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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3336

Chapter 3336 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Water users organisations

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Water-resource and land-use issues

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Waterfowl: health and management

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Watering control on sales counters

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Watermelon with dwarf habit

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Waterproofing properties and weatherability of transparent coating

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Watersports: Rapid growth

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Watertable shapes and drainflow rates calculation by Boussinesq's equation

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Watery milk

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Waukesha Cherry-Burell continues expansion of its ice cream equipment product line

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Wavelet textural features from ultrasonic elastograms for meat quality prediction

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Waving the flag: constructing a national cinema in Britain

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Wax ester components of olive fruits

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Wax secretion in the fulgorid bug, Eurybrachys tomentosa Fabr. (Homoptera: Eurybrachidae)

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Wax teat bougies . An alternative to wool-based bougies and permanent teat cannulas

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Waxes composition of Quercus suber reproduction cork from different Spanish provenances

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Waxes composition of reproduction cork from Quercus suber and its variability throughout the industrial processing

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Waxy bread wheat mutants, K107Wx1 and K107Wx2, have a new null allele on Wx-D1 locus

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Way back when . .

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Ways of combining sheep farming with natural biodiversity (part II)

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Ways of concentrating land and capital in the agrarian sector

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Ways of decreasing fuel consumption in the sugar industry

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Ways of developing the mechanization of national sugarbeet production

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Ways of economic revitalization of agricultural enterprises

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Ways of energy and resource saving in the cultivation of winter wheat in forest steppe areas of Ukraine

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Ways of ensuring Russia's food security

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Ways of improving the regional management structure of the agroindustrial complex

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Ways of improving the stability of fodder production in the Republic of Tartarstan

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Ways of improving the teaching of parasitology in higher medical education establishments

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Ways of increasing berry production in Russia

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Ways of increasing sales

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Ways of increasing the well-being of high-yielding dairy cows

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Ways of managing sown set-asides by chemical means

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Ways of mechanizing the harvesting of fibre crops

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Ways of modifying the sensory characteristics of milk

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Ways of organizing leasing

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Ways of overcoming non-crossability in wide hybridization in the gooseberry family Grossulariaceae Dumort

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Ways of overcoming the crisis in the agricultural sector of the economy

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Ways of reducing nitrate content in hydroponically grown leafy vegetables

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Ways of reducing oscillations in the mechanisms of agricultural machinery

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Ways of reducing the effect of harvesting machinery on the soil

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Ways of renewing agricultural technology

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Ways of supplying calcium to layers

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Ways of surveying quantitative structure parameters in the context of recording soil condition in forests

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Ways out of crisis for the agroindustrial complex

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Ways that harmful substances enter foodstuffs

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Ways to have good economic results in Montmorillonnais's extensive sheep farms

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Ways to improve the haemagglutination antigen titres of avian infectious bronchitis virus and its inactivation

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Ways to produce porcine embryos in vitro

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Ways towards environmentally friendly forest technique in Slovenia

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We are all living with HIV: how to set policies and guidelines for the workplace

Karki, Y.B., 1999:
We are going to test the environment project on a small scale

Vasilenro, S.V., 1999:
We are improving a sowing disc

Waldren, J., 1997:
We are not tourists - We live here

Nadeau, S.; Martel, J.P., 1997:
We care about forest biodiversity

Rubino, R., 1996 :
We must safeguard the typical characteristics of our cheeses

Rankin, M., 1997:
We're going to build a what? City-run skateparks are not a recipe for disaster

Anonymous, 1998:
Weak Asian economies to reduce U.S. livestock product exports in 1998

Brandler, P.; Saikh, K.U.; Heath, D.; Friedlander, A.; Ulrich, R.G., 1998:
Weak anamnestic responses of inbred mice to Yersinia F1 genetic vaccine are overcome by boosting with F1 polypeptide while outbred mice remain nonresponsive

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Weak comparability of values as a foundation for ecological economics

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Weak links: 'Rapoport's rule' and large-scale species richness patterns

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Weak mechanical stimulation causes hyperpolarisation in root cells of Lepidium

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Weak points in rabbit housing

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Weak turbulence and chaos for low Prandtl number gravity driven convection in porous media

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Weak vine rootstocks in the Piana Rotaliana

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Weakening market protection, increasing import competition and the testing of competitive power in 1997. II

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Wealth and poverty in agriculture

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Wealth ranking

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Weaning and the weanling diet influence the villous height and crypt depth in the small intestine of pigs and alter the concentrations of short-chain fatty acids in the large intestine and blood

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Weaning in Butajira, South Ethiopia: a study on mothers' knowledge and practice

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Weaning is difficult

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Weaning of Atlantic halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus L. using formulated diets with various levels of ascorbic acid

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Wear of spring tine cultivator points in sandy loam and light clay soils in southern Poland

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Wear of symmetrical wedge-shaped tillage tools

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Wear of tractor injection system and its effect on exhaust gases toxicity at selected field operations

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Wear on non-solid roadways of forest roads with a dressing of penetration macadam

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Wear tolerance, shoot performance, and spectral reflectance of seashore paspalum and bermudagrass

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Wear-in effects on loads in cylindrical and conical model grain bins

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Weather and crop yield: the effect of weather on the production of field crops

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Weather and management impact on crop yield variability in rotations

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Weather and supply-side issues in sweet potato pricing

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Weather associated with autumn and winter migrations of rice pests and other insects in south-eastern and eastern Asia

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Weather based control of groundnut late leaf spot with fungicides and plant extracts

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Weather conditioned Markov model for the occurrence of daily rainfall in Nigeria

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Weather conditions associated with apple production in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia

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Weather damage in Switzerland

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Weihenstephan Autumn Conference for the Dairy Industry, 7-8 October 1999

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Weihenstephan sets its sights on a turnover of DM 300 million

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Weihenstephaner Milchwirtschaftliche Herbsttagung 10 and 11 October 1996

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Welfare of beef bulls can improve

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Well-trained specialists for milk processing

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Wells' Dairy. Energized bunny

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Welsh ferns

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Welsh onions. Cultivation of Welsh onions for harvest and marketing as young onions

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Welsh onions. Cultivation of Welsh onions for harvesting as young onions

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Welsh onions. Cultivation of Welsh onions: harvesting and processing as ripe onions

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Wendell H. Krull (1897-1971)

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West African grain production

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West African pineapple quality

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West African tourist trends

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West Country

Anonymous, 1999:
West Country

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West Flemish Experimental Garden for Industrial Vegetables. Report 1996

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West Flemish Experimental Station for Industrial Vegetables. Report 1997

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West Fork Kickapoo River watershed protection structures then and now (Klinkner and Mlsna pilot structures)

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Western Australia's threatened flora

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Western European beliefs and values regarding government intervention in agriculture and food prices

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Western blotting detection of viral antigens in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of chickens infected with Marek's disease virus

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Western blotting method for the immunostaining detection of glucuronides of glycyrrhetic acid using anti-glycyrrhizin monoclonal antibody

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Western blotting of steroidal alkaloid glycosides using monoclonal antibody against solamargine

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Western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) has already arrived in Italy

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Western corn rootworm. An important maize pest is gaining ground in Europe

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Western world - the focus of new tilapia market

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Westmilch Milchunion has a strong presence in East Germany

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Westvlaamse Trial Garden for Industrial Vegetables. Report for 1995

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Wet cotton and high temperature drying

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Wet litter and perches as risk factors for the development of foot pad dermatitis in floor-housed hens

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Wet meadow and tall forb vegetation in the Ponia river valley as the stronghold of biodiversity

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Wet rot in witloof chicory can be controlled

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Wetland crops versus wetland drainage

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Wetland methane fluxes: upscaling from kinetics via a single root and soil layer to the plot

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Wetland nightshade (Solanum tampicense): a threat to wetlands in the United States

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Wetland plant effects on the biogeochemistry of metals beyond the rhizosphere

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Wetland restoration in central Europe: aims and methods

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Wetland restoration, flood pulsing and disturbance dynamics

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Wetlands for treatment of landfill leachates in cold climates

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Wetlands for wastewater treatment: opportunities and limitations

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Wetlands management in Ghana

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Wetness criteria for modelling trafficability and workability of cohesive arable soils

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Wetness sensors for detecting condensation on leaves and exudates from leaf pruning wounds

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Wettability effects on two- and three-fluid relative permeabilities

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Wetting agent effects on peat properties related to nutrient solution losses and plant growth

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Wetting agents used in container substrates are they BMP's ?

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Wetting of wood

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Wetting properties of wood in correlation with coatings adhesion

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Wetting stimulates atmospheric CH4 oxidation by alpine soil

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Weymouth pine and other promising exotic conifers for the Ukrainian Polese

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Whale meat from protected species is still being sold on Japanese markets

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Whale shark tourism in Ningaloo Marine Park, Australia

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What Rome should remember

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What a lot of weed beet

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What about the relationship between handling and mortality?

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What about the robusta market?

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What about the sustainability of man-made grassland in the Chaco of Paraguay?

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What affects the rate of gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) spread: winter temperature or forest susceptibility?

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What agricultural policies for tomorrow?

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What are Abies pardei Gussone and 'Abies biokovoensis'?

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What are bethylids?

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What are haemoglobins doing in plants?

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What are hotels in Asia really worth today? The Asian hotel valuation index

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What are natural retinoids?

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What are symbiotic bacteria doing in the ovaria of Xiphinema americanum-group species?

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What are the aims of land management in the agropastoralist areas of Sahel? The northern region of Burkina Faso

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What are the characteristics of overweight and obese patients who achieve weight loss and what factors are most helpful? A quantitative and qualitative study of patients and interventions in a rural general practice

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What are the correct investment and maintenance levels for dairy establishments?

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What are the costs of environmental degradation to communal livestock farmers?

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What are the effects of phytogene digestive inducers in turkey farming?

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What are the implications of ISO 14001 for Slovenian timber industry companies?

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What are the implications of changes in the heterogeneity of a seed population upon accelerated aging?

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What are the livestock industries doing, and what do they need from us?

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What are the microsporidia?

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What are the reference viticultural models for Merlot? Some notes with respect to the above

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What are the sociocultural determinants of meat consumption in Europe? Will 'mad-cow disease' reinforce the trend towards flesh-eating and neo-vegetarianism?

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What are we expecting from VAT system?

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What are we to do with the municipal forest - sell, keep, or enhance? History and case study

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What attracts honeybees to a waggle dancer?

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What biotechnology can do for the food industry

Anonymous, 1997:
What can East Europe offer to EU sugar producers?

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What can a developing country expect from WTO 2 - from a food exporting country's perspective?

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What can be expected of transgenic maize varieties?

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What can be used on apple trees immediately after flowering?

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What can bioinformatics do for parasitology research?

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What can we learn from alpha -3',4'-anhydrovinblastine synthase?

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What can we learn from natural apomicts?

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What can you expect from new combine harvesters?

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What changed the demography of an introduced population of an herbivorous lady beetle?

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What combine to use for harvesting grain crops?

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What companies marketing food expect to see in milk products

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What constitute sustainable agriculture?

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What constitutes situational interest? Validating a construct in physical education

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What controls glycolysis in bloodstream form Trypanosoma brucei?

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What controls sucrose unloading in tomato fruits?

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What determines fitness when dispersal is limited?

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What determines food industry competitiveness?

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What determines welfare losses from oligopoly power in the food and tobacco industries?

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What do New Zealand working men eat, know about food and believe about the relationship?

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What do anthelmintic efficacy figures really signify?

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What do low-density inoculations with fungus tell us about fungal virulence and tree resistance?

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What do metal detectors achieve?

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What do physicians know about cryptosporidiosis? A survey of Connecticut physicians

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What do proteins need to reach different vacuoles?

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What do sequential behavioral patterns suggest about the medical decision-making process?: modeling home case management of acute illnesses in a rural Cameroonian village

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What do you call a lesbian who's only slept with men? Answer: Ellen Morgan. Deconstructing the lesbian identities of Ellen Morgan and Ellen DeGeneres

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What do you need to know about dioxin? Part 1

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What do young adult novels say about HIV/AIDS?

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What does Ph1 really do in wheat?

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What does a rural destination area look like? Institutions and livelihoods in KwaDumisa

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What does an oak plantation cost?

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What does biotechnology bring to integrated pest management?

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What does fertigation achieve compared with tree row fertilization?

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What does foreign aid for education contribute to the maintenance of indigenous knowledge in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam?

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What does it take for a market to function?

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What does plastic cost a yard trimmings composter?

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What does protect pollen and spores from drought stress?

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What does quality mean to lay people? Community perceptions of primary health care services in Guinea

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What does research on competitiveness mean?

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What does species-specific nutrition mean in pigs?

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What does the 'market forces' economics mean for the poor?

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What does the German farmer have to expect? Questions on cultivation and use of genetically modified varieties

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What does the future hold for tourism supply and demand in Charlevoix? A forecast and prospective analysis

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What does the yield depend on?

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What drives deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon? Evidence from satellite and socioeconomic data

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What dynamics are protected by process conservation? Aspects of different levels of measures - illustrated by the example of the former mining area of Lower Lusatia in Saxony

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What effect does rotating maize and grass have?

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What effect does the timing of tree and fruit manipulation have on the yield and quality of 'Sensation' mangoes?

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What else besides commodity oils and fats?

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What ever happened to soluble coffee in the USA?

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What Every Author and Reviewer Should Know about the Publication Process in the Journal of Nematology

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What exactly does yoghurt contain?

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What exactly is Trichoderma harzianum?

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What farm managers told us about the 1996 Farm Act: part 2

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What feeding method is the best for your lactating

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What future for the German agricultural alcohol sector and for the German alcohol market?

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What futures for the people of the tropical forests?

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What gender analysis can contribute to irrigation research and practice in developing countries: some issues

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What happened to leishmaniasis?

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What happens if nothing happens? Staging Euro 96

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What happens to allochthonous material that falls into streams? A synthesis of new and published information from Coweeta

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What has become of the andean communities? Changes in Peruvian rural society

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What has been learned from the analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome?

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What has happened to the former Aschelminthes?

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What herbicide is better?,; Boeuf, G., 1997:
What hormones may regulate food intake in fish?

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What influence has the rootstock on the incidence of iron-deficiency chlorosis and salt damage of grafted rhododendrons?

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What influences the structure of frog assemblages at forest streams?

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What is 'contemporary' school sport?

Candeira Valois, A.C., 1998:

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What is Castor Rex?

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What is Tetra-Pak advertising?

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What is a Tourism Satellite Account?

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What is a commodity? An empirical definition using time series econometrics

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What is a correct plant density for transplanted green asparagus?

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What is actually happening in agro-food biotechnology?

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What is at stake in the American trade deficit

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What is confectionery? - definition of a heterogeneous group of foods

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What is consuming Prays oleae (Bernard) (Lep.: Yponomeutidae) and when: a serological solution?

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