Study on the measurement of wood properties for excellent clones (new varieties) of Populus tomentosa

Gu WanChun; Gui Fu; Yu ZhiMin; Mu LuQin; Sun CuiLing; Tian QiFan

Forest Research 11(2): 186-191


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-1498
Accession: 003287465

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Thirteen-yr-old poplar (Populus tomentosa) clonal stands at 3 sites in Beijing, Hebei and Henan, China, were investigated for their growth characteristics. Twelve clones (10 and 2 controls) from test stands from Daxing, Beijing, were tested for their wood properties, by sampling one tree from each of 3 replicates per clone. Significant variations between clones were found in fibre length, fibre width and length/width ratio: the fibre characteristics had a repeatability of 0.777, 0.537, 0.676, respectively. Overall wood density, spring wood density, autumn wood density varied significantly, having a repeatability of 0.536, 0.517, 0.429, respectively. Equations are given for the variation of fibre length with age (an exponential curve), and of overall wood density with age (a fluctuating relationship). Heritability was independent for fibre length and fibre width. Eight excellent clones were selected for Beijing, through economical weighting analysis and index selection for commercial properties such as volume increment, wood density, fibre length and stem straightness. The comprehensive breeding gain can be higher than 20%. Based on the wood properties and growth characteristics of the Beijing stands, excellent clones from the 2 sites in Hebei and Henan are chosen.