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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3306

Chapter 3306 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yenshu, E., 1998:
The evolution of official attitudes towards grassroots initiatives in Cameroon

Crainiceanu, E.; Colibar, O.; Falca, C., 1994:
The evolution of performance indices on broilers differently fed

Viejo Montesinos, J.L., 1998:
The evolution of phytophagy in insects

Rajshri Jayaraman; Lanjouw, P., 1999:
The evolution of poverty and inequality in Indian villages

Styles, P.H., 1998:
The evolution of premium ice cream in the European market

Otto, S.P.; Barton, N.H., 1997:
The evolution of recombination: removing the limits to natural selection

Soraci, A.; Croce, F. di; Tapia, O., 1998:
The evolution of ricobendazole concentrations and its metabolites in milk after subcutaneous administration (comparison of 2 formulations) in cows

Stevens, J.; Gibson, W., 1999:
The evolution of salivarian trypanosomes

Traut, Walther., 1999:
The evolution of sex chromosomes in insects: differentiation of sex chromosomes in flies and moths

Menasveta, P.; Fast, A.W., 1998:
The evolution of shrimp culture and its impact on mangroves

Moore, A.J., 1997:
The evolution of social signals: morphological, functional, and genetic integration of the sex pheromone in Nauphoeta cinerea

Istrati, E.; Doornescu, D.; Rusu, C., 1997:
The evolution of some soil agrochemical indices and winter wheat yield as influenced by long-term fertilization

Dowton, M.; Austin, A.D., 1997:
The evolution of strand-specific compositional bias. A case study in the Hymenopteran mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene

Beverland, M.B.; Bretherton, P.B., 1998:
The evolution of strategy in medium and large Auckland (New Zealand)-based wineries

Oswald, H., 1998:
The evolution of subalpine forest ecosystems: the case of stone pine (Pinus cembra) forests

Peters, W., 1999:
The evolution of tafenoquine - antimalarial for a new millennium?

Roy, A.; Bousquet, J., 1996:
The evolution of the actinorhizal symbiosis through phylogenetic analysis of host plants

Charlesworth, D.; Liu, F.L.; Zhang, L., 1998:
The evolution of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene family by loss of introns in plants of the genus Leavenworthia (Brassicaceae)

Sapunaru, T.; Andrei, E.; Eva, B.; Brezuleanu, C.; Lisnic, T., 1998:
The evolution of the attack of Brachycaudus helichrysi Kalt. and Homoeosoma nebulella Hb. in sunflower lines and hybrids

Zampagna, A.; Bagnara, G., 1999:
The evolution of the cooperative system in Europe: the horticultural sector

Jost, N., 1998:
The evolution of the cultivation and use of soya in Brazil

Martin, S., 1997:
The evolution of the place of women in the hotel industry

Mason, V.; Bullock, G.E., 1999:
The evolution of the project development process at SRI

Duncan, R., 1997:
The evolution of the world grain market and its implications for China

Stevens, J.; Noyes, H.; Gibson, W., 1998:
The evolution of trypanosomes infecting humans and primates

Hagedorn, H.H.; Maddison, D.R.; Tu, Z., 1998:
The evolution of vitellogenins, cyclorrhaphan yolk proteins and related molecules

Montague, C.E.; Oldroyd, B.P., 1998:
The evolution of worker sterility in honey bees: an investigation into a behavioral mutant causing failure of worker policing

Salomon, R., 1999:
The evolutionary advantage of breeding for tolerance over resistance against viral plant disease

Kirchner, J.W.; Roy, B.A., 1999:
The evolutionary advantages of dying young: epidemiological implications of longevity in metapopulations

Taylor, J.W.; Geiser, D.M.; Burt, A.; Koufopanou, V., 1999:
The evolutionary biology and population genetics underlying fungal strain typing

Trut, LN., 1998:
The evolutionary concept of destabilizing selection: status quo

Fox, C.W.; Czesak, M.E.; Mousseau, T.A.; Roff, D.A., 1999:
The evolutionary genetics of an adaptive maternal effect: egg size plasticity in a seed beetle

Labrador, M.; Carmen Seleme, M. del; Fontdevila, A., 1998:
The evolutionary history of Drosophila buzzatii. XXXIV. The distribution of the retrotransposon Osvaldo in original and colonizing populations

Mackenzie, A.; Lomonaco, C.; Gorur, G., 1998:
The evolutionary impacts of host-plant induced phenotypic plasticity of host selection in aphids

Cao JiaShu; Miao Ying; Y.W.nZhi, 1998:
The evolutionary theory on production practice and scientific research in vegetable crops

Clark, C.A.; Hoy, M.W.; Valverde, R.A., 1997:
The evolving disease situation for sweet potatoes

Hartman, H., 1998:
The evolving organic marketplace: executive summary

Friedlander, S.F., 1999:
The evolving role of itraconazole, fluconazole and terbinafine in the treatment of tinea capitis

Page, C.N., 1998 :
The ex-situ cultivation of conifers, its limitations and potential role

Chibowski, S.; Solecki, J.; Szczypa, J., 1997:
The examination of the Roztocze region environment. Radioisotope monitoring of soils and plants. The heavy metal content in soil

Anonymous, 1996:
The example of Pusztamerges

Enell, M.; Fejes, J., 1999:
The example of Ringsjon - what have we taught ourselves? Effects in water

Borowiec, S., 1996:
The examples of evidence of changes of some environment components in space and over the time

Charlet, L.; Schlegel, M.L., 1999:
The exchange capacity of soils. Structures and charges at the particle/water interface

Tessier, D.; Bigorre, F.; Bruand, A., 1999:
The exchange capacity: a tool for predicting soil physical properties

Vicente, M.C.M.; Silva Lago Baptistella, C. da; Veiga, J.E.R., 1997:
The exclusion of workers in the restructuring and modernization of agriculture in the state of Sao Paulo

Pastore, D.; Stoppelli, M.C.; D.F.nzo, N.; Passarella, S., 1999:
The existence of the K(+) channel in plant mitochondria

L.DaXin, 1999:
The existing condition and the countermeasure of wheat production in Japan

Escudero, G., 1997:
The expanded agricultural sector: has linkage come to a standstill?

Frean, M.; Balkwill, K.; Gold, C.; Burt, S., 1997:
The expanding distributions and invasiveness of Oenothera in southern Africa

Bass, J.W.; Vincent, J.M.; Person, D.A., 1997:
The expanding spectrum of Bartonella infections: I. Bartonellosis and trench fever

Gillespie, J.M.; Karantininis, K.; Storey, G.G., 1997:
The expansion and evolution of vertical coordination in the Quebec hog industry

Lama, M.P., 1998:
The expansion of dairy economy in India: from food procurement to self sufficiency

Boquete, E.R., 1998:
The expansion of the forest and the defence of nature: the work of forest engineers in Spain 1900-1936

Krhutova, M.; Somrova, R.; Matyskova, M., 1998:
The expectations of the students of the Czech Agriculture University of Prague about the future of Czech agriculture and forestry and their professional orientation in the field

Udovecz, G., 1997:
The expected competitiveness of the main agricultural products in the European Union

Nagylaki, T., 1998:
The expected number of heterozygous sites in a subdivided population

Karpova, O.S.; Biryukov, O.I., 1996:
The expediency of introductory crossbreeding in finewooled sheep

Ingham, A.G.; Blissmer, B.J.; Davidson, K.W., 1999 :
The expendable prolympic self: going beyond the boundaries of the sociology and psychology of sport

Savchenko, E.S., 1998:
The experience and problems of development of the agroindustrial complex in Belgorod province

Liu FuXing, 1999:
The experience of Chahayang Farm in modern agricultural construction

Pakhomchik, S.A., 1997:
The experience of agricultural cooperative development in Tyumen' Region

Caliandro, G.; Hughes, C., 1998:
The experience of being a grandmother who is the primary caregiver for her HIV-positive grandchild

Khuzhin, V.D., 1998:
The experience of economic transformations in a rural district

Galletto, L., 1999:
The experience of environmental cross-compliance in the United States

Antonov, G.M., 1997:
The experience of integrating private subsidiary holdings with public sector production by agricultural enterprises

Kukhlev, E.D.; Kukhleva, T.E.; Gayduk, V.I.; Kozachenko, V.P., 1999:
The experience of integrative links in the dairy and meat agroindustrial subcomplexes

Nadim, A.; Javadian, E.; Mohebali, M., 1997:
The experience of leishmanization in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ibrahim, A., 1998:
The experience of remote school teachers - a reflection on the preservice teacher training programme

Parfenova, L., 1998:
The experience of studying unemployment, in relation to peasant farm size, in Poland's agricultural sector

Wejwoda, K., 1997:
The experience of the Austrian food sector with EU entry - the example of the dairy industry

Kovalenko, G.A.; Al' shevskiy, V.V.; Fedoruk, P.S.; Nechaev, V.I.; Miren kov, S.N.; Fedoruk, S.P., 1999:
The experience of the work of the Labinsk machinery and technology station among the shareholder companies of the Krasnodar Territory

Volodin, V.M., 1997:
The experience of transforming a closed-type shareholder association into an agricultural production cooperative

Lobo, F., 1999:
The experience of unemployment and the use of leisure capital

Khuzhin, V., 1998:
The experience, problems, and ways of improvement of agrarian reform

Egan, L.A., 1997:
The experiences of IDE in the mass marketing of small-scale affordable irrigation devices

Kenez, Gy, 1998:
The experiences of the past are indispensable to the determination of the future's tasks

Glazko, G.V.; Rogozin, I.V.; Glazko, V.I.; Zelenaya, L.B.; Sozinov, A.A., 1997:
The experimental and enumerated spectra of amplicons UBC-85 and UBC-126 (RAPD-PCR)

Kennedy, A.; Bellamy, S., 1997 :
The experimental basis and practical application of family selection as a tool in the early stages of varietal selection of sugarcane in Barbados

Addo, K.K.; Kapitancik, B.; Velebny, S.; Hrckova, G.; Mattova, J.; Dubinsky, P., 1998:
The experimental immunization of cattle against tuberculosis by liposomized BCG vaccine

Romer, H.P.; Bertram, A.; Meyer, J., 1999:
The experimental portal frame (PVR): an experimental implement for single plant-oriented crop control in field vegetables

Xia YiPing; Zhen XianZhang; Wang ChuAng, 1996:
The experimental rejuvenation of deteriorated tulip bulbs in mountainous region

Xiong YongMin; M.D.ngXu; L.S.Chun et al., 1998:
The experimental study of moniliformin and selenium effects on articular cartilage of Chinese experimental mini-pig

Galaktionov, KV., 1996:
The experimental study of the unusual life cycle of Parvatrema sp. (Trematoda: Gymnophallidae)

Wang ShuHeng; A.G.oShun; Cheng DaoXin, 1997:
The experimental therapy against alveococcus in mice with immunoliposome-carried albendazole

Zhang HuiLu, 1999:
The experiments and experiences of developing farmers' cooperatives in Pingyuan County, Shandong province

Chen Jiawen, L.W.i; H.M.ichang, 1996:
The exploitation and utilization of forest insect resources in China

Gheysen, G.; Karimi, M.; D.M.utter, J.; Barthels, N.; Van Montagu, M., 1998:
The exploitation of nematode-responsive plant genes to engineer nematode resistance

Pan JiaJu; Ming LiuFang; Liu Kang; Zhu XieFei; Zhang TianZhen, 1998:
The exploitation of virescent genes on upland hybrid cotton

Siamwalla, A., 1998:
The exporter's dilemma: should Thailand contribute to international agricultural research?

Friedberg, J.N.; Walden, D.B., 1999:
The expression and localization of HSP 18 mRNA in Zea mays L. callus

Chen DaSong; Zhou JunChu, 1998:
The expression and stability of tfx genes in Sinorhizobium fredii H12-2

Wilczynski, G.; Kulma, A.; Szopa, J., 1998:
The expression of 14-3-3 isoforms in potato is developmentally regulated

Mazier, M.; Pannetier, C.; Tourneur, J.; Jouanin, L.; Giband, M., 1997:
The expression of Bacillus thuringiensis toxin genes in plant cells

Dockrell, D.H.; Badley, A.D.; Villacian, J.S.; Heppelmann, C.J.; Algeciras, A.; Ziesmer, S.; Yagita, H.; Lynch, D.H.; Roche, P.C.; Leibson, P.J.; Paya, C.V., 1998:
The expression of Fas Ligand by macrophages and its upregulation by human immunodeficiency virus infection

Davidson, M.D.; Chartier Hollis, J.M.; Lynch, P.T., 1998:
The expression of GUS in quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) leaves after co-cultivation with Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Theoret, C.L.; Barber, S.M.; Gordon, J.R., 1998:
The expression of IL-1, IL-6, and TGF- beta in the synovial fluid of horses with surgically-induced transient synovitis

Estruch, J.J.; Carozzi, N.B.; Desai, N.; Warren, G.W.; Duck, N.B.; Koziel, M.G., 1997:
The expression of a synthetic CryIA(b) gene in transgenic maize confers resistance to European corn borer

Knobel, H.A.; Labuschagne, M.T.; Van Deventer, C.S., 1997:
The expression of heterosis in the F1 generation of a diallel cross of diverse hard red winter wheat genotypes

Weng MinChao; Wang ChingHo, 1999:
The expression of infectious bronchitis virus S1 gene

Telleria, C.M.; Ou, J.; Sugino, N.; Ferguson, S.; Gibori, G., 1998:
The expression of interleukin-6 in the pregnant rat corpus luteum and its regulation by progesterone and glucocorticoid

Peters; Szell; Kendrick, 1998:
The expression of light-regulated genes in the high-pigment-1 mutant of tomato

Wu, T.; Samaranayake, L.P., 1999:
The expression of secreted aspartyl proteinases of Candida species in human whole saliva

Belavin, P.A.; Netesova, N.A.; Reshetnikov, S.S.; Ivanisenko, V.A.; Eroshkin, A.M.; Protopopova, E.V.; Loktev, V.B.; Malygin, E.G., 1997:
The expression of the Japanese encephalitis virus gene E fragments in E. coli cells

Nakagawa, Y.; Koide, K.; Watanabe, K.; Morita, Y.; Mizuguchi, I.; Akashi, T., 1999:
The expression of the pathogenic yeast Candida albicans catalase gene in response to hydrogen peroxide

Baillie, L.; Moir, A.; Manchee, R., 1998:
The expression of the protective antigen of Bacillus anthracis in Bacillus subtilis

Garcia, A.; Almeida-Engler, J.D.; Claes, B.V.llarroel, R.M.ntagu, M.V.n; Gerats, T.C.plan, A., 1998:
The expression of the salt-responsive gene salT from rice is regulated by hormonal and developmental cues

Nishimura, A.; Tamaoki, M.; Sato, Y.; Matsuoka, M., 1999:
The expression of tobacco knotted1-type class 1 homeobox genes correspond to regions predicted by the cytohistological zonation model

Recasens, J.; Barrera, J.; Dessaint, F., 1997:
The expression of weed seed bank in cereal crops

Smalle, J.H.egman, M.M.rtens, J.V.ngronsveld, J.M.ntagu, M.V.n; Straeten, D.V.n-Der, 1999:
The expression pattern of the Arabidopsis ACC synthase gene 1 during rosette leaf development

Nakashima, M.; Hirano, K.; Nakashima, S.; Banno, H.; Nishihama, R.; Machida, Y., 1998:
The expression pattern of the gene for NPK1 protein kinase related to mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase (MAPKKK) in a tobacco plant: correlation with cell proliferation

Zhang LiPing;; Zhu JinMing; Luo AnCheng, 1997:
The expressive difference of inductive gene by aluminium in rice by differential display

Williams, M.S.; Schreuder, H.T.; Reich, R.M., 1996:
The extent of bias caused by substituting points in forest survey: a simulation study

Bazzi, C., 1998:
The extent of chemical and biological control against fire blight

Lifson, J.D.; Nowak, M.A.; Goldstein, S.; Rossio, J.L.; Kinter, A.; Vasquez, G.; Wiltrout, T.A.; Brown, C.; Schneider, D.; Wahl, L.; Lloyd, A.L.; Williams, J.; Elkins, W.R.; Fauci, A.S.; Hirsch, V.M., 1997:
The extent of early viral replication is a critical determinant of the natural history of simian immunodeficiency virus infection

Onsongo, M.T.K., 1997:
The extent of intercropping coffee with other crops (Kiambu, Kirinyaga and Murang'a district)

Sindelar, J., 1997:
The extent of replanting and afforestation tasks in forest management in the Czech Republic and the concept of regulation of forest species composition

Jankauskas, B.; Jankauskiene, G., 1998:
The extent of soil degradation on hilly relief of Western Lithuania and antierosion agrophytocenoses

Mao LinChun; Chen ZhongMing; L.W.iFen; Jin LiangJun, 1997:
The extent of the early Maillard reaction in heat treated milk

Narayanan, C.; Dudzinski, M.J.; Sharma, J.K.; Mohanan, C., 1996:
The extent, recognition and management of Casuarina blister bark disease

Dubinina, H.V., 1997:
The external morphology and some aspects of evolution of the parasitic mite Otodectes cynotis (Hering, 1838) (Acariformes, Prostigmata, Psoroptidae) causing the otodectic mange in carnivore mammals (Carnivora)

Magdelaine, P.; Braine, A., 1998:
The external trade balance

Malkmus, R., 1997:
The extinction of a population of smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) due to forest succession in central Spessart

Fei XianJin; L.C.uanDe; Yang LiHua; K.Z.nYi; Pan SuZhen, 1999:
The extra early nectarine cultivar Zaohongbaoshi

Liang Hong; Pang WeiMing; Zhang WeiFeng, 1999:
The extract technique of flavonoid of Ginkgo biloba L. leaves

Yang YongHong; Bai Wei, 1999:
The extraction and application of green pigment from Ustilaginoidea virens (Cke.) Tak

Y.X.aoCong; Zhang YiJuan; W.Y.Qin; Zhang ZhiHao; W.G.anLing; Zhao WeiXian, 1997:
The extraction and characterization of RNA from eggs of Schistosoma japonicum

Lan PeiChing; Lin LiangChuan, 1999:
The extraction of free amino acids from pig viscera by supercritical carbon dioxide

Potschin, M., 1999:
The extraction of soil water in extreme locations by means of suction cups - possibilities and limitations

Bylemans, D., 1997:
The extreme development of the red spider mite, Panonychus ulmi, in conventionally managed apple orchards in late summer of 1997 and consequences for 1998

Bylemans, D., 1998:
The extreme incidence of fruit mites in the late summer of 1997 and its consequences for 1998

Kondo, N.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsuya, K.; Katahashi, H.; Imai, Y., 1998:
The extruded granule formulation of selective rice herbicide cyhalofop butyl

Haseloff, B.J.; Freeman, T.L.; Valmeekam, V.; Melkus, M.W.; Oner, F.; Valachovic, M.S.; San Francisco, M.J., 1998:
The exuT gene of Erwinia chrysanthemi EC16: nucleotide sequence, expression, localization, and relevance of the gene product

Dong ShuFu; Tang Fang; Shu HuaiRui, 1997:
The exudation of organic acids by the roots of apple rootstock seedlings

Nelson, A.C., 1999 :
The exurban battleground

Zhang DeShuang; Cao MingQing; Qin ZhiWei, 1999:
The factors affecting isolated microspore culture of broccoli

Patel, A.K.; Tripathi, V.N., 1995:
The factors affecting reproductive traits in Surti buffaloes

Jezewska Zychowicz, M., 1998:
The factors influencing temporary nutrition behaviours in women's opinions

L.Y.o; Wang LiHua; Y.M.ngMing; Shen DaLeng, 1997:
The factors influencing vitrification of tissue-cultured carnation plantlets

Gusakov, V.; Daineko, A., 1998:
The factors of the efficiency of agricultural production

Kabindra Barkakati; Talukdar, M.C.; Changmai, H.K., 1997:
The factors responsible for the instability in rice production in Assam (India)

McAuliffe, B., 1997:
The facts of Irish drinking life

Hoey, J., 1997:
The facts of lice

Lence, S.H.; Hayenga, M.L.; Harl, N.E., 1999:
The failure of multiyear hedge-to-arrive contracts

Leamy, R., 1997:
The fair trading act: issues for the and beverage industry

Hood, E., 1997:
The fall armyworm: and I thought we had it made

Allegro, G., 1997:
The fall webworm after 20 years

Muqbil, I., 1998:
The fall-out from the Asian economic crisis

Vandana Shiva, 1998:
The fallacy of comparative advantage in agriculture

Otto, L.F., 1998:
The false spruce web-spinning sawfly (C. abietis L.) in Saxony - occurrence, importance and control

Jensen, P.B.nde; Pewlong, S., 1998:
The families of hymenopterous parasitoids active in tropical rainfed paddies

Ortiz Bermudez, E.; Villasenor, J.L.; Tellez, O., 1998:
The family Asteraceae in the state of Nayarit (Mexico)

Gangopadhyay, M.; Chakrabarty, T., 1997:
The family Combretaceae of Indian subcontinent

Yang ChiKun; Cheng GuiFang, 1997:
The family Hieroxestidae new to China, and some new structures of the Opogona sacchari (Bojer). (Lep.: Tineoidea)

Regalado, G.G., 1998:
The family Loranthaceae (mistletoes) of the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico

Imkhanitskaya, N.N., 1998:
The family Oleaceae in the Caucasian flora. 1. The genera Jasminum and Fraxinus

Obinne, C.P.O., 1999:
The family economic advancement programme in Nigeria: a rural development approach

Forehand, R.; Steele, R.; Armistead, L.; Morse, E.; Simon, P.; Clark, L., 1998:
The Family Health Project: psychosocial adjustment of children whose mothers are HIV infected

Leinbach, T.R.; Casino, V.J. del, Jr, 1998:
The family mode of production and its fungibility in Indonesian transmigration: the example of Makarti Jaya, South Sumatra

Williams, E.; Berrien, V.; Trubey, P., 1997:
The family with AIDS: multiple challenges for caregivers

Wang Jun;; X.N.iZhang; Zhang Ming, 1995:
The far-infrared drying characteristics on edible fungi and pretreatment effects

Mazzei, M., 1999:
The farm development in Argentina in the nineties

Rutel, A., 1997:
The farm management and decision support system in Estonia

Luder, W.; Naf, E., 1999:
The farmer as a manager: contribution of labour economy to the farm management

Dios, R.; Martinez, J.M., 1997:
The farmer technological level: a microeconomic research

Buckler, P., 1997:
The farmer's role in the rural community

Mukherji, P.N., 1998:
The farmers' movement in Punjab: politics of pressure groups and pressure of party politics

Wendt, H., 1998:
The farmers' share of consumer expenditure on food in Germany: up to date calculations and results

Haigh, J.C.; Thorleifson, I., 1998:
The farming of deer in Canada

Norman, D.; Umar, M., 1997:
The farming systems approach to development and the South Pacific: value, principles and challenges

Grimes, G., 1998:
The farmworker Health and Safety Institute (FHSI)

Lorusso, A., 1998:
The farrowing pen fits into the environment

Prosenc, K.; Avsic Zupanc, T.; Trilar, T.; Petrovec, M.; Poljak, M., 1997:
The fat dormouse Myoxus glis as a natural host of medically important microorganisms

Dengler, K., 1998:
The fat dormouse also strips bark without eating it

Silva, W.G. da; Baruffaldi, R.; Oliveira, M.N.; Fedeli, E., 1999:
The fat of Theobroma grandiflorum cupuacu seeds - substitute for cocoa-butter

Chendorian, M.; Yates, M.; Villegas, F., 1998:
The fate and transport of viruses through surface water constructed wetlands

Wang WenHua; Bray, C.M.; Jones, M.N., 1999:
The fate of 14C-labelled humic substances in rice cells in culture

Katic, V.; Radenkov, S., 1998:
The fate of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in pasteurized milk

Lange, C.E.; Wysiecki, M.L. de, 1996:
The fate of Nosema locustae (Microsporida: Nosematidae) in Argentine grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Chotte, J.L.; Feller, C.; Hetier, J.M.; Mariotti, A., 1998:
The fate of fertilizer N in field studies in the volcanic Lesser Antilles with 15N-urea

Assimakopoulos, J.; Bovis, C.; Kosmas, C.; Nychas, A., 1998:
The fate of freshly added phosphorus in representative agricultural soils

Lusby, F.E.; Gibbs, M.M.; Cooper, A.B.yce; Thompson, K., 1998:
The fate of groundwater ammonium in a lake edge wetland

Penny, C.D., 1999:
The fate of heifer calves congenitally infected with Neospora caninum in a closed dairy herd

Alfaia, S.S., 1997:
The fate of nitrogen fertilizers (15N) in a yellow latosol cultivated with cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata L.)

Sutherland, B.; Stewart, D.; Kenchington, E.R.; Zouros, E., 1998:
The fate of paternal mitochondrial DNA in developing female mussels, Mytilus edulis: implications for the mechanism of doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA

Wang YiRen, 1998:
The fatigue behaviour of Japanese cedar jointed by metal plate

Fenyvessy, J., 1995:
The fatty acid composition of ewe milk

Rayon, J.I.; Carver, J.D.; Wyble, L.E.; Wiener, D.; Dickey, S.S.; Benford, V.J.; Chen, L.T.; Lim, D.V., 1997:
The fatty acid composition of maternal diet affects lung prostaglandin E2 levels and survival from group B streptococcal sepsis in neonatal rat pups

Taugbøl, O.; Baddaky-Taugbøl, B.; Saarem, K., 1998:
The fatty acid profile of subcutaneous fat and blood plasma in pruritic dogs and dogs without skin problems

Tichelaar, H.Y.; Smuts, C.M.; van Stuijvenberg, M.E.; Faber, M.; Benadé, A.J., 1998:
The fatty acid status of rural school children with helminth infections

Huang ChunMei; Cheng XinYue, 1999:
The fauna of Catantopidae and its origin in China and adjacent region

Emberson, R.; Hanboonsong, Y., 1998:
The fauna of North East Thailand

Drezwiecki, S.; Sokoowski, A., 1997:
The fauna of epigeal arthropod fauna in integrated winter wheat production

Zanic, K.; Igrc Barcic, J., 1996:
The fauna of green lacewings (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) in Dalmatian olive orchards

Christian, E., 1998:
The fauna of the catacombs of St. Stephen's cathedral, Vienna

Deng GangLing; Jiang Wei; Y.R.iYu et al., 1999:
The fauna of ticks and mites in the Yeerqiang River valley in Xinjiang, China

Huang RenXin; D.C.unHua; Zhang WeiHong, 1999:
The faunal composition and the feeding habits of scarabs in Xinjiang (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Scott, G.B.; Connell, B.J.; Lambe, N.R., 1998:
The fear levels after transport of hens from cages and a free-range system

Vajna, L.; Schwarczinger, I.; Bohar, G., 1998:
The feared tax-collector of young stone-fruit plantations: tracheomycosis, caused by Verticillium dahliae Kleb

Douglas, N., 1997:
The fearful and the fanciful: Early tourists' perceptions of Western Melanesia

Brill, P.A.; Jensen, R.L.; Koltyn, K.F.; Morgan, L.A.; Morrow, J.R.; Keller, M.J.; Jackson, A.W., 1998:
The feasibility of conducting a group-based progressive strength training program in residents of a multi-level care facility

Cakmakc, S.; Cecen, S.; Aydnoglu, B., 1999:
The feasibility of growing annual forage legumes in a rotation for seed and straw yield in autumn in Antalya

McLaren, G.F.; Fraser, J.A.; McDonald, R.M., 1997:
The feasibility of hot water disinfestation of summerfruit

Carratore, C.R. del; Machado, J.H.; Grechi, F. de C.S.; Goncalves, E.G.; Vilem, R.; Mazeto, M.D., 1998:
The feasibility of raising tambacu (Colossoma macropomum x Piaractus mesopotamicus) in cages with different stocking density

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The fertility, suitability for fodder and digestibility of reed canarygrass, smooth bromegrass and timothy

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The fertilizer industry in India

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The fetal and infant origins of cardiovascular disease

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The field chopper - the profitable machine for silo-maize

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The field experiment as a uniformity trial

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The field of forestry science at the Grillenburg Museum: place of education - forest experiences - laboratory

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The fig growing in Italy: the present state and problems

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The fight against phage

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The film: making visible the wind-flow patterns at the forest margin

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The financial and economic profitability of field afforestation in Finland

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The financial basis of the state management of forestry

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The financial impact of ESAs on LFA farmers: a case study of farmers in the Cairngorm Straths ESA

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The financial market: the compatibility of a state bank and a decentralized credit system in the Joncs plain in southern Vietnam

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The financing of family farms in 1994-1995: an example of Radziemice commune in Krakow province

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The fire in the Great Lakes

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The fire resistance of larch forests in the north of the Krasnoyarsk territory

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The firewood market situation of the single-family houses in the capital city area

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The first 50 years of the evolution of forest tree improvement in Queensland

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The first Australian wine tourism conference. Wine tourism: perfect partners

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The first Franco-Chilean insemination programme

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The first and sixth chromosomes of soft winter wheat D-genome control the synthesis of 310-kD cold-shock protein

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The first case of equine granulocytic ehrlichiosis (EGE) in an Austrian horse

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The first case of giardiosis in a budgerigar in Turkey

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The first cases of damage by the black apple capsid Atractotomus mali (Heteroptera: Miridae) in the Netherlands

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The first decade of maize transformation: a review and future perspective

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The first ever report of homicidal poisoning by intramuscular injection of Gramoxone (paraquat)

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The first experiment studying the possibility for elimination of the damaging effect of ionizing irradiation during maize radiation mutagenesis

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The first hundred days of lactation: feeding and reproductive efficiency

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The first isolation of Candida dubliniensis from China

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The first isolation of Candida dubliniensis in Turkey

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The first isolation of Psychrobacter immobilis from foods in the Czech Republic

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The first isolation of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi from Leptotrombidium palpale

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The first local mixed Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax infection to be reported recently in Turkey

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The first major outbreak of dengue hemorrhagic fever in Delhi, India

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The first new domesticant for 5000 years?

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The first occurrence of tomato yellow leaf curl virus in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) in Japan

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The first polar body can be used for the production of normal offspring in mice

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The first population estimate of some herbivores in Garumara National Park, West Bengal

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The first publications on producing sugar from beet in the 19th century

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The first record of Antennoseius in China with description of a new species (Acari: Ascidae)

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The first record of Diplazon laetatorius T. (Hym., Ichneumonidae) in Iran. H

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The first record of Eimeria raillieti (Coccidia, Sporozoa) from the slow worm (Anguis fragilis) in Russia

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The first record of Elachiptera cornuta (Fallen), as a cereal secondary pest in Iran (Dip.: Chloropidae)

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The first record of Larix from the British Pleistocene

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The first record of outbreaks of bovine trypanosomosis by Trypanosoma vivax in Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil

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The first record of the tachinid Lypha dubia Fallen from Sicily (Diptera: Tachinidae)

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The first report of Dermoglyphus spp. from canaries

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The first report of Metagonimus yokogawai Katsurada, 1912 (Trematoda, Heterophyidae) in cats in Turkey

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The first report of spent mushroom compost (SMC) leaching from Iran

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The first report of sporothricosis in horse in Tehran

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The first report on the occurrence of the egg parasitoid of pear lace bug in Iran

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The first report on the occurrence of the moth Thiacidas postica Walker (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Iran

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The first spawn-taking from striped jack broodstock fed soft-dry pellets

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The first stages of land reform in the former Soviet Union: some uncomfortable experiences

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The first stagings of Finnish plays in Latvian theatres

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The first step of gibberellin biosynthesis in pumpkin is catalyzed by at least two copalyl diphosphate synthases encoded by differentially regulated genes

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The first steps in the practical activity of the Agropromservis Corporation

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The first termitivorous jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae)

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The first women's credit co-op in China

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The first years are difficult: transfer to organic arable farming in the South West

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The first, insect of the year: the green lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens, 1836) (Neur., Chrysopidae)

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The fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in some Fabaceae species

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The flavonoids in Epimedium L. and their taxonomic significance

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The flexible fat

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The flightless aphid

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The floristic elements of the Quercus mongolica forest type

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The flow and distribution of costs and benefits in the Chuliban community forest, Dhankuta district, Nepal

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The flower-predominant genes

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The flowering and fruit-bearing individuals of common ivy Hedera helix L. in gardens of the left-side of Szczecin

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The flowering of limes

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The flowers agroindustrial system: a sample of the agribusiness in Brazil

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The fluctuation of agricultural prices

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The fluctuation of tear production in the dog

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The fluorescence microscopic study of adrenergic innervation of spleen in chickens

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The food preservative nisin

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The food problem in developing countries - characteristics and reasons

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The food system of frozen vegetables - business environment and strategy

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The food trade as a partner

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The food, socioeconomic and cultural importance of banana in Kanak society in New Caledonia

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The forces of change driving forestry education

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The forefront of mechanization of cabbage cultivation

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The forest cluster - 500 and still swinging

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The forest educates its trees

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The forest forecast map based on the system yield table and GIS: spatial retrieval and forecast

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The forest inventory system in Russia: a wealth of data for western researchers

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The forest is the treasure chest of mountain farmers. The 1997 Austrian alpine pasture management meeting in Grossarl

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The forest legislation process in the cantons

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The forest management significance of natural maturity in pine forests

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The forest margin as a habitat for grasshoppers

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The forest of Medvednica yesterday - today - tomorrow

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The forest of the Convent of the Trinity, Santa Fiora (Grosseto): analysis of structural and floristic diversity, vegetation dynamics and silvicultural proposals

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The forest on Smarna gora

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The forest owner as 'grunder' and forestry as an oil fund

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The forest resource in Atlantic Canada and an overview of issues that impact wood production

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The forestry situation in the Czech Republic

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The forests in the Sulzbach Valley (south-western Black Forest, Germany) and their exploitation for mining and charcoal burning

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The form of forest management, dbh distribution types, and developmental stages of forests with diversified structure

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The formation of EU agrarian and rural policy

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The formation of Scots pine stands from preserved advance growth

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The formation of a balanced food market in Northern Kazakhstan

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The formation of a multi-structural market economy in the agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan

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The formation of adventitious roots: new concepts, new possibilities

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The formation of aggregation characteristics of reserve proteins at the maturation stage of wheat in relation to mineral nutrition

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The formation or the reduction of a disulfide bridge on the gamma subunit of chloroplast ATP synthase affects the inhibitory effect of the epsilon subunit

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The function of agricultural extension in transforming to an information society

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The functions of Tomosvary organs

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The functions of information, communication, transparency and accountability in promoting institutional reform and co-operation

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The fund for milk quotas will enter into force in the present season

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The fundamental problems of Turkish co-operatives and proposals for their solution

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The future freshwater resources of the World: how can we proceed?

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The future in 2010

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The future of Brazil's agricultural sector

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The future of CA & MA recommendations

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The future of EU-ACP cooperation: the end of a historical relationship?

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The future of US wine value

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The future of ecotourism in the less developed countries

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The future of fruit crops in Belgium

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The future of fuelwood

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The future of global distribution systems

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The future of grass for dairy cattle

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The future of horticultural cooperatives is in farm organization

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The future of hybrids

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The future of milk production and requirements for the future cow

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The future of natural rubber and INRO

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The future of ostrich farming

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The future of sunflower between penalization and Agenda 2000

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The future of swidden farming communities in the Spice Islands

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The future of the Common Agricultural Policy

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The future of the New Zealand Dairy Board in the saddle. Part 1

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The future of the U.S. sugar industry

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The future of the forest management industry: highly mechanized plantations and reserves or a knowledge-intensive integrated approach?

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The future of the milk product market and packaging

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The future of the small dairy farm

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The future of the town centre: Generating an evening economy

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The future of tourism in the Pacific Rim

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Anonymous, 1999:
The generation gap with Africa's breadwinners being wiped out by AIDS, the young and the old have been left to look after each other. But thanks to its image as a 'young person's disease', the elderly have hitherto been excluded from AIDS-prevention policies. Njeri Rugene says that's changing

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