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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3308

Chapter 3308 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Byard, J.L., 1999:
The impact of rice pesticides on the aquatic ecosystems of the Sacramento River and Delta (California)

Wiegand, K.; Jeltsch, F.; Ward, D., 1998:
The impact of roads on the survival of acacia trees in the Negev

Houdebine, L.M., 1999:
The impact of selection by genetic markers, cloning and transgenesis on livestock production

Lai, F.S., 1996:
The impact of selective logging on sediment yield and coarse woody debris in hill forest watersheds with special reference to the Sungai Lawing basin, Selangor

Hutchinson, T.C.; Watmough, S.A.; Sager, E.P.S.; Karagatzides, J.D., 1999:
The impact of simulated acid rain and fertilizer application on a mature sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.) forest in central Ontario Canada

Tang Yong; Cao Min; Zhang JianHou; Ren YongHong, 1997:
The impact of slash-and-burn agriculture on the soil seed bank of Trema orientalis forest

Thomas, R., 1997:
The impact of small business policy on hospitality firms: a critical review

Choi, H.L.; Han, S.Y., 1997:
The impact of small-scale dairy farm wastewater on the water quality of small waterstream in a hilly region

Ang Chen, 1999:
The impact of social change on inner-city high school physical education: an analysis of a teacher's experiential account

Mitchell, P.D.; Lakshminarayan, P.G.; Otake, T.; Babcock, B.A., 1998:
The impact of soil conservation policies on carbon sequestration in agricultural soils of the Central United States

Chartres, C.J.; Greeves, G.W., 1998:
The impact of soil seals and crusts on soil water balance and runoff and their relationship with land management

Dobrowolski, S., 1997:
The impact of soil-site works on silvicultural and managerial planning and on forest biodiversity in Brzeziny Forest District

Czepinska Kaminska, D.; Janowska, E., 1999:
The impact of speedways on surface horizons in forest soil

France, M. la; Reich, M.; Plachter, H., 1996:
The impact of spruce plantations on communities of snails and slugs (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in a mountain beech forest region

Noriega, P.B.; Abbott, J., 1998:
The impact of state lotteries and casino gambling on the survival of greyhound racing

Volpi, N.M.P.; Carnieri, C.; Sanquetta, C.R., 1999:
The impact of stochasticity on a forest planning model

Patterson, I.; Coleman, D., 1996:
The impact of stress on different leisure dimensions

Gerhard, M.; Habermeyer, J.; Zinkernagel, V., 1999:
The impact of strobilurins on plant vitality on winter wheat under field conditions

Hai, A.A., 1995:
The impact of structural reforms on environmental problems in agriculture

Komlenovic, N.; Rastovski, P.; Novosel, D., 1996:
The impact of sulfur and lead on vegetation and acidification of forest soils in West Croatia

Woreta, D., 1999:
The impact of systemic soil insecticides on epigeic Carabidae assemblages

Hunter, D.; Pouono, K.; Semisi, S., 1998:
The impact of taro leaf blight in the Pacific Islands with special reference to Samoa

Tuzhilkina, V.V.; Ladanova, N.V.; Plyusnina, S.N., 1998:
The impact of technogenic pollution on the photosynthetic apparatus of pine

Perrin, R.K., 1997:
The impact of technological change on a competitive industry

Paris, T.R., 1998:
The impact of technologies on women in Asian rice farming

Reis, R., 1998:
The impact of television viewing in the Brazilian Amazon

Noble, J., 1999:
The impact of the 'Euro' on sugar beet prices

Hempel, E., 1999:
The impact of the Asian financial crisis on the shrimp industry

Monke, E., 1997:
The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on small farms in southern Europe

Beirne, E.; Curry, P., 1999:
The impact of the Internet on the information search process and tourism decision making

Smith, B.; Embrey, S.; Smith, B.; Embrey, S., 1997:
The impact of the National Curriculum for the teaching of gymnastics

Lyke, J., 1998:
The impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on U.S. forest products trade with Canada and Mexico: an assessment

L.D.Bing; Wang TianPing; H.J.aChang; Zhang XiQing; G.J.Hua; W.W.iDuo, 1997:
The impact of the Three Gorges Dam construction on the Schistosoma japonicum infested water contact behaviour among the population along the Yangtze River in Anhui

Yap ChanLing, 1999:
The impact of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture on the world rice economy and South Asia

Loseby, M., 1998:
The impact of the Uruguay Round on the agro-food sector and the rural environment in Italy

Hudakova, M., 1998:
The impact of the environment on production of milk in dairy production units

Uramphom, C.; Pheerasatian, N., 1997:
The impact of the baht flotation on agricultural products

Komlenovic, N., 1997:
The impact of the conifer plantations on the formation and chemical properties of the organic and humus accumulating horizon of Luvisol

Firdausy, C.M., 1999:
The impact of the conversion of forest land on rural poverty and income inequality: a case study in Lampung Province, Indonesia

Guillou, Y.; Manifacier, G., 1998:
The impact of the coypu on the dykes of the Loire

Booth, A., 1999:
The impact of the crisis on poverty and equity

Nolet, J.; Morisset, M., 1997:
The impact of the dairy sector

Ahoyo Adjovi, N.R.; Heidhues, F., 1997:
The impact of the devaluation of the CFA franc on the competitiveness of rice production in southern Benin

Oey Gardiner, M., 1998:
The impact of the financial crisis on Indonesian women: some survival strategies

Ekelund, F., 1999:
The impact of the fungicide fenpropimorph (CorbelReg.) on bacterivorous and fungivorous protozoa in soil

Casali, V.W.D., 1997:
The impact of the industrial property and cultivar protection law on Brazilian horticulture

Curry, P.; Alpert, F., 1999:
The impact of the internet on consideration sets - the case of international tourist destinations

Fecenko, J.; Ivanka, L., 1997:
The impact of the land price and subsidies system on farm economic results

Ernould, J.C.; Ba, K.; Sellin, B., 1999:
The impact of the local water-development programme on the abundance of the intermediate hosts of schistosomiasis in three villages of the Senegal River delta

Muller, C., 1999:
The impact of the production composition on the nutrition status of agricultural households in Rwanda

Cicia, G.; Ercole, E. d', 1997:
The impact of the regulation 2078/92 on organic farming: does it introduce a regional discrimination?

Yalcin, S.S.; Kinik, E., 1999:
The impact of the sexual maturation stage on body mass index in adolescent girls

Bywater, M., 1997:
The impact of the single European currency on the travel and tourism sector

Plat, S.; Dijk, T.S. van; Keizer, P.J., 1997:
The impact of the suction flail mower on carabids in corridors

Ra' i Atea Pambrun, J.L., 1998:
The impact of the tourism industry on the indigenous population of French Polynesia

Anonymous, 1996:
The impact of the world grain trade on food security in Egypt in the light of recent developments

Anonymous, 1996:
The impact of the world grain trade on food security in Saudi Arabia in the context of current developments

Stallmann, J.I.; Deller, S.C.; Shields, M., 1998:
The impact of the young-old and the old-old on a small rural region: an application of the Wisconsin economic impact modeling system

Taylor, R.J.; Haseler, M.E., 1995:
The impact of thinning of older wet sclerophyll regrowth on bird populations in south-eastern Tasmania

Faircloth, J.; Bradley, J.R.J.; Duyn, J. van, 1999:
The impact of thrips on cotton productivity: what a difference a year makes

Simbua, E.F., 1998:
The impact of time allocation on farming and non farming labour in coconut based farming systems

Perez Berenguer, E.; Gascon, J., 1997:
The impact of tourism and NGO development projects upon the social and economic structure of two Andean communities

Cooper, C.; Morpeth, N., 1998:
The impact of tourism on residential experience in central-eastern Europe: the development of a new legitimation crisis in the Czech Republic

Kim JaeSung; Kim EuiGyeong; Jung ByeongHeon, 1998:
The impact of trade liberalization on oak mushroom producers

Kim EuiGyeong; Kim JaeSung; Jung ByeongHeon, 1998:
The impact of trade liberalization on pine nut producers

Gilanpour, O.; Yazdani, S., 1997:
The impact of trade liberalization on rice economy of Gillan

Holloway, J.D., 1998:
The impact of traditional and modern cultivation practices, including forestry, on lepidoptera diversity in Malaysia and Indonesia

D.Thai Dong, 1997:
The impact of transformation on rural women in South Vietnam

Champolivier, J.; Messean, A., 1997:
The impact of transgenic rape in cultivation systems: a study of gene flow

Siwek, P.; Libik, A., 1999:
The impact of tunnel cover type on growth and yield of sweet pepper

Head, J.; Lucas, R., 1998:
The impact of unfair dismissal rights on the employment relationship in the hospitality industry

Hergert, G.W.; Ferguson, R.B., 1997:
The impact of variable rate N application on N use efficiency of furrow irrigated maize

Lantoarilala, J.; Ribes, G.C. de; Mouchet, J., 1998:
The impact of vector control on malarial morbidity and mortality in a health district of the Madagascar Highlands

Mellor, S., 1999:
The impact of vitamins on bird health and performance

Foster, R.; Pooni, H.S.; Mackay, I.J., 1998:
The impact of water deprivation on the performance of Linum usitatissimum cultivars

Zhang ShiQing; G.J.Hua; Zhang GongHua; Wang TianPing; H.J.aChang; W.W.iDuo; Wang Zhi; Gao LiHua; Pang XinPing; Zhao ZhiXian, 1998:
The impact of water level change in Anhui Province caused by Three Gorges Dam construction on behaviours of people and cattle and schistosomiasis prevalence

Mioduszewski, W.; Querner, E.; Kowalewski, Z.; Slesicka, A., 1997:
The impact of water level control in drainage systems on groundwater levels in river basins

Morris, J.; Weatherhead, E.K.; Dunderdale, J.A.L.; Mills, J., 1997:
The impact of water restrictions on irrigation benefits

Wall, A.J.; Mackay, A.D.; Kemp, P.D.; Gillingham, A.G.; Edwards, W.R.N., 1997:
The impact of widely spaced soil conservation trees on hill pastoral systems

Gillingham, S.; Lee, P.C., 1999:
The impact of wildlife-related benefits on the conservation attitudes of local people around the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Mosher, J.M.; Turner, D.W., 1999:
The impact of within-row spacing on the productivity of glasshouse roses grown in two planting systems

Silva, M.L. da; Rezende, J.L.P. de; Leite, C.A.M.; Silva, O.M. da, 1997:
The impact on exogenous variables on the cellulose and pulp and paper markets

Holland, J.M.; Cook, S.K.; Drysdale, A.D.; Hewitt, M.V.; Spink, J.; Turley, D.B., 1998:
The impact on non-target arthropods of integrated compared to conventional farming: results from the LINK Integrated Farming Systems project

Huang JinDong; Zhao Bing; Zhao Gang; Liu Chang, 1999:
The impacts of agroforestry on world forestry development

Rigina, O.; Kozlov, M.V., 2000:
The impacts of air pollution on the northern taiga forests of the Kola Peninsula, Russian Federation

Shi XinYu; Sun XianHua; Chen XinMei, 1998:
The impacts of different rates and application methods of nitrogen fertilizer on yield and regulation of the relationship between source and sink in hybrid early rice

Yang XiaoHui; Zhang KeBin, 1997:
The impacts of irrational exploitation and utilization of water resources on land desertification and its countermeasures in the arid area of China

Li, Zhengcai, 1998:
The impacts of new cultivation patterns of incorporating poplar with wheat on wheat yield and quality

Adamic, M., 1997:
The impacts of snow cover on winter food strategies of red deer in the area of Kocevje, south-central Slovenia

Hancock, P., 1998:
The impacts of the Asian crisis and associated IMF initiatives upon rural women workers in Indonesia

Samathrakis, V., 1998:
The impacts of the European policy of prices and markets on Greek regions

A.Mulsi, A.H., 1998:
The impacts of using locally produced sorghum as a substitute of imported maize in the egg production in the roy

Biensen, N.J.; Wilson, M.E.; Ford, S.P., 1999:
The impacts of uterine environment and fetal genotype on conceptus size and placental vascularity during late gestation in pigs

Medland, A.; Taggart, A., 1997:
The implementation of a health-related fitness intervention: a case study of two primary schools

F.Y.oJing; Chen QingXiang, 1997:
The implementation of a seed project on multiple cropping to promote the development of stable food production

Zielonka, P., 1996:
The implementation of cobaltous chloride for moisture content illustration in microwave spruce heating

Montis, A. de; Manca, G.; Zoppi, C., 1998:
The implementation of environmental planning in Sardinia

Ding Li, 1997:
The implementation of industrialization: do not impose uniformity in all cases

Yasarakinci, N.; Hincal, P.; Filiz, N.; Cinarli, I.; Fidan, U.; Demir, G.; Kocer, H.; Uckan, A.; Deviren, A.; Durceylan, E.; Karatas, H.; Tokac, A.; Baylan, A.; Aykut, N.; Erdem, S.; Ates, N.; Ohtar, F.; Yildirim, B.; Erisen, I.; Onder, S.; Konak, N.; Varol, I., 1999:
The implementation of integrated pest management in the vegetable greenhouses in Aegean Region of Turkey

Clark, O.G.; Kok, R.; Molenaar, R.; Parrott, L., 1997:
The implementation of mind in engineered biosystems

Appleby, G., 1998:
The implementation of new feed additive legislation

Cohen, S.; Gijzen, H., 1998:
The implementation of software engineering concepts in the greenhouse crop model HORTISIM

Anonymous, 1999:
The implementation of the Berlin accord

Akinboade, O.A., 1998:
The implementation of the Gambian rangeland and water development project: lessons for Southern Africa

Guarro, J.; Stchigel, A.M., 1999:
The implication of Trichophyton simii in an outbreak of superficial mycosis in apes

Manu, V.T., 1997 :
The implication of application of thick organic mulch to the cropping system in Tonga

Azar, C.; Berndes, G., 1999:
The implication of carbon dioxide abatement policies on food prices

Arahata, K., 1999:
The implication of fallowed paddies under the government programme for rice set-aside from the viewpoint of rural land use

Uri, N.D., 1999:
The implications of US government policy on the development and use of biopesticides

Cronin, S.J.; Hedley, M.J.; Smith, R.G.; Palmer, A.S.; Neall, V.E., 1997:
The implications of a volcanic eruption for mineral nutrition of sheep and cattle

Bunn, J.A., 1997:
The implications of alternative beliefs about soil-erosion-productivity relationships and conservation treatments for the economic dynamics of soil erosion on the southern Texas High Plains

Barry, T.N.; McNabb, W.C., 2000:
The implications of condensed tannins on the nutritive value of temperate forages fed to ruminants

Bayley, B., 1997:
The implications of deregulated agricultural marketing - the case of maize

Dwyer, J.F.; Gobster, P.H., 1997:
The implications of increased racial and ethnic diversity for recreation resource management, planning and research

Hodge, M.A., 1999:
The implications of intraguild predation for the role of spiders in biological control

Anderson, C., 1997:
The implications of multiple ownership on restructuring

Seemuller, M., 1999:
The implications of organic farming for the nutrition of an industrial nation

Champion, G.T.; Froud Williams, R.J.; Holland, J.M., 1997:
The implications of reduced doses of fluroxypyr and wheat cultivar choice on the seed production, growth and development of the progeny of common field speedwell

Bishop, P.M.; Novakovic, A.M., 1999:
The implications of trade liberalization for Federal Milk Marketing Orders

Zino, S., 1998:
The implications of utilising farm forestry for the intergeneration transfer of assets in family-farm succession

Smith, H.; Johnson, W.; Shonkwiler, J.; Swanson, S., 1999:
The implications of variable or constant expansion rates in invasive weed infestations

Naylor, G.R.S., 1997:
The implicit value of fibre diameter distribution assigned by the airflow technique

Kolb, E.; Weiser, H.; Seehawer, J., 1999:
The importance and application of vitamin K in domestic animals

Rothrock, C.S.; Sherrill, J., 1999:
The importance and causes of seedling disease problems in rice

Li, E.; Samuel, S.N., 1997:
The importance for retail market segmentation of price, sales, and cultural variability: evidence from Chinese cities for processed food purchases

Jakob, S.; Tischew, S.; Mahn, E.G., 1996:
The importance of Calamagrostis epigejos (L.) Roth in the sandy dry grasslands in the Goitsche opencast mine

Fischer, O., 1999:
The importance of Diptera for transmission, spreading and survival of agents of some bacterial and fungal diseases in humans and animals

Worland, A.J., 1999:
The importance of Italian wheats to worldwide varietal improvement

Lavrovskiy, V.V., 1998:
The importance of Nikolaj Ivanovich Vavilov's work for animal selection

Fassaert, C., 1998:
The importance of a gender focus in integrated pest management

Debowski, S.; Debowska Kubit, M.; Dyszewski, A., 1996:
The importance of a knowledge of marketing in the professional improvement of the advisory services and the training of farmers

Scharlach, W., 1997:
The importance of achieving the correct weight at ten weeks of age

Adams, C.A., 1997:
The importance of acidifiers

Yucel, A.; Sezgic, N., 1998:
The importance of adding dimethyl sulfoxide to slide preparations in fungal examinations

Sturm, H.J., 1998:
The importance of agricultural parks for soil fertility management

Rajaud, B., 1999:
The importance of allotments in the world today

Lazarevic, R.; Lazarevic, L.; Vidovic, V.; Pavlovski, Z.; Miscevic, B.; Petrovic, M.; Aleksic, S.; Perkovic, S., 1997:
The importance of animal production in the development of the national economy of Yugoslavia

Tielkes, E.; Cisse, B.; Yossi, I., 1998:
The importance of animal traction and defoliation of pearl millet in a Sahelian agro-pastoral system in the Seno-Bankass, Mali

Ristaino, J.B., 2008:
The importance of archival and herbarium materials in understanding the role of oospores in late blight epidemics of the past

Lafreniere, R., 1997:
The importance of bees for crop diversification on the prairies

Chiwona Karltun, L.; Mkumbira, J.; Saka, J.; Bovin, M.; Mahungu, N.M.; Rosling, H., 1998:
The importance of being bitter - a qualitative study on cassava cultivar preference in Malawi

Polat, A.; Beklevik, G., 1999:
The importance of betaine and some attractive substances as fish feed additives

Gaylarde, C.C.; Morton, L.H.G.yn, 1997:
The importance of biofilms in microbial deterioration of constructional materials

Jahn, E., 1997:
The importance of biophysical fields for outbreaks of forest insect pests

Chereau, C., 1997:
The importance of biotechnology in United States agribusiness strategies

Hotta, M.; Shibasaki, T.; Sato, K.; Demura, H., 1998:
The importance of body weight history in the occurrence and recovery of osteoporosis in patients with anorexia nervosa: evaluation by dual X-ray absorptiometry and bone metabolic markers

Deliza, R.; Rosenthal, A.; Hedderley, D.; MacFie, H.J.H.; Frewer, L.J., 1999:
The importance of brand, product information and manufacturing process in the development of novel environmentally friendly vegetable oils

Dosen, D.; Vranesevic T.; Prebezac, D., 1998:
The importance of branding in the development of marketing strategy of Croatia as tourist destination

Mcharo, E.Y., 1997:
The importance of chameleons and praying mantids as biological control agents against some insect pests of economic significance on coffee

Bortoli, P.L.; Chiave, P., 1998:
The importance of close-to-nature silviculture in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region

Novak, J.; Bistakova, L., 1997:
The importance of cocksfoot for extracting nutrients from soil

Marta, B., 1998:
The importance of cultivation and the condition of the soil in sugarbeet production

Sheng BaoQin; Duan XiaYu; Zhou YiLin, 1998:
The importance of cultivation measures to control of wheat powdery mildew

Amer, P.R.; Nicoll, G.B.; Garrick, D.J., 1999:
The importance of date of birth records in genetic evaluation of deer

Simac, L.; Males, P.; Katalinic, V., 1997:
The importance of determination of macro and micro elements in wine

Petzold, R., 1997:
The importance of diagnosis and prognosis in integrated plant protection

D.B.asi, P.; Lanfranchi, P., 1997:
The importance of difference: football identities in Italy

Oerke, E.C., 1999:
The importance of disease control in modern plant production

Orth, R., 1998:
The importance of disinfection for hygiene in dairy and beverage production

Vries, H.H. de, 1997:
The importance of dispersal ability and habitat preference for survival in modern landscapes

Zauski, T.; Kaminska, A., 1999:
The importance of drainage ditches as refuges of the lowland moor flora as exemplified in the meadow complex in Koszelewki

Kling, M., 1998:
The importance of early establishment of mycorrhizas for P uptake and plant growth

Lapinskas, E., 1995:
The importance of ecological conditions for the spreading of rhizobium in soils and for its symbiotic efficiency

Barzdajn, W.; Urbanski, K., 1997:
The importance of ecological conditions in the production of forest tree seedlings

Ramos-Elorduy, B., J., 1997:
The importance of edible insects in the nutrition and economy of people of the rural areas of Mexico

Chen KuanChou; Groves, D., 1999:
The importance of examining philosophical relationships between tourism and hospitality curricula

Salobir, J.; Salobir, K., 1998:
The importance of feed additives in the nutrition of monogastric animals from the point of the environmental impact

Johnston, A.E., 1998:
The importance of fertilizers in plant nutrient management

Luijk, R.; Lefferts, L.Y.; Groth, E.I.I., 1998:
The importance of food safety issues from the public perspective. Public perception and the consumer's interest in pesticide residues

Scheinpflug, H.; Heupel, M., 1998:
The importance of fungal taxonomy for plant pathology

May, G.S.; Adams, T.H., 1997:
The importance of fungi to man

Gazek, M.; Janczak, C., 1998:
The importance of fusarial diseases of cereals. The quality of seed material

Rebertus, A.J.; Burns, B.R., 1997:
The importance of gap processes in the development and maintenance of oak savannas and dry forests

Quisumbing, A.R.; Brown, L.R.; Haddad, L.; Meinzen Dick, R., 1998:
The importance of gender issues for environmentally and socially sustainable rural development

Brem, G., 1997:
The importance of gene analysis in pigmeat production

Notter, D.R., 1999:
The importance of genetic diversity in livestock populations of the future

Degen, B.; Scholz, F., 1996:
The importance of genetic information flows for the functioning of forest ecosystems

Gulcan, R., 1997:
The importance of germplasm evaluation of fruit trees indigenous in Near East

L.P.nnec, M.; Robert, R.; Avendano, M., 1998:
The importance of gonadal development on larval production in pectinids

Kohout, V.; Beranek, J., 1998:
The importance of herbicides with longer residual effects of residues in sugarbeet growing

van de Koppel, J.; Prins, H.H., 1998:
The importance of herbivore interactions for the dynamics of African savanna woodlands: an hypothesis

Sundermeier, A.; Mahn, E.G., 1997:
The importance of horizontal and vertical vegetation density on the reproductive success of xerothermic grassland species

Schmied, A.; Fuhrer, E., 1996:
The importance of ichneumonid wasps in areas where damage is caused by Pristiphora abietina Christ (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae)

Reznikova, Z.I.; Novgorodova, T.A., 1998:
The importance of individual and social experience for interaction between ants and symbiotic aphids

Overman, J.L., 1997:
The importance of institutional linkages for the development of multiple borer resistant maize hybrids

Walther, C.; Beinlich, B.; Plachter, H., 1996:
The importance of intensively grazed calcareous grassland (Mesobromion) in South-Western Germany for carabid beetles (Carabidae), grasshoppers (Saltatoria) and butterflies (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera, Zygaenidae, Hesperiidae)

Liuni, C.S.; Antonacci, D.; Caputo, A.; Masi, G.; Giorgessi, F., 1999:
The importance of irrigation and training systems with downwards-oriented shoots on the management of viticultural quality in warm-arid environments

Leinemann, L.; Maurer, W., 1999:
The importance of isoenzyme genetic markers for the use of Douglas-fir

Kocjan Acko, D., 1996:
The importance of knowing the internal structure of wheat cultivars in seed and crop production

Correa Pacheco, A.; Milanez, J.M.; Huang, G.H.; Chiaradia, L.A., 1998:
The importance of laboratory analysis for the phytosanitary area

Cameron, La, 1999:
The importance of learning in the adoption of high-yielding variety seeds

Henderson, W.R.; Chi, E.Y., 1998:
The importance of leukotrienes in mast cell-mediated Toxoplasma gondii cytotoxicity

Nemeth, T., 1997:
The importance of long-term experimentation in sustainable agricultural development

Szymanski, S., 1997:
The importance of longterm research in forest ecology and forest management

Hilderbrand, G.V.; Schwartz, C.C.; Robbins, C.T.; Jacoby, M.E.; Hanley, T.A.; Arthur, S.M.; Servheen, C., 1999:
The importance of meat, particularly salmon, to body size, population productivity, and conservation of North American brown bears

Bloom, G.A.; Durand Bush, N.; Schinke, R.J.; Salmela, J.H., 1998:
The importance of mentoring in the development of coaches and athletes

Gorssklaus, R., 1998:
The importance of milk and milk products in the prevention of osteoporosis

Reddemann, J.; Schopf, R., 1996:
The importance of monoterpenes in the aggregation of the spruce bark beetle Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae: Ipinae)

Storkey, J.; Cussans, J.W.; Lutman, P.J.W.; Blair, A.M., 1997:
The importance of mortality in weed populations between autumn and spring on the reliability of yield loss predictions in winter wheat

Kretschmer, J., 1997:
The importance of movement education for children

Zhang RunZhi; Zhang GuangXue, 1998:
The importance of mutual plants in biological control of pests

Caroppo, S., 1998:
The importance of nematodes in the multiplication of fruit trees

Mathios, A.D., 1998:
The importance of nutrition labeling and health claim regulation on product choice: an analysis of the cooking oils market

Keel, A., 1998:
The importance of open forests in Zurich canton for ferns and flowering plants, from the point of view of nature conservation

Nicolson, Susan W., 1998:
The importance of osmosis in nectar secretion and its consumption by insects

Dannowski, M.; Werner, A., 1997:
The importance of plant roots for ecological assessment of soil structure in laboratory and in the landscape

Jensen, S., 1997:
The importance of plant selection

Armesto, J.J.; Smith Ramirez, C.; Sabag, C., 1996:
The importance of plant-bird mutualisms in the temperate rainforest of southern South America

Freire, M.T. de A.; Reyes, F.G.R., 1997:
The importance of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in the food packaging industry

Frick, A., 1998:
The importance of poultry and eggs as products to the total gross value of agriculture

E.H.dji Fallou Gueye; Bessei, W., 1997:
The importance of poultry farming in Senegal

Garzon, R.; Carballo, M.; Valle Munoz, E. del; Cipittelli, L.A., 1998:
The importance of preparation of the patient for mycology laboratory study

Poschacher, R., 1998:
The importance of price for fruit and vegetables

Bornemann, P., 1999:
The importance of private dairy factories in Bavaria

Baricevic, D.; Zupancic, A.; Bartol, T., 1998:
The importance of propagation method for medicinal and aromatic plants

Wilhelm, E.G., 1998:
The importance of protected areas for recreational and tourism use in Germany

Kutnar, L.; Groznik, K., 1999:
The importance of protection of forest streams in Kosca

Karlis, G.; Gravelle, F.; Pawlick, M.T., 1997:
The importance of recreation for immigrants in Canada: Greeks in Toronto

Hanus, O., 1999:
The importance of reliability tests for routine milk analysis at a commercial level

Eggleston, G., 1999:
The importance of removing interfering amino acids for the accurate quantitation of sugars in beet sugar industry samples using ion chromatography

Shah, S.N.H., 1996:
The importance of reproductive efficiency in successful buffalo dairy farming

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The influence of contracts on the farmers' position

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The influence of different organic fertilization on potato tubers health

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The influence of different organic fertilization on wholesomeness of mountain meadow grasses

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The influence of different stocking rates and grazing seasons on the amount of feces, daily DM intake and digestibility of Inner Mongolian fine wool sheep

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The influence of different types of coverings on soil temperature in a forest nursery

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The influence of elevated ozone concentration in the air on selected biochemical parameters, haematological indices and immunological parameters in rats fed with various vitamin E and C concentrations. III. The influence of elevated ozone concentration in the air on selected haematological indices and biochemical parameters of erythrocytes

Zielinski, H.; Jakubowski, K., 1997:
The influence of elevated ozone concentration in the air on selected biochemical parameters, haematological indices and immunological parameters in rats fed with various vitamin E and C concentrations. IV. The influence of elevated ozone concentrations in the air on selected blood serum indices

Van-Der-Westhuizen, M.; Cramer, M., 1998:
The influence of elevated rhizosphere dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations on respiratory O2 and CO2 flux in tomato roots

Ystaas, J.; Froynes, O., 1998:
The influence of eleven cherry rootstocks on the mineral leaf content of major nutrients in 'Stella' and 'Ulster' sweet cherries

Madsen, J., 1997:
The influence of elm disease on windbreaks in Denmark

Strnisa, A.; Batic, F., 1997:
The influence of emissions on the forests in the Zasavje

Campbell, I.J.; Pelan, B.M.C., 1998:
The influence of emulsion stability on the properties of ice cream

Jucas, P., 1998:
The influence of engine load on fuel filter service life

Holck, J.T.; Schinckel, A.P.; Coleman, J.L.; Wilt, V.M.; Senn, M.K.; Thacker, B.J.; Thacker, E.L.; Grant, A.L., 1998:
The influence of environment on the growth of commercial finisher pigs

Heller, K., 1998:
The influence of environmental conditions on herbicide efficacy in fibre flax cultivation in Poland

Oliveira-Filho, E.C.; De-Carvalho, R.R.; Paumgartten, F.J., 1999:
The influence of environmental factors on the molluscicidal activity of Euphorbia milii latex

Furlong, M.J.; Pell, J.K., 1997:
The influence of environmental factors on the persistence of Zoophthora radicans conidia

Heller, K., 1997:
The influence of environmental factors on weed infestation of flax plantations in Poland

Vanhoof, K.; D.S.hrijver, R., 1998:
The influence of enzyme-resistant starch on cholesterol metabolism in rats fed on a conventional diet

Juric, T.; Brkic, D.; Vujcic, M., 1997:
The influence of ergonomic factors and working regime on the quality of tobacco planters

Samochowiec, J.; Czerny, B., 1997:
The influence of essential phospholipids (EPL) and allicin on lipid metabolism in man

Marino, G.; Ventura, M., 1997:
The influence of ethylene on in vitro rooting of GF 677 (Prunus persica x Prunus amygdalus) hybrid peach rootstock

Brierley, E.R.; Edgell, T.; Cobb, A.H., 1998:
The influence of ethylene treatments on the blackspot bruising susceptibility of stored potato tubers

Olbrycht, T., 1998:
The influence of everlasting pea (Lathyrus sativus L.) mixed cropping on the level of parasitism of pea aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris)

Burreil, A.R.; Wagstaff, A., 1998:
The influence of ewe intramammary infection caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci on the milk constituents total protein, albumin, potassium and sodium

Pajtas, M.; Chrenkova, M.; Sommer, A.; Chovanec, J., 1998:
The influence of excessive magnesium doses and additions of fat and oil on digestibility of nutrients and balance of nitrogen in ruminants

Fukasawa, M.; Sato, S.; Nishiwaki, A.; Sugawara, K., 1999:
The influence of experienced cattle on grazing behaviour of calves in the novel pasture

Sidelnikov, A.P.; Stepanov, I.I., 1998:
The influence of extirpation and subsequent regeneration of optic tentacles on the negative phototactic behavior of the giant African snail Achatina fulica

Qiu, Q.S.eng; Su,, 1998:
The influence of extracellular-side Ca2+ on the activity of the plasma membrane H+-ATPase from wheat roots

Volynets, A.P.; Pshenichnaya, L.A.; Lupei, A.Y.; Voluevich, E.A.; Sarkisova, E.A.; Morozik, G.V., 1997:
The influence of extraneous cytoplasms on formation of phytoalexin-like compounds in common wheat seedlings inoculated with Septoria nodorum Berk

Contreras, J.; Pedro, A.; Sanchez, J.A.; Lacasa, A., 1998:
The influence of extreme temperatures on the development of Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Landau, S.; Nitsan, Z.; Zoref, Z.; Madar, Z., 1999:
The influence of extruding corn grain on glucose metabolism in pregnant ewes

Scott, T.A.; Swift, M.L.; Bedford, M.R., 1997:
The influence of feed milling, enzyme supplementation, and nutrient regimen on broiler chick performance

Tucak, Z.; Klaic, T., 1997:
The influence of feeding feather meal to young pheasants on their growth and the growth of their feathers

Triseleva, T.A., 1995:
The influence of feeding on different plants on the midgut epithelium in Myzodes persicae and Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Feldhofer, S.; Vasarevic, G.; Klisanic, A., 1998:
The influence of feeding with addition of soyabean meal and soyabean hulls on solids-not-fat and proteins in milk

Andrzejczyk, T.; Twarog, J., 1998:
The influence of felling intensity and soil preparation method on the growth and development of natural pine regeneration in the Puszcza Augustowska forest

Zdravkovic, M.; Damjanovic, M.; Corokalo, D., 1997:
The influence of fertilization on the yield of different carrot varieties

Birietiene, Z.; Tripolskaja, L.; Greimas, G., 1996:
The influence of fertilization systems on moisture conditions and the structure of soddy podzolic sandy loam soils

Janusiene, V.; Tripolskaja, L.; Greimas, G., 1996:
The influence of fertilization systems on the amount of humus and qualitative composition on soddy-podzolic sandy loam soil

Jabonski, K., 1998:
The influence of fertilization with Polifoska 6, Polifoska 12 and Polimag 305 on the yield and quality of potato tubers

Potsch, E.M., 1998:
The influence of fertilizer intensity on the N cycle in alpine grassland

Kostyuk, V.I., 1998:
The influence of fertilizer treatment on accumulation of mass by potatoes in Khibiny

Kopec, S., 1997:
The influence of fertilizer type on nitrogen leaching from a meadow in the Polish Carpathians

Wierzchowska Renke, K.; Kozyra, M.; Gowniak, K.; Zobel, A.M., 1997:
The influence of fertilizers containing Cu and Mn ions on the amount of furanocoumarins and bioelements in the fruits of Pastinaca sativa L

Hren, V.; Krejci, V.; Komlenovic, N.; Rastovski, P., 1990 :
The influence of fertilizers on the occurrence and maintenance of young fir regeneration

Calvo, L.; Herrero, B.; Bravo, F., 1999:
The influence of fire on the seed bank in the soil of a Quercus faginea forest (NW Spain)

Fernandez, R.; Montagnini, F.; Hamilton, H., 1997:
The influence of five native tree species on soil chemistry in a subtropical humid forest region of Argentina

Haferkorn, J., 1996:
The influence of flood on the woodlice (Isopoda) in floodplain forests in central Germany

Ewald, A.; Schwenkel, H.G., 1999:
The influence of flower age and genotype on the seed set of Cyclamen persicum 'Sylvia'

Jacks, B.; Traore, M.; Pettersson, A.; Jacks, G., 1999:
The influence of fodder on vitamin A and beta -carotene in milk - Sahelian Mali

Jabonski, K.; Dryjanska, M., 1998:
The influence of foliar application of Wuxals on the yield, yield structure and chemical composition of potato tubers

Pawowski, F.; Wozniak, A., 1998:
The influence of forecrop and cultivation system on the yield and weed infestation of winter triticale

Cas, M.; Adamic, M., 1998:
The influence of forest alteration on the distribution of capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus L.) leks in the eastern Alps

Hofmann, C.; Conedera, M.; Delarze, R.; Carraro, G.; Giorgetti, P., 1998:
The influence of forest fires on the vegetation in southern Switzerland

Schlar, A., 1999:
The influence of forestry and windthrown areas on the groundwater

Byrne, K.A.; Farrell, E.P., 1997:
The influence of forestry on blanket peatland

Radajewska, B.; Andrzejewska, L., 1998:
The influence of freezing injury on a photosynthesis process in peach leaves

Sawicki, J., 1996:
The influence of frequency of utilization and nitrogen fertilizer application upon the value of fodder from hay meadows on peat-muck soils

Waldner, W.; Knoll, M., 1998:
The influence of fruit load on biennial bearing of Fuji

Krupnick, G.A.; Brown, K.M.; Stephenson, A.G., 1999:
The influence of fruit on the regulation of internal ethylene concentrations and sex expression in Cucurbita texana

Karolewski, Z., 1998:
The influence of fungicides on Phoma lingam (Tode ex Fr.) Desm. mycelium growth

Kazemi, S.M.; Dickinson, D.J.; Murphy, R.J., 1998:
The influence of gaseous oxygen concentration on fungal growth rates, biomass production and wood decay

Charon, K.M.; Moskwa, B.; Cabaj, W.; Rutkowski, R., 1999:
The influence of gastro-intestinal nematode infections on productivity in sheep

Kraska, P.; Tarkowski, C., 1999:
The influence of genes Rht1, Rht2, Rht3 on selected characters of winter triticale Presto

Verhoog; Breuker; Brakefield, 1998:
The influence of genes for melanism on the activity of the flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella

Hahn, M.E.; Wright, J.C., 1998:
The influence of genes on social behavior of dogs

Hossini Salekdeh, S.G.; Abd Mishani, C., 1998:
The influence of genotype and cold pre-treatment in barley anther culture

Mihailescu, A.; Giura, A.; Bude, A., 1996:
The influence of genotype and environment on the crossability between Hordeum vulgare L. and Hordeum bulbosum L. for haploid production

Krska, P.; Bahelka, I.; Demo, P.; Lukacova, A., 1999:
The influence of genotype and growth rate on carcass composition and meat quality of pigs

Ohga, Shoji, 1998:
The influence of genotype on the production of Lentinula edodes grown on sawdust-based substrate

A.M.daris, M.A.; Jutzi, S.C., 1998:
The influence of genotype, priming material, temperature and osmotic potential of priming solution on imbibition and subsequent germination of sorghum and pearl millet seeds during and after treatment

Lo, C.P.; Watson, L.J., 1998:
The influence of geographic sampling methods on vegetation map accuracy evaluation in a swampy environment

Nicolas, F., 1998:
The influence of globalization on the strategic behaviour of food industries oriented towards consumption

Bozanic, R.; Tratnik, L.; Maric, O., 1998:
The influence of goat milk on the viscosity and microbiological quality of yoghurt during storage

Bakker, C.; Loonen, M.J.E., 1998:
The influence of goose grazing on the growth of Poa arctica: overestimation of overcompensation

Rohricht, C.; Grunert, M.; Solf, M., 1996:
The influence of graduated nitrogen fertilizer application on yield and quality of sage (Salvia officinalis L.)

Uhlig, B.A.; Clingeleffer, P.R., 1998:
The influence of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berry maturity on dried fruit colour

Dulcet, E., 1996:
The influence of green fodders fineness degree of quantity of preservative losses

Pudelska, K.; Hetman, J., 1998:
The influence of growing conditions on the growth and flowering of dahlia Dahlia x cultorum

Kirknel, E., 1998:
The influence of growing conditions on the residues of pesticides in fruit and vegetables

Kuusiene, S.; Liatukas, Z., 1998:
The influence of growth regulators and genotype on the formation of callus and its increase in mass

Gray, G.R.; Ivanov, A.G.; Huner, N.P.A., 1998:
The influence of growth temperature and growth irradiance on thermal dissipation of excess excitation energy in winter rye

Rutkowska, B.; Janicka, M.; Szymczak, R.; Slusarek, A., 1999:
The influence of habitat conditions and neglect in the management on changes in the floristic composition of meadow sward

Steiner, H., 1996:
The influence of habitat on prey selection and breeding success in sparrowhawks (Accipiter nisus L.)

Brown, G.W.; Nelson, J.L.; Cherry, K.A., 1997:
The influence of habitat structure on insectivorous bat activity in montane ash forests of the Central Highlands, Victoria

Balfour, R.A.drew.; Rypstra, A.L., 1998:
The influence of habitat structure on spider density in a no-till soybean agroecosystem

Przybyt, M., 1998:
The influence of halide and nitrate ions on glucose assay using a glucose electrode

Hopkaa, H.; Jozefczyk, A.; obarzewski, J.; Misztal, G., 1997:
The influence of halogen ions on the activity of soluble vegetable peroxidase

Grzegorzewska, M., 1998:
The influence of harvest maturity on the quality and storage ability of onion

Oroud, I.M., 1999:
The influence of heat conduction on evaporation from sunken pans in hot, dry environment

Enright, E.; Kelly, A.L., 1999:
The influence of heat treatment of milk on susceptibility of casein to proteolytic attack by plasmin

Psota, T.; Duchovic, J., 1994:
The influence of heifus rearong to the longtots of their production period

Vengerovskii, A.I.; Kovalenko, M.Y.; Arbuzov, A.G.; Golovina, E.L.; Chuchalin, V.S.; Sosnina, N.V.; Saprykina, E.V.; Fedoreev, S.A.; Saratikov, A.S., 1998:
The influence of hepatoprotectors of plant origin on prednisolone effects in experimental toxic hepatitis

Kavoliunaite, I., 1996:
The influence of herbicide application intensity in crop rotation on degradation of various herbicides in plants and in soil

Melamed, B.; Kavoliunaite, I., 1996:
The influence of herbicide application intensity in crop rotation on systemic herbicides and on TCA degradation in plants and soil

Woda Lesniewska, M., 1996:
The influence of herbicides on biological and technological value of barley grain

Panamarioviene, A., 1996:
The influence of herbicides on the amino acids in winter rye, barley and maize

Fuchs, C., 1998:
The influence of herd size on the profitability of pig production

Kruse, M., 1998:
The influence of heterogeneity of seed lot samples on the representativeness of submitted samples

Ezekiel, R.; Bhargava, S.C., 1997:
The influence of high temperature on growth and yield of early potatoes under short day condition

Song Hong; Zhang ZhongShan; Yan YuXiang, 1996:
The influence of high temperature treatment on seed germination

Praslicka, J.; Bjorn, H.; Nansen, P.; Hennessy, D.R., 1997:
The influence of high- and low-fibre diets on the activity of piperazine against Oesophagostomum spp. in pigs

Sidorova, I.I.; Velikanov, L.L., 1997 :
The influence of higher basidiomycetes on the myco- and microbiota structures in soils and litters of forest ecosystems. I. The influence of basidiomycetes on quantity of fungi and bacteria

Tolhuysen, I., 1997:
The influence of hindleg extension on the degree of hip dysplasia

Chernov, A.A.; Mihailov, M.E., 1999:
The influence of homozygosis in some segments of the maize genome on recombination frequency in the neighbouring ones

Trangerud, C.; Indrebo, A., 1999:
The influence of hormone treatment and reproductive state on uterine diseases in dogs

Ebert, D.; Mangin, K.L., 1997:
The influence of host demography on the evolution of virulence of a microsporidian gut parasite

Grabowski, R.; Empel, W.; Zdziarski, K., 1997:
The influence of housing and feeding systems on health, longevity and life-time productivity of dairy cows

Gubergsson, G., 1996:
The influence of human habitation on soil and vegetation in three counties in northern Iceland

Moses, A.; Nelson, J.; Bagby, G.C., 1998:
The influence of human immunodeficiency virus-1 on hematopoiesis

Campos, A.; Betancor, L.; Arias, A.; Rodriguez, C.; Hernandez, A.M.; Lopez Aguado, D.; Sierra, A., 1999:
The influence of human wet cerumen on Candida albicans growth

Hayes, T.M.; Hayes, M.H.B.; Vaidyanathan, L.V., 1997:
The influence of humic substances from drainage waters on the transportation of anthropogenic organic chemicals

Wheeler, G.S.; Center, T.D., 1996:
The influence of hydrilla leaf quality on larval growth and development of the biological control agent Hydrellia pakistanae (Diptera: Ephydridae)

Bezak, K.; Sruk, V.; Vilicic, V., 1990:
The influence of hydromeliorative works on game population dynamics in Crnec Polje

Donnan, R.S., 1997:
The influence of hydroponic system geometry upon performance

Phipps, B.J.; Stephens, W.E.; Ward, J.N.; Scales, T.V.; Wrather, J.A., 1997:
The influence of in-furrow treatments upon early vigor and fiber quality of upland cotton

Pituc, P.; Popescu, M.; Apostol, V.; Homutescu, L.; Agape, N., 1997:
The influence of in-row spacing in cultivar Aligote trained on high stems on grape yield and quality

Fucikova, A.; Papesova, L.; Konecna, A.; Hodina, T., 1999:
The influence of increased doses of vitamin E on production and hematological parameters in broilers

Wallace, D.; Bairden, K.D.ncan, J.; Eckersall, P.; Fishwick, G.H.lmes, P.; Mckellar, Q.; Mitchell, S.M.rray, M.P.rkins, J., 1999:
The influence of increased feeding on the susceptibility of sheep to infection with Haemonchus contortus

Kricka, T.; Pliestic, S.; Dobricevic, N., 1998:
The influence of increased moisture on the velocity of drying, dynamic properties and fluidization of sunflower seed

Papoff, C.M.; Battacone, G.; Agabbio, M.; Farris, G.A.; Vodret, A.; Milella, G.; Sotgiu, C.; Sanna, F.E.; Piga, A.; d' Aquino, S., 1998:
The influence of industrial dehydration on quality of fig fruits

Elgerwi, A.; Pistl, J.; Bires, J.; Klikova, K., 1999:
The influence of industrial intoxication with copper on selected parameters of cellular immunity in sheep

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