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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3299

Chapter 3299 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lin BiYing; Wei WenLin; Gao Shan, 1997:
The breeding of a cytoplasmic male sterile line of broccoli

Sugahara, S.; Aoyagi, M.; Sakamori, M.; Ochiai, H., 1997:
The breeding of a new radish cultivar

N.S.anQing; Shi ShiZheng, 1998:
The breeding of elite clone of Paulownia x jiangsuensis Cl. '3'

Sorokina, I.I.; Mil' ko, O.S., 1998:
The breeding of heavy horses needs assistance. (Problems and prospects in the breeding of heavy horses)

Huang GuangPing; L.Y.nMing; Zhang ShaoLong, 1999:
The breeding of hybrid late-season rice with characteristics of high yield, high quality and disease resistance in Shantou

Yang TieZhao; Luo MeiHao; Ding YongLe; Han JinFeng, 1996:
The breeding of insect-resistant transgenic tobacco and analysis on its resistance to Heliothis assulta larvae

L.G.iHua; Song YuXia; M.H.i; Zhang ZhenWen, 1997:
The breeding of new hybrid trees from Populus alba x P. hopeiensis Hu et Chou

Izumi, K.; Mitsukawa, M.; Syodai, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Niizeki, H., 1998:
The breeding procedure for the new rice cultivar Kumamoto 2

Umezaki, T., 1998:
The breeding process and growth habits of double recessive dwarf lines of soyabean

Crettenand, J.; Liechti, H.P.; Rychen, M.; Schleppi, Y.; Steiger, H.U. von, 1998:
The breeding programme of the Swiss Simmental breeding association

Nason, J.D.; Herre, E.A.len; Hamrick, J.L., 1998:
The breeding structure of a tropical keystone plant resource

Messmore, N.A.; Knox, J.S., 1997:
The breeding system of the narrow endemic, Helenium virginicum (Asteraceae)

Vennetier, M., 1998:
The broadleaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King)

Adamic, M., 1999:
The brown bear in Slovenia - natural heritage or a nuisance? The problems of the conservation of large predators in the cultural landscape - the case of the brown bear in Slovenia

Chereches, D.; Depierre, D., 1997:
The brown bear of the Carpathians in Romania

Peries, R.R.A., 1996:
The brown dwarf: a recent addition to the varieties and forms of the coconut palm grown in Sri Lanka

Schweitzer, S.H.; Finch, D.M.; Leslie, D.M.J., 1998:
The brown-headed cowbird and its riparian-dependent hosts in New Mexico

Hellquist, C.E.ic; Crow, G.E., 1997:
The bryophyte and vascular flora of Little Dollar Lake peatland, Mackinac County, Michigan

Novosyelova, L.V., 1998:
The bud cleistogamy of some annual species of the genus Medicago (Fabaceae)

Sarros, P., 1998:
The budget of the European union

Anonymous, 1998:
The buffalo milk Mozzarella cheese designation. Written question to the EU Commission

Anonymous, 1999:
The buffaloes in the Caribbean

Pritsa, T.S.; Voyiatzis, D.G.; Matsi, T.A., 1999:
The buffering effect of olive embryos on the pH of the substrate, during their in vitro germination

Koeniger, G.; Hanel, H., 1996:
The bulbus gland of drones (Apis mellifera L.)

Soderquist, L., 1999:
The bull is half the herd

Anagnostopoulos, I.J.T., 1996:
The bumble bees of Greece, first results of a biogeographical study

Thompson, J.R.; Garcia Arenal, F., 1998:
The bundle sheath-phloem interface of Cucumis sativus is a boundary to systemic infection by tomato aspermy virus

Nilesh Rane; Hemant Ghate, 1997:
The buprestid, Psiloptera fastuosa Fabr

Mukhtar, M.M.; Khier, M.M.; Baraka, O.Z.; Homeida, M.M., 1998 :
The burden of Onchocerca volvulus in Sudan

Ndyomugyenyi, R., 1998:
The burden of onchocerciasis in Uganda

Gratz, Norman G., 1997:
The burden of rodent-borne diseases in Africa south of the Sahara

Tamura, S., 1997:
The burden on the environment caused by changes in dietary habits and increased food imports

Anonymous, 1997:
The burgeoning men and women partnership in agricultural development

Green, S.V., 1998:
The bushman as an entomologist

Putzel, J., 1998:
The business of aid: transparency and accountability in European Union development assistance

Krahn, P.K., 1998:
The business of environmental law

Scattolin, G., 1997:
The business of milk processing (according to EU Directive 92/46)

Breward, A., 1998:
The business of sport

Anonymous, 1998:
The business of sustainable forestry: case studies

Wiegard, C.; Netzker, D.; Gadow, K. von, 1997 :
The butt log method of quality assessment

Kokorin, A.S., 1999:
The butter market in Russia and marketing policy of enterprises

Fox, B.W.; Waring, P., 1999:
The butterflies and moths of Bentley Wood and Blackmoor Copse on the borders of Wiltshire and Hampshire

Layberry, R.A.; Hall, P.W.; Lafontaine, J.D., 1998:
The butterflies of Canada

Pamperis, L.N., 1997:
The butterflies of Greece

Allen, T.J., 1997:
The butterflies of West Virginia and their caterpillars

Bergdahl, D.R.; Halik, S., 1998:
The butternut canker fungus recovered from insects collected on Juglans cinerea

Rutenberg, N.; Watkins, S.C., 1997:
The buzz outside the clinics: conversations and contraception in Nyanza Province, Kenya

Mannen, H.; Tsoi, S.C.; Krushkal, J.S.; Li, W.H.; Li, S.S., 1997:
The cDNA cloning and molecular evolution of reptile and pigeon lactate dehydrogenase isozymes

Xiong YuMei; Ling MinHua; Lan ZhengDao; Wang DaCheng; Chi ChengWu, 1999:
The cDNA sequence of an excitatory insect selective neurotoxin from the scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch

Ishida, N.; Katayama, Y.; Sato, F.; Hasegawa, T.; Mukoyama, H., 1999:
The cDNA sequences of equine antioxidative enzyme genes Cu/Zn-SOD and Mn-SOD, and these expressions in equine tissues

Machado, M., 1998:
The caatinga vegetation of northeastern Brazil

Kelm, M.; Gadomski, H.; Gabrys, B.; Grzadkowska, A., 1997:
The cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae L. on winter oilseed rape crops as a threat to Brassica vegetables

Navazio, L.; Sponga, L.; Dainese, P.; Fitchette Laine, A.C.therine; Faye, L.; Baldan, B.; Mariani, P., 1998:
The calcium binding protein calreticulin in pollen of Liriodendron tulipifera L

Alcarde, J.C.; Rodella, A.A., 1996:
The calcium carbonate equivalent of agricultural liming materials

Pearce, S.H.; Thakker, R.V., 1997:
The calcium-sensing receptor: insights into extracellular calcium homeostasis in health and disease

Windig, J.J., 1997:
The calculation and significance testing of genetic correlations across environments

Seruga, B.; Magdic, D., 1998:
The calculation of fuel consumption reduction in the drying process of camomile and mint as a function of wasted air temperature

White, M.S., 1998:
The calculation of the energy requirement of a critically ill child: a dietitians' survey

Holopainen, M.; Wang, G., 1998:
The calibration of digitized aerial photographs for forest stratification

Cruz Castillo, J.G.; Cardenas Alonso, M., 1997:
The calla lily (Zantedeschia spp.): a new crop for Veracruz, Mexico

Cockett, N.E.; Jackson, S.P.; Snowder, G.D.; Shay, T.L.; Berghmans, S.; Beever, J.E.; Carpenter, C.; Georges, M., 1999:
The callipyge phenomenon: evidence for unusual genetic inheritance

Solomon, M.B., 1999:
The callipyge phenomenon: tenderness intervention methods

Vickers, A., 1999:
The calm after the storm

Goll, D.E.; Thompson, V.F.; Taylor, R.G.; Ouali, A., 1998:
The calpain system and skeletal muscle growth

Gebrehiwet, T., 1998:
The camel in Eritrea: an all-purpose animal

Dudley, C.O., 1997:
The candelabra tree (Euphorbia ingens): a source of water for black rhinoceros in Liwonde National Park, Malawi

Dagenais, S.L.; Guevara Fujita, M.; Loechel, R.; Burgess, A.C.; Miller, D.E.; Yuzbasiyan Gurkan, V.; Brewer, G.J.; Glover, T.W., 1999:
The canine copper toxicosis locus is not syntenic with ATP7B or ATX1 and maps to a region showing homology to human 2p21

Yavitt, J.B.; Battles, J.J.; Lang, G.E.; Knight, D.H., 1995:
The canopy gap regime in a secondary neotropical forest in Panama

Bauerle, W.L.; Hinckley, T.M.; Cermak, J.; Kucera, J.; Bible, K., 1999:
The canopy water relations of old-growth Douglas-fir trees

Van Gestelen, P.; Ledeganck, P.; Wynant, I.; Caubergs, R.J.; Asard, H., 1998:
The cantharidin-induced oxidative burst in tobacco BY-2 cell suspension cultures

Sharma, K.C., 1997:
The capacity, autonomy, and accountability of local government in local-level governance: the case of Botswana

Jilek, M., 1996:
The capital structure of Czech stock companies

Todt, W., 1999:
The capital value of vines in viticulture

Palanichelvam, K.; Kunik, T.; Citovsky, V.; Gafni, Y., 1998:
The capsid protein of tomato yellow leaf curl virus binds cooperatively to single-stranded DNA

Mesnage, S.; Tosi-Couture, E.; Gounon, P.; Mock, M.; Fouet, A., 1998:
The capsule and S-layer: two independent and yet compatible macromolecular structures in Bacillus anthracis

Chung JingYeng; Zhang YaMei; Adler, B., 1998:
The capsule biosynthetic locus of Pasteurella multocida A:1

Syme, R.M.; Bruno, T.F.; Kozel, T.R.; Mody, C.H., 1999:
The capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans reduces T-lymphocyte proliferation by reducing phagocytosis, which can be restored with anticapsular antibody

Tarango Rivero, S.H.; Abrego, R.N., 1998:
The capture of Cydia caryana (Fitch) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with pheromone traps and the relationship with the phenology of pecan trees

Shilenkov, V.G., 1998:
The carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of the Republic of Tuva and their faunistic and ecological affinities

Ratti, E.; Busato, L.; Martin, P. de; Zanella, L., 1998:
The carabid beetles of the Euganean Hills (Veneto, NE Italy) (Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae)

Luka, H.; Walther, B.; Durrer, H., 1998:
The carabid fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the nature reserve 'Petite Camargue Alsacienne' (Alsace, F)

Lishaut, S.T. van; Rechkemmer, G.; Rowland, I.; Dolara, P.; Pool Zobel, B.L., 1999:
The carbohydrate crystalean and colonic microflora modulate expression of glutathione S-transferase subunits in colon of rats

Mehmetoglu, R.; Bashan, M., 1999:
The carbohydrate requirements of Melanogryllus desertus Pall. (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

D.A.drea, G.; Salucci, L.; Pitari, G.; Avigliano, L., 1998:
The carbohydrates of green zucchini ascorbate oxidase

Saugier, B., 1999:
The carbon balance of forest ecosystems

Morris, J.T.; Jensen, A., 1998:
The carbon balance of grazed and non-grazed Spartina anglica saltmarshes at Skallingen, Denmark

Malhi, Y.B.ldocchi, D.; Jarvis, P., 1999:
The carbon balance of tropical, temperate and boreal forests

Pessenda, L.C.R.; Gomes, B.M.; Aravena, R.; Ribeiro, A.S.; Boulet, R.; Gouveia, S.E.M., 1998:
The carbon isotope record in soils along a forest-cerrado ecosystem transect: implications for vegetation changes in the Rondonia state, southwestern Brazilian Amazon region

Boswald, K.; Wierling, R., 1997 :
The carbon regime of forests and forestry in Lower Saxony

Guadiz, G.; Haidaris, C.G.; Maine, G.N.; Simpson-Haidaris, P.J., 1998:
The carboxyl terminus of Pneumocystis carinii glycoprotein A encodes a functional glycosylphosphatidylinositol signal sequence

Halve, J., 1998:
The cardio-vascular system and endurance: interdisciplinary teaching to combine physical education and biology education within the framework of health education

King, A.S., 1999:
The cardiorespiratory system: integration of normal and pathological structure and function

Khatib, S.; Alkofahi, A.; Hasan, M.; Najib, N., 1998:
The cardiovascular effects of Rosmarinus officinalis extract on the isolated intact rabbit heart

Chiu, K.W.; Fung, A.Y.L., 1997:
The cardiovascular effects of green beans (Phaseolus aureus), common rue (Ruta graveolens), and kelp (Laminaria japonica) in rats

Konjoian, P., 1998:
The care and feeding of Patriot lantana

Mitsui, D., 1997:
The care and feeding of recreation work experience students

Katz, M.H.; Gerberding, J.L., 1998:
The care of persons with recent sexual exposure to HIV

Hodge, S.; Arthur, W.; Mitchell, P., 1997:
The carriage of fungal material by adult Drosophila

Lewis, D.J.; Thorpe, S.A.; Wilkinson, K.; Reynolds, S.L. , 1998:
The carry-through of residues of maleic hydrazide from treated potatoes, following manufacture into potato crisps and 'jacket' potato crisps

Pisarenko, A.E., 1999:
The carrying system of a universal mobile power source based on a self-propelled chassis

Kirk, D., 1998:
The case against the deterioration argument: lessons from history to inform the future of physical education

Grossman, A., 1998:
The case for a place of their own: Queer youth and urban space

Fitzgerald, W.F.; Engstrom, D.R.; Mason, R.P.; Nater, E.A., 1998:
The case for atmospheric mercury contamination in remote areas

Pointier, J.P.; Giboda, M., 1999:
The case for biological control of snail intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mansoni

Rollins, K.; Lyke, A., 1997:
The case for diminishing marginal existence values

Griesemer, J., 1998:
The case for epigenetic inheritance in evolution

Esichaikul, R.; Baum, T., 1998:
The case for government involvement in human resource development: A study of the Thai hotel industry

Sparkes, D.L.; Jaggard, K.W.; Ramsden, S.J.; Scott, R.K., 1998:
The case for headland set-aside in sugar beet rotations

Thomson, J.T., 1997:
The case for local management of resources: examples from Mali

Lester, R.J.G.; Hallett, S.L.; E.M.tbouli, M.; Canning, E.U., 1998:
The case for naming actinosporeans using the Zoological Code

Whittemore, C.T., 1999:
The case for net energy and net protein models for performance prediction in pigs

Dornbusch, R., 1998:
The case for trade liberalization

Stipetic, V., 1998:
The case for unique tourism accounts (dilemmas, difficulties and questions)

Damonte, L.T.; Domke Damonte, D.J.; Morse, S.P., 1998:
The case for using destination-level price elasticity of demand for lodging services

Hobbs, H.; Larios, J.F.; Milla, F.R.A.; Vides, J.E.; Valverde, C., 1997:
The case of CENTA in El Salvador: a research partnership with farmers

Hovette, P.; Camara, P.; Raphenon, G.; Burgel, P.R.; Donzel, C.; N'Dir, M.C., 1999:
The case of drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis was nocardiosis!

Koontz, F., 1998:
The case of the spreading erythematous lesion - a ticklish problem - malignancy or microbiologic?

Cheng LungLang, 1998:
The case study of the Q.C.C. method to increase efficiency in agricultural business

Rickson, F.; Rickson, M., 1998:
The cashew nut, Anacardium occidentale (Anacardiaceae), and its perennial association with ants: extrafloral nectary location and the potential for ant defense

Shoo, J.A.E., 1998:
The cashewnut industry in Tanzania - status report

Jammes, H.; D.W.i, 1999:
The cashmere goats of Inner Mongolia

Lynch, R.; Veal, A.J., 1998:
The casino in the post-industrial city: the social and economic impact of the Sydney casino

Longstreeth, J., 1997:
The casualty pig

Farkas, R., 1999:
The cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis Bouche). Review article

Hillam, J., 1998:
The catalogue of European tree-ring chronologies

Garvish, J.F.; Lloyd, R.S., 1999:
The catalytic mechanism of a pyrimidine dimer-specific glycosylase (pdg)/abasic lyase, Chlorella virus-pdg

San Agustin, J.T.; Leszyk, J.D.; Nuwaysir, L.M.; Witman, G.B., 1998:
The catalytic subunit of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase of ovine sperm flagella has a unique amino-terminal sequence

Cornish, A.S.; Page, W.J., 1998:
The catecholate siderophores of Azotobacter vinelandii: their affinity for iron and role in oxygen stress management

Vrabec, V.; Jindra, Z., 1998:
The caterpillars of the rare butterfly Euphydryas maturna (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) as food for the predatory bug Picromerus bidens (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Brady, C.P.; Dowd, A.J.; Tort, J.; Roche, L.; Condon, B.; O.N.ill, S.M.; Brindley, P.J.; Dalton, J.P., 1999:
The cathepsin L-like proteinases of liver fluke and blood fluke parasites of the trematode genera Fasciola and Schistosoma

Arsova, A.; Raichev, T., 1998:
The cation content in lucerne in relation to soil amendments applied to copper-contaminated pseudopodzolic soil

Wollny, C.B.A.; Namwaza, A.G.; Makamba, T.S.W.; Kuttner, K., 1998:
The cattle breeding situation in Malawi

Radunz, B., 1997:
The cattle tick

Passafaro, R.; Souza, W.M. de; Miglino, M.A., 1997:
The caudal vena cave and ostia of the hepatic veins in Nelore cattle

Malakhova, N.M.; Pesterova, M.V.; Kovaleva, A.A.; Kovalevskaya, V.A.; Myl' nikov, N.M., 1998:
The causal agent of pyriculariose of rice

Leonard, W.M.; Phillips, J., 1997:
The cause and effect rule for percentaging tables: an overdue statistical correction for stacking studies

Wang LeLing, 1999:
The cause and methods of dealing with the loss of immunity to Marek's disease

Terashima, I.; Noguchi, K.; Itoh Nemoto, T.; Park, Y.M.k; Kubo, A.; Tanaka, K., 1998:
The cause of PSI photoinhibition at low temperatures in leaves of Cucumis sativus, a chilling-sensitive plant

Wang BoHua; Zhu DeCheng; Zhu YongGao; Wang JiaXin; W.W.iLin; Yang HaoSheng, 1998:
The cause of boll rot and the technique of control

H.J.n; Song WenJian; L.F.ngLong, 1999:
The cause of low viability and vigour of seeds of hybrids and male sterile lines of rice produced in early summer

Xia Qiu; Jiang HaiYan, 1998:
The cause of low yield of cotton in newly reclaimed fields with red earth in rolling hilly areas and the countermeasures

Hamid Rouhani; Mehri Safari, 1996:
The cause of mortality of the larvae of garlic butterfly (Dyspessa ulula) in Hamadan

Skatter, S.; Kucera, B., 1998:
The cause of the prevalent directions of the spiral grain patterns in conifers

Narayan, P.K., 1999:
The causes and consequences of sugarcane burning in Fiji

Chan, E.; Milne, M.; Fleming, E., 1998:
The causes and consequences of taro leaf blight in Samoa and the implications for trade patterns in taro in the South Pacific region

Shishira, E.K.; Payton, R.W., 1996:
The causes and effects of accelerated soil erosion and sedimentation in the Kondoa Eroded Area: evidence from the Lake Haubi Basin, Kondoa District, Tanzania

Silkova, O.G.; Shchapova, A.I.; Potapova, T.A.; Kravtsova, L.A., 1999:
The causes of different transmission rates via gametes of two different homoeologous univalents of the wheat-rye di-monosomic

Schaik, A. van; Schoorl, F., 1999 :
The causes of flesh browning in Elstar become known

L.F.Li; Shen XueQin; Yan DeHui; Yan HongChu, 1997:
The causes of low production for chestnut plantation

X.Y.nWen; Han WenYan; W.B.ngHua, 1995:
The causes of low yield and low quality of tea cultivated in a hilly red soil area and a technical approach for improvement

Khan, N.M., 1998:
The causes of slow diffusion of new agricultural technologies in Kurram Agency

Sun XiaoPing; Geng FengHua; Deng Wei; Zhang JiangXiao; Nian ZhaoYang; Wang SuTing, 1998:
The causes of spread, characteristics and control measures for wheat sharp eye spot in 1998

Smith, N.G.; Hurst, L.D., 1999:
The causes of synonymous rate variation in the rodent genome. Can substitution rates be used to estimate the sex bias in mutation rate?

Farrar, R.R.J.; Ridgway, R.L., 1997:
The celery looper (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) baculovirus: potency and enhancement by Blankophor BBH against 3 lepidopteran species

Houben, A.W.ko, T.F.rushima-Shimogawara, R.P.esting, G.K.nzel, G.S.hubert, I.F.kui, K., 1999:
The cell cycle dependent phosphorylation of histone H3 is correlated with the condensation of plant mitotic chromosomes

Burssens, S.; Van Montagu, M.; Inze, D., 1998:
The cell cycle in Arabidopsis

Picchio, G.R.; Gulizia, R.J.; Wehrly, K.; Chesebro, B.; Mosier, D.E., 1998:
The cell tropism of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 determines the kinetics of plasma viremia in SCID mice reconstituted with human peripheral blood leukocytes

Mody, C.H.; Wood, C.J.; Syme, R.M.; Spurrell, J.C., 1999:
The cell wall and membrane of Cryptococcus neoformans possess a mitogen for human T lymphocytes

Schoffelmeer, E.A.; Klis, F.M.; Sietsma, J.H.; Cornelissen, B.J., 1999:
The cell wall of Fusarium oxysporum

Riess, F.G.; Lichtinger, T.; Yassin, A.F.; Schaal, K.P.; Benz, R., 1999:
The cell wall porin of the gram-positive bacterium Nocardia asteroides forms cation-selective channels that exhibit asymmetric voltage dependence

Zarra, I.; Sanchez, M.; Queijeiro, E.; Pena, M.J.; Revilla, G., 1999:
The cell wall stiffening mechanism in Pinus pinaster Aiton: regulation by apoplastic levels of ascorbate and hydrogen peroxide

Gozalbo, D.; Gil-Navarro, I.; Azorín, I.; Renau-Piqueras, J.; Martínez, J.P.; Gil, M.L., 1998:
The cell wall-associated glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase of Candida albicans is also a fibronectin and laminin binding protein

Chen ShangWu; Zhang DaPeng; Zhang WeiYi, 1998:
The cell wall-degrading enzymes and mode of infection of melon fruits by Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenb.) Vuill and Fusarium semitectum Berk et Rav

Karmańska, K.; Houszka, M.; Widyma, A.; Stefaniak, E., 1997:
The cells observed inside capsules of larvae in the course of experimental trichinellosis in mice

Assmann, Sm, 1999:
The cellular basis of guard cell sensing of rising CO2

Monacelli, B.; Pasqua, G.; Rascio, N.; Botta, B.; Delle Monache, G.; Vitali, A.; Chiappeta, A., 1997:
The cellular distribution of antifeedant prenylated anthranoids in the tissues of Vismia guianensis during development

Williams-Masson, E.M.; Heid, P.J.; Lavin, C.A.; Hardin, J., 1998:
The cellular mechanism of epithelial rearrangement during morphogenesis of the Caenorhabditis elegans dorsal hypodermis

Wood, R.M.; Patrick, J.W.; Offler, C.E., 1998:
The cellular pathway of short-distance transfer of photosynthates and potassium in the elongating stem of Phaseolus vulgaris L. A physiological assessment

Helmerhorst, E.J.; Breeuwer, P.; Hof, W. van' t; Walgreen Weterings, E.; Oomen, L.C.J.M.; Veerman, E.C.I.; Amerongen, A.V.N.; Abee, T., 1999:
The cellular target of histatin 5 on Candida albicans is the energized mitochondrion

Bay, D.; Goodwin, J.; Allen, J., 1997:
The census of agriculture moves to USDA

Coluzzi, M.; Corbellini, G., 1998:
The centenary of malariology (1898-1998)

Collins, E.; Oddy, D.J., 1998:
The centenary of the British Food Journal, 1899-1999 - changing issues in food safety regulation and nutrition

Anonymous, 1997:
The centralized dairy cooperative has become a different kind of organization

Trdan, S.; Milevoj, L., 1996:
The cereal aphid (Sitobion avenae F.) in wheat crops in 1995

Trdan, S.; Milevoj, L., 1999:
The cereal aphid (Sitobion avenae F.), wheat pest

Trisvyatskiy, L.A.; Strelkov, E.V.; Kochetkov, L.I., 1997:
The cereal economy: portents of catastrophe

Florez, E.A. de; Olivo, E.A., 1999:
The cereal flour enrichment program in Venezuela: some results during a decreasing food purchasing power stage

Bruzzone, C.M.; Asp, E.H., 1999:
The cereal science and disease etiology of gluten-sensitive enteropathy

Joachim, J.; Lauga, J., 1996:
The chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs L.) as a model species in studying fragmentation of forested landscapes in southwestern France

Urban, J., 1998:
The chalcid Schizonotus sieboldi Ratz. (Pteromalidae) - an important regulator of the mass outbreak of the leaf beetle Chrysomela vigintipunctata Scop

Gillan, T.L.; Richardson, D.H.S., 1997:
The chalcid seed wasp, Megastigmus nigrovariegatus Hymenoptera: Torymidae, on Rosa rugosa Thunb. in Nova Scotia

Waage, J.K., 1999:
The challenge of applied population biology in biological control and IPM

Barrington, S., 1999:
The challenge of building good cattle housing without exceeding its budget

Bonnet, J.P., 1997:
The challenge of capitalizing in agricultural business

Kabbaj, O., 1998:
The challenge of development and poverty reduction in Africa

Okwero, P., 1998:
The challenge of establishing community-directed treatment with Mectizan in Uganda

de Pauw, B.E.; Meunier, F., 1999:
The challenge of invasive fungal infection

Anderson, F., 1999:
The challenge of leveraging the internet for a sustainable water management agenda: enabling global cooperation and local initiatives

Harremoes, P., 1998:
The challenge of managing water and material balances in relation to eutrophication

Loague, K.; Corwin, D.L.; Ellsworth, T.R., 1998:
The challenge of predicting nonpoint source pollution

Deb, K., 1997:
The challenge of rural development: five decades of Indian experience

Bhaskar Majumdar, 1999:
The challenge of social change in post-independent Uttar Pradesh: the relevance of basic needs

Webster, P., 1999:
The challenge of sustainability at the farm level: presidential address

McMinn, S., 1997:
The challenge of sustainable tourism

Robinson, D.W., 1998:
The challenge of the next generation of weed problems

Lelion, J.P., 1998:
The challenge of trade

Pelley, J., 1998 :
The challenge of watershed cleanup

Braun, H.J.; Payne, T.S.; Morgounov, A.I.; Ginkel, M. van; Rajaram, S., 1998:
The challenge: one billion tons of wheat by 2020

Cleaver, F.; Franks, T., 1998:
The challenges ahead - water-resources management for the next millennium

Roux, B., 1998:
The challenges for Guinean rice policy

Khor, C.H.; Quek, K.H.; Tay, T.H., 1997:
The challenges for the development of the Putrajaya Constructed Wetlands

Caccomo, J.L.; Greco, P., 1996:
The challenges of internationalization and distribution

Newton, B., 1997:
The challenges of managing the modern sow

Garcia Azcarate, T., 1998:
The challenges of the CAP

Hercock, M., 1998:
The challenges posed by four-wheel drive tourists to sustainable tourism in tropical Western Australia

Robitaille, M.J., 1997:
The challenges shared by both the Quebec government and the forestry industry

Williams, J.A.; DeMicco, F.J.; Kotschevar, L., 1997:
The challenges that face restaurants in attracting and meeting the needs of the mature customer

Auroi, C.R., 1998:
The chances of fair trade for small and medium-size producers of the South

Choi SeongJin; Kim JeeEun, 1999:
The change in aroma production of 'Fuji' apple fruits as influenced by CA storage

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The common organisation of the market for processed fruit and vegetables

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The common organisation of the market for tobacco

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The concept of substantial equivalence in the assessment of the nutritional safety of novel foods

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The concept of sustainability in forest management - from its beginnings until the present

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The concept of the draft Land Code of the Russian Federation

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The concept of the sector and globalization

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The condensing of milk before transporting it

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The condition and solution to corn processing and conversion in Jilin Province

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The confectionery industry's expectations of milk and whey product suppliers

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The confectionery market in Russia

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The consequences of parasite induced effects on the population dynamics of birds

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