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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3291

Chapter 3291 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Beugnet, F.; Edderai, D., 1998:
Survey of digestive and blood helminths of dogs in Libreville, Gabon

Kumar, S.M.; Singh, H.S.; Sharma, D., 1999:
Survey of disease and pathogenic reaction of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Balaghat region of M.P., India

Poltronieri, L.S.; Albuquerque, F.C.; Trindade, D.R.; Poltronieri, M.C.; Rocha Neto, O.G., 1997:
Survey of diseases on long pepper (Piper hispidinervium) in the states of Acre and Para, Brazil

Moawad, H.; Ali, M.I.A.; E.S.idi, M.T.; Abu Shanab, R.A.I., 1997:
Survey of edible hypogeous ascomycotina of Egypt

Gaakeer, W.A., 1997:
Survey of electronic milk meters

Catelli, E.; Poglayen, G.; Terregino, C.; Orlando, C.; Tonelli, A.; Issa Gadale, O.; Roda, R.; Agnoletti, A., 1999:
Survey of endoparasites of the digestive tract of Columba livia (Gmelin, 1789) in Florence

Ramos Mariano, R.L. de; Fernandes de Lira, R.V.; Silveira, E.B. da; Menezes, M., 1997:
Survey of endophytic and epiphytic fungi from coconut leaves in the Northeast of Brasil. I. Frequency of fungal population and host effect

Ramos Mariano, R. de L.; Fernandes de Lira, R.V.; Silveira, E.B. da; Menezes, M., 1998:
Survey of endophytic and epiphytic fungi from coconut leaves in the northeast of Brazil. II. Effect of the locality on the fungal population

Yoshida, M.; Reid, A.P.; Briscoe, B.R.; Hominick, W.M., 1998:
Survey of entomopathogenic nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae) in Japan

Mracek, Z.; Becvar, S.; Kindlmann, P., 1999:
Survey of entomopathogenic nematodes from the families Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae (Nematoda: Rhabditida) in the Czech Republic

Hsu JihTay; Wang HanTsung; Jiang YanNian, 1998:
Survey of feces and urine excretion by goats

Chong, S.Y.; Chew Lim, M., 1994:
Survey of feline immunodeficiency virus antibodies in Singapore cats

Leng PeiEn; G.Y.Xiang; G.J.nMing et al., 1997:
Survey of flies on Shanghai environment garbage vessels

Leng PeiEn; Chen Jie; G.Y.Xiang et al., 1997:
Survey of fly population density, growth and decline on a Shanghai waste disposal site at Laogang

Janis, W.; Schnitzler, S., 1998:
Survey of fresh papaya exports

Hamdi, A.; Hassanein, A.M., 1996:
Survey of fungal diseases of lentil in North Egypt

Moretto, K.C.K.; Barreto, M.; Inoue, R.Y., 1997:
Survey of fungi associated with some vegetable seeds

Caracappa, S.; Caramazza, C.D.; Cassata, G.; Dara, S.; Randazzo, A.; Torina, A., 1996:
Survey of gastrointestinal nematodes of ruminants in Sicily

Hussendorfer, E., 1998:
Survey of genetic variation in the Schwarzahalden forest reserve. Conclusions for the preservation of genetic resources of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.)

Hummer, K.; Postman, J.; Carter, J.G.rdon, S., 1999:
Survey of gooseberry mite infestation in Ribes L

Suryanarayanan, T.S.; Rajagopal, K.; Devarajan, P.T.; Ravindran, C., 1998:
Survey of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) germplasm of Indian origin for endophytic fungi

Clarke, R.C.; G.W.nFeng, 1998:
Survey of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) use by the Hmong (Miao) of the China/Vietnam border region

Steiner, H.; Mohamad, A., 1997:
Survey of hesperiids found on Calamus manan in a natural forest and three types of plantation

Sadek, I.A.; Ismail, H.M.; Sallam, H.N.; Salem, M., 1998:
Survey of hormonal levels in meat and poultry sold in Alexandria, Egypt

Ramseier, C.; Raggini, S.; Eymann, W., 1998:
Survey of human milk of the last 25 years at the Cantonal Laboratory Basel-Stadt: residues of organochlorine pesticides, PCBs and (new) nitromusk-compounds

X.L.ngQi; Jiang ZeXiao; Yao MinYi et al., 1997:
Survey of human parasite species in China

Hussein, M.H.; Shoreit, M.N., 1993:
Survey of hymenopterous insects pollinating some plant species in Assiut and New Valley governorates, Egypt

Van Eck, H.; Ham, C.; Van Wyk, G., 1997:
Survey of indigenous tree uses and preferences in the Eastern Cape Province

Loeffen, W.L.; Kamp, E.M.; Stockhofe-Zurwieden, N.; van Nieuwstadt, A.P.; Bongers, J.H.; Hunneman, W.A.; Elbers, A.R.; Baars, J.; Nell, T.; van Zijderveld, F.G., 1999:
Survey of infectious agents involved in acute respiratory disease in finishing pigs

Sedlacek, J.D.; Weston, P.A.; Price, B.D.; Rattlingourd, P.L., 1998:
Survey of insect pests in shelled corn stored on-farm in Kentucky

Praveen Patil; Patil, B.V.; Rahman, S.M.; Sreenivasa, A.G., 1998:
Survey of insect pests of ber in North Karnataka with special reference to management of fruit borer, Meridarchis scyrodes Meyrick

Perez Mendoza, J., 1999:
Survey of insecticide resistance in Mexican populations of maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Czapar, G.F.; Curry, M.P.; Lloyd, J.E., 1998:
Survey of integrated pest management training needs among retail store employees in Illinois

Misra, S.C.; Misra, G.P.; Panda, D.N., 1997:
Survey of intestinal helminths in slaughtered buffaloes in Orissa

Itoh, N.; Itoh, S., 1998:
Survey of intestinal nematodes in young dogs

Svirskiene, A.; Tarvidas, J., 1995:
Survey of investigations of the biological activity of neutral loamy soil in cultivated pastures

Amrita Khatri; Sharma, P.N., 1997:
Survey of larval digeneans from snails of fresh water lake of Kailashpuri, Udaipur

Francois, S.; Pereyra, N.; Comba, E.; Fain Binda, J.C.; Anthony, L., 1999:
Survey of leptospirosis in pigs in the south of Santa Fe and southeast of Cordoba province

Belsky, A.J.; Matzke, A.; Uselman, S., 1999:
Survey of livestock influences on stream and riparian ecosystems in the western United States

Bayaa, B.; Kumari, S.G.; Akkaya, A.; Erskine, W.; Makkouk, K.M.; Turk, Z.O.; Zberk, I., 1998:
Survey of major biotic stresses of lentil in South-East Anatolia, Turkey

A.K.uthayri, G.R.; Hassan, A.A., 1998:
Survey of major weeds in Hadramout Valley, Yemen

Windelspecht, M.; Richmond, R.C.; Cochrane, B.J., 1998:
Survey of malathion resistance and avermectin susceptibility in field populations of Drosophila melanogaster (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and D. simulans

Maqbool, M.A.; Nasira, K., 1998:
Survey of marine nematodes of Arabian sea from selected coastal areas of Pakistan

Ceballo, F.A.; Papacek, D.; Walter, G.H., 1998:
Survey of mealybugs and their parasitoids in south-east Queensland citrus

Molleken, H.; Theimer, R.R., 1997:
Survey of minor fatty acids in Cannabis sativa L. fruits of various origins

Raji, M.A.; George, B.D.; Oladele, S.B., 1997:
Survey of mite species causing mange in rabbits in Zaria environs

Cheng YouZhu; X.G.uFang; Guo ZhongFu; Feng ZhenHai; X.X.anRang; Zhen GouBing; Zheng HaiYoug; Fang YanYan; Lin JinXiang, 1997 :
Survey of mixed infections of Echinochasmus fujianensis and four other species of fish-borne trematodes

Toure, I.; Forgiarini, G.; Poissonet, J.; Toutain, B.; Dulieu, D., 1999:
Survey of native pastures in eastern Chad

Mesquita, S.A.J.; Jardim, M.A.G., 1996:
Survey of native populations of acaizeiro (Euterpe oleracea) in a communities in the river Marajoi area, municipality of Gurupa (PA)

Nandakumar, C.; Pramod, M.S., 1998:
Survey of natural enemies in a rice ecosystem

Charoenchai, A.; Pholpark, M.; Tesana, S., 1997:
Survey of natural infection of trematode larvae in Lymnaea (Radix) auricularia rubiginosa (Michelin, 1831) in water reservoirs in Amphoe Muang, Khon Kaen Province

Yasuda, N.; Ishigami, N.; Miyoshi, N.; Shimizu, T., 1998:
Survey of nematodes of Tokara ponies in Nakanoshima island of Kagoshima

Gelmetti, D.; Gibelli, L.; Matteucci, F.; Vecchi, G.; Cammarata, G., 1998:
Survey of neurological disorders in sheep in Emilia Romagna

Seok, W.S., 1999:
Survey of non-selective foliar-applied herbicides and noxious upland weeds in Niigata prefecture - questionnaire method

Sørensen, F.; Petersen, J.V., 1999:
Survey of numbers and types of lesions detectable in pig heads and the implications for human and animal health

Temple, Nj, 1999:
Survey of nutrition knowledge of Canadian physicians

Pourova, M.; Markova, S., 1998:
Survey of opinions of Czech food business managers on EU integration

Pourova, M.; Markova, S., 1999:
Survey of opinions of Czech food businesses managers on EU integration

Otis, G.W., 1997:
Survey of overwintering success and practices in Ontario, 1996-97

Anonymous, 1997:
Survey of papers from the 1997 Luhacovice sugar industry conference

Anonymous, 1998:
Survey of papers from the Luhacovice 1998 sugar conference

Ahmad, M.E.; Rajendra Singh, 1995:
Survey of parasitoids of aphids in northeastern Uttar Pradesh for possible use in biological control

Morishita, T.Y.; Aye, P.P.; Ley, E.C.; Harr, B.S., 1999:
Survey of pathogens and blood parasites in free-living passerines

Anonymous, 1997:
Survey of pentachlorophenol in paper and board packaging used for retail foods

O.Y.ng, W.; Wu, W.S., 1998:
Survey of periwinkle diseases in Taiwan

Kobayashi, M.; Nagayama, T.; Hashimoto, T.; Haneishi, N.; Ito, M.; Tamura, Y.; Tomomatsu, T., 1998:
Survey of pesticide residues in vegetable products collected from 1994 to 1997

Silva, C.A.D. da; Bezerra, J.R.C., 1997:
Survey of pests and their natural enemies on groundnut crop in the North of Bahia

Datta, S.K.; Singh, M.S., 1999:
Survey of phenolic compounds in leaves of garden roses: miniature cultivars

Kerni, P.N.; Anil Gupta, 1997:
Survey of physiological disorders vis-a-vis abiotic factors in white button mushroom in Jammu (J&K)

Rodriguez, H., 1999:
Survey of phytoseiid mites associated with species of the Thysanoptera order

E.S.erif, S.I.; Tadros, A.W.; Fattuoh, A.A., 1999:
Survey of pome-fruit trees insect pests in Egypt

Weber, A.; Maixner, M., 1998:
Survey of populations of the planthopper Hyalesthes obsoletus Sign. (Auchenorrhyncha, Cixiidae) for infection with the phytoplasma causing grapevine yellows in Germany

Jørgensen, K., 1998:
Survey of pork, poultry, coffee, beer and pulses for ochratoxin A

Caldiz, D.O.; Struik, P.C., 1999:
Survey of potato production and possible yield constraints in Argentina

E.Banhawy, E.M., 1997:
Survey of predacious mites on citrus in South Africa. Specific diversity, geographic distribution and the abundance of predacious mites

Robertson, I.D., 1998:
Survey of predation by domestic cats

Gabriel, E., 1997:
Survey of protected crops in Mendoza and San Juan, Argentina

Hunter, A., 1997:
Survey of pulse quality attributes sought by users and consumers

Vassal, J.M.; Martin, T.; Vaissayre, M., 1997:
Survey of pyrethroid susceptibility of lepidopteran cotton pests in sub-Saharan Africa

Reginato, G.; Gonzalez, R., 1998:
Survey of rates and timing of NAA sprays as fruit thinner in three pear varieties in Chile

Findova, I.; Horcin, V., 1999:
Survey of relationships between sensory and measurable traits in apples

Holm, A., 1999:
Survey of reported adverse effects of drugs

Oka, H.; Ito, Y.; Ikai, Y.; Kato, K.; Shimizu, M.; Kagami, T.; Hayakawa, J.; Arai, M.; Nojiri, T.; Miura, Y.; Saito, F.; Ohmi, S.; Kaneko, T.; Sugiyama, H.; Shibata, S., 1998:
Survey of residual tetracyclines in tissues collected from slaughtered animals in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, 1985-1996

Reulet, P.; Coubard, C., 1998:
Survey of residues on plums and prunes 1995-1996

Fryauff, D.; Soekartono ; Tuti, S.; Leksana, B.; Suradi ; Tandayu, S.; Baird, J.K., 1998:
Survey of resistance in vivo to chloroquine of Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Mongelard, P., 1999:
Survey of retail paper and board food packaging materials for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Jia YanKu; Gao YongRong; Chen ChanGan et al., 1999:
Survey of rodent species and their zoogeographical distributions in Beijing area

Feng ZhenMin; Wang XiaoHua, 1996:
Survey of rural households - energy consumption in Yangzhong county of Jiangsu province

Kent, M.L.; Traxler, G.S.; Kieser, D.; Richard, J.; Dawe, S.C.; Shaw, R.W.; Prosperi Porta, G.; Ketcheson, J.; Evelyn, T.P.T., 1998:
Survey of salmonid pathogens in ocean-caught fishes in British Columbia, Canada

Ghisalberti, E.L.; Pennacchio, M.; Alexander, E., 1998:
Survey of secondary plant metabolites with cardiovascular activity

Specht, C.E.; Keller, E.R.J.; Freytag, U.; Hammer, K.; Borner, A., 1997:
Survey of seed germinability after long-term storage in the Gatersleben genebank

Specht, C.E.; Freytag, U.; Hammer, K.; Borner, A., 1998:
Survey of seed germinability after long-term storage in the Gatersleben genebank (part 2)

Mao DaJun; S.H.ngCan; H.W.iHong; Zheng BaoShan, 1996:
Survey of selenium poisoning in pigs caused by soot contamination of soil

Herrera, G.; Sepulveda, P.; Madariaga, M., 1998:
Survey of sharka disease (plum pox virus) on stone fruit trees in Chile

Sasaki, M.; Itoh, T.; Sugawara, H.; Niitsuma, S.; Shinsenji, A., 1996:
Survey of soil pH and exchangeable calcium distribution in root- collecting area of Hokkaido Sugar Company

Gregory, N.G.; Devine, C.D., 1999:
Survey of sow accommodation systems used in New Zealand

Manglekar, R.K.; Raut, J.G., 1997:
Survey of soybean diseases in Vidarbha and influence of few diseases on plant and yield parameters

Albracht, R.; Opitz von Boberfeld, W., 1999:
Survey of species on golf courses and meadows

Ehrendorfer, S., 1998:
Survey of sport injuries in physical education students participating in 13 sports

Stoddard, Fl, 1999:
Survey of starch particle-size distribution in wheat and related species

Furlanetto, C.; Cafe Filho, A.C.; Tomita, C.K.; Cavalcanti, M.H., 1996:
Survey of strawberry diseases and production aspects in the Federal District

Aly Khan; Shaukat, S.S., 1999:
Survey of stylet bearing nematodes associated with rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Thatta district, Sindh, Pakistan

Uyttenhove, J.; Pommé, S.; Van Waeyenberge, B.; Hardeman, F.; Buysse, J.; Culot, J.P., 1997:
Survey of the 137Cs contamination in Belgium by in-situ gamma spectrometry, a decade after the Chernobyl accident

Grigoryev, S.V., 1998:
Survey of the VIR Cannabis collection I: resistance of accessions to corn stem borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hb.)

Felfili, J.M.; Silva Junior, M.C. da; Nogueira, P.E., 1998:
Survey of the arboreal vegetation in the region of Nova Xavantina, MT

Cruz de Boelpaepe, M.O.; Ferreira, M.O., 1998:
Survey of the brown citrus aphid, Toxoptera citricida, and other aphid vectors of citrus tristeza virus in continental Portugal

Han Qian; Liu Qun; Zhang RongChun, 1999:
Survey of the coccidiostat resistance of Eimeria isolates from Zhucheng, Shandong province in China

Steffek, R.; Spornberger, A.; Polesny, F., 1996:
Survey of the current problems in organic fruit growing in Austria and requirements for future research

Alegbejo, M.D., 1997:
Survey of the effect of intercropping of groundnut with cereals on the incidence of groundnut rosette virus disease in northern Nigeria

Zarnovican, R.; Laberge, C., 1994:
Survey of the effects of forest drainage operations: (3). Climate and volume increment of black spruce and tamarack at Saint-Anaclet

Marinoni, R.C.; Dutra, R.R.C.; Casagrande, M.M., 1997:
Survey of the entomological fauna in Parana State. III. Saturniidae (Lepidoptera)

Hsiao WenFeng; All, J.N., 1998:
Survey of the entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae: (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) natural populations and its dispersal in the field

Meggaro, Y.; Vila, M.; Weber, E., 1998:
Survey of the exotic flora of North Africa

Hammond, E.G.; Duvick, D.; Wang Tong; Dodo, H.; Pittman, R.N., 1997:
Survey of the fatty acid composition of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) germplasm and characterization of their epoxy and eicosenoic acids

Rocha, Y.T.; Matthes, L.A.F.; Rodrigues, R.R., 1995:
Survey of the flora of remnant swamp vegetation with a view to its utilization in a landscaping project

Blanchet, P.; H.M.nhTrung; Bourdeaut, J., 1997:
Survey of the genetic resources of rosaceous fruit trees in Vietnam. I. Pear trees

Olatinwo, R.O.; Deadman, M.L.; Cardwell, K.F.; Julian, A.M., 1999:
Survey of the incidence and the severity of Stenocarpella macrospora (Earle) leaf blight of maize in the mid-altitude zone of Nigeria

Gonzalez Hernandez, H.; Reimer, N.J.; Johnson, M.W., 1999:
Survey of the natural enemies of Dysmicoccus mealybugs on pineapple in Hawaii

Galvano, F.; Galofaro, V.; de Angelis, A.; Galvano, M.; Bognanno, M.; Galvano, G., 1998:
Survey of the occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in dairy products marketed in Italy

Agrimi, U.; Destrero, G.; Dell' Omo, G.; Guardo, G. di; Macchioni, G., 1996:
Survey of the presence of Mallophaga in raptors of the Latium region (central Italy)

Guzina, V.; Tomovic, Z.; Orlovic, S., 1991:
Survey of the results of testing of black poplar clones (section Aigeiros) in the region of Vojvodina

Demmig Adams, Barbara, 1998:
Survey of thermal energy dissipation and pigment composition in sun and shade leaves

Franco, S.; Beignet, P.; Rat Morris, E.; Thibout, E., 1998:
Survey of thrips on cultivated and wild Allium in France

Inokuma, H.; Yamamoto, S.; Morita, C., 1998:
Survey of tick-borne diseases in dogs infested with Rhipicephalus sanguineus at a kennel in Okayama Prefecture, Japan

dos Santos, C.C.; Anvar, A.; Keystone, J.S.; Kain, K.C., 1999:
Survey of use of malaria prevention measures by Canadians visiting India

Barbosa, Cristiane, J., 1997:
Survey of vegetable viruses in the North of Parana

Miller, R.L.; Jackson, L.E., 1998:
Survey of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in lettuce production in relation to management and soil factors

Lin ChengJung; Wang DarHsiung; J.R.ngSan, 1999:
Survey of visitor information in the Shanping Forest Ecological Scientific Garden

Carmona, M.; Pioli, R.; Reis, E.M., 1999:
Survey of weed plant hosts of pathogenic necrotrophic fungi that cause diseases on wheat and barley in the Argentine Pampas region

Zaki, M.A., 1998:
Survey of weed species in fruit orchards in Giza, Egypt

Kumari Kamna; Pandey, M.K., 1999:
Survey of weeds of wheat (Rabi) of Rohtas district (Bihar) during 1996-97

Day, K.R.; Crisosto, G.M.; Crisosto, C.H.; Watkins, M., 1997:
Survey of white flesh nectarines and peaches

Ovruski de Martinez, N.E., 1996:
Survey of winged bugs in potato fields in Las Estancias, Province of Catamarca

Baggio, A.J.; Carpanezzi, A.A.; Carvalho, P.E.R.; Soares, A.O., 1995:
Survey of woody plants in the understorey of the traditional bracatinga system

Sun Jun; Zhang JinBao; Shi JianFeng, 1999:
Survey on Ixodoidea and Lyme disease spirochetes from Ixodes in Jiangsu Province

Tang LuFa, 1998:
Survey on Monochamus alternatus injury and its distribution pattern in Qiandao Lake area

Veress, Z.; Lazar, L., 1997:
Survey on character types involved in DUS testing using the distinctness percentage method and DUS data on maize (Zea mays L.)

Freyer, B., 1998:
Survey on environmentally friendly agriculture in the Basle cantons

Kim ByungSun; Hwang YongKyu; Kwon CheolJai; Lim YoungJae, 1998:
Survey on incidence of exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) of Thoroughbred racehorses in Seoul Racecourse

Anonymous, 1999:
Survey on land and livestock holdings, 1991-92 - a brief review

Cho KwangHyun; Choi JungSoo; Kim BongHwan, 1999:
Survey on mycoplasmal pneumonia in pigs from Youngnam area and antimicrobial susceptibility of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolated from slaughter pigs

Cheng YouZhu; X.G.oFang; Guo ZhongFu, 1998:
Survey on natural infection of cercariae in snail host and experimental infection of Haplorchis pumilio

Itoh, N.; Itoh, S., 1999:
Survey on nematode infection of the digestive tract of adult dogs from Hachinohe area, Aomori Prefecture

Khan, M.R.; Khan, E., 1999:
Survey on occurrence and predominance of Tylenchorhynchus species at IARI farm, New Delhi

Bandino, G.; Moro, C.; Mulas, M.; Sedda, P., 1999:
Survey on olive genetic resources of Sardinia

Yang LiTian; Sun LiMing, 1998:
Survey on one hundred farmer households in Jilin food grain producing areas

Chandrasekaran, S.; Regupathy, A., 1998:
Survey on pesticide storage pattern in the retail outlets and status of occupant health in Tamil Nadu

Demeyere, A.; Flusu, F.; Lamont, R., 1997:
Survey on pesticide use in apples and pears

Ichijo, T.; Watanabe, A.; Oishi, T.; Yashima, T.; Hayashi, S., 1999:
Survey on prevalence and prevention of diseases in Japanese Black beef cattle

Rao, V.K.; Krishnappa, K., 1996:
Survey on prevalence of Meloidogyne - Fusarium wilt disease complex of chickpea in Karnataka

Thilakan, N.J.ya; Sathianesan, V., 1997:
Survey on prevalence of nematode parasites of domestic ruminants by coprological examination

Futaguchi, T.; Nakayama, S.; Izumi, Y., 1997:
Survey on soil pH distribution and growth inhibition of sugarbeet in low pH fields in the territory of the Hokuren Nakashari Sugarbeet Factory

Kong JiAn; Zhao BaiGe; Wang WenXi, 1998:
Survey on the antifungal mechanism of Bacillus subtilis Cohen to Fusarium oxysporum under the microscope

Lee, J.S.k; Kim, J.H.; Kim, B.Y.ung; Jung, G.B.k; Jung, Y.K.un, 1998:
Survey on the chemical composition of precipitation in rural area

Zhou ZongAn; Wang YongShan; Deng XiaoZhao; Diao ZhenYu; Gao Jian; Shi ZhengLiang; Luo HanLu; Fang Yuan, 1998:
Survey on the ecology and epidemiology of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV)

Choudhary, P.L.; Sharma, R.S.; Borkhatriya, V.N.; Murthi, T.N.; Wadodkar, U.R., 1997:
Survey on the levels of aflatoxin M1 in raw and market milk in and around Anand town

Kim InSoo; Hong KiJeong; Han ManJong; Lee MoonHong, 1997:
Survey on the occurrence of quarantine pests for export in major non-astringent persimmon (Diospyros kaki; Thunb.) production areas in Korea

Rao, V.V.R.; Reddy, M.S.; Shantaram, M.V.; Rao, K.C., 1997:
Survey on the occurrence of seedling diseases of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

N.S.ungYong; Cho MyoungRae; Kim DongSoon; Park KwonWoo; Woo ChongKyu; Kim KiTaek, 1998:
Survey on the pests of stored garlic

Alam, M.S.; Mondal, G.; Ray, B.; Shamsuzzaman, A.M.M.; Mahmud, R.I., 1997:
Survey on the study of crop-field weeds as medicinal plants

Han LuJia; Liu XiangYang; L.D.o E.; Yan QiaoJuan; Guo PeiYu, 1997:
Survey on the utilization of straw resources as feed

Sarataphan, N.; Boonchit, S.; Tuntasuvan, D.; Ito, Y., 1998:
Survey on ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) of cattle and buffalo in Thailand

Jee, H.J.n; Kim, W.G.u; Cho, W.D.e, 1998:
Survey on tomato root rot caused by Phytophthora species and identification of the causal fungus

Truyen, U.; Muller, T.; Heidrich, R.; Tackmann, K.; Carmichael, L.E., 1998:
Survey on viral pathogens in wild red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in Germany with emphasis on parvoviruses and analysis of a DNA sequence from a red fox parvovirus

Kang ByeungHoa; Shim SangIn; Lee SangGak; Park SooHyun, 1997:
Survey on wild edible plant resources in Korea and their germination characteristics

Stanton, J.; Fanton, J.; Broadley, R., 1998:
Survey provides food for serious thought on nematode problems

Guo YuJie; Hogsette, J.A.; Greene, G.L.; Jones, C.J., 1997:
Survey report on pupal parasites of filth flies in livestock and poultry facilities in China

Murugesan, S.; Sundararaj, R.; Shivesh Kumar, 1998:
Survey, evaluation and attraction of Trichogramma, an egg parasitoid of Lepidoptera of forestry tree species

Ehlert, D., 1999:
Surveying biomass in plant populations

Shahinfar, R.; Sadrolashrafi, M., 1996:
Surveying the productional effect of agricultural banks credit in Khorasan Province

Kim YongGeun; Yoo KiJoon, 1999:
Surveying visitors' behavior in Hallyo-Haesang National Park

Suolangcidan ; Qiong Da, 1998:
Surveys and control of Babesia bigemina in cattle in Xietongmen County, Tibet

Luo JianXun; Yin Hong; L.W.nShen; L.W.nXiang; Zhang QiCai; Dou HuiFang; Liu QuanYuan; D.Z.iMing, 1997:
Surveys and distribution features of sheep theileriasis in Gansu

Hogue, A.T.; Ebel, E.D.; Thomas, L.A.n; Schlosser, W.; Bufano, N.; Ferris, K., 1997:
Surveys of Salmonella enteritidis in unpasteurized liquid egg and spent hens at slaughter

Fischer, K.; Hoffmann, B.; Bockisch, F.J.; Failing, K.; Baljer, G., 1998:
Surveys of fertility status of dairy cows. 1. Univariate analysis of results and classification of observations

Splett, P.; Winkler, B.; Wolff, B.; Riek, W.; Buttner, G.; Wilpert, K. von; Buberl, H.G.; Haussmann, T.; Gulder, H.J., 1998:
Surveys of forest soil condition

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Survival of seed-borne inoculum of Bipolaris oryzae, the causal agent of brown spot disease of rice

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Survival of slash pine having fusiform rust disease varies with year of first stem infection and severity

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Survival of softrot bacteria during the storage of witloof chicory roots

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Survival of the fittest

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Survival rates of major genes in selection programmes

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Survival, development and fecundity in Euseius finlandicus, Typhlodromus pyri and Kampimodromus aberrans (Acari, Phytoseiidae) feeding on the San Jose scale Quadraspidiotus perniciosus (Coccina, Diaspididae)

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Survival, growth and sex ratios of gynogenetic diploid honmoroko

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Survival, persistence, and regeneration of the reindeer lichens, Cladina stellaris, C. rangiferina, and C. mitis following clearcut logging and forest fire in northwestern Ontario

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Surviving leisure time racism: the burden of racial harassment on Britain's black footballers

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Survivorship of foraging honey bees

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Survivorship of gamma-irradiated adults of the sweet potato weevils, Cylas formicarius (Fabricius), and detection rate of fluorescent-dye mark attached on, in field cages

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Sus scrofa domestica endoparasitic resistance in the Amazonas

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Susceptibility and predictability of conditions for preferential flow

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Susceptibility in utero and upon neonatal exposure

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Susceptibility level of few plants on basis of air pollution tolerance index

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Susceptibility management of Lygus in the west

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Susceptibility management of tarnished plant bug in the south

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Susceptibility of Biomphalaria glabrata to infection with Echinostoma paraensei: correlation with the effect of parasite secretory-excretory products on host hemocyte spreading

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Susceptibility of CAM Dendrobium leaves and flowers to high light and high temperature under natural tropical conditions

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Susceptibility of Chinese and Cuban rice cultivars to blast, sheath blight, and bacterial blight

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Susceptibility of Xenopsylla cheopis to insecticides in urban areas in Madagascar

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Susceptibility of a cyst and a root-knot nematode to three nematode-trapping fungi

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Susceptibility of antibiotic-resistant and antibiotic-sensitive foodborne pathogens to acid anionic sanitizers

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Susceptibility of apricot cultivars to plum pox virus

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Susceptibility of bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) to experimentally-induced Fascioloides magna infections

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Susceptibility of bovine naked 2- and 4-cell embryos and hatched blastocysts produced in vitro to infection with noncytopathogenic bovine viral diarrhea virus

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Susceptibility of clones of sweet potato to soil insects

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Susceptibility of different cane varieties to stalk borer (Chilo auricilius Dudgeon)

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Susceptibility of different genotypes of soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) to root diseases, and factors determining their resistance

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Susceptibility of different species of vegetables to heavy metal pollution

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Susceptibility of dung beetle Onthophagus gazella (F.) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) to pesticides and herbicide in the nest phase

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Susceptibility of dyskinetoplastic Trypanosoma evansi and T. equiperdum to isometamidium chloride

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Susceptibility of grapevine to Plasmopara viticola (Berk. & Curt.) Berl. & de Toni

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Susceptibility of immature stages of the urban mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus Say to lamda cyhalothrin and carbofuran

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Susceptibility of imported cabbage worm feeding on various vegetables to RH-5849

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Susceptibility of kochia (Kochia scoparia s. 1.) to some herbicides

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Susceptibility of laboratory-selected and field strains of the Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae) to ivermectin

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Susceptibility of larval stages of the aphid parasitoid aphidius nigripes to the entomopathogenic fungus verticillium lecanii

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Susceptibility of maize inbred lines to atrazine and alachlor

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Susceptibility of male codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) to azinphosmethyl in Missouri

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Susceptibility of microorganisms isolated from poultry to Enroxil (KRKA)

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Susceptibility of microorganisms recovered from dead mink kits (Mustela vison) to fourteen antimicrobial agents

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