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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3332

Chapter 3332 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lagunes Espinoza Luz, C. del; Huyghe, C.; Papineau, J.; Harzic, N., 1998:
Variation in the pod wall proportion in canopies of white lupin (Lupinus albus L)

Grygiel, W., 1998:
Variation in the prevalence of the externally visible pathological symptoms affecting Baltic herring

Singh, S.N.; Shukla, P., 1999:
Variation in the production of enzymes by different isolates of Myrothecium roridum causing leafspot of mungbean

Leon Hernandez, W.J.; Espinoza de Pernia, N., 1997:
Variation in the proportion of sapwood in Cordia thaisiana trees

Costa, J.C.A.; Suarez, V.H.; Roano, D.; Eyherabide, H.M., 1997:
Variation in the response of Shorthorn bulls to gastrointestinal parasites. Identification of responder bulls

Fathi, G.; McDonald, G.K.; Lance, R.C.M.; Giles, L.C., 1998:
Variation in the response of barley cultivars to nitrogen fertilizer

Barratt, D.R.; Walker, K.J.; Pywell, R.F.; Mountford, J.O.; Sparks, T.H., 1999:
Variation in the responses of infraspecific variants of wet grassland species to manipulated water levels

Kozowski, S.; Stuczynska, E., 1999:
Variation in the shape of Lolium perenne spikes - an investigation of the causes

Wright, P.J.; Claydon Brooks, J.; Bonser, R., 1999:
Variation in the size of sexuals of the ant Lasius flavus (F.) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Anupama Gaur; Sharma, M.P.; Alok Adholeya; Shashi Chauhan, 1998:
Variation in the spore density and percentage of root length of tree species colonised by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at a rehabilitated waterlogged site

Kunisaka, T.; Kaga, H.; Imada, M., 1996:
Variation in the stand structure of conifer plantations (I): the effects of site quality on H-N-D relations

Kunisaki, T.; Kaga, H.; Imada, M., 1996:
Variation in the stand structure of conifer plantations (II): the form of DBH-height curve based on the mean top height class

Dris, R., 1999:
Variation in the storage life of 'Lobo', 'Aroma', 'Red Atlas' and 'Raike' apples during three years

Butt, T.M.; Segers, R.; Leal, S.C.; Kerry, B.R., 1998:
Variation in the subtilisins of fungal pathogens of insects and nematodes

Reid, S.A.; Husein, A., 1998:
Variation in the susceptibility of 6 strains of mouse to infection with Trypanosoma evansi

Korikanthimath, V.S.; Ravindra Mulge; Zachariah, T.J., 1997:
Variation in the yield and quality characters of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) clones

Praveen Singh; Mertia, R.S., 1998:
Variation in thermal time requirement of datepalm and its relationship with temperature and soil moisture deficiency

Bayyari, G.R.; Huff, W.E.; Balog, J.M.; Rath, N.C., 1997:
Variation in toe-web response of turkey poults to phytohemagglutinin-P and their resistance to Escherichia coli challenge

Bai, Q.A.; Sinclair, T.R.; Ray, J.D., 1997:
Variation in transpirational water-use efficiency and root length development among wheat cultivars

Takata, K.; Hirakawa, Y., 1998:
Variation in tree-ring components among 16 provenances of Japanese larch

Flier, W.G.; Turkensteen, L.J.; Mulder, A., 1998:
Variation in tuber pathogenicity of Phytophthora infestans in the Netherlands

Goldwasser, Y.; Kleifeld, Y.; Plakhine, D.; Rubin, B., 1997:
Variation in vetch (Vicia spp.) response to Orobanche aegyptiaca

Otten, H.; Wackers, F.L.; Dorn, S., 1998:
Variation in vibrations produced by Pimpla turionellae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Thakur, R.P.; Rao, V.P., 1997:
Variation in virulence and aggressiveness among pathotypes of Sclerospora graminicola on pearl millet

L.Z.ongXian; Y.X.aoPing; Zheng XuSong; Chen JianMing; Zhang ZhiTao; F.Q.ang, 1997:
Variation in virulence of the brown planthopper to resistant rice varieties and its relation to the changes in the activities of endogenous enzymes

van der Beek, J.G.; Poleij, L.M.; Zijlstra, C.; Janssen, R.; Janssen, G.J., 2008:
Variation in Virulence Within Meloidogyne chitwoodi, M. fallax, and M. hapla on Solanum spp

Saranga, Y.F.ash, I.Y.kir, D., 1998:
Variation in water-use efficiency and its relation to carbon isotope ratio in cotton

Shirin, F.; Dinesh Kumar; Pederick, L., 1998:
Variation in wood specific gravity of Pinus radiata in Victoria, Australia

Garcia D.G.; Sirhan A.L.; Diaz P.H., 1996:
Variation in wool fibre diameter in intensively managed ewes with three lambings in two years

Singh, S.B.; Singh, J.P., 1998:
Variation in yield and agromorphological characters in groundnut cultivars (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Moewes, M.; Freier, B.; Heimann, J., 1997:
Variation in yield loss per aphid-day due to Sitobion avenae-infestation in high yielding winter wheat

Dracup, M.; Reader, M.A.; Palta, J.A., 1998:
Variation in yield of narrow-leafed lupin caused by terminal drought

Cakmak, I.; Tolay, I.; Ozkan, H.; Ozdemir, A.; Braun, H.J., 1999:
Variation in zinc efficiency among and within Aegilops species

Luo YaoPing; Dong ShangSheng; Tong QiQing; Xia Tao; T.Y.uYing; X.H.iRong, 1997:
Variation of beta -glucosidase activity during the development of the shoots of seven tea cultivars

Piergiovanni, A.R.; Blanco, A., 1999:
Variation of HMW glutenin and gamma -gliadin subunits in selected accessions of Triticum dicoccon (Schrank) and T. spelta (L.)

Nguyen Thi Hue, 1998:
Variation of Hevea leaf nutrient content with leaf age and leaf Ca

Komazaki, S.; Osakabe, M., 1998:
Variation of Japanese Aphis gossypii clones in the life-cycle, host suitability and insecticide susceptibility, and estimation of their genetic variation by DNA analysis

Dhan Prakash; Tewari, S.K., 1999:
Variation of L-dopa contents in Mucuna species

Konaté, L.; Zwetyenga, J.; Rogier, C.; Bischoff, E.; Fontenille, D.; Tall, A.; Spiegel, A.; Trape, J.F.; Mercereau-Puijalon, O., 1999:
Variation of Plasmodium falciparum msp1 block 2 and msp2 allele prevalence and of infection complexity in two neighbouring Senegalese villages with different transmission conditions

M.C.uanXi;; Jiang GuoLiang, 1997:
Variation of SDS sedimentation volume and its relation to protein content in bread wheat

Karousou, R.; Vokou, D.; Kokkini, S., 1998:
Variation of Salvia fruticosa essential oils on the island of Crete (Greece)

Chen KunSong; Zhang ShangLong; L.J.nLiang; Chen QingJun, 1997:
Variation of abscisic acid, indole-3-acetic and ethylene in kiwifruit during fruit ripening

Muzquiz, M.; Pedrosa, M.M.; Cuadrado, C.; Ayet, G.; Burbano, C.; Brenes, A., 1998:
Variation of alkaloids, alkaloids esters, phytic acid and phytase activity in germinated seed of Lupinus albus and L. luteus

Chun JongUn; Griffith, M., 1998:
Variation of antifreeze proteins during cold acclimation among winter cereals and their relationship with freezing resistance

Kong, Y.; Chung, J.Y.; Yun, D.H.; Kim, L.S.; Kang, S.Y.; Ito, A.; Ma, L.; Cho, S.Y., 1997:
Variation of antigenic proteins of eggs and developmental stages of Paragonimus westermani

Park, H.Y.; Lee, S.U.; Chae, S.W.; Huh, S.; Yu, J.R.; Kim, J.; Hong, S.T., 1999:
Variation of antigenicity and serological reaction to Pneumocystis carinii in Korea

Lichou, J.; Jay, M.; Combe, J., 1999:
Variation of apricot quality - influence of fruit location within the tree

L.R.ngWei; L.H.Sheng; X.J.Wei, 1997:
Variation of arginine and methionine concentration in photosensitive genic male sterile rice under short photoperiod conditions

Ushimaru, A.; Kikuzawa, K., 1999:
Variation of breeding system, floral rewards, and reproductive success in clonal Calystegia species (Convolvulaceae)

Zhao JunLong; Yin XuJun; Liu ZhongLing, 1997:
Variation of calcium and magnesium contents in serum of buffaloes artificially infected with Babesia bovis and its relationship with parasitemia

Fukunaga, K.; Kawase, M.; Sakamoto, S., 1997:
Variation of caryopsis length and width among landraces of foxtail millet, Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv

Xue ChunYi; B.Y.ngZhuo; Cao YongChang, 1999:
Variation of cellular superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity in chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEFs) infected with infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV)

Baydar, H.; Turgut, I.; Turgut, K., 1999:
Variation of certain characters and line selection for yield, oil, oleic and linoleic acids in the Turkish sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) populations

Huerta Leidenz, N.; Moron Fuenmayor, O., 1996:
Variation of certain traits measured in cattle and their carcasses and correlations with yield of most valuable cuts

Ochodzki, P.; Piotrowska, A., 1997:
Variation of chemical composition of defatted rape seeds selected for low fibre content

Rai, R.K.; Rajesh Kumar; Madan, V.K.; Misra, S.R., 1997:
Variation of chlorophyll content in different growth stages of Saccharum genotypes and its correlation with parameters of growth analysis

Shon, T.K.on; Haryanto, T.A.ung Dwi; Can, N.D.y; Yoshida, T., 1997:
Variation of chromosome number in plants and regenerated plantlets of Bupleurum falcatum L

Jezewska, G., 1998:
Variation of coat colour in red foxes

Hotchkiss, J.R.; Revilla, P.; Tracy, W.F., 1997:
Variation of cold tolerance among open-pollinated sweet corn cultivars

Kim NamHun; Lee KiYeong, 1998:
Variation of crystalline state in a stem of Chamaecyparis obtusa E

Borges, R.; Mallarino, A.P., 1998:
Variation of early growth and nutrient content of no-till corn and soybean in relation to soil phosphorus and potassium supplies

Dohrenbusch, A.; Jaehne, S., 1998:
Variation of element concentrations in a mature Norway spruce stand

Yang,; Wu, S.T.; Thseng, F.S.eng, 1997:
Variation of emergence ability of rice using direct-seeding method

Agafonov, A.V.; Baum, B.R., 1998:
Variation of endosperm proteins in the complex of Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Gould ex Shinner

Rai, R.K., 1999:
Variation of epicuticular wax (ECW) content in sugarcane varieties and four species of Saccharum: a possible significance

Gianasi, L.; Castro, H.A.tonio De; Silva, H.P.D.; Leite, E.A.D.s Gracas, 1996:
Variation of fitness among different isolates of Exserohilum turcicum obtained from the corn producing regions of Brazil, 93/94 crop

Smagula, J.M.; Litten, W.; Chen YouZhi; Dunham, S., 1997:
Variation of fruit set and fruit characteristics of wild lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) in a managed field

Tokimoto, K.; Fukuda, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Fukumasa Nakai, Y., 1998:
Variation of fruiting body productivity in protoplast fusants between compatible monokaryons of Lentinula edodes

Kushad, M.M.; Brown, A.F.; Kurilich, A.C.; Juvik, J.A.; Klein, B.P.; Wallig, M.A.; Jeffery, E.H., 1999:
Variation of glucosinolates in vegetable crops of Brassica oleracea

Ali, M.H.; Zaman, S.M.H.; Hossain, S.M.A., 1997:
Variation of growth stages, mortality, dry matter production and seed yield of rapeseed as influenced by nitrogen, sulphur and plant density

Impiglia, A.; Nachit, M.M.; Pagnotta, M.A.; Porceddu, E., 1998:
Variation of high molecular weight (HMW) glutenin subunits in the Syrian durum wheat landrace Haurani

Ozkan, H.; Avivi, Y.; Feldman, M., 1998:
Variation of high molecular weight glutenin subunits in durum landraces of Turkey

Emmer, I.M., 1997:
Variation of humus form characteristics and its implications for humus form research in monospecies Pinus sylvestris stands

Sievers, G.; Lobos, C.; Inostroza, R., 1997:
Variation of infestation intensity with infective stages of the isopod Ceratothoa gaudichaudii in farmed salmon in the south of Chile

B.C.unXia; Guo JunZhan; Zhang YiZao, 1998:
Variation of isoenzymes in natural population of Chinese pine

Toyoshima, M.; Yamamoto, S.; Nakai, M., 1998:
Variation of landform arrangement and its effect on flow system and fluidity of shallow groundwater in lowland

Oosthuyse, S.A., 1997:
Variation of leaf nutrition status in relation to fruit growth in mango

Hamdi, A.; Rizkallah, L.R., 1997:
Variation of lentil germplasm for reaction to natural virus infection in Egypt

Park KyungSook; Yoon MunSup, 1997:
Variation of leucine aminopeptidase isozyme in Korean landraces and wild soybeans

Y.Y.ngXiong; Fujimoto, F.; Oba, S., 1999:
Variation of local populations of Medicago arabica (L.) Huds. and strains of Rhizobium meliloti and their symbiotic compatibility in nitrogen fixation capacity

Singh, S.P.; Shukla, S.; Khanna, K.R.; Dixit, B.S.; Banerji, R., 1998:
Variation of major fatty acids in F8 generation of opium poppy (Papaver somniferum x Papaver setigerum) genotypes

Luo XiuQin; Guan Ning; Zhang ShouHuai; Chen YiTai; Zhi JiWei, 1997:
Variation of mechanical properties and wood density within trees of Chinese-fir

Ahn, B.S.; Choi, Y.L.; Jeong, H.Y.; Kim, J.S.; Chung, Y.H., 1998:
Variation of milk components during the performance test period in Holstein dairy cow

Tadesse, W., 1997:
Variation of neurotoxin content of indigenous grasspea germplasm

Yu, Y.; Fujimoto, F.; Oba, S., 1998:
Variation of nitrogen fixation among Medicago species in association with Rhizobium meliloti isolates

Leneman, H.; Hoogeveen, M., 1997:
Variation of nitrogen flows between farms in the Netherlands

Mamansari, D.U.; Salokhe, V.M., 1999:
Variation of operator heart rate during tillage by power tiller

Liu YanZhuo; Huang NongRong; Chen ZhaoMing; Liu Bin; Huang QiuMei; Liang ZuYang; Qiu RunHeng; Zhang Xu; Wang Feng; Peng HuiPu; L.C.uanGuo; L.S.uGuang; Liao YiLong; Yao PingFei, 1999:
Variation of photosynthetic rate in high-yielding rices

Kabir, M.F.; Hossain, M.M.; Uddin, M.J.; Chowdhury, M.J.A.; Misbahuzzaman, K., 1996:
Variation of physical properties of Pinus caribaea of Chittagong with different age, height and site

Oje, K.; Alonge, A.F.; Adigun, Y.J., 1999:
Variation of physical properties of melon seeds at their different moisture levels

Lim,; Hwang, H.G.; Oh, B.G.un; Nam, M.H.e; Kwak, D.Y.on; Yi,; Park,, 1998:
Variation of physicochemical characteristics of grain in rice plants derived from cell culture

Arifin, N.S.; Miyajima, I.; Okubo, H., 1999:
Variation of pigments in the bulbs of shallot (Allium cepa var. ascalonicum) and Allium x wakegi

Schadler, M.; Witsack, W., 1999:
Variation of postembryonic development time and number of nymphal instars on a small spatial scale in central European grasshoppers (Caelifera: Acrididae)

Wolever, T.M.; Chiasson, J.L.; Csima, A.; Hunt, J.A.; Palmason, C.; Ross, S.A.; Ryan, E.A., 1998:
Variation of postprandial plasma glucose, palatability, and symptoms associated with a standardized mixed test meal versus 75 g oral glucose

X.L.' an; Chen TianHua; Wang ZhanGrong, 1997:
Variation of provenance progenies in wood property and provenance selection for pulpwood of Masson pine

X.Y.uMing; Lin Han; Wan FuHong, 1997:
Variation of pulpwood characteristics and cutting age of Masson pine

Cosentino, E.; Perna, A.; Larocca, M.C.; Gambacorta, E., 1999:
Variation of quality characteristics of goat milk cheese. Colour and chemical composition

Pecetti, L.; Berardo, N.; Odoardi, M.; Piano, E., 1998:
Variation of quality components in genotypes of grazing-type lucerne

Liu, J.; Yi, Y.; Bai, K.; Liang, Z., 1998:
Variation of respiratory enzyme activities of Suaeda salsa seedlings under salinity and doubled CO2

Mander, U.; Kull, A., 1998:
Variation of runoff and nutrient fluxes in an agricultural watershed: influence of land use changes and climatic fluctuations

Li, C., 1998:
Variation of seedling traits of Eucalyptus microtheca origins in different watering regimes

Q.K.Zong; Wang LiNan; Shu YuanShan, 1999:
Variation of serum creatine kinase isoenzyme (CK-MB) and cardiac troponin T (CTn-T) and the protective effect on the myocardium in dogs with cold-warm blood cardioplegia

Huang ZhiJiang; Lin FanPing; L.G.oPing; Huang YiMing; Qiu ChengLiang; Luo JunMu, 1997:
Variation of serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor level in pregnant dairy cows

Whang, S.; Kim, K.; Hess, W., 1998:
Variation of silica bodies in leaf epidermal long cells within and among seventeen species of Oryza (Poaceae)

Hsieh YouLo, 1998:
Variation of single fiber strength

Eugenio, P.; Sferra, R.; Vetuschi, A.; Gaudio, E.; Carruba, G., 1998:
Variation of slime production and ultrastructural analysis in clinical and soil isolates of Candida parapsilosis

Magyla, A.; Sateikiene, D.; Slepetiene, A., 1996:
Variation of soil agrochemical properties in diversification-specialized crop rotations

Shieh GuangJauh; Thseng FuSheng, 1998:
Variation of the agronomic characters of different Tainan-White maize populations in Taiwan

Cojocariu, P.; Neagu, T., 1998:
Variation of the degree of soil crumbling at the seedbed mechanized preparation according to soil moisture, clay content and apparent density

Hao YanHong; Chi YuJie; L.Q.ngZhang; Wei Ping, 1996:
Variation of the lipid peroxide (LPO) content of the immune organs and viscera of chicks inoculated with turkey herpesvirus vaccine

Ordonez Candelaria, V.R.; Davalos Sotelo, R., 1996:
Variation of the mechanical properties of structural timber by change in its moisture content

Kaym, K.; Kemal Koc, N.; Rokka, V.M., 1998:
Variation of the nuclear DNA content of species of subtribe Citrinae (Rutaceae)

Schiestl, F.P.; Ayasse, M.; Paulus, H.F.; Erdmann, D.; Francke, W., 1997:
Variation of the pollinator-attracting odor signals and reproductive success in Ophrys sphegodes subsp. sphegodes Miller (Orchidaceae)

Milankov, V.; Petric, D.; Vujic, A.; Vapa, L.; Kerenji, A., 1998:
Variation of the siphonal characters in sympatric populations of Aedes caspius (Pallas, 1771) and Aedes dorsalis (Meigen, 1830)

Kimura, T.; Hayakawa, F.; Yamamoto, G.; Yoshitake, K.; Ando, T., 1998:
Variation of the total amount of fluoride in blood of young women during the menstrual cycle

Dworecki, Z.; oboda, M.; Boniecki, P.; Krysztofiak, A., 1999:
Variation of the tractor vibration parameters caused by rear-mounted implement

Feng Ming, 1997:
Variation of thermal resources for main crop growth in Hubei Province

Konar, V.; Canpolat, A.; Ylmaz, O.; Gursu, F., 1999:
Variation of total lipid and fatty acid amount and compositions in muscles of Capoeta trutta and Barbus rajanorum mystaceus during reproduction period

Y.B.n; Huang HuiYi, 1994:
Variation of tree-rings in urban environment and its relation to industrial development

Lee JaiHeon; Lee MyoungHoon; Kim KyungJe, 1998:
Variation of univariate flow karyotypes and chromosomal DNA contents in maize (Zea mays L.)

Fukuyama, T.; Sasahara, H.; Fukuta, Y., 1999:
Variation of vascular bundle system corresponds to indica, tropical- and temperate-japonica differentiation of Asian rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Rakonjac, V.; Milutinovic, M.; Nikolic, D., 1996:
Variation of wild sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) seedling properties within and between populations

Jiang XiaoMei; Luo XiuQin; Chen YiTai; Wen JiWei, 1997:
Variation of wood properties within trees of Chinese fir. II. Variation of tracheid morphology

Ghosh, P.K.; Devi Dayal, 1997:
Variation of yield of succeeding wheat because of various groundnut genotypes

da Cruz-Landim, C.; Reginato, R.D.niele.; Imperatriz-Fonseca, V.L.cia., 1998:
Variation on ovariole number in Meliponinae (Hymenoptera, Apidae) queen's ovaries, with comments on ovary development and caste differentiation

Guo JinYao; Hua BaoGuang; Lou ChengHou, 1997:
Variation potential transmission in willow plantlets

Handa, A.K.; Chauhan, S.K.; Gautam, P.L., 1997:
Variation studies in natural stands of Alnus nitida in Kullu Valley

Handa, A.K.; Chauhan, S.K.; Gautam, P.L., 1998:
Variation studies in natural stands of Alnus nitida in Kullu valley

Banks, N.H.; Cheng QingMin; Nicholson, S.E.; Kingsley, A.M.; Jeffery, P.B., 1998:
Variation with temperature in effects of surface coatings on gas exchange of apples

Rao, S.K., 1996:
Variation, correlation and regression studies in chickpeas

Nonaka, K.; Nakui, T., 1998:
Variations among the windrows and crop fields in the contents of low moisture round bale silages

Zhou, Y.; Lu, W.; Fushitani, M., 1997:
Variations and correlations of wood density and growth traits in Changbai larch (Larix olgensis)

Bitar, A.; Fellmann, N.; Vernet, J.; Coudert, J.; Vermorel, M., 1999:
Variations and determinants of energy expenditure as measured by whole-body indirect calorimetry during puberty and adolescence

Wang XuDong; Zhang YiPing, 1998:
Variations and properties of soil humic acid fractions under different fertilization condition

Rao, M.S.S.; Bhagsari, A.S., 1998:
Variations between and within maturity groups of soybean genotypes for biomass, seed yield, and harvest index

Ratnoo, R.S.; Jain, K.L.; Bhatnagar, M.K., 1997:
Variations in Macrophomina isolates of ash-gray stem blight of cowpea

Zhang ShaoLing; Hiratsuka, S., 1999:
Variations in S-protein levels in styles of Japanese pears and the expression of self-incompatibility

Rehout, V.; Kosvanec, K.; Citek, J.; Soch, M.; Hajic, F., 1997:
Variations in amino acid levels in cow milk in winter and summer

Vasquez Correa, A.M., 1998:
Variations in anatomical characteristics and wood density of Pinus caribaea Morelet var. hondurensis Barret and Golfari in relation to tree spacing

Sotelo, A.; Lucas, B., 1998:
Variations in antinutritional factors at different development stages in seed of Phaseolus vulgaris and Erythrina americana

Sone, K.; Mochizuki, T.; Noguchi, Y., 1999:
Variations in ascorbic acid content among strawberry cultivars and their harvest times

Alpaslan, M.; Gunes, A.; Taban, S.; Erdal, I.; Tarakcioglu, C., 1998:
Variations in calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and manganese contents of wheat and rice cultivars under salt stress

Neu, H.; Bohles, H.; Sewell, A.C., 1997:
Variations in carnitine plasma concentrations in canine heart disease

Morimoto, S.; Kinugawa, K.; Tanesaka, E.; Ogawa, M., 1998:
Variations in characteristics of F1 hybrids between Japanese and Thai oyster mushroom

Rai, S.; Das, A.B.; Das, P., 1999:
Variations in chlorophylls, carotenoids, protein, and secondary metabolites amongst ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) cultivars and their association with rhizome yield

Suchy, P.; Strakova, E.; Hruby, A., 1999:
Variations in cholesterol concentrations in the blood plasma of hens throughout the laying period

Cai Run; Minoru, A.; Yasokazu, H., 1998:
Variations in chromosomal number of culture cells of callus and adventitious roots of artificial synthetic wheat

Yuan, Y.V.; Kitts, D.D.; Godin, D.V., 1998:
Variations in dietary fat and cholesterol intakes modify antioxidant status of SHR and WKY rats

Anil, M.H.; McKinstry, J.L., 1998:
Variations in electrical stunning tong placements and relative consequences in slaughter pigs

Yu, J.M.; de Vlas, S.J.; Yuan, H.C.; Gryseels, B. , 1998:
Variations in fecal Schistosoma japonicum egg counts

Eloy, O.; Lemaire, P.; Roubache, J.F.; Pina, P.; Favre, A.; Chenard, C.; Decousser, J.W.; Belan, A.G.; Ghnassia, J.C., 1998:
Variations in fluconazole and itraconazole susceptibility and DNA subtyping of Candida albicans isolated from patients with AIDS and oral candidosis

Laczo, F., 1997:
Variations in form of the agricultural labour cooperatives

Gondim,; de-Oliveira, G.R.; Graça, J.R.; Cavalcante, D.I.; Souza, M.A.; Santos, A.A.; Rola, F.H., 1998:
Variations in gastric emptying of liquid elicited by acute blood volume changes in awake rats

Constantine, G.H.; Karchesy, J., 1998:
Variations in hypericin concentrations in Hypericum perforatum L. and commercial products

Dembele, Y.; Duchesne, J.; Ouattara, S.; Zida, Z., 1999:
Variations in irrigated rice water requirements according to transplanting dates (Burkina Faso, central zone)

Tripathi, R.M.; Pandey, S.K.; Sharma, I.J.; Bhargava, M.K., 1998:
Variations in liver and kidney functions after epidural use of centbucridine in dogs

Mixdorf, U.; Villa, W., 1998:
Variations in management intensity in the state forests of Saxony

Jackson, D.; Deady, S.; Leahy, Y.; Hassett, D., 1997:
Variations in parasitic caligid infestations on farmed salmonids and implications for their management

Tardif, J.; Dutilleul, P.; Bergeron, Y., 1998:
Variations in periodicities of the ring width of black ash (Fraxinus nigra Marsh.) in relation to flooding and ecological site factors at Lake Duparquet in northwestern Quebec

Gallardo, M.; Matilla, A.J., 1998:
Variations in polyamine content during embryogenesis of Cicer arietinum seeds

Lee ChanHo; Park JungHwan; Kim YongChae, 1997:
Variations in properties and qualities of major plantation-grown softwoods in Korea(I) - anatomical properties of Pinus koraiensis, Larix leptolepis, and Chamaecyparis obtusa

D.N.js, M.; Larsen, J.S.; Gams, W.; Rombouts, F.M.; Wernars, K.; Thrane, U.; Notermans, S.H.M., 1997:
Variations in random amplified polymorphic DNA patterns and secondary metabolite profiles within Fusarium species from cereals from various parts of The Netherlands

Larbi, A.; Dixon, A.G.O.; Smith, J.W.; Yusuf, O.T., 1998:
Variations in root and foliage yields and quality among green mite-resistant cassava clones

Kousky, J.V.; Thiaw, W.M.; Levy, R.C., 1998:
Variations in satellite-derived precipitation estimates and atmospheric circulation over Africa

Steegen, A.; Govers, G.; Beuselinck, L.; Nachtergaele, J.; Takken, I.; Poesen, J., 1998:
Variations in sediment yield from an agricultural drainage basin in central Belgium

Garner, R.D.; Witkowski, E.T.F., 1997:
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Varietal description. Sumtare-SweetheartReg.

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Varietal description. Zailice-HermioneReg.

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Varietal description. Zee Glo

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Varieties for 1999

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Variety description. Ferbleue

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Variety description. Monnaze-Topaze

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Variety description. Monnaze-TopazeReg.

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Variety description. Verdi

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Variety description: Spring Bright

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Variety: 'Beenak'. Application no: 95/305

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Variety: 'Duespot' syn Red Fox Spotlight Dark Red. Application no: 97/192

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Variety: 'GM 79' syn Camil. Application no: 93/082

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Variety: 'GM 9' syn Inmil. Application no: 93/083

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Variety: 'Gairdner' syn WABAR2034. Application no: 97/136

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Variety: 'Giles' syn QT 6581. Application no: 97/282

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Variety: 'Glacis'. Application no: 97/005

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Variety: 'Gold Allusion'. Application no. 97/152

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Variety: 'Gold Nijisseiki'. Application no. 97/056

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Golden Harvest'. Application no: 93/163

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Goldmark' syn VF 508. Application no: 96/097

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Good as Gold'. Application no: 95/199

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Gordon' syn RRL 31. Application no: 97/134

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Green Diamond' syn HS 23. Application no: 97/144

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Grouse' syn BLN 884. Application no: 96/228

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'HAV 84-3'. Application no: 96/284

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Heather'. Application no: 95/190

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Heritage Lordship'. Application no. 98/049

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Heritage Zephyr'. Application no. 98/050

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Variety: 'Highgold'. Application no: 94/206

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Holiday Splendor'. Application no: 93/151

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Variety: 'Holly M' syn White Holly. Application no. 97/151

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Variety: 'Honey Gold'. Application no. 96/043

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Variety: 'JACcofl' syn Brass Band. Application no: 96/069

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'JACnor' syn Signature. Application no: 96/068

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'JACtou' syn Midas Touch. Application no: 96/065

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Variety: 'Jana'. Application no: 97/003

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Variety: 'Jervis Bay Afterdark'. Application no: 97/225

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Variety: 'Jindera'. Application no: 94/107

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Variety: 'Karoo' syn TI 7. Application no: 96/040

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Kennedy' syn QT6063. Application no: 96/209

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Kensington Red'. Application no: 95/068

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Kestrel'. Application no: 95/189

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'King' syn DSIR-173-1. Application no: 97/110

Kordes, W., 1997:
Variety: 'Korazerka' syn Ekstase. Application no: 96/078

Kordes, W., 1997 :
Variety: 'Kormiller' syn Dream. Application no: 96/076

Kordes, W., 1997:
Variety: 'Korplasina' syn Our Vanilla. Application no: 96/081

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Kristine' syn 83-37 RZ. Application no: 95/267

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Variety: 'Lady Gwenda'. Application no. 97/102

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Lago Azzurro'. Application no. 95/112

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Laser'. Application no. 95/018

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Variety: 'Latona' syn VDZ 83-60. Application no: 96/283

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Variety: 'Leeton'. Application no. 95/019

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Variety: 'Lemon Lime and Clippers'. Application no: 96/234

Fell, D.N., 1998:
Variety: 'Leprechaun'. Application no: 93/236

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Light Touch'. Application no: 96/121

Anonymous, 1997 :
Variety: 'Limegold'. Application no: 97/063

Membery, S., 1998:
Variety: 'Little Gumball'. Application no: 96/235

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Little Moon'. Application no. 97/178

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Loana 52'. Application no: 96/001

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Lowanna'. Application no. 97/069

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Ludet'. Application no. 97/143

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Lusaka'. Application no: 97/053

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'MACoranlem' syn Oranges and Lemons. Application no: 96/066

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Magic Arbel' syn 'Arbel'. Application no: 96/104

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Magic Gilboa' syn Gilboa. Application no: 95/063

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Magic Golan' syn Golan. Application no: 95/064

Anonymous, 1997 :
Variety: 'Magic Tavor'. Application no: 96/103

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Magna'. Application no. 98/205

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Magnet' syn DSIR-128-5. Application no: 97/109

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Maria Allusion' syn Cherry Allusion. Application no. 98/132

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Marole' syn Bushy King. Application no. 97/267

Peter, A.; Brindley, G.P., 1998:
Variety: 'Matilda'. Application no: 93/235

Sinclair, P., 1999:
Variety: 'Matuka Silver'. Application no. 95/205

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Mawson' syn QT7274. Application no: 96/179

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meicitrem' syn Lemon Sunblaze. Application no: 96/244

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meiferjac' syn Autumn Sublaze. Application no: 96/240

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meifruije' syn Apricot Sunblaze. Application no: 96/241

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meiglaspo' syn Fragrance Sunblaze. Application no: 96/258

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Meiguitan' syn Marylin. Application no: 95/105

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Meiguni' syn Tequila. Application no: 95/101

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Meikanrou' syn Rubina. Application no: 95/286

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meilarspo' syn Dream Sunblaze. Application no: 96/243

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meilmera' syn Bridal Sunblaze. Application no: 96/242

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Meinewkan' syn Chin Chin. Application no: 95/288

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Meineyta' syn Anita. Application no: 95/102

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meirevolt' syn Golden Conquest. Application no: 96/094

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Meiroudek' syn Rosalina. Application no: 95/287

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meitebros' syn The Children's. Application no: 97/026

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Meitosier' syn Twilight Glow. Application no: 94/207

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Mikkie' syn Bushy Prince. Application no. 97/266

Garrad, T.J., 1998:
Variety: 'Min-a-Min'. Application no: 98/109

Quinn, P.B., 1997:
Variety: 'Mingo'. Application no: 96/092

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Minibean'. Application no. 98/204

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Monad' syn 2280-2/1. Application no: 96/143

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Monty' syn BLN 900. Application no: 96/227

Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd; Australia, A.W.stern Australia; Grains Research and Development Corporation, 1999:
Variety: 'Moonah'. Application no. 98/183

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Mundah' syn 83S:514. Application no: 96/205

Gordon, J., 1999:
Variety: 'My Sweet Honeycomb'. Application no. 97/066

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Myallie' syn 84L:439. Application no: 96/204

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'NO.001'. Application no: 96/267

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Nectazee'. Application no: 94/165

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Needilup'. Application no. 98/116

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Nelson' syn Simba. Application no: 94/220

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Nemkat'. Application no: 95/115

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Nitro Plus'. Application no: 97/035

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Nonda'. Application no. 97/072

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Northfield' syn ILL 5588. Application no: 95/034

Lunghusen, M., 1997:
Variety: 'Nullarbor Flame'. Application no: 97/021

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Nyabing' syn WAWHT1389. Application no: 97/123

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Obelisk' syn Flamenco. Application no. 98/122

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Oceanic White'. Application no: 92/059

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Orapin'. Application no: 97/009

Cherry, R.J., 1997:
Variety: 'Paradise Audry'. Application no: 95/230

Cherry, R.J., 1997:
Variety: 'Paradise Burgundy'. Application no: 95/291

Cherry, R.J., 1997:
Variety: 'Paradise Helen'. Application no: 95/229

Cherry, R.J., 1997:
Variety: 'Paradise Heritage'. Application no: 95/228

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Paravic'. Application no. 98/181

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Pasadena'. Application no: 94/148

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Pendaco' syn Signal. Application no: 97/012

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Pendresd' syn Ville de Dresden. Application no: 97/001

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Pensid' syn Sidonia. Application no: 97/004

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Persian Prolific'. Application no: 97/036

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Picola' syn '86045B'. Application no: 96/075

Smith, S.; Smith, S., 1998:
Variety: 'Pink Cupid'. Application no: 96/128

Smith, S.; Smith, S., 1998:
Variety: 'Pink Pride'. Application no: 96/129

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Pixzee'. Application no: 94/161

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Potpurri'. Application no: 95/307

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'QT5793'. Application no: 96/178

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'RZ 85-618'. Application no: 96/197

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Range' syn AGA 94-18. Application no: 96/214

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Red Elstar'. Application no: 89/011

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Revolution Bluevein' syn Blue Highlights. Application no: 94/155

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Revolution Pastel Pink No. 2'. Application no: 96/236

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Revolution Pinkmini' syn Blushing Pink. Application no: 94/157

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Revolution Pinkvein' syn Pink Highlights. Application no: 94/156

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Revolution Violet No. 2'. Application no: 96/237

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Rohde Summer Navel'. Application no: 89/005

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Rosie'. Application no: 93/242

Bradford, L.G.; Bradford, N.G., 1997:
Variety: 'Ruby Diamond'. Application no: 95/164

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Rutcan'. Application no: 96/183

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Rutdan' syn Celestial. Application no: 96/182

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'SA 252-107' syn Polka. Application no: 93/118

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'SA 256-24' syn Bolero. Application no: 93/117

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sanberubu' syn Blue Chimes. Application no: 95/263

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sanberupi' syn Pink Chimes. Application no: 95/264

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sanmaripi' syn Pink Profusion. Application no: 95/270

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sanmarisu' syn Scarlet Fire. Application no: 95/271

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Santorini' syn 87GEH76C. Application no: 96/047

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Sassa'. Application no: 97/006

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Sassy Dark Red'. Application no: 97/007

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Saxon' syn 81C 116-41. Application no: 96/210

Menzies, A., 1997:
Variety: 'Scentuous Blue'. Application no: 96/261

Anonymous, 1997 :
Variety: 'Sequel HR' syn CS 93-1. Application no: 95/142

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Shadow'. Application no: 94/174

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Siberia'. Application no. 94/230

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sicala V-2i'. Application no: 96/154

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sicot 50i'. Application no: 96/150

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sicot S-8i'. Application no: 96/152

Frazer, E.J.; Frazer, E.J., 1997:
Variety: 'Silver Queen Compact'. Application no. 97/146

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Silverstar' syn VF 664. Application no: 96/098

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Siokra L-23'. Application no: 96/151

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Siokra V-15i'. Application no: 96/153

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sir Walter'. Application no: 96/226

Anonymous, 1997 :
Variety: 'Sleigh Bells'. Application no: 93/150

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Sloop'. Application no: 96/270

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Smith's Astra'. Application no. 98/025

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Smith's Aurora'. Application no. 98/186

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Smith's Comet'. Application no. 98/187

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Smith's Orion'. Application no. 97/274

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Smith's Stellar'. Application no. 97/273

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Snowcloud'. Application no: 96/271

Wilken, S., 1998:
Variety: 'Snowstorm'. Application no: 89/012

Done, D.; Done, J., 1997:
Variety: 'Spectrum'. Application no: 95/285

Kordes, W., 1997:
Variety: 'Spekes' syn Our Sacha. Application no: 96/080

Anonymous, 1998 :
Variety: 'St. Johns'. Application no: 96/039

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Stabelin' syn Madeline. Application no. 97/243

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Stalona' syn Ilona. Application no: 97/033

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Staprimil' syn Emily. Application no. 97/247

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Staprimon' syn Monica. Application no. 97/249

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Staprinag' syn Ragna. Application no. 97/252

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Staprisis' syn Sissi. Application no. 97/248

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Staprizsa' syn Zsa Zsa. Application no. 97/250

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Starkrist' syn Kristina. Application no: 97/034

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Statas' syn Tasman. Application no: 90/126

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Stiletto' syn RAC680. Application no: 93/240

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sturt' syn QT6285. Application no: 96/208

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sugar Button'. Application no: 96/186

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sugar Lace'. Application no: 96/185

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Summer Eyes'. Application no: 96/184

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sunbrook' syn SUN 224A. Application no: 96/058

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sunland' syn SUN 155C. Application no: 96/060

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sunstate' syn SUN 148L. Application no: 93/127

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Suntory TP-L' syn Lilac Reflections. Application no: 95/244

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Suntory TP-P' syn Pink Passion. Application no: 95/243

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Suntory TP-V' syn Purple Passion. Application no: 95/245

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Suntory TP-W' syn White Lightning. Application no: 95/246

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Sunvale' syn SUN 146F. Application no: 96/059

Garnett, C.R., 1997:
Variety: 'Sweet Jane'. Application no: 96/119

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Symfonia' syn WAL 82-161. Application no: 96/196

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'TI 1 Pinnacle' syn TI 1. Application no: 97/046

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'TI 10'. Application no: 96/073

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Tallerack' syn WALUP2039. Application no: 97/094

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Tanireb' syn Belle of Berlin. Application no: 92/162

Schmulling, M., 1997:
Variety: 'Tanja'. Application no: 92/181

Australia, A.W.stern Australia; Grains Research and Development Corporation, 1999:
Variety: 'Tanjil'. Application no. 98/140

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Tanmixa' syn Joy of Life. Application no. 97/064

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Tantangara'. Application no: 96/099

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Taranto'. Application no. 95/265

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Tempest'. Application no: 94/173

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Tennant'. Application no. 98/178

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Topcut'. Application no: 93/081

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Treat'. Application no: 98/020

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Tribute' syn 2083.PJ. Application no: 96/134

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Trounce'. Application no: 95/217

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Turanti' syn 64A. Application no: 96/100

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'VDW 82-101'. Application no: 97/059

Ciccolella, V., 1999:
Variety: 'VIC 90-1'. Application no. 95/290

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Valor'. Application no: 95/191

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'WEKjoe' syn Lynn Anderson. Application no: 96/070

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Waverley'. Application no: 95/020

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Westonia' syn WAWHT2109. Application no: 97/124

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'White Festival'. Application no: 95/066

Smith, S.; Smith, S., 1998:
Variety: 'White Mist'. Application no: 96/130

Smith, S.; Smith, S., 1998:
Variety: 'White Night'. Application no: 96/131

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Winston'. Application no: 95/188

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: 'Wodjil' syn Teo-105. Application no: 97/093

Anonymous, 1999:
Variety: 'Wyalong'. Application no. 98/137

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Yanac' syn VF302. Application no: 96/096

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Yanda' syn 104C. Application no: 96/101

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `7GC153'. Application no: 96/221

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `99LB329'. Application no: 96/223

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `A.C. Assiniboia' syn Graza 68. Application no: 97/279

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `A871'. Application no: 97/268

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Abby Belle' syn M6/02. Application no: 97/153

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Adventurer'. Application no: 96/262

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Amy Belle' syn M5/12. Application no: 97/154

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Annie Petite' syn M5/10. Application no: 97/027

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Anvi' syn Spirit. Application no: 97/170

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Arctic Jay'. Application no: 97/332

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Arctic Sweet'. Application no: 96/224

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Argyle Star'. Application no: 97/037

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Arrotas'. Application no: 96/274

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Ausmol' syn Molineux. Application no: 98/083

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Aussal' syn Radio Times. Application no: 98/081

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `B891'. Application no: 97/269

Cherry, R.J., 1998:
Variety: `Bee Dazzle'. Application no: 97/184

Cherry, R.J., 1998:
Variety: `Bella Bambina'. Application no: 97/185

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Beth'. Application no: 96/259

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Betty Anne'. Application no: 96/225

Rother, R., 1998:
Variety: `Blizzard' syn White Falls. Application no: 96/126

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Blushing Queen'. Application no: 98/068

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Brilliant Pink Iceberg' syn Probil. Application no: 97/337

Barber, J.; Barber, C., 1998:
Variety: `Bullock Creek'. Application no: 98/095

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `C990'. Application no: 97/270

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Capello'. Application no: 95/297

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Cascade Brilliance'. Application no: 96/200

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Christy Belle' syn M6/07. Application no: 97/156

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Colourburst Pink'. Application no: 97/316

Mann, D.; Mann, D.E., 1998:
Variety: `Cygne Blanc'. Application no: 97/045

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `D1056'. Application no: 97/271

Morgan, E.D.; Morgan, R.C., 1998:
Variety: `Dawn Breaker'. Application no: 98/129

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `DeltaEmerald'. Application no: 97/344

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `DeltaJewel'. Application no: 97/342

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `DeltaOpal'. Application no: 97/343

Fitzpatrick, B., 1998:
Variety: `Dreaming'. Application no: 95/111

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Earlicot'. Application no: 96/032

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Elly Belle' syn M5/06. Application no: 97/157

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Endurance'. Application no: 98/106

Wilson, D., 1998:
Variety: `Forest Magic'. Application no: 97/162

Ollerenshaw, P., 1998:
Variety: `Freya'. Application no: 97/346

Wood, S.L., 1998:
Variety: `Golden Robe'. Application no: 97/305

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Grasslands Crusader' syn CRLU4. Application no: 96/036

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Grasslands Kaituna' syn B80. Application no: 96/037

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Grasslands Vision'. Application no: 98/086

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Green Dragon'. Application no: 97/182

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Gwydir'. Application no: 97/276

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Haymaker Plus'. Application no: 97/287

Hetzal, K., 1998:
Variety: `Helsufair' syn Super Fairy. Application no: 96/281

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Holly Belle' syn M6/08. Application no: 97/155

Burt, D., 1998:
Variety: `Hot Candy'. Application no: 97/272

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Hotham' syn WAOAT0421. Application no: 97/161

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `JAClaf' syn Moon Shadow. Application no: 96/279

Hammond, F., 1998:
Variety: `Julie Anna' syn M5/01. Application no: 97/028

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Jumpin' Jack' syn JACpat. Application no: 96/067

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Kalocsai 90' syn Fantasy Elixir. Application no: 96/255

Minato, A., 1998:
Variety: `King Alvise'. Application no: 95/240

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Kings Park Federation Flame'. Application no: 97/142

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Koranderer' syn Our Copper Queen. Application no: 97/201

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korbasren' syn Pink Bassino. Application no: 96/087

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korfischer' syn Hansa Park. Application no: 96/085

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korgenoma' syn Emely. Application no: 97/207

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korhoco' syn Vital. Application no: 97/206

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korlis' syn Eliza. Application no: 96/077

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Kormarec' syn Sommerabend. Application no: 96/086

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Koromtar' syn Cream Dream. Application no: 97/204

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korruicil' syn Our Esther. Application no: 97/205

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korsulas' syn Limona. Application no: 97/203

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Kortanken' syn Domstadt Fulda. Application no: 96/082

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korverpea' syn Kleopatra. Application no: 96/084

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Korvestavi' syn Sunny Sky. Application no: 97/200

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Laura Joy'. Application no: 98/057

McNaughton, V.; Matthews, D., 1998:
Variety: `Lavenite No. 1'. Application no: 98/153

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Lemon Colourburst'. Application no: 97/315

Hatch, T., 1998:
Variety: `Lilac Joy'. Application no: 97/015

Slykerman, J., 1998:
Variety: `Lumeha'. Application no: 96/049

Mason, G., 1998:
Variety: `Mason'. Application no: 97/223

Clucas, E., 1998:
Variety: `Mauve Delight'. Application no: 97/177

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Meicofum'. Application no: 97/195

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Meiqualis'. Application no: 97/105

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Meitanet'. Application no: 97/104

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Melrose'. Application no: 98/015

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Menindee Magic'. Application no: 97/039

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Meridian'. Application no: 97/025

Cunliffe, I.; Barton, S., 1998:
Variety: `Mystic Bells'. Application no: 98/173

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Mystic'. Application no: 98/142

Layt, T., 1998:
Variety: `Nathus Green'. Application no: 97/101

Noack, R., 1998:
Variety: `Noare' syn Red Ground Cover. Application no: 97/331

Noack, R., 1998:
Variety: `Noason' syn Yellow Ground Cover. Application no: 97/199

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Olijcrem'. Application no: 97/198

Warwick, R.; Tonkin, M., 1998:
Variety: `Our Vision'. Application no: 94/006

Cherry, R.J., 1998:
Variety: `Paradise Joan'. Application no: 97/189

Cherry, R.J., 1998:
Variety: `Paradise Sayaka'. Application no: 97/188

Steenkamp, J.M., 1998:
Variety: `Peppadew' syn Steenkamp. Application no: 97/062

Dealtrey, P.M.; Rijssen, R. van, 1998:
Variety: `Plangen'. Application no: 98/014

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Poulari' syn Karen Blixen. Application no: 96/278

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Poulhappy' syn Charming Parade. Application no: 97/164

Hoare, K.; Hoare, R., 1998:
Variety: `Pure Harmony'. Application no: 97/112

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Red Fantasy'. Application no: 98/067

Giankos, P., 1998:
Variety: `Red Princess'. Application no: 95/046

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Red Rascal'. Application no: 97/180

Sandidge, C.R.Jr, 1998:
Variety: `Sandidge' syn Super Chief. Application no: 95/123

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Sapphire Star'. Application no: 96/282

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Screenmaster'. Application no: 97/284

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `September Snow'. Application no: 96/222

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Silk Road'. Application no: 96/263

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Silver Feather'. Application no: 96/265

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Snow King'. Application no: 96/220

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Solar Flare'. Application no: 98/217

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Songlines'. Application no: 96/135

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Statropur' syn Gypsy. Application no: 89/120

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Summer Sweet'. Application no: 96/219

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Sumtare' syn Sweetheart. Application no: 94/036

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Sunabout'. Application no: 96/266

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Sunraysia Splendour'. Application no: 97/038

Hew, S.Y.; Siah, T.M., 1998:
Variety: `TPP 1'. Application no: 97/029

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Tanafira'. Application no: 97/089

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Taniffest'. Application no: 97/090

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Tankalcig'. Application no: 97/091

Strangman, E.; Gough, G., 1998:
Variety: `The Star'. Application no: 97/239

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Traveller'. Application no: 96/264

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Unicorn' syn Kinukei 21. Application no: 97/145

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Unigold'. Application no: 98/218

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `VJ 62'. Application no: 97/262

Hockings, F.D., 1998:
Variety: `Valentine Lace'. Application no: 97/051

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Vasse' syn WAOAT0396. Application no: 97/160

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Vedura'. Application no: 97/286

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Velero'. Application no: 95/296

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Vestar'. Application no: 97/285

Crowe, F.D., 1998:
Variety: `Vicred'. Application no: 97/171

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Victoca'. Application no: 96/057

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Vista' syn Vistarich. Application no: 96/216

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Warrego'. Application no: 97/275

Anonymous, 1998:
Variety: `Wekamanda'. Application no: 96/280

Ballinger, S., 1998:
Variety: `White Gladys'. Application no: 98/117

Quinn, P.B., 1998:
Variety: `Wirlga'. Application no: 97/099

Cartman, J., 1998:
Variety: `YV Harlequin'. Application no: 97/328

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