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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3330

Chapter 3330 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lonsdale, D.M.; Lindup, S.; Moisan, L.J.; Harvey, A.J., 1998:
Using firefly luciferase to identify the transition from transient to stable expression in bombarded wheat scutellar tissue

Brusseau Mark L.; H.Q.nhong; Srivastava Rajesh, 1997:
Using flow interruption to identify factors causing nonideal contaminant transport

Couzens, T., 1999:
Using food supplements or diet to heal

Sedjo, R.A.; Botkin, D., 1997:
Using forest plantations to spare natural forests

McRae, C., 1998:
Using fungi to control weeds

Zol' nikova, N.V.; Serebrennikova, N.V.; Leonova, T.G.; Muromtsev, G.S., 1997:
Using fusicoccin and the endomycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae (Nicol. et Gerd) Gerd. et Trappe for the biological recultivation of ameliorated sulfide-containing soils

Chao, K.; Chen, Y.R.; Park, B.; Early, H., 1998:
Using fuzzy inference systems for assessment of color imaging on chicken livers

Turner, L.W.; Gates, R.S.; Wathes, C.M.; Audsley, E., 1997:
Using fuzzy logic for assessment of dust and ammonia effects on swine respiratory disease

Rickel, B.W.; Anderson, B.; Pope, R., 1998:
Using fuzzy systems, object-oriented programming, and GIS to evaluate wildlife habitat

Kang, M.S., 1998:
Using genotype-by-environment interaction for crop cultivar development

Greene, S.L.; Hart, T.C.; Afonin, A., 1999:
Using geographic information to acquire wild crop germplasm for ex situ collections: I. Map development and field use

Greene, S.L.; Hart, T.C.; Afonin, A., 1999:
Using geographic information to acquire wild crop germplasm for ex situ collections: II. Post-collection analysis

Bateman, I.J.; Lovett, A.A., 1998:
Using geographical information systems (GIS) and large area databases to predict yield class: a study of Sitka spruce in Wales

A.Abed, N., 1999:
Using geographical information systems (GIS) to identify and manage agricultural areas having salinity problems

Brannan, K.H.mlett, J., 1998:
Using geostatistics to select grid-cell layouts for the AGNPS model

Rahmann, G., 1999:
Using goats for reducing shrub clearance costs on protected biotopes (Gentiano-Koelerietum) in Germany

Agbanobi, Ro, 1999:
Using granulated wood charcoal as a filter medium

Shipp, J.L.; Zhang, Y., 1999:
Using greenhouse microclimate to improve the efficacy of insecticide application for Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Daniels, M.B.; Chapman, S.L.; Matlock, R.; Winfrey, A., 1998:
Using grid soil sampling in the management of problem soils

Armstrong, D.; Narayan, K., 1998:
Using groundwater responses to infer recharge

Chilimov, A.I.; Pentel' kin, S.K.; Pentel' kina, V.V.; Gurova, I.N.; Marenkov, S.I., 1996:
Using growth regulators for the adaptation of spruce seedlings after spring frosts

Kalma, S.J.; Thorburn, P.J.; Dunn, G.M., 1997:
Using heat pulse and deuterium tracing techniques to estimate tree water use

Martinez, J.; Perez Serrano, J.; Bernadina, W.E.; Rodriguez Caabeiro, F., 1999:
Using heat shock proteins as indicators of the immune function in Wistar rats during a secondary Trichinella spiralis infection

Andenmatten, E.; Letourneau, F., 1998:
Using height estimates to develop individual tree volume tables

Clarke, F.R.; Baker, R.J.; DePauw, R.M., 1999:
Using height to adjust for interplot interference in spring wheat yield trials

Martin, D.E., 1999:
Using high-tech testing to help our best distance runners improve their training and racing. This knowledge can benefit others as well

Pierce, G.L.; Baker, J.R.; Linker, H.M.chael; Warren, S.L., 1998:
Using horticultural oil, pruning, and acephate banding to reduce the first generation of crapemyrtle aphid

Sugar, D.; Dussi, M.C., 1998 :
Using hue difference to describe and compare bi-color pear cultivars

Scriber, J.; Weir, K.P.rry, D.D.ering, J., 1999:
Using hybrid and backcross larvae of Papilio canadensis and Papilio glaucus to detect induced phytochemical resistance in hybrid poplar trees experimentally defoliated by gypsy moths

Still, D.W.; Bradford, K.J., 1998:
Using hydrotime and ABA-time models to quantify seed quality of brassicas during development

Fransen, B.; Boer, M. de; Terlou, M.; During, H.; Dijkman, W., 1998:
Using image-analysis to quantify the horizontal vegetation pattern in two multi-species savanna grasslands

Popandron, N.; Rosu, A.; Georgescu, M., 1998:
Using in vitro culture to speed up obtaining F1 hybrids of onion

Raper, R.; Reeves, D.; Burt, E., 1998:
Using in-row subsoiling to minimize soil compaction caused by traffic

Giger, M., 1998:
Using incentives and subsidies for sustainable management of agricultural soils - a challenge for projects and policy-makers

Coppens d' Eeckenbrugge, G.; Bernasconi, B.; Messiaen, B.; Duval, M.F., 1997:
Using incompatibility alleles as genetic markers to identify pineapple varieties

Matthaus, B., 1998:
Using information systems on the internet in the field of food and nutritional sciences

Rossler, U.; Roth, D., 1998:
Using infrared-thermometry for the assessment of the water supply of crops under field conditions - a literature review

Liu ShuYun; Yang LiBang; Duan DengXuan; G.H.iLin; Zhang JinLu, 1998:
Using integrated fish farming to reclaim low-lying, saline-alkali land along the Yellow River in China

Ivey, P.W.; Johnson, S.J., 1998:
Using integrated pest management to manage insect pests of cabbage

Leutner, C.E., 1998:
Using international environmental law to promote economic development: a strategic perspective for agriculture and rural areas

Robert, F.; Gendraud, M.; Petel, G., 1999:
Using intracellular pH to evaluate growth inhibition of strawberry plants

Stroe, E.; Nicolae, I., 1995:
Using intraspecific hybridization in soybean

Williams, A.E.; Rose, M.R.; Bradley, T.J., 1998:
Using laboratory selection for desiccation resistance to examine the relationship between respiratory pattern and water loss in insects

Parcharidis, I.; Psomiadis, E.; Stamatis, G., 1998:
Using landsat TM images to study the karstic phenomenon

Moody, A., 1998:
Using landscape spatial relationships to improve estimates of land-cover area from coarse resolution remote sensing

Latham, D.; Burgan, R.; Chase, C.; Bradshaw, L., 1997:
Using lightning location in the wildland fire assessment system

Boland, M.; Foster, K.; Preckel, P.; Jones, D.; Joern, B., 1999:
Using linear programming to minimize manure storage and application costs in pork production

Egber, A.; Landau, S.; Perevolotsky, A.; Shlosberg, A.; Belaich, M., 1999:
Using lithium chloride to elicit conditioned feed aversion to Ferula communis in ewe-lambs: preliminary results with vetch hay

Herbert, R.; Samuel, S.; Patterson, G., 1999:
Using local stock for planting native trees and shrubs

Srivastava, D.S., 1999:
Using local-regional richness plots to test for species saturation: pitfalls and potentials

Smith, P.; Powlson, D.S.; Glendining, M.J.; Smith, J.U., 1997:
Using long-term experiments to estimate the potential for carbon sequestration at the regional level: an examination of five European scenarios

Ford, E.D., 1999:
Using long-term investigations to develop silvicultural theory for new forestry

Grandzinski, M.; Vanoverstraeten, M.; Schroder, D.; Finch, R., 1998:
Using maps and local calculation methods for spatially variable fertiliser recommendations

Candole, B.L.; Rothrock, C.S., 1998:
Using marked strains to assess the effect of hairy vetch amendment on the inoculum densities of Thielaviopsis basicola, Pythium ultimum and Rhizoctonia solani

Ferret, A.P.aixats, J.C.ja,,, P., 1999:
Using markers to estimate apparent dry matter digestibility, faecal output and dry matter intake in dairy ewes fed Italian ryegrass hay or alfalfa hay

Chalyk, S.T.; Cealic, S.T.; Rotarenco, V.A., 1999:
Using maternal haploid plants in recurrent selection in maize

Cooke, J.R., 1998:
Using mathematics as a problem-solving tool

Williamson, E.G.; Slatkin, M., 1999:
Using maximum likelihood to estimate population size from temporal changes in allele frequencies

Lawrence, P.; Stone, J.; Heilman,, L., 1997:
Using measured data and expert opinion in a multiple objective decision support system for semiarid rangelands

Svachula, V.; Pulkrabek, J., 1998:
Using measurement of chlorophyll content for regulation of sugarbeet cultivation. Comparison of the values of chlorophyll content in sugarbeet leaves as determined spectrophotometrically and measured by chlorophyll meter

Bird, P., 1997:
Using measurement on farms to achieve objectives

Abdulai, A.; Jain, D.K., 1999:
Using micro-level data to analyse consumption of milk and milk products in India

Snetselaar, K.M.; Mccann, M.P., 1997:
Using microdensitometry to correlate cell morphology with the nuclear cycle in Ustilago maydis

Chen, K.C.; Shao, K.T.; Yang, J.S., 1999:
Using micropylar ultrastructure for species identification and phylogenetic inference among four species of Sparidae

Chavarriaga-Aquirre, P.M.ya, M.; Tohme, J.D.que, M.; Iglesias, C.B.nierbale, M.; Kresovich, S.K.chert, G., 1999:
Using microsatellites, isozymes and AFLPs to evaluate genetic diversity and redundancy in the cassava core collection and to assess the usefulness of DNA-based markers to maintain germplasm collections

Horsten, D. von; Cwiklinski, M., 1999:
Using microwave energy for drying and decontamination of plant products

Klopcic, M.; Pogacar, J., 1997:
Using milk recording results to manage milk production

Jonker, J.S.; Kohn, R.A.; Erdman, R.A., 1998:
Using milk urea nitrogen to predict nitrogen excretion and utilization efficiency in lactating dairy cows

McCracken, A.R.; Dawson, W.M., 1997:
Using mixtures of willow clones as a means of controlling rust disease

Hjelmfelt, A.; Wang MengHua, 1997:
Using modelling to investigate impacts of grass waterway on water quality

Firsov, V.K.; Ivanova, T.V.; Kovaleva, T.Y.; Firsov, G.V., 1999:
Using models in the development and manufacture of cultured milk products

Coenradie, B.; Hoffmann, K.; Kenneweg, H.; Sagischewski, H., 1999:
Using modern satellite data for forestry in Saxony

Steinberg, E.K.; Jordan, C.E., 1998:
Using molecular genetics to learn about the ecology of threatened species: the allure and the illusion of measuring genetic structure in natural populations

Swanston, J.; Thomas, W.; Powell, W.Y.ung, G.; Lawrence, P.; Ramsay, L.W.ugh, R., 1999:
Using molecular markers to determine barleys most suitable for malt whisky distilling

Irelan, N.; Meyer, K., 1997:
Using molecular techniques to diagnose vineyard diseases

Surridge, A.K.; Bell, D.J.; Hewitt, G.M., 1998:
Using molecular tools to study biogeography of the European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Britain

Chang, Z.N.; Tam, M.F.; Liu, C.C.; Chi, C.W.; Peng, H.J.; Han, S.H., 1997:
Using monoclonal antibodies to characterize a sequential epitope on the group I allergen of Bermuda grass pollen

Doyle, U.; Herpin, U.; Markert, B.; Siewers, U.; Lieth, H.; Bau, H., 1996:
Using mosses to monitor heavy metal pollution in Germany in the example of the concentration pattern of lead

Provencher, F.E.Y., 1999:
Using mulch mats for slope stabilization

Stone, T.A.; Lefebvre, P., 1998:
Using multi-temporal satellite data to evaluate selective logging in Para, Brazil

Rasovsky, M., 1999:
Using multicriteria optimization in formulating production strategy in an agricultural company

Hallmark, W.B.; Brown, L.; Wan, A.; Breitenbeck, G.A.; Feagley, S.; Hawkins, G., 1999:
Using municipal waste in Louisiana sugarcane

Hickson, J.D., 1997:
Using national sire evaluation results in Merino breeding programs

Reid, C.M., 1999:
Using natural areas to promote woodland conservation in England

Abu Zanat, Mahfouz M.W., 1997:
Using natural zeolites in the fattening rations of Awassi lambs

Mahan, D., 1999:
Using nature's model to redefine selenium supplementation

Zablotskii, V., 1997:
Using navigational, monitoring and communications satellites in the new farming methods

Smith, K.F.; Simpson, R.J.; Armstrong, R.D., 1998:
Using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to estimate the nutritive value of senescing annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum): a comparison of calibration methods

Font, R.; Rio, M. del; Fernandez Martinez, J.M.; Haro, A. de, 1999:
Using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for the determination of bulk density in Indian mustard seed

Osborne, S.D.; Jordan, R.B.; Kunnemeyer, R., 1998:
Using near-infrared (NIR) light to estimate the soluble solids and dry matter content of kiwifruit

Gillon, D.; Houssard, C.; Joffre, R., 1999:
Using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content in heterogeneous plant material

Clair, T.A.; Ehrman, J.M., 1998:
Using neural networks to assess the influence of changing seasonal climates in modifying discharge, dissolved organic carbon, and nitrogen export in eastern Canadian rivers

L.C.angHua; H.Y.Nong; L.Q.ngWen; Wang LiFang; Wang QiMing, 1999:
Using neural networks to improve an expert system for the clinical diagnosis of chicken diseases

Schaap, M.G.; Leij, F.J., 1998:
Using neural networks to predict soil water retention and soil hydraulic conductivity

Stopka, U., 1998:
Using new media in tourism

Watson, C.A.; Atkinson, D., 1999:
Using nitrogen budgets to indicate nitrogen use efficiency and losses from whole farm systems: a comparison of three methodological approaches

McGrath, J.M.; Penno, J.W.; MacDonald, K.A.; Carter, W.A., 1998:
Using nitrogen fertiliser to increase dairy farm profitability

Jensen, M.H.; Valenzuela, M.; Fangmeler, D.D., 1999:
Using non-woven floating covers on summer squash for exclusion of whitefly-transmitted gemini viruses

Santos, S.A.; Silva E.S.uza, G. da; Ruben de Oliveira, M.; Sereno, J.R., 1999:
Using nonlinear models to describe height growth curves in Pantaneiro horses

Gauthier, L.; Guay, G., 1998:
Using object-oriented database management technology in agricultural decision support software

Nasr, S.M., 1999:
Using of covariance analysis to control fertility gradient in field experiments

Kotara, D.; Fuchs, B., 1998:
Using of mixed feeds containing different levels of vitamin A in piglet and weaner feeding

Salem, G.H., 1998:
Using of ribosomal-DNA based PCR method for sensitive detection of carrier and mild babesial infections among cattle in Egypt

Azizi, A.; Fazaeli, H.; Nik Khah, A., 1998:
Using of the fungal (Pleurotus sajor-caju) treated wheat straw in the performance of lambs rations and digestibility determination by in vivo and in vitro methods

Khokhlova, I.Y.; Maksimov, V.I.; Nyunina, N.N., 1998:
Using oligosaccharides in foods for children

DeJong, T.M., 1998:
Using organ growth potentials to identify physiological and horticultural limitations to yield

Samanc, B.; Ozkaynak, E.; Tugrul, S.; Gulumser, A., 1998:
Using parent-offspring regression to estimate heritability values of certain traits in maize

Vargas, M.C.ossa, J.E.uwijk, F.-Van; Ramirez, M.; Sayre, K., 1999:
Using partial least squares regression, factorial regression, and AMMI models for interpreting genotype x environment interaction

Mulhall, A.; Taylor, P., 1998:
Using participatory research methods to explore the learning environment of rural primary school pupils

O.D.novan, M.; Dillon, P.; Stakelum, G.; Crosse, S., 1997:
Using pasture measurements to monitor performance on intensive dairy farms

Gorzelak, A., 1998:
Using peat and bark in the rearing of forest tree seedlings in a controlled environment

Maignel, L.; Tribout, T.; Boichard, D.; Bidanel, J.P.; Gueblez, R., 1998:
Using pedigree data in order to study genetic variability in the French Large White, Landrace and Pietrain pig breeds

Kegley, S., 1998:
Using pheromone traps to protect pine stands from pine engraver (Ips pini (Say)) infestation

Singh, I.; Riley, R.; Seillier, D., 1997:
Using pinch technology to optimise evaporator and vapour bleed configuration at the Malelane mill

Landivar, J.A.; Hickey, J.A., 1997:
Using plant mapping to determine potential lint yield of cotton crops

Wilson, J.L.; Sander, J.E., 1998:
Using plastic coated wire used as slats for broiler breeder layer facilities

Kurchatkin, V.V.; Bashkirtsev, V.I.; Preobrazhenkii, I.M.; Zagryadskii, A.A., 1998:
Using polymer materials in repairing agricultural machinery

Sorvari, S.; Toldi, O.; Ahanen, K.; Viinamaki, T.; Hakonen, T.; Tahvonen, R., 1997:
Using polysaccharides and galactomannans as gelling agents in capsule formation of artificial seeds

Osei Bonsu, P.; Asibuo, J.Y., 1998:
Using polythene bags to control the growth of Mucuna vines

Bullock, J.M., 1999:
Using population matrix models to target GMO risk assessment

Corry, R.C.; Nassauer, J.I., 1999:
Using precision agriculture to enhance landscape structure in a Corn Belt agricultural watershed

Blackmer, A.M.; White, S.E., 1998:
Using precision farming technologies to improve management of soil and fertiliser nitrogen

Mobily, K.E.; Mobily, P.R.; Lane, B.K.; Semerjian, T.Z., 1998:
Using progressive resistance training as an intervention with older adults

Wang ShouZhi; L.J.ngShui; Zhang GuoLing; Xuang XiAn, 1997:
Using propolis as an adjuvant to elevate cattle antibody titres following inoculation with chicken infectious bursal disease and Newcastle disease

Hunniger, F.; Staufenbiel, R., 1999:
Using propylene glycol in dairy cow feeding

Gonzalez, E.; Junqueira,; Macari, M.; Andreatti Filho, R.L.cio; Garcia, E.A.tonio, 1998:
Using quantitative feed restriction to decrease mortality of male broilers

Mehrabani-Yeganeh, H.; Gibson, J.P.; Schaeffer, L.R., 1999:
Using recent versus complete pedigree data in genetic evaluation of a closed nucleus broiler line

Bailey, T.L.; Whittier, W.D.; Murphy, J.; Currin, J.F., 1998:
Using records to evaluate milk production

Bailey, T.L.; Roberson, J., 1999:
Using records to evaluate udder health: analysis of somatic cell counts and linear scores

Roberson, J.; Bailey, T.L., 1999:
Using records to evaluate udder health: bulk tank analysis

Gustard, A.; Rees, H.G.; Croker, K.M.; Dixon, J.M., 1997:
Using regional hydrology for assessing European water resources

Fill, H.D.; Stedinger, J.R., 1999:
Using regional regression within index flood procedures and an empirical Bayesian estimator

Sinowski W.; Auerswald K., 1999:
Using relief parameters in a discriminant analysis to stratify geological areas with different spatial variability of soil properties

Uboldi, J.A.; Chuvieco, E., 1997:
Using remote sensing and GIS to assess current land management in the valley of the Colorado river, Argentina

Everitt, J.H.; Richerson, J.V.; Karges, J.P.; Davis, M.R., 1997:
Using remote sensing to detect and monitor a western pine beetle infestation in west Texas

Whitford, W.G.; Rapport, D.J.; deSoyza, A.G., 1999:
Using resistance and resilience measurements for 'fitness' tests in ecosystem health

Rodrigues, D.C.G.A.; Silva, S.S.; Felipe, M.G.A., 1998:
Using response-surface methodology to evaluate xylitol production by Candida guilliermondii by fed-batch process with exponential feeding rate

Zhu CaiZhu; L.Y.ngGan; Qiu XiaoGao; Zhao QiZu; Xie QingGe; Zhang WeiDe; Zhang Qiang; Yuan MeiRong, 1998:
Using reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detecting foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in tissue specimens from inactivated FMD vaccine-inoculated pigs

Phillips, Donald A., 1999:
Using rhizobia in the 21st century

Mikulec, Z.; Serman, V.; Mas, N.; Dumanovski, F., 1997:
Using rye in diets for fattening chicks

Ibragimov, A.G., 1997:
Using saccharin to treat bulk feeds for feeding bullocks

Herrero, J.; Casterad, M.A., 1999:
Using satellite and other data to estimate the annual water demand of an irrigation district

Hayes, M.; Decker, W., 1998:
Using satellite and real-time weather data to predict maize production

Blackwell, J., 1998:
Using serial biological concentration to combine irrigation and saline aquaculture in Australia

Zhou, X.; Teeter, L., 1999:
Using severance tax data to estimate annual timber removal levels for inventory projection in Alabama

Talli, P.; Riipere, 1996:
Using sewage sludge when growing ornamental trees and shrubs

A.H.ssaini, H.; Suen, K.O., 1998:
Using shallow solar ponds as a heating source for greenhouses in cold climates

Brose, P.; Lear, D. van; Cooper, R., 1999:
Using shelterwood harvests and prescribed fire to regenerate oak stands on productive upland sites

Leonovich, A.A.; Kovrizhnykh, L.P., 1997:
Using silica ash as an adhesive in the production of low-toxicity particleboards

Luan YuShi; A.L.Jia; Huang BaiQu; Zhang WenJun; H.M.ngYuan, 1999:
Using simple sequence repeat probe for DNA fingerprints in tomato cultivars

Lamboy, W.F.; Alpha, C.G., 1998:
Using simple sequence repeats (SSRs) for DNA fingerprinting germplasm accessions of grape (Vitis L.) species

Bannayan, M.; Crout, N.M.J., 1998:
Using simulated weather data and updating technique to forecast wheat yield

Berman, M.E.; Rosati, A.; Pace, L.; Grossman, Y.L.; Dejong, T.M., 1998:
Using simulation modeling to estimate the relationship between date of fruit maturity and yield potential in peach

Hasenauer, H.; Monserud, R.A.; Gregoire, T.G., 1998:
Using simultaneous regression techniques with individual-tree growth models

Dvornik, V.Ya, 1997:
Using small pools of loci in investigating the genetic variability of Pinus sylvestris L. populations

Mckinstry, M.C.; Anderson, S.H., 1998:
Using snares to live-capture beaver, Castor canadensis

Wiedenfeld, B.F.nn, L.; Miyamoto, S.S.ietlik, D.M.rlene, C., 1999:
Using sod to manage nitrogen in orchard floors

See, L.; Openshaw, S., 1998:
Using soft computing techniques to enhance flood forecasting on the River Ouse

Burger, J.A.; Kelting, D.L., 1999:
Using soil quality indicators to assess forest stand management

Neilsen, D.; Parchomchuk, P.; Nielsen, G.H.; Hogue, E.J., 1998:
Using soil solution monitoring to determine the effects of irrigation management and fertigation on nitrogen availability in high-density apple orchards

Zund, P.R.; McDougall, A., 1997:
Using soil survey data to estimate readily available water (raw) for sugarcane irrigation

Walker, G.R., 1998:
Using soil water tracers to estimate recharge

Stapleton, J.J.; Ferguson, L.; McKenry, M.V.; Dougherty, D.S.; Stapleton, S.C., 1999:
Using solarization to disinfest soil for olive nursery production

Ross, R.R., 1999:
Using sound to evaluate standing timber

Carpentier, C.L.; Bosch, D.J.; Batie, S.S., 1998:
Using spatial information to reduce costs of controlling agricultural nonpoint source pollution

Grünbaum, D., 2008:
Using spatially explicit models to characterize foraging performance in heterogeneous landscapes

Hill, J.K.; Hamer, K.C., 1998:
Using species abundance models as indicators of habitat disturbance in tropical forests

Anonymous, 1997:
Using starch-based sweeteners in ice cream

Parks, J.B.; Shewokis, P.A.; Costa, C.A., 1999:
Using statistical power analysis in sport management research

Ibragimov, V.Kh, 1995:
Using straw as an efficient antierosive agent in apple tree orchards on slopes

Nakamura, S., 1997:
Using sucrose esters as food emulsifiers

Samoshchenkov, E.G., 1999:
Using summer pruning of plum mother plants for greenwood grafting

Vetesi, M.; Mezes, M.; Kiss, L., 1998:
Using sunflower meal in waterfowl diets

Kersting, H.J.; Eich, E.; Schulenberg Schell, H., 1997:
Using supercritical fluid extraction as a preparation method in multi-residue analysis of cereal and cereal products

Saldana, M.D.A.; Mazzafera, P.; Mohamed, R.S., 1998:
Using supercritical fluids to obtain alkaloids from natural plants

Edwards, O.; Hopper, K., 1999:
Using superparasitism by a stem borer parasitoid to infer a host refuge

Reid, J.D.; Siebenmorgen, T.J., 1998:
Using surface temperature and moisture content to describe head rice yield reduction during thin-layer drying of rough rice

Saunders, I.R.; Byrne, J.M., 1999:
Using synoptic surface and geopotential height fields for generating grid-scale precipitation

Cavlovic, J., 1996:
Using system dynamics in even-aged forest management in the area of the Zagreb forest district

Fischer, R.; Wendland, G., 1999:
Using the tracheid effect for automatic inspection of wood

Zhao YouFu; Wei YaDong; Gao ChongSheng; Zhao LongZhang; Huang GuoMing; Huang QingLin, 1997:
Using the Biolog identification system for rapid identification of bean wilt bacterium (Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens)

Syso, A.I., 1998:
Using the Cr:Ni relationship for monitoring environmental pollution

Breve, M.A.; Skaggs, R.W.; Parsons, J.E.; Gilliam, J.W., 1998:
Using the DRAINMOD-N model to study effects of drainage system design and management on crop productivity, profitability and NO3-N losses in drainage water

Donnelly, Jr; Freer, M.M.ore, Ad, 1998:
Using the GrassGro decision support tool to evaluate some objective criteria for the definition of exceptional drought

Barabanshchikov, N.V., 1997:
Using the Karusel' milking machine - its effect on milk and milk product quality

Mason, S.A.; Moore, S.A., 1998:
Using the Sorensen Network to assess the potential effects of ecotourism on two Australian marine environments

Miller, C.W.; Sumner Smith, G.; Sheridan, C.; Pennock, P.W., 1998:
Using the Unger system to classify 386 long bone fractures in dogs

Hatfield, R.D.; Grabber, J.; Ralph, J.; Brei, K., 1999:
Using the acetyl bromide assay to determine lignin concentrations in herbaceous plants: some cautionary notes

Pacheco, C.A.P.; Ribeiro Junior, J.I.; Cruz, C.D., 1997:
Using the best linear predictor (BLP) in the selection between and among half-sib progenies of the CMS-39 maize population

Jargieo, A., 1998:
Using the break-even point for the analysis of profitability of efficiency of permanent plantations on an example of hop production

Harling, K.; Akridge, J., 1998:
Using the case method of teaching

LeBruto, M.S.; Ashley, R.A.; Quain, W., 1997:
Using the contribution margin aspect of menu engineering to enhance financial results

Tanaka, T.; Ogawa, K.; Sugimoto, T.; Niwa, M., 1996:
Using the dairy helper system and problems in dairy management

Alfimov, A.V., 1998:
Using the data on climate continentality to estimate the heat supply of soil

Hoskinson, R.L.; Hess, J.R., 1999:
Using the decision support system for agriculture (DSS4Ag) for wheat fertilization

Tabor, I., 1997:
Using the gene pool of ornamental woody plants and perennials

Sabeva, I., 1998:
Using the genealogical group's effect for progeny testing of East-Bulgarian broodmares

Zeller, F.J., 1998:
Using the genetic potential of wild species for breeding of cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.)

White, D.H.; Bradbury, R.; Malafant, K., 1997:
Using the internet to benefit rural Australia

Fernandez Quintanilla, C.; Gonzalez Andujar, J.L.; Gonzalez Ponce, R.; Lucas, C. de; Navarrete, L.; Recasens, J.; Sanchez del Arco, M.J.; Taberner, A.; Tiebas, M.A.; Torner, C., 1998:
Using the low rate concept for control of grass weeds in cereals under Mediterranean conditions

Yeo, R., 1998:
Using the media to advantage

Paul, P., 1997:
Using the media to reach farmers in the Chesapeake Bay: a case study

Gadzhiev, P.I., 1999:
Using the method of experiment planning to investigate a clod-breaking implement

Bercic, S.; Lakota, M., 1998:
Using the method of visualization for investigating the spray jets

Keyzer, M.A.; Sonneveld, B.G.J.S., 1997:
Using the mollifier method to characterize datasets and models: the case of the Universal Soil Loss Equation

Rubin, E.M., 1998:
Using the mouse to sift sequence for function

Dobbertin, M.; Biging, G.S., 1998:
Using the non-parametric classifier CART to model forest tree mortality

Candau, J., 1999:
Using the public sphere concept for a critical examination of the dialogue process. Case of the local agri-environment programmes in Aquitaine

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Using the randomisation in specifying the ANOVA model and table for properly and improperly replicated grazing trials

Miller, B.R.; Lym, R.G., 1998:
Using the rosette technique for Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) control in row crops

Taratin, V.V., 1998:
Using the systems approach to investigate different types of rotary cutters for sawmilling units

Namken, J.C., 1997:
Using their bean: strategic planning helps bean co-op adjust to changing market

Pecher,, S., 1999:
Using tools for modelling and solving agricultural problems under risk

Collier, R.H.; Phelps, K., 1996:
Using trapping data to decide whether or not to spray against the carrot fly

Colton, B.; Butler, B.; Milne, B.R., 1997:
Using triazine herbicides in canola

Fernandez, C.; Garcia, A.; Vergara, H.; Gallego, L., 1998:
Using ultrasound to determine fat thickness and longissimus dorsi area on Manchego lambs of different live weight

Carney, P.A.; Ward, D.H., 1998:
Using unannounced standardized patients to assess the HIV preventive practices of family nurse practitioners and family physicians

Dee, S.A.; Philips, R., 1998:
Using vaccination and unidirectional pig flow to control PRRSV transmission

Evanson, T., 1999:
Using video to improve sweep recognition in mechanised processing

Hepworth, D.G.; Vincent, J.F.V.; Schuch, W., 1998:
Using viscoelastic properties of the woody tissue from tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum) to comment on the molecular structure of cell walls

Strohman, R.; Weckler, P., 1998:
Using visual basic in excel to teach food engineering heat transfer

Bessarabov, B.; Sushkova, N., 1996:
Using vitamins in aerosol form

Zhukova, L.P., 1996:
Using whey in the production of foods

Ko, J.C.H.; McGrath, C.J., 1997:
Using xylazine or thiopental to extend xylazine-butorphanol-glycopyrrolate sedation in dogs

Stafford, J.V.; Lark, R.M.; Bolam, H.C., 1999:
Using yield maps to regionalize fields into potential management units

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Ustilaginales from the Spanish Pyrenees and Andorra

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Ustilaginomycetes on Osmunda

Bauer, R.; Vanky, K.; Begerow, D.; Oberwinkler, F., 1999:
Ustilaginomycetes on Selaginella

Guedon, L.; Chilliard, Y.; Dupron, F.; Couquet, C.; Desbals, B., 1998:
Usual values for several biochemical parameters of energy metabolism observed in a Limousin cows' herd. Factors of variation

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Uterine NK cells produce epidermal growth factor in the murine pregnant uterus

Robert, N.; Posthaus, H., 1999:
Uterine adenocarcinoma in a captive sika deer

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Uterine and ovarian responses to puberty induction and pregnancy in prepubertal gilts

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Uterine and oviduct inflammation in anovulatory mares with intrauterine fluid

Losinno, L.; Woods, G.L.; Miragaya, M.H., 1997:
Uterine and oviductal inflammation in anovulatory mares with ultrasonographically-detected intrauterine luminal fluid

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Uterine androgen receptor mRNA expression in metestrous and anestrous bitches being healthy or suffering from Pyometra

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Uterine bacterial flora and uterine lesions in bitches with cystic endometrial hyperplasia (pyometra)

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Uterine clearance and resistance to persistent endometritis in the mare

Katila, T., 1999:
Uterine contractility in nonpregnant mares

Nikolakopoulos, E.; Watson, E.D., 2000:
Uterine contractility is necessary for the clearance of intrauterine fluid but not bacteria after bacterial infusion in the mare

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Uterine drainage under general anaesthesia before ovariohysterectomy in two mares

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Uterine environment and breed effects on erythropoiesis and liver protein secretion in late embryonic and early fetal swine

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Uterine healing after repeated elective caesarean section with scalpel and electrosurgery in rabbits

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Uterine horn insemination of heifers with very low numbers of nonfrozen and sexed spermatozoa

Angulo Cubillan, F.; Urdaneta, N.M.; Rojas, N.; Hernandez, A.; Cahuao, N.; Torres, I., 1999:
Uterine involution and re-initiating of the ovarian cyclicity postpartum in female buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

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Uterine lavage with saline in mares as treatment for endometritis

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Uterine luminal proteins and estrogens in gilts on a normal nutritional plane during the estrous cycle and on a normal or high nutritional plane during early pregnancy

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Uterine microflora of mares with pneumovagina submitted to Caslick's or Pouret's procedures

Uchendu, C.N.; Leek, B.F., 1999:
Uterine muscle contractant from the root of Dalbergia saxatilis

Udoh, F.V., 1999:
Uterine muscle reactivity to repeated administration and phytochemistry of the leaf and seed extracts of Piper guineense

Müller, H.; Liu, B.; Croy, B.A.; Head, J.R.; Hunt, J.S.; Dai, G.; Soares, M.J., 1999 :
Uterine natural killer cells are targets for a trophoblast cell-specific cytokine, prolactin-like protein A

Butcher, G.; McIntyre, S., 2005:
Uterine prolapse in Southland ewes

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Uterine-associated serine protease inhibitors stimulate deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in porcine endometrial glandular epithelial cells of pregnancy

Van Der Meer, H.G., 1996:
Utilisation and losses of nitrogen in grazed grassland

Paal, T., 1998:
Utilisation and research of non-wood products in the former Soviet Union

Osibogun, A., 1998:
Utilisation differentials in a rural Nigerian health centre

Berchiche, M.; Lounaouci, G.; Lebas, F.; Lamboley, B., 1999:
Utilisation of 3 diets based on different protein sources by Algerian local growing rabbits

Nherera, F.V.; Ndlovu, L.R.; Dzowela, B.H., 1998:
Utilisation of Leucaena diversifolia, Leucaena esculenta, Leucaena pallida and Calliandra calothyrsus as nitrogen supplements for growing goats fed maize stover

Saunderson, C.L.; Waibel, P.E.; McCorquodale, C.C., 1997:
Utilisation of U-14C-lysine by young turkeys

Tsai, V.P., 1997:
Utilisation of a new protein additive in the combined feed used for feeding young cattle

Yadav, L.S.; Singh, A.B., 1996 :
Utilisation of animal power on north bank of Ganga river in Allahabad - a case study

Massele, A.Y.; Mpundu, M.N.; Hamudu, N.A., 1997:
Utilisation of antimalarial drugs by pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic at Muhimbili Medical Centre, Dar es Salaam

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Utilisation of carbohydrates by stain fungi in agar culture

Rao, D.V.nugopal; Naidu, M.M.; Raghavan, G.V., 1997:
Utilisation of complete feed containing poultry droppings in sheep and goats

Groenevelt, P.H.; Grunthal, P.E., 1998:
Utilisation of crumb rubber as a soil amendment for sports turf

Oliva Teles, A.; Pereira, J.P.; Gouveia, A.; Gomes, E., 1998:
Utilisation of diets supplemented with microbial phytase by seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles

Hemre, G.I.; Hansen, T., 1998:
Utilisation of different dietary starch sources and tolerance to glucose loading in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), during parr- smolt transformation

Mukesh Talwar; Pradeep Kumar; Saxena, S.C., 1998:
Utilisation of different nitrogen and carbon sources by bacterial canker pathogen of mango (Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferaeindicae)

Sadiku, S.O.E.; Jauncey, K., 1998:
Utilisation of enriched soybean flour by Clarias gariepinus

Borowiec, F.; Furga, K.; Kaminski, J., 1996:
Utilisation of full-fat double low rapeseed in summer feeding of fattened lambs

Ravi, A.; Reddy, K.K., 1997:
Utilisation of garbage by crossbred Large White Yorkshire pigs

Spelman, R.J.; Garrick, D.J.; Arendonk, J.A.M. van, 1999:
Utilisation of genetic variation by marker assisted selection in commercial dairy cattle populations

Nosberger, J.; Kessler, W., 1997:
Utilisation of grassland for biodiversity

Hernandez, F.; Madrid, J.; Ceron, J.J.; Pulgar, M.A.; Cid, J.M., 1998:
Utilisation of lemon (Citrus limon) and loquat (Eribotrya japonica) tree leaves alone or with NH3-treated straw for goats

Alcicek, A.; Bozkurt, M.; Ozkan, K.; Altan, A.; Cabuk, M.; Akbas, Y.; Altan, O., 1998:
Utilisation of natural zeolite in poultry. II. Effect of zeolite supplementation on broiler performance, some tibia and blood serum parameters

Kutrys, S.; Ciarka, D.; Gawronski, S.W., 1998:
Utilisation of negative cross-resistance in control of weeds resistant to herbicides

Scott, P., 1997:
Utilisation of non-timber forest products from Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda

Chen, A.; Chambers, S.M.; Cairney, J.W.G., 1998:
Utilisation of organic nitrogen and phosphorus sources by mycorrhizal endophytes of Woollsia pungens (Cav.) F. Muell. (Epacridaceae)

Amato, V.S., 1997:
Utilisation of pentamidine isothianate for mucosal leishmaniasis treatment

Beaton, A.; Tabbush, P.M.; MacMullen, D., 1998:
Utilisation of poplar timber in France

Calavas, D.; Sulpice, P.; Bugnard, F.; Filippi, P., 1998:
Utilisation of questionnaire in a development project. Mammary gland pathology in ewes during the suckling period

Partanen, Kirsi, 1998:
Utilisation of reactive lysine from meat and bone meals of different ash content by growing-finishing pigs

Puranik, D.B.; Rao, H.G.R.; Hegde, S.G., 1998:
Utilisation of recombined milk in the preparation of khoa

Rai, S.P.; Roy, A.K.; Datta, A.K.; Das, C.R.; Ghosh, J.K., 1998:
Utilisation of shaded and uncared pond dykes for farming of medicinal and creeper plants

Mini, J.; Mukundan, M.; Pavithran, K., 1995:
Utilisation of skim milk filled with coconut milk for preparation of paneer

Elbatawi, I.E.A.; Mohri, K.; Namba, K., 1998:
Utilisation of solar energy for heating a greenhouse at nighttime

Reddy, V.R.; Reddy, V.R.; Qudratullah, S., 1997:
Utilisation of squilla meal (a novel animal protein source) by broilers

Auerswald, L.; Schneider, P.; GADe, G., 1998:
Utilisation of substrates during tethered flight with and without lift generation in the African fruit beetle Pachnoda sinuata (Cetoniinae)

Hari, K.; Somasekhar, N., 1998:
Utilisation of sugarcane wastes for the mass multiplication of fungal biocontrol agents

Auldist, D.E.; Atkinson, K.L.; Silvapulle, M.J.; Dellow, D.W.; McDowell, G.H., 1999:
Utilisation of white clover silage fed alone or with maize silage by lactating dairy cows

Khan, Z.R.; Chiliswa, P.; Ampong Nyarko, K.; Smart, L.E.; Polaszek, A.; Wandera, J.; Mulaa, M.A., 1997:
Utilisation of wild gramineous plants for management of cereal stemborers in Africa

Roonnestad, I.; Koven, W.; Tandler, A.; Harel, M.; Fyhn, H.J., 1998:
Utilisation of yolk fuels in developing eggs and larvae of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Baruah, D.C.; Bhattacharyya, P.C., 1995:
Utilisation pattern of human and fuel energy in tea plantation

Coops, N.C.; Catling, P.C., 1997:
Utilising airborne multispectral videography to predict habitat complexity in eucalypt forests for wildlife management

Head, J.; Baker, R.H.A.; Jarvis, C.H., 1998:
Utilising computer models to determine the risk of outbreaks of gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar, to the UK amenity tree industry

Salhofer, K.; Sinabell, F., 1999:
Utilising equilibrium-displacement models to evaluate the market effects of countryside stewardship policies: method and application

Obraztsov, I.D.; Sidel' nikov, V.M.; Panin, A.U., 1996:
Utilising production potential in enterprises in the food and processing industry

Vagi, J., 1997:
Utilising somatic cell score results in the selection of Holstein-Friesian breeding bulls (methodological research in Hungary)

Warren, R.G.; Poppi, D.P.; Hales, J.W.; Mclennan, S.R., 1998:
Utilising temperate and tropical pastures and compensatory growth during winter to maximise growth in cattle

Kim JongYoon; Jung DoHyun; Lee HaeJoo, 1997:
Utility and economical efficiency of forest road according to construction location

Hui, D.Y., 1998:
Utility and importance of gene knockout animals for nutritional and metabolic research

Smith, C.T.; Raison, R.J., 1998:
Utility of Montreal process indicators for soil conservation in native forests and plantations in Australia and New Zealand

Senior, M.; Murphy, J.; Goodman, M.; Stuber, C., 1998:
Utility of SSRs for determining genetic similarities and relationships in maize using an agarose gel system

Gutierrez, M.; Akhavan, M.; Jovanovic, L.; Peterson, C.M., 1998:
Utility of a short-term 25% carbohydrate diet on improving glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Prieto, G.; Simon, F.; Genchi, C.; McCall, J.W.; Venco, L., 1999:
Utility of adult antigens of Dirofilaria immitis for the early detection of dirofilariosis and for the evaluation of chemoprophylactic treatment in experimentally infected cats

Zajc, I.S.mpson, J., 1999:
Utility of canine microsatellites in revealing the relationships of pure bred dogs

Manoharan, A.; Jambulingam, P.; Das, P.K., 1996:
Utility of catalytic models in the estimation of incidence and prevalence of malaria in a hyperendemic situation

Abel, R.; Sampathkumar, V.; Jeyalakshmi, S.; Todd, J., 1997:
Utility of community based nutritional rehabilitation programme

Murugesan, P.; Rajagopal, S.; Khan, S.A.mal, 1998:
Utility of eyestalk ablation in farming and broodstock development of the shrimp Penaeus monodon Fabricius

Donnelly, K.C.; Chen, J.C.; Huebner, H.J.; Brown, K.W.; Autenrieth, R.L.; Bonner, J.S., 1997:
Utility of four strains of white-rot fungi for the detoxification of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene in liquid culture

Weinbauer, M.G.; Beckmann, C.; Höfle, M.G., 1998:
Utility of green fluorescent nucleic acid dyes and aluminum oxide membrane filters for rapid epifluorescence enumeration of soil and sediment bacteria

Pradhan, N.R., 1999:
Utility of herbal topical gel in mastitis control and udder health improvement

Coldham, N.G.; Biancotto, G.; Montesissa, C.; Howells, L.C.; Sauer, M.J., 1998:
Utility of isolated hepatocytes and radio-HPLC-MSn for the analysis of the metabolic fate of 19-nortestosterone laurate in cattle

Lynch, R.; Brown, P., 1999:
Utility of large-scale leisure research agendas

Cartwright, C.P., 1999:
Utility of multiple-stool-specimen ova and parasite examinations in a high-prevalence setting

Singh, G.S., 1999:
Utility of non-timber forest products in a small watershed in the Indian Himalayas: the threat of its degradation

Oualidi, J.E.; Verneau, O.; Puech, S.; Dubuisson, J.Y., 1999:
Utility of rDNA ITS sequences in the systematics of Teucrium section Polium (Lamiaceae)

Brandt, M.E.; Padhye, A.A.; Mayer, L.W.; Holloway, B.P., 1998:
Utility of random amplified polymorphic DNA PCR and TaqMan automated detection in molecular identification of Aspergillus fumigatus

Gemmell, F.; Varjo, J., 1999:
Utility of reflectance model inversion versus two spectral indices for estimating biophysical characteristics in a boreal forest test site

Kralovic, S.M.; Rhodes, J.C., 1998:
Utility of routine testing of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for cryptococcal antigen

Bak, T.; Denaburski, J., 1998:
Utility of some linear measurements of carcasses performed with a slide caliper and an ultrasonic grader for estimating the meat and fat contents of pig carcasses

Dorn, P.L.; Engelke, D.; Rodas, A.; Rosales, R.; Melgar, S.; Brahney, B.; Flores, J.; Monroy, C., 1999:
Utility of the polymerase chain reaction in detection of Trypanosoma cruzi in Guatemalan Chagas' disease vectors

Miller, R.B.; Herendeen, P.S., 1999:
Utility of wood anatomical characters in cladistic analyses

Dahake, S.G.; Lambe, S.P.; Kalpande, H.V.; Nikhade, D.M.; Kalpande, V.V., 1998:
Utility perception of orange growers about drip irrigation system

Sinha, A.K.; Singhal, K.K., 1997:
Utilizability of nitrogen of differently processed mustard cake in ruminants

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Utilization - but how? Utilizing biological degradable residues from the standpoint of technique

Buchgraber, K., 1999:
Utilization and conservation of forage in alpine regions of Austria

H.S.anAn; Sheng Ning, 1997:
Utilization and conservation of medicinal plants in China with special reference to Atractylodes lancea

Strickland, G.T.; Karp, A.C.; Mathews, A.; Peña, C.A., 1997:
Utilization and cost of serologic tests for Lyme disease in Maryland

Lee WonYong; Lee SungJae, 1998:
Utilization and development of major wood resources in Kangwon-do - permeability system of monomer in wood polymer composites

Adikwu, I.A., 1997:
Utilization and digestibility of palm kernel and soyabean cake in experimental diets for tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus)

Martin, C.E.; Tuffers, A.; Herppich, W.B.; Willert, D.J. von, 1999:
Utilization and dissipation of absorbed light energy in the epiphytic Crassulacean acid metabolism bromeliad Tillandsia ionantha

Falcinelli, M.; Negri, V., 1998:
Utilization and evaluation of old local varieties as a means of conserving plant genetic resources

Zhang XiuLi; Yuan JingBo; Cong LiangJun; H.C.iXia; Sun Bin; Gao XiangLi, 1997:
Utilization and extension of Potentilla discolor Bunge

Aiyub, K., 1997:
Utilization and management of the Negeri Sembilan coastal zone

Hassan, W.A.; Musa, H., 1998:
Utilization and marketing of camel and its products in semi-arid zone of Nigeria

Luo DongLin; Zhu YongQiang; L.K.Zhui; Zheng GuoLiang; Y.J.eCheng, 1998:
Utilization and protection of wild woody plant resources in Wuyi County

Deng XinHua; Chen WenXiang; H.Q.Min; Zhu LiangFeng, 1999:
Utilization and resources protection of Aloe vera L. var. chinensis (Haw.) Berger

Fiedler, C.E.; Keegan, C.E.; Arno, S.F., 1997:
Utilization as a component of restoring ecological processes in Ponderosa pine forest

Iwami, K.; Azuma, N.; Suda, H.; Iwasaki, H.; Yamagata, N.; Saeki, T.; Kanamoto, R., 1998:
Utilization as antitumorigenic foodstuffs of the undigested high molecular weight fraction (HMF) and curd refuse (okara) from soya protein

Zubizarreta, J., 1999:
Utilization efficiency in mixed pastures: CREA groups experience

Kovin' ko, V.; Zub, E., 1997:
Utilization in young pigs of nutrients in diets containing green amaranthus

Hayek, M.G.; Reinhart, G.A., 1998:
Utilization of omega 3 fatty acids in companion animal nutrition

Kundu, S.; Barman, K.K.; Muneshwar Singh; Takkar, P.N., 1998:
Utilization of 15N-labelled ammonium and nitrate-N by soybean (Glycine max) and wheat (Triticum aestivum) grown in typic Haplustert

Liu XueMin; L.G.iXi; Sun RiFei; Wang YuHai; Wang ZiXin, 1998:
Utilization of 2n gametes in breeding of Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. chinensis)

Belyaeva, L.I.; Fishchenko, V.N., 1996:
Utilization of 2nd runoff syrup from 1st massecuite for obtaining a soft yellow sugar

Clavero, T.; Razz, R., 1999:
Utilization of Acacia mangium as supplement for growing sheep

Liu SiHeng; W.S.engXing; W.L.angZhang; Zhong Jie; Weng XiuZhen, 1997:
Utilization of Aibai wheat in breeding. III. Prediction of fertility in Aibai wheat at seedling stage

Lamela, L.; Simon, L., 1998:
Utilization of Albizia pod meal as a supplement for dairy cows

H.P.iSong; Tang ShaoQing; Luo Ju; Huang FaSong, 1999:
Utilization of American glabrous rice and breeding of super-high-yielding varieties

Gopalaswamy, G.; Kannaiyan, S., 1998:
Utilization of Azolla hybrids for bio-reclamation of sodic soil and rice (Oryza sativa) growth

Salama, H.S.; Zaki, F.N.; Salem, S.A.; Foda, M.S., 1999:
Utilization of Bacillus thuringiensis to control Spodoptera littoralis in Egyptian clover fields

Rosello, S.; Diez, M.J.; Jorda, C.; Nuez, F., 1997:
Utilization of Capsicum sp. resistance to TSWV in pepper breeding

Counce, P.A.; Gravois, K.A.; Siebenmorgen, T.J.; Costello, T.A., 1997:
Utilization of Chinese rice cultivar germplasm to improve Arkansas rice cultivars: developing physiological criteria to enhance cultivar development

Lee ChangHoo; Kim SungBok; Kim ChungSun; Shin JeongSheop; Hyung NamIn, 1998:
Utilization of DNA fingerprinting for identification of grape (Vitis spp.) cultivars

Gmitter, F.G.J.; Deng ZhaNao; Moore, G.A., 1998:
Utilization of DNA markers in Citrus breeding programs

Hirai, M.; Ajisaka, H.; Kuginuki, Y.; Yui, M., 1998:
Utilization of DNA polymorphism in vegetable breeding

Osinska, M.; Koota, E., 1998:
Utilization of Ekolist in foliar nutrition of field vegetable crops grown at different nitrogen rates

Zhang QingQin; Zhang LiYi; Zhu WenHua; Xie ShuiXan, 1998:
Utilization of Haynaldia villosa (L.) Shur. in resistance breeding in wheat

Sharma, R.K.; Misra, B.P.; Sharma, T.C., 1996:
Utilization of Jhumlands through mixed cropping of bergamot mint and java citronella

Clavero, T.; Razz, R., 1999:
Utilization of Leucaena leucocephala as supplement for growing goats

Maynard, Abigail A., 1998:
Utilization of MSW compost in nursery stock production

L.XiuPeng, 1999:
Utilization of Magnoliaceae for environmental afforestation

Lopez, G.; Marin, H.; Londono, M.; Vahos, R., 1998:
Utilization of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana for the biological control of the tick Boophilus microplus

Can, N.T., 1999:
Utilization of Motbui: a traditional rice in Mekong delta

Szkutnik, T., 1997:
Utilization of NAD-specific malate dehydrogenase as an isoenzyme marker in sugarbeet breeding

Copikova, J.; Tarkosova, J., 1999:
Utilization of NIR spectroscopy in sugar analyses

Pollini, C.; Negri, M.; Macchioni, N.; Brunetti, M., 1998:
Utilization of Norway spruce timber from Trentino: part I. A method for describing wood properties

Kawai, A., 1996:
Utilization of Orius spp. in IPM of Thrips palmi Karny on eggplant grown in greenhouses

Kamlaesh Taneja; Jain, P.P.; Sanjay Naithani, 1997:
Utilization of Parthenium hysterophorus (Gajar grass) and Circium species as paper raw material

Zoundi, J.S.; Nianogo, A.J.; Sawadogo, L., 1996:
Utilization of Piliostigma reticulatum (DC.) Hochst. pods and Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. leaves in combination with urea for fattening Mossi type and south Djallonke sheep in Burkina

Singh, N.P.; Bhatia, D.R., 1998:
Utilization of Prosopis cineraria tree leaves by sheep and goats

Lee ChangHoo; Kim SungBok; Kim ChungSun; Kang SungKu; Shin JeongSheop; Hyung NamIn, 1998:
Utilization of RAPD for classification of grape (Vitis spp.) cultivars

Zhang ZhiYong; Gai JunYi, 1997:
Utilization of RAPD in soyabean germplasm resource and genetic linkage studies

Abbas, H.M.; Foda, M.S.; Shahein, N.M.; Moharam, M., 1998:
Utilization of Rhizopus oligosporus milk clotting enzyme in the manufacture of Domiati cheese

Kawamura, O.; Onodera, R.; Hasegawa, N.; Katayama, H.; Kanedawara, Y.; Niimi, M.; Inazawa, A.; Okuda, M.; Yokoyama, M.; Masuda, Y.; Kohri, Y., 1997:
Utilization of Shochu distillery by-product as feed for animal production by silage making. Silage made from Soba (buckwheat) Shochu distillery by-product and rice straw

Castel, T., 1996:
Utilization of Sting ST and Sting 2000 for the control of growth and seed setting in set-aside

Nascimento, W.M.; Pessoa, H.B.S.V.; Araujo, M. de T., 1998:
Utilization of Trigona spinipes as a pollinator in onion (Allium cepa L.) breeding programmes in Brazil

Youngman Arthur L.; Williams Troy L.; Lydy Michael J., 1998:
Utilization of a duckweed bioassay to evaluate leaching of heavy metals in smelter contaminated soils

Valancony, H.; Balaine, L.; Tavarez, M., 1999:
Utilization of a high pressure misting system for obviating heat stroke in Brittany

Wong, J.; Ma, K.; Fang, K.; Cheung, C., 1999:
Utilization of a manure compost for organic farming in Hong Kong

Kavka, M., 1997:
Utilization of agricultural machinery in the market conditions

Grgic, Z.; Snajder, I., 1999:
Utilization of agricultural machines on a family farm

Grgic, Z., 1998:
Utilization of agricultural mechanization in fruit production on family farms

Chung ChungSeok; Shin HyunYul; H.D.oJong; O.H.Sang; Choi SeongRhak; Shin WonKyo, 1998:
Utilization of agricultural product brand in Kyongnam Province

Fontes, H.R.; Leal, M. de L. da S., 1998:
Utilization of alternative system for the production of hybrid coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) seedlings

Yanovich, V.G.; Ivanyak, V.V.; Galyas, G.M.; Kruzhel' , B.B.; Kornyat, S.B.; Kichma, O.S.; Sen' kus' , M.A., 1996:
Utilization of amino acids in energy processes in tissues of cattle

Ojeda, F.; Ruz, R.; Lamela, L., 1998:
Utilization of ammoniated sugarcane final molasses as supplement for dairy cows

Franco, E.; Ferreira, R.B.; Teixeira, A.R., 1997:
Utilization of an improved methodology to isolate Lupinus albus conglutins in the study of their sedimentation coefficients

Honda, K.; Suzuki, M.; Numata, M.; Nakamura, T., 1998:
Utilization of animal by-products as food materials by enzymatic treatment

Yadav, M.P.; Yadav, D.S., 1997:
Utilization of applied urea based slow-release fertilizer in transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Iordanidou, P.; Voglis, N.; Liadakis, G.N.; Tzia, C., 1999:
Utilization of apricot processing wastes

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Utilization of aquatic macrophytes in grass carp farming in Chinese shallow lakes

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Utilization of aquatic plants for turbidity treatment and feedstuff at Kumamoto zoo of Japan in 1997

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Utilization of arbuscular mycorrhizae for adaptation of banana (Musa sp.) vitroplants: rates and strains of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and substrate combinations

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Utilization of ardu (Ailanthus excelsa Roxb.) dry and green leaves in goats

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Utilization of area-based logging indices in forests with irregular age structures

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Utilization of artificial reproductive techniques in horse breeding. National and international regulations

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Utilization of artificially grown barley fodder by sheep

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Utilization of bagasse fly ash generated in the sugar industry for the removal and recovery of phenol and p-nitrophenol from wastewater

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Utilization of bamboo forest stand

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Utilization of banana plant wastes by lactating Friesian cows

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Utilization of biochemical markers in breeding systems of oil seed rape and allied plants

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Utilization of bioelectrical impedance to predict carcass composition of Holstein steers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of age

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Utilization of biofertilizers in field crops production. 10-yield response of groundnut to inorganic, organic and biofertilizers

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Utilization of biomass residues for the remediation of metal-polluted soils

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Utilization of blue lupin seed of different alkaloid levels as a substitute for soya bean meal in diets for fattening lambs. 1. Live weight gain, feed utilization and wool production

Urbaniak, M., 1999:
Utilization of blue lupin seed of different alkaloid levels as substitutes for soya bean meal in diets for fattening lambs. 2. The morphological and chemical composition of lambs, energy and protein utilization for growth

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Utilization of bovine blood plasma obtained from a slaughterhouse for economic production of probiotics

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Utilization of broadleaved forest resources: a regional experience

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Utilization of bui (Aerva tomentosa) leaves in the ration of camel

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Utilization of carbon sources by the strains of the Beauveria Vuill. genus (Moniliales, Deuteromycetes)

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Utilization of cassava (Manihot esculenta) as energy source in diets for Pelibuey and Hampshire x Pelibuey lambs

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Utilization of castor straw in the ration of sheep

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Utilization of cerea (autoclaved cereal-urea) products in ruminants (in sacco and in vitro)

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Utilization of cheese whey for the production of soyabean water-soluble extract

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Utilization of chemokine receptors, orphan receptors, and herpesvirus-encoded receptors by diverse human and simian immunodeficiency viruses

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Utilization of chhana whey for alcohol production

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Utilization of chlorocholine chloride in the cotton boll weevil control

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Utilization of chrysops (Chrysoperla lucasina) larvae against the black artichoke aphid (Aphis fabae)

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Utilization of concentrate diets containing acorns (Quercus aegilops and Quercus coccifera) and urea by growing Awassi lambs

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Utilization of corn germ oil sludge in broiler diets: effect on performance and carcass fatty acid composition

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Utilization of corn stalk in feeding rabbits

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Utilization of cowpea crop residues to reduce fertilizer nitrogen inputs with fall broccoli

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Utilization of crop plant germplasm in Kazakhstan

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Utilization of crop residues and agro-industrial by-products as complete diets for West African dwarf sheep and goats

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Utilization of crude soybean lecithin as a native choline source in feed rations of fattening pigs

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Utilization of cytoplasmic male sterility in obtaining triticale hybrids

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Utilization of damaged sorghum and rice grains for ethanol production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

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Utilization of database system of agricultural information for farm households in Gyeongnam province

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Utilization of defatted rice bran, with or without addition of pigment in laying hen diets

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Utilization of dietary nutrients by lactating ewes

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Utilization of dietary stearic acid (18:0) and carbohydrates by freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii juveniles

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Utilization of diets supplemented with untreated or formaldehyde treated soybean, Nigella sativa meals and concentrate feed mixture by sheep

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Utilization of different silage additives in grass silage under unfavourable weather conditions: silage additives and their effects on fermentation and forage quality

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Utilization of diverse germplasm for soybean yield improvement

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Utilization of domestic vegetable juices as a medium for growth and reproduction of Phytophthora species

Ibeawuchi, J.A.; Bappa, A.B., 1998:
Utilization of dry acacia (Acacia sieberiana) pods in gamba (Andropogon gayanus) hay-cotton seed (Gossypium hirsutum) cake supplement diets for growing Wadara zebu calves

E.Adawy, M.M., 1997:
Utilization of dry sediment of rumen liquor in rabbit nutrition

Subbotin, Y., 1998:
Utilization of effluents from pig production units

Natsagdorj, C.; Purevdorj, G.; Arslan, J., 1998:
Utilization of electricity of herdsman family and possibility to supply it with solar battery

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Utilization of elite germplasm Hefeng-25 in soyabean breeding

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Utilization of engine-waste heat for paddy drying and validation of stationary-bed model in variable low temperature drying

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Utilization of ensiled groundnut haulm and paddy straw

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Utilization of ethnobotanical plant resources of southern U.P. - plea to conserve

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Utilization of exogenous folate in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum and its critical role in antifolate drug synergy

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Utilization of exotic germplasm for milk production in the tropics

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Utilization of faba bean (Ficia faba) by-products as feed ingredients for lactating cows

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Utilization of fats based on the composition of sow milk fat in the diet of weanling pigs

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Utilization of feeds for weaned piglets containing 40% peas

Costa, A.S.V. da; Silva, N.F. da; Martinez, H.E.P.; Fontes, P.C.R.; Pereira, P.R.G., 1997:
Utilization of fertilizers from commercial sources in hydroponic cultivation of lettuce

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Utilization of fibrin meal in broiler ration

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Utilization of filter cake from vacuum filters

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Utilization of filter cake: problems and possibilities

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Utilization of fine and coarse rapeseed meal fractions in feeding of young calves

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Utilization of fly ash and Paecilomyces lilacinus for the control of Meloidogyne incognita

Goncalves, J.L. de M.; Moro, L., 1995:
Utilization of forest biomass ash as a source of nutrients for Eucalyptus grandis plantations

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Utilization of forest products for Amazonian development: potential and limitations

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Utilization of forest wood for energy in Saxony

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Utilization of four-bar mechanism in mowing operations: 1-geometrical and mechanical principles of four-bar mechanism for mowers

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Utilization of foxtail millet (Setaria italica) and its processed forms on performance of broilers

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Utilization of fractionated milk fat in chocolate formulation

Leathers, T.D., 1998:
Utilization of fuel ethanol residues in production of the biopolymer alternan

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Utilization of fungicide oils in green spaces

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Utilization of fuzzy logic in diffusers

Kappes, Sm, 1999:
Utilization of gene mapping information in livestock animals

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Utilization of genetic engineering. An interim account for potatoes

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Utilization of giant ipil-ipil seed flour as plywood glue extender

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Utilization of glucose, valine, glycerin and palmitic acid by energy and anabolic ways of metabolism in rats

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Utilization of green leaves of neem and eupatorium for the management of soil organisms in bhindi and cowpea

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Utilization of groundnut germplasm resources in breeding programme

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Utilization of health care resources by obese Canadians

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Utilization of health services among rural women in Gujarat, India

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Utilization of heat treated raw whole soyabeans in broiler diets at different ages

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Utilization of herbicide resistant crops for weed management in midwestern United States corn and soybean production

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Utilization of heterogeneous grasslands by domestic herbivores: theory to management

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Utilization of heterosis in special rice hybrids

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Utilization of high oil corn in broiler diets varying in energy content

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Utilization of honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) for the pollination of the greenhouse cultivated strawberry

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Utilization of human blood and sugar as nutrients by female Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Tang ShuZhu; Xue YuanLong; L.Z.enLong et al., 1998:
Utilization of hybrid sorghum KS-304

Yamanaka, T., 1999:
Utilization of inorganic and organic nitrogen in pure cultures by saprotrophic and ectomycorrhizal fungi producing sporophores on urea-treated forest floor

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Utilization of intestinal triglyceride-rich lipoproteins in mammary gland of cows

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Utilization of lactic acid

Kowalski, Z., 1997:
Utilization of leather scraps in fertilizer production

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Utilization of light traps for capturing adults of Phyllophaga spp. in sugarcane in Costa Rica

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Utilization of lime cake on acidic sugarcane land

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Utilization of liquid methionine in broiler rations

Manoukas, A.G.; Zografou, E.N., 1997:
Utilization of low cost media for rearing the Mediterranean fruit fly

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Utilization of low waste land by rain-fed Rabi pulses with no-tillage, under different seed rates

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Utilization of magnesite for production of mixed multicomponent fertilizers and results of agrochemical evaluation of the obtained products

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Utilization of marine and vegetable fats in ice cream

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Utilization of metal-dust and sand in block making for low cost housing in rural areas

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Utilization of microhomologous recombination in yeast to generate targeting constructs for mammalian genes

Il' yuk, E.N., 1998:
Utilization of mineral nitrogen from different horizons of dernopodzolic soil by maize

Mostafa, N.A.; Magdy, Y.H., 1998:
Utilization of molasses and akalona hydrolyzate for continuous glycerol production in a packed bed bioreactor

Iezzoni, A.F.; Brettin, T.S., 1998:
Utilization of molecular genetics in cherry

Handa, Takashi, 1998:
Utilization of molecular markers for ornamental plants

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Utilization of molecular markers for the identification of sugarcane varieties (Saccharum sp.)

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Utilization of monounsaturated fatty acid (18:1n-9, oleic acid) by freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) juveniles

Biesiada, A.; Koota, E., 1998:
Utilization of multicomponent fertilizers in foliar fertilization of celeriac

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Utilization of native and partly dehydrated rape soapstocks in pig feeding

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Utilization of natural zeolite in poultry. I. Effects of adding zeolite to litter on broiler performance, litter moisture and ammonia concentration

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Utilization of natural zeolite in poultry. III. Effects of zeolite supplementation on egg production, egg quality, some tibia and blood parameters of laying hens

Mahapatro, G.K.; Umakanda Nanda, 1998:
Utilization of neem-derivatives in green leafhopper management in kharif rice

Gupta, G.P.; Lal, R., 1998:
Utilization of newer insecticides and neem in cotton pest management system

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Utilization of nitrogen and macro-minerals in response to nutritional status in clinically normal adult cats

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Utilization of nitrogen by winter wheat and its leaching from soil

Pokharkar, D.S.; Chaudhary, S.D.; Verma, S.K., 1999:
Utilization of nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the integrated control of fruit-borer (Helicoverpa armigera) on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

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Utilization of nutrients in sheep fed different planes of nutrition

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Utilization of oilseed radish

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Utilization of old meadow by reindeer in spring in northern Norway

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Utilization of oligopeptides by Listeria monocytogenes Scott A

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Utilization of organic and mineral components by young fattening cattle fed diets containing magnesium oxide and magnesium sulphate

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Utilization of organic materials inoculated with microbial decomposers as a nitrogen source for wheat in represence of Azotobacter in a sandy soil

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Utilization of organic nitrogen by ectomycorrhizal fungi (Hebeloma spp.) of arctic and temperate origin

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Utilization of organic substances by soil microbial biomass as a function of chemical and thermodynamic parameters

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Utilization of ostriches

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Utilization of pedigree information to estimate genetic parameters from large unbalanced data sets in apple

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Utilization of pesticides with Beauveria bassiana to control coffee berry borer and coffee rust

Ozair Aziz; Arif Inam; Samiullah, 1999:
Utilization of petrochemical industry waste water for agriculture

Singh, S., 1998:
Utilization of phosphate from different low grade, high analysis and insoluble phosphorus carriers by greengram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.)

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Utilization of phytate and nonphytate phosphorus in chicks as affected by source and amount of vitamin D3

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Utilization of pine bark (Part 5) - alkaline sulfite-anthraquinone delignification of pine bark

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Utilization of pine kraft lignin in starch composites: impact of structural heterogeneity

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Utilization of plant material for remediation of herbicide-contaminated soils

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Utilization of plastic bottles for trapping the golden apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck)

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Utilization of pollen sterility in rye and triticale for ergot production

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Utilization of pollinators and future prospects

Collin, L., 1998:
Utilization of poplar by the Italian forest products industry

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Utilization of prawn waste for chitinase production by the marine fungus Beauveria bassiana by solid state fermentation

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Utilization of probiotics in animal nutrition

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Utilization of products, meant for prophylactic use, in the nutrition of patients with type II diabetes

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Utilization of protein of formaldehyde-treated rapeseed meal and its effect on heifer's growth

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Utilization of rape seed as a natural energy resource

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Utilization of rapeseed meal/cake in poultry feed I. Effect of incorporating 10% rapeseed cake in poultry diet on the growth and laying performance of brown-egg-layer (Tetra SL)

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Utilization of recombinant viral biopesticides within a cotton IPM program

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Utilization of reduced rates of organophosphate insecticide for safening cotton to Command 3 ME

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Utilization of rejected heat from electric power plants

Reddy, A.V.S., 1997:
Utilization of remote sensing techniques in disaster management - an administrative experience

Suraweth Krishnasreni; Pinai Thongsawatwong, 1998:
Utilization of rice combine harvester in Thailand

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Utilization of rice field for upland crop production and its water requirement

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Utilization of rice offal in practical rations for broiler chicks

Ganpat, W.G.; Seepersad, J., 1997:
Utilization of rice technologies by limited-resource farm households in Trinidad

Pereira, J.R.A.; Rezende, M.A. de, 1997:
Utilization of samples Guapuruvu wood (Schilozobium parahyba) for the determination of water content and soil-water availability

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Utilization of savannah tree species: Some processing characteristics of Anogeisus leiocarpus (Kane) and Khaya senegalensis (Khaya)

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Utilization of several biopolymers for granular formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Utilization of shredded shrubs to avoid soil erosion

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Utilization of silkworm hemolymph for insect cell culture

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Utilization of sisal industry waste for the control of mosquito larvae

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Utilization of skeletal muscle triacylglycerol during postexercise recovery in humans

Mandal, P.K.; Rao, V.K.; Kowale, B.N.; Pal, U.K., 1999:
Utilization of slaughter house blood in human food

Birkmose, T., 1997:
Utilization of slurry from Danish biogas systems

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Utilization of softwoods in Great Britain

Etienne, H.; Solano, W.; Pereira, A.; Barry Etienne, D.; Bertrand, B.; Anthony, F.; Cote, F.; Berthouly, M., 1998:
Utilization of somatic embryogenesis in liquid media for the mass propagation of F1 hybrids of arabica coffee

Etienne, H.; Solano, W.; Pereira, A.; Barry Etienne, D.; Bertrand, B.; Anthony, F.; Cote, F.; Berthouly, M., 1997:
Utilization of somatic embryogenesis in liquid medium for mass propagation of F1 hybrids of Coffea arabica

Pani, B.K.; Panda, S.N.; Das, S.R., 1997:
Utilization of some agricultural biproducts and other wastes for sporophore production of oyster mushroom

Pani, B.K.; Patra, A.K., 1997:
Utilization of some phyto-extracts for control of Sclerotium rolfsii during paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) cultivation - a new approach

A.Eleraky, W., 1996:
Utilization of some untraditional feedstuffs in nutrition of rabbits

Wang SinHuei; Cabral, L.C.; Borges, G.G., 1999:
Utilization of soya milk residue in preparing pacoca

Xie FuTi; Gui Chen; Wang XiaoGuang; Wang HaiYing; Zheng GuoLi; Zuan Dong, 1999:
Utilization of soyabean germplasm with a long floral axis and short pod-branch: I. Contribution of long floral axis and short pod-branch to seed yield

Krishna Jha; Khare, S.K.; Gandhi, A.P., 1996:
Utilization of soyhull for single cell protein production by solid state fermentation

Kersey, J.H.; Waldroup, P.W., 1998:
Utilization of spent hen meal in diets for broiler chickens

Bhuvanakumar, C.K., 1997:
Utilization of stallion power in Thoroughbred farms of India

Sekhar, M.R.; Readdy, P.S.; Reddy, P.V.V.S.; Venkataramaiah, A.; Rao, D.S., 1998:
Utilization of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) leaf meal in layer rations

Ozboy, O.; Koksel, H., 1999:
Utilization of sugar beet fiber in the production of high fiber bread

Mostafa, E.M.; Zohri, A.A., 1997:
Utilization of sugar cane molasses for lipid, sterol and ergosterol production by Cochliobolus spicifer Nelson

Iriondo, E.; Martinez, H.L.; Arostica, I., 1998:
Utilization of sugar cane with legumes as a voluminous feed for milk production

Karlubik, M.; Urminska, D., 1997:
Utilization of sulphate sulphur for fattening chickens

Abiola, S.S., 1999:
Utilization of sun-dried poultry manure as protein supplement in cassava chips based diets of weaner pigs

Mohan, A.M.; Reddy, G.V.N.; Reddy, M.R., 1997:
Utilization of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) heads as roughage source in complete diets

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Utilization of sunflower crop residues as feed in small ruminants

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Utilization of the municipal garbage (MG) as a soil amendment

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Utilization of the production potential of irrigated lucerne

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Utilization of the skin attachment model to determine the antibacterial efficacy of potential carcass treatments

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Utilization of the sludge obtained from the anaerobic digestion of filter cake as a biofertilizer for the cultivation of 'garlic leek' (Allium porrum L.)

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Utilization of the stimulating effect of sodium humate in growing peppers

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Utilization of the tractors on family farms against a background of their total productivity

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Utilization of theory of soil water motion under temperature gradient

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Utilization of urea as a body water marker in growing pigs

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Utilization of urea space for estimation of body fat content in the dairy cow

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Utilization of wastes in agriculture

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Utilization of water hyacinth as an alternative substrate for oyster mushroom cultivation

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Utilization of wheat straw and poultry litter in the feeds for crossbred heifers

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Utilization of whey as a fermented drink with therapeutic properties

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Utilization of whey for the production of extracellular polysaccharide by a selected strain of Lactococcus lactis

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Utilization of whey permeate for yeast production

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Utilization of wild hops testation for extension of genetic sources for breeding

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Utilization of winter rape in a heavy snow region

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Utilization research on the genetic potential among S2-generation sister crosses in maize

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Utilizations of shallow tube-wells under different managements in West Bengal - a comparative study

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Utilizing COTMAN for defoliation timing and the management of micronaire values

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Utilizing a disease nursery to evaluate cotton cultivar reaction to Verticillium wilt

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Utilizing a multipoint measuring system of photosynthetically active radiation in photosynthetic studies within canopies

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Utilizing a social ethic toward the environment in assessing genetically engineered insect-resistance in trees

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Utilizing edible fungi from forests

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Utilizing forest on the Island of Yakushima (I). Historical fluctuations in the management and utilization of yakusugi (Cryptomeria japonica)

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Utilizing genetic markers in pig breeding programmes

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Utilizing mixed method approaches in tourism research

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Utilizing relatives of cultivated potato for the development of sources of tuber Phytophthora resistance

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Utilizing software engineering to improve software process capabilities within the Biological Engineering Research Unit

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V National fruit congress

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VVF Vacances updates its image

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Vacances Bleues, holidays for less well-off retired people

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Vaccination of turkeys in the wattles (dewlap) with turkey meningo-encephalitis live vaccine and Pasteurella multocida killed-in-oil vaccine

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Vaccination with Aleutian mink disease parvovirus (AMDV) capsid proteins enhances disease, while vaccination with the major non-structural AMDV protein causes partial protection from disease

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Vaccine trial against canine visceral leishmaniasis in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Anonymous, 1998:
Vaccine-associated feline sarcoma symposium, 25 July 1998, Baltimore, USA

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Vaccine-associated immune-mediated hemolytic anemia in the dog

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Vaccine-associated measles pneumonitis in an adult with AIDS

Loesenbeck, G., 1999:
Vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats

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Vaccine-induced, pseudorabies virus-specific, extrathymic CD4+CD8+ memory T-helper cells in swine

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Vaccines against protozoal diseases of veterinary importance

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Vaccines and diagnostics for aquaculture: new approaches to old problems

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Vaccines for hookworm infection

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Vaccines for the control of apicomplexan parasites: current status and prospects

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Vaccines, genetics and chemicals in tick control: the Australian experience

Tillard, S., 1998:
Vaccinium, currants and woodland fruits

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Vacuolar H+-pyrophosphatase purified from pear fruit

Allen, G.J.; Sanders, D., 1997:
Vacuolar ion channels of higher plants

Murai, M.; Yoshida, S., 1998:
Vacuolar membrane lesions induced by a freeze-thaw cycle in protoplasts isolated from deacclimated tubers of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

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Vacuolar processing enzyme is up-regulated in the lytic vacuoles of vegetative tissues during senescence and under various stressed conditions

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Vacuolar processing enzymes in protein-storage vacuoles and lytic vacuoles

Hara Nishimura, I.; Shimada, T.; Kuroyanagi, M.; Yamada, K., 1998:
Vacuolar sorting machinery and processing mechanism for storage proteins

Hinz; Hillmer; Baumer; Hohl, 1999:
Vacuolar storage proteins and the putative vacuolar sorting receptor BP-80 exit the golgi apparatus of developing pea cotyledons in different transport vesicles

Moreno, S.N.; Zhong, L.; Lu, H.G.; Souza, W.D.; Benchimol, M., 1998:
Vacuolar-type H+-ATPase regulates cytoplasmic pH in Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites

Newell, J.; Leigh, R.; Hall, J., 1998:
Vacuole development in cultured evacuolated oat mesophyll protoplasts

Werkhoff, P.; Guntert, M.; Krammer, G.; Sommer, H.; Kaulen, J., 1998:
Vacuum headspace method in aroma research: flavor chemistry of yellow passion fruits

Sousa, R.; Salvatori, D.; Andres, A.; Fito, P., 1998:
Vacuum impregnation of banana (Musa acuminata cv. Giant Cavendish)

Montenegro, H.; Wawra, B., 1997:
Vacuum induced remediation of subsurface contamination with horizontal wells

Gottschalk, R.D.; Kirberger, R.M.; Fourie, S.L., 1999:
Vacuum phenomenon in equine carpal, metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joints

Hak, O., 1996:
Vacuum processing and storage of spruce pollen

Isaev, N.V.; Kochmarev, L.Y.; Tereshin, L.N.; Chimil, A.I.; Shustin, E.G., 1998:
Vacuum-conduction kiln with flexible electric heaters

Joshi, B.; Maule, C., 1999:
Vadose zone flow and transport in cracked heavy textured soil

Hopmans, J.W.; Clausnitzer, V.; Kosugi, K.I.; Nielsen, D.R.; Somma, F., 1997:
Vadose zone measurement and modeling

Ogden, C.B.; Es, H.M. van; Wagenet, R.J.; Steenhuis, T.S., 1999:
Vadose zone transport processes and water quality: spatial-temporal variability of preferential flow in a clay soil under no-till and plow-till

Bates, S.L.; Sharkey, K.A.; Meddings, J.B., 1998:
Vagal involvement in dietary regulation of nutrient transport

Lepionka, L.; Laplace, J.P.; Malbert, C.H., 1997:
Vagally mediated short term control of ingestion in pigs

Shapcott, A., 1998:
Vagile but inbred: patterns of inbreeding and the genetic structure within populations of the monsoon rain forest tree Syzygium nervosum (Myrtaceae) in northern Australia

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Vaginal candidiasis: a source for fungal peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis?

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Vaginal candidiasis: review and role of local mucosal immunity

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Vaginal cytology in small ruminants

Valenza, M.A.; Monno, R.; Correale, M.; Giannuzzi, V.; Lippolis, A., 1998:
Vaginal microbiology of women with vaginitis

Gibbons, A.; Willems, P.; Cueto, M., 1997:
Vaginal or laparoscopic insemination of Angora goats with frozen semen

Horgan, M., 1997:
Vaginitis in HIV-infected women

Snyder, K.; Carson, D.S., 1998:
Vaginitis, vaginosis, and UTIs - management options

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Vaginoscopy in the bitch during the oestrous cycle: endoscopic and echographic results

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Vagococcus salmoninarum, a bacterium of pathological significance in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss farming

Herath, C.B.; Reynolds, G.W.; Mackenzie, D.D.S.; Davis, S.R.; Harris, P.M., 1999:
Vagotomy suppresses cephalic phase insulin release in sheep

E.S.baie, A.; Misk, N.A.; Semicka, M.; Hofmann, W., 1999:
Vagus-indigestion (functional gastric stenosis, Hoflund-syndrome) in the water buffalo

Anonymous, 1997:
Valerian: the genus Valeriana

Bellardi, M.G.; Vicchi, V.; Roggero, P.; Dellavalle, G.; Lisa, V., 1999:
Valeriana officinalis, a new host of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus

Sobral, M., 1999:
Valeriana tajuvensis (Valerianaceae), a new species from Southern Brazil

Sennikov, A.N., 1998:
Validated nomenclatural combinations in the genus Hieracium (Asteraceae) originally invalidly published by A. Y. Uksip

Bansal, R.; Walker, J.; Gardisser, D.; Grift, T., 1998:
Validating FLUENT for the flow of granular materials in aerial spreaders

Senghas, K.; Bennett, D.E.J.; Christenson, E.A., 1998:
Validating a Peruvian Scelochilus (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae)

Ortiz, R.M.dsen, S.R.iz-Tapia, E.; Jacobsen, S.; Mujica-Sanchez, A.C.ristiansen, J.; Stolen, O., 1999:
Validating a core collection of Peruvian quinoa germplasm

Kajiru, G.; Kileo, R.; Stroud, A.B.delman, A., 1998:
Validating a fertilizer recommendation across a diverse cropping environment

Ulumiev, A.A.; Kamilov, R.K.; Litvinova, N.B., 1998:
Validating a method for drying wastes

Knutson, B.J.; Borchgrevink, C.; Woods, B., 1999:
Validating a typology of the Customer from Hell

Srivastava, P.C.stello, T.; Edwards, D.; Ferguson, J., 1998:
Validating a vegetative filter strip performance model

Verner, M.E.; Hecht, J.B.; Fansler, A.G., 1998:
Validating an instrument to assess the motivation of athletics donors

Wang, C.C., 1997:
Validating targets for antiparasite chemotherapy

Worthington, A.G.; Colls, J.J., 1998:
Validation and use of a computer model of the solar radiation regime in open-top chambers

Bovee, T.F.; Hoogenboom, L.A.; Hamers, A.R.; Traag, W.A.; Zuidema, T.; Aarts, J.M.; Brouwer, A.; Kuiper, H.A., 1999:
Validation and use of the CALUX-bioassay for the determination of dioxins and PCBs in bovine milk

Speich, P.; Jacquin, D., 1997:
Validation and use of the simulation model EVA for the development of the grape berry moth (Lobesia botrana)

Grabner, K.; Dwyer, J.; Cutter, B., 1997:
Validation of BEHAVE fire behavior predictions in oak savannas using five fuel models

Petric, D.; Zgomba, M.; Bellini, R.; Veronesi, R.; Kaiser, A.; Becker, N., 1999:
Validation of CO2 trap data in three European regions

Rubio, C.; Cubillo, M.A.; Hooghuis, H.; Sanchez-Vizcaino, J.M.; Diaz-Laviada, M.; Plateau, E.; Zientara, S.; Crucière, C.; Hamblin, C., 1998:
Validation of ELISA for the detection of African horse sickness virus antigens and antibodies

Chung, S.W.; Gassman, P.W.; Kramer, L.A.; Williams, J.R.; Gu, R., 1999:
Validation of EPIC for two watersheds in Southwest Iowa

Bankowski, J.; Dey, D.; Woods, M.; Rice, J.; Boysen, E.; Batchelor, B.; Miller, R., 1995:
Validation of FIBER 3.0 for tolerant hardwood stands in Ontario

Aiken, S.G., 1998:
Validation of Festuca idahoensis subsp. roemeri comb.nov

Ruyck, H.D.; Ridder, H.D.; Renterghem, R.V.n; Wambeke, F.V.n, 1999:
Validation of HPLC method of analysis of tetracycline residues in eggs and broiler meat and its application to a feeding trial

Fang ChenFu; Skvortsov, A.K., 1998:
Validation of Hao's new Chinese taxa in Salix (Salicaceae)

Bankowski, J.; Dey, D.; Boysen, E.; Woods, M.; Rice, J., 1996:
Validation of NE-TWIGS for tolerant hardwood stands in Ontario

Nakahara, S., 1999:
Validation of Neohydatothrips samayunkur (Kudo) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) for a thrips damaging marigolds (Tagetes spp.)

Bankowski, J.; Dey, D.; Woods, M.; Rice, J.; Boysen, E.; Miller, R., 1995:
Validation of SILVAH for tolerant hardwoods in Ontario

Chu TzyyWoei; Shirmohammadi, A.; Montas, H., 1999:
Validation of SWAT model's hydrology component on piedmont physiographic region

Ray, J.; Richardson, B.S.hou, W.; Teske, M.; Vanner, A.; Coker, G., 1999:
Validation of SpraySafe Manager, an aerial herbicide application decision support system

Gleason, M.L.; Parker, S.K.; Pitblado, R.E.; Latin, R.X.; Speranzini, D.; Hazzard, R.V.; Maletta, M.J.; CowgillWinfred P.Jr.; Biederstedt, D.L., 1997:
Validation of a commercial system for remote estimation of wetness duration

Ginel, P.J.; Perez Rico, A.; Moreno, P.; Lucena, R., 1998:
Validation of a commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the determination of cortisol in canine plasma samples

Pla, L.M.; Pomar, J.; Noguera, J.L., 1999:
Validation of a decision-making procedure for pig production

Taylor, W.A.; Cooper, S.E., 1998:
Validation of a decontamination method for arable crop sprayers following use with the sulfonyl urea herbicide amidosulfuron

Cheng, E.Y.; Kao ChingHua, 1998:
Validation of a field monitoring system for BPU-type IGR resistance in the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella-presumed working scheme based on IRAC Method No. 7 (leaf dipping method)

Cross, A.R.; Aron, D.N.; Budsberg, S.C.; Foutz, T.L.; Pearman, B.T.; Evans, M.D., 1999:
Validation of a finite element model of the Kirschner-Ehmer external skeletal fixation system

Bodner, C.H.; Soutar, A.; New, S.A.; Scaife, A.R.; Byres, M.; Henderson, G.D.; Brown, K.; Godden, D.J., 1998:
Validation of a food frequency questionnaire for use in a Scottish population: correlation of antioxidant vitamin intakes with biochemical measures

González Canavaciolo, V.L.; Magraner Hernández, J., 1999:
Validation of a gas chromatographic method for determining fatty alcohols that compose policosanol in five-milligram film-coated tablets

Martins, D.I.umida; Midio, A.F.avio, 1998:
Validation of a gas-chromatographic method for the determination of herbicide residues in rice and bean using steam distillation

Boulard, T.; Jemmaa, R.; Baille, A., 1997:
Validation of a greenhouse tomato crop transpiration model in mediterranean conditions

Corneau, Y., 1997:
Validation of a method for reducing wood chip production. The effect of topping log lengths

Izurieta Valery, A., 1997:
Validation of a methodology to evaluate management efficiency of protected areas applied to a subsystem and its zones of influence zone

Hamer, P.J.C., 1998:
Validation of a model used for irrigation control of a greenhouse crop

Schaub, L.; Bloesch, B.; Hippe, C.; Keimer, C.; Schmid, A.; Brunetti, R., 1999:
Validation of a phenology model for San Jose scale

Regniere, J.; Cooke, B., 1998:
Validation of a process-oriented model of Bacillus thuringiensis variety kurstaki efficacy against spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Schwartzkopf Genswein, K.S.; Huisma, C.; McAllister, T.A., 1999:
Validation of a radio frequency identification system for monitoring the feeding patterns of feedlot cattle

Veroustraete, F.; Loustau, D., 1997:
Validation of a regional scale remote sensing forced Pinus pinaster model with eddy covariance measurements

Braun Fahrlander, C.; Wuthrich, B.; Gassner, M.; Grize, L.; Sennhauser, F.H.; Varonier, H.S.; Vuille, J.C., 1997:
Validation of a rhinitis symptom questionnaire (ISAAC core questions) in a population of Swiss school children visiting the school health services

Gray-Donald, K.; O'Loughlin, J.; Richard, L.; Paradis, G., 1997:
Validation of a short telephone administered questionnaire to evaluate dietary interventions in low income communities in Montreal, Canada

Machinski, M.J.; Midio, A.F., 1998:
Validation of a simple and sensitive HPLC method for patulin in apple juice

Chambers, J.G.; Everitt, S.L., 1999:
Validation of an air monitoring method for the determination of residues of fluquinconazole - a standardised approach

Alados, I.; Alados Arboledas, L., 1999:
Validation of an empirical model for photosynthetically active radiation

Freson, L.; Godrie, S.; Bos, N.; Jourquin, J.; Geers, R., 1998:
Validation of an infra-red sensor for oestrus detection of individually housed sows

Wheeler, J.S.; Lalman, D.L.; Horn, G.W., 1998:
Validation of an intraruminal continuous-release chromium device to determine fecal output in grazing cattle

Ngouajio, M.; Lemieux, C.; Fortier, J.J.cques; Careau, D.; Leroux, G.D., 1998:
Validation of an operator-assisted module to measure weed and crop leaf cover by digital image analysis

Zeng, S.S.; Hart, S.; Escobar, E.N.; Tesfai, K., 1998:
Validation of antibiotic residue tests for dairy goats

MacDonald, K.A.; Penno, J.W.; Verkerk, G.A., 1999:
Validation of body condition scoring by using ultrasound measurements of subcutaneous fat

Westbrook, J.K.; Esquivel, J.F.; Lopez, J.D.J.; Jones, G.D.; Wolf, W.W.; Raulston, J.R., 1997:
Validation of bollworm migration across south-central Texas in 1994-1996

Casasus, I.; Sanz, A.; Villalba, D.; Ferrer, R.; Revilla, R., 1999:
Validation of conventional prediction equations for intake in Parda Alpina and Pyrenaica cattle

Bertrand, J.K.; Wiggans, G.R., 1998:
Validation of data and review of results from genetic evaluation systems for US beef and dairy cattle

Daniel, G.B.; Denovo, R.; Schultze, A.E.ic; Schmidt, D.; Smith, G.T., 1998:
Validation of deconvolutional analysis for the measurement of hepatic function in dogs with toxic-induced liver disease

Jones, P.J.; Ausman, L.M.; Croll, D.H.; Feng, J.Y.; Schaefer, E.A.; Lichtenstein, A.H., 1998:
Validation of deuterium incorporation against sterol balance for measurement of human cholesterol biosynthesis

Huang, S.; Titus,, D.M.rgan, D., 1999:
Validation of ecoregion-based taper equations for white spruce in Alberta

Lacko Bartosova, M.; Kosovan, S., 1998:
Validation of epic model in prediction of crop yields at Nitra location

Kuriyan, R.; Petracchi, C.; Ferro-Luzzi, A.; Shetty, P.S.; Kurpad, A.V., 1998:
Validation of expedient methods for measuring body composition in Indian adults

Carswell, F.; Al-Dabbagh, M.; Hunt, L.; Carswell, A.J., 1999:
Validation of family sampling for mite allergen (Der p 1) exposure

Favis Mortlock, D., 1998:
Validation of field-scale soil erosion models using common datasets

Sha Mi; Cochran, M.J.; Danforth, D.M., 1998:
Validation of insecticide termination rules based on plant monitoring

Hu, B.; Lucht, W.; Li, X.; Strahler, A.H., 1997:
Validation of kernel-driven semiempirical models for the surface bidirectional reflectance distribution function of land surfaces

Oja, J., 1997:
Validation of knot models on Norway spruce

Ghosh, J.; Yadav, M.C.; Parihar, N.S.; Meur, S.K., 1997:
Validation of macroscopic classification of buffalo ovarian follicles in comparison to micromorphological criteria

Travieso, M. del C.; Hechavarria, O.L.; Betancourt, A.; Frontela, M.; Miranda, I., 1998:
Validation of method of determining total tannins in natural vegetable products

Buxtorf, U.P.; Camenzind, R.; Gerber, R.; Meier, P.; Walter, E.; Zurcher, K., 1997:
Validation of methods for the Swiss Food Manual

Fernandez, M.C.; Ibanez, S.; Paradelo, M.; Frade, H.; Chiale, C., 1999:
Validation of microbiological control method of herbal drugs

Konoplev, A.V.; Bulgakov, A.A.; Hoffman, F.O.; Kanyar, B.; Lyashenko, G.; Nair, S.K.; Popov, A.; Raskob, W.; Thiessen, K.M.; Watkins, B.; Zheleznyak, M., 1999:
Validation of models of radionuclide wash-off from contaminated watersheds using Chernobyl data

Daeseleire, E.; Vandeputte, R.; Peteghem, C. van, 1998:
Validation of multi-residue methods for the detection of anabolic steroids by GC-MS in muscle tissues and urine samples from cattle

Portillo, H.E.; Pitre, H.N.; Meckenstock, D.H.; Gomez, F.; Lopez, J.I., 1997:
Validation of new agronomic and plant protection technologies in intercropped sorghum and maize in southern Honduras

Ellerbe, P.; Phinney, C.S.; Sniegoski, L.T.; Welch, M.J., 1999:
Validation of new instrumentation for isotope dilution mass spectrometric determination of organic serum analytes

Buiten, A. van; Broek, J. van den; Schukken, Y.H.; Colenbrander, B., 1999:
Validation of non-return rate as a parameter for stallion fertility

Zalom, F.G.; Connell, J.H.; Bentley, W.J., 1998:
Validation of phenology models for predicting development of the navel orangeworm Amyelois transitella (Walker) in California almond orchards

Bartz, M.; Küpper, J.; Schultink, W.; Lukito, W.; Deurenberg, P., 1998:
Validation of predicted total body water and extracellular water by multi-frequency impedance in young Indonesian adults

Burkholder, W.J.; Thatcher, C.D., 1998:
Validation of predictive equations for use of deuterium oxide dilution to determine body composition of dogs

Giffel, M.-Te; Zwietering, M., 1999:
Validation of predictive models describing the growth of Listeria monocytogenes

Calado, N., 1998:
Validation of regression models: application of a case study

Villalobos, R.; Retana, J.A., 1998:
Validation of the CERES-Rice model for estimating rice yields in Liberia, Costa Rica

Liedl, R.; Hirschberger, J., 1997:
Validation of the Technicon H*1 for the automated cell count and cell differentiation of feline blood samples

Garcia de la Torre, G.; Moreno Altamirano, L.; Haro Arteaga, I. de; Huerta Alvarado, S.G.; Salazar Schettino, P.M., 1998:
Validation of the data collection for a study of American trypanosomiasis in Morelos State, Mexico

Wolf; Ellington; Davis; Feltham, 1996:
Validation of the doubly labelled water technique for bumblebees Bombus terrestris (L.)

Rekila, T.; Harri, M.; Ahola, L., 1997:
Validation of the feeding test as an index of fear in farmed blue (Alopex lagopus) and silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

Westenhoefer, J.; Stunkard, A.J.; Pudel, V., 1999:
Validation of the flexible and rigid control dimensions of dietary restraint

Nielsen, K.; Gall, D.; Smith, P.; Vigliocco, A.; Perez, B.; Samartino, L.; Nicoletti, P.; Dajer, A.; Elzer, P.; Enright, F., 1999:
Validation of the fluorescence polarization assay as a serological test for the presumptive diagnosis of porcine brucellosis

Mboloi, M.M.; Bekker, C.P.; Kruitwagen, C.; Greiner, M.; Jongejan, F., 1999:
Validation of the indirect MAP1-B enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnosis of experimental Cowdria ruminantium infection in small ruminants

Benson, N.R.; Robertson, W.C.; Lorenz, G.M.; Bryant, K.J., 1999:
Validation of the insecticide termination component of COTMAN

Ventura, R.; Reyes, C., 1997:
Validation of the lines of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris, DOR 482), in the eastern zone of El Salvador

Bernard, L.; Chaise, J.P.; Delval, E.; Poncet, C., 1998:
Validation of the main modeling methods for the estimation of marker mean retention times in the different compartments of the gastrointestinal tract in sheep

Forrest, D.M.; Djurdjev, O.; Zala, C.; Singer, J.; Lawson, L.; Russell, J.A.; Montaner, J.S., 1998:
Validation of the modified multisystem organ failure score as a predictor of mortality in patients with AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and respiratory failure

F.L.Kuo; Mill, R.R.; Turland, N.J., 1999:
Validation of the name Cephalotaxus latifolia (Cephalotaxaceae), a species from Southeast China

Saucedo Molina, T. de J.; Gomez Peresmitre, G., 1998:
Validation of the nutritional index in Mexican preadolescents with the sensitivity and specificity method

Klein, M.; Mueller, M.; Dust, M.; Goerlitz, G.; Gottesbueren, B.; Hassink, J.; Kloskowski, R.; Kubiak, R.; Resseler, H.; Schaefer, H.; Stein, B.; Vereecken, H., 1997:
Validation of the pesticide leaching model PELMO using lysimeter studies performed for registration

Holzemer, W.L.; Spicer, J.G.; Wilson, H.S.; Kemppainen, J.K.; Coleman, C., 1998:
Validation of the quality of life scale: living with HIV

Theophilidis, G., 1997:
Validation of the synaptic depression in the central nervous system of the Locusta migratoria caused by an organophosphate (paraoxon) insecticide

Henriksen, E.O.; Gabrielsen, G.W.; Skaare,, 1998:
Validation of the use of blood samples to assess tissue concentrations of organochlorines in glaucous gulls, Larus hyperboreus

Leaper, S.; Richardson, P., 1999:
Validation of thermal process control for the assurance of food safety

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