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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3333

Chapter 3333 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Vector control

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Vector control: where are we today?

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VectronReg. (etofenprox, OMS-3002) - an insecticide for the control of tropical disease vectors

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Vegetable and flower seed quality

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Vegetable fat makes ice cream creamy

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Vegetable research in India

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Vegetarianism, stage of change and dietary risk assessment

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Vegetation change in the forests of the north-east German lowland

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Vegetation change on burn blank in Daxing'anling forest areas

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Vegetation changes caused by recent fires in the northern boreal forest of eastern Canada

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Vegetation changes induced by dam construction in a tropical estuary: the case of the Manamo river, Orinoco Delta (Venezuela)

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Vegetation changes on the Welder Wildlife Refuge, Texas

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Vegetation characteristics and primary productivity along an arctic transect: implications for scaling-up

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Vegetation characteristics of mixed garden and nagari forest in Kerinci Seblat National Park buffer zone

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Vegetation control in Eastern Electricity

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Vegetation development of near-natural river valley bogs, with the example of the nature reserve Peenewiesen bei Gutzkow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

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Vegetation development on the Hirschkopf landslide - succession on raw calcareous and marly soils

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Vegetation development on the glacier forefield Morteratsch (Switzerland)

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Vegetative propagation of trees

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Vegetative regeneration, growth and breeding of common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in natural conditions

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Vegetative structure, species inventory and characteristics of used slag grass areas

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Vegetative, reproductive, and physiological adaptations to aridity of pitayo (Stenocereus queretaroensis, Cactaceae)

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Vegetative-ecological research in permanent plots in Istria

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Vegetatively propagated geranium response to single and multiple applications of chemical growth retardants

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Vehicle automation system based on multi-sensor integration

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Vehicle behaviour after loss of control on sloping ground

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Vehicle design and thermal comfort of poultry in transit

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Vehicle motion and motion sickness in pigs

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Vehicle recognition method by image processing with intelligent system

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Vein irritation from i.v. pentamidine

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Velika N.: a new table grape obtained by inbreeding

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Vells milk as a possible coagulant and its application in cheese making

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Velocity control on a hydraulic system using feedforward-feedback control

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Velocity distribution in sediment-laden flow

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Velocity field in chamber of through flow box drier

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Velocity field measurements at an overfall

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Velocity gradients and turbulence around macrophyte stands in streams

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Velocity of air flow and quality of crop treatment with spraying machines in plant protection

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Velocity relationships of torrential streams

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Velvetbean and Bahiagrass as Rotation Crops for Management of Meloidogyne spp. and Heterodera glycines in Soybean

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Venation pattern formation in Arabidopsis thaliana vegetative leaves

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Veneer drying with flexible screen belt

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Veneer lathe settings by computer response-surface analysis

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Venemous stings in the tropical world: accident caused by bites and stings of a bumblebees' swarm in a rainy Venezuelan forest

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Venereal transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus in Culex bitaeniorhynchus mosquitoes

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Venezuelan raw rock phosphates in the chicken broiler nutrition. I. Growth and bone mineralization

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Venice - town on water and wood

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Venom allergy

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Venom gland morphology in Pepsis pallidolimbata pallidolimbata and biological use and activity of Pepsis venom

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Venom gland ontogeny in Formicinae, with special reference to the pulvinate convoluted gland (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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Venom of a parasitoid wasp induces prolonged grooming in the cockroach

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Venom of a six-eyed crab spider, Sicarius testaceus (Purcell, 1908), causes necrotic and haemorrhagic lesions in the rabbit

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Ventilating potato bulks

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Ventilation and measuring techniques in the BAL study on housing climate

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Ventilation coefficient for wind-induced natural ventilation in cattle buildings: a scale model study in a wind tunnel

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Ventilation control of pig-houses during winter period

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Ventilation drying of a packed wheat bed - modified heat and mass transfer models considering shrinkage during drying

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Ventilation in cattle houses

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Ventilation induced interior air movement in large scale venlo-type greenhouses

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Ventilation methods for large scale compartments in pig fattening: a process engineering evaluation

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Ventilation of culture vessels. I. Increased growth in vitro and survival ex vitro of Delphinium

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Ventilation strategies for environmental control of modern milking centers

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Ventilation systems for wide broiler barns

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Ventral abdominal approach for laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy in horses

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Ventral abdominal approach for laparoscopic ovariectomy in llamas

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Ventral and lateral regions of the zebrafish gastrula, including the neural crest progenitors, are established by a bmp2b/swirl pathway of genes

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Ventral mesosomal changes in embryos from three scorpion families: Iuridae, Buthidae and Vaejovidae

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Ventral nerve ganglia coalescence in the embryo: a feasible character for reconstructing the phylogeny of Heteroptera-Paraneoptera

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Venturing overseas: strategic approaches adopted by foreign food companies in Malaysia

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Vera, a new lucerne variety

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Vera: a new cultivar of crisp loose-leaf lettuce resistant to bolting

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Verano S91: new wheat variety for rainfed conditions

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Veratryl alcohol oxidation by manganese-dependent peroxidase from Lentinus edodes

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Verdipulvinus, a new aconidial genus with prosenchymatous propagules

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Verification and auditing of HACCP-based systems in fisheries

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Verification and pre-commercial testing of European corn borer and Gibberella ear rot resistant varieties

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Verification and quality of an experiment

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Verification of a fodder trailer frame structure model using a modified beam theory

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Verification of a kinetics-based model for long-term effects of fire retardants on bending strength at elevated temperatures

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Verification of a mathematical model for pesticide transport in typical chernozem

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Verification of a method to selecting equipment for feed production for pigs

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Verification of a quantitative trait locus affecting agronomic traits in two-row barley

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Verification of calibration of tanks: a question of equivalence

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Verification of features of the genus Fimbriaria (Froelich, 1802) and a key to the identification of species

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Verification of flow cytometorically-sorted X- and Y-bearing porcine spermatozoa and reanalysis of spermatozoa for DNA content using the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique

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Verification of habitat scoring based on some environmental parameters

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Verification of horse maternal lineage based on derived mitochondrial DNA sequence

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Verification of immunosuppression in chicks caused by Cryptosporidium baileyi infection using Brucella abortus strain 1119-3

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Verification of impermeable barrier depth and effective radius for drain spacing using exact solution of the steady state flow to drains

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Verification of integrated fruit production strategies in stone fruit in Emilia Romagna (northern Italy)

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Verification of landslide susceptibility mapping: a case study

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Verification of methods for defining damage to oak stands

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Verification of perennial ryegrass blends (Lolium perenne L.) using bulk seed storage protein electrophoresis

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Verification of programmes of chemical weed control in beet

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Verification of promising genotypes of soyabean, cowpea and finger millet in the Western Hills, 1997

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Verification of proteolytic and lipolytic activities of microbial flora isolated from refrigerated raw milk type B. II - thermophilic and mesophilic microorganisms

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Verification of rapeseed feed products with regard to feed mixtures for dairy cows

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Verification of sap flow by heat balance method on three potato cultivars

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Verification of some methods of vegetative propagation of Stevia

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Verification of strategic drenching against fascioliasis in cattle in western hills of Nepal

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Verification of strategic drenching programme against fascioliasis in buffaloes under stall-fed management system in the low and mid hills of Nepal

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Verification of the action of a magnetic cup on aqueous solutions in it, by a UV spectrometric method

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Verification of the biological effectiveness of selected insecticides and acaricides against resistant populations of aphids and mites

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Verification of the forecast on the development of fir forests at the Sihle site of the Forest Experiment Station at Krynica

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Verification of the level of microbiological control for the slaughter and cooling processes of beef carcass production at a high-line-speed abattoir

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Verification of the parthenogenetic capability of unreduced eggs in an alfalfa mutant by a progeny test based on morphological and molecular markers

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Verification of yield QTL through realized molecular marker-assisted selection responses in a barley cross

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Verifying the origin of blood samples from pigs, tested for swine vesicular disease and Aujeszky's disease

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Vermeersiekte caused by Geigeria burkei Harv. subsp. burkei var. hirtella merxm. in the northern province of South Africa

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Vermicompost: a potential supplement to nitrogenous fertilizer in rice nutrition

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Vermicomposting food residuals in two steps

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Vermicomposting of sericultural wastes

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Vermicomposting of sludges from paper mill and dairy industries with Eisenia andrei: a pilot-scale study

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Vermicomposting of wastewater sludge from paper-pulp industry with nitrogen rich materials

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Vermicomposting research and education

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Vermicular kaolinite epitactic on primary phyllosilicates in the weathering profiles of anorthosite

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Vermiculariopsiella immersa (Desm.) Bender and some other micromycetes found in Oxfordshire (Great Britain)

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Vermiculite clay mineral as an effective carbon paste electrode modifier for the preconcentration and voltammetric determination of Hg(II) and Ag(I) ions

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Vermiculitization process of biotite from the Shinshiro tonalite in the Eastern part of Aichi prefecture, Central Japan

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Vermiculture biotechnology for promoting sustainable agriculture

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Vermiculture technology intervention for rural poverty eradication

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Verminous pneumonia in goats

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Vernacular house as an attraction: illustration from hutong tourism in Beijing

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Vernacular names of Orobanche

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Vernacular plant names in eastern Cuba

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Vernalization and growing degree-day requirements for flowering of Thalictrum delavayi 'Hewitt's Double'

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Vernalization requirements of some winter wheat varieties

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Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli (VTEC) and eae-positive non-VTEC in 1-30-days-old diarrhoeic dairy calves

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Verrucous sporotrichosis in an infant treated with itraconazole

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Versatile blends succeed in the market

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Versatile fluorescent staining of fungi in clinical specimens by using the optical brightener Blankophor

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Versatile modes of propagation in Cladium jamaicense in the Florida everglades

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Versatile synthetic route for AAL-toxins and fumonisins

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Versatility of fungal and bacterial isolates for biological control of damping-off disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium spp

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Vertebral Aspergillus osteomyelitis and acute diskitis in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Vertebral blastomycosis with paravertebral abscess: report of 8 cases and review of the literature

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Vertebral column deformities in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Vertebral echinococcosis: a case report

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Vertebral hydatid disease

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Vertebral osteomyelitis associated with cat-scratch disease

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Vertebral unilocular hydatidosis in a shepherd and his wife

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Vertebrate Hox gene regulation: clustering and/or colinearity?

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Vertebrate exon trapping methods: implications for transcript mapping with mosquito DNA

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Vertebrate genome evolution - the decade ahead

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Vertebrate herbivores and plants in the Arctic and subarctic: effects on individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems

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Vertebrate herbivores in marine and terrestrial environments: a nutritional ecology perspective

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Vertebrate invaders and their ecological impacts in Chile

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Vertebrate predation does not limit density of a common forest-floor wolf spider: evidence from a field experiment

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Vertebrate wildlife incidents with pesticides: a European survey

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Vertebrates diverse and abundant in well-structured oak woodland

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Vertebrates removed by mechanical weed harvesting in Lake Keesus, Wisconsin

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Vertical and horizontal coordination in the agro-biotechnology industry: evidence and implications

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Vertical and horizontal methods of ensuring meat quality and genetic origin. An integrated meat production project in Lower Saxony

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Vertical and seasonal variation in canopy arthropod communities in an old-growth conifer forest in southwestern Washington, USA

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Vertical and temporal distribution of Fusarium solani and Heterodera glycines in fields with sudden death syndrome of soybean

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Vertical cooperation in agriculture

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Vertical coordination and efficiency in the marketing channel: comparison between Finnish oats and U.S. rice

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Vertical coordination as a national and international marketing tool: the case of beef in France and pork in Japan

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Vertical coordination in the fruit and vegetable sector: implications for existing market institutions and policy instruments

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Vertical coordination, producer response, and the locus of control over agricultural production decisions

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Vertical crystallizers at enterprise factory

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Vertical distribution and release characteristics of potassium in some lateritic soils of Orissa, II. Release characteristics of potassium

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Vertical distribution of Adoxophyes orana moths in a South Tyrol apple orchard

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Vertical distribution of Carabinae (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in Bulgaria

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Vertical distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under corn (Zea mays L.) in no-till and conventional tillage systems

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Vertical distribution of birds in a temperate forest at Zinacantan, Chiapas, Mexico

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Vertical distribution of dagger nematode in citrus orchards

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Vertical distribution of forms of potassium in some normal and salt-affected soil series of Gird region of Madhya Pradesh

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Vertical distribution of harvestmen in the Eastern Alps (Arachnida: Opiliones)

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Vertical distribution of low molecular weight aliphatic carboxylic acids in some forest soils of Japan

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Vertical distribution of low-molecular-weight aliphatic carboxylic acids (LACAs) in Red-Yellow soils

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Vertical distribution of micronutrients in some rice growing soils of Haryana and their relationship with soil properties

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Vertical distribution of mosquitoes of the genera Haemagogus and Sabethes, in the urban zone of Goiania - Goias - Brazil

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Vertical distribution of nitrogen fractions in mulberry garden soils

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Vertical distribution of roots and soil nitrate: tree species and phosphorus effects

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Vertical distribution of soil nematode diversity and abundance in a Central European oak forest

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Vertical distribution of sulphur in soils of Malnad area of Karnataka growing plantation crops

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Vertical distribution of trace element contents in soil in Tianjin Area

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Vertical distribution of wood-borers at Tuticorin harbour - South east coast of India

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Vertical distribution patterns of vascular plants in the Fennoscandian mountain range

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Vibration and damping of hand holder of portable forestry machines

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Vibration and noise of a tracked forestry vehicle

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Vibration damage trial on some fig cultivars

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Vibration induced physical damage in packed Hayward kiwifruit

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Vibration modes of melons of ellipsoidal shape

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Vibration of a poultry transporter and bird postural stability

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Vibration of grain elevators caused by railway traffic

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Vibration syndrome and occupational exposure

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Vibration techniques to test avian bone in vivo

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Vibration white finger revisited

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Vibrational alarm communication in the African fungus-growing termite genus Macrotermes (Isoptera, Termitidae)

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Vibrational and acoustical experiments on logs of spruce

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Vibrational communication in Nezara viridula: response of Slovenian and Australian bugs to one another

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Vibrational properties of Sitka spruce heat-treated in nitrogen gas

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Vibrational sounding by the pupal parasitoid Pimpla (Coccygomimus) turionellae: an additional solution to the reliability-detectability problem

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Vibratory characteristics and hand-transmitted vibration reduction of walking tractor

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Vibratory stimuli in host location by parasitic wasps

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Vibrio harveyi: a pathogen of penaeid shrimps and fish in Venezuela

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Vibrio sp. strain NM 10, isolated from the intestine of a Japanese coastal fish, has an inhibitory effect against Pasteurella piscicida

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Vibrio splendidus biovar II as the causative agent of bacillary necrosis of Japanese oyster Crassostrea gigas larvae

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Vibrio splendidus-related strain isolated from brown deposit in scallop (Pecten maximus) cultured in Brittany (France)

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Vibrio spp. isolated from salmonids with shallow skin lesions and reared at low temperature

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Vibrio spp., the dominant flora in shrimp hatchery against some fish pathogenic viruses

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Vibrio-inhibiting marine bacteria isolated from black tiger shrimp hatchery

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Vibrios associated with Penaeus chinensis (Crustacea: Decapoda) larvae in Chinese shrimp hatcheries

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Vibrios from fishes and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern

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Vibrissina sp. (Diptera: Tachinidae) a parasite of the seagrape sawfly Sericoceros krugii (Hymenoptera: Argidae) in Puerto Rico: a new record

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Viburnum furcatum

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Vicia faba agglutinin, the lectin present in broad beans, stimulates differentiation of undifferentiated colon cancer cells

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Vicia faba seed infestation and losses due to Bruchus rufimanus Boh. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) in Morocco

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Vicia leucantha Biv. (Leguminosae) in the Balearic Islands

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Vicia root micronucleus assay on the clastogenicity of water samples from the Xiaoqing River in Shandong Province of the People's Republic of China; Yang Hui; Zhang XiJan, 1999:
Vicia root-micronuclei assays on the clastogenicity of water samples from the Kui River near Xuzhou city, People's Republic of China

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Vicious circle of impoverisation: woollen khadi institutions of Rajasthan

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Vicq d'Azyr and a cattle plague

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Victims of unsustainability: health status of Garhwali children

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Victorian visions

McKenzie, D., 1999:
Victorian weeds strategy: legislation and enforcement

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Victorin induction of an apoptotic/senescence-like response in oats

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Victorin-induced oat cell death

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Victory over vectors at composting sites

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Video - I see! Measuring rangeland vegetation with aerial videography

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Video for development: a casebook from Vietnam

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Video image analysis for on-line classification of lamb carcasses

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Video in teaching and training: guidelines for the use of video as a teaching aid

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Videotape assessment of changes in aberrant meal-time behaviors in anorexia nervosa after treatment

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Viedebanttia egorovi sp. n., a new acarid mite from South Korea, with notes on the genus (Acariformes: Acaridae)

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Viegelahn farms and investments: the Michigan seed potato industry at a crossroads - a decision case

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Viet Nam: developments in fertilizers 1995-2005

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Vietnam tourism: Current state and prospect

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Vietnam's agriculture: the challenges and achievements

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Vietnam's rice research system: its development, achievements, and future challenges

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Vietnam: a new tourism dragon

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Vietnam: agricultural cooperatives in transitional economies

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Vietnamese trials with a thermostable Newcastle disease vaccine (strain I2) in experimental and village chickens

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Vietnamese villages and rice production

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View of knowledge about the horse chestnut miner Cameraria ohridella Desch. & Dem. (Lep., Gracillariidae)

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Viewing (p)leasure, viewer pain: black audiences and British television

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Viewing development from the perspective of knowledge

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Viewpoint on sustainable development and sustainable management of the forest judging from the progress in human civilization

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Viewpoint. Decoupling of agricultural support programs: appropriate action for South Africa, the CAIRNS group and developing countries

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Viewpoint: Are grazing rights on public lands a form of private property?

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Viewpoint: benefits and impacts of wildlife water developments

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Viewpoint: stabilization of the primary livestock industry

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Viewpoint: the neglect of stool microscopy for intestinal parasites and possible solutions

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Viewpoints on vegetable production in greenhouses in northern China

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Views of the OECD and WTO on rules of agricultural trade related to environmental issues

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Views on animal ethics. Comment

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Views on purchasing of skidders for wood skidding

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Views on the agricultural land tax and justice application

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Views on the municipalization of lymphatic filariasis control in greater metropolitan Recife

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Views on the potential impact of cloning on animal breeding and production

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Vigna aconitifolia-a new host for Curvularia tuberculata

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Vigna vexillata (L.) A. Rich. seed proteins: heterogeneity in subunits of globulin fraction

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Vigour and damping-off of onion seedlings at different sowing depths and densities

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Vigour and germination of deteriorated pea seeds

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Vigour and juvenile stage in pistachio progenies

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Vigour and nutrient acquisition capacity of 31 different rootstock varieties in a rootstock vineyard (mother garden)

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Vigour determination of non-sprouted and sprouted cereal seeds during storage by conductivity measurement

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Vigour in pistachio progenies

Sestras, R.; Ardelean, M.; Ghidrea, V., 1995:
Vigour of growth of F1 apple hybrids belonging to several combinations, as expressed by the height of tree

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Vigred - a new, native, early sweet cherry variety

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Vijetha: a high-yielding, short duration rice variety for Andhra Pradesh, India

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Viki, an indeterminate hybrid variety of tomato

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Vikings on the offensive

Kovacevic, J.; Lalic, A., 1997:
Viktor - cultivar of two-rowed winter barley of the Agricultural Institute Osijek

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Village Inc. Chinese rural society in the 1990s

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Village N'dama cattle production in West Africa: six years of research in The Gambia

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Village chicken production systems in rural Africa: household food security and gender issues

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Village concept projects in Ghana: international students helping to improve rural living conditions

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Village egg and fowl meat production in Africa

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Village fisheries management and community-owned marine protected areas in Samoa

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Village homegardens in Chittagong: socio-economic aspects and tree species composition

Bekele, T.; Zike, W., 1998:
Village level approach to resource management: a project in a marginal environment in Ethiopia

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