The effect of beta -lactoglobulin phenotype on the heat-induced dissociation of kappa -casein from casein micelles

Hill, J.P.; Paterson, G.R.; Anema, S.G.

Milk protein polymorphism Proceedings of the IDF Seminar, Palmerston North, New Zealand, February 1997: 237-240


Accession: 003300725

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Heating of pooled milk samples from beta -lactoglobulin ( beta -Lg) AA or BB phenotype cows at 120 degrees C for 6 min over the pH range 6.5 to 7.1 showed a marked influence of beta -Lg phenotype upon heat-induced dissociation of kappa -casein. Level of kappa -casein dissociation was generally slightly higher in beta -Lg BB than AA milks at pH 6.5, but was markedly higher in beta -Lg AA than BB milks at higher pH.