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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3293

Chapter 3293 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harmeyer, S.; Pfaff, E.; Groschup, M.H., 1998:
Synthetic peptide vaccines yield monoclonal antibodies to cellular and pathological prion proteins of ruminants

Crescenzi, A.; D.A.uino, L.; Nuzzaci, M.; Comes, S.; Piazzolla, P.; Stradis, A. de; Ostuni, A.; Bavoso, A., 1998:
Synthetic peptides in diagnosis of plum pox potyvirus

Howie, S.E.; Cotton, G.J.; Heslop, I.; Martin, N.J.; Harrison, D.J.; Ramage, R., 1998:
Synthetic peptides representing discontinuous CD4 binding epitopes of HIV-1 gp120 that induce T cell apoptosis and block cell death induced by gp120

Chloupek, O., 1997:
Synthetic populations - hybrid breeding of plants for which no controlled crossing is known so far

Sekhar, R.P.; Rao, V.M.; Rao, B.R.; Venkataiah, M., 1996:
Synthetic pyrethroid resistance in Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) populations collected from groundnut

Jaarsveld, M.J. van; Basson, N.C.J.; Marais, P., 1998:
Synthetic pyrethroid resistance in field strains of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in South Africa

Johnson, P.W., 1996:
Synthetic pyrethroid resistance in the sheep body louse (Bovicola ovis)

Du, J.L., 1996:
Synthetic study of a seed coating formulation for controlling soyabean seedling diseases and pests

Kubota, A.; Takeda, K., 1999:
Syntrophic relationship between sulfate reducers and methanogens isolated from paddy field soil

Yushchenkova, L.N., 1998:
Synusial structure of lower strata and young growth of nemoral spruce forests in the southern taiga

Dusha, I.O.ah, B.S.egletes, Z.E.dei, L.K.ndorosi, A., 1999:
SyrM is involved in the determination of the amount and ratio of the two forms of the acidic exopolysaccharide EPSI in Rhizobium meliloti

Hanin, M.; Jabbouri, S.; Broughton, W.J.; Fellay, R., 1998:
SyrM1 of Rhizobium sp. NGR234 activates transcription of symbiotic loci and controls the level of sulfated nod factors

Paone, D.; Des Jarlais, D.C.; Shi, Q., 1998:
Syringe exchange use and HIV risk reduction over time

Heimer, R.; Khoshnood, K.; Bigg, D.; Guydish, J.; Junge, B., 1995:
Syringe use and reuse: effects of syringe exchange programs in four cities

Tsurushima, T.; Ji, C.; Okinaka, Y.; Takeuchi, Y.; Sims, J.J.; Midland, S.L.; Yoshikawa, M.; Yamaoka, N.; Keen, N.T., 1998:
Syringolide derivatives for receptor studies

Fedoulov, Y.P., 1997:
System analysis of frost resistance in winter wheat and its use in breeding

Kawashima, H.; Okamoto, K.; Yokozawa, M.; Halablab, M.A.; Bazin, M.J., 1998:
System analysis of the food supply and demand in China in the 21st century

Kudrna, K.; Sindelarova, M., 1997 :
System analysis of the water balance in the Malse-river catchment area

Lin WenHao; Jiang Yong, 1998:
System dynamics simulation models for biological and pesticide control in the pest-natural enemy system

Reddy, K.R.; Adams, J.A., 1998:
System effects on benzene removal from saturated soils and ground water using air sparging

Radczuk, L.; Dubicki, A.; Olearczyk, D., 1998:
System for flood protection in Odra river basin - its efficiency during the flood of 1997

Lutticken, R.E., 1999:
System for precise dosage and documentation of P, K and Mg application

Veina, V.E.; Asi, M.M., 1997:
System for removal of litter manure from cubicle-type cow barns

Shpaar, D.; Shpikher, I., 1998:
System for testing and registration of sugarbeet hybrids in Germany

Martin, D.M.; Peraza Gonzalez, L.H., 1997:
System for the analysis of plant chromosomes

Canas, J., 1997:
System for the automatic detection of forest fires

Aboujaoude, A.; Ussegliopolatera, J.M.; Vandevelde, T., 1997:
System for the management of agricultural pollution: Eurekaismap project

Puchin, E.A., 1998:
System for the technical servicing of tractors in current conditions

Walczak, F., 1998:
System for warning and control of leaf mining flies and leaf beetles on cereal crops

Lysenko, A.Y.; Lavdovskaya, M.V.; Basova, E.N.; Lozovaya, G.A.; Baleva, L.S.; Rybalkina, T.N., 1996:
System host-potentially pathogenic protozoa. Frequency of mixed infections (pneumocystosis and cytomegalovirus) in children residing in areas contaminated by radionuclides

Calzado-Flores, C.; Segura, J.J., 1998:
System of 14C-glucose incorporation in axenic cultures of Entamoeba invadens: IP-1 strain

Pindak, J., 1997:
System of a complex milk efficiency control in cows

Mikheev, E.K.; Shevtsov, I.K.; Tchernyi, S.G., 1997:
System of automated designing of soil-protecting technologies for the growth of agricultural cultures; Bai JingFeng; Lin BaiAn; Zhao XueZeng, 1998:
System of automatic grading of conifer seedlings by computer vision

Zahradnik, P.; Divis, K., 1998:
System of data collection of damaging agents in CR

Okruszko, H., 1998:
System of fen-peat soils description used in Poland

Simcak, P., 1997:
System of inside enterprise management in pig-breeding

Donika, I.N., 1997:
System of pruning fruiting cherry trees

Zubrik, M., 1998:
System of the forest injurious factors data management in the Slovak Republic

Lue Lei, 1998:
System proposal for promotion of colorful agriculture

Speta, F., 1998:
Systematic analysis of the genus Scilla L. s.l. (Hyacinthaceae)

Gurk, S.; Brunsch, R.; Kaufmann, O., 1997:
Systematic analysis of trace gases in dairy cow housing

Roman, T.; Tudose, M.; Negru, G., 1996:
Systematic and bio-ecological research on armyworms Helicoverpa spp. (ord. Lepidoptera, fam. Noctuidae) attacking vegetable crops

Pintureau, B., 1997:
Systematic and genetical problems revised in two closely related species of Trichogramma, T. embryophagum and T. cacoeciae (Hym., Trichogrammatidae)

Bagley, D.M., 1998:
Systematic approach for modeling tetrachloroethene biodegradation

Belajova, A., 1998:
Systematic approach in agrarian regional policy

Mhiri, A.; Hachicha, M.; Tarhouni, J., 1999:
Systematic approach to long-term salinisation risk

Belajova, A., 1997:
Systematic approaches in agrarian regional policy

Domingues, E.T.; Neto, A.T., 1999:
Systematic aspects of Citrus

Seeh, C.; Melle, T.; Medl, M.; Hospes, R., 1998:
Systematic categorization of milk flow hindrance in cattle by endoscopy, with special emphasis on covered teat lesions

Fang Jun, 1999:
Systematic changes in spatial structures of industries under a triplex economy

Juan, R.; Fernandez, I.; Pastor, J., 1997:
Systematic consideration of microcharacters of fruits and seeds in the genus Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae)

Fontana, J.L., 1998:
Systematic ecological analysis of the flora of southern Misiones (Argentina)

Debabrata Das; Ruma Hazra; Avik Dutta; Maji, U.K., 1999:
Systematic enumeration and taxonomic survey of host-plants of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. in Purulia district, West Bengal

Clay, D.E.; Carlson, C.G.; Chang, J.; Clay, S.A.; Malo, D.D.; Ellsbury, M.M.; Lee, J., 1999:
Systematic evaluation of precision farming soil sampling requirements

Pronichev, N.P.; Naumenko, G.V.; Smekalov, T.S., 1996:
Systematic evaluation of tethered housing for cattle

Wang FengLe; W.L.Ren; X.S.iChang; Yang JiaXiu; Liu ShuYing, 1996:
Systematic investigations on the breakdown of resistance in wheat cultivars of Mianyang derivatives to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis West.)

Boumahni, B.; Piyaraly, S.; Masson, D.; Djemili, S.; Edmar, A.; Randrianaly, E.; Mariette, J.B., 1998:
Systematic maternofetal Candida albicans infection

J.C.uanYi; Gong XiaoMing; D.N.anXing, 1999:
Systematic morphogenesis of the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus in infected cell cultures and tissues

Kistler, H.C.; Alabouvette, C.; Baayen, R.P.; Bentley, S.; Brayford, D.; Coddington, A.; Correll, J.; Daboussi, M.J.; Elias, K.; Fernandez, D.; Gordon, T.R.; Katan, T.; Kim, H.G.; Leslie, J.F.; Martyn, R.D.; Migheli, Q.; Moore, N.Y.; O'Donnell, K.; Ploetz, R.C.; Rutherford, M.A.; Summerell, B.; Waalwijk, C.; Woo, S., 2008:
Systematic Numbering of Vegetative Compatibility Groups in the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Fusarium oxysporum

Moller, S.H., 1997:
Systematic operation programmes for the improvement of mink management distributed on the WWW

Hollowell, Vicki C., 1997:
Systematic relationships of Pariana and associated neotropical taxa

Tang, J.L.; Armitage, J.M.; Lancaster, T.; Silagy, C.A.; Fowler, G.H.; Neil, H.A., 1998:
Systematic review of dietary intervention trials to lower blood total cholesterol in free-living subjects

Stephenson, J.M., 1998:
Systematic review of hormonal contraception and risk of HIV transmission: when to resist meta-analysis

Hastriter, M.W.; Tanskul, P.; Linthicum, K.J., 1998:
Systematic review of the genus Acropsylla Rothschild, 1911 (Siphonaptera: Leptopsyllidae), with notes on certain fleas from northern Thailand

Hart, R.; Bell-Syer, S.E.; Crawford, F.; Torgerson, D.J.; Young, P.; Russell, I., 1999:
Systematic review of topical treatments for fungal infections of the skin and nails of the feet

Willink, M.C.G. de, 1998:
Systematic revision of the 'Delta coccid'

Roman, T.; Tudose, M.; Bratu, E., 1996:
Systematic structure of pest complex of wild rose and rose crops

Jordaan, M.; Wyk, A.E. van, 1998:
Systematic studies in subfamily Celastroideae (Celastraceae) in southern Africa: Gloveria, a new monotypic genus

Hill, K.D.; Johnson, L.A.S., 1998:
Systematic studies in the eucalypts. 8. A review of the Eudesmioid eucalypts, Eucalyptus subgenus Eudesmia (Myrtaceae)

Johnson, L.A.S.; Hill, K.D., 1999:
Systematic studies in the eucalypts. 9. A review of series Sociales (Eucalyptus subgenus Symphyomyrtus, section Bisectaria, Myrtaceae)

Zou YuPing; Cai MeiLin; Wang ZiPing, 1999:
Systematic studies on Paeonia sect. Moutan DC. based on RAPD analysis

Zhou YongLi; L.G.uZhong; Liu WeiCheng; Bai JinKai, 1998:
Systematic studies on Sphaeropsidales by using PCR-RFLP and RAPD analysis

Liao XianChun; Zhang XinHua; Yang ZuDa; Peng AiGuo; Zhou Lin, 1998:
Systematic studies on site classification and evaluation of the protection forest in Yichang county

Kim, B.J.n; Kim,, 1997:
Systematic study of Korean Camponotus ants based on electrophoretic and morphological data

Bae YangSeop, 1997:
Systematic study of the genus Epinotia Hubner (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) from Korea

Zeng YaWen; Wang JianJun, 1998:
Systematic study on the cultivated barley in Yunnan Province

Ballard, J.B., 1999:
Systematic termite controlSM: a termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) IPM program for the pest control professional

Noshiro, S.; Baas, P., 1998:
Systematic wood anatomy of Cornaceae and allies

Jansen, S.; Block, P. de; Beeckman, H.; Smets, E., 1999:
Systematic wood anatomy of the Pavetteae (Rubiaceae, Ixoroideae)

Arsenieva, T.V., 1998:
Systematic wood and bark anatomy of Taxodiaceae

Zhu ZhongHua; Duan LiuSheng; Feng XueMei; Han BiWen; H.Z.ongPei, 1998:
Systematical analysis of hormones regulation on wheat leaves senescence

Ruvinsky, A.; Rothschild, M.F., 1998:
Systematics and evolution of the pig

Rehfeldt, G.E., 1999:
Systematics and genetic structure of Ponderosae taxa (Pinaceae) inhabiting the mountain islands of the Southwest

Joachimiak, A.; Kula, A., 1997:
Systematics and karyology of the section Phleum in the genus Phleum

Lenstra, J.A.; Bradley, D.G., 1999:
Systematics and phylogeny of cattle

Conn, J.E., 1998:
Systematics and population level analysis of Anopheles darlingi

Rudall, P.J.; Furness, C.A., 1997:
Systematics of Acorus: ovule and anther

Meerow, A.; Fay, M.; Guy, C.; Li, Q.; Zaman, F.; Chase, M., 1999:
Systematics of Amaryllidaceae based on cladistic analysis of plastid rbcL and trnL-F sequence data

Zitani, N.M.; Shaw, S.R.; Janzen, D.H., 1998:
Systematics of Costa Rican Meteorus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Meteorinae) species lacking a dorsope

Hodkinson, T.R.; Renvoize, S.A.; Chase, M.W., 1997:
Systematics of Miscanthus

Landry, B.; Powell, J.A.; Sperling, F.A.H., 1999:
Systematics of the Argyrotaenia franciscana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) species group: evidence from mitochondrial DNA

Dolejsky, V., 1996:
Systematics of the genus Quercus L. with special reference to local species

Justine, J.L., 1998:
Systematics of the higher groups of parasitic platyhelminthes: what's new?

Choi SeiWoong; Kim SungSoo; Shin YooHang, 1998:
Systematics of the tribe Abraxini (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae) in South Korea

Anonymous, 1998:
Systematics, biology and ecology of Italian deciduous oak species

Grandcolas, P., 1999:
Systematics, endosymbiosis, and biogeography of Cryptocercus clevelandi and C. punctulatus (Blattaria: Polyphagidae) from North America: a phylogenetic perspective

Fatel, K.; Mynett, K.; Szlachetka, W., 1998:
Systematics, morphology, growth and development of tulip (Tulipa gesneriana L.)

Papendick, R.E.; Munson, L.; O'Brien, T.D.; Johnson, K.H., 1997:
Systemic AA amyloidosis in captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)

Sander, A.; Beyer, U.; Amberg, R., 1998:
Systemic Fusarium oxysporum infection in an immunocompetent patient with an adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and extracorporal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

Fodor, J.; Jozsa, A.; Kiraly, Z., 1998:
Systemic acquired disease resistance in plants

Anfoka, G.; Buchenauer, H., 1997:
Systemic acquired resistance in tomato against Phytophthora infestans by pre-inoculation with tobacco necrosis virus

Barna, B.; Abdou, S.F.; Manninger, K.; Kiraly, Z., 1998:
Systemic acquired resistance in wheat against stem and leaf rusts

Hond, F. den, 1998:
Systemic acquired resistance: a case of innovation in crop protection

Thulke, O.U.; Katz, V.A.; Conrath, U., 1999:
Systemic acquired resistance: a game with more than just the pathogenesis-related protein players

Mishra, S.K.; Raja, R., 1999:
Systemic acquired resistance: a review

Stubler, D.; Reckmann, U.; Noga, G., 1999:
Systemic action of iprovalicarb (SZX 0722) in grapevines

Schlosser, E., 1997:
Systemic activated resistance - a new dimension in plant protection

Premkumar, R.; Baby, U.I.; Mouli, B.C., 1998:
Systemic activity and field performance of triazole fungicides against blister blight pathogen of tea

Cornish, J.; Callon, K.E.; King, A.R.; Cooper, G.J.; Reid, I.R., 1998:
Systemic administration of amylin increases bone mass, linear growth, and adiposity in adult male mice

Nakamura, K.; Tanaka, H.; Kodama, Y.; Kubo, M.; Shibahara, T., 1998:
Systemic amyloidosis in laying Japanese quail

Frank, M., 1997:
Systemic and CNS toxicities of antimicrobial agents

Moore, R.M.; Muir, W.W.; Rush, B.R., 1998:
Systemic and colonic venous plasma biochemical alterations in horses during low-flow ischemia and reperfusion of the large colon

Buss, M.S.; Henry, C.J.; Tyler, J.W.; Tobias, K.S.; Daoud, S.; Hoopes, J.; Moore, M.P., 1999:
Systemic and tissue chamber fluid platinum concentrations released from cis-diamminedichloroplatinum II-impregnated polymethylmethacrylate in healthy dogs

Albengres, E.; L.L.uët, H.; Tillement, J.P., 1998:
Systemic antifungal agents. Drug interactions of clinical significance

Marwaha, R.K.; Akhil Maheshwari, 1999:
Systemic antifungal therapy in pediatric practice

Mori, T.; Matsumura, M.; Yamada, K.; Irie, S.; Oshimi, K.; Suda, K.; Oguri, T.; Ichinoe, M., 1998:
Systemic aspergillosis caused by an aflatoxin-producing strain of Aspergillus flavus

Erhard, M.H.; Gobel, E.; Lewan, B.; Losch, U.; Stangassinger, M., 1997:
Systemic availability of bovine immunoglobulin G and chicken immunoglobulin Y after feeding colostrum and egg powder to newborn calves

Boudera, M.A.; Dlimi, A.; Youssouf, M.; Bouaggad, A.; Barrou, H.; Abassi, O.; Guessous, N., 1999:
Systemic candidiasis in intensive care unit: what incidence?

Kim, J.H.on; Sohn, H.J.o; Jean, Y.H.a; Hwang, E.K.ung, 1998:
Systemic candidiasis in two dogs

Carrasco, L.; Gomez Villamandos, J.C.; Jensen, H.E., 1998:
Systemic candidosis and concomitant aspergillosis and zygomycosis in 2 Amazon parakeets (Amazona aestiva)

Spiess, B.M.; Nyikos, S.; Stummer, E.; Sahin, A.; Naegeli, H., 1999:
Systemic dexamethasone concentration in horses after continued topical treatment with an ophthalmic preparation of dexamethasone

Kim HeungTae; Yoo JooHuen; Chung YoungRyun; Cho KwangYun, 1997:
Systemic effect of pencycuron soil-drenching on rice sheath blight caused by Rhizoctonia solani in upland soil

Gentile, A.; Rademacher, G.; Seemann, G.; Klee, W., 1998:
Systemic effects of ruminal acidosis following ruminal drinking in young calves. A retrospective analysis of 293 cases

Friedman, A.D.; Daniel, G.K.; Qureshi, W.A., 1997:
Systemic ehrlichiosis presenting as progressive hepatosplenomegaly

Gibbs, L.; Alonzo, G.; Bon, C.; Brennan, B.; Calvarese, B.; Chaudhuri, B.; Chavdarian, C.; Wagner, G., 1997:
Systemic exposure to butenafine is low after topical administration of Mentax

Struble, A.L.; Feldman, E.C.; Nelson, R.W.; Kass, P.H., 1998:
Systemic hypertension and proteinuria in dogs with diabetes mellitus

Klink, F. van; Leher, H.; Jager, M.J.; Alizadeh, H.; Taylor, W.; Niederkorn, J.Y., 1997:
Systemic immune response to Acanthamoeba keratitis in the Chinese hamster

Arany, I.; Tyring, S.K., 1998:
Systemic immunosuppression by HIV infection influences HPV transcription and thus local immune responses in condyloma acuminatum

Colson, E., 1998:
Systemic induced resistance helps natural cotton plant defences

Quintanilla, P.; Brishammar, S., 1998:
Systemic induced resistance to late blight in potato by treatment with salicylic acid and Phytophthora cryptogea

Zhang ZongShen; Peng XinXiang; Jiang ZiDe; L.M.ngQi, 1998:
Systemic induction of several pathogen-resistance-related enzymes by oxalate in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) leaves

Il' inskaya, L.I.; Chalenko, G.I.; Perekhod, E.A.; Ozeretskovskaya, O.L.; Aver' yanov, A.A., 1998:
Systemic induction of superoxide radical induced by arachidonic acid in potato tubers

Wang, H.G.rusinghe,, B., 1999:
Systemic insecticides and plant age affect beet curly top virus transmission to selected host plants

Sharan, K.C., 1999:
Systemic learning approach to food security in Nepal

Jacobson, E.R.; Green, D.E.; Undeen, A.H.; Cranfield, M.; Vaughn, K.L., 1998:
Systemic microsporidiosis in inland bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps)

Pacheco, R.G.; Lenzi, H.L., 1997:
Systemic modulation of peripheral eosinophilia (air pouch model) in Schistosoma mansoni infection

Morin, O.; Haloun, A.; Treilhaud, M.; Sagan, C.; Boiron, P., 1999:
Systemic mycosis due to Pseudallescheria boydii in a double transplant patient with cystic fibrosis. Study of isolated strains with RAPD (random amplification of polymorphic DNA)

Posthaus, H.; Krampe, M.; Pagan, O.; Gueho, E.; Suter, C.; Bacciarini, L., 1997:
Systemic paecilomycosis in a hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)

Duarte, A.L.; Baruffa, G.; Terra, H.B.; Renck, D.V.; de Moura, D.; Petrucci, C., 1999:
Systemic paracoccidioidomycosis with central nervous system involvement

Michel, C.M.; Collet, J.P., 1997:
Systemic reaction in patients treated with cefotaxime for Lyme disease

Saitoh, H.; Saiga, T.; Ohki, S.T.; Osaki, T., 1998:
Systemic resistance in Cucumis figarei to some strains of cucumber mosaic virus is breakable at high temperature

Karpinski, S.; Karpinska, B.; Reynolds, H.; Creissen, G.; Wingsle, G.; Mullineaux, P., 1998:
Systemic sensing of light in plants; a key regulatory role of photosynthetic electron transport

Sterud, E.; Mo, T.A.; Poppe, T.T., 1998:
Systemic spironucleosis in sea-farmed Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, caused by Spironucleus barkhanus transmitted from feral Arctic char Salvelinus alpinus?

Sweeden, M.B.; McLeod, P.J., 1997:
Systemic toxicity and field efficacy of imidacloprid, pymetrozine, and triazamate against Myzus persicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) on spinach

Milatovic, D., 1997:
Systemic treatment with antimycotics

Miller, G.; Feinstein, L.; Azadegan, A.; Thomas, M.; Bacher, J., 1998:
Systemic yeast infection in owl monkeys (Aotus vociferans): ante-mortem screening and diagnosis by examination of bone marrow aspirates

Stennis; Chandra; Ryan; Low, 1998:
Systemin potentiates the oxidative burst in cultured tomato cells

Nguyen Van So, 1998:
Systems analysis in crop-livestock integration

Jiao ChangFeng; Bai RenPu, 1997:
Systems analysis of Chinese food supply fluctuation

Martinez, J.A.; Guilbeaux, V., 1997:
Systems and improved technology of soil preparation and cultivation by animal traction

Bottoms, R.M.; Whitson, T.D., 1997:
Systems approach for the management of Russian knapweed

Davidson, E.I.; Snegov, V.S., 1997:
Systems approach to producing an onion-planter

Kanwar, R.S.; Karlen, D.L.; Camberdella, C.; Moorman, T.B., 1998:
Systems approach to solve water quality problems from agricultural lands

Kuznetsov, L.V., 1999:
Systems for housing rabbits

Bono, J.A.M.; Curi, N.; Ferreira, M.M.; Evangelista, A.R.; Carvalho, M.M.; Marques, J.J.G.S.M., 1996:
Systems for improving native grasslands with Brachiaria brizantha and Andropogon gayanus in Cerrados soils in Brazil

Iglesias, J.M.; Simon, L.; Milera, M.; Lamela, L., 1997:
Systems for production of cattle based on pasture and forages

Medlin, C.; Peeper, T.F.; Stiegler, J.H.; Solie, J.B., 1998:
Systems for returning conservation reserve program land to wheat (Triticum aestivum) production

Hlasny, J., 1997:
Systems for the diagnosis and prevention of defects in the metabolism of protein and energy in dairy cows while improving milk yield and reproductive characteristics

Moser, A., 1998:
Systems for the removal of manure

Ester, A.; Schoneveld, J.A., 1996:
Systems for the supervised control of carrot fly (Psila rosae F.) in the Netherlands: I. Method of sampling flies

Ester, A.; Schoneveld, J.A., 1996:
Systems for the supervised control of carrot fly (Psila rosae F.) in the Netherlands: II. Relationship between the number of flies caught on traps and crop damage

Greiner, R., 1996:
Systems modelling framework for catchment-scale salinity management

Zborishchuk, N.G., 1998:
Systems of elementary soil-generating processes that form and transform chernozems in different stages of their agricultural development

Godon, P.; Nguyen Gia Quoc, 1997 :
Systems of intercropping rubber and cashew

Teixeira, W.G.; Curi, N.; Evangelista, A.R.; Carvalho, M.M.; Cruz Filho, A.B. da; Santos, D., 1997:
Systems of management on an alic Cambisol for the introduction of forage grasses into a native pasture of the Campos da Mantiqueira region, Minas Gerais

Vercammen, J., 1999:
Systems of planting and pruning for Conference pear

Hruby, J.; Badalikova, B.; Hledik, P.; Hartmann, J., 1999:
Systems of soil cultivation for sugarbeet

Bayer, C.; Mielniczuk, J.; Pavinato, A., 1998:
Systems of soil management and their effects on maize yield

Carmona, R.; Zatz, R.G., 1998:
Systems of soil preparation and the control of perennial weeds in Brachiaria decumbens

Heydari, N., 1998:
Systems recent trends in management of irrigation

Saito, Y., 1996:
Systems simulation of the biological control of spider mites by phytoseiids: a guide to the practical use of predatory mites for pest management

Hansen, J.; Beinroth, F.; Jones, J., 1998:
Systems-based land-use evaluation at the south coast of Puerto Rico

Anderson, R.S.; Gomez-P., L.D., 1997:
Systenotelus, a remarkable new genus of weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) associated with Carludovica (Cyclanthaceae) in Costa Rica and Panama

Chen CheeJen; Oberwinkler, F.; Chen ZueiChing, 1998:
Syzygospora nivalis sp. nov. from Taiwan

Mervielde, H., 1998:
Syzygospora tumefaciens on Collybia dryophila

E.R.di, R.; Farouk, F.; Sherif, M.; Al-Sherbiny, M.; Osman, A.; E.G.ngehi, N.; Shoemaker, C.B., 1998:
T and B cell reactivity to a 42-kDa protein is associated with human resistance to both schistosomiasis mansoni and haematobium

Kabilan, L., 1997:
T cell immunity in malaria

Fortin, J.F.; Cantin, R.; Tremblay, M.J., 1998:
T cells expressing activated LFA-1 are more susceptible to infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 particles bearing host-encoded ICAM-1

Gross, D.M.; Steere, A.C.; Huber, B.T., 1998:
T helper 1 response is dominant and localized to the synovial fluid in patients with Lyme arthritis

Fujita, K.; Sakai, T., 1999:
T lymphocyte subsets in cats with gingivo-stomatitis

Krzych, U.; Lyon, J.A.; Jareed, T.; Schneider, I.; Hollingdale, M.R.; Gordon, D.M.; Ballou, W.R., 1995:
T lymphocytes from volunteers immunized with irradiated Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites recognize liver and blood stage malaria antigens

Kulane, A.; Siddique, A.B.; Perlmann, H.; Ahlborg, N.; Roussilhon, C.; Tall, A.; Dieye, A.; Perlmann, P.; Troye Blomberg, M., 1998:
T- and B-cell responses of malaria immune individuals to synthetic peptides corresponding to non-repeat sequences in the N-terminal region of the Plasmodium falciparum antigen Pf155/RESA

Albarenque, S.M.; Shinozuka, J.; Iwamoto, S.; Nakayama, H.; Doi, K., 1999:
T-2 toxin-induced acute skin lesions in Wistar-derived hypotrichotic WBN/ILA-Ht rats

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TOPAG'97: calculation program

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tRNAs and proteins are imported into mitochondria of Trypanosoma brucei by two distinct mechanisms

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TT: a program that implements predictor sort design and analysis

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Tabanidae (Insecta, Diptera)

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Table olives in the world

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Tachinidae (Diptera) parasitoids of bertha armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Tackling fish scraps and animal mortalities

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Tacle, a new triploid clementine x Tarocco hybrid

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Tactics for egg arrangement in the garden slug Laevicaulis alte (Ferussac)

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Tailor-made milk

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Tailor-made sensations

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Tailoring rice to suit consumers

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Tainong 1, a promising mango cultivar suitable for South China

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Taitian, an early, high quality Pongan variety

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Take a seat

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Take away gene power, no manipulation! Or where can gene manipulation be the right issue?

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Take care of iron-deficiency anaemia at farrowing

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Take manure matters into your own hands

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Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints. How much environmental change do tourists notice and do they care?

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Take-all - the past and the future

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Takeover, cultivation and preservation of landscape elements

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Takeya lace bug - a new pest in Poland

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Taking a pragmatic behavioral approach to alternative agriculture research

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Taking account of red heart and spray heart in utilization of (beech) wood

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Taking advantage of rural assets as a coping strategy for the urban poor: the case of rural-urban interrelations in Botswana

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Taking beef cattle breeding into the 21st century

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Taking blood samples from cats

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Taking ecotourism to the next level. A look at private sector involvement with local communities

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Taking farmland proprietary rights beyond the year 2000: economic survival or occupational suicide?

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Taking into account regional differences

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Taking pig breeding into the next millennium

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Taking sexual risks while away from home

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Taking sufficient food and clothing as the basis of the aid-the-poor programme

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Taking the exit route: extending the Tourism Area Life Cycle model

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Taking the politics out of sport?: Australian press coverage of South African-Australian sport, 1992-1994

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Taking the risk in Russia

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Taking the strain off the reforming furnace

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Taking the way toward sustainable development of agriculture by the adaptation to climatic changes

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Taking transgenic plants with a pinch of salt

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Takings and endangered species protection

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Talent in tennis: a diagnosis is no longer enough

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Talkin' trash at Hardwick high: a case study of insult talk on a boys' basketball team

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Talking about red smear cheeses. Over-the-counter sales are stagnating

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Talking about refugee law

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Talking with farmers about milk prices

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Talking, not fighting

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Tall planting stock of deciduous trees

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Tall wheatgrass, Elymus elongatus subsp. ponticus, in Nova Scotia

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TalstarReg. 100EC, a new soil insecticide for control of wireworms in cotton and sugarcane

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Tamcot 8104: a new mid season cotton cultivar for central and south Texas

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Tame of the stud yak bulls for producing frozen semen

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Tamihara: a spinning top made from the dried palm fruit shells of Manicaria saccifera (Arecaceae)

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Tangency of artificial mutation to recombinant-DNA in plant breeding

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Tanzania: whose Eden is it?

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Taper value of Polish larch in the strict reserve of Gora Chemowa

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Tapeworms in horses - problems and experiences

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Tapioca (Manihot esculenta) a new host of dodder

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Tapioca starches for UHT liquid puddings (Vla)

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Tapioca-a bee forage source

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Tapping dye from gulmohr for cotton

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Tapping the leisure market for college and university sports programs: a strategic planning survey

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Tapura (Dichapetalaceae) from the mata Atlantica of Brazil

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Tar producing plants

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Target sites of anthelmintics

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Target technologies for insect pest control

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Target technology - bring the insect to the insecticide not the insecticide to the insect

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Target-based discovery of crop protection chemicals

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Targeted radiotherapy with Sm-153-EDTMP in nine cases of canine primary bone tumours

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Targeting farms for compost use

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Targeting of a short peptide derived from the cytoplasmic tail of the G1 membrane glycoprotein of Uukuniemi virus (Bunyaviridae) to the Golgi complex

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Targeting of active sialyltransferase to the plant Golgi apparatus

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Targeting sources of fecal coliform in Mountain Run

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Targeting the double income with kids households? Points to consider

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Targeting the shikimate pathway in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

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Targets, missions and activities of PRO SILVA Europe

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Targetted yield concept for efficient and economic fertilizer use in a maize-wheat cropping system and build-up of native fertility in a Typic Hapludalf

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Tariff or quota protection - a case study of the Norwegian apple market

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Tarificola bulbosus, new genus, new species, a highly transformed parasitic copepod, with information on its parasitism and larval development

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Tarnished plant bug control in the Mississippi Delta

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Taro and its utilization in Yunnan

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Tartrate retention by a Typic Haplustoll

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Tartrate utilization genes promote growth of Agrobacterium spp. on grapevine

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Tasks of gene conservation in a changing world

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Taste in the foreground. Boosting sales of low-energy cheeses by using more fat in their manufacture?

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Tasting is a winner

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Tausonia pamirica gen. nov. sp. nov., a psychrophilic yeast-like micromycete from the soils of Pamir

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Taxation and tourism

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Taxation of peasant (private) farms

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Taxonomic significance of 2,4-diaminobutyric acid isomers in the cell wall peptidoglycan of actinomycetes and reclassification of Clavibacter toxicus as Rathayibacter toxicus comb. nov

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Taxonomic significance of extracellular crystals on the phloem fibres of Taxaceae

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