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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3315

Chapter 3315 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cortesi, N.; Rovellini, P.; Fiorino, P., 1999:
The role of drupe different anatomic parts on chemical olive oil composition

Beltrani, V.S., 1997:
The role of dust mites in atopic dermatitis: a preliminary report

Wang, F.; Gong, H., 1997:
The role of ecdysteroids on diapause of Helicoverpa armigera

Woodward, A.; Jenkins, K.J.; Schreiner, E.G., 1999:
The role of ecological theory in long-term ecological monitoring: report on a workshop

Plassard, C.; Chalot, M.; Botton, B.; Martin, F., 1997:
The role of ectomycorrhizae in the nitrogen nutrition of forest trees

Garbaye, J.; Guehl, J.M., 1997:
The role of ectomycorrhizas in water use by forest trees

Hron, J., 1998:
The role of education and science in competition enhancement of Czech agriculture

Hron, J., 1999:
The role of education and science in competition enhancement of the Czech agriculture

Ursache, C.; Mihai, T., 1996:
The role of effective temperatures and the rate of water loss from grains on some productivity elements in some maize hybrids created at the Podu-Iloaiei Agricultural Research Station

Hurd, H.; Webb, T., 1997:
The role of endocrinological versus nutritional influences in mediating reproductive changes in insect hosts and insect vectors

Douglas, A.J.; Johnstone, H.A.; Wigger, A.; Landgraf, R.; Russell, J.A.; Neumann, I.D., 1998:
The role of endogenous opioids in neurohypophysial and hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis hormone secretory responses to stress in pregnant rats

Makarova, L.E.; Luzova, G.B.; Lomovatskaya, L.A., 1998:
The role of endogenous phenolic compounds in infection of pea roots by Rhizobium leguminosarum at low temperature

Bansal, M.; Mukerji, K.J., 1998:
The role of endomycorrhizas in fine-root litter degradation

Simmen, D.; Briner, H.R.; Schar, G.; Schuknecht, B., 1998:
The role of endonasal surgery in chronic fungal sinusitis

Srivalli, B.; Khanna Chopra, R., 1998:
The role of endopeptidases in monocarpic senescence

Dumas, R.; L.G.ll, P.; Hastier, P.; Buckley, M.J.; Conio, M.; Delmont, J.P., 1999:
The role of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in the management of hepatic hydatid disease

Ilyes, I., 1996:
The role of energy expenditure in the development of obesity

Keller, S., 1998:
The role of entomophthorales in a sustainable agriculture

Horochowski, K.; Moisey, R.N., 1999:
The role of environmental NGOs in sustainable tourism development: a case study in northern Honduras

Maldonado, M.A.; Kakkanaiah, V.; MacDonald, G.C.; Chen, F.; Reap, E.A.; Balish, E.; Farkas, W.R.; Jennette, J.C.; Madaio, M.P.; Kotzin, B.L.; Cohen, P.L.; Eisenberg, R.A., 1999:
The role of environmental antigens in the spontaneous development of autoimmunity in MRL-lpr mice

Waes, J. van; Bockstaele, E. van, 1997:
The role of environmental conditions on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of silage and corn maize varieties

Byers, T., 1999:
The role of epidemiology in developing nutritional recommendations: past, present, and future

Lopez Fanjul, C.; Fernandez, A.; Toro, M.A., 1999:
The role of epistasis in the increase in the additive genetic variance after population bottlenecks

Fisher, M., 1997:
The role of ethics in agriculture

Liu WenJiang; Guo YuHong, 1998:
The role of ethnic diversity in the evolution of highland agricultural systems in Xinjiang, China

Sandiford, P.J.; Ap, J., 1998:
The role of ethnographic techniques in tourism planning

Sexton, R., 1998:
The role of ethylene and auxin in abscission

Chen KunSong; Zheng JinTu; Zhang ShangLong; Gavin, S.R., 1999:
The role of ethylene in kiwifruit ripening and softening

Meshkova, N.V.; Makarova, R.V.; Borisova, T.A.; Lapotyshkina, L.I., 1999:
The role of exogenous auxins and cytokinins at different stages of the in vitro propagation of Cordyline terminalis

Michael, J.A.; Reiling, S.D., 1997:
The role of expectations and heterogeneous preferences for congestion in the valuation of recreation benefits

Lucier, G.; Pollack, S., 1999:
The role of exports in the U.S. fruit and vegetable industry

Boonekamp, P.M., 1997:
The role of external factors in growth and development of flower bulbs and bulb-flowers: an update since 1992

Tan, J.H.; Liu, Z.H.a; Ren, W.; Ni, H.; Sun, X.S.en; He, G.X.n, 1997:
The role of extracellular Ca2+ and formation and duration of pores on the oolemma in the electrical activation of mouse oocytes

Soriano, F.P.; Evans, P.D., 1997:
The role of extractives in monomolecular sorption and cluster formation in thin King William pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides D. Don.) wood strips

Limburg, D.D.; Rosenheim, J.A., 1998:
The role of extrafloral nectar in the diet of the common green lacewing larva, Chrysoperla carnea

Uzun, V.Y.; Saraykin, V.A., 1999:
The role of family farms and agricultural corporations in Russia and the USA

Iwamoto, I., 1999:
The role of family management agreement in Japan

Wibberley, E.J., 1997 :
The role of farmer groups and farmers' knowledge in optimising cereal growing systems

Pasaribu, M., 1998:
The role of farmer's organization in supporting pump irrigation system

Guen, R. le; Sigwalt, A., 1999:
The role of farmers in a biodiversity conservation programme. The example of the OGAF (local land improvement project) in flooded meadows of Anjou

Dabrowski, Z.T.; Alsaffar, A.A.; Abdelrahman, A.A., 1998:
The role of farmers' field schools in IPM implementation

Skeie, S., 1997:
The role of fat in food - can it be replaced?

Giovannucci, E.; Goldin, B., 1997:
The role of fat, fatty acids, and total energy intake in the etiology of human colon cancer

Anonymous, 1998:
The role of fat-modified foods in dietary change: a Tufts University dialogue conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 7-9 December 1997

Krzymien, M.; Day, M.; Shaw, K.; Mohmad, R.; Sheehan, S., 1999:
The role of feed composition on the composting process. II. Effect on the release of volatile organic compounds and odours

Scheiner, J.D.; Lavado, R.S., 1998:
The role of fertilization on phosphorus stratification in no-till soils

Tawfik, E.S.; Sherif, S.Y.; E.H.ndawy, M.; Attia, A.I.; Aboul Ela, S., 1997:
The role of fibre in rabbit nutrition

Saleh, G.; Belarbi, A., 1997:
The role of financial institutions in reducing the risk of environmental pollution in Jordan

Pitkanen, A.; Turunen, J.; Tolonen, K., 1999:
The role of fire in the carbon dynamics of a mire, eastern Finland

Sofronov, M.A.; Volokitina, A.V., 1996:
The role of fires in forest regeneration of felled areas in the north of central Siberia

Taylor, S.L.; Dormedy, E.S., 1998:
The role of flavoring substances in food allergy and intolerance

Omura, H.; Honda, K.; Nakagawa, A.; Hayashi, N., 1999:
The role of floral scent of the cherry tree, Prunus yedoensis, in the foraging behaviour of Luehdorfia japonica (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

Henning, S.M.; Swendseid, M.E., 1996:
The role of folate, choline, and methionine in carciongenesis induced by methyl-deficient diets

Adam, S.M.; Abdalla, A.M., 1997:
The role of foliar fertilization on the growth and productivity of pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants cultivated under different sowing methods

Somerset, S.M.; English, R.M., 1998:
The role of food analysis in national and international nutrition programmes

Albert, M.J.; Neira, M.; Motarjemi, Y., 1997:
The role of food in the epidemiology of cholera

Okocha, P.I., 1999:
The role of foreign cytoplasm in the reaction of wheat to vernalization and photoperiodism

Kairiukstis, L.; Bumblauskis, T.; Miksys, V., 1997:
The role of forest as carbon sinks in post-glacial Lithuania

Toha G.J.; Barros A.S., 1997:
The role of forest policies and institutions in achieving sustainable forest development

Paule, L., 1997:
The role of forest tree breeding for the 21st Century

Tang HonTat, 1997:
The role of forests and trees in Pacific Islands development

Kobak, K.I.; Kukuyev, Y.A.; Treifel' d, R.F., 1999:
The role of forests in changing the carbon content of the atmosphere (based on the example of Leningrad region)

Tkach, V.P.; Volyanskii, V.A., 1997:
The role of forests in stabilizing the beds of rivers, and the prospects of growing forests in the river floodplains of Ukraine

Kendall, C., 1998:
The role of formal qualitative research in negotiating community acceptance: the case of dengue control in El Progreso, Honduras

Pavlovic, I.; Kulisic, Z.; Milutinovic, M., 1997:
The role of foxes (Vulpes vulpes L.) in the epizootiology and epidemiology of nematode parasitic zoonoses

Stadtman, E.R., 1998:
The role of free radical mediation of protein oxidation in aging and disease

Koster, J.F.; Sluiter, W., 1998:
The role of free radicals in ischemic injury and the precondition status

Henson, S., 1997:
The role of fruit and vegetables in the UK diet

Vilcinskas, A.; Podsiadlowski, L.; Mat'ha, V., 1997:
The role of fungal secondary metabolites in the development of mycoses caused by entomopathogenic fungi

Janowicz, K.; Mazurkiewicz Zapaowicz, K.; Wronkowska, H., 1997:
The role of fungi in reduction of nematode population

Zawisza, E., 1998:
The role of fungi in the aetiology of allergic reactions in the upper respiratory tract

Arnold, M.L.; Shinew, K.J., 1998:
The role of gender, race, and income on park use constraints

Shchapova, A.I.; Silkova, O.G.; Kravtsova, L.A., 1998:
The role of genes for the equational division of univalents in intergenomic chromosome substitution

Desmazeaud, M., 1998:
The role of genetic engineering

Jones, R.M.; Clem, R.L., 1997:
The role of genetic resources in developing improved pastures in semi-arid and subhumid northern Australia

Cook, B.G., 1997:
The role of genetic resources in developing improved pastures in the humid zone of northern Australia

Roll Hansen, N., 1997:
The role of genetic theory in the success of the Svalof plant breeding program

Luiting, P., 1999:
The role of genetic variation in feed intake and its physiological aspects: Results from selection experiments

Weatherall, D.; Clegg, J.; Kwiatkowski, D., 1997:
The role of genomics in studying genetic susceptibility to infectious disease

Zaidel'man, F.R., 1997:
The role of gleyification in formation of bleached eluvial horizons

Sriram, K., 1999:
The role of glutamine in modulating the body's immune function

Azad, N.; LaPaglia, N.; Agrawal, L.; Steiner, J.; Uddin, S.; Williams, D.W.; Lawrence, A.M.; Emanuele, N.V., 1998:
The role of gonadectomy and testosterone replacement on thymic luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone production

Raga, F.; Casañ, E.M.; Kruessel, J.; Wen, Y.; Bonilla-Musoles, F.; Polan, M.L., 1999:
The role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in murine preimplantation embryonic development

Lebow, S.; Winandy, J., 1998:
The role of grade and thickness in the degradation of fire-retardant-treated plywood

Vellasamy, G.; Hill, G.D.; McKenzie, B.A., 1998:
The role of grain legumes in maintaining soil fertility in Canterbury, New Zealand

Laurinavicius, R.; Svegzdiene, D.; Rakleviciene, D., 1997:
The role of gravity in the morphogenesis and growth of seedling axial organs

Yokozawa, T., 1998:
The role of green tea tannins in renal disease

Dudkin, V.M.; Akimenko, A.S.; Meshcherin, Y.M., 1997:
The role of green-manured fallow

Wolff, J., 1996:
The role of groundwater in landscape management

Guenette, R.S., 1997:
The role of growth factors and proteases in mammary gland involution

Chandrashekar, V.; Bartke, A., 1998:
The role of growth hormone in the control of gonadotropin secretion in adult male rats

Kortekamp, A.; Wind, R.; Zyprian, E., 1999:
The role of hairs on the wettability of grapevine (Vitis spp.) leaves

Cacador, I.; Vale, C., 1997:
The role of halophytes in the Tagus estuary environmental quality

Travina, I.V.; Derviz, D.G.; Dmitriev, P.P., 1998:
The role of haymakers (Ochotona, Mammalia) in the overgrowth of stony valleys in Tuva

Boriani, L.; Ferrari, R.; Burgio, G.; Nicoli, G.; Pozzati, M.; Cavazzuti, C., 1998:
The role of hedges in the ecology of field crops. II. Further studies on coccinellid predators of aphids

Gawronska, A., 1999:
The role of herbicides and bioregulators in winter rape production

Ponti, F., 1999:
The role of high-quality timber plantations in carbon balance

Valgma, U., 1998:
The role of hollows in the regulation of the bog water balance: Mannikjarve bog, Central Estonia

Hendriks, S.L.; Green, J.M., 1999:
The role of home economics in agricultural extension

Hossain, K.M., 1997:
The role of homestead forests on contingency situations in rural Bangladesh

Meredith, W.R.Jr, 1998:
The role of host plant resistance in Lygus management

Braverman, Y.; Chizov Ginzburg, A.; Saran, A.; Winkler, M., 1998:
The role of houseflies (Musca domestica) in transmitting the bacterium Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in Israeli dairy herds

Zurek, B.; Bukowski, K., 1998:
The role of hrp genes in the pathogenicity, detection and identification of some phytopathogenic bacteria

Pysek, P.; Kopecky, M.; Jarosik, V.; Kotkova, P., 1998:
The role of human density and climate in the spread of Heracleum mantegazzianum in the Central European landscape

Khattab, A.G.H., 1997:
The role of human nutrition in socio-economic development

Romero Manzanares, A.; Aguirre Rivera, R.; Garcia Moya, E., 1999:
The role of humans in the evolution of the North American pinyon pines

Bray, S.; Yee, M.; Paton, C.; Silcock, R.; Bahnisch, L., 1999:
The role of humans in the invasion of pastures by giant rats tail grass (Sporobolus pyramidalis)

Geinak, V.; Efimov, V.N.; Osipov, A.I., 1998:
The role of humus and fertilizer nitrogen in barley productivity

Baszczyk, W.H., 1997:
The role of humus compounds in the formation of Mg, Ca and K in selected arable soils

Zepeda, L.; Castillo, M., 1997:
The role of husbands and wives in farm technology choice

Gustard, A.; Elliott, C.R.N., 1997:
The role of hydro-ecological models in the development of sustainable water resources

Klechkovskaya, E.A.; Adamovskaya, V.G.; Wolf, G.A.; Vovchuk, S.V., 1998:
The role of hydrolases and trypsin inhibitor in development of winter wheat resistance to Fusarium infection

Crook, E.D., 1999:
The role of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes in causing renal vascular disease

Rushall, B.S.; Lippman, L.G., 1998:
The role of imagery in physical performance

Fazakerley, John K., 1998:
The role of immune responses in Semliki Forest virus encephalitis

Yang, X.; Hsu-Hage, B.H.; Tian, H.; Hu, G.; Dong, Q.; Wu, J.; Wahlqvist, M.L., 1998:
The role of income and education in food consumption and nutrient intake in a Chinese population

Palmer, R.G., 1998:
The role of industry in conservation tillage and sustainable agriculture

Noe, G.R.; Worrell, D.H.J., 1998:
The role of industry standards in agricultural-related litigation

Vines, A.; Wells, K.; Matrosovich, M.; Castrucci, M.R.; Ito, T.; Kawaoka, Y., 1998:
The role of influenza A virus hemagglutinin residues 226 and 228 in receptor specificity and host range restriction

Nishimura, H., 1997:
The role of inland fisheries in rural development - a case study in Bangladesh

Samus, N.; Yasnikov, A., 1998:
The role of inorganic pyrophosphate and pyrophosphatase in a coupling of one- and two-electron pathways in chloroplasts electron transfer chain

Daldal, N.; Babaoglu, A., 1998:
The role of insecticide-impregnated bednets in malaria control

Okoow, C., 1999:
The role of insects in the functioning of forest ecosystems in protected areas with special regard to national parks

Uphoff, N.T., 1999:
The role of institutions in rural community development: what have we learned?

Jordan, V.W.L.; Hutcheon, J.A.; Donaldson, G.V., 1997:
The role of integrated arable production systems in reducing synthetic inputs

Tagliari, P.S., 1997:
The role of integrated control in control of diseases of passion fruit

Akatov, V.V., 1997:
The role of intercoenotic plant migrations in the formation of alpine communities of the western Caucasus

Mitsuyasu, R., 1997:
The role of interferons in the treatment of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma and HIV infection

Matthaei, K.I.; Foster, P.; Young, I.G., 1997:
The role of interleukin-5 (IL-5) in vivo: studies with IL-5 deficient mice

Sloand, E.M.; Maciejewski, J.P.; Sato, T.; Bruny, J.; Kumar, P.; Kim, S.; Weichold, F.F.; Young, N.S., 1998:
The role of interleukin-converting enzyme in Fas-mediated apoptosis in HIV-1 infection

Rosell, C.H., 1997:
The role of international agencies in the seed sector

Gastel, A.J.G. van; Bishaw, Z.; Asiedu, E., 1997:
The role of international agricultural research centers in supporting the seed sector

Pun HugoLi; Maass, B.L., 1999:
The role of international livestock research in addressing human needs and the environment

Provorov, N.A.; Vorob'ev, N.I., 1998:
The role of interstrain competition in the evolution of genetically polymorphic populations of nodule bacteria

Sturm, N.R.; Campbell, D.A., 1999:
The role of intron structures in trans-splicing and cap 4 formation for the Leishmania spliced leader RNA

Kumar, S.; Rohatgi, N., 1999:
The role of invasive weeds in changing floristic diversity

Husain, S.E.; Harrison, J.; Foyer, C.H.; Rees, T. ap; Shields, R., 1999:
The role of invertase in carbohydrate metabolism of tomato fruit

Jeon, G.A.; Eum, J.; Sim, W.S., 1998:
The role of inverted repeat (IR) sequence of the virE gene expression in Agrobacterium tumefaciens pTiA6

Ushewokunze Obatolu, U.; Majok, A.A.; Matarira, H.T.; Brand, A., 1997:
The role of iodine in livestock production under natural conditions in Zimbabwe

Medvedev, S.S.; Batov, A.Y.; Moshkov, A.V.; Markova, I.V., 1999:
The role of ion channels in transduction of the auxin signal

Cohen; Fox; Garvin; Kochian, 1998:
The role of iron-deficiency stress responses in stimulating heavy-metal transport in plants

Schmidt, E.J., 1998:
The role of irrigation in the South African sugar industry

Bialecka, B.; Kepczynski, J., 1998:
The role of jasmonic acid and its methyl ester in the growth and development of plants

Tharp, B.W., 1996:
The role of lactitol as an alternative sweetener and bulking agent in health responsive frozen desserts

Perraudin, J.P.; Reiter, B., 1998:
The role of lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase in reducing the activity of free radicals

Volkov, S.; Rodin, A., 1998:
The role of land management in the regulation of land relations in the agroindustrial complex

Bellamy, P.E.; Brown, N.J.; Enoksson, B.; Firbank, L.G.; Fuller, R.J.; Hinsley, S.A.; Schotman, A.G.M.; Swetnam, R.D., 1997 :
The role of landscape structure and dispersal in limiting nuthatch distribution

Wood, E.F., 1999:
The role of lateral flow: over- or under-rated

Vondrakova, Z.; Krekule, J., 1998:
The role of leaf petiole in photoperiodic induction of flowering

Becker, M.; Johnson, D.E., 1999:
The role of legume fallows in intensified upland rice-based systems of West Africa

Cadisch, G.; D.O.iveira, O.C.; Cantarutti, R.; Carvalho, E.; Urquiaga, S., 1998:
The role of legume quality in soil carbon dynamics in savannah ecosystems

Vogiagis, D.; Salamonsen, L.A., 1999:
The role of leukaemia inhibitory factor in the establishment of pregnancy

Sommi, G., 1999:
The role of light in egg production

Danai, O.; Olenik, I.; Hadar, Y.; Chet, I.; Levanon, D., 1998:
The role of light in the morphogenesis of Pleurotus ostreatus

Dushnicky, L.G.; Ballance, G.M.; Sumner, M.J.; Macgregor, A.W., 1998:
The role of lignification as a resistance mechanism in wheat to a toxin-producing isolate of Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

Lewandowski, P.A.; Cameron-Smith, D.; Jackson, C.J.; Kultys, E.R.; Collier, G.R., 1998:
The role of lipogenesis in the development of obesity and diabetes in Israeli sand rats (Psammomys obesus)

Heng, H.G.; Zamri Saad, M.; Nor' Izah, A.; Sheikh Omar, A.R.; Rasedee, A., 1996:
The role of lipopolysaccharide of Pasteurella haemolytica in the development of experimental pasteurellosis in rabbits

Chen KunSong; Zhang ShangLong, 1998:
The role of lipoxygenase in ripening and senescence of fruits

Beckurts, K.T.E.; Holscher, A.H.; Heidecke, C.D.; Zilker, T.R.; Natrath, W.; Siewert, J.R., 1997:
The role of liver transplantation in the treatment of acute liver failure caused by Amanita phalloides poisoning

Ehui, S.; L.P.n, H.; Mares, V.; Shapiro, B., 1998:
The role of livestock in food security and environmental protection

Morris, D.M., 1997:
The role of long-term site productivity in maintaining healthy ecosystems: a prerequisite of ecosystem management

Ciobanu, I.R.; Gregorian, L.; Scripcaru, A., 1994:
The role of lysosomes in the amplification of radiobiologial effects caused by ionizing gamma radiation in meristematic cells of soyabeans (Glycine hispida (Mneh) Maxim)

Schimmenti, E., 1998:
The role of marketing firms in the fruits market

Tew, C.P.F.J.; Havitz, M.E.; McCarville, R.E., 1999:
The role of marketing in municipal recreation programming decisions: a challenge to conventional wisdom

Valuev, V.V.; Jakhjah, N.I., 1998:
The role of marketing in the commercial activity of agricultural enterprises

Uzunovic, A.W.bber, J.; Peace, A.; Dickinson, D., 1999:
The role of mechanized harvesting in the development of bluestain in pine

Oosting, S.J.; Nordheim, H., 1999:
The role of metabolic feed intake regulation in feed intake behaviour of sheep fed increasing amounts of low-quality forages. A model approach

Kramer, U.S.ith, R.; Wenzel, W.; Raskin,, D., 1997:
The role of metal transport and tolerance in nickel hyperaccumulation by Thlaspi goesingense Halacsy

Friedel, J.K.; Dierenbach, E.; Gabel, D., 1997:
The role of microbial biomass in C- and N-cycling in ecologically managed agricultural soils

Ottogalli, G.; Carminati, D., 1997:
The role of microbial flora in the rind of Taleggio cheese

Staddon, W.; Duchesne, L.; Trevors, J., 1999:
The role of microbial indicators of soil quality in ecological forest management

Daniels, A., 1999:
The role of microscopy in fungicide research and development

Muir, P.D.; Wallace, G.J.; Mccall, D.G.; Dodd, C.J., 1998:
The role of milk production in dryland lamb production systems

Szakaly, S., 1994:
The role of milk products in calcium supply to humans

Walstra, P.; Jonkman, M., 1998:
The role of milkfat and protein in ice cream

Grunzweig, J.M.; Katan, J.; Ben Tal, Y.; Rabinowitch, H.D., 1998:
The role of mineral nutrients in the increased growth response of tomato plants in solarized soil

Yilma, Z.; Wold, A.G.; Zerabruk, M., 1997:
The role of minerals in crossbred cows' nutrition

Leung PingSun; E.G.yar, O.F., 1997:
The role of modeling in the managing and planning of sustainable aquaculture

Prokhorenko, P.N.; Yakovlev, A.F., 1996:
The role of molecular genetic markers in the selection of dairy cattle

Gomez, E., 1997:
The role of multiculturalism in tourism/recreation marketing and planning efforts

Ung, L.M., 1996:
The role of museums in biodiversity research and conservation

Mousain, D.; Matumoto Pintro, P.; Quiquampoix, H., 1997:
The role of mycorrhizae in phosphate nutrition of forest trees

Tacon, F. le; Selosse, M.A., 1997:
The role of mycorrhizae in the history of plant colonization and the diversification of terrestrial ecosystems

Querejeta, J.I.; Roldan, A.; Albaladejo, J.; Castillo, V., 1998:
The role of mycorrhizae, site preparation, and organic amendment in the afforestation of a semi-arid Mediterranean site with Pinus halepensis

Titus, J.; Del Moral, R., 1998:
The role of mycorrhizal fungi and microsites in primary succession on Mount St. Helens

Stenstrom, E.; Damm, E.; Unestam, T., 1997:
The role of mycorrhizas in protecting forest trees from soil pathogenic fungi

Fontana, A., 1998:
The role of mycorrhizas in the proper management of productive woodland

Waters, C.M.; Loch, D.S.; Johnston, P.W., 1997:
The role of native grasses and legumes for land revegetation in central and eastern Australia with particular reference to low rainfall areas

Arnaudov, V.; Andreev, R.; Kutinkova, H.; Dimitrov, Y., 1998:
The role of natural antagonists in the orchard IPM programs

E.Ashmawy, M.B., 1999:
The role of natural antioxidants and synthetic nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in the chemoprevention of cancer

D.Carvalho, M.A., 1998:
The role of natural corridors in cultivated landscape biodiversity

Laurenti, M.D.; Gidlund, M.; Ura, D.M.; Sinhorini, I.L.; Corbett, C.E.; Goto, H., 1999:
The role of natural killer cells in the early period of infection in murine cutaneous leishmaniasis

Holland, D.W., 1999:
The role of natural resource industries in Washington's economic base: findings from a social accounting matrix

Thiel, P.G., 1998:
The role of natural toxins in environmental pollution

McDonnell, J.J.; McGlynn, B.L.; Kendall, K.; Shanley, J.; Kendall, C., 1998:
The role of near-stream riparian zones in the hydrology of steep upland catchments

Sokolov, O.A., 1998:
The role of nitrate pools in nitrogen nutrition of plants

Park, G.C.; Ryu, J.S.; Min, D.Y., 1997:
The role of nitric oxide as an effector of macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity against Trichomonas vaginalis

Hanna, S.J.; Edwards, A.V., 1998:
The role of nitric oxide in the control of protein secretion in the parotid gland of anaesthetized sheep

Biswas, S.; Kabir, S.N.; Pal, A.K., 1998:
The role of nitric oxide in the process of implantation in rats

Bationo, A.; Vlek, P.L.G., 1998:
The role of nitrogen fertilisers applied to food crops in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of West Africa

Shidlovskaya, V.P., 1999:
The role of non-protein nitrogen substances in the determination of protein in milk

Cheng JiaAn; Lou YongGen, 1998:
The role of non-rice habitats in predator conservation

Arnold, J.E.M.; Perez, M.R., 1998:
The role of non-timber forest products in conservation and development

Minja, R., 1997:
The role of non-timber forest products in parts of Iringa Region, Tanzania

Lynch, J., 1998:
The role of nutrient-efficient crops in modern agriculture

Martin, R.H., 1998:
The role of nutrition and diet in rheumatoid arthritis

Bellew, R., 1998:
The role of nutrition in the management of childhood minimal change nephrotic syndrome

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The role of nutrition support

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The role of phenolic substances in the adhesion between the pellicle and kernel of Japanese chestnut under experimental conditions

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The role of photoperiod in determining seasonal yield variation in tea

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The role of plant pathology

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The role of plants in redistribution of substances along the soil profile

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The role of policy in the encroachment of maize cultivation in semi-arid Zimbabwe

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The role of potassium in milk fever

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The role of preceding grain legume crops in nutrition of cereal crops and in increasing the fertility of Ciscaucasian leached chernozem

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The role of preservatives during the storage of sugarbeet

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The role of preventive dietetic and nutritional education in hygiene and nutrition food service

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The role of private farms in the provision of animal products in Russia

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The role of processed products in the poultry meat industry

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The role of producers' organizations in the development of goat production in Ethiopia

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The role of professional nongovernmental organizations in the formulation of the governmental

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The role of professional organisations in promoting IPM research and implementation

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The role of prolactin in reproductive function of the female dog

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The role of promoter-intron interactions in directing hypermutation

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The role of protegrins and other elastase-activated polypeptides in the bactericidal properties of porcine inflammatory fluids

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The role of protozoa in feed digestion

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The role of pruning in fruit growing

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The role of qualitative research in HIV/AIDS

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The role of quantitative approaches in soil science when interacting with stakeholders

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The role of rattan in the economy of Orang Asli communities

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The role of registration in the management of fungicide resistance

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The role of regulation for the safe development of genetically modified crops

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The role of relations between the ground and the water in forest engineering management

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The role of research in products of local origin

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The role of resources and pathogens in mediating the mating system of Kalmia latifolia

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The role of risk analysis in regionalization

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The role of rock-phosphate-solubilizing fungi and vesicular-arbuscular-mycorrhiza (VAM) in growth of wheat plants fertilized with rock phosphate

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The role of root hairs in the mycorrhizal association of the ground orchid, Spathoglottis plicata blume

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The role of rumen fungi in fibre digestion

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The role of rural financial services for alleviation of food insecurity and poverty

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The role of rural organisations in empowerment of the rural poor - the experience of IFAD

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The role of safety nets during the process of economic growth: discussion

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The role of secretory and structure-associated proteinases of Aspergillus fumigatus in the pathogenesis of invasive aspergillosis

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The role of seed growers' associations in seed production and marketing in Africa

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The role of selenium and vitamin E deficiency in postpartum reproductive diseases of the bovine

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The role of selenium in poultry nutrition

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The role of soil compaction and rolling

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The role of the Central Bank in the building of an effective rural financial system: the example of Uganda

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The role of the commodities exchange as a regulator of prices

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The role of the meat processing industry within the red meat sector in Tunisia

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The role of the oral environment in HIV-1 transmission

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The role of the physical properties of seeds in the design of hullers

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The role of the preceding crop in reducing nitrogen fertilizer application to winter wheat

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The role of the professional scout in ornamental IPM

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The role of the public seed sector in Syria

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The role of the stem end of citrus in infection by Phomopsis

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The role of the veterinarian in animal breeding under Scandinavian conditions: a retrospective and prospective analysis

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The role of the women in tropical animal production systems

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The role of tourism in Slovenia's strategy of international economic relations

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The role of tourism in the sustaining of nature and cultural heritage

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The role of trace elements on the growth of sandal seedlings at the nursery stage

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The role of trade in U.S. horticulture

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The role of trunk trails in the scouting activity of the leaf-cutting ant Atta cephalotes

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The role of unmetalled roads as a sediment source in the fluvial systems of the Polish Flysch Carpathians

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The role of variant-specific immunity in asymptomatic malaria infections: maintaining a fine balance - reply

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The role of variety in formation of the complex of pathogens of barley in Belarus

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The role of veterinarians in a developing economy

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The role of village doctors and their influence factors in malaria control

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The role of visual, auditory, and olfactory stimuli in teat seeking behavior of piglets

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The role of vitamin D3 in immunosuppression: lessons from autoimmunity and transplantation

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The role of voluntary organizations in environmental service provision: the case of Madras

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The role of weeds as reservoirs of phytopathogenic viruses

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The role of weight transfer hitches in cane transporting

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The role of wild boars in the spread of trichinosis in East Croatia

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The role of wild rodents in ecology of Cryptosporidiosis in Poland

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The role of wind in the divergence of ecosystems with permafrost-affected and seasonally freezing soils in the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk coastal region

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The role of wine phenolics in disease prevention

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The role of winged aphid species in the natural transmission of soybean mosaic potyvirus to soybean in North-east Italy

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The role of winter fodder in livestock systems on rangelands in Kazakstan

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The role of women in agricultural production and rural development

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The role of women in small-holder rainfed and mixed farming in India

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The role of women in water resources management: the Tanzania case

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The role of wood removals in implementation of ecosystem management on federal lands: A multifaceted perspective

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The role of zinc and vitamin A in persistent diarrhea among infants and young children

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The role played by quality certification on the European market

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The roles of Pol and Env in the assembly pathway of human foamy virus

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The roles of managers in entrepreneurial agricultural companies

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The roles of vitamins D and K in bone health and osteoporosis prevention

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The roll baler

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The rolling hook of Sanac nv cuts high tops!

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The root bug

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The route to a new guideline for phosphate in vegetables!

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The route towards, aims and types of sustainable agricultural technology in China

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The rule of rural beneficiaries in indigenous rangeland management

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The rural environment protection scheme (REPS)

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The rural lease: cases when this statute is applicable

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The rural linkages of urban households in Durban, South Africa

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The rural non-farm sector in Asia

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The rural non-farm sector in India: issues of relevance to development in Central Asia

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The rural non-farm sector in the CMCs

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The rural renaissance and Southern Italy in the post-fordist economy

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The sadness of cotton

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The safety of vegetables in greenhouses

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The sailing resort concept

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The sale of broadleaved timber in Nouvion and Regnaval forests (N. France)

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The salt of the Montana: interpreting indigenous activism in the rain forest

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The samples in the industrial process

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The sampling methods for damage caused by the coffee berry scolytid (Hypothenemus hampei Ferr.): definition of procedures of investigations on the ground

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The sanitary and phytosanitary agreement of the World Trade Organisation in international trade in agricultural products

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The scheme for planning the supply of wood resources for the city of Niamey

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The science of AIDS: a tale of two worlds

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The science of transgenic animals for food production

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The scientific and methodical provision of a programme for the development of jobs in the agroindustrial complex

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The scientific programme of the Endocrine Modulator Steering Group (EMSG)

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The scientific research of the European Union in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors

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The scientific resources of the dairy industry

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The scoop on private label

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The scope for energy plantations of poplar in the central forest-steppe

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The search for a sport-tourism policy network

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The search for amitraz

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The search for flower homeotic gene homologs in basal angiosperms and Gnetales: a potential new source of data on the evolutionary origin of flowers

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The search for isoenzyme and DNA markers of the resistance of perennial rye to fungal diseases

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The search for sources of resistance to Fusarium wilt in wild Cicer species: a synthesis of the Italian experience

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The searching efficiency of Aphidius colemani Viereck after visiting insecticide treated plants at different time intervals

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The seasonal and spatial dimensions of sorghum market liberalization in Mexico

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The seasonal dynamics of Estonian landscapes: spatial and temporal variability of early-spring blossoming dates

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The seasonal length growth of wool at pasture in the Merino, Polwarth and their reciprocal crosses in Tasmania

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The seasonal pattern of the flea community in a natural plague focus in Jianchuan

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The seasonal rhythm and growth of the young plantation of a tropical tree species, Paramichelia baillonii

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The seasonality in hotels in Quebec: towards a classification of regional performance

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The second round of World Trade Organization negotiations - a task for the German Federal Government?!

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The second-hand market and the price of used agricultural equipment

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The secondary structure of the R region of a murine leukemia virus is important for stimulation of long terminal repeat-driven gene expression

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The secretory contamination of milk with di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (D4) after oral supplementation

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The security of food materials in developed nations including Japan

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The sedentary Harmonia axyridis ladybird against aphids. A highly efficient ally in biological control

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The sedges (Cyperaceae) of Barbados

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The seed component variations induced by the introduction of exogenous DNA into rice

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The seed composition of grain legumes

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The seed industry and the diffusion of a sorghum hybrid in the Sudan

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The seed industry view on opportunities for new forage cultivars

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The seed sector in Mozambique

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The seedborne diseases of triticale and the possibilities of seed protection

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The selected features and the effects of mushroom cultivation

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The selected polyphenolic type of compounds. Part II. Characteristics, classification and natural occurrence of iridoids

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The selection management method and the silvicultural value of the Orawa spruce populations

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The selection of an RNA-containing virus for working out of a vaccine against the AIDS associated complex

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The selection of an isolate of the hyphomycete fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae, for control of termites in Australia

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The selection of carrot variety 'Xin Huluobu No.1' for both fresh edible and processing

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The selection of cell size for remotely sensed data in geographic information systems

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The selection of chicory in full development

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The selection of excellent willow clones for pit wood

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The selection of excellent willow clones for pulp and pitwood

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The selection of freeze-dried medium for concentrated lactic acid bacteria starter culture

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The selection of good quality, high yielding varieties to develop rice production in Guangdong Province

Anonymous, 1998:
The selection of hybrids available on the market

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The selection of male sterile lines with dominant gene (Ms) in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) and their utilization in hybrid seed production

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The selection of new eggplant F1 hybrid 'Xiangqie 2'

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The selection of new pepper variety suitable for both fresh market and processing 'Xiangjiao No. 12'

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The selection of salespeople in agricultural firms

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The selection of superior provenance families of Chinese fir

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The selection of vine rootstocks since the occurrence of phylloxera in France

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The selenium status of dairy cattle in Estonia

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The selenium uptake and its distribution in parts of one-year-old apple trees

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The self-incompatibility (S) locus in Petunia hybrida is located on chromosome III in a region, syntenic for the Solanaceae

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The self-incompatibility phenotype in brassica is altered by the transformation of a mutant S locus receptor kinase

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The seniors' travel market

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The sense of taste for dogs and cats

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The sensible solution to the EU's banana problem

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The sensitive nature of the laying fowl industry

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The sensitivity of ADAPT model predictions of streamflows to parameters used to define hydrologic response units

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The sensitivity of Candida albicans strains isolated from the hospital environment to disinfectants

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The sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to antimalarials in Taolagnaro (Madagascar): 1 - efficiency of quinine and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in mild malaria

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The sensitivity of SAR backscatter to forest windthrow gaps

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The sensitivity of Sahel rainfall to global warming: implications for scenario analysis of future climate change impact

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The sensitivity of barley aleurone tissue to gibberellin is heterogeneous and may Be spatially determined

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The sensitivity of fluorescent rabies antibody testing on samples taken from brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum and hippocampus

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The sensitivity of greater spotted woodpeckers (Dendrocopos major) to odours

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The sensitivity of growth and yield of mustard to evapo-transpiration deficits

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The sensitivity of streams to acid deposition in the English Lake District: the role of catchment characteristics

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The sensitivity of various development stages of maize weevil to phosphine

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The sensitivity of various potato varieties grown in Lithuania to Sencor herbicide

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The sensitivity to cold stress of two oak species which differ in leaf habit

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The sensory properties of ice cream and frozen desserts

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The separate or mixed provision of 50% wheat and barley to fattening pigs

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The separation of vegetable seed in an electric field

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The septoriose threat to crops

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The sequence of Giardia small subunit rRNA shows that voles and muskrats are parasitized by a unique species Giardia microti

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The sequencing of agricultural market reforms in Malawi

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The series studies on the strategy of the ecological adaptability about plant population in alpine grassland. IV. A forming mechanism of plant ecological adaptive strategy of population grown in alpine grassland of Tianzhu

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The serine protease and RNA-stimulated nucleoside triphosphatase and RNA helicase functional domains of dengue virus type 2 NS3 converge within a region of 20 amino acids

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The serologically detected H-Y antigen revisited

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The seroprevalence of equine trypanosomosis in the pantanal

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The seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in equids

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The serum zinc and copper values of the Morkaraman and Tuj sheep grown up in the pasture conditions in and around Kars

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The service imperative: factor driving meeting effectiveness

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The service of computer science in crop protection

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The sesquiterpene composition of leaf cuticular neutral lipids of ten Polish varieties of Solanum tuberosum

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The settlement of fruit crop arthropod pests and their natural enemies in New Zealand: an historical guide to the future

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The severe weather wildfire - too hot to handle?

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The sex pheromone communication system of adult jujube leafroller Ancylis sativa Liu

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The sex ratio of chicks at different times during hatching

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The sexual differentiation in the coenopopulations of Dianthus stenocalyx (Caryophyllaceae) as the component of the seed reproduction system

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The sfr6 mutation in Arabidopsis suppresses low-temperature induction of genes dependent on the CRT/DRE sequence motif

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The shallot aphid

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The shape and proportions of wheat seed in different regions of Macedonia

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The shape of agriculture

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The sharka disease: isolates D and M of plum pox virus in Trentino region (Italy)

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The shelf life of tomato cultivars at different storage temperatures

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The shelf-life of fresh milk products. 2. Retail storage

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The shifting perspectives of biodiversity/agrobiodiversity related to land use in the Himalayas and its implications

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The short grass stony steppes of the North Minusinsk basin: the association Androsaco dasyphyllae-Caricetum pediformis ass. nov

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The short- and long-term benefits of breast-feeding

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The short-term effect of cane toads (Bufo marinus) on native fauna in the Gulf Country of the Northern Territory

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The shortage of water resources in China and the effect on world food supply safety

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The shortcomings of anti-varroa methods

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The shortcomings of the classical economic model: appropriate economic parameters are required for the sustainable development of Central Asia

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The shortest known prion protein gene allele occurs in goats, has only three octapeptide repeats and is non-pathogenic

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The shot hole borer - a pest of fruit trees

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The sickle cell gene as a multifaceted problem in Saudi Arabia

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The side effects of hydrogenated oil (palm oil) consumption on total lipid and LDL levels in human blood

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The significance of Italian wheats in variety breeding worldwide

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The significance of Italian wheats to worldwide varietal improvement

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The significance of Polish Red-and-White cattle for livestock production in southern Poland

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The significance of after-crop residue in crop rotation

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The significance of air pollution in sugar maple decline

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The significance of ascorbic acid for cell-functions, growth, reproduction, immune system and wound healing - a review

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The significance of carotenes and of vitamin A for the reproduction of cattle, of horses and of pigs - a review

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The significance of cluster position for the milkability of cows

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The significance of different types of milk protein (particularly kappa -casein) for cheesemaking

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The significance of financial maturity as a criterion for deciding the final cut

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The significance of forest remnants in an agricultural landscape with the example of the Polana district

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