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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3305

Chapter 3305 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mohammad, M.A.H.; Smith, I., 1998:
The effects of moisture conditioning on the load-slip performance of nailed joints

Ioras, F.; Render, M., 1999:
The effects of mountainous grazing on forest ecosystem and management in Romania

Krzywy, E.; Jakubowski, W., 1998:
The effects of multicomponent fertilizers on the yield and quality of potato and yellow lupine

Serman, V.; Mikulec, Z.; Mas, N.; Dumanovski, F., 1997:
The effects of multienzyme preparation on production results of fattening chicks fed rye-based diets

Wen Jiang; Hiscox, S.; Bryce, R.P.; Horrobin, D.F.; Mansel, R.E., 1998:
The effects of n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the expression of metastasis suppressors in cancer cells

Deeb, N.; Cahaner, A., 1999:
The effects of naked neck genotypes, ambient temperature, and feeding status and their interactions on body temperature and performance of broilers

Cook, N.J.; Chang, J.; Borg, R.; Robertson, W.; Schaefer, A.L., 1998:
The effects of natural light on measures of meat quality and adrenal responses to husbandry stressors in swine

Pelkki, Mh, 1997:
The effects of neighborhood storage size on dynamic programming solutions

Parker, A.L.; Lawrence, L.M.; Rokuroda, S.; Warren, L.K., 1997:
The effects of niacin supplementation on niacin status and exercise metabolism in horses

Yadollahi, A.A.; Kalantari, I.; Karimi, M.M.; Rahimzadeh Koui, F.; Ghalavand, A.; Vahhabian, M.A.; Shojaii Asadieh, Z., 1998:
The effects of night temperature and light intensity on growth indices, sugar content and production of molasses by sugarbeet in Moghan

Suda, A.; Nishio, J.; Fukuda, M., 1996:
The effects of nitrogen concentration and irrigation frequency on the growth and flowering of cyclamen grown with an ebb and flow system

Lapa, V.V.; Bosak, V.N.; Germanovich, T.M.; Golovach, A.A., 1998:
The effects of nitrogen fertilizers on productivity and grain quality of winter wheat grown on highly-cultivated dernopodzolic light loam soil

Ruiter, J.M. de; James, K.A.C.; Johnstone, J.V.; Rea, M.B., 1998:
The effects of nitrogen management and cultivar on the yield, total protein and amino acid composition of feed barley

Wu, G.; Toda, H.; Haibara, K.; Aiba, Y., 1998:
The effects of nitrogen mineralization on water-soluble ions of forest soils

Mackie Dawson, L.A.; Lavender, E.A.; Atkinson, D., 1998:
The effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and mycorrhizal infection on root and shoot growth of two contrasting genotypes of Betula pendula Roth

Zhao LunXin; Wang HuiFang, 1998:
The effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on plant growth and yield of spring soyabeans on newly reclaimed red soil

Kutluca, S.; Genc, F.; Dodologlu, A., 1998:
The effects of number of queen cell cups given to the feeding colonies and harvesting intervals on the yield of royal jelly of colonies

Hatfield, P.G.; Stellflug, J.; Walker, J.W.; Kott, R.W., 1999:
The effects of nutritional management on ewe and lamb bodyweight and ewe body composition

Poh,; Munro, A.D.; Tan,, 1997:
The effects of oestradiol on the prolactin and growth hormone content of the pituitary of the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus, with observations on the incidence of black males

Bostan, S.Z.; Islam, A., 1998:
The effects of one and two year-old seedling rootstocks on nursery tree development in apricot

Ohtani, S.; Tanaka, K., 1998:
The effects of onset age of intermittent lighting on fat accumulation in male broilers

Liang, Y.; Li, Y.; Shan, J.; Yu, B.; Ho, Z., 1998:
The effects of oral L-carnitine treatment on blood lipid metabolism and the body fat content in the diabetic patient

Hayashi, I., 1998:
The effects of organic amendments on soil property and productivity of greenhouse-grown 'Bridal Pink' roses

Mineev, V.G.; Gomonova, N.F.; Skvortsova, I.N.; Dickson, J., 1998:
The effects of organic and mineral fertilizers in terms of their after-effects on agrochemical and microbiological properties of dernopodzolic soil

Bonomi, A.; Quarantelli, A.; Bonomi, B.M.; Orlandi, A., 1997:
The effects of organic chromium on the productive and reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle

Bell, D.E.; Slaughter, G.; Roberts, P.M.; Ellis, C.E.; Willingham, L.; Cary, T., 1999:
The effects of over sprays on Bt cotton

Ak, B.E., 1998:
The effects of paclobutrazol (PP-333) applications on inflorescence in male pistachio trees

Sretenovic Rajicic, T.; Vinterhalter, D.; Vinterhalter, B., 1997:
The effects of paraquat on cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) cultured in vitro

Heinonen, J.; Kukkonen, J.V.K.; Holopainen, I.J., 1999:
The effects of parasites and temperature on the accumulation of xenobiotics in a freshwater clam

Bahmaniar, M.A.; Abtahi, A.; Banai, M.H., 1998:
The effects of parent material on soil properties under udic - thermic soil moisture and temperature regime of forest lands (northern part of Iran)

Huxman, T.E.; Hamerlynck, E.P.; Jordan, D.N.; Salsman, K.J.; Smith, S.D., 1998:
The effects of parental CO2 environment on seed quality and subsequent seedling performance in Bromus rubens

Crockford, R.H.; Willett, I.R., 1999:
The effects of particle breakage and abrasion - from simulated fluvial transport, on phosphorus sorption by two soils

Nizamloglu, M.; Keles, A.; Atasever, M.; Kayaard, S.; Gurbuz, U., 1998:
The effects of pasteurization temperature on quality of white cheese production

Zuo YuanMei; Wang He; L.X.aoLin; Zhang FuSuo; Cao YiPing, 1998:
The effects of peanut intercropped with maize on the morphological and physiological changes of peanut roots in calcareous soil

Santana Llado, J.D.; Marrero Dominguez, A., 1998:
The effects of peel abrasion on the postharvest physiology and commercial life of banana fruits

Crouch, D.W.; Ward, P.; Patrick, C.A., 1997:
The effects of peer-mediated accountability on task accomplishment during volleyball drills in elementary physical education

Polaszek, A.; Riches, C.; Lenne, J.M., 1999:
The effects of pest management strategies on biodiversity in agroecosystems

Hsu, J.T.y; Ying, C.; Lan, H.C.ieh, 1998:
The effects of pesticides chlordane, dieldrin and endosulfan on the growth of human breast cancer cell lines MCF-7 and SK-BR-3

Witschi, H.; Espiritu, I.; Yu, M.; Willits, N.H., 1998:
The effects of phenethyl isothiocyanate, N-acetylcysteine and green tea on tobacco smoke-induced lung tumors in strain A/J mice

Wang SongYung; Chuang ShihTzu, 1995:
The effects of phenolic-resin impregnation treatments on the dimensional stability and strength properties of Japanese cedar and China-fir

Deniz, B.; Tufan, A., 1998:
The effects of phosphate treatments on chromosome pairing in diploid and autotetraploid meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.)

Dynia, J.F.; Camargo, O.A. de, 1997:
The effects of phosphorus and lime application upon phosphorus adsorption in a dark-red latosol

Zhang EnHe; Huang GaoBao; Huang Peng, 1999:
The effects of phosphorus application levels on root growth and the rhizosphere in an intercropping system of spring wheat and soyabeans

Okiwelu, S.N.; Dudu, P.O.; Lale, N.E.S., 1998:
The effects of photoperiod on some aspects of the biology of Oryzaephilus mercator (Fauvel) (Coleoptera: Silvanidae)

Jelani, A.R.; Shuib, A.R.; Hitam, A., 1998:
The effects of physical characteristics of aluminium pole on the harvesting productivity of tall palms

Zhang FuShen; Shen ALin; Kun ZhongNan, 1997:
The effects of physiologically acid types of nitrogen fertilizer in the rice growing area of the Yellow River Basin in Henan Province

Shu ChuNe; Cao YanPing; Bao LiXin; Cao ChiYang, 1996:
The effects of pix treated cotton plant on the damage and reproduction of the carmine spider mite

Dong XiangLi; Gao XiWu; Zheng BingZong, 1998:
The effects of plant allelochemicals on the insecticide tolerance in cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera Hubner

Bwititi, P.; Musabayane, C.T., 1997:
The effects of plant extracts on plasma glucose levels in rats

Osman, N., 1997:
The effects of plant materials on certain aspect of the development of the rice moth Corcyra cephalonica St. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Mettananda, K.A.; Fordham, R., 1999:
The effects of plant size and leaf number on the bulbing of tropical short-day onion cultivars (Allium cepa L.) under controlled environments in the United Kingdom and tropical field conditions in Sri Lanka

Almodares, A.; Sepahi, A.; Shirvani, M., 1997:
The effects of planting date and genotype on carbohydrate production from sweet sorghum in south Iran

Karaguzel, O.; Altan, S., 1999:
The effects of planting-date and photoperiod on the growth and flowering of Gypsophila paniculata L. Perfecta

Sivritepe, N.; Ozer, M.H.; Eris, A.; Turk, R., 1998:
The effects of plastic covering materials on kiwifruit storage

Hakonson, T.E., 1999:
The effects of pocket gopher burrowing on water balance and erosion from landfill covers

Freeman, H.A.; Roe, T.L.; Smith, J., 1997:
The effects of policies on farming households' decisions: economic evidence and environmental implications in northern Nigeria

Steven, J.C.; Peroni, P.A.; Rowell, E., 1999:
The effects of pollen addition on fruit set and sex expression in the andromonoecious herb horsenettle (Solanum carolinense)

Martinovski, G.; Agic, R., 1997:
The effects of pollination and the use of bees on number and quality of onion seed

Hoole, D., 1997:
The effects of pollutants on the immune response of fish: implications for helminth parasites

Inomata, Y.; Yaegaki, H.; Suzuki, K., 1999:
The effects of polyethylene bagging, calcium carbonate treatment and difference in fruit-air temperatures on the occurrence of watercore in Japanese pear 'Housui'

Jeremiah, L.E.; Schaefer, A.L.; Kruger, G., 1998:
The effects of porcine somatotropin administration and gender on cooking properties and palatability attributes of pork muscle

Dugan, M.E.R.; Tong, A.K.W.; Carlson, J.P.; Schricker, B.R.; Aalhus, J.L.; Schaefer, A.L.; Sather, A.P.; Murray, A.C.; Jones, S.D.M., 1997:
The effects of porcine somatotropin, gender and porcine stress syndrome on growth, carcass composition and pork quality

Izhaki, I.; Adar, M., 1997:
The effects of post-fire management on bird community succession

Colgan, R.J.; Johnson, D.S., 1998:
The effects of postharvest application of surface sterilizing agents on the incidence of fungal rots in stored apples and pears

Ozdogan, N.; Aksoy, F.T., 1998:
The effects of posthatch handling and transportation of broiler chickens on livability and growth rate, feed efficiency and several physiological characteristics

Nizamloglu, M.; Gurbuz, U.; Dogruer, Y., 1996:
The effects of potassium sorbate on the chemical and microbiological quality of Kashar cheese

Dogruer, Y.; Gurbuz, U.; Nizamloglu, M., 1996:
The effects of potassium sorbate on the chemical and microbiological quality of white pickled cheese

Treder, J.; Matysiak, B.; Nowak, J.S.; Nowak, J., 1999:
The effects of potting media and concentration of nutrient solution on growth and nutrient content of three Ficus species cultivated on ebb-and-flow benches

Kopec, D.M.; Gilbert, J.J., 1999:
The effects of pre-emergence applications of sulfentrazone herbicide and perennial ryegrass overseeding of Poa annua infestation of winter turf under desert conditions

Joseph, J.K.; Awosanya, B.; Adebua, B.A., 1997:
The effects of pre-slaughter withholding of feed and water on carcass yield and meat quality of broiler chickens

Joseph, J.K.; Awosanya, B., 1998:
The effects of pre-slaughter withholding of feed and water on carcass yield and meat quality of indigenous guineafowl (Numida meleagris galeata Pallas)

Rinkardt, N.E.; Kruth, S.A.; Kaushik, A., 1999:
The effects of prednisone and azathioprine on circulating immunoglobulin levels and lymphocyte subpopulations in normal dogs

Demirsoy, L.K.; Bilgener, S., 1998:
The effects of preharvest calcium hydroxide applications on cracking in 0900 'Ziraat', 'Lambert' and 'Van' sweet cherries

Demirsoy, L.K.; Bilgener, S., 1998:
The effects of preharvest chemical applications on cracking and fruit quality in 0900 'Ziraat', 'Lambert' and 'Van' sweet cherry varieties

Shupe, T.F.; Choong, E.T.; Gibson, M.D.; Grozdits, G.A.; Harding, O.V., 1998:
The effects of previous drying on shrinkage and moisture content of some southern bottomland hardwoods

Punzo, F.; Kukoyi, O., 1997:
The effects of prey chemical cues on patch residence time in the wolf spider Trochosa parthenus (Chamberlin) (Lycosidae) and the lynx spider Oxyopes salticus Hentz (Oxyopidae)

Sivritepe, H.O.; Eris, A.; Sivritepe, N., 1999:
The effects of priming treatments on salt tolerance in melon seeds

L.G.Xiang; Yin BangQi; Luo HeRong; Wang XingYuan; Yang Yong; Xiao GuangHui, 1996:
The effects of principal cultivation factors on the yields and quality of seedless watermelons

McGuire, S., 1997:
The effects of privatization on winter-wheat breeding in the UK

Ay, N.; Ors, Y., 1999:
The effects of provenance and regional differences on the density of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) wood

Chen QingDu; L.X.ioMei, 1997:
The effects of pruning on cutting production from mother plants of Acacia species

Wahl, K.; Heigel, K.P.; Schwab, A., 1997:
The effects of pruning, thinning, and soil management on the vine and the quality of wine

Higurashi, K., 1998:
The effects of public finance on agriculture and rural development in Japan: changes in the national economy from 1984

Diaz, A., 1999:
The effects of rabbits on the vegetation of farmland in set-aside

Forsyth, J.L.; Barnett, J.R.; Pearson, S.; Hadley, P.; Fuller, M.P., 1999:
The effects of radiation frost on freezing damage and apical abortion in calabrese (Brassica oleracea var. italica) transplants

Darwash, A.; Ward, G.; Lamming, G.; Woolliams, J., 1999:
The effects of raising post-oestrus progesterone concentrations on luteal activity in post-partum dairy cows

Celikel, G.; Caglar, G., 1999:
The effects of re-using different substrates on the yield and earliness of cucumber on autumn growing period

Hemingway, R.G.; Ritchie, N.S., 1998:
The effects of reduced fertiliser inputs on the supplementary phosphorus requirements of grazing cows

Motoki, M.; Takamasu, T.; Doi, R., 1999:
The effects of reducing the mite allergen levels in the residences of bronchial asthmatic children

Bazunga, M.; Tran, H.T.; Kertland, H.; Chow, M.S.; Massarella, J., 1998:
The effects of renal impairment on the pharmacokinetics of zalcitabine

Bamgbose, A.M., 1998:
The effects of replacing groundnut cake with cottonseed cake on the performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens

Howell, L.A.; Harris, R.B.; Clarke, C.; Youngblood, B.D.; Ryan, D.H.; Gilbertson, T.A., 1999:
The effects of restraint stress on intake of preferred and nonpreferred solutions in rodents

Leliveld, A., 1997:
The effects of restrictive South African migrant labor policy on the survival of rural households in Southern Africa: a case study from rural Swaziland

Reid, C.A.; Hillman, K., 1999:
The effects of retrogradation and amylose/amylopectin ratio of starches on carbohydrate fermentation and microbial populations in the porcine colon

Sarca, M.; Cam, M.A., 1998:
The effects of reused litter materials on broiler performances and litter properties

Matysiak, B.; Nowak, J., 1996:
The effects of root media and CO2 on acclimatization and growth of microcuttings of Anthurium, Dieffenbachia, Homalomena and Spathiphyllum

Cangi, R.; Dogan, A.; Kelen, M., 1999:
The effects of rooted and unrooted rootstocks on grafting success and final take of grafted vines

Jiang GuiHua; Xie Ming; Chen XueXuan; Zhao AnXiang, 1998:
The effects of rootstock on growth and fruiting of kiwifruit

Tuzcu, O.; Kaplankiran, M.; Yesiloglu, T.; Cebeci, Z., 1999:
The effects of rootstock-scion interaction on the distributions of roots in citrus

Intrieri, C.; Silvestroni, O.; Rebucci, B.; Poni, S.; Filippetti, I., 1997:
The effects of row orientation on growth, yield, quality and dry matter partitioning in Chardonnay vines trained to simple curtain and spur-pruned cordon

Zhang ShiGong; Gao JiYin; Song JingZhi, 1998:
The effects of salicylic acid and aspirin on the Na+, K+ and Cl- content and distribution in wheat seedlings under salinity stress

Scandella, P.; Mecella, G.; Amendola, G.; Blasi, D.; Pagliai, M.; Vignozzi, N., 1997:
The effects of saline irrigation on the chemical and physical characteristics of two soils typical of Latina

Zhang Shuo; Dong ShuanLin; Wang Fang, 1999:
The effects of salinity and food on carbon budget of Penaeus chinensis

Richter, C.; Heiligtag, B.; Nagieb, M.; Mukhallalati, U., 1999:
The effects of salinity on growth and ion content of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), eggfruit (Solanum melongena L.) and red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) varieties

Ford, D.M.; Nollen, P.M.; Romano, M.A., 1998:
The effects of salinity, pH and temperature on the half-life and longevity of Echinostoma caproni miracidia

Heikkila, R.; Harkonen, S., 1998:
The effects of salt stones on moose browsing in managed forests in Finland

Matsumura, T.; Kanechi, M.; Inagaki, N.; Maekawa, S., 1998:
The effects of salt stress on ion uptake, accumulation of compatible solutes, and leaf osmotic potential in safflower, Chrysanthemum paludosum and sea aster

Tang, L.; Shi, J.N.i, 1997:
The effects of salt stress on leaf ABA content and the diurnal regulation property of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

Adeyeye, E.I.; Aye, P.A., 1998:
The effects of sample preparation on the proximate composition and the functional properties of the African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa Hochst ex A. Rich) flours. Note 1

Brites, R.S.; Soares, V.P.; Ribeiro, C.A.A.S., 1997:
The effects of sampling approaches on the accuracy given by the Kappa index of agreement on the classification of satellite imagery

Thalib, A.; Widiawati, Y.; Hamid, H.; Suherman, D.; Sabrani, M., 1996:
The effects of saponin from Sapindus rarak fruit on rumen microbes and performance of sheep

Grassotti, A., 1997:
The effects of scale incubation temperature treatments on number and growth of regenerated bulblets, to reduce production time of commercial lily bulbs

Kafkas, S.; Kaska, N., 1998:
The effects of scarification, stratification and GA3 treatments on the germination of seeds and seedling growth in selected P. khinjuk types

Demir, Y.; Sarca, M., 1998:
The effects of seasons and bird age on ammonia and climatic conditions in windowless broiler houses

Shin, H.S.; Hwang, E.J.; Park, B.S.; Sakai, T., 1999:
The effects of seed inoculation on the rate of garbage composting

W.C.unSheng; Yang WeiGuang; X.K.Zhang; Sun LiCheng; Zhang Ming, 1997:
The effects of seed protective covering as a new treatment for maize seedlings

Xie GengFu; Y.C.engLei; Zheng JianChu; Jiang XianKui; Zhou MingDe, 1997:
The effects of seed quantity in dry-nursery seedlings of late hybrid rice on yield and its characteristics

Bonfil, C., 1998:
The effects of seed size, cotyledon reserves, and herbivory on seedling survival and growth in Quercus rugosa and Q. laurina (Fagaceae)

L.C.aoHai; Zhou ShunLi; Liu ZhuanLin; Sun Bo, 1996:
The effects of seed treatment with amino acids on the growth of maize seedlings

Mctague, J.; Tinus, R., 1996:
The effects of seedling quality and forest site weather on field survival of ponderosa pine

N.ZhiHua, 1997:
The effects of seedling quality and rational tiller number on yield and its control in early hybrid rice

Polat, A.A.; Durgac, C.; Kamiloglu, O., 1999:
The effects of seedlings with different diameter and budding scions with different characteristics on budding success in loquats

O.C.rroll, J.; O.R.illy, C., 1997:
The effects of selected pre-emergence herbicides on the germination, survival, health and germinant morphology of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.)

Mooers, A.O.; Rundle, H.D.; Whitlock, M.C., 1999:
The effects of selection and bottlenecks on male mating success in peripheral isolates

Inal, S.; Dere, S.; Kirikci, K.; Tepeli, C., 1996:
The effects of selection for body weight of Japanese quail on egg production, egg weight, fertility, hatchability and survivability

Whitehead, S.; Summerfield, R.; Muehlbauer, F.; Ellis, R.; Wheeler, T., 1998:
The effects of selection for seed yield on the production and structure of biomass in lentil

Williams, A.J.; Thornberry, K.J., 1996:
The effects of selective breeding for high or low clean fleece weight on the concentration of cystine in plasma and of glutathione in erythrocytes of Merino sheep

Jakovljevic, M.; Licina, V.; Velickovic, M.; Antic Mladenovic, S., 1998:
The effects of selenium application on replant soil and its content in apple leaves and fruits

Ueda, Y.; Whanger, P.D.; Forsberg, N.E., 1999:
The effects of selenium deficiency on differentiation, degradation, and cell lysis of L8 rat skeletal muscle cells

Molnar, J.; Macpherson, A.; Molnar, P., 1998:
The effects of selenium supplementation in feeding of lambs

Geisler, G.W.W.; Leith, L.M., 1997:
The effects of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and audience presence on soccer penalty shot performance

Wang LiPing; Shi XiaoLi; Shen LiLin, 1997:
The effects of several 5-HT receptor antagonists on the motor activity in Schistosoma japonicum

Bruce, L.; McCracken, D.; Foster, G.; Aitken, M., 1999:
The effects of sewage sludge on grassland euedaphic and hemiedaphic collembolan populations

Crestana, C.S.M.; Batista, E.A.; Mariano, G.; Couto, H.T.Z. do; Pinto, M.M., 1995:
The effects of shading and nitrogen fertilizing on seedling growth of Esenbeckia leiocarpa Engl. (Rutaceae)

Kukovics, S.; Molnar, A.; Abraham, M.; Anton, I.; Zsolnai, A.; Fesus, L., 1999:
The effects of sheep genotype on the somatic cell counts of milk

Akimova, T.V.; Balagurova, N.I.; Titov, A.F., 1999:
The effects of shoot or root heating on heat, cold, and salt tolerance of leaf and root cells

Baydar, N.G.; Celik, H., 1999:
The effects of shoot tip source on the success of in vitro micrografting in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)

Barle, H.; Nyberg, B.; Andersson, K.; Essén, P.; McNurlan, M.A.; Wernerman, J.; Garlick, P.J., 1997:
The effects of short-term parenteral nutrition on human liver protein and amino acid metabolism during laparoscopic surgery

Colleu, T.; Chevillon, P., 1999:
The effects of showering of pigs during transport to the slaughterhouse on meat quality and animal welfare

Jatkauskas, J.; Vrotniakiene, V., 1998:
The effects of silage made by different technologies on nutrient metabolism and digestibility of fattening bulls

Tarvydas, V.; Mankevicius, R.; Bliznikas, S.; Uchockis, V., 1998:
The effects of silage treated with chemical additives on the fermentation processes in the rumen of cows

Freitas, R.S. de; Silva, A.A. da; Ferreira, F.A.; Sediyama, T., 1997:
The effects of single and sequential applications of flazasulfuron and glyphosate on the control of nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.)

Cook, S.K.; Clarke, J.H., 1997:
The effects of six-years of reduced-rate herbicide use and rotation on weed levels, yields and profitability - TALISMAN results

Sarca, M., 1997:
The effects of slaughter age on carcass traits

Cerci, I.H.; Guler, T.; Sahin, K.; Bayraktar, M.; Ozbey, O., 1996:
The effects of sodium bicarbonate and straw added to diets on feedlot performance in sheep

Inaba, K.; Takanezawa, R., 1998:
The effects of soil acidity upon growth in direct sowing culture of paddy rice on well-drained paddy field

Strohbach, B., 1998:
The effects of soil amelioration on the development and stability of pines on former sewage fields in Berlin-Buch

Buttery, B.R.; Tan, C.S.; Drury, C.F.; Park, S.J.; Armstrong, R.J.; Park, K.Y., 1998:
The effects of soil compaction, soil moisture and soil type on growth and nodulation of soybean and common bean

Richard, G.; Durr, C., 1997:
The effects of soil cultural layer on seedling emergence in relation to the state of the seedbed

Yasaka, M., 1999:
The effects of soil moisture on the growth of Thujopsis dolabrata Sieb. et Zucc. var. hondai Makino, Cryptomeria japonica D. Don and Abies sachalinensis Masters

Lange, A.J. de; Combrink, N.J.J., 1998:
The effects of soil mulch colour and nutrient solution concentration on the development of melon seedlings

Kaynas, N.; Eris, A., 1998:
The effects of soil water deficits on biochemical changes of some nectarine cultivars

Burgu, A.; Oge, S.; Gonenc, B., 1997:
The effects of some anthelmintics against Hymenolepis nana in mice

Tuzcu, O.; Kaplankiran, M.; Seker, M., 1998:
The effects of some citrus rootstocks on fruit productivity of some important orange, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin cultivars in Cukurova region

Tuzcu, O.; Yildirim, B.; Duzenoglu, S.; Emenyr, I.B.; Kaplankiran, M.; Yesiloglu, T., 1999:
The effects of some citrus rootstocks on the yield and quality of the Washington Navel and Shamouti orange varieties in Adana ecological conditions

Baspinar, H.; Ogan, M.; Batmaz, E.S.; Balci, F.; Karakas, E.; Baklaci, C., 1998:
The effects of some environmental factors on growth and survival of Brown and Holstein calves

Beyhan, N., 1997:
The effects of some herbicides on the control of hazelnut suckers

Yldz, A., 1999:
The effects of some plant materials on the growth and productivity of Pleurotus florida Fovose

Ergenoglu, F.; Tangolar, S.; Gok, S., 1997:
The effects of some pre-treatments for promoting germination of grape seeds

Gercekcioglu, R.; Cekic, C., 1999:
The effects of some treatments on germination of mahaleb (Prunus mahaleb L.) seeds

Foster, S.P.; Howard, A.J., 1999:
The effects of source dosage, flight altitude, wind speed, and ground pattern on the sex pheromone-mediated flight manoeuvres of male lightbrown apple moth, Epiphyas postvittana (Walker)

Kemme, P.A.; Radcliffe, J.S.; Jongbloed, A.W.; Mroz, Z., 1997:
The effects of sow parity on digestibility of proximate components and minerals during lactation as influenced by diet and microbial phytase supplementation

Horcicka, P.; Hosnedl, V., 1997:
The effects of sowing and harvest terms on the seed quality of pea

Saglam, N.; Yazgan, A., 1999:
The effects of sowing date and harvesting intervals on the yield of snake cucumber (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus Naud.) as second crop

L.HongFei, 1998:
The effects of sowing date, density and fertilizer on red beet yield

Premakumar, P.V.; Gallagher, P., 1996:
The effects of soybean protein changes on major agricultural markets

Qiu DaoShou; G.D.Xiang; Zhang GuRen; Zhang WenQing; P.Z.eLong, 1998:
The effects of species pools on the community reestablishment of predatory arthropods in rice fields

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The effects of specific genetic markers on quantitative traits in Holstein bulls

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The efficiency of herbicides in the pea stands of western Lithuania

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The efficiency of herbicides on spring barley

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The efficiency of natural and artificial pollinators in plantain (Musa spp. AAB group) hybridization and seed production

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The efficiency of parasitoids (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) to decrease the number of the coccid Parthenolecanium corni Bouche (Homoptera, Coccidae) in southern Moldavia

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The efficiency of pesticides on sunflower

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The efficiency of the early spring application of the herbicide Arelon in control of annual weeds in winter wheat crops

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The efficiency of the species Apanteles bicolor Nees (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) on the pest Phyllonorycter corylifoliella Hb (Lepidoptera, Lithocolletidae) from the east of Romania

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The efficiency of utilization of dietary energy by water buffaloes in early lactation

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The efficient introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) into agricultural advisory services

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The efforts for sustainable animal production in Slovenia

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The eggs and 4th-instar larvae of Aedes togoi are quiescent and overwintering

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The elderly traveller

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The elimination of 'potato taste' in Arabica coffee of Burundi

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The elimination of iodine deficiency disorders

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The elk goes on the offensive

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The emergence of new organizational models for agricultural cooperatives

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The emergence of surfing resorts on the Aquitaine coast

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The emerging cranberry industry in Chile

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The emerging role of herbal medicine in health care in Europe

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The emerging spectrum of tickborne infections

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The employment in agriculture and its aspects

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The encounter between land, dwelling, habitat and development: one square, many countries

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The end of sixty years of international wool promotion

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The end of the Tropezian myth? The legal trials and tribulations of Pampelonne beach

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The end of the research on stand characteristic demands at De Dorschkamp

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The end-users' requirements for the aesthetical features of Scots pine wood

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The essential oil of Semenovia suffruticosa (Freyn et Bornm.) Manden

Kulevanova, S.; Ristic, M.; Stafilov, T., 1999:
The essential oil of Thymus macedonicus subsp. macedonicus (Deg. et Urum.) Ronn. from Macedonia

Asfaw, N.; Abegaz, B.M., 1998:
The essential oils of Coriandrum sativum L. grown in Ethiopia

Brophy, J.J.; Goldsack, R.J.; Forster, P.I., 1998:
The essential oils of the Australian species of Xylopia (Annonaceae)

Garey, J.R.; Schmidt Rhaesa, A., 1998:
The essential role of minor phyla in molecular studies of animal evolution

Pertev, R.; King, D., 1999:
The essential role of farmers organizations in developing countries

Willett, I.R.; Moody, P.W.; Blamey, F.P.C., 1998:
The essential role of phosphorus in crop production

Wichmann, G.; Kasel, U., 1997:
The essentiality of sulfur compounds

Guo XianGuo; Y.B.ngHui; G.Y.Ming; Chen YuanMin, 1996:
The establishment and application of a mathematical model for estimating the total number of species in gamasid mite communities

Marquez F.M.E.; Lopez O.J.B.; Jaramillo V.S.; Zapata, J.L.; Ramirez, D.; Bedoya, G., 1998:
The establishment and characterization of monozoosporic cultures of Phytophthora infestans from isolates collected from Antioquia, Columbia

Addlestone, B.J.; Mueller, J.P.; Luginbuhl, J.M., 1999:
The establishment and early growth of three leguminous tree species for use in silvopastoral systems of the southeastern USA

Delaney, M.D.; Allman, M.A.; Smith, D.W.; Sloan, S.W., 1998:
The establishment and monitoring of expansive soil field sites

Debroux, L.; Karsenty, A., 1997:
The establishment of Asian forestry companies in central Africa: the Rimbunan Hijau company in Cameroon

Stahl, Peter, 1998:
The establishment of Botrychium virginianum in a forest clearing in Gastrikland, central Sweden

Bjorkman Leif, 1999:
The establishment of Fagus sylvatica at the stand-scale in southern Sweden

Bendz Hellgren, M.; Stenlid, J., 1998:
The establishment of Heterobasidion annosum spore infections on precommercial thinning-, thinning- and clearcut stumps of Norway spruce, Picea abies

L.Z.uoYa; Lin LiuWen; Xie MinHui; Song LuoMeng; Zhan XiMei, 1997:
The establishment of Internet website for parasitology

Tjitrosemito, S., 1999:
The establishment of Procecidochares connexa in West Java, Indonesia: a biological control agent of Chromolaena odorata

L.W.nZe; Song ZiJiang; Guo BaoTai; X.L.Juan; Jing JianKang; H.H.n, 1997:
The establishment of a high-frequency regeneration system for plantlets derived from barley pollen

Sun ChangZhong; Huang BaoLong, 1996:
The establishment of a single-tree water balance measurement method

Jiang JiHong, 1998:
The establishment of a taxonomic management system of poplar longicorn

Yang Feng; Wang YuanCheng; L.X.angYi, 1996:
The establishment of hybridoma cell line secreting monoclonal antibodies against apple stem grooving virus

Wang ZhiGang; Kobayashi, K., 1997:
The establishment of legal system and its significance for agricultural wholesale markets since the economic reform in the People's Republic of China

Chen XinFeng, 1997:
The establishment of polymorphic-SI-curves of Chinese cryptomeria using the Richards Function

Liu XuanMing; X.H.Kui; Zhou PuHua, 1997:
The establishment of somatic cell clone and the induction of scab resistance mutant in wheat

Miething, A., 1998:
The establishment of spermatogenesis in the seminiferous epithelium of the pubertal golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

E.A.tar, A.; E.S.afei, H.; Ezzat, N.; E.S.da, M., 1998:
The esterolytic and lipolytic activities of dairy enterococci

Wielicki, W.; Baum, R.; Wajszczuk, K., 1996:
The estimate of economic efficiency in agriculture

Fisher, D.B., 1999:
The estimated pore diameter for plasmodesmal channels in the Abutilon nectary trichome should be about 4 nm, rather than 3 nm

Bystricky, P.; Mate, D.; Dicakova, Z., 1999:
The estimating meat-product properties based on incoming material analyses

Widjajanti, S., 1998 :
The estimation of Lymnaea rubiginosa and other freshwater snail populations in rice fields and a pond in Bogor, West Java

Dicakova, Z.; Cabadaj, R.; Paulsen, P., 1999:
The estimation of biogenic amines in raw fermented meat products by means of the HPLC method

Jarczyk, A.; Jedrychowski, L.; Wroblewska, B.; Jedryczko, R., 1998:
The estimation of contamination levels with fungi and ochratoxin A in grains and mixed meals for swine in north-east Poland

Suparyanto, A.; Purwadaria, T.; Subandriyo, 1999:
The estimation of genetic distance and discriminant variables in breeds of Indonesian sheep by morphological analysis

Heydari, M.; Ghadiri, V.; Kashani, A.; Rezabaig, M.; Irani, P., 1997:
The estimation of infestation rate by the sunn pest of different wheat and barley varieties and damages caused by this pest

Barhorst, M.J.; Irvin, K.M.; Moeller, S.J.; Neal, S.M., 1999:
The estimation of maternal and individual heterosis in Yorkshire, Large White, and Hampshire swine and their crosses

Kuriyama, K., 1999:
The estimation of public demand for forest management: a contingent ranking study

Heinze, M.; Sanger, H.; Attula, R., 1997:
The estimation of rooting depth of forest soils using soil parameters

Lawes, G.S.; Zhu, D.Y., 1996:
The estimation of sample size for kiwifruit experiments

Liu Jun; Amemiya, Y., 1999:
The estimation of soil water retentivity for soil and aggregate-like soil Akadama mixture

Bertran, E.; Rozas, J.; Navarro, A.; Barbadilla, A., 1997:
The estimation of the number of the length distribution of gene conversion tracts from population DNA sequence data

Wright, R.G.; Cation, J., 1997:
The estimation of the size and economic impact of the horse industry in Ontario, Canada

Kim JiHong; Yang HeeMoon, 1999:
The estimation of tree form index for major canopy species in the natural deciduous forest

Unay, A.; Turgut, I.; Inan, O., 1997:
The estimation of yield models in cotton (G. hirsutum L.)

Dhillon, H.; Dunn, A.M.; Esquivel, E.; Hamernik, D.L.; Wise, M.E., 1997:
The estradiol-induced luteinizing hormone surge in the ewe is not associated with increased gonadotropin-releasing hormone messenger ribonucleic acid levels

Nielsen, B.B.; Ellemann, G., 1998:
The eternal recurrent problem: Salmonella has always caused problems

Clark, P.A., 1998:
The ethics of placebo-controlled trials for perinatal transmission of HIV in developing countries

Sanjiv Shah; Tanowitz, H.B.; Wittner, M., 1998:
The ethnic minority traveller

Lejoly, J., 1997:
The ethnobotanic database PHARMEL on African medicinal plants

Marashi, V.; Schneider Stock, R.; Epplen, J.T.; Sachser, N., 1997:
The ethological characterization of two closely related inbred strains of mice: a contribution to the molecular genetics of complex behaviour

W.M.n; Chen KunSong; Zhang ShangLong, 1999:
The ethylene signaling transduction pathway

Moura, R.M. de; Pedrosa, E.M.R.; Lira, R.V.; Menezes, M.; Freire, F.C.O.; Cardoso, J.E., 1998:
The etiology of the sudden death of soursop (Annona muricata)

López Ribera, I.; Ruiz-Avila, L.; Puigdomènech, P., 1997:
The eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5, eIF-5, a protein from Zea mays, containing a zinc-finger structure, binds nucleic acids in a zinc-dependent manner

Troutaud, M., 1999:
The euro and 'agri-food' businesses - food manufacturing, processing, distribution and retailing

Townshend, J., 1999:
The euro and 'agri-food' businesses - food production, agricultural supplies and services, and marketing

Luhmann, H.J., 1998:
The evaluation of 10 years of research on forest decline

Zhang DeShui; Hui DongWei; Zhuang BingChang; D.B.oXing; Chen ShouYi, 1998:
The evaluation of RFLP diversity in soyabeans

Kim, H.M.; Yi, D.K.; Shin, H.Y., 1999:
The evaluation of antianaphylactic effect of Oryza sativa L. in rats

Buonaccorsi, A.; Guidi, G.; Tognetti, R.; Liponi, G.B.; Sgorbini, M., 1997:
The evaluation of blood chromium and some metabolites of organic balance in the athletic horse

Sarrafzadeh, R.F., 1998:
The evaluation of clinical importance of paratenon closure in the healing of tendon injuries in equidae

Grodzki, H.; Naecz Tarwacka, T.; Grabowski, R.B., 1998:
The evaluation of conformation, feeding and performance of cows in chosen private farms in the region of Warsaw. Part I. Characteristics of the farms and the evaluation of conformation and summer feeding of dairy cows

Naecz Tarwacka, T.; Grodzki, H.; Grabowski, R.B., 1998:
The evaluation of conformation, feeding and performance of cows in chosen private farms in the region of Warsaw. Part II. Winter feeding and the evaluation of milk performance

Chen ChiaChung; Hwang Y.I.; Lei PerngKwei, 1997:
The evaluation of cooling performance of fan and system for closed-type chicken housing

Krska, B., 1999:
The evaluation of deep dormancy of two apricot progenies

Silva Neto, A.F. da; Barbosa, M.P.; Santos, M.J. dos, 1996:
The evaluation of deforestation in the high Rio Sucuru Basin using TM/LANDSAT-5 images

Krishnamurthy, J., 1997:
The evaluation of digitally enhanced Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) data for lithological and structural mapping

Hybl, M.; Urban, J.; Vaclavikova, J.; Griga, M., 1998:
The evaluation of field pea and garden pea cultivars for starch and amylose content

L.C.unGan; Zhao DeHai; Wei RiQiang, 1996:
The evaluation of forest tourism resources

Huang XingFang; Kong QingDong; K.W.iDong; Peng Jing; Zhou GuoLin; Liu YiMan, 1998:
The evaluation of germplasm resources of arrowhead (Sagittaria trifolia var. sinensis)

Liu ChuanXue; Pan GuoJun; Zhang ShuHua; Song LiQuan; Song ChengYan; Cong WanBiao, 1999:
The evaluation of good rice germplasm Longjing 8 bred with anther culture in cold region

Yang Huang; X.J.anWei; Wang WenRen et al., 1999:
The evaluation of implementation and effectiveness of aetiological control measure of malaria at present in Yuanjiang Basin, Yunnan

Chen XueSen; Zhang YanMin;; Chen ZhangJiu; Zhang WenCai, 1997:
The evaluation of leaf-utilization resources and cultivar selection in Ginkgo biloba

Ceriana, R., 1999:
The evaluation of mucociliary transport rate in horses

Milivojevic, J.; Jelic, M.; Stojanovic, J.; Jakovljevic, M.; Lomovic, S., 1999:
The evaluation of nickel solubility in different Vertisols of Serbia depending on locality and method of extraction

Holub, P., 1999:
The evaluation of nitrogen uptake and retranslocation by grasses in deforested areas

Catanzaro, M.; David, M.; Guarneri, M.; Guercio, G.; Romano, G.; Romano, G.; Scialabba, A.; Romano, M.; Diana, G., 1997:
The evaluation of nutritional status in surgical geriatric patients

Weker, H.; Rudzka Kantoch, Z., 1999:
The evaluation of organisational structure and work hygiene in milk kitchen centres in Poland on the basis of a questionnaire study

Litwinczuk, A.; Drozd, A.; Nowakowska, J.; Pierog, M., 1998:
The evaluation of pasteurized milk quality distributed in retail network of Lublin city

Smet, A. de; Boever, J.L. de; Brabander, D.L. de, 1994:
The evaluation of physical structure of fresh and preserved grass by measuring chewing activity and related parameters

Medeiros, M.S. y P.; Matos, V.P.; Lima, A.A. de, 1997:
The evaluation of physiological quality of jaboticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora Berg.) seeds produced in microregions of Paraiba state

Chen KaiLih, 1999:
The evaluation of preservation value of ornithological interest of wetlands in Taiwan

Fric, V.; Rigr, A.; Beranek, F.; Krofta, K.; Kroupa, F., 1996:
The evaluation of progenies from hop cross breedings (Humulus lupulus L.) with the preference of biochemical characteristics

Eckstein, K.; Fraser, C.; Husselmann, J.; Murray, N.T., 1998:
The evaluation of promising new banana cultivars

Korimova, L' ; Mate, D.; Turek, P., 1998:
The evaluation of raw fermented meat products stabilized with vitamin E and rosemary

Pae, S.B.k; Oh, K.W.n; Kim, J.T.e; Park, C.K.; Kwack, Y.H., 1998:
The evaluation of relationships between peanut growth and yield by mulching and nonmulching cultivation in southern region of Korea

Lee, F.N.; Norman, R.J.; Datnoff, L.E., 1998:
The evaluation of rice hull ash as a silicon soil amendment to reduce rice diseases

Rzepka Plevnes, D.; Marciniak, H.; Smiech, M., 1997:
The evaluation of rye (Secale cereale L.) lines for tolerance of nutrition deficiency by in vitro test

Kaplan, M.; Sonmez, S.; Cayc, G.; Baran, A., 1999:
The evaluation of saline soil reclamation processes used in greenhouses of the Kumluca-Finike regions

Salimgareeva, O.A.; Ponizovskii, A.A.; Chudinova, S.M.; Mironenko, E.B.; Ermolaev, A.M., 1998:
The evaluation of spatial variation in the soil water content with time domain reflectometry (TDR)

Niewolak, S., 1998:
The evaluation of the contamination degree and the sanitary and bacteriological state of the waters in the Czarna Hancza River in the region of Suwaki and Wigry National Park

Pojmaj, M.S.; Pojmaj, R., 1998:
The evaluation of the resistance of winter triticale to Stagonospora nodorum under artificial inoculation

Sun BaoPing; Yue DePeng; Zhao TingNing; Cheng TangRen, 1997:
The evaluation of the spatial landscape pattern of farmland shelterbelt networks in Beizang town, Daxing county, Beijing

Fabianova, A., 1997:
The evaluation of the stability of trees according to their elasticity and strength constants

Grabowski, K.; Grzegorczyk, S.; Benedycki, S.; Kwietniewski, H., 1999:
The evaluation of turfgrass species and cultivars for sowing of amenity grass areas

Trzybinska, D., 1997:
The evaluation of usefulness of ultrasonic measurements in examining the slaughter value of lambs

Suprasert, D., 1997:
The evaluation of using reference material for aflatoxin B1 analysis in various laboratories

Leon, A.; Rodriguez, H.; Terry, E.; Pino, M. de los A., 1997:
The evaluation of white fly (Bemisia tabaci Guennadius) populations in some tomato-maize polycultural treatments

Nesvadba, V.; Beranek, F.; Krofta, K., 1998:
The evaluation of yield and alpha-bitter acid content in selected hop varieties

Welbaum, G.; Shen, Z.O.uoch, M.; Jett, L., 1998:
The evolution and effects of priming vegetable seeds

Ferry, M.; Greiner, D., 1999:
The evolution and present situation of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) grove of Elche (Spain)

Yuan Peng, 1999:
The evolution and status quo of agricultural cooperatives in Taiwan

Rousseau, P.; Leveque, J.C.; Vaudelet, J.C., 1996:
The evolution in straw bedding characteristics during fattening on deep litter

Dias, J.C.P.; Schofield, C.J., 1999:
The evolution of Chagas disease (American Trypanosomiasis) control after 90 years since Carlos Chagas discovery

Zhang ZhaoXin, 1999:
The evolution of China's small cities and towns and comparison of different regions - an analysis of data on small cities and towns in Experimental Zones for Rural Reform

White, G., 1998:
The evolution of Jamaican music pt. I: Proto-ska to ska

M.JianLu, 1997:
The evolution of Korean pine forest

Steiner, K., 1998:
The evolution of beetle pollination in a South African orchid

Maithya, J., 1998:
The evolution of body muscle composition of the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) (Burchell 1822)

Rice, S.H., 1998:
The evolution of canalization and the breaking of Von Baer's laws: modeling the evolution of development with epistasis

Ferre, R., 1997:
The evolution of cereal cooperation in the Vienne department

Gadagkar, R., 1997:
The evolution of communication and the communication of evolution: the case of the honey bee queen pheromone

Manuelli, M.T., 1999:
The evolution of consumption

Boots, M.; Haraguchi, Y., 1999:
The evolution of costly resistance in host-parasite systems

Civici, A., 1997:
The evolution of economic and agricultural policies from 1945 to 1995

Bennetzen, J.L., 1998:
The evolution of grass genome organisation and function

Castillo, J.A.N., 1999:
The evolution of greenhouses in Almeria

Kopf, A.; Rank, N.E.; Roininen, H.; Julkunen Tiitto, R.; Pasteels, J.M.; Tahvanainen, J., 1998:
The evolution of host-plant use and sequestration in the leaf beetle genus Phratora (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Wolf, J.B.; Moore, A.J.; Brodie Iii, E.D., 2008:
The evolution of indicator traits for parental quality: the role of maternal and paternal effects

Rusu, C.; Dornescu, D.; Istrati, E., 1997:
The evolution of maize yields as a result of consistent fertilizer applications on two soil types on the Moldavian Plain. I. Experiments with nitrogen rates

Rusu, C.; Dornescu, D.; Istrati, E., 1997:
The evolution of maize yields as a result of consistent fertilizer applications on two soil types on the Moldavian Plain. II. Experiments with phosphorus rates

Rusu, C.; Dornescu, D.; Istrati, E., 1997:
The evolution of maize yields as a result of constant fertilizer applications on two soil types on the Moldavian Plain. III. Experiments with potassium rates and various organo-mineral fertilizers

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