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The comparison of dried skim milk replacer supplemented or unsupplemented with enzymes with dried skim milk in diets for suckling and weaned pigs

Salobir, J.; Salobir, K.; Rotar, I.; Urbanc, M.; Malensek, A.

Krmiva 39(1): 11-18


Accession: 003298777

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Suckled and weaned piglets in 5 groups were fed on prestarter and starter diets supplemented with PMP, PRE-0, PRE-300, PRE-500 or PRE-POLI. PMP contained dried skim milk (DSM), whereas PRE-0, PRE-300, PRE-500 and PRE-POLI contained Prelact, a whole milk substitute containing DSM. Polizyme concentration in PMP, PRE-0, PRE-300 and PRE-500 was 0, 0, 300 and 500 g/t, respectively. PRE-POLI was Prelact supplemented with Polizyme.

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