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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3297

Chapter 3297 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Serikov, Y.M.; Degtev, V.T., 1997:
The MDP-1,5 soil-working machine

Landivar, J.A., 1998:
The MEPRT method to determine time and rate of mepiquat chloride applications: uses and misuses

Gobron, N.; Pinty, B.; Verstraete, M.; Govaerts, Y., 1999:
The MERIS Global Vegetation Index (MGVI): description and preliminary application

Biey, E.M.; Verstraete, W., 1999:
The MIROR procedure as an alternative to municipal solid waste treatment

Scheirlinckx, K.; Vellas, B.; Garry, P.J., 1999:
The MNA score in people who have aged successfully

Watahiki, M.; Tatematsu, K.F.jihira, K.Y.mamoto, M.Y.mamoto, K., 1999:
The MSG1 and AXR1 genes of Arabidopsis are likely to act independently in growth-curvature responses of hypocotyls

Ibrahim, F.; Ibrahim, B., 1998:
The Maasai herbalists in Arusha town, Tanzania

Schonborn, C., 1999:
The Macrolepidoptera of the Ilmaue (Thuringia): analysis of differing environmental factors and consequences for an ecologically based concept of rehabilitation

Meek, S.; Hill, J.; Mehra, S., 1998:
The Malaria Consortium: converting expertise and partnerships into operation realities

Gardner, M.J.; Tettelin, H.; Carucci, D.J.; Cummings, L.M.; Adams, M.D.; Smith, H.O.; Craig Venter, J.; Hoffman, S.L., 1998:
The malaria genome sequencing project

Ibrahim, Z., 1998:
The Malay labourer: by the window of capitalism

Ishida, A.; Asmuni, A., 1997:
The Malaysian rice policy: directions and implications

Pillai, P., 1999:
The Malaysian state's response to migration

Forster, P.I.; Welzen, P.C. van, 1999:
The Malesian species of Choriceras, Fontainea, and Petalostigma (Euphorbiaceae)

Yavuz, H., 1997:
The Manavgat Project of Turkey: water, an economic good

Garazd, M.M.; Garazd, Y.L.; Ogorodniichuk, A.S.; Shilin, V.V.; Zhivolup, A.M.; Turov, A.V.; Khilya, V.P., 1998:
The Mannich reaction in the 7-hydroxyisoflavone series

Thompson, R.; Begtrup, K.; Cuamba, N.; Dgedge, M.; Mendis, C.; Gamage-Mendis, A.; Enosse, S.M.; Barreto, J.; Sinden, R.E.; Hogh, B., 1997:
The Matola malaria project: a temporal and spatial study of malaria transmission and disease in a suburban area of Maputo, Mozambique

Rodriguez, C., 1997:
The Maya: the people, bees and honey

Mikacic, V.; Hendija, Z.; Marusic, Z., 1999 :
The Mediterranean - a region of conflicts and encounters

Golan Goldhirsh, A.; Kostiukovsky, V., 1998:
The Mediterranean Pistacia genus germplasm collection at Sede Boker, Israel

Rojas Briales, E., 1998:
The Mediterranean forest on the threshold of the XXI century: the need for an holistic approach

Duchaufour, P., 1998:
The Mediterranean forest vegetation, an integrated element of the water regime

Bacci, M.L., 1997:
The Mediterranean peoples: the forces for integration and division

Merz, B., 1997:
The Megamerinidae, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Pseudopomyzidae, Chyromyidae and Camillidae of Switzerland (Diptera, Acalyptrata)

Jiang GuangZheng, 1996:
The Meliolaceae of China. V. Microfungi

Scutt, C.P.; Gilmartin, P.M., 1998:
The Men-10 cDNA encodes a novel form of proline-rich protein expressed in the tapetum of dioecious Silene latifolia

Mastro, G. de; Tedone, L.; Manolio, G., 1999:
The Metaponto area

Katinas, L., 1998:
The Mexican Chaptalia hintonii is a Gerbera (Asteraceae, Mutisieae)

Johansen, R.M.; Mojica Guzman, A., 1998:
The Mexican Frankliniella anitahoffmannae sp. nov. species assemblage, in the intonsa group (Insecta, Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Johansen, R.M., 1998:
The Mexican Frankliniella desertileonidum Watson species assemblage, in the intonsa group (Insecta, Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Castillo-Geniz, JL.; Marquez-Farias, JF.; Rodriguez de la Cruz, MC.; Cortes, E.; Cid del Prado, A., 1998:
The Mexican artisanal shark fishery in the Gulf of Mexico: towards a regulated fishery

Anonymous, 1997:
The Mexican hides and skins industry: an overview

Wong Urrea, J.M.; Ontiveros Nuno, S.; Avena Bustillos, R.J.; Ponce de Leon, L.; Bosquez Molina, E.; Cruz Garcia, L.A.; Baez Sanudo, R., 1997:
The Mexican mango industry: quest for quality

Gardzielewska, J.; Sochacka, A.; Goluch, Z.; Cyran, A.; Natalczyk Szymkowska, W., 1997:
The Mg, Na, K, Ca, P and Li content in muscles of broiler chickens kept under farm conditions

Kifaro, G.C.; Mtenga, L.A.; Kiango, S.M., 1997:
The Mgeta integrated farming system with emphasis on the introduction of Norwegian dairy goats

Snyder, W.; Cotter, M.; Snyder, W.; Cotter, M., 1998:
The Michelin Guide and restaurant pricing strategies

Ostrowski, A.C.; Brown, P.; Flores, R.F.; Summerfelt, R.; Heffernan, K.; Kaus, P.J., 1999:
The Midwest Feeds Consortium: final report

Thomas, N.D., 1999:
The Mikropul air classifier mill

Anonymous, 1997:
The Milchindustrie-Verband eV (MIV)

Singer, R.; Hatscher, G., 1996:
The Milchwerk Donau-Alb dairy factory installs an innovative production control system

McQueen, D., 1998:
The Milk Marketing Boards in Scotland and their legacy

Anonymous, 1998:
The Milk Product Council's press conference

Smith, R.D.; Linington, S.H.; Wechsberg, G.E., 1998:
The Millennium Seed Bank, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the dry tropics

Vellas, B.; Guigoz, Y.; Garry, P.J.; Nourhashemi, F.; Bennahum, D.; Lauque, S.; Albarede, J.L., 1999:
The Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) and its use in grading the nutritional state of elderly patients

Lacey, R.W., 1997:
The Ministry of Agriculture - the Ministry of Truth

Lopez, A., 1999:
The Ministry of Agriculture creates an information system of consultation for quotas in the milk sector: the SICOLE

Ocsko, Z., 1999:
The Ministry of Agriculture has authorized and registered the marketing and use of the following pesticides between 1 June and 25 September 1998

Anonymous, 1999:
The Ministry of Agriculture plans state aid to finance actions by Associations of Animal Health for stock raising

Lord, R., 1998:
The Minnesota and North Dakota beet sugar industry

Rodriguez Gallardo, P.P.; Andres Cara, D.F. de, 1997:
The Minorcan horse breed: blood groups and biochemical polymorphism

Anonymous, 1997:
The Miombo Network: framework for a terrestrial transect study of land-use and land-cover change in the Miombo ecosystems of central Africa. Conclusions of the Miombo Network Workshop, Zomba, Malawi, December 1995

Kanschik, W., 1999:
The Miombo woodland subclimax of the northern region of Zimbabwe: a study of its major plant species and their potential use as bio-indicator

Voitenko, S.; Tsybenko, E.; Tur, E., 1996:
The Mirgorod breed and its possibilities

Randle, R.F.; Hardin, D.K.; Zulovich, J.M., 1998:
The Missouri system of dairy heifer production

Sagi, M.; Omarov, R.T.; Lips, S.H.rman, 1998:
The Mo-hydroxylases xanthine dehydrogenase and aldehyde oxidase in ryegrass as affected by nitrogen and salinity

Anonymous, 1997:
The Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land dairy factory was able to consolidate its market position

Pant, K.A.M.I. van der; Holleman, F.; Hoekstra, J.B.L., 1998:
The Montignac method: foundations scientifically unsound

Richez, G., 1998:
The Montreal Biodome: a nature museum of another nature

Scharer, W.; Zurcher, K., 1997:
The Mountain Forest Protocol: legal and political aspects

Blake, J.A.; Eppig, J.T.; Richardson, J.E.; Davisson, M.T., 1998:
The Mouse Genome Database (MGD): a community resource. Status and enhancements

Blake, J.A.; Richardson, J.E.; Davisson, M.T.; Eppig, J.T., 1999:
The Mouse Genome Database (MGD): genetic and genomic information about the laboratory mouse

Elizalde, G., 1997:
The Multiple Homogeneity Index and its usefulness for the detailed mapping of pedogeomorphological systems

Pfadenhauer, J.; Albrecht, H.; Anderlik Wesinger, G.; Kuhn, N.; Mattheis, A.; Toetz, P., 1996:
The Munich Research Network on Agroecosystems (FAM): a model for sustainable agriculture in the future?

Alcaraz, F.; Rios, S.; Torre, A. de la; Delgado, M.J.; Inocencio, C., 1998:
The Murcian-Almerian non-nitrophilous therophytic grasslands

Gomez Acosta, H.D.; Camino Vilaro, M.; Rodriguez Hernandez, M.; Recio Herrera, G., 1995:
The Mycological Herbarium of the National Botanic Garden of Cuba

Soomary, S.D.; Benimadhu, S.P., 1998:
The Mycosphaerella leaf disease complex (MLDC) of banana in Mauritius

McGuiggan, R.L., 1999:
The Myers-Briggs type indicator and leisure attribute preference

Gray, J.S.; Montgomery, R., 1997:
The N-glycosylation sites of soybean seed coat peroxidase

Essl, D.; Dirnberger, D.; Gomord, V.; Strasser, R.; Faye, L.; Glossl, J.; Steinkellner, H., 1999 :
The N-terminal 77 amino acids from tobacco N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I are sufficient to retain a reporter protein in the Golgi apparatus of Nicotiana benthamiana cells

Tzafrir, I.; Ayala-Navarrete, L.; Lockhart, B.E.; Olszewski, N.E., 1997:
The N-terminal portion of the 216-kDa polyprotein of Commelina yellow mottle badnavirus is required for virus movement but not for replication

Nomura, M.; Nakajima, I.; Matsuzaki, M.; Kimoto, H.; Suzuki, I.; Aso, H., 1997:
The N-terminal sequence of Lactococcus lactis phosphoglucose isomerase purified by affinity chromatography differs from the other species

Wrenger, S.; Hoffmann, T.; Faust, J.; Mrestani-Klaus, C.; Brandt, W.; Neubert, K.; Kraft, M.; Olek, S.; Frank, R.; Ansorge, S.; Reinhold, D., 1997:
The N-terminal structure of HIV-1 Tat is required for suppression of CD26-dependent T cell growth

Bernhard Teicher Scheller H, 1998:
The NAD(P)H dehydrogenase in barley thylakoids is photoactivatable and uses NADPH as well as NADH

Wieckowski, S.; Bojko, M., 1997:
The NADPH-dependent electron flow in chloroplasts of the higher plants

Lindholm, A.M.; Reuter, M.; Gustafsson, M.K.S., 1998:
The NADPH-diaphorase staining reaction in relation to the aminergic and peptidergic nervous system and the musculature of adult Diphyllobothrium dendriticum

Zaaijen, A. van; Schuuring, J., 1998:
The NAKB-laboratory

Hurcom, S.J.; Harrison, A.R., 1998:
The NDVI and spectral decomposition for semi-arid vegetation abundance estimation

Berry, S., 1999:
The NFP sector and heritage management: too many fingers in the pie?

Anonymous, 1998:
The NIDA Cooperative Agreement for AIDS Community-Based Outreach/Intervention Research Program

Fellers, J.; Collins, G.; Hunt, A., 1998:
The NIa-proteinase of different plant potyviruses provides specific resistance to viral infection

Randall, A., 1997:
The NOAA panel report: a new beginning or the end of an era?

Reed, K.E.; Gorbalenya, A.E.; Rice, C.M., 1998:
The NS5A/NS5 proteins of viruses from three genera of the family flaviviridae are phosphorylated by associated serine/threonine kinases

Urquiola Cruz, A.J.; Hernandez,; Carbo, R.N.vo; Lopez,, 1998:
The Najadaceae of Cuba

Clarke, R., 1998:
The Nantwich effect

Baruah, B., 1999:
The Narmada Valley project: displacement of local populations and impact on women

Cleeman, J.I.; Lenfant, C., 1998:
The National Cholesterol Education Program. Progress and prospects

Penney, D.; Harris, J., 1998:
The National Curriculum for physical education - Have we got it right?

Bell, M.; Evans, D., 1998:
The National Forest and Local Agenda 21: an experiment in integrated landscape planning

Anonymous, 1998:
The National Forest: from vision to reality. A special issue of the East Midland Geographer

Armitstead, A., 1998:
The National Health survey - consumer attitudes to health and food

Smith, S.M., 1999:
The National Inventory of Woodland and Trees - Scotland

Gassman, P.W., 1997:
The National Pilot Program integrated modeling system: environmental baseline assumptions and results for the APEX model

Lazzari, L.B.; Cantone, F., 1998:
The National Register enriched by recent soyabean additions

Yan Hong; Dibley, M.J.; D.E.te, K.; Hou RuLan, 1999:
The National Survey on the Constitution and Health of Chinese students in 1995: nutritional status of school students aged 10-17 years in Shaanxi, China

Fischer, M.; Mildenberger, G., 1999:
The Naumburg/Pillnitz pear breeding programme results

Aylward, J.H.; Gobius, K.S.; Xue,; Simpson, G.D.; Dalrymple, B.P., 1999:
The Neocallimastix patriciarum cellulase, CelD, contains three almost identical catalytic domains with high specific activities on Avicel

Edelenbosch, N.H., 1997:
The Netherlands

Doumalin, L., 1997:
The Netherlands is in favour of quotas until the year 2005

Waldner, W., 1999:
The Netherlands: the water protection law sacrifices pesticides

Prange, H.; Petzold, R., 1996:
The Neustadt/Orla pig breeding and fattening state farm - an historical archive of data on an industrialized pig production enterprise

Aloni; Wolf; Feigenbaum; Avni; Klee, 1998:
The never ripe mutant provides evidence that tumor-induced ethylene controls the morphogenesis of agrobacterium tumefaciens-induced crown galls on tomato stems

Simpson,, K., 1997:
The New Brunswick Tree Improvement Council is 20 years old

Warnick, R.B., 1997:
The New England travel market: 1980 to 1994 - an update

Dobson, W.D., 1998:
The New Zealand Dairy Board: will the Board's monopoly exporting privilege survive?

Schupp, J.R.; Hirst, P.; Ferree, D.C., 1999:
The New Zealand apple industry

Bodeker, P.C.W., 1998:
The New Zealand dairy industries approach to farm quality issues

Connolly, L., 1998:
The New Zealand deer industry

Ryan, C.; Murphy, H.; Kinder, R., 1998:
The New Zealand sex industry and tourist demand: illuminating liminalities

Anonymous, 1997:
The New Zealand sheep and beef farm survey 1995-96: production and financial analysis from a sample of sheep and beef farms for the season July 1st to June 30th

Anonymous, 1999:
The New Zealand sheep and beef farm survey 1996/97: production and financial analysis from a sample of sheep and beef farms for the season July 1st to June 30th

Trought, M.C.T., 1997:
The New Zealand terroir: sources of variation in fruit composition in New Zealand vineyards

Simon, J.E.; Janick, J.; Hetzroni, A., 1996:
The NewCROP electronic network

Biela, A.G.ote,,, S.H.drich, R.K.ldenhoff, R., 1999:
The Nicotiana tabacum plasma membrane aquaporin NtAQP1 is mercury-insensitive and permeable for glycerol

Naeff, H.S.D., 1996:
The Nieuwleusen-Ruitenveen technical survey

Varis, O., 1999:
The Nile basin in a global perspective - natural, human and socio-economic resource nexus

Anonymous, 1998:
The Ninth International Congress of pesticide chemistry

Kukura, N.A., 1997:
The Nizhegorodskaya fair

Kozlov, V.V.; Dzhoyns, M.; Chernyshev, S.M., 1998:
The Nizhnii Novgorod consultation service

Weitzman, M.L., 1998:
The Noah's ark problem

Cifuentes, J., 1999:
The Noctuidae of Navarra (Spain) I: subfamilies Eustrotiinae, Bagisarinae, Acontiinae, Plusiinae, Acronictinae, Raphiinae and Bryophilinae (Insecta: Lepidoptera)

Juga, J., 1998:
The Nordic model for animal welfare and sustainability: is it competitive?

Peisley, T., 1998:
The North American cruise market

Todd, H.Jr, 1998:
The North American market for vanilla

O'-Connell, T.; Smith, P., 1999:
The North American timber frame housing industry

Ballington, J.R.; Rooks, S.D.; Cline, W.O.; Meyer, J.R.; Milholland, R.D., 1997:
The North Carolina State University blueberry breeding program - toward V. x covilleanum?

Magda, S.; Marselek, S., 1999:
The North Hungarian patterns of regionally deviating agrarian development

Matthews, M., 1996:
The North Island Merino - production, disease and welfare

Doyon, M., 1998:
The Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact: a dream become reality

Anonymous, 1998 :
The Northern Amazon and the Orinoco Basin

Cooper, A.; Murray, R.; McCann, T., 1997:
The Northern Ireland countryside survey: summary report and application to rural decision making

McIlveen, H.; Chestnutt, S., 1999:
The Northern Ireland retailing environment and its effect on ethnic food consumption

Owen, E.; Bishop, K.; Speakman, C., 1999:
The Northern Snowdonia Study - an innovative approach to sustainable tourism development

Miller, I.L.; Crothers, M., 1998:
The Northern Territory Noxious Weeds Act

Quy, R.J.; Cowan, D.P.; Haynes, P.J.; Sturdee, A.P.; Chalmers, R.M.; Bodley-Tickell, A.T.; Bull, S.A., 1999:
The Norway rat as a reservoir host of Cryptosporidium parvum

Matejka, K.; Vacek, S.; Schwarz, O., 1998:
The Norway spruce (Picea abies) health state development modelling with satellite data in the Krkonose mts

Cortese, A.J., 1997:
The Notre Dame Bengal Bouts: symbolic immortality through sport

Senchenkova, S.N.; Shashkov, A.S.; Laux, P.; Knirel, Y.A.; Rudolph, K., 1999:
The O-chain polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide of Xanthomonas campestris pv. begoniae GSPB 525 is a partially L-xylosylated L-rhamnan

Touratier, L., 1998:
The O.I.E. ad hoc Group on Non Tsetse Transmitted Animal Trypanosomoses (NTTAT) with special reference to T. evansi infection

Eyinla, B.M., 1999:
The ODA Charter and changing objectives of Japan's aid policy in sub-Saharan Africa

King, D.; Venkatesh Salagrama, 1997:
The ODA post-harvest fisheries project's role in working with the small-scale fishing communities in the post-harvest sub-sector

Ortner, K.M., 1999:
The OECD and the 1999 WTO evaluation round

Poschacher, R., 1998:
The OECD forecast for world agriculture for 1998-2003

Leveque, L.; Demesure, B.; Vallence, M.; Lamant, T., 1999:
The ONF and genetic variation of forest trees

Anonymous, 1997:
The Oberland Glas company launches its non-returnable glass bottles for the milk market

Ojeda, S.R.; Hill, J.; Hill, D.F.; Costa, M.E.; Tapia, V.; Cornea, A.; Ma, Y.J., 1999:
The Oct-2 POU domain gene in the neuroendocrine brain: a transcriptional regulator of mammalian puberty

Heiligmann, R.B.; Passewitz, G.R., 1997:
The Ohio Christmas tree industry: who are we and where are we going?

Banks, G.; Ballard, C., 1997:
The Ok Tedi settlement: issues, outcomes and implications

Miller, D.P., 1997:
The Okavango River Basin

Dolan, L.; Poethig, R., 1998:
The OKRA leaf shape mutation in cotton is active in all cell layers of the leaf

Kruger, M., 1997:
The Olympic Games in Germany: cancelled, abused, overshadowed, failed

Kannicht, R., 1997:
The Olympic Games in ancient Greece

Anonymous, 1998:
The Olympic effect: a report on the potential tourism impacts of the Sydney 2000 Games

Toohey, K.; Veal, A.J., 1999:
The Olympic games: a social science perspective

Hong Fan, 1998:
The Olympic movement in China: Ideals and realities

Skare, J.T.; Mirzabekov, T.A.; Shang, E.S.; Blanco, D.R.; Erdjument-Bromage, H.; Bunikis, J.; Bergström, S.; Tempst, P.; Kagan, B.L.; Miller, J.N.; Lovett, M.A., 1997:
The Oms66 (p66) protein is a Borrelia burgdorferi porin

Mishina, Z.D., 1998:
The Omsk-Prodopt '98 trade fair

Wilson, K., 1999:
The Ontario apple industry

Guyonnet, J.P., 1999:
The Optigraph - a potential replacement for the Formagraph!

Toy,, J.; Leppert, G.; Sundin, O., 1998 :
The Optx2 homeobox gene is expressed in early precursors of the eye and activates retina-specific genes

Hooker, M.B., 1996:
The Orang Asli and the laws of Malaysia: with special reference to land

Anonymous, 1997:
The Oranienburger Milchforum

Hicks, A.J., 1999:
The Orchid Seedbank Project. Sowing enthusiasm for sharing orchid seeds and saving species

Anonymous, 1999:
The Ore Mountains 1997: experiences and new problems

Otley, F.I., 1996:
The Oregon cattlemen's ecosystem management program

Krivonogov, Y.P.; Zhukova, L.P., 1998:
The Orlov dairy industry

Lie, E., 1998:
The Ostfold Dairy Association in 1997 - an uphill year

Strausberg, S.; Hough, W.A., 1997:
The Ouachita and Ozark-St. Francis National Forests: a history of the lands and USDA Forest Service tenure

Omura, T.; Yan, J.; Zhong, B.; Wada, M.; Zhu, Y.; Tomaru, M.; Maruyama, W.; Kikuchi, A.; Watanabe, Y.; Kimura, I.; Hibino, H., 1998:
The P2 protein of rice dwarf phytoreovirus is required for adsorption of the virus to cells of the insect vector

Lamoureux, R., 1997:
The P4 agreement. Western milk pooling

Anonymous, 1996:
The PATLQ as a partner

Delaquis, A.; Lafontaine, S., 1999:
The PATLQ production report for 1998 on the eve of the year 2000

Palade, I., 1997:
The PCVM-1.8 (2.2) vine plough-tiller adjustment for soil tillage in fruit-growing works

Chuang, C.F.; Running, M.P.; Williams, R.W.; Meyerowitz, E.M., 1999:
The PERIANTHIA gene encodes a bZIP protein involved in the determination of floral organ number in Arabidopsis thaliana

Waites, R.; Selvadurai, H.R.N.; Oliver, I.R.; Hudson, A., 1998:
The PHANTASTICA gene encodes a MYB transcription factor involved in growth and dorsoventrality of lateral organs in Antirrhinum

Gough, N.L.; Russell, J.E.; Roberts, D., 1997:
The PHLS dairy products external quality assessment scheme

Lynn, K.; Fernandez, A.; Aida, M.; Sedbrook, J.; Tasaka, M.; Masson, P.; Barton, M.K., 1999:
The PINHEAD/ZWILLE gene acts pleiotropically in Arabidopsis development and has overlapping functions with the ARGONAUTE1 gene

Brenner, S.E.; Barken, D.; Levitt, M., 1999:
The PRESAGE database for structural genomics

Mihaylova, V.T.; Borland, C.Z.; Manjarrez, L.; Stern, M.J.; Sun Hong, 1999:
The PTEN tumor suppressor homolog in Caenorhabditis elegans regulates longevity and dauer formation in an insulin receptor-like signaling pathway

Ballance, G.M.; Lamari, L.; Kowatsch, R.; Bernier, C.C., 1998:
The PTR necrosis toxin and necrosis toxin gene from Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

Durand, E.; McCaffrey, D., 1999:
The Pacaya-Samiria project: enhancing conservation and improving livelihoods in Amazonian Peru

Castillo, R.; Tapia, C.; Estrella, J.; Mazon, N.; Munoz, L., 1998:
The Pachyrhizus project in Ecuador: technical report

Balakrishnan, R., 1998:
The Pacific

Max, T.A.; Schreuder, H.T.; Hazard, J.W.; Oswald, D.D.; Teply, J.; Alegria, J., 1996:
The Pacific Northwest Region vegetation and inventory monitoring system

Rae, A.; Nixon, C.; Gardiner, P., 1998:
The Pacific Rim beef trade: impacts of lifting foot-and-mouth disease trade barriers

Russell, G.; Walters, C., 1999:
The Pacific heritage tourism 'sham'

Faure, O., 1997:
The Packinnove 97 Convention - effectiveness at the meeting

Nagy, J.G.; Quddus, M.A., 1998:
The Pakistan agricultural research system: present status and future agenda

Cesar, J.; Zoumana, C.; Dulieu, D., 1999:
The Panicum maximum/Stylosanthes hamata forage association in Ivory Coast

Vakharia, S.; Gopinathan, N.; Kshirsagar, N.A., 1997:
The ParaSightTM-F test for detecting treatment failure

Anonymous, 1996:
The Parasitological Society of Southern Africa

Wittig, Burghard, 1998:
The Parnassio-Caricetum pulicaris in the Stader Geest

Deardon, S., 1997:
The Parthenium Action Group's program in Queensland

Pascual, M.A.; Orensanz, J.M.; Parma, A.M.; Saba, S.L., 1998:
The Patagonian challenge: melding conservation with development

Scheller, Ulf, 1998:
The Pauropoda of Norway

Anonymous, 1997:
The Pays d'Oc wines in 1995-96

Condemine, G.; Castillo, A.; Passeri, F.; Enard, C., 1999:
The PecT repressor coregulates synthesis of exopolysaccharides and virulence factors in Erwinia chrysanthemi

Bozakov, P.; Laycock, A., 1997:
The Pehur High Level Canal - first steps towards automation of Pakistan's canal system

Landsittel, D.; Hard, D.; Murphy, D.; Kiernan, N.E., 1998:
The Pennsylvania Central Region farm safety pilot project: Part II - Baseline data associations between approach-to-safety and hazard conditions

Murphy, D.J.; Kiernan, N.E.; Hard, D.L.; Landsittel, D., 1998:
The Pennsylvania central region farm safety pilot project: Part I - rationale and baseline results

Anonymous, 1999:
The Pfalzerwald nature reserve

Anonymous, 1999:
The Philadelphia story

Faustino, B.P., 1999:
The Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation: its origins and operations

Magat, S.S.; Agustin, Y.T.V., 1998:
The Philippine coconut industry

Anonymous, 1998:
The Philippine economy in review: 1986-1997

Zamora, O.B., 1997:
The Philippines: A bridle on bioprospecting?

Royo, A.G., 1998:
The Philippines: against the people's wishes, the Mt. Apo story

Hummel, A., 1997:
The Physical-Sport Foundation Education: is it still relevant?

Wang, Z.; Yano, M.Y.manouchi, U.I.amoto, M.M.nna, L.H.yasaka, H.K.tayose, Y.S.saki, T., 1999:
The Pib gene for rice blast resistance belongs to the nucleotide binding and leucine-rich repeat class of plant disease resistance genes

Fischer, M., 1997:
The Pillnitz apple rootstock breeding methods and selection results

Valencia, M.E.; Bennett, P.H.; Ravussin, E.; Esparza, J.; Fox, C.; Schulz, L.O., 1999:
The Pima Indians in Sonora, Mexico

Chloupek, O., 1997:
The Plant Variety and Seed Act

Ginestet, F., 1998:
The Plants du Littoral group establishes a new horticultural zone

Arnot, D.E.; Gull, K., 1998:
The Plasmodium cell-cycle: facts and questions

Fletcher, C., 1998:
The Plasmodium falciparum genome project

Serghides, L.; Crandall, I.; Hull, E.; Kain, K.C., 1998:
The Plasmodium falciparum-CD36 interaction is modified by a single amino acid substitution in CD36

Gres, V.; Landau, I., 1997:
The Plasmodium of Lophura (Phasianidae): redescription of P. lophurae Coggeshall, 1938 and description of two new species

Osti, G., 1998:
The Po Delta park: one river, two policies

Bernatova, D.; Majovsky, J., 1997:
The Poa glauca group in the Western Carpathians I.: Poa margilicola sp. nova

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The RP-HPLC analysis of anthocyanins

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The Research Institute of the Hungarian Sugar Industry is fifty years old

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The Rotholzer Kasetage 1996 conference was again well attended

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The Rotree spot cultivator-mounder

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The Royal Colloquium. The Baltic Sea region: agriculture and sustainability

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The Rugian Island - a traditional, versatile area of fruit cultivation worth preserving

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The Rural Business Network in the UK

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The Rural Business Register of Finland

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The Rural Environment Protection Scheme of the Republic of Ireland

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The Russian crisis

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The Russian dairy industry examined by region

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The Russian fruit and vegetable market

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The Russian market for milk products

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The Russian market for milk products: the situation and problems with development

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The Russian sugar market: problems and ways of solving them

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The Russian trade-off: environment and development in the Caspian Sea

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The Rx gene from potato controls separate virus resistance and cell death responses

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The Ryan White CARE Act: the allocation of Title II funding among programs by the states

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The S gene of canine coronavirus, strain UCD-1, is more closely related to the S gene of transmissible gastroenteritis virus than to that of feline infectious peritonitis virus

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The SADC project on plant genetic resources

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The SAFIRE MITI programme - a new approach to natural resource management in communal areas of Zimbabwe

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The SBI research centreor the search for synergy

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The SCID/Beige mouse as a model to investigate protection against Yersinia pestis

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The SH3 domain-binding surface and an acidic motif in HIV-1 Nef regulate trafficking of class I MHC complexes

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The SIBITeR project - information content and methods for data aquisition

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The SMKV wants to give itself a new name

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The SOA-360 drying and cooling assembly

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The SPL1 tRNA splicing gene of Candida maltosa and Candida albicans

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The SPf66 malaria vaccine: what is the evidence for efficacy?

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The SPf66 malaria vaccine: where do we go from here?

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The Sadguru model of community-based natural resources management

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The SafeGuards Men's Survey: report of a survey of Philadelphia gay and bisexual men's knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to HIV infection

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The Sahel - 25 years after the great drought. Assessing progress - setting a new agenda

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The Saint Louis Sucre refinery in Marseille

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The Salal Cedar Hemlock Integrated Research Program (SCHIRP): management through understanding

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The Sampo performance recording programme has resulted in a marked improvement in pelt quality

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The Santer plan is insufficient

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The Santer proposals 1: CAP reform and the structural funds in Agenda 2000

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The Santer proposals 3: national agricultures and the approach of member states to CAP reform

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The Santer proposals 4: EU enlargement to CEECs

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The Santer proposals for 2000 to 2006

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The Scheme Development Process: a participatory approach developed in the PATA project, Pakistan

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The Scottish Hardwood Timber Market Development Group

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The Scottish midge, Culicoides impunctatus Goetghebuer (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), an early attempt (1945-1958) to control this intractable pest

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The Seeds of Survival/Ethiopia Program

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The Seinhorst Research Program

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The Seminole Indian Reservations: conservation of a subtropical forest

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The Semliki Forest virus vector induces p53-independent apoptosis

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The Sequoia sempervirens (Coast redwood) forest of the Pacific coast, USA

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The Sesbania Root Symbionts Sinorhizobium saheli and S. teranga bv. sesbaniae Can Form Stem Nodules on Sesbania rostrata, although They Are Less Adapted to Stem Nodulation than Azorhizobium caulinodans

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The Severn Vale, a national stronghold for Lasius brunneus (Latreille) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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The Seychelles coconut industry - past and present

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The Shetland pony

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The Siberian fair

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The Siberian pine moth - a serious pest of conifers which must be controlled

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The Sicilian pistachio industry: an overview

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The Siemianowka water reservoir and its influence on the Biaowieza primeval forest

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The Single European Market and SMEs: a comparison of its effects in the food and clothing sectors in the UK and Portugal

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The Sinorhizobium meliloti insertion sequence (IS) elements ISRm102F34-1/ISRm7 and ISRm220-13-5 belong to a new family of insertion sequence elements

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The Sisir Kumar Mitra Memorial Lecture, 1995. Mutation(s)

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The Slovene vegetable gene bank

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The Smolensk ice cream factory operating under market conditions

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The Sobek 'Processes Editor': a flexible tool for tailor-made water quality

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The Sobrarbe fowl: a description and definition of a population of Pyrenean fowls in Huesca Province

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The Social Agro-stockraising Programme: empowerment, technical assistance and credit for groups of small-scale producers

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The Social Physique Anxiety Scale: men, women, and the effects of modifying Item 2

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The Solen data base: tomato varieties tested in the network in 1999

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The Solling roof project: synthesis and appraisal of results

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The South African deciduous fruit industry

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The South African market for food and beverages

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The South African programme on the biological control of Chromolaena odorata (L.) King & Robinson (Asteraceae) using insects

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The South African sugar industry

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The South African wool supply response

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The South Australian selection demonstration flocks

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The South Carolina farm leaders for Agricultural Safety and Health Education program

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The South-German European silver fir (Abies alba) provenance trial - development at age 11 years old

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The South-east Asian 'living museum' and its antecedents

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The Southern African Development Community (SADC) programme of action

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The Southern African Plant Invaders Atlas (SAPIA) and its contribution to biological weed control

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The Southern Commercial Forest Research Cooperative

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The Southern Cone Initiative against Chagas disease

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The Spanish Quality Plan in Tourism: Background, development and launch

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The Spanish barley core collection

Anonymous, 1999:
The Spanish farm sector is managing a major sectoral re-equilibrium with the new CAP

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The Spanish oilseed sector

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The Sphaeroceridae and Lonchopteridae (Diptera) fauna of a heathland ecosystem (the nature reserve Groot Schietveld)

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The Sprout-Less Herbicide Applicator

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The SstI polymorphism of the apolipoprotein C-III gene determines the insulin response to an oral-glucose-tolerance test after consumption of a diet rich in saturated fats

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The St. Stanislaus Farm, Guyana: a lesson in sustainable dairy production for the Caribbean

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The St. Vincent botanic garden - the early years

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The Staphylococcus qacH gene product: a new member of the SMR family encoding multidrug resistance

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The State Forest Administration of the Rheinland-Pfalz

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The Stenodemini (Hemiptera: Miridae) of Taiwan

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The Strategic Extension Campaign: an agricultural extension approach by FAO

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The Strathclyde University Food Project - opportunities for British food suppliers

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The Styrian Salmonella prevention programme in poultry - 1st report: measures taken in parent flocks and hatcheries

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The Styrian hen

Yassin, A.M., 1997:
The Sudan

Veeken, H., 1998:
The Sudan, by back door

Anonymous, 1999:
The Sudhannover milk drying factory paid the highest price for whey in 1998

Reid, J., 1999:
The Sugar Research Institute

Lamoureux, R., 1997:
The Super 301. Another trade attack against Canada

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The Surgeon General's Report and community recreation for people with disabilities

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The Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and health: a shared response - part 2

Mathieu, M.A.; Siedentop, D.; Bialeschki, M.D.; Hodges, J.S.; Henderson, K.A., 1999:
The Surgeon General's report on physical education and health: a shared response - Part 3

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The Surinam cockroach Pycnoscelus surinamensis (L.) (Blattodea: Panchloridae) established in Sweden

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The Surumoni project: the botanical approach toward gaining an interdisciplinary understanding of the functions of the rain forest canopy

Carlsson, L., 1996:
The Swedish Common Forests: a common property resource in an urban, industrialised society

Tronstad, A., 1997:
The Swedish ban on antibiotic growth promoters in animal feeds

Saner, R., 1999:
The Swiss Society for Embryo Transfer has many new projects in the pipeline

Lehmann, H.J.; Heinzer, C.; Waldner, R., 1998:
The Swiss plan for the environment - sustainable use of agricultural areas

Schatz, G., 1998:
The Swiss vote on gene technology

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The TACQ computer program for automatic measurement of water content and bulk electrical conductivity using time domain reflectometry

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The TATA-binding protein (TBP) from the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans can complement defects in human and yeast TBPs

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The TATA-box binding protein of Entamoeba histolytica: cloning of the gene and location of the protein by immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy

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The TCP domain: a motif found in proteins regulating plant growth and development

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The TDP method of seed yield component analysis in grain legume breeding

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The TE promoter element of the histone H1t gene is essential for transcription in transgenic mouse primary spermatocytes

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The TERMINAL FLOWER2 (TFL2) gene controls the reproductive transition and meristem identity in Arabidopsis thaliana

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The TIM17.23 preprotein translocase of mitochondria: composition and function in protein transport into the matrix

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The TINE Vestland Dairy Association: business year 1997

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The addition of nutrients to foods

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The adjustment of farmland use

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The adoption of hedgerows as a soil conservation measure in the Philippines

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The adoption, diffusion and incremental benefits of fifteen technologies for crops, horticulture, livestock and forestry in the western hills of Nepal

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The advance of new pulpwood resources

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The advance technologies used for coconut processing and its future in Pakistan

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The advancement of ideas on the genesis and geography of soils

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The advances in research on storage physiology of apples

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The advances of research technique in seedless grape breeding

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The advantages and disadvantages of glasshouse culture

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The advantages of double sharpening of a two-layer built-up blade

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The adventitious flora of maize in Poitou-Charentes

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The adventure travel industry in North America

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The advertising of agricultural inputs - theoretical principles and empirical analysis

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The age and relationships of the major animal phyla

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The age of economic maturity and felling age in the conditions of a market economy

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The aggregate method of repairing livestock equipment

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The aggregative numerical response of polyphagous predators to aphids in cereal fields: attraction to what?

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The agreement on agriculture and the work at the WTO committee on agriculture

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