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Variation of physicochemical characteristics of grain in rice plants derived from cell culture

Lim, S.J.; Hwang, H.G.; Oh, B.G.; Nam, M.H.; Kwak, D.Y.; Yi, G.H.; Park, N.B.

RDA Journal of Crop Science 40(2 Part 1): 9-13


Accession: 003331119

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Physicochemical characteristics of rice grain derived from tissue culture were investigated in A2 and S2 generations of "Hwayeongbyeo". Culm length, panicle length and 1,000-grain weight of A2 and S2 lines were decreased significantly than those of donor plants. The mean value of heading date in A2, S2 lines were late compare to donor plant. Amylogram and chemical properties(amylose, protein, potassium, magnesium) of immature embryo derived plants(S2) showed wider variation than anther culture descendents(A2). Especially in S2 lines, amylogram properties were significantly different from the donor plants. Coefficient of variation in amylogram properties was larger increased in tissue culture derived lines especially larger in S2 lines significantly, than in donor plants. The amylose content of A2 and S2 lines was similar to the donor plant. Protein contents in S2 lines were significantly different from the original one.

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