Section 4
Chapter 3,337

White lupin Lupinus albus and Australian lupin L. angustifolius grain fed whole or ground for finishing steers

G. Claudio, R.; S. Adrian, C.

Agro Sur 26(2): 70-77


Accession: 003336492

For 126 days in the autumn-winter season of 1994, 28 penned Hereford steers of 9-10 months of age and 208 kg liveweight were utilized in order to compare L. albus (white lupin) and L. angustifolius (Australian lupin) grain as a finishing supplementary feed. Treatments studied were: T1, ground white lupin; T2, whole white lupin; T3, ground Australian lupin; and T4, whole Australian lupin. Both types of grain had alkaloid concentrations lower than 0.05%.

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