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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3334

Chapter 3334 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Village milk production in central Punjab (Pakistan)

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Village movement in Sweden

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Vedeld, T., 1997:
Village politics: heterogeneity, leadership, and collective action among Fulani of Mali. Technical appendices. Vol. II, including socio-economic and ecological data and analysis

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Village renewal and rural development in the former German Democratic Republic

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Village residents and local politics - a comparative investigation in 14 Federal German villages with particular attention to local authority regulations and administrative structures specific to different Lander

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Village social life under the tensions of individualization

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Village-farming group incorporation and its significance

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Villagers as forest managers and governments: learning to let go - the case of Duru-Haitemba and Mgori Forests in Tanzania

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Villagers oppose Maheshwar Power Project

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Villages in the information society

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Villages specialized in traditional crafts and the development of the family economy in Vietnam

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Villous atrophy in the small intestine of mink kits with diarrhea

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Vinasse as a potassium fertilizer for sugar cane

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Vine management systems affect yield, fruit quality, cluster compactness, and fruit rot of 'Chardonnay' grape

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Vine-growing in the district of La Axarquia (Malaga)

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Vines of a desert plant community in Central Sonora, Mexico

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Vineyards in the district of La Axarquia (Malaga). Present-day and future situation

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Vineyards on embankments for growing vines on steep slopes

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Vineyards weed management using non-persistent herbicides

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Vinification by-products as raw material for procyanidin production

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Viola cornuta hybrids on test

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Violarvensin, a new flavone di-C-glycoside from Viola arvensis

Anonymous, 1998:
Violence against women

Welch, M., 1997:
Violence against women by professional football players a gender analysis of hypermasculinity, positional status, narcissism, and entitlement

Anderson, C., 1997:
Violence in television commercials during nonviolent programming. The 1996 Major League Baseball playoffs

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Viper's blood and bile

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Viral contamination of food products: a poorly understood public health problem

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Viral diseases of legumes and their management

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Viral diseases of marine mammals: the status of the beluga population in the St. Lawrence estuary

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Viral diseases of ornamental plants

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Viral haemorrhagic fevers: how big is the risk for travellers?

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Viral load in HIV-associated dementia

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Viral movement proteins as probes for intracellular and intercellular trafficking in plants

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Viral protein R regulates docking of the HIV-1 preintegration complex to the nuclear pore complex

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Viral repression of fungal pheromone precursor gene expression

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Viral satellite RNA expression in transgenic tomato confers field tolerance to cucumber mosaic virus

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Viral satellite RNAs for the prevention of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) disease in field-grown pepper and melon plants

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Viral serologic survey of bowhead whales in Alaska

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Viral species

Anonymous, 1997:
Viral zoonoses and food of animal origin: a re-evaluation of possible hazards for human health

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Viral, mycoplasmal and bacterial diseases of rice and their integrated management

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Viremia and virus shedding in elk infected with type 1 and virulent type 2 bovine viral diarrhea virus

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Virescens type of mutation in winter rape Brassica napus L

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Piel, K., 1997:
Virgin forest - really?

Anonymous, 1999:
Virgin forests and forest reserves in Central and East European countries. History, present status and future development

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Virgin jungle reserves of Peninsular Malaysia: small protected areas in logged forest

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Virgin oil husk treatment with microbial inoculation

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Virgin olive oil volatile compounds from lipoxygenase pathway and characterization of some Italian cultivars

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Virginia K14, a new early tobacco variety

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Virginiamycin as a feed additive for meat animals

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Virginity in Mexico: the role of competing discourses of sexuality in personal experience

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Virion incorporation of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 Vif is determined by intracellular expression level and may not be necessary for function

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Virion protein sequence variation among Australian isolates of turnip yellow mosaic tymovirus

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Virion-targeted viral inactivation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by using Vpr fusion proteins

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Virions of Heliothis armigera entomopoxvirus contain a homologue of the vaccinia VP8 major core protein

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Viroid-like RNA associated with tomato erect growth disease

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Viroids - causal agents of plant diseases

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Viroids infect Mandarin and Navel orange in Egypt

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Viroids twenty-five years later: personal reflections

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Viroids, causal agents of severe diseases in temperate fruit trees

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Virola koschnyi

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Virologic, immunologic, and clinical parameters in the incidence and progression of anal squamous intraepithelial lesions in HIV-positive and HIV-negative homosexual men

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Virological diagnosis at the service of the fruit nursery sector

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Jallas, E.; Sequeira, R.; Martin, P.; Cretenet, M.; Turner, S.; McKinion, J., 1999:
Virtual Cotons, the firstborn of the next generation of simulation model

Anonymous, 1997:
Virtual activity, real pharmacology: different approaches to the search for bioactive natural compounds

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Virtual biologists observe virtual grasshoppers: an assessment of different mobility parameters for the analysis of movement patterns

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Virtual capitalism and agri-food restructuring

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Virtual catalogue on olive and other fruit trees

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Virtual eradication of psychrophilic and mesophilic bacteria on turkey carcass tails by steam and boiling water immersion

Bale, J., 1998:
Virtual fandoms: futurescapes of football

Buck, N.L., 1998:
Virtual reality model of grain handling equipment

Hobson, J.S.P.; Williams, P., 1997:
Virtual reality: The future of leisure and tourism?

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Virtually there: harnessing information technology for wine cybertourism

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Virulence analyses of the powdery mildew population on wheat in the Czech Republic in 1995-1998

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Virulence and DNA-variation in wheat yellow rust

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Virulence and diversity of wheat leaf rust in the United States in 1993 to 1995

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Virulence and transmission success of the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum

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Virulence dynamics, phenotypic diversity, and virulence complexity in two populations of Puccinia triticina in Canada from 1987 to 1997

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Virulence factors in fungi of systemic mycoses

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Virulence factors of Edwardsiella tarda isolated from fish

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Virulence in Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici isolates from Canada to genes for adult-plant resistance to wheat leaf rust

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Virulence in Trypanosoma cruzi infection correlates with the expression of a distinct family of sialidase superfamily genes

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Virulence markers in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from cattle

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Virulence markers in the 5' untranslated region of genotype 2 bovine viral diarrhea virus isolates

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Virulence of Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici on winter wheat in the Eastern United States

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Virulence of Helminthosporium tetramera and Fusarium oxysporum on cucumber plants

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Virulence of drug resistant mutants of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris (Pammel) Dowson to the Brassica oleracea var. botrytis (L.) Alef

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Virulence of entomopathogenic nematodes to the western masked chafer Cyclocephala hirta (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

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Virulence of isolates of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis to pepper and tomato

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Virulence of isolates of fluorescent pseudomonads on irrigated rice cultivars

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Virulence of mixed-clone and single-clone infections of the rodent malaria Plasmodium chabaudi

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Virulence of populations of potato cyst nematodes (Globodera spp.) from Europe and Bolivia towards differential potato clones frequently used for pathotype classification

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Virulence of raptor-origin Pasteurella multocida in domestic chickens

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Virulence of strain 257 of Beauveria bassiana to different hosts

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Volatilization and mineralization of 14C-labelled pesticides on lysimeter surfaces

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Volatilization of ammonia in deep-litter systems with different bedding materials for young cattle

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Volcanic dry fogs, climate cooling, and plague pandemics in Europe and the Middle East

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Volcano-tectonic structures, gravity and helium in geothermal areas of Tuscany and Latium (Vulsini volcanic district), Italy

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Vole outbreaks in a landscape context: evidence from a six year study of Microtus arvalis

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Volleyball - The ultimate net/rebound sport that can give children the movement skills they need for all sports - So why is the sports council set on destroying 100 years of hard work?

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Voltage control of calcium influx in intact cells

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