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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3317

Chapter 3317 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1998:
The terminator technology: new genetic technology aims to prevent farmers from saving seed

Convey, P.; Quintana, R.D., 1997:
The terrestrial arthropod fauna of Cierva Point SSSI, Danco Coast, northern Antarctic Peninsula

Boccafogli, F.; Brasili, C., 1998:
The territorial articulation of agricultural development in Emilia Romagna

Anonymous, 1998:
The territory: Quebec expertise in land management

Ngamine, J.; Altolna, M.; Guibert, H., 1998:
The terroir-farm-plot project in Chad: an example of close collaboration between research and development

Chen XiangBo; Zhong WuHui; L.H.iLong et al., 1998:
The test of grafting bitter gourd on Luffa

Liu JianChang; S.S.uiJin; Lin JieRong; Yie ChangXing, 1997:
The test on feeding geese with combined feeds added with grass powder

Hauck, B., 1997:
The test-basis for FPA testing of forwarders

Horvat, D.; Loncaric, Z.; Katancic, R., 1997:
The testing model of assumption for ANOVA application of number and mass of weed species in glasshouse cropping

Suzuki, A.C.; Nishimura, K., 1997:
The testis development in 3rd- to 6th-instar nymphs of the cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus

Mleko, S., 1996:
The texture and structure of mixed gels: whey protein-starch

Humann, H., 1998:
The theme 'Being blind': an interdisciplinary project for the subjects of German and physical education in grade 7

Sanchez, A., 1998:
The theme park concept: definition, evolution and prospects

Chazaud, P., 1998:
The theme park, off-land tourism production: visit marketing and implications for regional development

Dai JunTi; H.J.eMin; Zhang ShuZhi, 1997:
The theorem of ecological-genetical male-sterility and hybrid crops produced by two-line method. V. The generalised space of male-sterility

Chen KuanChou, 1997:
The theoretical analysis of travel and tourism demand

Chen ZhongXiang, 1998:
The theoretical analysis on the Diao Zhuang villages for migrants in Ningxia

Letyagin, V.I.; Pochinkov, S.V., 1998:
The theoretical basis of wood stumpage prices

Shu JianMin; Liu XiaoChun, 1998:
The theoretical basis, key technology and application prospects of restoration ecology

Niu RuoFeng, 1997:
The theoretical framework for integration of agriculture and related industries

Belajova, A.; Siebenmannova, A., 1999:
The theory and practice of rural development

Zhou DeYi; Yang HaiJuan, 1997:
The theory and practice of urban agriculture

Zhou HaoSheng; Luo TiQian; Gao LiangRun, 1998:
The theory of deposition velocity in electrostatic dusting

Michael, J.H.; Smith, P.M., 1999:
The theory of double jeopardy: an example from a forest products industry

Liu XiongLun; H.J.eMin; Dai JunTi, 1997:
The theory of ecological-genetical sterility and hybrid crops produced by two-line method. VI. The relationship of male fertility presentation to restoration and maintenance of the parent plants of two-line hybrid wheats

Zhang YuJiang; Man DongBin; L.C.angSheng; Cai TiJiu; Jiang MongXia, 1999:
The theory of forest classification management and its application in the forest region of Heilongjiang Province

Baranov, A.A.; Osobov, V.I., 1998:
The theory of the chopping unit of a forage harvester

O.Doherty, R., 1998:
The theory of the contingent valuation method

Badmaev, V.; Kozlowski, P.B.; Schuller-Levis, G.B.; Wisniewski, H.M., 1999:
The therapeutic effect of an herbal formula Badmaev 28 (padma 28) on experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) in SJL/J mice

Wada, T.; Aiba, Y.; Shimizu, K.; Takagi, A.; Miwa, T.; Koga, Y., 1999:
The therapeutic effect of bovine lactoferrin in the host infected with Helicobacter pylori

Pertwee, R.G., 1997:
The therapeutic potential of cannabis and cannabinoids for multiple sclerosis and spinal injury

Bodeker, G.; Willcox, M.; Flohr, C.; Ong ChiKeong, 1998:
The therapeutic potential of plants used traditionally as antimalarials: new directions for research

Liang HuaLi; X.H.i; Hua JiongGang; G.Y.Xian; Yang GuanMao; W.W.nFu, 1998:
The therapeutic trial of soluble powder of enrofloxacin sodium on chickens experimentally infected with E. coli

Ardelli, B.F.; Woo, P.T., 1999:
The therapeutic use of isometamidium chloride against Cryptobia salmositica in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

Ollhoff, R.D.; Siesenop, U.; Bohm, K.H., 1997:
The therapeutic use of the live vaccine PermavaxReg.-Tricho against cattle ringworm

Black, J.L.; Bray, H.J.; Giles, L.R., 1999:
The thermal and infectious environment

Friedberg, J.N.; Yang, Z.; Walden, D.B., 1998:
The thermal induction of HSP 18 mRNA in Zea mays callus

Kurpaska, S.; Slipek, Z.; apczynska Kordon, B., 1996:
The thermal properties of a greenhouse substrate

Spronken Smith, R.A.; Oke, T.R., 1998:
The thermal regime of urban parks in two cities with different summer climates

Daoud, M.A.; E.S.adany, G.B.; Mariy, F.M.A.; Ibrahim, M.Y., 1999:
The thermal threshold units for Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller)

Jonge, L. de; Bray, G.A., 1997:
The thermic effect of food and obesity: a critical review

Ogawa, A.M.; Shikora, S.A.; Burke, L.M.; Heetderks-Cox, J.E.; Bergren, C.T.; Muskat, P.C., 1998:
The thermodilution technique for measuring resting energy expenditure does not agree with indirect calorimetry for the critically ill patient

Janda, T.; Szalai, G.; Giauffret, C.; Paldi, E.; Ducruet, J.M., 1999:
The thermoluminescence 'afterglow' band as a sensitive indicator of abiotic stresses in plants

Birkinshaw, C.; McCarthy, C.J.; Regan, N.; Hale, M.D.C.; Cahill, D.; McCourt, M., 1999:
The thermomechanical behaviour of wood subject to fungal decay

Georget, D.M.R.; Ng, A.; Smith, A.C.; Waldron, K.W., 1998:
The thermomechanical properties of carrot cell wall material

Kelly, P.M.; Oldfield, D.J.; O.K.nnedy, B.T., 1999:
The thermostability of spray dried imitation coffee whiteners

Jamieson, C.P.; Obeid, O.A.; Powell-Tuck, J., 1999:
The thiamin, riboflavin and pyridoxine status of patients on emergency admission to hospital

Singleton, C.K.; Pekovich, S.R.; McCool, B.A.; Martin, P.R., 1995 :
The thiamine-dependent hysteretic behavior of human transketolase: implications for thiamine deficiency

Schrick, J.J.; Selby, P.B., 1997:
The thick tail mutation contains anomalies of the axial skeleton

Kask, R., 1998:
The thickness of the humus horizon in the main arable soils of Estonia, its dynamics and influence on soil fertility

Anonymous, 1997:
The thing that cream dislikes the most is light. The protection against light that aluminium gives gains an added importance

Parniak, M.A.; Balzarini, J., 1997:
The thiocarboxanilide UC-781: a virucidal agent?

Anonymous, 1997:
The third Oxford glutamine workshop, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, 20 March 1996

Perennou, H., 1998:
The third Texel symposium. Controlling the texture of milk products

Wang XiaoYan; L.S.aoYuan; Rong GuangZhe; Zhang CaiYing, 1997:
The third analysis on the quality of bread wheat varieties (lines) in China

Meagher, L.R., 1999:
The third dimension of nutraceuticals: adding value through innovative agriculture

Anonymous, 1996:
The third international symposium on tilapia in aquaculture, Africa, 1996

Tanaka, R.; Yoshida, K.; Nakayashiki, T.; Tsuji, H.; Inokuchi, H.; Okada, K.; Tanaka, A., 1997 :
The third member of the hemA gene family encoding glutamyl-tRNA reductase is primarily expressed in roots in Hordeum vulgare

Still, I.H.; Vince, P.; Cowell, J.K., 1999:
The third member of the transforming acidic coiled coil-containing gene family, TACC3, maps in 4p16, close to translocation breakpoints in multiple myeloma, and is upregulated in various cancer cell lines

Anonymous, 1997:
The third player is organizing its forces

Raw, A., 1998:
The third trophic level of plant defence: Neotropical social wasps' use of odours of freshly damaged leaves when hunting

Anonymous, 1997:
The third largest European dairy group is to be formed in the Netherlands

Cavers, P.B.; Qaderi, M.M.; Downs, M.P.; Doucet, C.; Manku, R.; Meier, L., 1998:
The thistles: a spectrum of seed banks

Perrault, G.H., 1999:
The thoracic architecture associated with the pronoto-mesothoracic junction of worker ants. Interest for the phylogeny of the group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Bakkerud, G.W., 1998:
The thorn hopper (Centrotus cornutus) in western Norway

Evans, M.R.; Dave, D.S., 1999:
The thorny question of automatic service charges: policies at prominent U.S. resorts

Byra, M.; Jenkins, J., 1998:
The thoughts and behaviours of learners in the inclusion style of teaching

Aldridge, S., 1998:
The thread of life: the story of genes and genetic engineering

Anonymous, 1997:
The threat of dengue and some other diseases

Polonsky, V.; Ostroumova, L.P.; Vikulov, Y.; Mulikov, R.R., 1997:
The threat of flooding and the problem of protection of territories in the delta of the Ural River in view of the rising of the Caspian sea level

Zarzycka, H.; Sobkowiak, S., 1997:
The threat of potato crop by late blight in connection with the changes in Polish population of Phytophthora infestans

Barbero, R., 1996:
The threat of residues

Bowen Jones, E.; Pendry, S., 1999:
The threat to primates and other mammals from the bushmeat trade in Africa, and how this threat could be diminished

Chamard, P.C.; Courel, M.F., 1999:
The threatened Sahelian forest

Katz, E., 1999:
The three C: conditions for functioning voucher systems in agricultural extension

Swift, L.W.J.; Burns, R.G., 1999:
The three Rs of roads. Redesign, reconstruction, restoration

Black, I.D.; Pederson, R.N.; Stephenson, D.W., 1998:
The three forms of skeleton weed (Chondrilla juncea L.) in Australia differ in their susceptibility to herbicides

Tan, Y.F.; Li, J.X.; Yu, S.B.; Xing, Y.Z.; Xu, C.G.; Zhang, Q., 1999:
The three important traits for cooking and eating quality of rice grains are controlled by a single locus in an elite rice hybrid, Shanyou 63

Benyo, R.; Beverly, J.; Conover, M., 1998:
The three stages of the marathon: Like a multi-staged rocket, the marathon easily breaks down into three distinct segments

Conte, M.R.; Klikova, M.; Hunter, E.; Ruml, T.; Matthews, S., 1997:
The three-dimensional solution structure of the matrix protein from the type D retrovirus, the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, and implications for the morphology of retroviral assembly

Naitza, S.; Spano, F.; Robson, K.J.H.; Crisanti, A., 1998:
The thrombospondin-related protein family of Apicomplexan parasites: the gears of the cell invasion machinery

Tziveleka, L.A.; Argyroudi Akoyunoglou, J.H., 1998:
The thylakoid protease against LHCII

Bekeova, E.; Hendrichovsky, V.; Krajnicakova, M.; Siklenka, P.; Levkut, M.; Laciakova, A.; Kacmarik, J., 1998:
The thyroid gland and its functions in lambs given chlorinated disinfectants in their drinking water

Smallridge, C.; Paperna, I., 1997:
The tick-transmitted haemogregarinid of the Australian sleepy lizard Tiliqua rugosa belongs to the genus Hemolivia

Guerrero, R., 1996:
The ticks of Venezuela (Acarina: Ixodoidea). List of species and keys for their identification

Camicas, J.L.; Hervy, J.P.; Adam, F.; Morel, P.C., 1998:
The ticks of the world (Acarida, Ixodida): nomenclature, described stages, hosts, distribution

Puett, D.; Wu, C.; Narayan, P., 1998:
The tie that binds: design of biologically active single-chain human chorionic gonadotropins and a gonadotropin-receptor complex using protein engineering

Dudley, N.; Jeanrenaud, J.P.ul; Sullivan, F., 1998:
The timber trade and global forest loss

Wagenfuhr, R., 1998:
The timbers of south-east Asia (2): the genus Anisoptera

Takebayashi, A.; Kobayashi, K.; Fujita, T.; Sano, H.; Shiga, A., 1998:
The time course of blood glucose metabolism in response to acute cold exposure in sheep

Treutiger, C.J.; Carlson, J.; Scholander, C.; Wahlgren, M., 1998:
The time course of cytoadhesion, immunoglobulin binding, rosette formation, and serum-induced agglutination of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes

van der Heyde, H.C.; Pepper, B.; Batchelder, J.; Cigel, F.; Weidanz, W.P., 1997:
The time course of selected malarial infections in cytokine-deficient mice

Sirard, M.; Picard, L.D.ry, M.C.enen, K.B.ondin, P., 1999:
The time interval between FSH administration and ovarian aspiration influences the development of cattle oocytes

Marino, F.; Morgan, A.J., 1999:
The time-course of metal (Ca, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn) accumulation from a contaminated soil by three populations of the earthworm, Lumbricus rubellus

Liu CaiLing; Feng MingGuang, 1998:
The time-dose effect of the entomophthoralean fungus, Zoophthora anhuiensis, against the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae, in a bioassay

Dean, P., 1997:
The timeshare industry in the Asia-Pacific region

Petersen, M.K., 1999:
The timing of dispersal of the predatory beetles Bembidion lampros and Tachyporus hypnorum from hibernating sites into arable fields

Underwood, Nora C., 1998:
The timing of induced resistance and induced susceptibility in the soybean-Mexican bean beetle system

Feinbaum, R.; Ambros, V., 1999:
The timing of lin-4 RNA accumulation controls the timing of postembryonic developmental events in Caenorhabditis elegans

Tabuchi, R.; Ohara, I., 1998:
The timing of protein feeding and dietary protein levels affect taste preference, serum zinc concentration and glossal epithelial morphology in growing rats

Huang SuZhen; Xie MingYun; Tong HaiYin; Han YuLin; G.Y.n; J.L., 1999:
The tissue culture of Iris xiphium L. var. hybridum

Miresan, V.; Miresan, E.; Pop, A.; Daraban, S.; Pop, S.; Tibre, D., 1996:
The tissue structure of Tigaie, Cluj Merino and Corriedale lamb carcasses, submitted to intensive fattening

Liu, C.M.; Meinke, D.W., 1998:
The titan mutants of Arabidopsis are disrupted in mitosis and cell cycle control during seed development

Hirsinger, C.; Salva, I.; Marbach, J.; Durr, A.; Fleck, J.; Jamet, E., 1999:
The tobacco extensin gene Ext 1.4 is expressed in cells submitted to mechanical constraints and in cells proliferating under hormone control

Osman, T.A.; Buck, K.W., 1997 :
The tobacco mosaic virus RNA polymerase complex contains a plant protein related to the RNA-binding subunit of yeast eIF-3

Zhang, S.K.essig, D., 1998:
The tobacco wounding-activated mitogen-activated protein kinase is encoded by SIPK

Enters, T., 1997:
The token line: adoption and non-adoption of soil conservation practices in the highlands of northern Thailand

Rzepka Plevnes, D.; Kurek, J., 1997:
The tolerance of some rye varieties and breeding strains to nutrition deficiency using in vitro cultures

Anderson, H.W.; Gordon, A.G., 1994:
The tolerant conifers: eastern hemlock and red spruce, their ecology and management

Dixon, M.S.; Hatzixanthis, K.; Jones, D.A.; Harrison, K.; Jones, J.D., 1998:
The tomato Cf-5 disease resistance gene and six homologs show pronounced allelic variation in leucine-rich repeat copy number

Hammond-Kosack, K.; Tang, S.; Harrison, K.J.nes, J., 1998:
The tomato Cf-9 disease resistance gene functions in tobacco and potato to confer responsiveness to the fungal avirulence gene product Avr9

Bishop, G.; Nomura, T.Y.kota, T.H.rrison, K.N.guchi, T.F.jioka, S.T.katsuto, S.J.nes, J.; Kamiya, Y., 1999:
The tomato DWARF enzyme catalyses C-6 oxidation in brassinosteroid biosynthesis

Vos, P.; Simons, G.; Jesse, T.; Wijbrandi, J.; Heinen, L.; Hogers, R.; Frijters, A.; Groenendijk, J.; Diergaarde, P.; Reijans, M.; Fierens-Onstenk, J.; de Both, M.; Peleman, J.; Liharska, T.; Hontelez, J.; Zabeau, M., 1998:
The tomato Mi-1 gene confers resistance to both root-knot nematodes and potato aphids

Tieman, D.; Klee, H., 1998 :
The tomato ethylene receptor gene family: it's not easy being a plant

Yen, H.C.; Shelton, B.A.; Howard, L.R.; Lee, S.; Vrebalov, J.; Giovannoni, J.J., 1997:
The tomato high-pigment (hp) locus maps to chromosome 2 and influences plastome copy number and fruit quality

Neef, R. de, 1998:
The tomato market in 1997

Marasi, V., 1999:
The tomato sector must direct itself towards quality

Kask, K., 1998:
The tomentosa cherry in Estonia

Anonymous, 1998:
The top 50 dairy companies

Sanchez de la Torre, E.; Riva, O.; Zandomeni, R.; Grau, O.; Garcia, M.L., 1998:
The top component of citrus psorosis virus contains two ssRNAs, the smaller encodes the coat protein

Feng JiaJun; L.J.nXiang, 1997:
The top quality and high production techniques for Fujiminori grape variety

Dong FengXiang; L.G.oQing; Dong JingPo, 1997:
The top quality production and fresh keeping techniques for Kyoho grape variety

Lompo, M.; Nikiema, J.B.; Guissou, I.P.; Moes, A.J.; Fontaine, J., 1998:
The topical antiinflammatory effect of chloroform extract from Khaya senegalensis stem barks

Schmitt, U.; Singh, A.P.; Kordsachia, O.; Pohler, E., 1998:
The topochemistry of delignification of Pinus radiata during ASAM pulping

Balemba, O.B.; Mbassa, G.K.; Semuguruka, W.D.; Assey, R.J.; Kahwa, C.K.B.; Hay Schmidt, A.; Dantzer, V., 1999:
The topography, architecture and structure of the enteric nervous system in the jejunum and ileum of cattle

Bashan, M.; Guven, K., 1999:
The total fatty acid compositions of Melanogryllus desertus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) at various developmental stages

Debska Kalinowska, Z., 1996:
The total protein and crude fibre contents in some cultivars of fescues in relation to shoot types and growth stages

Zins, M.; Jacques, J., 1999:
The tourism and economic value of landscapes

Sadi, M.A.; Bartels, F.L., 1998:
The tourism industry in ASEAN region: a perspective on regional dynamics and developments

Wheat, S., 1997:
The tourism juggernaut

Butler, R.W.; Baum, T., 1999:
The tourism potential of the peace dividend

Meis, S.M., 1998:
The tourism satellite account of Canada: a new instrument for measuring tourism's contribution to the economy

Dellaert, B.G.C., 1999:
The tourist as value creator on the Internet

Anonymous, 1999:
The tourist city

Xing Xiao, 1999:
The tourist exploitation and sustainable development of tourist industry in the region along Longhai - Baozhong - Baolan circular railway

Girard, A., 1996:
The tourist industry in Quebec, a woman's world?

Yan Shun; Jia BaoQuan; Yang YunLiang; X.Y.ngQin, 1998:
The tourist resources and its exploitation conceptions in Mount Tuomuer Nature Reserve

Juan, M., 1998:
The tower of Merlin

Anonymous, 1998:
The town/land cycle: report of a committee in KSLA

Smyth, R., 1997:
The township and village enterprise sector as a specific example of regionalism - some general lessons for socialist transformation

Tang XueXi; L.Y.ngQi, 1997:
The toxic effect of monocrotophos on Phaeodactylium tricornutus

Friedman, Y.; Weisman, Y.; Avidar, Y.; Bogin, E., 2008:
The toxic effects of monensin and chloramphenicol on laying turkey breeder hens

Walker, N.; Freeling, M., 1999:
The toxicity of MuDR in E. coli is mediated by the dnaY gene

Bell, C.H.; Savvidou, N., 1999:
The toxicity of Vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) to age groups of eggs of the Mediterranean flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella)

Rani, E.F.lista; Elumalai, M.; Balasubramanian, M.P., 1997:
The toxicity of combinations of monocrotophos and ammonium chloride to Oreochromis mossambicus

Dai MeiXue; Z.A.Min, 1997:
The toxicity of germ metabolite and plant extract compound-bioinsecticide to different developmental stages of four dominant species of natural enemies of aphids

Mann, R.M.; Bidwell, J.R., 1999:
The toxicity of glyphosate and several glyphosate formulations to four species of southwestern Australian frogs

Romanowska, E.; Parys, E.; Slowik, D.; Siedlecka, M.; Piotrowski, T.; Poskuta, J.W., 1998:
The toxicity of lead to photosynthesis and respiration in detached pea and maize leaves

Killick, R.W.; Schulteis, D.T., 1998:
The toxicity response from insecticides with an ethyl fatty ester-based adjuvant

Fang Zhu; Duan XingDe; W.H.Song et al., 1998:
The toxicological test of Miezaoling powder against fleas in the laboratory

Stewart, M.J.; Steenkamp, V.; Zuckerman, M., 1998:
The toxicology of African herbal remedies

McClung, C.; Hirsh, J., 1999:
The trace amine tyramine is essential for sensitization to cocaine in Drosophila

Min EllSik; Kim MyungHee; Song SuckHwan, 1998:
The trace element characteristics of rocks, top soils, and Pinus rigida growing on soils derived from different parent rocks

Portetelle, D.; Renaville, R., 1997:
The traceability of meats

Beghin, J.; Dessus, S.; Roland Holst, D.; Mensbrugghe, D. van der, 1997:
The trade and environment nexus in Mexican agriculture. A general equilibrium analysis

Neef, R. de, 1999:
The trade in berries in 1998

Olsen, C.S., 1998:
The trade in medicinal and aromatic plants from central Nepal to northern India

Hartmann, H.; Madeker, U., 1997:
The trade in wood fuels

Salvatici, L.; Carter, C.A.; Sumner, D.A., 1999:
The trade restrictiveness index and its potential contribution to agricultural policy analysis

Shayakhmetov, I., 1998:
The trade situation in rural localities

Piason, F., 1999:
The trade strategies of the USA

Ehrlen, J.; Groenendael, J.M. van, 1998:
The trade-off between dispersability and longevity - an important aspect of plant species diversity

Windle, M., 1997:
The trading of sex for money or drugs, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and HIV-related risk behaviors among multisubstance using alcoholic inpatients

Iwasaki, K.; Wang, Q.; Nakagawa, T.; Suzuki, T.; Sasaki, H., 1999:
The traditional Chinese medicine banxia houpo tang improves swallowing reflex

Webb, N.R., 1998:
The traditional management of European heathlands

Cataluna, P.; Rates, S.M.K., 1999:
The traditional use of the latex from Euphorbia tirucalli Linnaeus (Euphorbiaceae) in the treatment of cancer in South Brazil

Lopez, R., 1998:
The tragedy of the commons in Cote d'Ivoire agriculture: empirical evidence and implications for evaluating trade policies

Fafchamps, M., 1998:
The tragedy of the commons, livestock cycles and sustainability

Burger, J.; Gochfeld, M., 1998:
The tragedy of the commons: 30 years later

Marr, K.A.; Rustad, T.R.; Rex, J.H.; White, T.C., 1999:
The trailing end point phenotype in antifungal susceptibility testing is pH dependent

Luhe, N. von der, 1998:
The training and visit system and land use planning in the Sahel: complementary or irreconcilable?

Wallace, I., 1998:
The training of extension workers in Africa: a report on the 'Neuchatel Initiative' joint workshop and Third Informal International Consultation on Agricultural Extension Systems in Africa at Cape Coast University, Ghana, 19-24 October 1997

L.B.; Yang PiXiou; Guo ChaoFeng; Chang BingChun; Han YuDong; Yong EnChao; Wang ZhongHua, 1997:
The training technique of multi-limb slender spindle form for Suli pear variety

Richardson, R.K.; Fong, B.Y.; Rowan, A.M., 1997:
The trans fatty acid content of fats in some manufactured foods commonly available in New Zealand

Agusti, R.; Couto, A.S.; Campetella, O.E.; Frasch, A.C.; de Lederkremer, R.M., 1997:
The trans-sialidase of Trypanosoma cruzi is anchored by two different lipids

von Lindern, M.; Boer, L.; Wessely, O.; Parker, M.; Beug, H., 1998:
The transactivation domain AF-2 but not the DNA-binding domain of the estrogen receptor is required to inhibit differentiation of avian erythroid progenitors

Wang, L.; Bender, C.L.; Ullrich, M.S., 1999:
The transcriptional activator CorR is involved in biosynthesis of the phytotoxin coronatine and binds to the cmaABT promoter region in a temperature-dependent manner

Reeve, W.; Tiwari, R.; Wong, C.; Dilworth, M.; Glenn, A., 1998:
The transcriptional regulator gene phrR in Sinorhizobium meliloti WSM419 is regulated by low pH and other stresses

Schonenberg, R., 1996:
The transfer and application of research results: how to link the science-business with the development-business

Amano, H.; Matsunaga, T.; Nagao, S.; Hanzawa, Y.; Watanabe, M.; Ueno, T.; Onuma, Y., 1999:
The transfer capability of long-lived Chernobyl radionuclides from surface soil to river water in dissolved forms

Munyenyembe, M.P.; Bisby, F.A., 1997:
The transfer of Dolichos junodii to Nesphostylis (Leguminosae)

Lado, C., 1998:
The transfer of agricultural technology and the development of small-scale farming in rural Africa: case studies from Ghana, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa

Boko, A.K., 1999:
The transfer of agricultural technology at farm level by means of credit grants in the form of inputs for crop production

Bai, D.; Knott, D.R.; Zale, J., 1998:
The transfer of leaf rust resistance from Triticum timopheevii to durum and bread wheat and the location of one gene on chromosome 1A

Hoffmann, H.; Bahlaouane, M., 1996:
The transfer of milk quotas in France. Experiences with a pool system

Taylor, M.B., 1999:
The transfer of tissue culture plantlets from the tube to the soil

Kask, R., 1998:
The transformation and degradation of mineral components during pedogenesis of soils in Estonia

Kirsch, O.C., 1998:
The transformation of agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam

Wolz, A.; Blaas, G., 1998:
The transformation of agricultural production structures in Slovakia and their future development

Buchholz, H.E., 1997:
The transformation of agriculture in the East German Federal States

Plekhanova I.O.; Savel eva V.A. (Savel yeva V.A., 1999:
The transformation of cobalt compounds in soils upon moistening

Rainbow, A.; Wilson, N., 1998:
The transformation of composted organic residues into effective growing media

Toshima, S., 1998:
The transformation of family farm and livingstyle under slow-growth economy and internationalization

Polyakov, A.V.; Chikrizova, O.F.; Kalyaeva, M.A.; Zakharchenko, N.S.; Balokhina, N.V.; Bur' yanov, Y.I., 1998:
The transformation of fiber flax plants

Zalitis, P.; Jansons, J., 1998:
The transformation of forest ecosystems on cutovers in Latvia

Wolz, A., 1997:
The transformation of rural finance systems in Vietnam

Zeng FuSheng, 1997:
The transformation of structure and the changing of agricultural growth pattern

Roseboom, J.; Rutten, H., 1998:
The transformation of the Dutch agricultural research system: an unfinished agenda

Gabbrielli, A., 1997:
The transformation of the forest landscape in Tuscany: an historical synthesis

Wolz, A., 1998:
The transformation of the rural finance system in Vietnam

Parent, D., 1996:
The transformation of work on the family farm

Fuchs, C.; Schneider, B., 1998:
The transformation process at enterprise level - large scale farms in Russia

Coulet, N., 1997:
The transhumance of sheep in Provence

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The urinary elimination profiles of diazepam and its metabolites, nordiazepam, temazepam, and oxazepam, in the equine after a 10-mg intramuscular dose

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The usability of tree vitality meter TVM for the control of forest damage by immissions

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The usage of maize wastes as surface cover and its implications in the economy of nitrogen in maize cultivars

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The usage of veterinary antibacterial drugs for mastitis in cattle in Norway and Sweden during 1990-1997

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The use and application of various communication channels at local and international levels

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The use and benefits of multifunctional speciality lecithins in a variety of food applications

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The use and chemical content of some indigenous Nigerian spices

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The use and conservation of indigenous leafy vegetables in South Africa

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The use and economics of the use of low temperature warehouses for vegetables in the large-scale upland farming area

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The use and effect of hazard warning signs. Managing visitor safety at Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

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The use and maintenance of machines for treatment of plants

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The use and management of draught animals by smallholder farmers in the former Ciskei and Transkei

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The use and misuse of nematocides in Ibadan area of Nigeria: misuse effects on therapeutic efficacy in small ruminants-a survey

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The use and perceived importance of three resources which provide caged laboratory mice the opportunity for extended locomotion

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The use and perception of the beaches in the province of Barcelona

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The use of 1--naphthol-(2) in the presence of TX-100 and N,N'-diphenylbenzamidine for the spectrophotometric determination of copper in real samples

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The use of 129Xe NMR spectroscopy for studying soils. A pilot study

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The use of 15N labelling to study the turnover and utilization of ruminant manure N

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The use of 15N natural abundance variation to examine plant and soil organic fractions in pasture under different management practises

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The use of 16S and 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacers to detect and differentiate Erwinia amylovora

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The use of 29Si MAS-NMR and Monte Carlo methods in the study of Al/Si ordering in silicates

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The use of 3,5,6,-TPA to improve fruit size of clementine mandarin

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The use of 4647 cell line for production of a vaccine against distemper virus

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The use of AFLP fingerprinting in conservation genetics: a case study of Orchis simia (Orchidaceae)

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The use of AFLP fingerprinting in polymorphism evaluation of forage crops Phleum pratense and Trifolium pratense

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The use of AFLP markers for the identification of ryegrass (Lolium spp.) cultivars

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The use of Acacia dealbata as a plantation species in Tasmania: a summary of recent research

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The use of Agrovital in sugar beet protection against weeds

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The use of Archimedes number for airflow pattern control in livestock buildings

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The use of Artemia in feeding larval wolffish (Anarhichas lupus L.)

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The use of Australian Merinos in Khakassia

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The use of B.S.B.I. monitoring scheme data to predict nationally scarce species in Britain

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The use of Bacillus thuringiensis in the control of forest defoliating insects - the present state and perspectives

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The use of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (Bti) against mosquitoes, with special emphasis on the ecological impact

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The use of Baypamun N in crowding associated infectious respiratory disease: efficacy of Baypamun N (freeze dried product) in 4-10 month old horses

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The use of Box-Behnken design of experiments to study in vitro salt tolerance by Pisolithus tinctorius

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The use of CBG-banding technique in chromosome studies of bovine oocytes matured in vitro

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The use of CO2 flux measurements in models of the global terrestrial carbon budget

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The use of Ca salts of rape seed fatty acids to protect protein against degradation in the rumen

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The use of Camborough pigs in commercial conditions

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The use of Chinese herbal medicine on experimental fracture healing

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The use of Cryptolaemus montrouzieri (Mulsant) for the control of Planococcus citri (Risso) in Crete - Greece

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The use of DDT in Venezuela for health and its impact on the population

H.W.iWen; Wong SekMan, 1998:
The use of DIG-labelled cRNA probes for the detection of cymbidium mosaic potexvirus (CymMV) and odontoglossum ringspot tobamovirus (ORSV) in orchids

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The use of DNA markers in deciding conservation priorities in sheep and other livestock

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The use of Decision Support Systems to manage fertigation and to minimize environmental effects: a challenge for the future

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The use of ELISA tests and immunoaffinity chromatography combined with reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography for dexamethasone detection in equine urine

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The use of Farmatan feeding programme for early weaned calves

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The use of Folsomia candida (Collembola, isotomidae) for the bioassay of xenobiotic substances and soil pollutants

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The use of Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex Hedw. as a bioindicator for heavy metals. 2. Heavy metal accumulation and physiological reaction of Fontinalis antipyretica L. ex Hedw. in active biomonitoring in the River Elbe

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The use of Formidol for varroa disease control in productive apiary

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The use of GIS and expert system to assess the environmental effects of various systematic strategies to control hydrogeological breakdown

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The use of GIS and remote sensing for forest monitoring in Poland

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The use of GIS and remote sensing techniques to predict erosion in the Nepal middle hills

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The use of GIS in a reclamation organisation: organisational, formative and operational problems

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The use of GIS in assessing the land disposal capacity for animal waste and preventing groundwater pollution

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The use of GIS to study the influence of site factors in enrichment planting with dipterocarps

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The use of GPS in precision farming

Wild, U., 1998:
The use of GPS and differential GPS (DGPS) for navigation and GIS data capture

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The use of GPS in drafting thematic maps

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The use of IVOMEC (ivermectin) Pour-On and permethrin ear tags for horn fly control

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The use of India ink and 51Cr-labeled microspheres in examining the function of the yolk stalk as a passageway between the yolk sac and intestine in posthatch broiler chicks

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The use of Internet and Intranet in American convention and visitors bureaux

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The use of LEAP in herbarium management and plant biodiversity research

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The use of Landsat Thematic Mapper data for mapping and correlation of Quaternary geomorphic surfaces in the southern Whipple Mountains, California

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The use of Leptomastix dactylopii Howard (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) to control Planococcus citri (Risso) (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in custard apples in Queensland

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The use of Marshal/Suscon granules to protect plants from Hylobius damage

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The use of Mendelian indices to reduce the rate of inbreeding in selection programmes

Singh, B.S.A., 1997:
The use of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch) Sorokin (Deuteromycete: Hyphomycete) for the control of the sugarcane froghopper, Aeneolamia varia saccharina Distant (Homoptera: Cercopidae), in Trinidad (1991-1996)

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The use of Mexican germplasm in wheat breeding in Brazil

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The use of Miscanthus as a growing medium additive

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The use of NIR method for evaluation of pea (Pisum sativum L.) quality

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The use of NOAA-AVHRR images for forest fire risk assessment

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The use of OIE recommendations and procedures by member countries for international trade in relation to the World Trade Organization

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The use of PCR diagnostics to monitor development of eyespot in winter wheat

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The use of Pinus sylvestris L. and Pinus nigra Arnold as bioindicator species for environmental pollution

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The use of RAPD analysis to classify Triticum accessions

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The use of RAPD for verifying the apomictic status of seedlings of Malus species

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The use of RAPD in assessing genetic variability in Andrographis paniculata Nees, a hepatoprotective drug

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The use of RAPD markers for genotype identification of carrot lines and F1 hybrids

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The use of RAPD markers in the genetic analysis of races of Cercosporidium sojinum in the Northeast China

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The use of RAPD method in analysis of disomic addition lines 'Grana'-'Dankowskie Zlote'

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The use of RAPD molecular markers for evaluation of genetic variability between and within natural populations of Trifolium pratense

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The use of RP-HPTLC for modelling the hydrophobicity of fungicides

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The use of RT-PCR and a digoxigenin-labelled DNA probe for detection of infectious bronchitis virus

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The use of Red and White Holstein bulls in selection under the conditions of the Rostov Region

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The use of Ridascreen Verotoxin test for investigation of enterohaemorrhagic strains of Escherichia coli

Ablett, E.M.; Playford, J.; Mills, S., 1997:
The use of Rubisco DNA sequences to examine the systematic position of Hernandia albiflora (C.T.White) Kubitzki (Hernandiaceae), and relationships among the Laurales

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The use of S1 nuclease treatment of hybrid PCR products for the differentiation between PVY isolates

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The use of SERGEN to monitor variety by environment interactions in large-scale long-term sugar beet evaluation trials

Garcia Lopez, R.; Elias, A.; Herrera, J., 1997:
The use of Saccharea (sugar cane + urea + minerals) in milk production as a cereal substitute for feeds

Yang DeMin; Zeng ChuiHui; Yang Ping; Zhou ZuJi; Yang Wei, 1999:
The use of Scleroderma sichuanensis to control stem boring insect pests in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of the Yangtze river

Wuite, J.J.; MacAlpine, N.D.; Johnson, C.I., 1999:
The use of SnowfluentTM as an alternative method for treatment of liquid hog manure

Wohler, V.; Wildhagen, H., 1998:
The use of TDR technique to determine soil water content in soils

Jirakanjanakit, N.; Khin, M.M.; Yoksan, S.; Bhamarapravati, N., 1999:
The use of Toxorhynchites splendens for identification and quantitation of serotypes contained in the tetravalent live attenuated dengue vaccine

Nicks, A.D., 1998:
The use of USLE components in models

Koidis, P.; Bori, M.; Vareltzis, K., 1999:
The use of UV irradiation in reducing Salmonella enteritidis on shell eggs

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The use of UV radiation to control the architecture of Salvia splendens plants. III. Influence of the time of the year on plant sensitivity to UV treatments

Lercari, B.; Valentini, F.; Caruso, E.; Bertram, L., 1999:
The use of UV radiation to control the architecture of Salvia splendens plants. IV. Influence of the moment of the day on plant sensitivity to UV treatments

Antignus, Y.; Lapidot, M.; Mor, N.; Masika, Y.; Cohen, S., 1998:
The use of UV-absorbing plastic sheets to protect crops against insects and spread of virus diseases

Estabrooks, E.N., 1998:
The use of Vaccinium angustifolium clones for improved fruit quality and yield

Samkov, S.; Yurenkov, E., 1999:
The use of Yorkshire pigs in crossbreeding

Cavalli, R., 1997:
The use of a 4WD tractor and winch for skidding

Canedo Lopez, Y.; Dreyfus Leon, M.J.; Cota Villavicencio, A., 1999:
The use of a bioeconomical model in the fishery of the red sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, from the northwestern coast of Baja California, Mexico

Ruhli, M.; Salis, B. von; Spiess, B., 1999:
The use of a coloured scleral shell prosthesis to increase the aesthetic appearance in horses with phthisis bulbi after bulbus trauma or chronic recurrent uveitis

Gordon, C.A.; Herrera, R.; Hutchinson, T.C., 1995:
The use of a common epiphytic lichen as a bioindicator of atmospheric inputs to two Venezuelan cloud forests

Jagtenberg, K.; Lent, J. van, 1999:
The use of a concentrate box does not compete with the milking robot

Prasil, I.; Zamecnik, J., 1998:
The use of a conductivity measurement method for assessing freezing injury. I. Influence of leakage time, segment number, size and shape in a sample on evaluation of the degree of injury

Higgins, J.; Brown, T., 1998:
The use of a constructed wetland to treat landfarm leachate at the Sunoco Refinery in Sarnia, Ontario

Macrobert, J.F.; Savage, M.J., 1998 :
The use of a crop simulation model for planning wheat irrigation in Zimbabwe

Menon, A.; Jayaprakash, 1996:
The use of a cytological technique to prepare mitotic chromosomes from Mansonioides mosquitoes

Endre, D.; Erika, M.; Baumgardner, M.F., 1997:
The use of a digital elevation model and drainage density in small scale soil characterization

Guo ZengZhu; Zhang Yi; Jiang HongJie; A.Y.Jun, 1999:
The use of a hemi-nested polymerase chain reaction for non-invasive diagnosing Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in rats

Wakefield, M.E.; Cogan, P.M., 1999:
The use of a managed bulk of grain for the evaluation of PC, pitfall beaker, insect probe and WBII probe traps for monitoring Sitophilus granarius during the winter and summer in the UK

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The use of a microsomal in vitro assay to study phase I biotransformation of chlorobornanes (toxapheneReg.) in marine mammals and birds. Possible consequences of biotransformation for bioaccumulation and genotoxicity

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The use of a national source of P in the mineral supplementation of Brahman heifers

Meaney, B.; Ryan, M.P.; Flynn, J.; Hill, C.; Ross, R.P., 1999:
The use of a non-antibiotic teat sealer in combination with a food-grade bacteriocin, lacticin 3147, for mastitis prevention in non-lactating dairy cows

Owens, P.N.; Walling, D.E., 1998:
The use of a numerical mass-balance model to estimate rates of soil redistribution on uncultivated land from 137Cs measurements

Bardsley, E.S.; Burgess, J.; Daniels, A.; Nicholson, P., 1998:
The use of a polymerase chain reaction diagnostic test to detect and estimate the severity of stem base diseases in winter wheat

Fennir, M.A.; Landry, J.A., 1997:
The use of a pressure sensor for the evaluation of ventilation flow rates

Vesey, G.; Ashbolt, N.; Fricker, E.J.; Deere, D.; Williams, K.L.; Veal, D.A.; Dorsch, M., 1998:
The use of a ribosomal RNA targeted oligonucleotide probe for fluorescent labelling of viable Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts

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The use of a selection unit in robotic milking: results of experiments

Verryn, S.D.; Roux, C.Z., 1998:
The use of a simple genetic algorithm as a tree breeding selection technique

Ryan, C.; Garland, R., 1999:
The use of a specific non-response option on Likert-type scales

Sheridan, J.J.; Logue, C.M.; McDowell, D.A.; Blair, I.S.; Hegarty, T.; Toivanen, P., 1998:
The use of a surface adhesion immunofluorescent (SAIF) method for the rapid detection of Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O:3 in meat

Hand, F.C.; Ramsden, N.G.; Moncur, M.W., 1995:
The use of a systemic insecticide to control defoliating insects on Eucalyptus nitens (Deane and Maiden) Maiden

Giles, A.R.; Perry, A.H., 1998:
The use of a temporal analogue to investigate the possible impact of projected global warming on the UK tourist industry

Andersson, L., 1997:
The use of a wild pig x domestic pig intercross to map phenotypic trait loci

Downie, N., 1997:
The use of accounting information in hotel marketing decisions

Podd, L.; Van-Staden, J., 1999:
The use of acetaldehyde to control carnation flower longevity

Garcia Viguera, C.; Zafrilla, P.; Tomas Barberan, F.A., 1998:
The use of acetone as an extraction solvent for anthocyanins from strawberry fruit

D.V.lliers, O.T.; Bosman, M., 1997:
The use of acid polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to determine the effect of locality of growth on the protein profiles of barley, wheat and honeybush tea

Zhukov, A.M.; Gordienko, P.V.; Ivanyusheva, G.I.; Ryabinkov, V.A., 1997:
The use of adaptogens in forestry

Carvalho, F.T. de, 1997:
The use of agricultural aviation for the control of weeds

Ade, G.; Pezzi, F.; Taylor, W.A.; Cooper, S.E., 1999:
The use of air convection in tomato treatment

Lainsbury, M.A.; Powell, E.S., 1998:
The use of air-entrainment nozzles for weed control in sugar beet

Prance, G.T.; Plana, V., 1998:
The use of alien plants in tropical South American folk medicines

Chandler, D.; Bisogni, J.J., 1999:
The use of alkalinity as a conservative tracer in a study of near-surface hydrologic change in tropical karst

Tusa, N.; Bosco, S.F. del; Nardi, L.; Lucretti, S., 1997:
The use of allotetraploid somatic hybrids in lemon (Citrus limon L. Burm. F. cv. Femminello) genetic improvement

Bellof, G.; Wolf, A.; Freudenreich, P., 1997:
The use of alternative protein supplement in pig fattening

Gendel, S.M., 1998:
The use of amino acid sequence alignments to assess potential allergenicity of proteins used in genetically modified foods

Franklin, I.M.; Mehta, J.; Root, T., 1997:
The use of amphotericin B lipid complex

Allsup, D.; Chu, P., 1998:
The use of amphotericin B lipid complex in 15 patients with presumed or proven fungal infection

Chareyre, S.; Kersulec, A.; Job, D.; Job, C., 1998:
The use of an ELISA to quantitate the extent of 11S globulin mobilization in untreated and primed sugar beet seed lots

AlMomin, S.; Saleem, M.; A.M.tawa, Q., 1999:
The use of an arbitrarily primed PCR product for the specific detection of Brucella

Krens, F.A.; Verhoeven, H.A.; Van Tunen, A.J.; Hall, R.D., 1998:
The use of an automated cell tracking system to identify specific cell types competent for regeneration and transformation

Veterany, L.; Hluchy, S.; Weis, J., 1998:
The use of an electronic sound generator with varied placement of loudspeakers in a hatchery to stimulate hatching in Shaver Starcross 288 hybrids

Pesti, G.M.; Seila, A.F., 1999:
The use of an electronic spreadsheet to solve linear and non-linear stochastic feed formulation problems

Robinson, H.; Harris, G.; Carville, M.; Barr, M.; Last, S., 1998:
The use of an engineered reed bed to treat leachate at Monument Hill landfill site, Southern England

Barietta, M.; Saint Paul, U.; Barietta Bergan, A., 1999:
The use of an ichthyotoxic plant in artisanal coastal cutuca (Myrophis punctatus, Lutken - Ophichthidae) fisheries along the North Brazilian coast

Saratsis, P.; Alexopoulos, C.; Mavromatis, J.; Tsinas, A.C.; Kyriakis, S.C., 1999:
The use of an immunomodulator to enhance the reproductive performance of gilts transported for long distances from breeding to commercial units

Mohan, D.V.G.K.; Kuhla, S.; Hagemeister, H., 1998:
The use of an in vitro cellulase enzyme technique for predicting the digestibility of tropical feeds and fodders

Samad, S.A.; Rahman, H.A., 1999:
The use of an in-house modified double antibody sandwich ELISA to detect Aspergillus antigens in sera of immunosuppressed patients

Katz, D.P.; Manner, T.; Furst, P.; Askanazi, J., 1996:
The use of an intravenous fish oil emulsion enriched with omega-3 fatty acids in patients with cystic fibrosis

Kotwica, J.; Skarzynski, D.; Bogacki, M.; Melin, P.; Starostka, B., 1997:
The use of an oxytocin antagonist to study the function of ovarian oxytocin during luteolysis in cattle

Oliveira, K. de; Mantovani, A.J., 1998:
The use of anabolic steroids in horses

Opitz, B.; Kienzle, E., 1998:
The use of anion-cation gap in nutrition consultation

Gorecka, K.; Krzyzanowska, D.; Smiech, M.; Hoser Krauze, J., 1997:
The use of anther culture for obtaining head cabbage cv. Kamienna Gowa homozygous lines

Gouagna, L.C.; Bonnet, S.; Gounoue, R.; Tchuinkam, T.; Safeukui, I.; Verhave, J.P.; Eling, W.; Boudin, C., 1999:
The use of anti-Pfs 25 monoclonal antibody for early determination of Plasmodium falciparum oocyst infections in Anopheles gambiae: comparison with the current technique of direct microscopic diagnosis

Witte, W.; Klare, I.; Werner, G., 1999:
The use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal husbandry and antibiotic resistance in bacterial pathogens of humans

Kozar, F.E.; Kovalenko, A.G.; Zaritskii, N.M.; Neborachko, V.V.; Romanenko, N.V., 1996:
The use of antiviral substances for eliminating potato viruses by tissue culture

Erskine, A.; Papaioannou, A., 1997:
The use of aquifer response rate in the assessment of groundwater resources

Ishaq, A.M.; Khan, A.A., 1997:
The use of aquifers in Saudi Arabia to reclaim and store wastewaters

Chang, D.C.N., 1996:
The use of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) fungi for horticultural crops

Anonymous, 1998:
The use of artemisinin and its derivatives as anti-malarial drugs. Report of a joint CTD/DMP/TDR informal consultation, Geneva, 10-12 June 1998

Eskola, S.; Lauhikari, M.; Voipio, H.M.; Nevalainen, T., 1999:
The use of aspen blocks and tubes to enrich the cage environment of laboratory rats

Norazmi, M.N.; Zainuddin, Z.F.; Suppian, R.; Dale, J.W., 1999:
The use of assembly polymerase chain reaction for cloning of a malarial epitope into Mycobacterium smegmatis - importance of overcoming codon bias

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The use of assisted reproduction technology (ART) in buffalo and zebu

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The use of binary and octal notation for designating races of plant pathogens

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The use of biodegradable pots in the tree nursery (1)

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The use of bioenergetic measurements to estimate prey consumption, nutritional status and thermal habitat requirements for marine organisms reared in the sea

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The use of biologicals to enhance vegetable seed quality

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The use of biomarkers as alternatives to current animal tests on food chemicals

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The use of biomarkers to measure the interactive effects of chemicals

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The use of biophysical methods in estimation of the vitality of pine, spruce, and larch seedlings

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The use of biotechniques in yak reproduction

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The use of biotechnology in pig production

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The use of blood metabolite profiles for monitoring the health and nutritional status of dairy cattle

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The use of blood profiles as animal response indicators

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The use of bushland, corridors, and linear remnants by birds in southeastern Queensland, Australia

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The use of cage lighting to reduce plasma melatonin in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and its effects on the inhibition of grilsing

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The use of calcium in the management of osteoporosis

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The use of cefoperazone for the treatment of bovine subclinical and clinical mastitis

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The use of center pivots to minimize environmental impact of land applied swine manure

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The use of chemicals in modern farming - a farmer's view

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The use of chemicals, antagonists, repellents and physical barriers for the control of Lycoriella auripila (Diptera: Sciaridae), a pest of the cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus

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The use of chicken-specific antibodies in veterinary research involving three other avian species

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The use of chlorophyll fluorescence methods to detect the sensitivity of weeds to herbicides

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The use of chromosome markers for cytogenetic characterization of four fish populations Piaractus mesopotamicus, Characidae family

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The use of colour infrared photography in creating forest type map

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The use of commercially available lipid emulsions for the preparation of amphotericin B-lipid admixtures

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The use of competitive exclusion in broilers to reduce the level of Salmonella contamination on the farm and at the processing plant

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The use of complex interspecies potato hybrids in selection of field resistance to phytophthorosis

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The use of compressed air against weeds. The 'PNEUMAT' - a new piece of equipment for weed control in row cultivation

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The use of confocal microscopy to study chromosome banding in Ornithogalum

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The use of cork oak in the ecological and landscape restoration of the Latium hills

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The use of cover plants with plantation tree crops in Ghana

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The use of dehydrated artichoke leaf meal (Cinara scolymus) in the feeding of weaning pigs

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The use of dehydrated artichoke leaf meal (Cynara scolymus L.) in duck feeding

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The use of dehydrated artichoke leaf meal (Cynara scolymus L.) in guinea-fowl feeding

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The use of dehydrated artichoke leaves meal (Cynara scolymus L.) in the feeding of meat rabbits

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The use of deionized water for the treatment of canine cutaneous mast cell tumors

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The use of diets with a high proportion of the Baltic herring waste in fox and mink feeding

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The use of different growing media in greenhouse gerbera cut flower production

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The use of different soil nitrogen sources by young Norway spruce plants

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The use of diffusible preservatives for the in-place remedial treatment of crossties

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The use of diffusible preservatives for the prevention and control of subterranean termites

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The use of diffusible preservatives for the prevention and control of wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and decay fungi

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The use of dipterocarps in the rehabilitation of degraded forest lands in the East of South Vietnam

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The use of donkeys in the Mexican central highlands: a gender perspective

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The use of ecological tolerances for the reconstruction of tertiary palaeoclimates

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The use of economic instruments to resolve water quality problems from agriculture

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The use of edge habitats by commuting and foraging bats

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The use of emulsifiers in ice cream

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The use of energy for different soil tillage systems

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The use of energy stores in the puerulus of the spiny lobster Jasus edwardsii across the continental shelf of New Zealand

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The use of ergosterol to measure exposure to fungal propagules in indoor air

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The use of expert systems in advisory services for pig farms

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The use of extension strategies by clubs in the English football Premier League

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The use of farmer-participatory research methodologies to enhance the adoption of soil conservation practices in cassava-based cropping systems in Asia

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The use of feeding pattern traits in pigs as selection criteria to improve the accuracy of selection for feed conversion ratio and growth traits

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The use of female buffaloes for on-farm work

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The use of fiber concentrations for ration formulation

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The use of field flow fractionation in the characterization of casein micelles

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The use of field methods to evaluate the toxicity of lead to plants at a small arms firing range

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The use of filter paper for collecting samples for immunodiagnosis of Pasteurella multocida infection: analysis and comparison of the protein composition of filter paper extracts and serum

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The use of final molasses (FM) and homemade protein molasses (HPM) in calf feeding

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The use of financial means from the state fund of protection and improvement of agricultural soil in Slovakia

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The use of flock specific vaccines against foot rot in the sheep

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The use of flow measuring systems in the dairy industry

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The use of fluconazole as a local irrigant for nephrostomy tubes

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The use of food wastes for pig feeding: average and variability of the chemical composition of co-products

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The use of forest ground cover resource in sustainable forest management

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The use of forest inventory data for a national protected area strategy in Guyana

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The use of fungicide sequences to maximise the control of eyespot in cereals and minimise the risk of sharp eyespot

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The use of game cover and game feeders by songbirds in winter

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The use of geminiviruses in biotechnology and plant molecular biology, with particular focus on Mastreviruses

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The use of genetic algorithms for optimizing age structure in breeding populations when inbreeding depresses genetic gain through effects on reproduction

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The use of genetic engineering in fruit tree improvement

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The use of genetic markers for the identification and estimation of vegetable plant species

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The use of genetic markers in poultry production

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The use of genetic markers in tree breeding programs

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The use of genetic markers to improve seed and RNB collection and genetic conservation

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The use of geographical information systems and image processing techniques for the analysis of aerial photographs and vegetation survey data in African dry-woodland research

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The use of gibberellic acid on azalea shortly before cold storage and forcing

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The use of glucose in the udder of lactating cow - a mathematical model

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The use of grain treated with caustic soda in dairy cattle feeding

Mordasov, A.G.; Krasowizkij, J.W.; Anzheurov, N.M.; Antipov, S.T., 1998:
The use of granular filters for separating dried milk

Rutkowska, B.; Stypinski, P., 1997:
The use of grass species and cultivars in environmental protection in Poland

Main, G.D.; Williamson, A.; Irvine, R.J.; Gartland, J.S.; Fenning, T.M.; Mala, J.; Gartland, K.M.A., 1998:
The use of green fluorescent protein (gfp) as a reporter gene in tree genetic manipulations

Liu XianQian; Shi GuangLu; Zhang LiYan, 1996:
The use of grey sequence for the identification of key factors from life table data of insects

Clement, C.R.; Defrank, J., 1998:
The use of ground covers during the establishment of heart-of-palm plantations in Hawaii

Manyuchi, B.; Hovell, F.D.D.b; Ndlovu, L.R.; Topps, J.H.; Tigere, A., 1997:
The use of groundnut hay as a supplement for sheep consuming poor quality natural pasture hay

Dere, S.; Tekes, M.A., 1996:
The use of growth physiology and biotechnology to improve broiler production

Khazinov, I.B.; Lubyagina, V.M.; Syroizhko, A.N.; Bazulina, L.V.; Pentel' kin, S.V.; Pentel' kina, N.V., 1997:
The use of growth stimulators

Passamani, M., 1996:
The use of gum trees by Callithrix penicillata in the Serra do Cipo National Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Law, BS.; Dickman, CR., 1998:
The use of habitat mosaics by terrestrial vertebrate fauna: implications for conservation and management

Hutin, C.; Osaer, A., 1996:
The use of hailproof netting for orchard protection

Janssen, B.; Plachter, H., 1998:
The use of harmonic radar for research on the mobility of small invertebrates

Aston, M.A.; Martin, M.H.; Jackson, A.W., 1998:
The use of heavy metal soil analysis for archaeological surveying

Milne, B.R., 1997:
The use of herbicides

Ortega, M.; Villarroya, M.; Montero, G.; Chueca, M.C.; Garcia Baudin, J.M., 1997:
The use of herbicides for the implantation of cork oak (Quercus suber L.): preliminary results

Hoffmann, G.; Marnotte, P.; Dembele, D., 1997:
The use of herbicides to control Striga hermonthica

Benitez, J.A.; Gernat, A.G.; Murillo, J.G.; Araba, M., 1999:
The use of high oil corn in broiler diets

Heath, D.J.; Lewis, C.A.; Rowland, S.J., 1997:
The use of high temperature gas chromatography to study the biodegradation of high molecular weight hydrocarbons

Gaffney, J.S.; Marley, N.A.; Orlandini, K.A., 1996:
The use of hollow-fiber ultrafilters for the isolation of natural humic and fulvic acids

Maas, R.A.; Oei, H.L.; Kemper, S.; Koch, G.; Visser, L., 2008:
The use of homologous virus in the haemagglutination-inhibition assay after vaccination with Newcastle disease virus strain La Sota or Clone30 leads to an over estimation of protective serum antibody titres

Vukovic, D.; Petrujkic, T., 1997 :
The use of hormones in reproduction of female livestock and domestic animals

Humphries, D.L.; Stephenson, L.S.; Pearce, E.J.; The, P.H.; Dan, H.T.; Khanh, L.T., 1997:
The use of human faeces for fertilizer is associated with increased intensity of hookworm infection in Vietnamese women

Querner, E.P.; Morabito, J.A.; Manzanera, M.; Pazos, J.A.; Ciancaglini, N.C.; Menenti, M., 1997:
The use of hydrological models in the irrigated areas of Mendoza, Argentina

Sundblad, L.; Geladi, P.D.nberg, A.S.ndberg, B., 1998:
The use of image analysis and automation for measuring mitotic index in apical conifer meristems

Bowie, M.H.; Worner, S.D.; Chapman, R.B., 1999:
The use of image analysis to study the effects of residues of esfenvalerate on the locomotory behaviour of Panonychus ulmi and Typhlodromus pyri (Acari: Tetranychidae, Phytoseiidae)

Pringle, K.L., 1998:
The use of imidacloprid as a soil treatment for the control of Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann) (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Xiao Ying; Kreber, B.; Breuil, C., 1998:
The use of immunofluorescence labelling for detecting Ophiostoma piceae in Radiata pine

Karpiskova, R.; Holasova, M., 1999:
The use of immunomagnetic separation for the detection of Salmonella and Listeria in food

Quin, F.S.; Edwards Jones, G., 1997:
The use of impact ranking indices in the regulation of pesticide use: the case of taxes

Hoogenboom, L.A.P.; Kuiper, H.A., 1997:
The use of in vitro models for assessing the presence and safety of residues of xenobiotics in food

Pilarczyk, W., 1998:
The use of incomplete block analysis in Polish variety testing trials

Favila, M.E.; Halffter, G., 1997:
The use of indicator groups for measuring biodiversity as related to community structure and function

Peel, M.J.S.; Biggs, H.; Zacharias, P.J.K.; Hurt, C.R., 1999:
The use of indices based on animal number and type in semi-arid heterogenous landscapes and complex land use systems

Rodrigues, M.; Ribeiro, E.; Rodrigues, J., 1999:
The use of indirect immunofluorescence in the diagnosis of ovine hydatidosis

Rieder, A., 1998:
The use of individual objectives for the management of beech forests

Snow, K.R.; Dzundza, I.M., 1998:
The use of inert biodegradable carriers for pirimiphos-methyl in larval mosquito control

Yang, C.C.; Prasher, S.O.; Landry, J.A., 1997:
The use of information technologies in precision farming

Fuller, M.P.; Wisniewski, M., 1998:
The use of infrared thermal imaging in the study of ice nucleation and freezing of plants

Schwartzkopf Genswein, K.S.; Stookey, J.M., 1997:
The use of infrared thermography to assess inflammation associated with hot-iron and freeze branding in cattle

Javaid, I.; Uaine, R.N.; Massua, J., 1999:
The use of insect growth regulators for the control of insect pests of cotton

Guillet, P.; Chandre, F.; Mouchet, J., 1997:
The use of insecticides in public health: present status and prospects

Anderson, G.S., 1997:
The use of insects to determine time of decapitation: a case-study from British Columbia

Hassan, S.H.; Sanggun, E., 1997:
The use of instructional videos and notes in teaching agricultural knowledge and skills: an experimental study at Universiti Putra Malaysia

Mojid, M.; Wyseure, G.; Rose, D., 1998:
The use of insulated time-domain reflectometry sensors to measure water content in highly saline soils

Hayden, N.J.; Maude, R.B., 1997:
The use of integrated pre- and post-harvest strategies for the control of fungal pathogens of stored temperate onions

Bartley, D.M.; Rana, K.; Immink, A.J., 1997:
The use of interspecies hybrids in aquaculture and their reporting to FAO

Bartish, I.V.; Weeden, N.F., 1999:
The use of interspecific crosses in Malus to map the genes of characters important for apple rootstock breeding

Lilly Allan, 1999:
The use of inverse modelling and dipwell data in the calibration and evaluation of a soil water simulation model

Beyer, David M., 1998:
The use of ion exchange resins to assess the changes in mineral element availability during the production of the cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus

Toro, M.; Azcon, R.; Barea, J.M., 1998:
The use of isotopic dilution techniques to evaluate the interactive effects of Rhizobium genotype, mycorrhizal fungi, phosphate-solubilizing rhizobacteria and rock phosphate on nitrogen and phosphorus acquisition by Medicago sativa

L.C.unHou; Tian LiXia; Zhong ZhenRu; Chen Ming, 1998:
The use of isozyme electrophoresis for identifying species of the larvae of penaeid prawn

Leseth, A., 1997:
The use of juju in football: sport and witchcraft in Tanzania

Shaltiel, L.; Ayal, Y., 1998:
The use of kairomones for foraging decisions by an aphid parasitoid in small host aggregations

Resnawati, H.; Iskandar, S.; Surayah, 1998:
The use of kemiri seed meal (Aleurites moluccana willd.) in native chicken diets

Hua Zhang; Hsu Hage, B.H.H.; Wahlqvist, M.L., 1998:
The use of knee height to estimate maximum stature in elderly chinese

Kaymaz, M.; Bastan, A.; Erunal, N.; Aslan, S.; Fndk, M., 1999:
The use of laboratory findings in the diagnosis of CEH-pyometra complex in the bitch

Carlyle, J.C.ive; Nambiar, E.K.S.danandan; Bligh, M.W., 1998:
The use of laboratory measurements to predict nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in Pinus radiata plantations after harvesting

Idler, C.; Richter, K.; Idler, F., 1998:
The use of lactic acid bacteria as starter cultures for the conservation of green forages

Ryan, M.; Meaney, W.J.; Hill, C.; Ross, P., 1998:
The use of lacticin 3147 in mastitis control

Wessels, K.J.; Freitag, S.; Jaarsveld, A.S. van, 1999:
The use of land facets as biodiversity surrogates during reserve selection at a local scale

Eason; Cobbs; Trinca, 1999:
The use of landmarks to define territorial boundaries

Kelemen, J.C.; Ingram, H.A.P., 1999:
The use of large bottomless lysimeters in the determination of water balances for a raised mire

Burgess, P.J.; Carr, M.K.V., 1998:
The use of leaf appearance rates estimated from measurements of air temperature to determine harvest intervals for tea

Hertel, F.; Colli, G.R., 1998:
The use of leaf-cutter ants, Atta laevigata (Smith) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), as a substrate for oviposition by the dung beetle Canthon virens Mannerheim (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in central Brazil

Donaldson, M.; Shuler, M., 1999:
The use of lectins to select subpopulations of insect cells

Szymanowski, M., 1999:
The use of life ultrasonic measurements in estimation of selected slaughter indicators in sheep

Smolikowski, B.; Roose, E.; Lopez, J.M.; Querbes, M.; Querido, A.; Barry, O., 1998:
The use of light mulching and live hedges in the struggle against erosion in semiarid mountainous regions (Cape Verde)

Neale, M.C.; Miller, M.B., 1997:
The use of likelihood-based confidence intervals in genetic models

Karsulovic, J.; Leon, L.; Dinator, M., 1999:
The use of linear attenuation coefficients of gamma radiation for detecting knots in Pinus radiata

Hartel, H.; Lokstein, H.; Dormann, P.; Benning, C., 1998:
The use of lipid headgroup mutants to explore the function of thylakoid lipids in photosynthesis

Mendoza, E.; Garcia, M.L.; Casas, C.; Fernandez, M.F.; Selgas, M.D., 1999:
The use of lipids as substitutes for fat in the food industry

Newland, A.C., 1999:
The use of liposomal amphotericin B in the treatment of neutropenia-associated fungal infections: efficacy and cost-effectiveness

Freitas, T.V.; Diniz, C.R.; Frezard, F., 1998:
The use of liposomes as snake venom vehicles: application in protective immunization

Scholten, R.H.J.; Rijnen, M.M.J.A., 1998:
The use of liquid by-products: a review

Gerard, O.; Goiset, C.; Boffety, F.; Humblot, P., 1998:
The use of liquid semen to optimize the dissemination of genetic merit in the bovine

Chen, W.; Mulchandani, A., 1998:
The use of live biocatalysts for pesticide detoxification

Durand Chaucheyras, F.; Fonty, G.; Bertin, G., 1997:
The use of live yeast microbial supplements in the ruminant: the effects of the microflora and rumen fermentation, and zootechnical effects

Lindsay, A.; Dorney, W.; Gray, E.; Setter, C., 1999:
The use of long term transects to assess the impacts of weed control

Labuschagne, M.M.artens, H., 1999:
The use of low molecular weight glutenin subunits to distinguish between wheat cultivars with and without resistance to the Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia

Petterson, D.S.; Jenkins, G.I.; Frankish, K.; Beilby, J.; Cooper, J., 1999:
The use of lupin (L. angustifolius) grain in the diet of red sea bream (Pagras auratus)

Andreis, G., 1999:
The use of lysozyme in the production of Grana Padano cheese

Spurgeon, D.J.; Sandifer, R.D.; Hopkin, S.P., 1996:
The use of macro-invertebrates for population and community monitoring of metal contamination - indicator taxa, effect parameters and the need for a soil invertebrate prediction and classification scheme (SIVPACS)

Faust, M.; Wang, P.C.; Maas, J., 1997:
The use of magnetic resonance imaging in plant science, E.; Nestor, P.A.; Pennock, D.J., 1998:
The use of magnetic susceptibility to measure long-term soil redistribution

Sysuev, V., 1997:
The use of main cereal crops of European Russia north-east region for food and forage purposes

Choo PohSze, 1997:
The use of mangroves for aquaculture - can it be sustainable?

Paz Lago, D.; Gutierrez, A.; Toledo, V.; Iglesias, R.; Hernandez, M., 1996:
The use of manufactured enzymes having beta -1,3-glucanase activity in the isolation of cell wall elicitors from Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae

Billick, I., 1999:
The use of mark-recapture to measure worker number in the rock nesting ant species, Formica neorufibarbis Emery

Chanduvi, F.; Vasquez, F., 1997:
The use of mathematical models for the prevention and control of waterlogging in irrigation projects - the Moche Valley case study

Swanson, G.S.; Stansly, P.A., 1995:
The use of mating disruption to control tomato pinworm, Keiferia lycopersicella (Walsingham)

Leon, Y.; Peeters, L.; Quinqu, M.; Surry, Y., 1999:
The use of maximum entropy to estimate input-output coefficients from regional farm accounting data

Rahn, C.R.; Paterson, C.D.; Vaidyanathan, L.V., 1998:
The use of measurements of soil mineral N in understanding the response of crops to fertilizer nitrogen in intensive cropping rotations

Sipauba Tavares, L.H.; Freitas, A.M.; Braga, F.M.S., 1999:
The use of mechanical aeration and its effects on water mass

Abass, B.T.; Ayoub, R.S.; A.H.san, A.M., 1999:
The use of medetomidine-fentanyl combination in chickens

Milliken, W.; Albert, B., 1997:
The use of medicinal plants by the Yanomami Indians of Brazil, Part II

Cambi, V.N.; Hermann, P.M.; Bontti, E.E.; Haussaire, M.F.; Sanchez, D.H., 1999:
The use of medicinal plants in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Matthews, M., 1997:
The use of melatonin in sheep production systems

Aase, T., 1999:
The use of metaphor in Himalayan resource management

Jiang, Yueming, 1997:
The use of microbial metabolites against post-harvest diseases of longan fruit

Woodward, K.N., 1998:
The use of microbiological end-points in the safety evaluation and elaboration of maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs intended for use in food producing animals

Thompson, F.; Abreu, P.; Cavalli, R., 1999:
The use of microorganisms as food source for Penaeus paulensis larvae

Struss, D.P.ieske, J., 1998:
The use of microsatellite markers for detection of genetic diversity in barley populations

Garland, S.H.; Lewin, L.; Abedinia, M.; Henry, R.; Blakeney, A., 1999:
The use of microsatellite polymorphisms for the identification of Australian breeding lines of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Kavar, T.; Dovc, P., 1999:
The use of microsatellites for assessing genetic variability

Lopes, M.S.; Sefc, K.M.; Eiras Dias, E.; Steinkellner, H.; Laimer Câmara Machado, M.; Câmara Machado, A., 1999:
The use of microsatellites for germplasm management in a Portuguese grapevine collection

Walton, C.; Thelwell, N.J.; Priestman, A.; Butlin, R.K., 1998:
The use of microsatellites to study gene flow in natural populations of Anopheles malaria vectors in Africa: potential and pitfalls

Eisenberg, D.A., 1998:
The use of microtracersTM F (colored uniformly sized iron particles) in coding the presence of coccidiostats in poultry feeds practical implications

Reeves, J.Iii, 1997:
The use of mid infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to determine quantitatively the chemical composition of tall fescue

Baxter, B.P.; Cottle, D.J., 1998:
The use of midside fleece fibre diameter distribution measurements in sheep selection

Fjaer, R.B., 1999:
The use of military medical teams in disasters

Anonymous, 1997:
The use of milk meters

Zinov' eva, N.A.; Ernst, L.K.; Prokof' ev, M.I.; Mezina, M.N.; Yutkin, E.V.; Brem, G., 1998:
The use of milk of transgenic animals as an RNA source for analyzing the expression of gene construction

Lamming, G.E.; Darwash, A.O., 1998:
The use of milk progesterone profiles to characterise components of subfertility in milked dairy cows

Kubanek, J.; Hanisova, A.; Horcicka, P., 1999:
The use of mixed samples for analyses of HMW glutenin subunits in wheat breeding

Bailey, B.J.; Day, W., 1999:
The use of models in greenhouse environmental control

Paustian Keith; Levine Elissa; Post Wilfred M.; Ryzhova Irene M., 1997:
The use of models to integrate information and understanding of soil C at the regional scale

Chien YiWang, 1998:
The use of modified atmosphere packaging in alleviating chilling injury of horticultural crops

Gitipour; Bowers; Bodocsi, 1998:
The Use of Modified Bentonite for Removal of Aromatic Organics from Contaminated Soil

Ernst, L.K., 1997:
The use of molecular biology methods in livestock selection

Perry, R.N.; Jones, J.T., 1998:
The use of molecular biology techniques in plant nematology: past, present and future

Roldan Ruiz, I.; Van Laecke, K.; D.R.ek, J.; Calsyn, E.; Depicker, A.; Van Bockstaele, E.; Beerepoot, L.; D.L.ose, M., 1997:
The use of molecular markers for assessing genetic conformity between varieties of ryegrass

Toro, M.; Silio, L.; Rodriganez, J.; Rodriguez, C., 1998:
The use of molecular markers in conservation programmes of live animals

Lanham, P.G.; Brennan, R.M.; Jones, A.T., 1997:
The use of molecular markers to characterize suspect black-currant (Ribes nigrum L.) plants in experimental field plots assessing resistance to the gall mite (Cecidophyopsis ribis Westw.)

Hollingsworth, M.L.; Hollingsworth, P.M.; Jenkins, G.I.; Bailey, J.P.; Ferris, C., 1998:
The use of molecular markers to study patterns of genotypic diversity in some invasive alien Fallopia spp. (Polygonaceae)

Booth, M.; Mayombana, C.; Machibya, H.; Masanja, H.; Odermatt, P.; Utzinger, J.; Kilima, P., 1998:
The use of morbidity questionnaires to identify communities with high prevalences of schistosome or geohelminth infections in Tanzania

Famelaer, I.; Bordas, M.; Baliu, E.; Ennik, E.; Meijer, H.; Tuyl, J.M. van; Creemers Molenaar, J., 1997:
The use of morphogenic suspension cultures for the development of a protoplast regeneration system in lily

Palmer, W.; Robinson, P., 1998:
The use of motorised slackpulling and skycar carriages in cable operations

Parker, L.D.; O'Brien, D.J.; Bates, P.G., 1999:
The use of moxidectin for the prevention and treatment of psoroptic mange (scab) in sheep

Azontonde, A.H.; Feller, C.; Ganry, F.; Remy, J.C., 1998:
The use of mucuna for restoring the properties of a ferrallitic soil in southern Benin

Silvers, A.; Landingham, C. van, 1998:
The use of multiple outcomes analysis in neurotoxicity: an example from the New Zealand study of offspring of mothers exposed to methyl mercury

Hackett, W.P.; Lund, S.T.; Smith, A.G.; Olszewski, N.E., 1998:
The use of mutants and molecular biology to understand competence for root formation

Fayolle, P., 1998:
The use of mycorrhiza: a refined technique

Hameleers, A.; Mayes, R.W., 1998:
The use of n-alkanes to estimate herbage intake and diet composition by dairy cows offered a perennial ryegrass/white clover mixture

Hameleers, A.; Mayes, R.W., 1998:
The use of n-alkanes to estimate supplementary grass silage intake in grazing dairy cows

Diadechko, N.P.; Shelestova, V.S.; Gongharenko, O.I.; Stefanovska, T.R., 1998:
The use of natural agents for crop protection against tortrix pest complex in Ukraine

Shcherbatenko, I.S., 1998:
The use of natural and induced resistance to control viral diseases of plants

Olsthoorn, A.F.M., 1996:
The use of natural processes for sustainable forest management in the Netherlands

Graaf, N.R. de, 1996:
The use of natural processes for sustainable forest management in the humid tropics according to the CELOS management system

Tsai, J., 1998:
The use of natural resources in Taiwan

Reyes, J.; Vidal, I.; Fonte, D., 1998:
The use of natural shade on the productive performance of star grass (Cynodon nlemfuensis) submitted to high grazing intensities

Duncan, A.; Mayes, R.; Lamb, C.; Young, S.; Castillo, I., 1999:
The use of naturally occurring and artificially applied n-alkanes as markers for estimation of short-term diet composition and intake in sheep

Berzaghi, P.; Cozzi, G.; Andrighetto, I., 1998:
The use of near infrared analysis for in situ studies

Park, R.S.; Agnew, R.E.; Gordon, F.J.; Steen, R.W.J., 1998:
The use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) on undried samples of grass silage to predict chemical composition and digestibility parameters

Park, R.S.; Gordon, F.J.; Agnew, R.E.; Barnes, R.J.; Steen, R.W.J., 1997:
The use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy on dried samples to predict biological parameters of grass silage

Lindenmayer, D.B.; Welsh, A.; Donnelly, C.F., 1998:
The use of nest trees by the mountain brushtail possum (Trichosurus caninus) (Phalangeridae: Marsupialia). V. Synthesis of studies

Bonants, P.J.M.; Weerdt, M.H. de; Gent Pelzer, M.P.E. van; Lacourt, I.; Cooke, D.E.L.; Duncan, J.M., 1997:
The use of nested PCR for the detection of Phytophthora fragariae in strawberry

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