphur containing amino acid and lysine of Shi-Qi Yellow broiler during the early growth period

Shou HuiXia; Song WenJian; Zhang Gang; Wang WenJie; Bian QiJun, 1998:
Study on the difference of resistance to seed deterioration between cultivated and wild soyabean genotypes

S.A.Kuo; Yan ShenShyuan, 1998:
Study on the digestibility of feather meals by dairy bulls, yellow cattle and black goats

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Study on the dimensions of samples for estimating populations of Cacopsylla pyri in Emilia-Romagna

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Study on the disinfection of plant volatile secretion to the microorganism in the air

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Study on the distribution of fruits affected by Curculio elephas (Gyllenhal) (Col., Curculionidae) in cork-oak (Quercus suber Linne)

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Study on the distribution of onchocerciasis and loiasis in West Province, Cameroon

Baszkiewicz, Z., 1998:
Study on the distribution of penetration resistance of the light soil affected by agricultural tractor tyres

Zeng Jie; Guo JingTang, 1997:
Study on the distribution of precipitation by Pinus tabulaeformis plantation in the Taiyue forest region

Dong HongMin; Tao XiuPing; Liu YiLian; Lin JinTian; Wang XinMou; Qin YuanJi, 1998:
Study on the drip cooling system in a farrowing house

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Study on the drug resistance of Zhengzhou strains of Eimeria tenella

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Study on the dynamic changes in antibodies to Pasteurella in immunised ducks

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Study on the dynamics of losses of soil and water in young forest of Chinese fir

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Study on the early prediction of breeding value for Paulownia tomentosa

L.J.Zhi; Xiong YuanZhu; Wang Hui, 1996:
Study on the early prediction of halothane genotype of pigs

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Study on the early pregnancy diagnosis of dogs by real time ultrasonic scanning

Wang JinMan; Liu YiXing;, 1996:
Study on the early stage forecasting pattern of wood properties of Larix olgensis in plantation (I) Wood variation, the period of juvenile wood and mature wood

Jiang DeFeng; You ZhenGuo; L.S.nRong, 1997:
Study on the eco-economic threshold period for controlling Digitaria sanguinalis in summer maize fields in north China

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Study on the ecological benefits of the rubber-tea-chicken agroforestry system in the tropical region of China; Tang LiYun; X.X.angHao, 1996:
Study on the ecological characters of medicinal herb Knoxia valerianoides Thorel et Pitard

Wang ShuLi; L.F.ngShan; H.X.uYun, 1998:
Study on the economic benefit of lesser black poplar pulp plantation

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Study on the economic losses of the patients with advanced filariasis in Shandong Province

F.Y.ngChun; H.F.n; Piao Ying; Zhang Hua, 1998:
Study on the economic threshold and control of broadleaf weeds in wheat field

Xiang XiaoQi; Chen Jun, 1999:
Study on the effect of 2,4-D and GA3 for obtaining seedless kiwifruits

X.K.i; Yang Jun; Zhong JiaHuang; Wei ShengLin, 1998:
Study on the effect of CPPU on loquat fruit development

Shen YaNan; Y.D.Qiu; Cen Chuan; L.B.oJian, 1998:
Study on the effect of Del regulatory gene of Antirrhinum majus on anthocyanin of tobacco

Zhou XueMing; Lin ShengHua; L.W.Xing; Zhou Chen, 1998:
Study on the effect of Guoxingji on the fruit shape type of Starkrimson apple variety

Hanan, M.S.; Riad, E.M.; Zaki, E.R., 1998:
Study on the effect of Jojoba oil as antibacterial agent and growth promoting factor

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Study on the effect of MH on the fruit quality of longan cultivars

Xiao Yan; Huang JianChang; L.H.ngBin, 1998:
Study on the effect of NAA and boron on the fruit growth and development of strawberry

Wang JiaChang; Jin Fang, 1998:
Study on the effect of NG for subculture of in vitro jujube seedlings

Chen YuQuan; Y.X.nShe; Zhao Feng; Zao TianWin; Xue YuZhen, 1997:
Study on the effect of Nongkang 120 for control of chestnut blight disease

Liu WenJu; Zhang XiKe; Tan JunPu; Liu CangZhen; L.R.nGang; Zhang FuSuo, 1998:
Study on the effect of P in nutrient solution on Cd accumulation in the aerial part of rice seedling

Singh, N.D., 1996:
Study on the effect of agrochemicals on vegetative growth, chemical composition and control of malformation in commercial mango variety Dashehari

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Study on the effect of alternative control methods against blossom infection with fireblight (Erwinia amylovora) in apples

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Study on the effect of application of the compost and maize straw every year in the fluid alluvial dry soil on the maize grain yield and soil character

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Study on the effect of applying organic humus manure on the production and fruit quality of pummelo cultivar Guanxi Miyou

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Study on the effect of biofertilizers on the growth of C x R coffee seedlings

Gao LiPing; Tao HanZhi; Cheng SuZheng; Chen PeiCong; Cheng ZhuYu, 1996:
Study on the effect of calcium and NAA on the storability of kiwifruit

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Study on the effect of clenbuterol on fattening calves

Rajamohan, T.; Kurup, P.A., 1997 :
Study on the effect of consumption of coconut oil and coconut kernel on the serum lipids in humans

Sun JunLing; Liu XueTang; Song XiaoXuan, 1998:
Study on the effect of different seeding dates on regularity of development of cotton Verticillium wilt

T.M.ngYuan; H.R.iLian, 1998:
Study on the effect of dipping the apple root system in the ABT Rooting Powder solution on the planted survival rate

Shi LianGen; Tao Tao; Huang ChangChun; W.H.iPing, 1997:
Study on the effect of disinfectants on Nosema bombycis in silkworm faeces and earth floor

Wang ShiJi; Liu YaRong; Liu JianWei; Zhang JianGuo; Leng GouYou; Zhou ShuLi, 1996:
Study on the effect of fertilization on the growth of Populus x euramericana in reclaimed area by coal ash

Qin GuangMing, 1999:
Study on the effect of fertilizer-combination on the fruit quality and production of satsuma mandarin

Yang Yuan, 1998:
Study on the effect of harvest date on walnut quality

Zhang LeCui; Liu ShiHua; Wang ShuBo; Hou ShiZheng; Liu YongQing, 1998:
Study on the effect of heat stress on the morphology of immune organs of broilers

Feng Tong; Y.X.n; Pong Jie; Zhang BaiChao, 1998:
Study on the effect of heat treatment on the dehydration of ginkgo nut

K"nev, M.; Dragoev, P.; Nedeva, R., 1998:
Study on the effect of inclusion of enzyme preparation Porzyme in mixtures for growing piglets

Rong GuoZheng; X.S.Xin; X.R.ngJiang; Cai NaDan, 1998:
Study on the effect of increasing CO2 in forced grape culture

Zhang MingQing; Lin Qiong; Peng JiaGui; Lin YanSheng, 1999:
Study on the effect of magnesium fertilizer and techniques of balanced application of potassium and magnesium fertilizers to upland soil of southeastern Fujian

Gan YaoCheng; W.Q.nHua; Lin Zhen; Zhang DeWen; Lin PiJian; O.F.ngQi; L.G.angShan; Liang ShiTing; Liao JiaXun; W.X.anLong; Liang JiaYe; Bin YeLan, 1999:
Study on the effect of mebendazole-medicated salt in controlling intestinal nematode infection

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Study on the effect of nitrogen fertilization level on grain yield of hybrid rice

Bao YiDan; Liu XiangSheng; W.J.angMing;, 1997:
Study on the effect of optimum adjustment on smoke in S195 type diesel engine

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Study on the effect of packaging materials and storage conditions on the germination of stored sesame seeds

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Study on the effect of phosphorus fertilizer applied to the early stage of growth in the plant

M.L.n; Yang KinSheng; Shu ZhaoLin; Zhou YiHui; Wang GuoQiang, 1998:
Study on the effect of pinching fruiting branches for Masui Dauphine fig variety

Huang RongFu, 1997:
Study on the effect of planting density on the growth and production of Ponggan mandarin

B.X.aoMei; W.Z.en, 1998:
Study on the effect of postharvest treatment with modified temperature on the physiological and biochemical changes of Nanguoli pear variety

Huang ShaoMin; X.B.nSheng; Tan JinFang; Zhao YuePing; Wang JiQing; Qiao JianLi, 1999:
Study on the effect of potassium fertilizer on the prevention and control of tomato early blight

Sun ZhiLiang; Liu XiangXin; Sheng ZhongMei; Xiao HongBo, 1997:
Study on the effect of praziquantel liposomes for treatment of schistosome infection in mice

Durai, R., 1997:
Study on the effect of pressmud application in chip bud planting of sugarcane

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Study on the effect of protectively applied nitrogen on the nitrogen assimilation of soyabean

Ran XinTuo, 1998:
Study on the effect of root pruning on the root and shoot growth of apple trees

L.J.anGuo; Wang ZheHuai, 1999:
Study on the effect of secondary male flowers on fruitlet drop in litchi trees

Dai LiangShao; Guo YangChu; Liu LiRong; Lin MaoXian, 1998:
Study on the effect of several chemicals on the fruit set and production of litchee fruit trees

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Study on the effect of several new plant growth regulators on the fruiting of grape and plum cultivars

Ding Guijie, Z.Z.engxian; Yan Renfa; Pan Shengrong; Yang Shengzhou, 1997 :
Study on the effect of soil preparation on growth and economic benefits of Chinese fir

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Study on the effect of spraying CPPU and GA on the fruit characteristics of loquat fruit trees

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Study on the effect of spraying TL-2 agent and microelement fertilizers on the improvement of fruit quality

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Study on the effect of spraying fruit morphactin and plant growth regulators at full bloom on the fruit shape index of apples

Zhang ChengYin, 1998:
Study on the effect of spraying glyphosate for killing weeds and inducing leaf damage of citrus trees

Huang ZhiJin, 1998:
Study on the effect of spraying isocarbophos on the fruit coloration of Satsuma mandarins

Zhang ZeYan; Sun KeGang; L.A.Ying; Zhang XueBin, 1999:
Study on the effect of sulphur fertilizer application on crops and the balance of sulphur in soil

Chen GuoPing; Zhou XiaoZhou; Feng LiangHuan, 1997:
Study on the effect of temperature on the occurrence of abnormal fruits on litchi trees

Kertikov, T., 1997:
Study on the effect of the suspension leaf-feed fertilizer Lactofol 0 on the development and productivity of spring vetch

Zhang QuanBin; Lin BangMao; Ran Chun; H.J.nHua; L.H.ngJun; Lei HuiDe; Tian WenHus; Qian KeMing, 1999:
Study on the effectiveness of Guosheng insecticide and its effect on natural enemies and safety for plants

Liu ZhaoHui; Chen PeiDu, 1999:
Study on the effectiveness of genetic system controlling homoeologous chromosome pairing in common wheat

Ding YuChuan; Y.X.aoQiou, 1998:
Study on the effectiveness of growing Lotus corniculatus as an interplant crop in a hawthorn orchard

Brazauskiene, I., 1996:
Study on the effectiveness of seed dressings applied to spring rape

Wang FaGe; Chen QisHou; W.Z.enWong, 1999:
Study on the effects of Fows for preventing fruitlet drop caused by navel yellowing of Navel orange

G.Y.nFang; Zheng HeXun, 1998:
Study on the effects of extracts from Melia azedarach on development and fecundity of Heliothis armigera

Wang Baoping, L.Z.ngran; L.F.ngdong; Zhou Haijiang; Zhou Daoshun, 1997:
Study on the effects of fertilization on middle-aged Paulownia elongata plywood plantation

Zeng XiaoPeng; M.Y.n; Tong Ying et al., 1998:
Study on the effects of insecticides on the fluidity of mitochondrial membrane in housefly (Musca domestica L.)

Peng DingXiang; Cai MingLi, 1998:
Study on the effects of photoperiods on the development of kenaf varieties of different maturity and sensitivity

Nawab Ali; Baloch, M.A.; Hussain, S.A., 1998:
Study on the effects of planting space and bulb size on seed production in onion crop

Conides, A.J.; Parpoura, A.R.; Fotis, G., 1997:
Study on the effects of salinity on the fry of the euryhaline species gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L. 1758)

Brazauskiene, I., 1996:
Study on the effects of seed dressings on winter rape

Peng JinTorng, 1997:
Study on the effects of single and mixed sawdusts of different origins on the production of Pleurotus eryngii

Liu Qiang; Luo ZeMin; Rong XiangMin; Peng JianWei, 1998:
Study on the effects of spraying double-acid fertilizer on metabolic functions and yield of rice

Zhang Qian; Wang JiaQi; Feng JingHai; F.Q.nMin; Liu FengYou; Liu YunXiang, 1997:
Study on the effects of urease inhibitor on milk yield in dairy cows

Guo BaoLin; Yang JunXia; Zhao JunXiang; Gao Zhen; Hua ShuZhi, 1999:
Study on the effects of widening the growing angles of vigorous branches for fruit bud formation of young apple trees

Bansiddhi, K.; Siriphontangmun, S.; Ngamwongthum, L.; Yamyim, N., 1996:
Study on the efficacy of EM for controlling Chinese kale insect pests

Radeloff, I.; Heinritzi, K., 1998:
Study on the efficacy of an inactivated Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine (StellamuneReg. Mycoplasma) at different times of vaccination

Citron, G.; Rameau, C.; Orlando, D., 1996:
Study on the efficacy of new cereal herbicides

Suh DongKyun; Chun JoongIn; J.S.ongJu, 1997:
Study on the efficiency utilization and expanding possibility of farm scale in the small region

H.Z.angHua; Zhang ZhiHong; Yan QiuSheng; Zhang XueQing; Chen Jingqing, 1997:
Study on the electrofusion conditions of rice protoplast

Canali, C.; Goulart, A.H.; Graeff-Teixeira, C., 1998:
Study on the elimination of Angiostrongylus costaricensis first stage larvae in the experimental infection of Swiss mice

Marinov, M.; Paskaleva, L., 1997:
Study on the ellagitannins and ellagic acid in dry oak extracts

H.J.nLiang; X.H.nQing; Liu HuiJi, 1997:
Study on the embryology of crosses between autotetraploid Aijiaohuang (Brassica chinensis L.) and Brassica napus

Liang Yi; Tan SuYing; Huang ZhenGuang; Song JiaXiang; Guo XueLan, 1998:
Study on the embryonic development of low fertility tetraploid watermelon

Pan Qiang; Huang ZhiDong; M.C.engWei; L.Y.Cui, 1999:
Study on the energy conservation of Huabei-type multispan plastic greenhouse and its operation

Chen XiuYi; Q.Y.nLiang; Zhao YiJuan; Fang Cui; L.W.Liang;; Liang ZiQiang; Liu HongKun; Wang XinFeng; Luo TianPeng; Fan ChongZhen, 1998:
Study on the enhancement in compliance with chemotherapy by health education in Baizu population in heavy schistosomiasis endemic areas

Tsai SuhHuey, 1998:
Study on the enhancement of cut-flower quality of gladiolus

Arnold, N.; Bellomaria, B.; Valentini, G.; Arnold, H.J., 1998:
Study on the essential oil composition of Teucrium gracile W. Barbey & Major, endemic to Karpathos

Wiyono, B., 1998 :
Study on the essential oil separation of damar mata kucing and its residual physico-chemical properties

Chen JianGuo, 1999:
Study on the establishment of an apricot orchard by direct sowing

Sun Sheng, 1999:
Study on the evaluating criteria of some quantitative characters of plum resources

Yang KeQiang; Cheng SanHu; Niu YaSheng; Sun CaiLing, 1998:
Study on the evaluation of resistance to powdery mildew of walnut varieties

Wang AChuan; Yue ShuKui; Wang ZhiYing; Zhang DongQing, 1998:
Study on the expert system (PPPES) for the control and decision-making of Pissodes validirostris Gyll

L.K.nTzung; Liu ChengTzu, 1997:
Study on the extension of pot-life for unsaturated polyester coating (I). Effect of catalyst/promoter ratios and finish patterns on the curing reaction and drying time of coating

Lin SongYi et al., 1997:
Study on the extraction and utilization of garlic oil

Chen JianYe; Ning YuXia; Zhu ZiLan; Ning YuTing; Zhou HuiRu; X.X.eZhi, 1997:
Study on the factors affecting the hardiness and degree of cold damage in fig varieties

Cai ZiJian, 1999:
Study on the factors affecting the species changes of the citrus leaf miner

Yang LinShu; W.L.ngZhen; Wang HongKang, 1997:
Study on the feasibility for the pollution critical concentration of Cd in soil by plant seedling

Choi, I., 1999:
Study on the feed value of domestic wild grasses and legumes

L.Z.iRen; Huang Li, 1997:
Study on the fertility alteration in PGMS lines of rice

Fan Lian; W.Y.oTing; L.D.Bin; Zhan KeHui; Bai HeFeng, 1998:
Study on the fertility restoration of male sterility in wheat with Ae. kotschyi cytoplasm

Lai MingZhi, 1997:
Study on the field photosynthetic characteristics of cultivars suitable to Oolong tea

Yin Ning, 1998:
Study on the fire retardancy in aqueous multitreat agent with treated wood

Baruzzi, G.; Faedi, W.; Turci, P., 1999:
Study on the flowering-harvesting interval in strawberry

Han Yu et al., 1998:
Study on the fly-blown of the wound and control of the fly-blown in rabbits

Jayalakshmi, N.; Neelakantan, S., 1995:
Study on the food habits of the rural population

Tai FaDao; Wang TingZheng, 1998:
Study on the forecast of the population dynamics of mandarin vole

Tian, F.; Bi, X.; Shen, G.; Zhou, B.; Li, W., 1998:
Study on the forecast technique and control index of larch caterpillar of a cycle in two years

Wei XianYou; Liu YunHui; Wang XiuMin; Tan JianXin, 1999:
Study on the form distribution of selenium in soils and its available status

Duan, Shu Ying, 1998:
Study on the fossil woods found in Zigong, Sichuan, China

Huang YunXiang; Zhang YangZhu; Zou YingBin, 1999:
Study on the fractionation of inorganic phosphates in some paddy soils of Hunan Province

Liu LeCheng; Yan RuLai, 1998:
Study on the freezing tolerance of red tsai-tai

X.Z.iJie; Song GuiQin; Zhao YuYing; Wang WenYu, 1997:
Study on the function of red cell immune adherence system in cysticercosis patients

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Study on the genetic diversity of Melilotoides ruthenica

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Study on the genetic diversity of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae to enhance rice breeding in China

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Study on the genetic relationship among persimmon cultivars by RAPD

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Study on the genetic resources of water dropwort

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Study on the genetic structure of natural populations of Populus euphratica Oliv. by the isoenzyme technique

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Study on the genetic structure of the best provenance of Larix gemilinii II - genetic variation and population differentiation

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Study on the genetic variation of the mitochondrial DNA in the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner), using PCR-RFLP

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Study on the genomic polymorphic DNA of three species of Aedes

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Study on the germinating ability of forage seeds conserved for different years

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Study on the germplasm resources of ornamental plants, their utilization and conservation in Daming Mountains in Guangxi

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Study on the graft method for grape plantlets in vitro

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Study on the grain filling characteristics of maize F1 crosses

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Study on the grape varieties suitable for film shed culture

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Study on the groundwater hydrogeochemistry from Cuddalore to Puduchatiram, east coast of India

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Study on the growth and bearing habits and cultural techniques for Fengyan apple variety

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Study on the growth and development pattern of flax for a high yield of fibre

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Study on the growth and development regularity of Wenmai 6 and the crucial cultivation technique for super high yields

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Study on the growth and physiological characteristics of Stevia rebaudiana SM4

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Study on the growth and rooting rate of cuttings for rockwool culture of rose (Rosa hybrida)

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Study on the growth mechanism of super-high-yielding summer maize

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Study on the growth of mixed stands of Pinus massoniana and Liquidambar formosana and their ecological benefits

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Study on the growth of passion fruit tissue culture plants

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Study on the growth of seed potatoes from different sources

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Study on the growth performance of assam local and BeetalxAssam local crossbred kids

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Study on the growth stimulating mechanism of anti-idiotypic antibodies induced by recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH): purification and characterization of antibodies against rbGH

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Study on the harvesting and preparation of coffee

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Study on the high yield cultural techniques for yellow passion-fruit variety

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Study on the histological changes of the root-tip of Malus baccata seedlings infected with nematode

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Study on the histological structure of kid skin in Yimeng black goat

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Study on the hormonal regulation of fruit setting in apple tree

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Study on the host specialisation of Myzus persicae in South China

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Study on the host tree adjustment to the Kerria lacca insect

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Study on the hydrochemistry and appraisal of runoff in the forest watershed of Liuxihe

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Study on the ideal protein pattern for layers

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Study on the identification techniques for pear virus diseases in the greenhouse

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Study on the immunological effect and strategy of purified inactivated vaccine against HFRS in Zhejiang Province

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Study on the improvement effect of surface-active agent when spraying Torque acaricide on the control of citrus red mite

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Study on the improvement of walnut graft method

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Study on the in vitro culture of node-less stem segment and regeneration in persimmon

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Study on the indoor graft techniques for in vitro pear explants

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Study on the induction of multiple shoots and application of the technique in rice mutation breeding

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Study on the infestation of aphids on rape and their control threshold

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Study on the infesting characteristics of Dioryctria yiai and estimation on its larval density

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Study on the influence of temperature and food on the development and reproduction of Amblyseius fallacis (Acarina; Phytoseiidae)

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Study on the inheritance of resistance to anthracnose of F1 generation of interspecific hybrids of Vitis L

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Study on the inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew in Chinese native wild Vitis L. species

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Study on the inspection of damaged fruits by ultraviolet light

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Study on the introduction of Cupressus species

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Study on the isoenzymes of five species of Puccinellia Parl

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Study on the isolation of bradyzoite antigen of Sarcocystis cruzi

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Study on the kiln drying of teak, India-charcoal trema, Formosan alder and schefflera tree 3-cm thick lumber

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Study on the kinetic characteristics of alliinase

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Study on the kinetic properties of cellulase in Apriona germarii Hope (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

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Study on the land capability evaluation of Guangdong Province

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Study on the landscape composition and implicative setting of tea gardens

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Study on the law of natural stem extension by adventitious buds in Paulownia elongata

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Study on the leaf cell turgor maintenance and its influence on leaf photosynthesis and growth of apple trees under drought stress

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Study on the leaf temperature, transpiration and photosynthesis of kiwifruit vines

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Study on the level of NO in sera from patients with cerebral cysticercosis and whose immune state

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Study on the level of soluble IL-6 and TNF- alpha in patients with hepatic hydatidosis

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Study on the life history of pear fruit moth and its control

Luo Feng, 1998:
Study on the life period of crops variety

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Study on the life table of a natural population of Anopheles sinensis in Zhengzhou

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Study on the life table of citrus whitefly

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Study on the localized organic medium for the production of papaya seedlings. (1) Effects on the growth of papaya seedlings

Tsai YiFong, 1996:
Study on the localized organic medium for the production of papaya seedlings. (2) Effects on the nutrient contents of papaya seedlings

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Study on the machinability of Korean domestic bamboo species

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Study on the main chemical components related to smoking quality in flue-cured tobacco

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Study on the major types of vegetation and their vertical distribution in Baotianman Natural Reserve in Henan

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Study on the management information computer network of forestry industrial enterprises

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Study on the manufacturing of fiberboards using low formaldehyde urea adhesives

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Study on the manufacturing of wood-ceramic composites

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Study on the maternal antibody against Pasteurella multocida in ducks

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Study on the mathematical models for germination of eggplant seeds treated with growth regulator

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Study on the measurement of wood properties for excellent clones (new varieties) of Populus tomentosa

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Study on the measures for preventing the occurrence of navel yellowing for Navel orange

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Study on the mechanical culture of rice on a large scale in Fujian coastal area

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Study on the mechanical-rheological properties of soyabean and wheat grain grown in Northeast China

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Study on the mechanism alleviate of cotton bollworm to insecticides by B. t treatment

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Study on the mechanism of high temperature damage of citrus and its prevention

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Study on the mechanism of ractopamine by signal transduction

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Study on the mechanism of seedlessness in mango

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Study on the mechanism of the cotton Fusarium wilt pathogen suppressive soil

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Study on the mechanism of wood surface non-polarization. Part I. Changes of chemical functional group in the process of wood acetylation

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Study on the mechanisms of responses to deltamethrin in susceptible and resistant strains of cotton bollworm

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Study on the meteorological problems in seed production for Peiliangyou combinations

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Study on the method of estimation of relative parasitic fitness of plant pathogenic fungi, exemplified with Puccinia striiformis West

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Study on the method of movement on difficult stretches of track

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Study on the method of prediction of occurrence and density of Dendrolimus punctatus

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Study on the method of rapid evaluation of prevalence of schistosomiasis in marshlands and lake regions

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Study on the methods for purifying the kenaf genome

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Study on the methods of artificial inoculation of Anoplophora glabripennis on poplar

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Study on the micro-computer control technology production equipment of feed additive

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Study on the microbiological characteristics of Puzzone di Moena cheese

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Study on the microorganism companion of tropical herbages in red soil hills

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Study on the mixed-growing model of hawthorn, wheat and soya bean in the lower zone of Taihang mountains

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Study on the modification of phenolic resin

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Study on the molecular biological characteristics of a pan-species monoclonal antibody, M26-32. Isolation and sequencing of the target antigen gene of the monoclonal antibody, M26-32

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Study on the molecular hybridization in kDNA of 3 Leishmania species and the pathogenic agent of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Xin-jiang, China

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Study on the molecular markers of Capsicum wild/domesticated species using random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis

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Study on the monokaryotization and application of protoplast in Auricularia auricula

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Study on the morphology of a new species of gill parasitic ciliate Urceolaria cheni nov. sp. from the clam Scapharca subcrenata

Zheng ShuYi;, 1997:
Study on the mosaic disease of cruciferous vegetables in Fuzhou

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Study on the mtDNA RFLP of goat breeds

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Study on the natural pigment of purple-hulled sunflower and its properties

Murai, M., 1999:
Study on the nature and the character expression of the genes responsible for the plant type of rice

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Study on the nonlinear model on the relationship between the corn grain filling and the cumulated temperature

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Study on the nutrient constituents in black currant berries

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Study on the nutrient limiting factors and balanced fertilization in red soils of a low-hilly region

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Study on the nutrition characteristics of high yielding sugarcane and the effect of potassium, sulphur, and magnesium fertilizers

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Study on the nutrition characters of the leaves of the apple trees and orchard soils in the Yellow River's old flooded area

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Study on the nutrition status of silicon in calcareous paddy soil of Jianghan Plain

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Study on the nutritional status of pregnant women in Assiut governorate

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Study on the occurrence and control of citrus greasy yellow spot disease on Huyou pummelo variety

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Study on the occurrence of apple chlorotic leaf spot virus in stone fruits

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Study on the occurrence of apple fruit ring spot disease and its control

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Study on the occurrence of subclinical mastitis in cows

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Study on the occurrences and control techniques of striped field mouse in field

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Study on the occurring dynamics of citrus storage disease and techniques for chemical antisepsis

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Study on the optimal conjunctive use of surface and underground water in Jinghui irrigation region

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Study on the optimal time for population control of Periplaneta japonica in northern China

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Study on the optimum agronomic cultivation measures for Amorphophallus konjac Koch by using sliced corms

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Study on the optimum period of spring silkworm feedings for seed cocoons production

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Study on the optimum structure of agroforestry

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Study on the orchid disease Stagonospora curtisssii

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Study on the origin of Populus tomentosa Carr. using the RAPD method

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Study on the output force of the diaphragm air chamber for tractor trailer

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Study on the oxidative processes in frozen fish

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Study on the parasitic character of Leishmania infantum in monkey in Karamay area

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Study on the parasitic dynamics of Oestrus ovis larva in south border areas of the Zhunger Basin

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Study on the pathogen of bitter gourd wilt in Guangdong

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Study on the pathogenesis of Trichodorus nanjingensis to Malus baccata

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Study on the pathogenicity of Eimeria brunetti in chickens

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Study on the pathogenicity of Klebsiella to Giant Panda

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Study on the pathological characteristics of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS)

Bin ImJung; Hun PakHwa, 1995:
Study on the penetrating quantity suitable for the rice culture in the paddy field of fine sand tideland

Yan BiPeng; Tang FangPing, 1998:
Study on the performance of axial-flow pump by changing the number of blades

Lei PerngKwei; Chen ChiaChung, 1996:
Study on the performance of capacitance moisture meters for rough rice

Dai HongYi; Wang ShanGuang; Y.S.iMei; Wang Ran; Y.X.uMin, 1998:
Study on the performance of columnar apple varieties

Yeh MinChyuan; Lee JenSheng, 1997:
Study on the performance of nail joints assembled with Taiwania lumber from thinning

Huang RuiFang, 1997:
Study on the periods and methods of applying fertilizers for adult citrus trees

Zhao RuiJun; L.G.oJin; Qiao ZhongDong, 1997:
Study on the pharyngeal armature in female Phlebotomus chinensis collected from four regions (Diptera: Psychodidae)

Kouressy, M.; Niangado, O.; Vaksmann, M.; Reyniers, F.N., 1998:
Study on the phenological variation in millets in Mali and its use for cultivar improvement

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Study on the photosynthetic pathway of Cymbidium

X.Z.angYing; Chen YanHui; W.J.anYu, 1998:
Study on the photosynthetic rate in functional leaves of maize

Zafindrajaona, P.S.; Zeuh, V.; Moazami Goudarzi, K.; Laloe, D.; Bourzat, D.; Idriss, A.; Grosclaude, F., 1999:
Study on the phylogenetic status of Lake Chad Kuri cattle using molecular markers

L.YingQiang, 1997:
Study on the physical properties of lateritic red earth in South China

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Study on the physiological characteristics and reproduction of crossbred sows F1 (Yorkshire x Mongcai)

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Study on the physiological function of phosphorus in soyabeans

Dong HaiZhou; Gao RongQi; Yin YanPing; L.S.engFu, 1998:
Study on the physiological-chemical characteristics of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.) seed under different storage and package conditions

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Study on the physiology of hollowness in radish

Lei ChongXi; Dong XingQi, 1997:
Study on the plague natural foci in Yunnan province

L.M.ngXin; L.S.anGan; Cai RenYa; Liang QiChang; Lan XiuHan, 1995:
Study on the poisoning effect of deltamethrin and permethrin impregnated door and window curtains with wide-meshes on mosquitoes invading the experimental hut

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Study on the polyoxgenated cyclohexenes from Uvaria boniana

Zhao YangMin; Han BangYi; Zhang Ying; Luan YuBao, 1998:
Study on the pomegranate mealybug and its control

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Study on the population composition and pathogenic types of black spot in Chinese cabbage in Heilongjiang province

Chen ZhiYi; X.Z.iGang; Mew, T.W., 1999:
Study on the population distribution and biodiversity of antagonistic bacteria against Rhizoctonia solani

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Study on the population model and prediction of Apodemus agrarius in agricultural fields

L.X.nDong; Zhai LiuXiang; L.Q.n, 1998:
Study on the populations of rhizosphere nematodes of banana in Yunnan

Guo ErNan; D.J.anYuan; Gao JianChun; Hua GuoHuai; Wan JianWei; Wang CaiLin; Wang JianPing; Zhong DaXing; Gao ShuRen; Duanmu YingXi; Sun JingYing; G.R.nYing, 1998:
Study on the position of utilization of Jiangsu and Zhejiang improved varieties in cross breeding in japonica rice

Caran, D., 1997:
Study on the possibilities of employing different types of machines for olive harvesting

Djuric, B.; Keserovic, Z., 1999:
Study on the possibilities of use of black thorn (Prunus spinosa L.) as an interstock in apricot growing in dense groves

Vladimirova, Latinka, 1996:
Study on the possibilities to use peas in compound feeds for laying hens

Kadi, M.A.; Lamaddalena, N.; Bouabe, Z.; E.Y.coubi, Z., 1998:
Study on the possibility of energy saving in an irrigation system equipped with pumping station

Viegi, L.; Berni, P.; Bioli, A., 1997:
Study on the possibility of microalgae culture in thermal water from S. Giuliano Terme (PI)

Jiang Lina; Zhan ChangGeng; F.J.anRong, 1997:
Study on the potential of potassium supply in coastal upland soil

Chen XiZhao; Jiang JinShu; Zhu BeiLei, 1997:
Study on the pour-on preparation of abamectin

Jeong, S.G.un; Kim, H.S.on; Lee, J.M.on; Jung, Y.B.e; Han, J.D.e, 1998:
Study on the prediction of body weight in Holstein dairy cattle using body measurements

Diao YouXiang; L.J.uQin; Jia ShiYu; W.Q.ngWu; Yang WeiRen, 1998:
Study on the preparation and application of an oil-adjuvanted inactivated vaccine against Newcastle disease in pigeons

Fan JinShuan; Jia CaiXia; L.H.ngJie, 1999:
Study on the preparation of compound peppermint type essence for tooth-paste from the essential oil of fir

Ding MingXing; Chen DongRen, 1997:
Study on the preparation of hyaluronic acid and its treatment for acute serous arthritis in dairy cows

Schmitt, D.; Wittkowski, G., 1999:
Study on the prevalence of bovine diarrhoea virus (BVD) infection in free living cervids, chamois and wild boar in Bavaria

Zhang YouMin et al., 1997:
Study on the primary vascular system of the seedling of Cucumis sativus L

Liu XiangDong; L.Y.ngGen, 1998:
Study on the procedure of whole mount fluorescence in situ hybridization for detecting specific DNA in rice

Liu FuLin; Zhai ShengJiang; Yang WenXia, 1999:
Study on the process for the manufacture of ice cream containing walnut

Hui Yi, 1998:
Study on the processing technology of long-life yoghurt drink

Pinnavaia, G.G.; Sacchetti, G.; Chaves Lopez, C.; Romani, S., 1999:
Study on the product feasibility of preserved chestnuts under low sugar content syrup

Islam, M.S.; Shamim, R.U.; Mazid, M.A., 1998:
Study on the production of Oreochromis niloticus and Cyprinus carpio in mixed culture seasonal ponds under different fertilized and feeding conditions

Prabhavat, S.; Titathan, Y.; Hengswadi, D.; Auttaviboonkul, P., 1998:
Study on the production of cookies from black gram compare with cookies from mungbean and pigeon pea

Chiu ChihWei; K.W.nHwa, 1997:
Study on the production of coupling sugar using dextrins recovered from coupling reaction mixture

Choi, S.H.; Kim, W.H.; Hur, S.N., 1998:
Study on the productivity of chicory as a new forage resource

Min Zhengpei; L.J.n; L.Z.iQiang, 1997:
Study on the propagation of metacercariae of Fasciola hepatica and identification of its intermediate hosts

Yang JinBao; Liu DengBiao; Sun GuangXin, 1998:
Study on the proper application of nitrogen fertilizer on rice in irrigation region of Yellow River

Wan ZhongYuan; L.Y.ngLong; Han JiaJun; Shi YouEn, 1999:
Study on the protection of multivalent molecular vaccine of Schistosoma japonicum against experimental infection with Schistosoma japonicum in mice

Sun JinYue; Zhao YuTian; Chang RuZhen; Laing BoWen; Liu Fang, 1997:
Study on the protective function and mechanism of cell wall glycoproteins in salt tolerance of wheat

Bond XiWen; Jian XianJun; Gao DeChen, 1998:
Study on the protective screen of blood peripheral nervous system

Zhen Hai; Huang ChiLin; Chen Yi; L.M.nLan; Liu XueZhen; Pan DaJian; Zhang HuiQiong, 1997:
Study on the protein content of wild rice resource

Hong Ni; Wang GuoPing, 1999:
Study on the purification of apple chlorotic leaf-spot virus and preparation of antiserum

W.D.ngHui; L.R.i; Xiao Xin; Zhen Hai;, 1998:
Study on the quality of three-line hybrids of indica rice in Guangdong

W.C.engZhen; Hong Wei; Lin ChengLai, 1998:
Study on the quantitative dynamics of a Pinus taiwanensis population

Chang KuoChen; Chiang ChiaHua; Wang YaNan, 1996:
Study on the random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) of Zelkova serrata

Jiang ZhengJun; Yin YanBo; Gong ZhenHua; M.H.ngChao; Sun ShuFang; Cai LiJuan; Guo FuSheng; L.W.i; W.S.iYou, 1997:
Study on the rapid detection of foot and mouth disease virus using a one-step RT-PCR and a nested PCR

L.H.iYing; Yang QingKai; Cao YuePing; Zhang LiJuan; Liu ZhiMing, 1998:
Study on the reaction of different hosts from America to soyabean frog eye leaf spot pathogenic bacteria in China

Kobenan, K.; Ake, S.; Kone, D., 1997:
Study on the reactions of the roots of banana Musa (AAA) cv 'Grande Naine' to artificial lesions

Zhuang WenBin, 1999:
Study on the reason for the low flowering rate of longan and its control

K.G.anWu; Tang JiFa; Liu RongFang, 1998:
Study on the reasons causing low yield of longan fruit trees and possible improvements

Sugimoto, A.; Yasuda, S., 1998:
Study on the regional recycling system of organic matter

Weiying, X.; Mingquan, D.; Ning, Y., 1998:
Study on the regions of China adaptable to olive growing

L.Z.enYu; Chen HuaSheng; Cong XiuYu; Han YiSheng; Qiao XiuRong, 1998:
Study on the regrowth ability of Pinus tabulaeformis after damage by the pine caterpillar

M.Shu e, 1998:
Study on the regularity of occurrence and control methods for pear rust disease

Feng Ling; Liu HanShu; Gao XingWen; Chi XinZhi, 1997:
Study on the regularity of occurrence of Herse convolvuli Linnaeus

Yang GuanHuang; Sun DongJiang; Xiao JingCheng; Sun QingHai; Lin GuiLian, 1999:
Study on the regulation ability of Apis cerana cerana on temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration in its colony

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Study on the relation between fine stereo-structure and biological activity of lignans

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Study on the relation between methane emission and applying different kinds of fertilizer and cultivars in early rice paddy - field in Guangzhou area

Q.BaoQuan, 1999:
Study on the relation between the night trapping method and the rat trace board method in the investigation of rat density

Cheng Gong; L.Y.oFeng; Liu Ji; Sun BaoLing, 1997:
Study on the relation between the occurrence degree of tobacco brown spot and comprehensive farming measures

Fan GuoQiang; Jiang JianPing, 1997:
Study on the relation between witches' broom, protein and amino acid change in Paulownia leaves

Jin ChunYu; Pan Hong, 1998:
Study on the relation of agriculture labour force and agriculture economy increase

Zheng TianQi; Lian ChengChai; Wang Cheng; Zhao GuiFan; Zhang HongQuan, 1998:
Study on the relationship between 100-seed weight and meteorological conditions in spring soyabeans

Wang RenCai, 1997:
Study on the relationship between ABA and drought resistance in kiwifruit

L.H.ngLian; Yuan HongXia; Wang Yie; Cai JunXia; Huang JunLi; Wang ShouZheng, 1998:
Study on the relationship between diversity of microbes in rhizosphere and resistance of cotton cultivars to Verticillium dahliae

Yang Xian; Guan PeiCong, 1998:
Study on the relationship between drought stress and activated oxygen metabolism of flowering Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. chinensis var. utilis) leaves

Chen YiShun, 1998:
Study on the relationship between fruiting branches and fruit set of Newhall Navel orange

Sorkhi Lalehlou, B.; Yazdi Samadi, B.; Abd Mishani, C.; Gerami, A., 1998:
Study on the relationship between grain yield and quantitative traits in 500 bread wheat lines using factor analysis

Luo GuoGuang, 1999:
Study on the relationship between grape production and wine quality and its modulation

Piccinini, R.; Bronzo, V.; Moroni, P.; Luzzago, C.; Zecconi, A., 1999:
Study on the relationship between milk immune factors and Staphylococcus aureus intramammary infections in dairy cows

L.Y.; Liu YiTian; W.S.iZhao, 1998:
Study on the relationship between parents and their next generation in the relative content of the pI range IEF components of the highest nutrition of indica rice endosperm proteins

Chen JieZhong;; Peng LiangZhi, 1999:
Study on the relationship between pectinesterase activity and fruit cracking of citrus

L.H.i; Yang Shan, 1997:
Study on the relationship between plasma very low density lipoprotein concentration and egg composition traits in layer type chickens

Liu Ying; Shen YiPing; Shao JiNgou; Yang WeiPing; X.J.Ling; Jiang JiMin; Dong Kai; M.H.ngGeng, 1998:
Study on the relationship between social-economic factors and the intestinal nematodiasis in low-infection area

X.KeZhang et al., 1998:
Study on the relationship between specific weight and yield of kernels in sorghum

L.Y.Ling; Tan LangYu; H.X.eAn, 1997:
Study on the relationship between the combining ability of ear-kernel characters of S3 lines from single crosses and the heterotic groups of their inbred parents

Liu XiaoZhong; X.M.Xia, 1998:
Study on the relationship between the content of endogenous ABA and the storeability of Valencia orange

Jiang SiWen; Deng ChangYan; Xiong YuanZhu; Wang ShaoNan, 1995:
Study on the relationship between the halothane gene and productive traits in pigs

Shan Hu; Wang ShuBai; Guo Xing; Cao DianJun; L.J.ngLian; Zheng MingQiu; Zhang ZongMin, 1998:
Study on the relationship between virus titre and the virulence of Newcastle disease virus in chicken embryo tissues

L.JianJiang, 1998:
Study on the relationship between yellow back bamboo locusts Ceracris kiangsu occurrence and meteorological factors

Zheng JiaTuan; H.W.nXing; Xie, H.' an; Luo JiaMi; Huang XianBo, 1998:
Study on the relationship of fertility and stem clasping length of photo/temperature genic male sterile of indica rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Cheng RuiXi; Wei JiangQun; Liu JingFu, 1997:
Study on the relationship of phosphorus levels with yield and quality of garlic

Tashkov, G.; Dechev, I., 1997:
Study on the removal of the vegetative mass in the initial phases of maize crop development

Yin XinMing, 1996:
Study on the reproductive behaviour of Philus antennatus (Gyllenhal)

Vaziri, A.S., 1997:
Study on the reproductive biology and the testing of some rodenticides against Spermophilus fulvus Lichtenstein

Z.X.angDong; Yang YongXing; Zhou GuoQuan; Chen ChangLun; Song ZiHua, 1997:
Study on the reproductivity of Holstein cows in the Chengdu area

Xue Jian; Liu JingCang; Zhou GuangZhi et al., 1999:
Study on the resistance and the killing of Rattus norvegicus to anticoagulant rodenticides in Jinan Military Area

L.W.i; Zhang ZhiMing; L.C.uan; G.Z.Hui, 1998 :
Study on the resistance of Phytophthora infestans in potato to metalaxyl

Ling, M.; Tan,; Wang,; Duan, C.Q.n; Duan, P.S.ang; Gao, S.Y., 1998:
Study on the response of wheat to lead, cadmium and zinc

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Study on the riding comfort of tractor trailer combinations

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Study on the role of peroxidase in the phenology of groundnuts subjected to water stress

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Study on the roles of cytoskeleton in adhesion process of Blattella germanica immunocytes: immunofluorescence microscopy, confocal scanning microscopy, whole mount method

Wang WenQuan; Jia YuBin; X.L.Min; Zhang ZhenJiang, 1997:
Study on the root distribution of Populus tomentosa

Guo WanShen; L.L.nCun; Han HuanXia; Fan JunXing; Wang WenZhou; Jing RuiFang, 1999:
Study on the safety and the immunological persistence of Japanese encephalitis virus live attenuated vaccines

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Study on the seed germination characteristics of Trapa japonica Ferov

Chen, Fei, 1998:
Study on the selection of 69 asexual tung tree families by canonical correlation analysis

Zhang CaiXi; Shi YiMin, 1998:
Study on the selection of suitable grape varieties for forcing

Zheng, X.; Bing, G.; Li, H.; Li, S.; Jia, H.; Wang, Z.; Cheng, W.; Jia, Q., 1996:
Study on the selection of the Qingyuan strain of Tianshan wapiti (Cervus elaphus songaricus)

L.Z.uXin; Liang ChangWen; Wang EnPing, 1999:
Study on the selections of Dahongpao litchi variety

Ivanova, I., 1998:
Study on the selective action of some soil herbicides in Helichrysum bracteatum

W.C.engZhen; Hong Wei, 1999:
Study on the self-thinning rule in Pinus massoniana using an artificial neural network

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Study on the sensitive period of winter wheat and rice to chlorine

Lin JianRong; Chen YeLin, 1998:
Study on the sensitivity expression and genetics of silkworm embryonic development under high temperature dryness; L.B.oJian, 1999:
Study on the separation and regeneration of Ganoderma protoplasts

L.Z.en; Dai JingYuan; Zhou JunChu, 1999:
Study on the serological characteristics of Sinorhizobium fredii

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Study on the seroprevalence of infections by Mycoplasma bovis in Swiss cattle including epidemiological analysis of risk factors in a local population (Jura region)

Shin HyunTak; Kim YongShik, 1998:
Study on the size of plant community in fragmented habitats

Yan DeRen; Liu YongJun; Wang JingYing; Yang MaoRen, 1996:
Study on the soil fertility and the microorganism content of pure larch plantations

L.W.iPing; Chen GuoPing; Guo JingRen; Wang ZhongXiao; Rao ChenFu, 1997:
Study on the source and sink in relation to grain yield under different ecological areas in maize (Zea mays L.)

Zhang YuJie; Y.J.ngHua; E.Z.iQiang; Wang PengXiang; Cheng YiYong; L.S.uTian; Wang DongLan; Wang XiSheng, 1999:
Study on the soya-based infant formula animal feeding test

Wang Qin; Xie YuanFang; X.C.angLin, 1998:
Study on the spacing pattern and feature of Microula sikkimensis Hemsl groups

L.XiangWei et al., 1997:
Study on the spatial distribution of the population crowds of the scale insect Matsucoccus sinensis in the crown canopy of Chinese pine

Yang ZuMin; Y.X.aoYu; Han XiangQuan; Zheng FaMu, 1998:
Study on the spatial distribution pattern of Lymantria viola

Sun Hao; Wang XiaoRong; Wang Qin; W.H.u; Yang LiHong; Chen YiJun; Dai LeMei; Cao Mi, 1998:
Study on the species and the bioavailabilities of rare earth elements in soil and wheat system

Zhan YouSheng, 1997:
Study on the species diversity in part of the evergreen broadleaved forest communities of Jiangxi

Chen ChunJi; Qiu ErFa; Huang RuZhu; Fan HuiHun; Jiang JiaXiong, 1999:
Study on the spring shoot nutrient content of Phyllostachys pubescens of different provenances

Leng XingZhi; X.Z.enFu; Liu FengLan et al., 1997:
Study on the stability of FS-1 Shachongwang in water

Zhang Qing;, 1999:
Study on the stability of forest growing stock by the catastrophe theory model

Zhang ChunHong; W.H.iQing; D.W.iXian; Huang Zhong, 1997:
Study on the stability of hybridoma cell strains with anti-chicken IgG and anti-duck IgG monoclonal antibodies

Lang KuiJian; Zhang Fu; H.G.ang; Cao RenJie, 1999:
Study on the standard site index model for the main species in China

Sakai, M.; Ueda, J.; Takahashi, A., 1997:
Study on the start age of hay supply to young dairy breed calves with suckling once a day

Zeng GuangWen; Zhu Cheng; H.J.aShu; Zheng GuangHua; Jing XingMing, 1998:
Study on the status of free radical and water during ultradrying in safflower seed

Shi Gao; M.Y.; Chui XueZhong et al., 1998:
Study on the status, prevalent trend and its control of plague in Chifeng city of Inner Mongolia

Belostotskii, L.G.; Zakharenko, T.I.; Guseva, S.S.; Nosenko, V.E.; Shtangeeva, N.I.; Reshetnyak, I.S., 1997:
Study on the sterilizing effect of ultrasonic cavitation

S.WenChing, 1996:
Study on the strength of brad joints in wood and MDF material

Angelov, K.; Stoikov, A., 1996:
Study on the stress sensitivity of pigs bred in Bulgaria by a halothane test

Tan ShiDong; Wei JinDao; Lan RuXin; Wei JinXian, 1999:
Study on the structure and dynamics of pest community in lychee orchard

Cai, F.; Chen, A.; Chen, Q., 1998:
Study on the structure and dynamics of populations of Cyclobalanopsis glauca in Jiande County, Zhejiang Province

Carretero, A.; Ruberte, J.; Caja, G.; Perez Aparicio, F.J.; Such, X.; Peris, S.; Manesse, M.; Navarro, M., 1999:
Study on the structure and the development of the canalicular system of the mammary gland during lactation in Manchega and Lacaune dairy sheep

Yasuda, M.; Arahata, K.; Sugiyama, M.; Toda, C., 1998:
Study on the structure of branded egg consumption in Gifu and Nagoya City area, Japan

L.XueZhen, 1998:
Study on the structure of root tissue cells from soyabean cultivars differing in resistance to waterlogging

Yang YunFei; Wang ShengZhong; Lang HuiQing, 1999:
Study on the structures of a clonal population Zizania latifolia in wetland of the Songnen Plain China

L.C.engHui; Shao RongBiao; Zhen ChunZao; H.L.n, 1999:
Study on the substance analogous to hemagglutination inhibition antibody of morbilli in the blood of swine

Liuni, C.S.; Antonacci, D.; Occhiogrosso, G.; Peres, L., 1998:
Study on the suitability of the mediterranean area for table grape cultivation

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Study on the suitable harvest period for Qingjian citrus-like variety

Zhu ShiHong; Wang HongQi; Fan RongShan; Yan FaYao; Tan YuLian, 1998:
Study on the suitable period for eradicating apple fruit ring rot pathogen

X.X.aoBiao; Deng YuHua, 1998:
Study on the suitable pruning method for different types of fruiting branches of kiwifruit vines

Yin XinMing; Jiang ShuNan, 1996:
Study on the superform of the pars striden of adult beetles of Prionus insularis and Philus antennatus

Neri, D.; Bonanomi, G.; Zucconi, F.; Cozzolino, E., 1998:
Study on the supply of organic matter to strawberry beds

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Study on the susceptibility of Anopheles minimus and Anopheles sinensis of Guangxi to Hainan strain of Plasmodium vivax

Vacher, C.; Citron, G., 1996:
Study on the susceptibility of new varieties of winter wheat to chlortoluron in the field and in controlled conditions in the laboratory

Liang ZhenHua, 1999:
Study on the sustainable development of beef in China

Jiang WenLai, 1997:
Study on the sustainable environmental influence assessment for wetland resources exploitation

M.K.i; Wang LiangJu; Wang YeLin; Jiang WeiBing;, 1997:
Study on the symptoms of salt-injury and the tolerance of fruit trees

Gao LanYing; Yin Qing; Guan XiuLian, 1997:
Study on the synergism of FS-1 Shangchong Wang

H.S.aoHai; H.W.iJun, 1998:
Study on the synergism of tea saponin in the chemical insecticides EC

Liu GuiSheng; Zhao XiaoHong; Liu XueFeng; Duan XinFang, 1999:
Study on the synthesis and bioactivity of halo-amino-phosphatidic lignin

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Study on the target group and the rate for blood examination areas where malaria had been basically eliminated

L.Z.enBin; Yan YouMing; Dai QuanShui, 1999:
Study on the targets of fisheries management in the offshore waters of Fujian and Taiwan

Zhou HuaiPing; L.H.ngMei; Yang ZhiPing; Wang JiuZhi, 1999:
Study on the technique of balanced fertilizer with water efficient application on dryland maize

L.Y.Qiao; Zhou CuiPing, 1997:
Study on the technique of tissue culture for Monstera deliciosa Liebn

Sheng XiuLan; Jin XiuLin; Yang Fengqi; Zheng Guo, 1999:
Study on the techniques of chemical control on wheat root disease

Chen QiuLing; L.Y.eHua; Wang WeiMei; Zhang JianLi, 1998:
Study on the techniques of diagnosis and remedy of dead branch and little leaf disease of Neillia

Dong YaFeng; Y.J.Min; Hong Yi; Zhang ZunPing; Zhang ShaoYu; Wang GuoPing, 1998:
Study on the techniques of eliminating apple stem grooving capillovirus in pear trees

Liang HanHua; J.Z.oLiang; Huang XiaoYu, 1998:
Study on the techniques of package and storage for litchi fruit stored in the room temperature

Zha JianWen; Sun Peng; Song JingLing, 1999:
Study on the technology for mechanized seed block making

Nia PingYou, 1999:
Study on the technology for sustainable high quality production of densely planted citrus orchard

Dong ShaoHua;; Y.X.ngQian; Chen JianChu; Jia RiSheng, 1997:
Study on the technology of citrus peel powder

Shao GueZhi; Huang MeiYu; Sun ZhiRan; Kong WeiTang; L.W.nGe, 1996:
Study on the technology of deep freezing semen of down-bearing goats

L.S.uLing; A.S.iYou; R.G.angXin et al., 1997:
Study on the technology of propagating strong sprouts of Populus tomentosa with plastic film mulching

L.Z.enYong; L.Y.; L.J.anPing; Chen HangZhou, 1997:
Study on the theory and measure of waveproofing of high speed rice transplanter

Fichera, C.R.; Cascone, G.; Arcidiacono, C., 1997:
Study on the thermal regime of the greenhouse soil. Part I: Analysis of the experimental measurements

L.S.Zhen; Zhang GuiSheng; Shi KeWei, 1996:
Study on the tissue culture of staminiferous plant asparagus

Jalili Marandi, R., 1998:
Study on the tolerance of 10 grape cultivars at different concentrations of sodium chloride under in vitro conditions

Zhu JianWen; Yang WenYing; Chen QiaoYun; Chai XinXing, 1997:
Study on the tolerance to Na2SO4 and NaCl in Atriplex tatarica

Yuan LiHe; S.Q.ngLan; Y.Y.uHua; Yuan Bin, 1997:
Study on the tomato bacterial wilt disease - suppressive mechanism of soils

Yan ChunHui, 1997:
Study on the top quality production measures for Lugan mandarin

Guan XiuLian; Gao LanYing; Gao Wa et al., 1999:
Study on the toxicity of FS-1 Shachongwang

Wang GuoPing; W.D.ngHua; Zeng XianMing, 1998:
Study on the toxicity of the heat-stable substance excreted by a virulent strain of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Wang ZhiZhong; Zhou ShuHui; Zhang YuChun; Yang Chun, 1999:
Study on the tractor disc brake comfort

Song ZhiZong; Yang GuiRong; Lin JingTao; Zhao MingShan, 1996:
Study on the transfer of the RP4 plasmid to Yersinia pestis

Myrta, A.; Terlizzi, B. di; Savino, V., 1998:
Study on the transmission of plum pox potyvirus through seeds

Chen FaXing; Lin ShunQuan, 1999:
Study on the transplantation of loquat protoplast plantlets and observations on their growth

Yang MingFu; Chen DaiRong; Xie ZhiMing;, 1997:
Study on the treatment for Schistosoma japonicum and Fasciola hepatica infections by a combination of two drugs in cattle

L.C.aoPin; Qin ZhiHui; Han YuMin, 1998:
Study on the treatment of Eucleidae caterpillar dermatitis

Xia LiZhao; Xia LingLing, 1997:
Study on the treatment of demodecidosis by combining traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine

Zhang WenXu; Tang ShengXiang, 1997:
Study on the tubercles of lemma in 20 species of Oryza with scanning electron microscopy

Jia ShuGang et al., 1996:
Study on the type of soil samplers

L.XueZan, 1998:
Study on the ultrastructure of leaf cells of soyabean cultivars with different resistance to waterlogging

Tian QiZhou; H.M.ngRong, 1998:
Study on the uptake, accumulation and distribution of calcium and magnesium in high-yielding winter wheat

Liu YuHong, 1997:
Study on the use of chicken and cattle excrements as pig feed after fermentation by yeast strains

Hossain, M.M.; Munshi, J.L.; Majid, F.Z., 1996:
Study on the use of water hyacinth (Eichhornia) compost, cow manure, kitchen garbage compost as organic fertilizer, and duck weed as poultry feed supplement, at rural level

Kim WonTae; Cho JaeHyun; Takehiko, O.; Takahashi, S.; Yabashi, S., 1999:
Study on the uses and applications of hedoro soil. III. Changes in the consistency and hydraulic conductivity of hedoro soil during drying

Yabashi, S.; Kim, W.; Tamatsu, T.; Mozammel, H.M.; Abe, S.; Takahashi, S., 1997:
Study on the utilization and application of hedoro soil II. Drying properties of hedoro soil

Isobe, K.; Tsuboki, Y., 1999:
Study on the utilization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in kidney bean cultivation - differences in kidney bean growth resulting from the infection of six species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Gowda, S.K.; Sastry, V.R.B.; Katiyar, R.C., 1998:
Study on the utilization of neem kernel meal as a protein supplement for growing rabbits

Shi Yan; Song HongBo; Liang AnBo, 1999:
Study on the vane-wheel of a small-wheeled tractor for dry land

Xie DeBiao; Chen LuJiang, 1996:
Study on the variability of blood sugar in chickens

Chen JunYing; X.N.iYu; L.J.anChun et al., 1998:
Study on the variation of kernel shape of the nucleo-cytoplasmic hybrid wheat

L.G.oJing; X.Z.iHao; Shou WeiLin; H.S.ngMe; Zhang DeWei, 1998:
Study on the variation of temperature and humidity in tunnel and multispan greenhouses during winter

L.X.aoChu; Huang LiBin; Wang Wei; Wang MingMing; Cheng ZhiYin; Jiang ZhiXin, 1999:
Study on the variation of wood basic densities of Chinese fir

Lin JinGuo; H.S.uiDong; Lin ShunDe; Dong JianWen, 1999:
Study on the variation pattern of basic density and mechanical properties of Dendrocalamus latiflorus timber

Choudhury, B.N.; Phukan, P.N., 1995:
Study on the variations of certain plant parasitic nematodes at different levels of soil pH

Shen ReiChen, 1996:
Study on the vegetation ecology of the Bretschneidera sinensis Hemsl. of Taiwan

Liu YueFu; Yuan DaoQuan; Wang QingMin, 1996:
Study on the viability of embryos from crossbred layers and its heritability

L.X.angRui; Kong FanYao, 1997:
Study on the virulence of kinetoplast and dyskinetoplast strains of Trypanosoma evansi in China

Xuan Hua, 1998:
Study on the visualization of control analysis for water pollution

Zhi, Y.; Hu, J.; Wu, Z.; Li, Q., 1998:
Study on the voltammetric behavior of metronidazole and its determination at a Co/GC modified electrode

Liu JunFeng; Y.P.ngGui; Chen AnGuo, 1999:
Study on the waste settlings to become complex fertilizer in process of producing furfural - the compounding ingredient of the additive (I) and the conditions of the distillation

L.X.angMin; X.C.unXia; S.S.anMin, 1998:
Study on the water content of dormant apple young branch in loess plateau region

Guo Hong; Zhao MiZhen; Zhou JianTao, 1999:
Study on the waterlogging resistance of several peach rootstocks

X.J.e; Qian AiPing; Ran Wei; Zhan Jun; Zhang ZhongXian, 1997:
Study on the way to increase recovery rate in amino acid analysis of feedstuff

Tso CheTsung; Shiah TsangChyi; K.W.nJun; Chen ChiJung, 1996:
Study on the weatherability and lightfastness of finishes on wood-cement particleboard

Tsou CheTsung; Shiah TsangChyi; Chen ChiJung, 1998:
Study on the weatherability and lightfastness of wood coated with amino alkyd resin

Avella, T.; Lewalle, J.; Dechamps, R., 1999:
Study on the wood structure of the Argan tree by scanning electron microscopy

Tsai MingJer; Hung ChungPin; Wang SongYung, 1997:
Study on the wooden structural system in listed historical buildings (I). Quantitative damage evaluation of horizontal wood members (purlins) in Bauan temple at Ta-Long-Tung

Tsai MingJer; Hung ChungPin; Wang SongYung, 1997:
Study on the wooden structural system in listed historical buildings (II). Quantitative damage evaluation of vertical wood members

Xue ZhongLi; Xiong KeQin; Huang DianCheng; Zheng WenJun, 1997:
Study on the yield and resistance of cotton R93 - 4 and R93 - 3 to insects

Liu ZongHua et al., 1997:
Study on the yield and the cytoplasmic effects of corn hybrids with sterile cytoplasms

Canova, A.; Cioni, F.; Meriggi, P.; Ponti, I.; Rossi, V.; Zavanella, M., 1998:
Study on the yield of sugarbeet in soils infested by rhizomania

Z.W.i; Liu ZhongTang; H.Z.iHong; Yang QingKai; Wang FengYi, 1998:
Study on the yield reduction mechanism of soybean planted under continuous and every second year cropping conditions

Zhou XinQun; Dong RenJie; Zhang ShuMin; Cui Yin' an, 1998:
Study on thermal insulation covering materials of honeycomb plastic sheet

Karyono, O.K.; Triyono, P., 1998:
Study on timber flow monitoring in Central Kalimantan

Zhan YaGuang; Tao Jing; Yang ChuanPing; Liu YuXi, 1998:
Study on tissue culture and regeneration system of Betula platyphylla Suks (II): influence of factors on culture and culture protocols

Tao Jing; Zhan YaGuang; You XiangLing; Yang ChuanPing; Liu YuXi, 1998:
Study on tissue culture and regeneration system of Betula platyphylla Suks( III): change of endogenous hormones in tissue culture

Win Feng, 1997:
Study on topworking with Nanfengmiju on Hamlin orange trees

Fan QingHai; Liu Xin; Zhan JianFeng, 1998:
Study on toxicity of insecticides to Liriomyza sativae

Han LiMei; J.H.iYan; Yang ZhenMing; Wang ShuQi; Zou YongJiu, 1999:
Study on trace element nutrition in continuously cropped soyabeans. III. The effect of continuous cropping on Mn nutrition

Zimmer, B.; Mehlen, S., 1998:
Study on tracheid length of Douglas fir wood

Wang Yi et al, 1997:
Study on transferring Platycodon grandiflorum by PRi9402

Liu WeiHua; Ren RuYi; X.X.angLing; L.J.Lin, 1997:
Study on transferring of TMV-cp and CMV-cp genes into tobacco by mediating Ri-plasmid of Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Feng Jun; G.S.iKang; Zeng AiJun; Song WeiTang; Liu YaJia; H.H.ngLie, 1998:
Study on transplanter with chute and seedling aid springs (Part I). Present situation and prospects of the mechanization of maize seedling transplantation in China

Feng Jun; G.S.iKang; Zeng AiJun; Song WeiTang; Liu YaJia; H.H.ngLie, 1998:
Study on transplanter with chute and seedling aid springs (Part II) Target judging system for transplanters

G.S.iKang; Feng Jun; Zeng AiJun; Song WeiTang; Liu YaJia; H.H.ngLie, 1998:
Study on transplanter with chute and seedling aid springs (Part III). Improvement and performance of transplanter with chute

Chen ShiPing; Suo JiJiang; Zhu ShiJun; Wei Hua; Han YaPing; L.S.uLin; Wang HuaQiong, 1997:
Study on treatment of mucormycosis caused by Rhizomucor pusillus

Gao ZhiHui; Kang ZhiXiong; Y.S.engRong; Bao ZhenYang; Zhou XiaoLi, 1998:
Study on tree species and forest structure adjustment in Zhejiang Province

Chen LianRong; Jiang JianFey; Zhou XingHe; L.Y.Wu, 1997:
Study on tree species structure regulation in Wuyi

L.Yue, 1998:
Study on turpentile losses in pine gum processing

Tao YouBao; Chen KeCheng; B.X.eZhi, 1998:
Study on two steroidal sex hormones in rice

Dai XiaoYan; Guan GuiLan, 1999:
Study on two strains of antagonistic bacteria producing antagonistic proteins to Phytophthora capsici

Kale, M.M.; Tomar, O.S., 1997:
Study on type of kidding, birth and sex ratio in crossbred dairy goats under stallfed conditions

Wang RenBei; X.S.aoYing, 1996:
Study on uniconazole anti-lodging ability and its mechanism in barley; L.J.nShi, 1999:
Study on urease activity of tea garden soil in Sichuan Province

Liu AnChang; Chen Hong; Guo MingGao, 1999:
Study on urushiol resin catalyzed hydroxylation of aniline by oxygen

Han NingLin; Wang KaiLiang, 1998:
Study on use of hybrid vigour for ginkgo

Q.W.iJing; Huang FuLing; W.Z.iSheng, 1997:
Study on using glandless cottonseed shell as a substitutive medium material in bag culture of Tremella aurantialba

Feng Dou; W.Z.Kai; Chen RongJi, 1997:
Study on using random amplified polymorphic DNA in classification of Saccharum arundinaceum Retz

Wang ZhongHe, 1997:
Study on using the root-pruned plantlets for forcing culture of strawberry

X.J.anLong; Lin YiZi; Zhang BingLin; Weng JinPing, 1996:
Study on utilization of Xa-21 gene resistant to bacterial blight in rice

Isobe, K.; Tsuboki, Y., 1997:
Study on utilization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in kidney bean cultivation. Effects of available phosphorus content on the infection of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and two species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

L.W.iZhong; Chen ShunHe; Shen XiaoRong; Zhou ChaoFei; Zhang JingJuan; Wang YuZhong, 1998:
Study on utilization of cell engineering in breeding wheat for scab-resistance

Datke, S.B.; Kandalkar, H.G.; Weginwar, D.G.; Allurwar, A.W., 1997:
Study on variability in advanced generations of paddy strains

Tarasiuk, S.; Bellon, S.; Szeligowski, H., 1998:
Study on variability of Polish provenances of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) growing in an experimental plot in Brzeziny Forest District (central Poland)

Sobhani, A.; Ghoreishi, R.; Yousefi, F., 1995:
Study on variability of saponification, iodine and acid indexes in different soyabean varieties

Y.H.ngJun; Shi ZhengXiang; L.B.oMing; M.Y.ngWu, 1997:
Study on variable side-windshield air-inlet in layer housing

M.L.ngFei; M.N.iXun, 1997:
Study on variation in bamboo wood properties of Phyllostachys heterocycla var. pubescens

L.X.An; Xia XiaoMin; Zhou JianWen; Chen YingHui; Liao FangLin, 1996:
Study on variation in wood density in slash pine and loblolly pine and selection of elite trees

Zhon Ping; Zhang TiNin; Wang Wen; Chen YongJiu; Zhang YaPing, 1997:
Study on variation of restriction cleavage pattern of mtDNA in local chickens of Yunnan; Shen ZhaoBang; Chen Xiang; Tan WeiHong; Wang ChengZhang, 1998:
Study on variation of terpenelactone content in Ginkgo biloba leaves

L.Z.Xian; Q.J.anBo; F.H.ngYi; Deng XiangDong; Zhu BaoGe; Chen JianNan, 1998:
Study on variations in heat shock protein and endogenous plant growth regulators

Zhu DianXiang, 1998:
Study on veneer lengthwise scarf jointing technique

L.Y.oMing; Qiu BaiJing; Chen Jin;, 1998:
Study on vibration analysis of rice sowing test stands with suction and vibration

Zhu GenFa; Wang HuaiYu; Chen MingLi; H.Y.Ru; H.Q.ngZheng, 1998:
Study on virus-freeing and rapid propagation in vitro of Cymbidium hybrid

Hsu, A.N.; Wu, Y.P.i, 1998:
Study on viscosity of milled rice flour in rice varieties

Zhang TieZhong; Wei JianTao, 1999:
Study on vision system of vegetable grafting robot (I): Searching for growth point of cucurbit seedling with morphological method

Zhang TieZhong; Wei JianTao, 1999:
Study on vision system of vegetable grafting robot (II): Searching for growth point of pumpkin seedling with geometrical method

Feng JinChao; Chen HeSheng; Kang YaoHu; Liu YuanBo, 1995:
Study on water balance and evapotranspiration of artificial vegetation in Shaptou area of Tengger desert

Men Ping, S.Z.aomin; Zhang Jinsong; L.G.angming, 1996:
Study on water efficiency of agroforestry

Teng TongLian; Zhou YongDong; Meng JingMing; Chen ShengLan; Piao ChenHan, 1998:
Study on water movement during drying process of fast-growing plantation wood

Faeti, V.; Pacchioli, M.T.; Rossi, A.; Poletti, E.; Marchetto, G.; Calderone, D.; Casa, G.D., 1998:
Study on water requirements of pigs. Effects of reduction of the water:feed ration on the production performance of heavy pigs and the curing of hams

Purwanto, M.Y.; Hardjoamidjojo, S., 1998:
Study on water saving through implementation of Gogorancah (dry seeding rice cultivation) system in irrigated paddy field

H.F.n; Jiang YanBei, 1998:
Study on water-saving techniques of agriculture in semi-humid and and liable to drought region

Chen TieBao; Yang ShaoYi; Liu QingXue; Wang Yu; Zhang ZhanYing; Huang ChunYan, 1997:
Study on weed control by Broadstrike (flumetsulam) in soyabeans

Khan, S.A.; Naseer Hussain; Khan, I.A.; Mustajab Khan; Maqsood Iqbal, 1998:
Study on weed control in maize

Chen TieBao; Yang ShaoYi; Huang ChunYan; Wang Yu; Zhang ZhanYing, 1998:
Study on weed control in soyabeans with Jindou (AC299263)

Yuan JianPing; Wang ChenYang; Gao ShongJie et al., 1996:
Study on wheat kernel formation and morphology of optimum harvest period

Guo Xiao; Zhang Li, 1997:
Study on wild forage resources in Henan

Shamov, D.; Malkov, K., 1998:
Study on wild growing populations of wheatgrass for use in breeding work

Wan YongFang; Yan Ji; Yang JunLiang; Liu FaQuan, 1997:
Study on wild relatives of wheat for resistance to head scab

Sun YanLing; L.Z.angYou, 1997 :
Study on wood fracture mechanics

Wang JinRong; Zhu YongQiang, 1998:
Study on woody plant flora of Wuyi County

Hong Feng; Chen Mu; Y.S.iYuan, 1999:
Study on xylo-oligosaccharides production from xylan by hydrolysis of selectively purified enzymes

Yin XinMing; Yuan GuoHui; M.C.angSheng; Wang GaoPing, 1999:
Study on yield loss of cowpea caused by Liriomyza sativae and its control index

Berti D.M.; Serri G.H.; Wilckens E.R.; Alarcon, M., 1998:
Study on yield of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) grown at different inter- and intrarow spacings

Chaudhary, D.C.; Singh, S.N.; Singh, R.K., 1998:
Study on zinc nutrition in sugarcane under calcareous soil of eastern Uttar Pradesh

Zhang CaiJun; Zheng XiBang; Wang Yong; Sun YingXiang; Shang HaiZhong, 1997:
Study on zinc nutrition status of sheep flocks in the region around the Qinghai Lake

Tao FuLu; Feng ZongWei, 1999:
Study progress on critical load of acid deposition for ecosystem

Labeke, M.C. van; Degeyter, L., 1999:
Study started on the influence of drought stress on the regrowth of tree planting stock

Torun, M.; Koycu, C., 1999:
Study to determine the relationship between grain yield and certain yield components of maize using correlation and path analyses

Kelly, I., 1997 :
Study tours: A model for 'benign' tourism?

Ros Farre, P.; Pujade Villar, J., 1998:
Study using a Malaise trap of the gall-forming and gall-inquilines cynipid community in Santa Coloma, Andorra (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae)

Siriworakul, M.; Benyasut, S.; Wanasiri, P., 1997:
Study, survey, and evaluation of natural enemies of aquatic weeds in irrigation systems

Sun ZhongHua; L.S.aoHua, 1997:
Studying Deng ShaoPing's ideas on agricultural issues in China

Nepveu, G.; Guilley, E., 1997:
Studying and modelling the wood quality of sessile oak (Quercus petraea Liebl) in relation to growth rate

Kac, M.; Kralj, D., 1998:
Studying biodiversity of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) accessions from the composition of their essential oils

Guilbert, Eric., 1998:
Studying canopy arthropods in New Caledonia: how to obtain a representative sample

Ahmed, M.I.; Singh, S.; Viraktamath, B.C.; Ramesha, M.S.; Vijayakumar, C.H.M., 1998:
Studying comparative suitability of CMS lines

Fang, Y.; Hirsch, A.M., 1998:
Studying early nodulin gene ENOD40 expression and induction by nodulation factor and cytokinin in transgenic alfalfa

Panwar, D.V.S.; Kumar, R.; Singh, A.; Mehla, B.S., 1998:
Studying heterosis for grain yield and its components in hybrid rice

Marinov, P.M.; Chokoeva, M.D., 1999:
Studying of some factors for an intensification of apricot production

Aslim, B., 1998:
Studying on metabolic products and antagonistic effects of combined Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus cultures

Pelletier, G., 1997:
Studying the Arabidopsis thaliana genome: short term objectives

Cherepanov, G.G.; Mikulets, Y.I., 1997:
Studying the dynamic mechanisms of using substrates in the mammary gland of cows

Yazdani, S.; Ekhlas Poor, R., 1998:
Studying the factors affecting the access of farmers to institutional credit and its impact on production (case study)

Morris, D.M.; Duckert, D.R., 1999:
Studying the impacts of harvest intensity on site productivity of Ontario's black spruce ecosystems

Dolmatov, E.A.; Sedov, E.N.; Panova, N.I.; Sedysheva, G.A., 1998:
Studying the morphological inhomogeneity of the apomictic progeny of the pear

Szabo, A., 1998:
Studying the psychological impact of exercise deprivation: Are experimental studies hopeless?

Lupashku, G.A.; Enaki, V.V., 1998:
Studying the role of free amino acids in triticale genotypes infected by fusarial wilt

Ohga, S., 1998:
Stump decay in Japanese larch plantation at the Hokkaido Experimental Station of Kyushu University Forests

Prasad, V.V.S.; Karoshi, V.R., 1997:
Stump planting in subabul and Eucalyptus - a trial

Weigel, D.R.; Johnson, P.S., 1998:
Stump sprouting probabilities for southern Indiana oaks

Bagnara, L.; Salbitano, F., 1998:
Stump structure and root systems in a beech coppice on Monti Sibillini

Johansson, M.; Asiegbu, F.O.; Pratt, J.E., 1998:
Stump treatment against Heterobasidion annosum with urea: possible modes of action

Mizaras, S., 1997:
Stumpage price calculation method

Haynes, R.W., 1998:
Stumpage prices, volume sold, and volumes harvested from the National Forests of the Pacific Northwest Region, 1984 to 1996

Allen, George H., 1998:
Stunting of coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch parr reared in wastewater-seawater ponds

Shapiro, F.; Nir, I.; Shinder, D.; Silanikove, N., 1999:
Stunting syndrome in broilers: effect of electrolytes in drinking water on performance and intestinal glucose transport

Shapiro, F.; Nir, I.; Heller, D., 1998:
Stunting syndrome in broilers: effect of stunting syndrome inoculum obtained from stunting syndrome affected broilers, on broilers, leghorns and turkey poults

Akbar Ali; Reynolds, D.L., 1997:
Stunting syndrome in turkey poults: isolation and identification of the etiologic agent

Garcia, M.E.; Nunez, M., 1996:
Stylar-end damage in Persian lime fruits: possible causes

Geerts, A., 1997:
Style of living of twins closely analysed

Vanclay, F.; Mesiti, L.; Howden, P., 1998:
Styles of farming and farming subcultures: appropriate concepts for Australian rural sociology?

Loch, D.S.; Clatworthy, J.N., 1999:
Stylosanthes guianensis var. intermedia in Australia and Zimbabwe

Edye, L.A., 1997:
Stylosanthes hamata (L.) Taub. (Caribbean stylo) cv. Amiga

English, B.H., 1999:
Stylosanthes scabra in Australia

Ramesh, C.R.; Pathak, P.K., 1998:
Stylosanthes seed production by small farmers in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India

Liu, C.J.; Musial, J.M., 1997:
Stylosanthes sp. aff. S. scabra: a putative diploid progenitor of Stylosanthes scabra (Fabaceae)

Liu ZhengLuan; Jiang WeiChen; S.J.nQi; Zhang HuiYin, 1998:
Su Mian 12, a disease resistant, high yielding new cotton cultivar

G.K.Yu; J.R.ngLong; Guo ChangZuo; Huang ZhiYong; Fei Yue, 1998:
Su Mian 9, a high yielding high quality cotton cultivar

Xie XiaYi; Xue Lin; Cai ZhiFei; Shi MingLiang; Huang XiaoLan; Chen GuoQing, 1996:
Su Yu 9, an early high yielding maize cultivar

Rahman, M.F.; Siddiqui, M.K.; Jamil, K., 1999:
Sub-chronic effect of neem based pesticide (Vepacide) on acetylcholinesterase and ATPases in rat

Marquez, L., 1998:
Sub-contracting firms in Spanish agriculture

Morel, F., 1996:
Sub-contracting of analyses: the passport to accreditation. The competition intensifies between public and private laboratories

Yule, J., 1998:
Sub-cultural strategies in patriarchal leisure professional cultures

Savard, M., 1996:
Sub-cutaneous parasitism caused by Protocalliphora (Trypocalliphora) Braueri (Hendel) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in eastern America and three new host records for Quebec

Reis, A.M.M.; Cunha, R. da, 1997:
Sub-freezing effect on viability of Anadenanthera peregrina (L.) Speg. seeds with different moisture contents

Nielsen, M.T., 1997:
Sub-group CORESTA black shank collaborative study 1996-1997

Nielsen, M.T., 1996:
Sub-group black shank collaborative study. 1995-1996 report

Johnson, A.W., 1997:
Sub-group collaborative experiment on tobacco resistance to field insect pests 1997 report

Botha, M., 1996:
Sub-group collaborative study of nematodes. 1996 Report

Jack, A.; Robertson, A., 1996:
Sub-group collaborative study on Granville wilt. 1996 Report

Jack, A.; Robertson, A., 1997:
Sub-group collaborative study on bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum) - 1997 report

Verrier, J.L., 1997:
Sub-group collaborative study on blue mould pathogenicity. 1997 report

Lolas, P., 1997:
Sub-group collaborative study on broomrape. 1996-1997 report

Johnson, A.W.; Smeeton, B., 1998:
Sub-group collaborative study on host plant resistance to insects. 1998 report

Johnson, A.W., 1996:
Sub-group collaborative study on insect-host plant resistance

Botha Greef, M., 1997:
Sub-group collaborative study on nematodes 1997 report

Botha Greef, M., 1998:
Sub-group collaborative study on nematodes. 1998 report

Verrier, J.L.; Cailleteau, B., 1997:
Sub-group collaborative trial on PVY. Rapport 1997

Ryan, L., 1997:
Sub-group pest and sanitation management in stored tobacco 1997 Report

Rozanska, H.; Wojton, B., 1999:
Sub-inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics and isolation of Salmonella sp

Abro, G.H.; Memon, A.J.; Syed, T.S., 1997:
Sub-lethal effects of cyhalothrin and fluvalinate on biology of Spodoptera litura F

Henderson, R.J.; Morriss, G.A., 1996:
Sub-lethal poisoning of possums with acute pesticides used in bait stations

Neophytides, A.; Khan, S.; Louie, E., 1997:
Subacute cerebellitis in Lyme disease

Sato, S.; Roos, R.P., 1997:
Subacute spongiform encephalopathies: Prion infections of the central nervous system

Miguel, B.; Wang, C.; Maslin, W.R.; Keirs, R.W.; Glisson, J.R., 1998:
Subacute to chronic fowl cholera in a flock of Pharaoh breeder quail

Yang HsingYi; Chen ChiehFu, 1997:
Subacute toxicity of 15 commonly used Chinese drugs (II)

Gall, C.; Spuler, A.; Fraunberger, P., 1999:
Subarachnoid hemorrhage in a patient with cerebral malaria

Yang ZhiMin; Zheng ShaoJian; H.A.Tang, 1999:
Subcellular accumulation of cadmium in corn and wheat plants at different levels of phosphorus

Izmailov, S.F.; Andreeva, I.N.; Kozharinova, G.M., 1999:
Subcellular calcium localization in the root nodules of legumes

Debnam, P.; Emes, M., 1999:
Subcellular distribution of enzymes of the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in root and leaf tissues

Grieco, F.; Castellano, M.A.; D.S.nsebastiano, G.P.; Maggipinto, G.; Neuhaus, J.M.; Martelli, G.P., 1999:
Subcellular localization and in vivo identification of the putative movement protein of olive latent virus 2

Yamamoto, Y.T.; Williamson, J.D.; Conkling, M.A.; Pharr, D.M., 1997:
Subcellular localization of celery mannitol dehydrogenase. A cytosolic metabolic enzyme in nuclei

Lorenzo, C.A. de; Fernandez Pascual, M.M.; Felipe, M.R. de, 1997:
Subcellular localization of glycoprotein epitopes during the development of lupin root nodules

Wang; Croft; Jarlfors; Hildebrand, 1999:
Subcellular localization studies indicate that lipoxygenases 1 to 6 are not involved in lipid mobilization during soybean germination

Xie Chao; Sun EnGui; Wang XiangSheng; Zou XiaoHuan; Liu JunHua; Yang FaQing, 1998:
Subcellular location of excretion-secretion antigens of Trypanosoma evansi by immunoperoxidase-electron microscopy technique

Dunisch, O.; Bauch, J.; Muller, M.; Greis, O., 1998:
Subcellular quantitative determination of K and Ca in phloem, cambium, and xylem cells of spruce (Picea abies Karst.) during earlywood and latewood formation

Belmadani, A.; Tramu, G.; Betbeder, A.M.; Creppy, E.E., 1998:
Subchronic effects of ochratoxin A on young adult rat brain and partial prevention by aspartame, a sweetener

Liao,; Tsai, S.F.; Pang, V.F.i; Wang, S.C.eng, 1997:
Subchronic toxicity of cadmium via drinking water in rats

Paz, A.; Sánchez-Andrade, R.; Díez-Baños, P.; Panadero, R.; Morrondo, P., 1998:
Subclasses of IgG in different aged rats with fasciolosis

Shlke, D.D.; Keskar, D.V.; Jagadish, S.; Bhalero, D.P.; Sharma, L.K., 1998:
Subclinical and clinical mastitis in crossbred cows: aetiology and antimicrobial sensitivity

Weaver, D.M.; Tyler, J.W.; Marion, R.S.; Casteel, S.W.; Loiacono, C.M.; Turk, J.R., 1999:
Subclinical copper accumulation in llamas

Rickard, L.G.; Steinohrt, L.A.; Black, S.S., 1997:
Subclinical cyathostomiasis and unidentified helminthiasis in a juvenile emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Beals, K.; Manore, M., 1999:
Subclinical eating disorders in physically active women

Smilie, R.H.; Hoblet, K.H.; Eastridge, M.L.; Weiss, W.P.; Schnitkey, G.L.; Moeschberger, M.L., 1999:
Subclinical laminitis in dairy cows: use of severity of hoof lesions to rank and evaluate herds

Damayanti, R., 1995:
Subclinical malignant catarrhal fever in Bali cattle detected in abattoirs by histopathological examination

Shoshani, E.; Berman, A., 1998:
Subclinical mastitis assessed by deviations in milk yield and electrical resistance

Apolo, A.; Bellizzi, T.; Lima, D. de; Burgueno, M., 1999:
Subclinical mastitis in dairy sheep in Uruguay

Duhamel, G.E.; Klein, E.C.; Elder, R.O.; Gebhart, C.J., 1998:
Subclinical proliferative enteropathy in sentinel rabbits associated with Lawsonia intracellularis

Merlassino, J.L.; Frances, O.; Halac, J.; Orga, H.; Audisio, S.N., 1997:
Subconjunctival application of arginine (+) in the treatment of the bovine ocular complex

Munroe, G., 1999:
Subconjunctival haemorrhages in neonatal thoroughbred foals

Gautret, P.; Bain, O.; Gicquel, J.J.; Hue, B.; Kauffmann-Lacroix, C.; Rodier, M.H.; Sinnaeve, O.; Jacquemin, J.L., 1999:
Subconjunctival localization of a Wuchereria bancrofti adult female

Blair, M.J.; Gionfriddo, J.R.; Polazzi, L.M.; Sojka, J.E.; Pfaff, A.M.; Bingaman, D.P., 1999:
Subconjunctivally implanted micro-osmotic pumps for continuous ocular treatment in horses

Campero, C.M.; Medina, D.; Rossetti, O.; Marcovecchio, F.; Cosentino, B.; Marcone, J.; Carracino, M., 1998:
Subcutaneous and intravaginal vaccination against tritrichomoniasis in heifers

Hagenah, W.; Doerges, I.; Gafumbegete, E.; Wagner, T., 1998:
Subcutaneous appearance of a centrocytic non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the site of injection of a mistletoe preparation

Theriez, M.; Aurousseau, B.; Prache, S.; Mendizabal, J., 1997:
Subcutaneous fat discoloration in lambs

Guarro, J.; Svidzinski, T.E.; Zaror, L.; Forjaz, M.H.; Gené, J.; Fischman, O., 1998:
Subcutaneous hyalohyphomycosis caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Voucharas, C.; Papaioannidis, D.; Papamichael, K., 1998:
Subcutaneous mass of the right thigh

Clancy, C.J.; Nguyen, M.H., 1997:
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis

Matsui, T.; Nishimoto, K.; Udagawa, S.; Ishihara, H.; Ono, T., 1999:
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Phaeoacremonium rubrigenum in an immunosuppressed patient

Padhye, A.A.; Dunkel, J.D.; Winn, R.M.; Weber, S.; Ewing, E.P.J.; Hoog, G.S. de, 1999:
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by an undescribed Cladophialophora species

Bellman, B.; Brandt, F.S.; Poulos, E.G., 1998:
Subcutaneous pheohyphomycotic cyst from a traumatic injury: reactivation after thirty-five years

Severo, L.C.; Oliveira,; Londero, A.T., 1997:
Subcutaneous scedosporiosis. Report of two cases and review of the literature

Dickens, J.A.; Buhr, R.J.; Cason, J.A., 1999:
Subcutaneous temperature profile, skin appearance, and picking efficiency of immersion and spray scalded broiler carcasses

Fonseca, A. de P.M. da; Fonseca, W.S.M. da; Araujo, R. da C.; Leal, M.J.S.; Rocha, M.P.S.A., 1998:
Subcutaneous zygomycosis caused by Basidiobolus haptosporus

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