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Weight and carcass gain, feed intake and feed/gain ratio from buffaloes slaughtered at two stages of maturity

Jorge, A.M.; Fontes, C.A.A. de

Bubalus Bubalis 3(4): 76-80


Accession: 003335657

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This research was carried out at the Universidade Federal de Vicosa to evaluate the effect of stage of maturity (slaughter weight) on daily empty body weight gain (EBWG) and daily carcass gain (CG), daily intakes of dry matter (DM) and organic matter (OM) and feed/gain ratio from buffaloes. Twelve Mediterranean crossbred bulls were used. Four animals were slaughtered at the beginning of the trial to estimate initial empty body weight and initial carcass weight of all animals. The eight remaining animals were fed a 1:1 concentrate:roughage ration, in individual pens, and were randomly divided into two groups which were assigned to slaughter until they reached weights of 450 kg and 500 kg (AL-1 and AL-2 groups, respectively).

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