Section 4
Chapter 3,308

The influence of frequency of utilization and nitrogen fertilizer application upon the value of fodder from hay meadows on peat-muck soils

Sawicki, J.

Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych Seria A, Produkcja Roslinna 112(1/2): 123-134


Accession: 003307910

In field trials on peat-muck soils derived from sedge litter in 1986-89 at Sosnowica and 1987-90 at Radoryz Smolany, the effects of changes in utilization and fertilizer application on meadow grass and common foxtail meadows were studied. 80 kg P2O5 and 120 kg K2O + 0-240 kg N were applied to the swards. Application of no fertilizer reduced yields and the quality of the sward. Good forage and protein yields were dependent on N application.

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