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Variability of Drechslera teres (Sacc.) Shoem. at somatic hybridization. I. Production of D. teres somatic hybrids

Variability of Drechslera teres (Sacc.) Shoem. at somatic hybridization. I. Production of D. teres somatic hybrids

Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 31(2): 35-41

ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3648

Heterokaryons and products of a protoplast fusion of the barley pathogen D. teres (Pyrenophora teres) were obtained using morphological and biochemical mutants. Heterokaryon morphology differed significantly from that of the parental strains. Using protoplast fusion, hybrids between auxotrophic strains were obtained. The frequency of formation of the hybrid strains was low, especially when the strains with distinct origins were hybridized.

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