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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3304

Chapter 3304 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Petkevicius, S.; Larsen, M.; Knudsen,; Nansen, P.; Gronvold, J.; Henriksen, S.A.; Wolstrup, J., 1998:
The effect of the nematode-destroying fungus Duddingtonia flagrans against Oesophagostomum dentatum larvae in faeces from pigs fed different diets

Liu GuangQin; Chang YouHong; Liu HongJin; Cheng BaoLong; G.Q.n, 1997:
The effect of the new plant growth regulator CPPU on the fruit of rape

Fratti, R.A.; Belanger, P.H.; Sanati, H.; Ghannoum, M.A., 1998:
The effect of the new triazole, voriconazole (UK-109,496), on the interactions of Candida albicans and Candida krusei with endothelial cells

Silva, C.L.G. da; Cunha, D.W. da; Daemon, E.; Faccini, J.L.H., 1996:
The effect of the number of larvae of Boophilus microplus (Can. 1887) (Acari: Ixodidae) on the recovery of engorged females on rabbits

Edwards, C.M.; Abusnana, S.; Sunter, D.; Murphy, K.G.; Ghatei, M.A.; Bloom, S.R., 1999:
The effect of the orexins on food intake: comparison with neuropeptide Y, melanin-concentrating hormone and galanin

Seneviratne, P.; Gammanaliyanage, S.S.; Wijesekara, G.A.S., 1998:
The effect of the origin of the explant on in vitro growth of axillary buds of Hevea brasiliensis

abetowicz, J.; Stepien, W.; Turemka, E., 1997:
The effect of the phosphorus on exhausted soils

Kagramanov, V.S.; Aseeva, L.E.; Varivoda, T.Y., 1998 :
The effect of the plague microbe capsular antigen on isolated cells of plague sensitive and plague resistant animals

Holoubek, J.; Arent, E.; Ledvinka, Z., 1998:
The effect of the plane of nutrition on the performance and weight of hybrid layers of four genotypes

Urbanczyk, J.; Hanczakowska, E., 1997:
The effect of the plant-herbage extract Aromex-Solid on fattening pigs

Macua, J.I.; Santos, A.; Zuniga, J., 1999:
The effect of the planting date on the programmation yield and quality of processing tomato in Navarre (Spain)

Lepage Carlotti, B.; Capillon, A., 1999:
The effect of the premium for durum wheat on agricultural holdings in West Aude

Kaya, S.; Kocabatmaz, M., 1998:
The effect of the rations containing different ratios of urea on rumen and blood metabolites of Angora goats

Holz, P.; Barker, I.K.; Burger, J.P.; Crawshaw, G.J.; Conlon, P.D., 1997:
The effect of the renal portal system on pharmacokinetic parameters in the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

Sutton, J.D.; Abdalla, A.L.; Phipps, R.H.; Cammell, S.B.; Humphries, D.J., 1997:
The effect of the replacement of grass silage by increasing proportions of urea-treated whole-crop wheat on food intake and apparent digestibility and milk production by dairy cows

Takacs, A.; Dolej, S., 1998:
The effect of the resistance activator BION on the relationship Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici-tomato

Zabielska Matejuk, J., 1997:
The effect of the shape of miniaturized experimental samples on the rate of wood decomposition, fungicidal value and leaching properties of the preparation of CCB type

Bajan, L' ; Buleca, J.; Mattova, J., 1998:
The effect of the size of the foramen ovale patens on the performance parameters in pigs

Vranova, J.; Martinek, P.; Bednar, J., 1999:
The effect of the sowing rate on the formation of yield characters in the genetic resources of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with a non-standard morphological spike structure

Ocvirek, M., 1997:
The effect of the sowing time on development of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) seedlings in three types of containers

Koodziej, B., 1998:
The effect of the time of sowing on fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) yield

Lidzhi, K., 1998:
The effect of the type of housing and season on behaviour of pregnant heifers

Morsy, T.A.; Shoukry, A.; Mazyad, S.A.; Makled, K.M., 1998:
The effect of the volatile oils of Chenopodium ambrosioides and Thymus vulgaris against the larvae of Lucilia sericata (Meigen)

Podlaski, S.; Chrobak, Z., 1997:
The effect of the water potential of pellets on the germination of sugarbeet seeds

Trzybinska, D., 1997:
The effect of the year of experiment, sex and type of lambing on the growth rate and meat performance of lambs

Kranen, R.W.; Veerkamp, C.H.; Lambooy, E.; Van Kuppevelt, T.H.; Veerkamp, J.H., 1998:
The effect of thermal preslaughter stress on the susceptibility of broiler chickens differing with respect to growth rate, age at slaughter, blood parameters, and ascites mortality, to hemorrhages in muscles

Marsman, G.J.; Gruppen, H.; van der Poel, A.F.; Kwakkel, R.P.; Verstegen, M.W.; Voragen, A.G., 1997:
The effect of thermal processing and enzyme treatments of soybean meal on growth performance, ileal nutrient digestibilities, and chyme characteristics in broiler chicks

Mikulski, D.; Faruga, A.; Kriz, L.; Klecker, D., 1997:
The effect of thermal processing of faba beans, peas and shelled grains on the results of raising turkeys

Zomborszky Kovacs, M.; Zomborszky, Z.; Tuboly, S.; Lengyel, A.; Horn, E., 1998:
The effect of thermolysed brewer's yeast of high nucleotide content on some blood parameters in sheep

Beky, A., 1995:
The effect of thinning on increment in a sessile oak stand

Uri, V., 1998:
The effect of thinning on the branch diameter increment in pine stands

Christensen, C.M., 1997:
The effect of three distinct sex ratios at two Oesophagostomum dentatum worm population densities

Avenant, E.; Avenant, J.H.; Barnard, R.O., 1997:
The effect of three rootstock cultivars, potassium soil applications and foliar sprays on yield and quality of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Ronelle in South Africa

Y.K.Xian; Lascano, C.E.; Kerridge, P.C.; Avila, P., 1998:
The effect of three tropical shrub legumes on intake rate and acceptability by small ruminants

Park InSeok; Zhang ChangIk, 1998:
The effect of thyroxine on the growth and yolk resorption of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) yolk sac larvae

Boelt, B., 1999:
The effect of tiller size in autumn on the percentage of reproductive tillers in amenity types of Poa pratensis L., Festuca rubra L. and Lolium perenne L

Michiyama, H.; Matsuoka, A., 1996:
The effect of tillering position on the main stem and the number of transplanted seedlings/hill on the thickening of Zizania stems

Lutze, M.; Gourley, O.; More, R., 1998:
The effect of time of sowing on eucalypt regeneration following direct sowing onto disturbed soil in the high elevation mixed species forests of East Gippsland

Passam, H.C.; Akoumianakis, K.; Sarigiannidi, A., 1998:
The effect of time of sowing on the production of okra (Hibiscus esculentus L.) seed in the Mediterranean region

Kaya, A.; Coyan, K.; Ataman, M.B., 1998:
The effect of timed insemination on pregnancy rates of cows synchronized with PGF2 alpha based on plasma progesterone levels

Levri, M.A., 1998:
The effect of timing of pollination on the mating system and fitness of Kalmia latifolia (Ericaceae)

Rosecrance, R.C.; Johnson, R.S.; Weinbaum, S.A., 1998:
The effect of timing of post-harvest foliar urea sprays on nitrogen absorption and partitioning in peach and nectarine trees

Esonu, B.O.; Udedibie, A.B.I.; Carlini, C.R., 1998:
The effect of toasting, dry urea treatment and sprouting on some thermostable toxic factors in the jackbean seed

Iancu, M.; Negoita, M.; Neamtu, I., 1997:
The effect of topographic modification of hillside apple orchards on the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil

Iancu, M.; Neamtu, I.; Negoita, M., 1997:
The effect of topographical modification of hillside apple orchards on tree growth and productivity

Sotiropoulos, T.E.; Therios, I.N.; Dimassi, K.N., 1998:
The effect of toxic boron concentrations on shoot proliferation of in vitro kiwifruit shoot tip cultures

Xing XieJia; Wang ZhenZhong; Zhang YouMei; Xiang ChangGuo; L.Z.ongWu; L.W.nFang, 1998:
The effect of toxicity of dimethoate to the respiration intensity of soil fauna

Hiraga, A.; Kai, M.; Kubo, K.; Sugano, S., 1997:
The effect of training intensity on cardiopulmonary function in 2 year-old Thoroughbred horses

Mika, A.; Buler, Z.; Chlebowska, D., 1998:
The effect of training systems and planting density on growth and fruiting of plum trees grafted on two rootstocks

Klochko, P.V.; Zarichnyi, I.V.; Kachkina, V.S., 1997:
The effect of training, pruning and planting density on yield of pear plantations

Ghuman, S.P.S.; Prabhakar, S.; Sharma, R.D.; Nanda, A.S., 1997:
The effect of tranquilizers on the stress response in buffaloes suffering from uterine torsion

Walczak, B.; Kelm, M.; Klukowski, Z.; Smart, L.E.; Ferguson, A.W.; Williams, I.H., 1998:
The effect of trap design and 2-phenylethyl isothiocyanate on catches of stem weevils (Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus Marsh. and C. napi Gyll.) in winter oilseed rape

Naruse, H.; Matsui, T.; Fujihara, T., 1999:
The effect of treated (spray-dried) beef tallow supplementation on fattening performance in Japanese Black-breed (Wagyu) steers

Goulart, A.C.P.; Paiva, F. de A., 1996:
The effect of treatment of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seeds with fungicides on control of Helminthosporium sativum and Pyricularia oryzae

Yang ZhiTian; Liu Wenying; L.Z.enZhang, 1999:
The effect of treatment with the rapidly soluble preparation Duowei on fertility and hatchability

Shabelsky, E.; Yaniv, Z., 1998:
The effect of treatment with vegetable oils on seed germination and shoot elongation

Zulnely ; Rostiwati, T.; Sukardi, I., 1998:
The effect of tree girth and tapping width on the yield of jelutung (Dyera lowii) latex in Central Kalimantan

Hebert, J.; Lejeune, P.; Belle, J.F. van; Schenkel, Y., 1996:
The effect of tree marking on mechanised first thinning in a coniferous plantation

Summers, L.K.; Fielding, B.A.; Ilic, V.; Quinlan, P.T.; Frayn, K.N., 1998:
The effect of triacylglycerol-fatty acid positional distribution on postprandial metabolism in subcutaneous adipose tissue

Schwarzbach, E., 1998:
The effect of trial design and of detrending on the true error in simulated field trials

Ylmaz, H.; Oner, A.F.; Akdeniz, H.; Arslan, S., 1998:
The effect of triclabendazole (FasinexReg.) in children with fasciolosis

Kizilkaya, R.; Arcak, S., 1996:
The effect of trifluraline on nitrification

Lien, E.L.; Boyle, F.G.; Yuhas, R.; Tomarelli, R.M.; Quinlan, P., 1997:
The effect of triglyceride positional distribution on fatty acid absorption in rats

Davidyants, E.S.; Kartasheva, I.A.; Neshin, I.V., 1997:
The effect of triterpene glycosides of Silphium perfoliatum L. on phytopathogenic fungi

Hrabe, F.; Straka, J.; Rosicka, L., 1997:
The effect of trophism on the production of fodder of permanent, sown-in and newly sown meadow stands

Khokhlova, L.; Olinevich, O.; Pahlich, E.; Tarakanova, N.; Asafova, E.; Volovnic, I., 1997:
The effect of tubulin protein modificators on the water exchange of the nonhardened and cold-hardened plants of winter wheat

Debreczeni, K., 1997:
The effect of twenty-six years of permanent fertilization on the crop and some soil properties

Aral, O.; Buyukhatipoglu, S.; Erdem, M.; Agragac, C., 1996:
The effect of two different feeds on the growth of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W. 1792) in net cages in the Black Sea

Yan, T.; Patterson, D.C.; Gordon, F.J., 1998:
The effect of two methods of feeding the concentrate supplement to dairy cows of high genetic merit

Phutikanit, N.; Ubonnuch, K.; Methiyapun, S.; Intrachaisri, C., 1997:
The effect of udder washing techniques on total bacterial count in raw milk in dairy cows

Wang, Z.; McCully, T.J.; Dilley, D.R., 1997:
The effect of ultra low oxygen storage, initial oxygen stress and ethanol vapor treatments on controlling superficial scald of Granny Smith, Law Rome, Red Delicious apples

Kong, X.H.i; Zhang,, 1998:
The effect of ultra-dry methods and storage on vegetable seeds

Veterany, L.; Hluchy, S.; Weis, J., 1999:
The effect of ultrasound on embryonal mortality and sex differentiation of chickens during incubation

Armstrong, G.; Mckinlay, R.G., 1997:
The effect of undersowing cabbages with clover on the activity of carabid beetles

Kienegger, M.; Finch, S., 1996:
The effect of undersowing with clover on host-plant selection by pest insects of Brassica crops

Hiitola, K.; Eltun, R., 1996:
The effect of undersown cover crops on grain yield and the nitrogen content of plants and soil

Turan, Y.; Konuk, M., 1999:
The effect of uracil on the germination and growth of some leguminous plants

Avdeeva, A.V.; Kuz' michev, V.V., 1997:
The effect of urban environment on natural forests: an example of the town of Divnogorsk

Barlow, S.A.; Munn, I.A.; Cleaves, D.A.; Evans, D.L., 1998:
The effect of urban sprawl on timber harvesting

Demirel, M.; Bolat, D., 1997:
The effect of urea and niacin addition in the mixed feed with dried sugar beet pulp and tapioka on degradability of certain food matter in the rumen

Anggraeni, I.; Suharti, M., 1996:
The effect of urea fertilizer on the growth of root rot fungi of Pinus merkusii using an in vitro method

Wang Zhi Ping, Z.H.i Miao; Huang J.F.; Luo; L.J.a Ge, 1996:
The effect of urea on the activity and stability of metallocluster of the MoFe protein of nitrogenase from Azotobacter vinelandii

Sharama, M.M.; Awasthi, R.P.; Kaith, N.S., 1997:
The effect of urea on the nutrient status of plum (Prunus saliciana) grafts

Kudla, A.P.; Motta, A.C.V.; Kudla, M.E., 1996:
The effect of using basalt powder applied to an Alic Cambisol on the soil and growth of wheat

Mehrabani-Yeganeh, H.; Gibson, J.P.; Uimari, P., 1999:
The effect of using different culling regimens on genetic response with two-trait, two-stage selection in a nucleus broiler stock

Itodo, I.N.; Lucas, E.B.; Kucha, E.I., 1997:
The effect of using solar energy in the thermophilic digestion of poultry waste

Hetman, J.; Szot, P., 1998:
The effect of using superabsorbents on rooting of cuttings, growth and decorative value of pelargoniums

L.A.Fen; Chen JinMu, 1998:
The effect of using the fertilizer Baihefu on rice and watermelon

Bouwkamp, F.T., 1999:
The effect of vaccination of sows against PRRS in the Netherlands: the results of questionnaires

Van Donkersgoed, J.; Dubeski, P.L.; Aalhus, J.L.; VanderKop, M.; Dixon, S.; Starr, W.N., 1999:
The effect of vaccines and antimicrobials on the formation of injection site lesions in subprimals of experimentally injected beef calves

Griffiths, P.D.; Feinberg, J.E.; Fry, J.; Sabin, C.; Dix, L.; Gor, D.; Ansari, A.; Emery, V.C., 1998:
The effect of valaciclovir on cytomegalovirus viremia and viruria detected by polymerase chain reaction in patients with advanced human immunodeficiency virus disease

Neto, V.; Caligari, P.D.S., 1998:
The effect of variability on cashew yield trials

Cinemre, H.A., 1999:
The effect of variable sugarbeet and tobacco prices on optimum farm plans in Vezirkopru, Samsun, Turkey

Houbowicz, T.; Bojar, K., 1996:
The effect of varied fertilizer application on frost resistance in one-year Cortland apple shoots. II. The results from 1991-1994

Noworolnik, K., 1998:
The effect of varietal and environmental factors on spring barley response to sowing rate and nitrogen fertilization

Sasek, A.; Cerny, J.; Humpolikova, P.; Pekarkova, J., 1999:
The effect of varietal purity on the quality of declared varieties of food wheat

Jamriska, P., 1998:
The effect of variety and row spacing on seed yield of amaranth (Amaranthus spp.)

Saha, J.K.; Huq, M.Z.; Banu, A.N.H.; Chandra, K.J., 1998:
The effect of various chemicals in the treatment of tail and fin rot of Asian catfish, Clarias batrachus (Linn.)

Iragavarapu, T.K.; Posner, J.L.; Bubenzer, G.D., 1998:
The effect of various crops on bromide leaching to shallow groundwater under natural rainfall conditions

Uvarov, V.V., 1998:
The effect of various forms and amounts of nitrogen top dressings applied in early spring on yield and hay quality of a second-year mixture of Phleum pratense and Trifolium pratense

Svirskiene, A., 1996 :
The effect of various soil tillage methods on soil biological activity

Kaya, A.; Coyan, K.; Yldz, C.; Ataman, M.B., 1998:
The effect of various thawing temperatures and times on post-thawing sperm quality and terminal thawing temperatures in frozen bull semen

Pretzsch, H., 1996:
The effect of various thinning regimes on the spatial stand structure

Stopka, V.; Ochodnicky, D.; Margetinova, J.; Swartvagherova, K.; Margetin, M., 1996:
The effect of varying plane of nutrition on productive parameters in sheep

Hasselmann, L.; Munchow, H.; Manzke, V.; Nasri, H., 1997:
The effect of varying starch and sugar intake on the milk yield and raw milk quality of high-yielding dairy cows

Paschma, J.; Alaviuhkola, T.; Suomi, K., 1996:
The effect of vegetable oils and animal fat supplement in a diet on the reproductive performance in sows

Wyszynski, Z.; Kalinowska Zdun, M.; Broniecka, B., 1998:
The effect of vegetation period, rate and application methods of nitrogen fertilizers on yield and technological quality of sugar beet: Part I. Yields

Ueno, T.; Ohgama, T.; Norimoto, M., 1997:
The effect of ventilation on humidity conditions by interior finish materials

Behrends, J.I.; Randall, J.M.; Hartung, J., 1997:
The effect of vertical vibration of transporters on the behaviour of broiler chickens

Ernest, T., 1996:
The effect of viable yeast cultures on performance of broiler chicks

Cetinkaya, S., 1999:
The effect of vibration on fruit set and yields in tomato

Farrow, D.; Chivers, P.; Hardingham, C.; Sachse, S., 1998:
The effect of video-based perceptual training on the tennis return of serve

Udomprasert, P.; Urairong, K.; Kasemsuwan, S.; Parchariyanon, C., 1994:
The effect of virginiamycin on gilt productivity: a field trial

Monetti, P.G.; Tassinari, M.; Vignola, G.; Maculan, L.; Read, M.P., 1998:
The effect of virginiamycin supplementation in sow diets on the reproductive performance of the gilt/sow

Fawzi, W.W.; Herrera, M.G.; Willett, W.C.; Nestel, P.;, A.; Mohamed, K.A., 1998:
The effect of vitamin A supplementation on the growth of preschool children in the Sudan

Kurtoglu, F.; Altnok, V.; Haliloglu, S.; Tiftik, A.M.; Coskun, B., 1996:
The effect of vitamin A, E and C supplementation to the diet on some biochemical parameters in laying hens

Koshio, S.; Sakakura, Y.; IIda, Y.; Tsukamoto, K.; Kida, T.; Dabrowski, K., 1997:
The effect of vitamin C intake on schooling behavior of amphidromous fish, ayu Plecoglossus altivelis

Kaymaz, M.; Bastan, A.; Bassatan, A., 1997:
The effect of vitamin D3 administration on parafollicular C cells, calcium, inorganic phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase concentrations in pregnant rats

Maldjian, A.; Cerolini, S.; Surai, P.; Speake, B.K., 1998:
The effect of vitamin E, green tea extracts and catechin on the in vitro storage of turkey spermatozoa at room temperature

Ercisli, S.; Esitken, A.; Guleryuz, M., 1999:
The effect of vitamins on the seed germination of apricots

Houbowicz, T., 1998:
The effect of washing fruit with tap water on the heavy metal content

Mansiangi, P.; Palata Kabudi, J.C.; Kiyombo Mbela, K., 1999:
The effect of waste on water quality and aquatic ecosystems in the rivers at Kinshasa: the case of the river Kemi

Gao XiaLi; Wang AiMin; Yuan ZongFei; Liu XiaoFeng, 1997:
The effect of wastewater on ecology-physiological and cyto-toxicology of vegetables

Seker, C., 1999:
The effect of water content on the penetration resistance of different soils, and regression models

Ismailov, M.A.; Zulfugarov, I.S.; Feyziev, Y.M.; Aliev, J.A., 1998:
The effect of water deficit on wheat thylakoid membranes

X.C.angQing; Qian ZongHua; Liu FuBin; K.T.Xun; Huang LiMin, 1998:
The effect of water saving irrigation of rice

Ismail, M.I.; Duwayri, M.; Nachit, M.; Kafawin, O., 1999:
The effect of water stress at various growth stages of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L.) genotypes derived from crosses utilizing land race variety on yield-related characters

Yang Xian, 1998:
The effect of water stress on cell protective enzyme activity and membrane lipid peroxidation in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica P.)

Gorbanli, M.; Hidari, R.; Nojavan, M.; Farboudnia, T., 1998:
The effect of water stress on the variation of soluble proteins and amino acids in two different cultivars of chickpea

Takacs Hajos, M.; Simandi, P.; Posza, I., 1997:
The effect of water supply and nitrogen doses on the pigment, nitrate-N and water soluble solids contents of table beet

Erokhin, A.; Zhukovskaya, N.; Kuznetsov, Yu, 1998:
The effect of water-soluble antioxidants on the resistance of boar spermatozoa to cooling

Warren, L.K.; Lawrence, L.M.; Griffin, A.S.; Parker, A.L.; Barnes, T.; Wright, D., 1997:
The effect of weaning age on foal growth and bone density

Geary, T.M.; Brooks, P.H., 1998:
The effect of weaning weight and age on the post-weaning growth performance of piglets fed fermented liquid diets

Jastrzebski, A.; Solarska, E., 1998:
The effect of weather conditions on spring migration of damson-hop aphids

Wesoowski, M.; Kwiatkowski, C., 1997:
The effect of weed occurrence period in fields on yield and weed infestation of sugarbeet

Croster, M.; Masiunas, J., 1998:
The effect of weed-free period and nitrogen on eastern black nightshade competition with English pea

Cosser, N.D.; Gooding, M.J.; Davies, W.P.; Froud Williams, R.J., 1997:
The effect of weeding and sheep grazing on grain yield and quality of organic wheat

Jenkins, D.J.A.; Kendall, C.W.C.; Vuksan, V.; Augustin, L.S.A.; L.Y.Min; Lee, B.; Mehling, C.C.; Parker, T.; Faulkner, D.; Seyler, H.; Vidgen, E.; Fulgoni, V., 1999:
The effect of wheat bran particle size on laxation and colonic fermentation

Bedford, M.R.; Scott, T.A.; Silversides, F.G.; Classen, H.L.; Swift, M.L.; Pack, M., 1998:
The effect of wheat cultivar, growing environment, and enzyme supplementation on digestibility of amino acids by broilers

Durmus, N.; Tasli, O.; Kadioglu, A., 1999:
The effect of whey on the growth of some algae

Vieira, M.M., 1993:
The effect of white plastic nets on alate aphid catches in seed-potato trials (Homoptera, Aphidoidea)

Tian LiWen; Lou ChunHeng; H.B.n, 1997:
The effect of wide film mulching on the growth of cotton

Lattemae, P.; Rausberg, P., 1997:
The effect of wilting and sodium benzoate based additive on silage quality of grass and legume-grass mixture crop

Tinworth, T.R.H.; Barry, T.N.; Wilson, P.R., 1999:
The effect of wilting chicory on its voluntary feed intake and digestion by red deer

Bobrov, A.A.; Korobov, Y.D.; Dorofeyeva, Y.I.; Trofimov, S.Y.; Kazakevich, A.A., 1997:
The effect of windfall disturbances on the structure of meso- and nanofauna (as exemplified by soils under spruce forests of the Central Forest Reserve)

Matheson, H.; Mathes, S.; Murray, M., 1997:
The effect of winning and losing on female interactive and coactive team cohesion

Francis, G.S.; Bartley, K.M.; Tabley, F.J., 1998:
The effect of winter cover crop management on nitrate leaching losses and crop growth

Garwood, T.W.D.; Davies, D.B.; Hartley, A.R., 1999 :
The effect of winter cover crops on yield of the following spring crops and nitrogen balance in a calcareous loam

Homan, W.J.; Holleboom, B.W., 1998:
The effect of wood preservatives on the relation between the electric resistance and moisture content in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood

Gorisek, Z.; Knehtl, B., 1997:
The effect of wood surface coatings on dimensional stability of beechwood (Fagus silvatica L.)

Soriano, F.P.; Eusebio, D.A.; Cabangon, R.J.; Alcachupas, P.L.; Evans, P.L., 1997:
The effect of wood/cement ratio and accelerators on the properties of wood wool cement boards made from Acacia mangium

Bityutskii, N.P.; Lukina, E.I.; Patsevich, V.G.; Solov'eva, A.N.; Stepanova, T.N.; Nadporozhskaya, M.A., 1998:
The effect of worms on the transformation of organic substrates and the soil nutrition of plants

Vrzal, J.; Fogl, J., 1999:
The effect of year on forage production of perennial clover crops establishing without cover crop

Grauke, L.J.; Thompson, T.E.; Young, E.F.Jr.; Petersen, H.D., 1998:
The effect of year, cultivar, location, and storage regime on pecan kernel color

Liu, R.; Suzuki, M.; Shibano, H.; Ohta, T., 1998:
The effect of year-to-year variation in precipitation on runoff duration curve of mountainous watershed

Valdez, J.C.rlos; Rachid, M.; Bru, E.; Perdigon, G., 1997:
The effect of yoghurt on the cytotoxic and phagocytic activity of macrophages in tumour-bearing mice

Smith, J.L.; Graczyk, T.K.; Cranfield, M.R., 1996:
The effect of yolk sampling on performance parameters and reproductive indices of northern bobtail quail (Colinus virginianus) eggs

Malenga, N.E.A., 1999:
The effect of zinc carriers and frequency of application on the yield of mature Indian hybrid seedling tea

Danek, J., 1998:
The effect of zinc supplementation on zinc content in blood serum and seminal plasma and on the quality of stallion semen

Kiliç, I.; Ozalp, I.; Coŝkun, T.; Tokatli, A.; Emre, S.; Saldamli, I.; Köksel, H.; Ozboy, O., 1998:
The effect of zinc-supplemented bread consumption on school children with asymptomatic zinc deficiency

Zohouri, A.; Tekeli, S.K.; Turkemn, G.; Soyturk, B.; Engizek, T., 1998:
The effect on metabolism, egg production and egg-shell quality of dietary aluminium in laying hens

Madden, U.A.; Stahr, H.M.; Stino, F.K., 1999:
The effect on performance and biochemical parameters when soil was added to aflatoxin-contaminated poultry rations

Qiao Ji; Zhang ZhenChen; Jin XiuLan; Liu ShunQing; Wang Jian, 1999:
The effect on regeneration of sterilization methods for strawberry anthers

Zhu HongMei; Rong XiangMin; Yuan ZhengPin; H.R.iZhi; Huang YunXiang; Zhou Qing; Zhang YangZhu; Xiao YongLan, 1998:
The effect on rice field's emission of methane by the application of organic manure

Patchett, M.R.; Bee, P.M., 1997:
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The effects of adult male of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, whose testis or vesiculae seminales have been resected on the oviposition of its partner

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The effects of advertising in an inverse demand system: Norwegian vegetables revisited

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